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Wednesday, July 2 Live Feed Updates


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Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/94450-bb16-live-feed-screen-captures/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:07 AM Caleb, Cody head outside to the hammock, passing Britt, who doesn't seem interested when they mention the talent show taking place. Caleb/Cody on hammock start talking about Amber, how she's 'bad mouthing Caleb, after he took her under his wing to protect her'... 'has she forgot that she is in our alliance'? They recap all the things they were told she said last night.

Caleb:if I don't talk to her, don't touch her, don't hang out with her, she'll get the hint that I heard what she said about me. But if she wants to talk about it, I'll just tell her I'm thinking about home, I won't tell her I heard what she said...

12:14 AM F3/4 Frankie, Hayden join Caleb, Cody, agreeing they 'understand' why Caleb had to leave the LR talent show, since Amber was laughing and enjoying it.

F1/2 Nicole, Joey, Christine left in the LR, thinking about going to bed.

12:18 AM F1/2 Britt is still thinking about going to bed. Christine is too comfortable on LR couch to get up and go to bed.

F3/4 Derrick, Zach start a game of pool.

12:22 AM F3/4 Frankie, Cody on hammock, discuss their distrust of Devin, willing to vote him on 'on a double eviction night'. Frankie says he has tried to keep Devin calm this week, 'while we have the numbers'.

Cody feels this week's HOH is 'Huge bro!' (I can hear Survivor Tony's voice "this is huge!")

They agree the 5 HGs they need to get out are Victoria, Donny, Jocasta, Britt, and Nicole.

12:27 AM F1/2 Jocasta, Paola, Amber, Nicole in WA doing pre-bed routine.

F3/4 Christine, then Caleb join Cody, Frankie at the hammock. Christine gets hugs then heads off to bed.

Caleb:"I hated every minute of that" (Amber had come out to say good night to BY HGs)

Talk turns to HaveNots being able to eat within 24 hours... and Caleb pulls it back to not understanding how a human can 'do that' one night, and call you sweetie the next. "All I want is an apology from her. And all she tells others is that I'm a sweet guy. All that has changed is I told her I like her."

12:31 AM BB calls Christine to the DR.

12:33 AM Derrick joins the hammock crew, talking about the weekly schedule of comps, and when a double eviction will occur. Derrick speculates that 'America could be voting on 2 veteran HGs to vote into the house. You can't expect it, you just have to be prepared when it happens'. We've had 1 twist so far, I predict at least 2 more. We kept our group together this week, next week we regroup and do it again. (They start to get cocky, feeling their group is strong and can't lose against any of the others in a battle of the block comp).

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12:41 AM F1/2 in Fire BR, Paola explaining to Brit, Christine, Nicole, the talk she had with Joey. Paola thinks Joey needs 'mental help with the game. I wanted to give her my brain and tell her this is how I think, you have to stay calm... she's a great person, but you just have to legit be prepared for this game'.

F3/4 Caleb, Cody, Derrick, Frankie continue hammock talk, certain they will make it far in the game.

Caleb:I don't care who is HOH, I'll make a deal with them.

12:48 AM F3/4 Caleb: "If you are HOH, your goal is to get out the weakest person"

They discuss how best to handle the nominations if someone outside their alliance wins the other HOH and wants to target someone in their alliance. Cody, Derrick think they can let the other person go first with choosing their nominees, but Caleb explains the order is a random draw of eggs.

1:00 AM Zach, Hayden are playing pool, Cody, Caleb, Derrick, Frankie continue brainstorming their alliance strategy. All other HGs have turned in for bed. (and now I must turn in as well).

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Guest 6Borders

6am BBT: Good Morning Live Feed & BB Fans

All the HG's appear to be sleeping.

{Just a note that the lives seems to be experiencing some difficulties.

If you get a screen that says "We apologize. The selected content has not yet

started...contact help center" they are aware of the problem and working on it,

but this may make updates a little harder until fixed}

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Guest 6Borders

6:20am BBT: Everyone is still sleeping. Devin has been tossing and turning some

but that's about the excitement so far.

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Guest 6Borders

6:37-6:52am BBT: Nothing but snoring and sleeping going on right now...
just another fun filled morning in the BB House.

{I've got my feeds on 3 different screens so I hope I can catch all the action without

too much interruption, but I apologize in advance for any gaps until CBS fixes the prob -6Borders}

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Guest 6Borders

7:07am BBT: Someone got up (from the ice bedroom) and is now back in bed.

The cams didn't follow her so I guess it was just a trip to the WC

7:08-7:23am BBT: everyone is back to sleeping and snoring

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(Rewinding to where I left off last night at 1am)

1:06 AM F1/2 Zach, Hayden pool match continues. F3/4 Derrick heads to bed, Cody moves to watch the pool match, leaving Frankie/Caleb at the hammock. Caleb goes back to talking about Amber.

1:09 AM Frankie tells the live feeders to get up and go to bed.

1:14 AM Pool match ends, Hayden joins Caleb/Frankie on hammock.

Caleb:"You walk, we are talking about Amber, you walk up an hour later, we are still talking about Amber" (yea, we've noticed!)

Caleb's 'strategy' to deal with her is to ignore her until she realizes something is wrong.

1:15 AM F1/2 *cute flashback moment*

Derrick enters the dark Fire BR, trying to be quiet, but instead Nicole hears him/sees his shadow and freaks out.

Nicole: Who the hell is coming over here!

Derrick:I'm getting my socks

Nicole: Oh my gosh... I said hell and I don't mean it, but when I get scared, stuff comes out... don't ever sneak up like that again...all I see is a shadow coming at me, I had no idea you were in here... I sometimes say 'heck', but I never say h-e-double hockey sticks

Christine, Derrick and (Joey?) have a good laugh over Nicole's reaction (as do I)

1:18 AM F1/2 Cody/Zach have started a pool game. F3/4 Britt has joined Frankie/Hayden laying on hammock, speculating on Thursday's HOH comp, with Caleb sitting in lawn chair next to them.

1:25 AM Victoria/Amber are walking in/out from house to washer doing laundry. Frankie/Hayden/Britt are talking former HGs, Caleb is practicing his 'silent treatment'.

Hayden:Everyone says they are going to bed, and 15 minutes later, they are all up again.

1:29 AM Victoria/Amber join others at the hammock, share the story from 1:15am when Derrick walked in and scared Nicole. F3 gives us a close up of Caleb being silent.

1:33 AM Hammock crew breaks up, leaving Britt/Amber in hammock talking.

Amber:Victoria is so funny.. we were in the bathroom and she was like I need to put on make up, I asked why and she said 'we are ON tv!'

1:35 AM Britt talks about her kids: My daughter is a mini version of me. My son River looks like his dad, my son Axel looks like my dad. Axel is my husky little guy, and River is skin/bones... I'm glad they get to watch every day.

1:38 AM F1/2 Britt/Amber discuss the vote. Both have heard the house is voting to evict Joey, so they will since they don't want to be the single vote. Britt likes how Joey speaks without thinking about it. "I told her if she wanted to be President, you'd go to the nearest mic and just start talking".

Amber:I don't know, I don't like having reasons, but there are more reasons to vote Joey...

F3/4 Hayden/Victoria watching Zach/Cody play pool.

1:51 AM Amber tells Britt she is excited about the HaveNot restrictions ending Wednesday. They watch Heyden balance a pool stick on his head and say he is good at everything!

1:53 AM F1/2 in dark Fire BR, Victoria tells Nicole/Derrick she was in BY, "I came in cause it's boring out there". Nicole leaves, and Victoria starts whispering to Derrick about her goodbye message (to Joey?). After her message, she asked to go back and change it, but... and we get FISH.

1:57 AM Cody/Hayden/Zach have joined Amber/Britt at hammock. Derrick wants to go to sleep, Victoria wants him to keep her company. Victoria leaves, Devin wakes, Derrick shares the scaring Nicole incident with him.

2:00 AM F1/2 Caleb/Jocasta/Devin in K talking, Hayden entertains hammock crew with his 'readings' from imaginary book.

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Guest 6Borders

7:32-8am BBT: BB this morning officially stands for "Big Boring".

Nothing to report. Everyone is sleeping. I don't think the HG's are dead

or have been kidnapped by aliens because someone (Devin maybe) was tossing

and turning just a minute ago and I hear breathing.

{I even tripled checked my feeds..have them on 3 diff search engines, one desktop and one laptop

to make sure I am not on a non-live loop. All clocks and computer clocks are copacetic so I think

they are all sleeping until live show and first evict}

Personal note: many thanks to georgectv for updating the gaps!

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Guest 6Borders

8:29am BBT: Devin is up (very suddenly)..he's just using the WC so prob

nothing to see here folks. He's back in bed (shocker)

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Guest 6Borders

8:48:28am BBT: We have Fish and WBRB...could this be wake up call???

{be still my foolish BB heart}

8:50am BBT: False alarm...I am now back to watching sleeping HG's!!

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Guest 6Borders

9:46:19am BBT: feeds are up. Jocasta in in the bathroom primpting and someone (I can't see) is in the shower.

Hayden is also in the bathroo,

Frankie is in the kitchen eating and talking w/Donny about going to bed early and it's hard with "all that racket".

Donnie is saying (between mouthfuls) he can't hear over the whispering {yeah, me too}

Frankie wishes Brit good morning and says Amber made sure to wake her up. Frankie can't believe Brit does not

wake up to the music. She says she is in such a deep sleep. Frankie comments he got 7 hrs sleep and napped for

4 and averaging 6 {fascinating}. Donny says 6 is a good number. Talk turns to how much sleep you need in HS and how it

gets less as you get older.

9:50am BBT: Frankie says it's the first time he's had to function on this sleep schedule {ditto that for live feed fans and updaters}...something happens in the

microwave (I think). Frankie jumps up like someone lit a fire under him, shouts "omg,mg, omg" and the metal was sparking on the coffee cup. Frankie says he just saved the world, how scary it was and he just envisioned his face exploding.

Brit and Frankie discuss that the coding is wearing off (on whatever he was cooking) and Brit says he should not eat it.

Frankie says looks like aliens came down

9:53am BBT: Fish and WBRB

9:54-9:56am BBT: Feeds are back, Donny wishes someone a good morning and BB reminds someone to put on their mic

Outside (if my feeds are to be believed) looks like Hayden and (Amber?) are working with the awnings.

BB calls PaoPao to the DR (I think twice).

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#BB16 8:57AM All HG asleep on the feeds.

#BB16 9:24AM Still catching some zzzz....

#BB16 9:39AM We have FOTH - Wake up time?

#BB16 9:49AM BBT HG are awake. Doing ADLs. Donny in the KT eating breakfast.

#BB16 9:54 AM Hayden in the hot tub. Says to enjoy the outside while they can before getting locked in.

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Guest 6Borders

9:57am BBT: BB calls Devin to the DR and Frankie says "what's happening"

{does seem they are called in pretty quick, one after another}

Hayden is taking a morning dip in the pool. Frankie says "why are you yelling"??

Frankie says new rule if they (BB) does not play Justin Bieber and Cyrus in the morning

he will {sorry was gagging at that so didn't get it}. Frankie is feeling great and well

rested but wants his Justin Bieber songs. Someone remarks its Day 13 and July 2nd.

10am BBT: Frankie and/or Hayden doing mock BB anouncements about July 4th, skip the parties and

the BBQ's, etc (cos they are in the BB house)...just general silly talk about BB being the best place for

something, sex and rubber ducks...silly Brit/Oz-X accent!

Amber is sunning. Talk turns to how late they were up. General when they went to bed, got up, etc.

Hayden looks like he is about to fall asleep in the pool and Frankie looks like he is about to fall asleep

next to the house.

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Guest 6Borders

10:05am BBT: Frankie comments "it's so intense tho" and you could not do the show

anywhere else on the planet. Talk turns to the weather and bugs (I guess if BB did the

show on some location other than a studio lot). Hayden remarks "I don't think there is a body

of water around here and Frankie is mocking a comp about them being dropped into a vat

of blood and mosquitos.

Hayden relates that he got caught in a nest of mosquitos, woke up with 25 bites (looked worse

than Frankie looks now is what I think he said) and he had to be on steroids

Donny joins the BY crew and they wish him good morning and ask if he's going to get in the tub.

He says prob not and he thinks he will ride the bike. Talk turns to te 4th of July coming up soon.

Donny says he already has the red. They hope they will get hats and/or champagne for the 4th.

Donny is having the last of his chew and when it's done he won't be able to and will get his mouth

checked out.

10:11am BBT: BB calls Victoria to the DR. Someone commens "it's your last day on slot"

Talk is back to chew and Donny says at least he is not blowing smoke all day and at least this will

help him quit. Hayden (I think) asks if there is any gum and Donny says I doubt we can chew gum.

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Guest 6Borders

10:12amBBT: Hayden says "hopefully that is our last night in that (Have Not) room.

A plane goes over and they watch it.

Frankie is called to the DR

10:13am BBT: Discussion in the BY about what airline just went over {they ARE bored}

and Amber is talking about trying to ID planes by looking up the times when they have

nothing to do. Talk turns to travel.

10:14am BBT: General boredom in the BY. Several of the girls are doing ADL's in

the bathroom. Hayden is stil in the pool. Amber asks Nicole if she was out here (the BY)

when Hayden imitated Brit.

10:16am BBT: BB tels Amber to put on her mic. General laughter

10:17am BBT: just general chit chat around the pool about the coffee pot and the microwave

blowing up (on Frankie's coffee cup)

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Guest 6Borders

10:19-8am BBT: Someone asked if Pao got up and the reply is "I don't know, they called her 4 times"

Someone remarks "3 minute" (might be Donny's time on the ellipitcal to go).

Talk turns to mic and Amber (I think, or Brit) says she is always worried about her mic falling in the WC..it's

the last thing she wants. Someone's (Nicole I think) head was hurting all day yesterday.

Derrick is called to the DR.

10:20-10:23am BBT: The girls remark they are hot and go inside. Hayden remarks how weird it is to

hear things like sirens and cars from the outside world. Says "maybe time has stopped".

Frankie says he has to go to the DR with no make up one. Hayden tells Frankie it's ok becasue

he's beautiful all the time.

Frankie says he had a little blemish and now he has a huge hole in his face and he's never letting

anyone touch his face again {I assume there is a back-story to that} and now the whole world knows.

10:23am BBT: Nicole is wanting to get sun and Frankie says at some point they will be locked in today

and plenty of time for that.. Frankie is on the lounge taking in the sun and we have some quiet moments.

10:25am BBT: Bathroom, Victoria is doing make up and asks "what did he say?"

Talk is about a tweezer. Nicole is in the shower changing and says she hopes her

hair gets blonder.

10:26am BBT: Kitchen Devin and Brit are discussing what time they went on (slop)

and what time they go off. Devin wonders when they will be on LD and Brit says

"prob around 3". Talk turns to the steel cut oats that someone took out of the slop.

Devin has never seen steel-cut oats {me either}. He switches immediatly to tell Victoria

that Pao has some really good tweezers and goes to help her.

Brit can't wait until Have Not's are allowed to eat. She's cleaning the kitchen and remaks

something is gross {big surprise in the bb house kitchen}.

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10:31am Frankie and Nicole are laying out in BY. Frankie asks Nicole what her mom and dad do. Nicole says her dad is a boss doing road work. He has only taken 4 days off in his career. The day of his wedding, one her and her sibling was born and when she got her BB key. Her mom was a stay at home mom until Nicole was in 10th grade. Frankie says his dad is a doctor and his mom does telecommunications. Brittany comes out and joins them

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Guest 6Borders

10:31am BBT: BY by the laundry, Devin and Donny are discussing the weather

and how hot Donny's beard gets during comps.

Fish and WBRB

10:32am BBT: Feeds are back and the HG's are whooping it up and cheering

about something

10:33am BBT: Donny wishes Derrick a good morning and says he's up bright and

early. Derrick says "they woke me up to go to the DR". Donny is studying the memory


10:34am BBT: In the BY Frankie is doing shout-outs to friends and family while sunning

on the lounges with Brit and Christine. Frankie tells them he is so happy to be here with

'them in this lovely game...etc. etc.

10:35am BBT: Frankie is discussing something on his face which is now one hard red scab.

Devin is jogging around the yard. The chit-chat is just general about where they are from, went

to school etc.

10:37-10:42amam BBT: Joey is called to the DR.

Frankie is talking about clicky theatre people and who only talks to whom and how bizarre it is,

Broadway parties, etc. and how you have to be clicky within the Broadway community, like

you didn't work hard enough to get there already.

Frankie went to college in Allentown PA and it was wonderful and he got to do theatre and dance

was well rounded and he was happy.

Talk changes to requesting wine or champage (from BB) to toast either PaoPao or Joey, whoever

goes {oh please...!!!!} and Frankie thinks they will get alcohol and something special for the 4th because

it's an American holiday and they will have something red/white/blue.

They can't remember past seasons as to what was done on the 4th for the HG'ss. Frankie belts out

"Born in the USA" and "American Girl" (no reprimand from BB).

Frankie begs BB to play American Girl and Party in the USA on the 4th.

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Guest 6Borders

10:42am BBT: By lounge talk is about pink, who lip syncs and who

does not.

10:43am BBT: BB calls Victoria to the DR.

Frankie is talking about "Counting Crows", "Madonna", etc.

10:44am BBT: Fish and WBRB briefly and we are back. Frankie is talking about

having capillary restriction in his arteries. Hayden says something about a condition or meds

(I missed) and Nicole says that comes with experience and they talk about there are so many meds.

10:46am BBT: Frankie is telling about a dream he had about his sis. He thinks it was a happy dream

but it was also warped and demented in a haunted house but he was just so happy they were together

he didn't care. Nicole asks how old his sis is and he says 21. Nicole is saying how impt it is to

have good relationships with siblings.

10:48am BBT: Someone says omg but I didn't get what that was about (maybe a bug).

(they are obstructing mics and mumbling). Devin is talking about his muscles feeling restricted and

his calves are tight. It's basically all just general boring BY chit chat right now.

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10:00am Frankie says this is the first time he went to sleep in this house and woke up naturally as he lays in the BY talking to Hayden and Brittany. In the WA Jacosta and Nicole are getting ready for the day and talking about Nicole seeing shadows coming after her last night.

10:03am That is Amber laying in the By with Hayden and Frankie not Brittany.Brittany is now in the WA putting on lotion getting ready to go lay out in the BY.
10:06am Frankie says if this house was anywhere else we couldn't do it cause it is so tense. Hayden says yeah if it was on the east coast we couldn't no way no how but after the rain we will still have to be careful . Frankie is going inside to put on his swimsuit.
10:08am Hayden says it is going to suck going into LD after being in the yard for so many days and Amber says yeah we will be locked up for what 3 days and Hayden says 4. Donny comes out and they ask if he is getting in the hot tub and he says he is going to ride the bike for 13 minutes since that is his lucky number.
10:12am Hayden says hopefully this is our last night in the Ice Rm.Brittany and Nicole are now sitting out by the Hot tub with Hayden, Amber and Donny. Jacosta and Victoria in the WA and Frankie has been called to the DR.
10:19am Brittany says the microwave is starting to blow up cause when they put cups in it then it starts sparking. They ask Donny how he is doing and he says I am doing good 3 minutes now as he is going for 13 minutes on the bike.Hayden says his mic is like his cell phone and the girls laugh and agree.
10:22am Frankie is now back in the BY to lay out in the sun saying he just had to go into the DR with no make up on and Hayden says its OK Frankie you are beautiful all the time.
10:29am Hayden and Frankie are talking about the girls not wearing their mics and Frankie says they are the no mic girls alliance.
10:37am Brittany, Nicole and Frankie laying in the sun talking about dry skin and where they went to college at just general talk. In the WA Jacosta and Victoria and Cody getting ready for the day. Joey has been called to the DR.
10:45am Most HG are in the BY laying in the sun and working out before they have a LD later today. Just general chit chat going on.
10:53am Hayden and Donny talking about the people filming and watching the comps as they play and how they are all business. Cody, Frankie and Brittany laying in the sun talking about coffee. Nicole coming back out with Frankie some water and Devin running in the BY as Hayden counts his laps and he is now on lap 65.
10:56am Cody tells Brittany that she smells funny she ask what you mean he says i don't know it is probably my sense of smell.
10:58am Frankie says he wants to play pool but it is to hot. Hayden says he is going to eat some slop in a little while maybe some slop cookies.
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