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Introduction and Greetings from Lozo AKA Dotcomboy17 (DCB)

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I thought I would introduce myself to the forum.

My name is Lozo, I am 22 years old (At the time of writing) and I was known on the web as Dotcomboy17 or DCB from the old Live Streaming website, BBLIVEUK.

BBLIVEUK ran from 2007 - 2012 by myself, it was a streaming website for Big Brother UK Daily Highlights shows, I no longer run the site as I dropped it in 2012 to do other things and move on, I now run a startup radio station called RCD Radio which is a online Pop/Rock and Dance music station.

This year I am going to be involved with BBUK in a way I have never done before, I am going to be teaming up with Morty's TV for updating the BBUK page at Morty's, do check it out and for all of my links: http://mortystv.com/bbuk/ - I shall also be updating my personal twitter on events in the highlights show, when I can, so do follow me on twitter as well at http://twitter.com/lozocn

I will be trying to update the page as soon as I can after each highlights show, I will then make a tweet on my account when I have published updates, I wont be able to update the page instantly all the time, as like many people, I do have a life away from the computer, such as a job and social life, so please bare with me on that.

Feel free to tweet me your thoughts on this years BBUK to my personal twitter account, I would love to hear your thoughts and check out my radio station, if you follow my station on twitter and facebook you may get the chance to listen to it Live, its not 24/7 right now.

RCD Radio Site: http://rcdradio.com

RCD Radio Twitter: http://twitter.com/rcdradio

RCD Radio Facebook: http://facebook.com/rcdradio

Thank you!

Lozo - Aka, Dotcomboy17 (DCB)

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Note BBUK premiers June 5th at 4pm EDT and hopefully can be streamed live from our coverage page. Plus, we have a dedicated thread over in the Big Brother forum for discussing Big Brother UK: Power Trip!


Who looks forward to watching the power going to the housemates' heads...

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