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Monday, June 30 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

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If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:05 AM BBT: It is officially Nicole's birthday. The other HGs have baked her cupcakes, and Hayden is going to give her a lap dance. Frank has taught Hayden his routine and along with Zach the two of them practice outside of the HOH room. As of yet they have not gotten her though. Cody is distracting her outside and keeps wondering what time it is.

12:15 AM BBT: They finally go and get Nicole by telling her Julie is on the screen and running inside. When she gets in everyone is screaming and clapping. She has beer, wine, cupcakes, and her lap dance from Hayden made her look very uncomfortable but she laughed a lot. Happy Birthday Nicole.

12:25 AM BBT: Everyone cheers to Nicole's birthday and just sit around celebrating. Nothing major going on as a result. Zach is a much better lap dancer than Hayden and keeps showing off his moves. Frank asks what he is doing on his birthday. Zach says that he is going to borrow one of Frank's banana hammocks and coming over to his house. The house erupts with laughter.

12:35 AM BBT: Brit and Joey have gone into the HN room to make their bed the way they want. Joey says that if she is here after this week then she will vote for Brit to stay if she is put up. Joey then asks how the talk went with Devin. Brit says it went fine but she still doesn't trust him at all. They agree he is a nice person but they have a hard time knowing anything about anyone.

12:45 AM BBT: Joey has made the choice to start a routine to make the days go by. She then states that she is going to campaign, but not too much because she doesn't want to overwhelm anyone. She says whatever happens will happen. Caleb and Zach walk in and Zach starts rapping. Frank walks in and they are all making jokes.

12:55 AM BBT: On the BY couches Nicole is sitting with Victoria. She said she was so embarrassed about Hayden dancing on her. Hayden then comes out and asks how she liked his dancing. Nicole says she expected it to last longer. Hayden says that she was pushing him. Back in the HN room the girls are now making Cody's bed because he was jealous the girls made their bed more comfortable.

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1:05 AM BBT: Zach has taken his lap dance routine in the BY. Devin takes his goofy lap dance routine into the HN room. Joey sings and Usher song and we get fish. Cody and Devin move themselves into the SR to talk about all the events of the last 48 hours. Cody says that he has his back and he's sorry he hasn't said much. Devin says no big deal and explains his point of view again and they exit.

1:15 AM BBT: In the KT Jocasta, Devin and Caleb are joking about all the guys going for Nicole. Caleb wonders why no one is after Amber. Jocasta says maybe she’s not their type. Caleb says that maybe they know he has Amber on lock and that's why. In the BY Zach is teaching Nicole his moves while Victoria and Frank dance together. Brit is out of DR and was apparently told they cannot layer their clothes on the bed the way they have been. Joey and Caleb are not happy at all.

1:25 AM BBT: Caleb, Paola, and Jocasta are sitting around the DT laughing about random stories. The rest of the HGs are dancing in the BY. Jocasta is saying there is only one person in the DR who lets her roll and talk how she wants. Paola says that she would rather have it that way because she feels like her DRs are not her. Brit and Joey get ready to layer up their clothes on their bodies and head to bed.

1:35 AM BBT: Brit and Joey are now unmaking their bed and Brit explains exactly what she was told in the DR which gives us fish. When we get back they agree to put on like three pairs of pants each and a bunch of shirts. In the KT Caleb gives Hayden a hard time jokingly for "touching his girls head." Hayden says he just can't help it and they laugh. Devin is acting like he is drunk (He had one beer).

1:45 AM BBT: apparently Devin has had 3 glasses of wine, but anyhow, he is now sitting on the HOH stairs cracking up for nothing. The dancing has died down in the BY now and the BY crew is wondering if their dancing was on BBAD or just the feeds. Caleb is back to talking about all the things he can do like tie a cherry stem, open a starburst, and a pop can /with his tongue.

2:00 AM BBT: Frank and Amber want to go meditate. Victoria and Derrick also go inside to get ready for bed and to leave Nicole and Hayden alone. Nicole laughs about it as Hayden gives her a bday massage. They talk a little bit about talking to Christine about the next HOH. Nicole feels very awkward for everyone leaving her alone with him and doesn't want it to look showmancy. She goes in and tells Christine to go outside and talk to Hayden. In the HN room Caleb and Zach are going over whether or not they think each girl is good looking.

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Guest 6Borders

6am BBT: Good morning Life Feeders & Friends of Big Brother

{I'll be providing your fun-filled coverage, live from the BB House, from 6-Noon BBT}

6am BBT: We have ignition in the BB House (sort of). Frankie is up and heading to the HOH room

(from where I do not know). Someone (I think Devin) was wishing him a good night.

Frankie climbs into the HOH bed.

6:02-6:04am BBT: Devon isgoing to bed and wakes up Derrick. Zacks stirs a few times but doe not wake up/

It looks like the HG's are setting in until wake up call. Machine noises can be heard in the background!

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Guest 6Borders

6:38am BBT: Derrick shifted position and Devin looked like maybe he was going to get up but

changed his mind and that's the most exciting thing that's happened in the last 30 minutes..

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Guest 6Borders

7:01-7:04am BBT: Someone is up and around in the living room. I think it's Hayden

{BB what happened to the lights on when someone is up rule?}

It is Hayden. He goes to use the WC (and then BB switches the camera).

7:05am BBT: Hayden comes out of the WC, puts on a hoodie and heads back to bed.

Devin wakes up and looks at him as he walks past but does not say anything.

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Guest 6Borders

7:41-7:51am BBT: It's been nothing but snoring and a few changes in position...just

another boring early am in the BB House! Derrick and Devin are trying to get comfortable.

Frankie looks like he's finally settled down.

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Guest 6Borders

8:14am BBT: Joey is up and heads to the WC. BB then switches all the camera back

to the sleeping HG's {my theory on this is an agreement with the HG's because they

were wasting so much water leaving it on so we would not hear them in the WC that BB

would switch the cams! 6Borders}

8:17am BBT: Joey washes her hands and heads back to bed in the ice room.

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8:30 AM BBT - All HGs are still sleeping...

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Guest 6Borders

9:45-9:48am BBT: Feeds are on the the HG's have begun their day. Christine and Victoria are in the bathroom

doing hair and makeup. Cody is foldingn laundry at the KT and Donny ios fixing something.

BB reminds the HG's the bedroom lights must remain on. Donnie is going to make Fruit Loops w/choc milk.

Amber (I think) directs Cody as to where the folded laundry goes. Cody puts the laundry away and goes outside.

Frankie is in the bathroom chatting with the girls (sall cams are on kitchen and bathroom).

9:48-9:58am BBT: In the bathroom Christine is explaining the live show and they have to get up and clean the house.

Frankie doesn't understand it {I thought he was a huge fan but does not seem like he's watched the show much}

Frankie says he can't believe he didn't even sleep 1 hour.

9:50am BBT: Cody is on the chaise in the BY talking to Donny (who is enjoying his fruit loops & choc milk).

Donny is telling Cody that the girls might still outnumber him and might want to keep him around for comps.

Donny says he's never been able to get Cody alone to tell him that so he figured he should tell him because he

s a BB fan. Cody says there is a lot to keep up with the game and you only see what they (BB) hightlight (on the show).

Donny says the game will get a lot more mental. Cody wants to win HOH so bad but says it would be hard to be in

that position. Donny said it would be hard to send a friend home. Cody thinks they did the two HOH's to ruffle

feathers fast. Donny remarks that it helps the block people and Cody says it's probably a huge mental advantage.

9:55am BBT-Donny tells Cody he could possibly be Amer's fav if they voted because he gets alone with everyone and doesn't

cuss sa lot. Cody says he flirts with a lot of girls and that might be taken the wrong day. Donny says "not the way

you do it, there are different ways to do it. Cody tells Donny it must be hard on him to be tossed in the house with a

bunch of young people and Donny says he appreciates them all including him.

Cody is asking about the ages of past groups and Donny relates who they were and what ages (Helen BB15 and Joe, the cook).

Donny tells Cody a lot of the game is you might just be talking general to someone and everything thinks

you are talking game. Cody says he tried to lay low the first week and any slight thing might get someone upset. Donny

says "like if you eat too much" and it's a national televised game. Cody remarks that Devin's body needs much more

than his own (food, etc).

Donny says "I'm going to try to beat you" Cody says I hope you do, you're a better person than I am.

Donny says if she (who?) is sitting there with anybody else she gets my vote, and Cody too.

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9:00am All HG still sleeping.

9:30am we now have WBRB and music maybe this is the wake up call.

9:45am HG are in the WA getting their makeup done and Cody and Amber are folding towels in the Dinning room. Cody says Donny what are you making me for breakfast? He says i don't know fruit loops?

9:48am Donny is making himself a bowl of Fruit Loops and pours chocolate milk over it.Frankie is in the WA eating and talking to Victoria and Christine while they do make u

9:46am Donny in BY talking to Cody as he eats. Amber is now in the shower.

9:53am Donny says we can now rest our brains for a few days to Cody. he says I bet you are Americas favorite. Cody says that's my thing I wonder if I will be hated or liked and Donny says I think you are liked. Cody says I think you are liked cause you got thrown in the house with a bunch of young kids so it has to be hard.

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Guest 6Borders

9:59-10:01am BBT: Cody is discussing the challenges and says he doesn't think there will be a lot more challenges

like hanging on to the spit. Donny says there may be more running challenges but you also have to figure

out the challenge. Donny says his thing his entire life is just not stopping to look at the problem, just rushing

through and his teachers always wrote that.

Donny says he's a bad speller. Cody says "splitters". Cody asks if Donny is almost done with the chew.

Donny says it's bad for his teeth and he has two more pouches. He talks the difference between the cans

and the pouches (chewing tobacco). Cody says he used to chew once in a while.

10:01am BBT Fish and WBRB

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Guest 6Borders

10:02am BBT: Feeds are back and Donny and Caleb are discussing "snuff" and how it burns

your lip and gums and it's the older generation and his grandma did it. We get Fish and WBRB again.

10:03am BBT: Cody is saying he hates cigarettes.the smell and everything. Donny says he does

not like being around it, that it smells up your clothes and everything {note: there are no smokers in

the BB house this year -6Borders}

10:04-10:08am: Frankie, Victoria and Christine are in the bathroom. Frankie is mimicking BB "Frankie, put the

lights on, Frankie (do this and that). Christine tells Frankie she loves his nailpolish and he says he

does to but unfortunately it's going off. Frankie is saying Brit gave him the idea for something (sorry missed

it..something about applying polish). They are discussing eyemasks and Frankie's "pink sleep turbin".

Victoria goes in to flush the WC (I guess someone forgot) and Frankie says he's going back to bed..tells them

he loves them and will see them at 7pm when he decides to wake up. Christine comments on how tired she

is and they discuss someone wanting to cut their hair.

10:08am BBT: Victoria is whispering about her stomach and they were embarassed about something. Victoria

does not have her mic on so I can't make out what she is saying. Christinesays to Victoria they were going

to talk to her about the Devin thing. BB tells Victoria to put her mic on. They are whispering about cupcakes

sand "they always take control" (hard to understand them).

10:10-10:14am BBT: Cody and Donny still in the backyard discussing game. Cody said it will get harder

because there are so many good people. Donny says it will get harder, it seems like they have all

known each other for a year. Cody says it will get harder and people will take it more personal (nom

and eviction) and that is where maturity is going to come out. Cody thinks the young group will

take it personal because they have not experienced as much and will make up a lot of stuff in their

heads about why they were (nom'd etc). Donny said when his pic went on the nom screen he told

himself to just look normal. Donny says "old man first one out...not this week".

Cody says it was great to (win the POV) and pull yourself off.

Donny says at least they can't claim he's weak (aka can't win comps) and they will have to come

up with some other stupid excuse to nom someone.

10:14-10:17am BBT: Donny tells Caleb tht if you don't want someone to know something best not to say it

{best advice I have ever heard from one HG to another in 15 seasons}.

Donny says must be a lot of plotting at night since some of them stay up so late. Cody says sometimes

just a few of them.

Cody may go back to bed and one of the wake up songs was "Knee Deep".

Cody remarks that the morning is the toughest part, having just brushed your teeth and then fixing slop.

Donny asks what about having one of those shakes and then going back to bed. Cody is worried abut

putting that protein in his stomach and getting gassy. Says his stomach was bloated last night.

Cody is going to get a protein shake and Donny is going to get his teeth clean and get his first chew

of tobacco

10:17am BBT: Donny is washing up dishes and Cody is getting his shake and goes to the storeroom.

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Guest 6Borders

10:19am BBT: Christine and Victoria are talking about going back to sleep.

They wish Donny and Cody "good morning" as they head to the bedrooms

and wish each other good night.

10:20am BBT: The lights are on but nobody is up. Derrick, Devin and Zach

are still in bed sleeping.

Donny is brushing his teeth and Victoria is in the kitchen (wrapped in a towel)

chatting with Cody. Christine has gone to bed.

Cody and Victoria are talking about mac 'n cheese and Cody asked her what she

is going awake. She says she can't sleep and Cody tells her she should have one

of those electrolyte drinks and the reason he's ok is he stays hydrated.

Victoria asked if those drinks taste good and Cody says yes, at least to him.

10:23-10:25am BBT: Donny is pacing in the flame bedroom, looking for something.

Derrick, Devin and Zach are still sacked out in the Earth bedroom. Victoria is in the

store room (still in her towel) and Donny remarks "it's a big ol house".

Cody comes in to help Victoria and she says "it's gone" (the drinks maybe). Victoria gets her

bra the Flame bedroom and Cody says he's going back to sleep.

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Guest 6Borders

10:26-10:29am BBT: Christine is now in the hammock with her Bible (I would guess

because it's the only book allowed in the house). Donny is wandering the yard,

looking for something and semi-humming! He picks up what looks to be a leaf,

contemplates it briefly and drops it. All cams are currently on the yard.

Donny is picking up things (I guess cleaning up after the messy HG's)

10:29am BBT Fish and WBRB

10:30-10:33am BBT: feeds are back. Donny is still wandering the yard and then checks

the laundry machines. He's whispering to himself but I can't make it out.

He opens the door for Victoria who is coming into the yard and goes inside.

Victoria tlks briefly to Christine on the hammock then heads back inside to

get her mic she forgot (which Donny gives her).

Victoria heads back to the storeroom (to change batteries maybe)

and says good morning to Brit who is just coming out. Victoria gets a package

of oatmeal, reads the labels and gets a different one

10:34am BBT: Victoria is fixing her oatmeal and Christine is in the hammock.

All cams are on them now. I can hear cameras moving on the dollies.

Nobody else is visable right now.

10:35-10:38am BBT: Victoria is back and forth from the kitchen to

store room to clothes drawers (which are a MESS).

Brief shot of Devin, Derrick and Zach still sleeping.

Victoria heads to the bathroom and asks Donny if he's going back to

sleep. He says "no, I'm going to get my bottle of water and go ride that thing" (eliptical).

Donny gets his water and briefly studies the memory wall, whispers something I

can hear and gets more water. He heads to the BY to work out on the eliptical.

10:38-10:40am BBT: Victoria is in the bathroom tlaing with someone in the WC about her neck hurting

so bad. She gathers up her things (remembering her mic this time), and gets her cereal which

is done in the microwave, then proceeds to make what is at least her 5th or 6th trip back and

forth thru the house and finally settles in the kitchen with her cereal to eat.

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Guest 6Borders

10:41am BBT: all cams are on Victoria in the kitchen and Christine in

the hammock so nothing going on.

10:42-10:49m BBT: Victoria takes here cereal to the BY and joins Christine.

Donny is on the eliptical.

Victoria says she needs to tell Christine 3 things if she's not in the middle of something.

Christine says it's always the bible.

Victoria is talking laundry to Christine and says "she comes out.." (not sure who) and

"does she think I am crazy". Victoria is saying who gets pleasure out of putting people down.

She's not complaining that Devin finished all the cereal and all they have is Fruit Loops.

Christine is saying she's never met a person as cruel as him (?) and reminds her of 6ht

grade bullies and relates how much she got picked on in 6th grade. She says he's realluy

scary (still don't know who they are talking about) and he is scary and eats all the foods

and needs to leave the house (must be Devin they are talking about). The continue to

complain that he eats all the food. The say it's so rude.

10:47-10:50am BBT: Christine says "he" thinks he's so good at manipulating people and belitting

women {I really got to stay up at night so I know who these conversations are about}.

Christine is telling Victoria that Brit would have been the target if they (Victoria & Brit) hadn't won.

They comment that it's there house as much as anyone else and it is their (bed)room.

Talk is the fireroom blankets are itchy. Victoria said she swallowed her pride and apologized

so she would not have a target on her back. Christine can't believe Victoria apologized!

Victoria says he still went off on her being so rude instead of just saying "it's ok".

10:50am BBT: Brit joins Christine and Victoria with her coffee and food. They discuss their necks

hurting and Victoria says the oatmeal is the only thing she can eat (Kosher) and what else can she

eat. They have gluten free pancakes but they don't feel like eating them

Talk turns to the position of the sun and because they are so tired. Brit says she never heard the

music and it must not play in their room. Christine says it much because it's loud and prob Brit

is just deep in sleep because she stays up so late and is deep in sleep.

10:53-10:55am BBT: Talk turns to sitting thru the Veto meeting and knowing you are safe and it's an amazing

'feeling and everyone should get to feel that...Donny felt it. Christine says there is no game if you are

not scared. Talk turns to dry legs and pillows. Donny is working out with weights and the girls

ask if he ever does ab exercises with Frankie. He says no, he doesnt want to be any more sore than he'

already is and needs all the energy he can.

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#BB16 10:06 AM Cody and Donny sitting in the BY just chatting, Talking about the bowling game.

#BB16 10:15 AM Christine and Victoria in the WCA - whispering about "her". Not clear who they are talking about. Heard Joey a few times.

#BB16 10:26 AM Christine having allergies and blowing her nose a lot. Now walking in the BY.

#BB16 10:38 AM Donny waving at the camera and Christine on the hammock reading the Bible. Victoria getting dressed. Other HG sleeping.

#BB16 10:45 AM Victoria heads out to the hammock and talks to Christine. Complaining that Devin ate all of the cereal. Christine complaining that he makes her feel like a bully that she had in 6th grade. Says he is scary.

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Guest 6Borders

10:55am BBT: General silly chit-chat from the girls in the hammock.

Christine want to go back to sleep but her nose is really irritated.

Christine says how embarassing that she is wearing all gray and everyone

was talking behind her back about her gray outfit. Victoria says Kim Kardashin

wore an all grey outfit.

Victoria gets up, complains about her neck and is going to lie out.

Christine says they are the only ones in the BY and that camera does not care...

and that's impressive. Christine is debating going inside to make pancakes

or go to bed (she doesn't move so she has not decided).

10:59am BBT: Victoria is making more of her seemingly endless trips thru the

house. She calls to Nicole, says he was looking for her. Tells Nicole she was

going to go back to sleep. Nicole is in the shower. Victoria says she is going to

go back to sleep, wishes Nicole a Happy Birthday and asks if she is going to lay out.

Nicole says she does not think so, that she didn't bring her bathing suit.

11am BBT: Donny is working with hand weights talking to Christine and Brit.

Donny is talking about not having a DVR. Brit (I think) says she loves it. She and Christine

comment that if their moms were in the house the most thing they would miss is TV.

Brit's mom watches it all, Christine's mom watches reality and the Hallmark channel.

Christine hopes her grandma would be proud.

11:02-11:07am Victoria is called to the DR. Christine and Brit can hear noises and wonder if they (BB)

are making something for a comp. Brit says "today is Monday right?" and Christine say yes

and her husband is off today so probaby watching. She asks Brit if her kids are in school, Brit

replies it's summer but they do summer school.

They comment it's going to be hot, Christine is still debating going in to lie down.

Brit has bites that are so strange to her and they are scabbed out. Christine can't find her bite

anymore. Brit has 6 bites on her arm. She comments that the slp actually wasn't that bad

this morning. Christine hopes next week they have the 2 extra items (Amer votes on) for

the Have Not's. Christine likes the :overcastness"!

11:07-11:09am BBT: Brit is saying she was trying to give her daughter a time to look at the

cameras but she didn't want to stress her out. She says her mom is going to be on

the computer a lot. She wishes she could know if her dad got his results (medical I guess)

and if the kids got their book. She really misses her dad so much...she absolutely adores

her dad and there is not a day they go w/out talking. Christine says that's so awesome.

11:09am BBT: Brit says her dad was not big about this (her being on BB) and then 4 days before

he took her aside and said she should do it and not to worry about the kids or anything.

Talk is about being older and married but you still need your dad's support.

11:10am BBT: The girls are freaking out about a bug or bee that is circling them (Brit says

its a Chinese Beetle) and they are blind and just crunch on you, but they don't bite.

Talk turns to whether or not they say any stars last night. Donny thought he did but then

decided it was a bug and not a falling star. It would have been awesome if it was a falling

star but it was still fun. Brit offers Donny coffee and he says if there is some made he thinks

he will.

11:12am BBT: Derrick is called to the DR.

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Guest 6Borders

11:12am BBT: Brit is in the kitchen and Donny is outside with his coffee, still humming

and whispering to himself.

11:13am BBT: BB calls Victoria to the storage room.

11:14am BBT: Christine is in the bathroom (maybe awaiting the WC)

and we get Fish and WBRB.

11:16am BBT: Feeds are back. Brit and Amber are in the bathroom. Derrick

comes of of the bathroom and they ask if he heard anything about his daughter.

He says yeah and (I think) it's ok but going to be a long day., Nicole comes in to

use the WC. Brit and Amber are doing hair/make up.

11:18am BBT: Donny and Devin are in the BY. Devin wants to know what time the]

music went off and Donny says he thinks 3 songs and one was Bod Segar.

11:19am BBT: BB reminds the HG's there are fresh batteries in the storeroom.

Donny is still wandering the yard half-singing to himself (must be nothing cos BB does not

tell him to stop).

11:20am BBT: Devin is telling the girls in the bathroom it was hard to find a place to sleep

and laughing about someone snoring.

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Guest 6Borders

11:22am BBT: Devin is laughting with the guys in the earth bedroom and says he didn't know

he snored. He goes to the fireroom to get some things. He says nothing he can do to tone

it down (snoring) and does know that it's worse when he has drinks. He says now he can

tell every lady in America that he's a snorer.

11:24am BBT: We get brief Fish and WBRB, feeds come on and then another brief Fish and WBRB.

11:25-11:27am BBT: Devin and Caleb are in the storeroom changing batteries and Devin is telling

Caleb about the snoring. They are taking inventory of who is up and what they are/were doing.

Caleb is going to cook some eggs. The both remark that they are still half asleep.

11:29am BBT: Donny is studying the memory wall and says "Caleb, Frankie, Amber".

Devin and Donny are discussing some clothing and Donny says "we don't go for looks, we

go for comfort". Devin says he admires where Donny is at in his life but he goes for looks.

He relates when he worked in a shoe store and what diff generations come in for for shoes.

11:30-ll:32am BBT: Donny asked what Devin is eating and he says 4 eggs and then he's going outside

with his golden can of veto. Donny says he finds himself reading stuff (labels) because there is

very little reading going on. Talk turns to Devotional Bible vs Bible and how things are highlighted.

11:32-11:35am BBT: Donny and Devin are discussing wine and beer.

Donny is reading the warning labels on the wine bottle.

The comment that they don't have to

worry about the warning of drinking and driving a car and Devin says they

don't have to worry about anybody getting pregnant.

We learn when the wine company was established (1968 I believe) and it

has over 13% alcohol and Donny comments that is good for wine, it's usually lower.

He says wine will make you emotional, and you'll want to hug somebody.

11:35-11:38am BBT: Donny says someone's purple pants came in handy. They discuss

that the color will be on a Q&A and what colors each one wore during the Veto Comp.

Talk turns to Cody looks good in green,blue, red..Devin says "he's just a good looking kid"

Donny says he will never remember. He says he just went to the wall to go over the names.

Devin says do it every night. Donny wants to know the name of Battle of the Block and

Devin says it was "The Swinging 20's". Devin says we can go over the comps at night.

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Guest 6Borders

11:38-11:42am BBT: Donny and Devin continue to discuss the comps.

Devin {whom I thought didn't understand the show} is explaining different comps to Donny

{the super fan}. Caleb joins and Donny wishes him good morning.

Donny says it's nice outside and not super duper hot. Talk turns to mornings are nice

and the weather changes from day to night.

Donny says he's like to see a little rain {wouldn't we all here in Calif} to see what it's like out

here and then thinks the mics might get wet. Devin is trying to decide how much (peanut

butter I think) is a tablespoon. General chit chat about food and hot sauce eating people

in the house.


11:43am BBT: BB tells the houseguest this is a lockdown and to go outside and close the

sliding glass doors. Amber and Nicole scramble to gather their make up and nail polish so

they can finish outside. The HG's are taking turns in the WC and grabbing bathing suits

and supplies for the LD.

11:45-11:46am BBT: Devin comes out of the WC, washes his hands and suddenly says "oh shit"

and his mic fell in the water.

11:46-11:50am BBT: BB reminds a number of the HG's to change their mic batteries.

HG's are changing, using the WC and finishing ADL's before heading outside.

Donny, Nicole, Caleb and Victoria are already outside. Nicole comments on what a great

birthday she had. Victoria is still complaining about her neck. Someone asks what time

it is and Caleb replies "almost 12 o'cock".

11:50am BBT: Donny and Caleb don't think they will be on outdoor LD for very long but

Donny reminds everyone to get their water.

11:52am BBT: Several of the HG's are still in the bathroom doing morning ADL's.

Hayden looks like he is 3/4 asleep and about to fall over waiting for his turn in the WC.

Jocasta & Brit still doing make up and Joey is talking thru brushing her teeth.

11:56-11:57am BBT: BB tells Hayden to please change his batteries.

Brit is still fussing with her swinsuit top fringe and Jocasta is putting on lotion.

PaoPao lets us know she needs to poop so bad but can't because she needs something

to push it out and says "sorry" (for the graphic description).

11:58am BBT: Brit is trying to find her cup to take outside and thinks she took it to bed last night.

11:59am BBT: BB (more stern voice this time) reminds them this is a lockdown.

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11:00am Nicole is in the shower and Victoria is heading back to bed. In the BY Donny , Christine and Brittany are talking about last night's birthday party. Donny says I couldn't stay up I had to go to bed and turn on the DVR. he says I don't have a DVR and goes back to working out.

11:11am Christine and Brittany are running and screaming from a bug and Donny ask whats wrong and goes to look for them.

11:18am Devin is now in the By with Donny and they are putting down the awnings and chatting about the party last night and how Devin slept good after that but he says he hardly drinks. In the WCA Amber and Brittany are doing their make up for the day. Nicole is getting dressed after her shower.

11:30am Devin is in the KT making him some eggs for breakfast talking to Donny.Girls are still doing make up talking about their skin being so dry.

11:38am Devin and Donny in KT talking about the names of the comps they have played in since they been in the house as Devin says they might ask questions in other comps.In the WCA Amber is doing Nicole's make up for her.Brittany turns on the shower and says I dread cold showers.

11:44am BB just called a lock down in the BY.Everyone is getting ready to go out now.

11:50am Hg are waiting to use the WC and to change in a swim suit before the LD

11:58am Paola says she needs to poop so bad but can't and needs something to help push it out. In the BY HG are telling Nicole Happy Birthday. Alot of general chit chat going on as BB tries to get everyone outside for the LD. Cody and Christine in the hammock Cody says i feel we are in a good position where we don't have to win HOH but then i want to win to protect my friends.

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