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Survivor 28 Season Finale! May 21 2014

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They are live in LA, Jeff explains that we will have the 2 hr finale then the 1hr reunion show! Get comfy! Here we go!

We are taken back to day 1 when they were separated into 3 tribes. We are reminded of the Brains struggle in the beginning. They didn't get along, some members went crazy, they lost challenges but then there was a merge.

Cliff was blindsided then Lindsay quit! Then the final merge happened. We see the idols played. We see blindsides. The battles for the idols, drawing rocks for advantage, we also see Tony's spy shack again. Woo falling out of the tree and being ok! Idols found right under other's noses. We are reminded about the idols played last week and Trish's blindside.

4 are left. Tony, will stop at nothing to win the game. He has orchestrated blindsides and found 3 idols! Woo is a mental and physical threat who is grateful to be there. Kass is chaos and she has proven it. She brings controversy and she plays her own game. Spencer has gone from highs to lows and played both sides as well to make it to the final 4!

Back at camp, Tony was disappointed in Trish leaving. Spencer tells us that Tony has to go, even though Tony is telling them he is guaranteed final 3. Spencer is hoping it is a bluff, if Tony stays, it will hurt Spencer's game in the end. Tony tells us, it is a bluff. That tribal was the last time he could use it. He is lying to them though and hopefully they don't vote him out. Kass does not think an idol would be good for the final 3.

Kass tells us that no one liked Trish, she always said she hated everyone. Tony says "Why do you care? You won, you get the last laugh!"

A speed boat pulls up to the beach. Kass wonders what it is. "OMG that is my husband!" and she goes running. Spencer's sister is there. Tony's best friend is there and he is bummed because his wife didn't come. They have a 4 month old so she had to stay home. Tony is very emotional hearing about his child. Woo's emotional, his cousin came out to see him. Woo says he is so psyched! They have a basket of juice, bread, peanut butter, jams. Woo says "Tree mail!" There it is in the basket. It tells them to not be afraid of heights, the last one to jump in wins! He tells us he wants to marry his GF Christina after asking her parents permission when he wins the money. Kass talks to her husband about her game and she tells him, she has had to play like a man. "I am just gonna tell the women, did you want me to come out here and be your Mama or to play and win?"

Spencer says that this challenge he has to win at all costs! They all head to the immunity challenge.
During the show tonight, there is some live stuff from LA. The Survivor cast is in the green room watching the episode. Jeff says the immunity challenge coming up is one of the best ones you have ever seen on the show "It is EPIC!"

Immunity Challenge! The loved ones are on the beach with them for the challenge. Kass says she needed this as she was hated in the game. Tony says alliances and life long friendships are 2 different things. Tarin, Spencer's sister says he is a little neurotic. Woo says this has given him a second wind in the game. They are on a perch, with a bucket and need to retrieve water to fill a tube to raise a key and then swim back to shore, unlock to solve a puzzle.

The perches are high! The wind blows and they can lose their balance easily! Kass struggles. Tony and Spencer have some nice pours happening. Kass still struggles.

Spencer and Tony are neck and neck and Tony gets his key! But he can't jump in the water, he doesn't know how to swim! Spencer finally gets his key! His sister yells "JUMP!" and he does! Woo is so close to his key but can't reach it.

Tony is back at the beach, Spencer is right behind him! It is a show down between the 2 like last time! Woo has his key and is back at shore! Kass is still on the perch and her rope is stuck. She has to climb down to untangle her rope.

Spencer is making progress. His sister is very vocal during the puzzle process! Kass finally has her key and his heading to the shore. She has lost a lot of time but she is good at puzzles. Spencer's sister tells him to look at the other side to get the puzzle and he gets more pieces in. Kass looks at both sides as she puts it together and is closing the gap!

Spencer is almost done and so is Kass! Tony and Woo are falling behind now! KASS WINS!

Kass hugs her husband. "What a day to win it!" This is one of the biggest comebacks in Survivor history! She is guaranteed final 3. She tells her husband "All I needed was you!" Spencer is disappointed, "I had to win today and to lose to a braindead weasel like Kass?" He is unsure what will happen now.

Kass' plan is to send Spencer out. Her plan was to go to the final with 2 brawns and she has done it. Tony wanted to wear an immunity necklace just one time. Spencer calls Tony to the side. He says to Tony "It is a final 2." He tells Tony on Jeff's play on words. He believes it is a final 2 not a final 3 in the end. Spencer is trying to convince Tony to keep him and it would be the best way to stay in the game and get to the end. Spencer is hoping for a fire making competition if there is a tie.

Kass tells Woo that they are voting for Spencer. He feels relief. He doesn't remember what happens if there is a tie in the final 4. Do they have to draw rocks? Do they fight for it? He doesn't know. Do they make fire? Anything can happen at tribal counsel

Tribal! Tony is wearing his no longer useful idol necklace. Kass has her immunity necklace on. Jeff talks about Kass' comeback, he could not believe it. She says hearing her husband's voice and the encouragement was all she needed. Tony says he wishes he could have seen his wife but to see his friend was bittersweet. Spencer says today softened him up and his sister was right, he is neurotic, he will be heartbroken to leave 2 days short of his dream. He goes through the scenarios for the final. Woo says he isn't outspoken but has been apart of all these big moves. Kass says suppose they can't get rid of Tony tonight? Then they go through the scenarios of who Kass would take. It is revealed that Kass would take Woo over Tony. Tony seems shocked by this.

Tony explains the special idol. He admits that the idol is useless and the other 3 shake their head. Spencer has one, Woo has one. Spencer has 2 and Spencer is out. He is crushed. "Well done Tony." as he gets up to leave. "Adios!" as he walks off. Your final 3 are Tony, Woo and Kass.

Spencer says that tonight at tribal it was the only argument he could make tonight. Live in LA, there are a lot of disappointed fans in the studio tonight. When they leave, they are brought to a medic unit to get weighed and health check. Jeff interviews Spencer's Mom, she thought Spencer would be one of the first to leave. Jeff interviews super fans in the audience. He tells us we started with 18 and are down to 3. It is the Survivor Finale!

Back at camp they congratulate each other. Kass says everything went as planned for once. They realize that one of the 3 of them is leaving. They say they are the most depressing final 3. Kass believes that the guys would each take her to the final 2. Tony leaves to get coconut and Woo and Kass agree to be final 2. They both know they have no shot against Tony. Woo says he would be the stupidest survivor player to take Tony to the end!

Final Immunity Challenge. The challenge is huge! Kass gives up the necklace. They will race through a maze of turnstiles. They will collect medallions when they get the 4 medallions, they will have to solve a puzzle with cobs? (gears) and then use those to raise a flag.

Some turnstiles turn and some don't! Woo and Tony have their first medallion! Kass has hers. Woo is just following Tony and they hit a block. Kass has her second medallion! She is in the lead.

Kass is going for her 3rd and Tony and Woo are returning with their 2nd. They all have 3!

Everyone is looking for the 4th one. Kass hits a dead end. Woo is at the 4th station, he is leading! Kass struggles to get her 4th! Woo is heading back! He has all 4 and is opening his chest and Kass is in the 4th station! They are all working on their puzzle now!

Tony and Woo have a lead but Kass loves a puzzle! Woo is going through the gears. Tony looks at Woo's gears, he struggles, Kass is in it! She and Woo are tied! Who gets it? Woo by a second!

Woo does a flip! He is smiling! He shakes his head as Jeff reminds him he gets to decide who is sitting next to him in the final. Kass tells us she needed this, she needed to make this decision. "Woo might even beat me? I hope he thinks so."

Back at the studio in LA Jeff talks with younger fans. They watch videos on YouTube to see old episodes from the first seasons that happened before they were born.

We are back at camp. Kass tells Woo "Good job!" Woo says even with all his martial arts championships this one takes the cake. He got an uneasy feeling in his stomach about what to do. Tony takes him for a walk to explain why Woo should not take Kass. Tony says he is just planting the seeds. Woo tells Tony he respects him and is listening to everything he says but, he is not sure. Back at camp, Kass tells Woo "Tony has said the whole time take Kass! Take Kass! Because no body likes me" She compares Woo to Fabio (Nicaragua). She tells him if she is on jury, she will vote for Tony. Woo says he will make his decision at tribal counsel and leave it at that. Woo tells us he would be more comfortable taking Tony but his chances of winning would not be that great.

Tribal! Woo says it is amazing to lock the spot in the final. He is honored and grateful to be in this position. Woo adds that Tony's vote last night was loyalty to him. Tony says this is the exact scenario that Spencer explained to him and he is hoping for Woo's loyalty in the end. Kass says she was a half a second behind Woo in the challenge and she has replayed that challenge in her head all afternoon. It has been all afternoon wondering "What is Woo gonna do?" Jeff asks Woo about Kass and Tony's pleas. Woo asks if they can go off topic "Can we just get to the vote?" Jeff explains why Woo is the only one voting and he heads to write it down!

Jeff gets the vote. The 15th person voted out is Kass! Woo stayed loyal to Tony to the end. Spencer's jaw dropped! Tony whispers "Thank you" to Woo, They hug and kiss on the cheek. They have one more night on the island before their final tribal counsel. Kass tells us Woo is stupid. She is pleased with the game she played and some will hate her but some will appreciate that she is a fan and played the best game she could.

Tony and Woo celebrate back at camp. Tony says that Woo has done more for him with this than anything he ever did for Woo. Woo says he wanted to go up against the person who is just and strong so the win would be more honorable.

They get tree mail in the morning and it is full of food! Veggies, croissants, meats, and Tony again finds a clue and sneaks off with it. There was a note to say go to the back of the camp. There is a mirror and a scale. He yells to Woo that he found something. Woo goes out with his plate in hand. Tony lost 22 pounds. Woo looks in the mirror "Oh damn I am looking good!" Woo has lost 19 pounds.

They grab their torches, start the final walk to the final tribal counsel!

Final Tribal Counsel! Tony says he has a lot of explaining to do he will answer the questions truthfully and it was nothing personal. It was all strategy. Woo says he came in to this game knowing it was full of lies and he has played the game as close to the Tae Kwon Do discipline principals as he could, he is not perfect but has done his best to stay true to that code!

Parvati is in the LA studio talking to Jeff. She says that the biggest mistake going against the jury, is you can not be defensive! You have to let your guard down and be honest. Jeff asks who she would vote for, she says she loves Woo but she would vote for Tony.

Sarah is first. She asked Tony about swearing to never write his name and vice versa. She says she would not write his name down. She asks Woo if she was in his spot and who would vote for, He says to be there without a hidden idol he would give her a lot of credit.
Jefra stands up and demands Tony owns up to his game. "And if you lie I will write a W down so fast!" They banter back and forth.
Morgan is up next. She asks Tony how to get men to follow him without even having breasts. She wants to know how he did it. He says that he was a friend offered others what he had and was considerate. She tells Woo that she respects what he did last night by voting out Kass.

Jer brings up Tony swearing on his wife and child. He asks straight up "Do you have a wife and kid?" Tony says yes he does. Jer says that is it.
Tasha wants Tony to articulate how he did what he did. He says he explained to the alliance why he did everything he did. She asks Woo why he aligned with Tony. Woo says in the merge he was odd man out so he adapted and molded himself into what he needed to be in that new alliance. LJ asks Tony about breaking promises. Tony flips it as to LJ wanting him out so he broke the promise first.
Kass asks Woo why he didn't cut the head of the dragon off. He says they are all deserving but in the end, he felt Tony was more deserving.
Trish goes next and asks Woo who's idea it was to blindside her. Woo says it was his and she was popular with the jury and well liked, she thanks him for the compliment. She turns to Tony and reminds him of all the little fires she put out for him in the game, she convinced others that they needed to keep Tony. She is furious that he swore on his father's grave she asks him if it was worth it to be there and play a game on his father's soul and memory. Tony answers yes.

Spencer compares Woo's game play to a dog. He says Woo could have taken a goat to the final but, takes Tony instead. Spencer turns to the jury and pleads Tony's case. "When you put pen to parchment tonight, vote for the only guy who deserves it, who really played this game with veracity! Who found idols and was constantly playing!" And now, we start voting.
What a heated tribal!

As the voting happens, Spencer writes down TONY! Tasha voted for WOO! We see no other votes! Jeff thanks them all for another great season of Survivor. He leaves with the votes and tells them he will see them in the USA! We are now live in LA for the results and reunion show!

Jeff says it is fun to be in the studio with an energetic live audience! He tells everyone this is the first season so many came to play! Really play!
He tallies the votes.
One vote Tony, One Woo.
2 for Tony.
3 for Tony!
4 for Tony!!
He wins it! Tony has 5 votes! Woo hugs him. The cast congratulates him.

We see a highlight reel of Tony swearing on everything to everyone who would listen. Tony really is a police officer, his wife would have been there tonight but she is on bedrest due to another baby on the way.
Tony gets a lot of hate tweets and boos from the audience but he realizes it is just a game and he had to do what he needed to to win. He says he did not sleep at night during the game, he over thought everything, dug himself out of the wholes. He actually lost 45 pounds and was off work for 3 months after returning because of parasites and issues from being on the show.

Trish tells Jeff that she and Tony have worked things out. Kass and Tony talk now, she says that Tony is like her jerky little brother. Sarah is pregnant! Congrats to her! Jeff asks her how she knew Tony was a cop. She says you just kind of know. Tony explains that being a cop was a double edged sword and says instead he is a construction worker. They show the reel where Tony swore to Sarah on the cops are us alliance. Tony says everyone knows what he is like in life and what he did in the game it was to advance himself and he left it there. Sarah says when she was voted out and did some interviews she found out some of what he has said and did and they are no longer talking. Jeff goes to the audience to talk to one of Tony's co workers, Nick says "We know why he was out there and he had to do that to get the job done." Jeff shows us a story from Tony's hometown paper and how Tony saved his neighbours life.

Jeff polls the jury, asking if he made a million dollar mistake. They all put up their hands! He says he is happy for all the love and support and asks for applause for Tony and his win. He says he took Tony because if he beat the best "Boom! There you go!"
Tasha applied for the show 3 times and this time she ended up on the brains tribe. She says if she played again, she would take every opportunity to play like you will never play again!
Spencer is a fan favorite! He never gave up in the game.

Tasha applied for the show 3 times and this time she ended up on the brains tribe. She says if she played again, she would take every opportunity to play like you will never play again!
Spencer is a fan favorite! He never gave up in the game. Spencer says he would have gone back to Jefra and shared that he had an idol, he probably would have been able to solidify that alliance. Spencer says his game was very different from Tony's. Jeff says over the years he has prejudged a lot of players. Jeff said Spencer had no chance of winning and Spencer said if he wins, Jeff needs to write him a letter and read it on the live show. On Day 15, Jeff was amazed at Spencer's game play and wrote him a letter. Jeff mailed it to himself from the Philippines and gave it to Spencer. They do not read it.

Tyler Perry is in the studio and he is a huge Survivor fan! He started texting ideas for Survivor to Jeff a couple of years ago. The secret idol. The one Tony found and Tyler Perry was not happy that Tony found the idol. He wanted Spencer or Tasha to find it. It wasn't the idol people disliked, it was the fact that Tony the "idol hog" found it. Tyler and Jeff are a little shocked that no one else was actively looking for idols. "Why wait for the clue?" (Sounds like there were more out there that no one found)

Jeff goes down the line of castaways. He asks Cliff about how Survivor ranks as a competition, he says it is harder than Basketball. David says the decision about Garret was the one move he had. Garret was surprised how hard the game hit him so quickly. Morgan took a lot of grief from people, Jeff thought she embodied what the whole premise was about. She says her beauty sometimes gets her in the door but that is it. J'Tia says "Don't tell some one they are about to get voted out because I will dump your rice!" LJ started on social media a couple week before he got voted out and says he is not hurting. Jeff jokes with him about that!
Coming up, Season 29? You bet! We will find out where!

Jeff hands Tony the check for 1 million dollars!
Next season is Blood vs Water in San Juan Del Sur which is in Nicaragua!
Jeff says they will see us next season for Survivor Blood vs. Water!

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