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BB16 Live Feed Screen Captures


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This thread is for posting screen captures with SHORT captions of explanation.

Watching the feeds and see something interesting?

Grab a screen capture and post it here. You might end up seeing it posted on Morty's daily coverage page!

Thank You!

I regret to announce that we have new rules regarding nudity. We are no longer allowed to post full frontal nudity, even if their goodies are covered with a black bar or blurred out. Because these screen caps are the most popular, I have found that they can be posted on my update page using a NSFW (Not Safe For Work) button and hosting off site. So if you're lucky enough to catch a HG naked, attach the picture to a personal message to me. B)

To make a good screen cap you can use irfanview, it's free, you get it here http://www.irfanview.com/ It includes a capture tool and you can crop and correct the lighting, real good software. Of course if you already have any kind of graphics program on your computer, you can just press the "PrtSc" button, with whatever key combination your keyboard requires, then paste it (Crtl + V) into your graphics program. Save your work as a .jpg, and upload to an image hosting place like PhotoBucket or ImageShack. The image hosting place have instructions for posting your captures in a forum. I also allow you to upload them here as attachments.

You can make your posts look prettier by adding some codes. There are instructions here: http://www.bbcode.org/examples/?id=10

There's a live feed viewer you can D/L, BBViewer-3.1.exe you can take screen caps and you can focus on left or right channel audio - helpful when watching quad view and you can adjust the size. Much more flexible than the CBS viewer. You can also control the bit rate.

Visit my gallery at http://gallery.tvfanforums.net I've added a BB16 section and it has some pictures already. Also look for links at the top of the update page at: http://mortystv.com/bb

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I've never done screen caps before, and I really don't feel like downloading special programs to do it. But your post gave me an idea. Since Gmail has so many features, I tried just going fullscreen on the live feed, hitting print screen and then pasting directly into the body of an email. Worked perfectly! I just right clicked and 'save image as' and presto- no need to download any programs or even use anything other than Gmail. (This may work on hotmail and yahoo too, I have no idea.) Here is the end result-


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Nicole tells Zach he's an A-hole, and says for him to say whatever it is that's mean and get it over with already.





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Pics from tonight's Live Feed: Christine & Cody after she's says America hates her.


Frankie laying on Christine in the LR


Derrick checking out the camera & them it zooms in on him


Caleb describing when his baby sitter fell over in an Astro van, how she looked when she got up


Caleb staring after he said Jinga instead of Jenga






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Cody laying on top of Christine after he's out of DR.


Cody and Christine caressing each other while discussing everything after it was all in place.



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Caleb saying he looks like Boogie and raps like Snookie


Victoria playing with Cody's hair in the fire room




Christine just has to join in with Victoria and Cody


Victoria comforts Derrick, after he's been crying in HoHR






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Cody sleeping while sock monkey is on patrol, making sure he is safe...LOL!


The real side of Christine after she said she told Donny he was her target all along...Which she did NOT say, BTW!


Blood sausage peni$ that Derrick found on a bed in the fire room.


Frankie's I love mom message he made out of Jenga pieces.


Derrick's Hi Tenley message to his daughter.


Derrick's Hi turned into a heart on his message to Tenley.


Derrick holding his daughter's blanket, and sucking on a ring pop that look like a pacifier.


Cody's Jenga House









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There is a face in the camera here from CAM 3 at 8:45 PM BBT on Sunday, August 31, 2014. It was wild, because there person walked backwards, and we saw her face. It's in between Cody and Nicole, and the top left of this screen shot.


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Twitter leak posted by Julie Chen for a twist that will be announced on tonight's Live Show!




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