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Dancing with the Stars ~ U.S. season 18 Season Finale

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Welcome to the season finale! The entire season's cast performed the opening number. Tonight, we find out who won! We see highlights from last night's show. Maks and Meryl are at the top of the leader board.

Even though they were eliminated last night, the tweets are in and by a landslide, James and Peta will be performing their freestyle dance again tonight!

Remember the latin night team dances? Well Team Loco is performing their dance to "Livin' La Vida Loca!" Danica & Val, Amy & Derek, Candace & Mark are heating up the stage.

Maks and Meryl are in the performance as well. 3 of the finalist were on that team!

The 3 men are speaking of the 3 stars! Candace is still there, no one saw her as a contender. She made it! Meryl is a calming but talented presence to the show. Amy is a force and she makes it look effortless, it is something that hasn't been done before.

Iggy Azalea featuring CharliXCX are performing "Fancy"

We are told there is more music and last seasons champion Amber Riley coming up! Plus the final performances from the final 3!

Amber Riley is performing "Colorblind". Karina and Tony danced for the short performance. We go back 10 weeks to see how the it all began. Erin was brought on as cohost. Candace and Danica both dated the same boy in the 80's. We are shown week 1 performance highlights. Week 2 the stars picked their own styles. Diane and Henry, Sean and Karina went home. Week 3 Billy Dee Williams withdrew.

Drew and Cheryl are back to perform their jive routine! They are smiling and really working it up for the audience!

Tom tells us that this season, he got a new co-host and we see a highlight of her first season. She had no idea this was happening. We see behind the scenes rehearsal clips.

Meryl and Charlie will be performing together on the dance floor for the first time after the break!

Charlie and Meryl are dancing the intro from the break. It is a contemporary style number. It was beautiful but brief! Nene Leakes is dancing with some of the female troops. She is in a gold bodice with feathered capped sleeves and feathered short skirt.

Week 4 the competition was switched up! Stars had to change partners. Then week 5 was Disney night! Reunited with their original partners, and we had the first perfect score of the season! Cody and Witney were eliminated that week. Week 5 was Party Anthems! RedFoo was a guest judge and Drew and Cheryl were eliminated. Danica and Val are performing their Beauty and the Beast routine from Disney night!

This season's youngest competitor was Cody Simpson. He is back tonight performing his song "Surfboard". Witney is dancing with him as he sings.

Derek and Amy got argentine tango and chacha for their fusion dance! We see another highlight reel from all the stars about the experience of DWTS. Drew says he was in it for the costumes and the spray tans. Sean Avery was a surprise to most of them. His dog was with him in rehearsal. We see how they goof around in dress rehearsal.

Disney night's most loved routine, even Dick Van Dyk loved it, was Charlie and Sharna's dance to Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! They perform it again. Charlie did not drop the cane tonight but the umbrella broke in his hand!

Candace talks to Erin. She realizes that she is not the most technical dancer but she has incredible fans who vote for her. They got Samba and Quickstep for their fusion dance tonight. They skipped rehearsal last night, started early this morning instead. James and Peta perform again tonight, their Michael Jackson inspired routine to "Love never felt so good".

We are reminded of the guest judges! Ricky Martin was on latin night. Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms was a judge as well. Maks did not care for what she had to say. We see Nene's elimination and Danica's as well. American icon night, Kenny Ortega was a guest judge. Lots of 10's that night. Charlie and Sharna went home that night. Ariana Grande is now performing live!

We see the stars and their partners joking and laughing, lots of bloopers! Meryl tells the camera that she can't talk about a relationship with that. Maks says he wants to ravage her and have big figure skating babies with her. He says he will ask her to marry him tomorrow. Erin interviews them and they both avoid the questions. They got the foxtrot and chacha in the fusion dance.

Amber is performing |Let me see you do your thing!" with some of the Walgreens dancing fans! She is singing as the fans dance around her. It was a promotion throughout the season to promote healthy living! These are not the troop dancers.

Up first tonight are Amy and Derek! They are emotional at the photos on the wall in their last rehearsal. She tears up. It is all more than she could have expected. They are dancing a fusion Argentine Tango and Cha cha. She sees this as a beginning for her, she has learned so much.

Derek is in black pants, tie, vest and shirt. Amy is in a nude dress with lots of bling! Fringe along the skirt, cut through to show some skin in the bodice.

Len tells Amy that she is a fantastic dancer and this was a fantastic season. Bruno tells her she is unforgettable. Carrie says Amy is uplifting, she could write a novel about all the things she loves about Amy. Derek carries Amy up the stairs for the last time.

Amy gives Derek so much credit for taking on the challenge as no one knew what to expect. Scores Carrie 10 Len 10 Bruno 10 for a perfect 30! Total of 89 for the 2 nights.

Candace and Mark are next. She giggles at the photos in the studio. She gushes over Mark being the best coach ever! She couldn't imagine doing this with anyone else. As they practice, he tells her it was fantastic. She says "Right? RIGHT!!" They are dancing a quickstep samba fusion!

Mark is in a black shirt and pants with a red bow tie. Candace is in a red jumpsuit with flared pants and a halter top bodice, open back!

Bruno tells Candace she has always been adorable. Carrie asks her how it felt. Candace says her nerves are as high as ever and it is an accomplishment to get out there and dance. Len says she kicked the face and kept going and she is top with the fans!

Danica hugs Candace as they await scores. Candace says she wanted to end on a high note and thanks Mark for talking her through it. Scores Carrie 9 Len 9 Bruno 9 for 27 out of 30. 2 night total of 78!

Finally, we have Maks and Meryl. Last night, they arrive at the studio and see the pictures. Maks asks her if she is ready, she says she thinks so. He says as a teacher and friend he is very proud. He says she has done way more than what was expected. They are dancing a foxtrot chacha fusion.

Maks is in a black shirt and pants. Meryl is in a backless purple dress with a plunging neck line and the flowing skirt is ripped off by Maks to a fringed waist around the bodice!

Carrie tries to talk and the crowd is too loud. She says season 18 has been phenomenal but the highlight has been Maks and Meryl. Len says they are on the last page and not sure about the ending and this may be his last season and this was a great dance for his final one to watch as a judge. Bruno says watching them is like watching and discovering the passion of your first love. "Dance."

Scores for Maks and Meryl, perfect 30! 90 out of 90 for the 2 night total.

Meryl and Maks have 90, Amy and Derek have 89 and Candace and Mark have 78! Christina Perri performs live next!

The first time "Human" was heard on the show this season was Amy's dance for her Father. Christina Perri is now performing it live! Instead of dancers on the floor, we see more highlights of the season as the final 3 pairs watch from the stage.

Time for some results. The couple in 3rd place are Candace and Mark.

Erin congratulates them. Candace says she feels like she already won, she is thrilled with 3rd place. Mark says she is an incredible woman and now an incredible friend and they will stay friends. They hug on the dance floor. We go to break, winners are announced next.

Here we go! The winners are MERYL AND MAKS! Amy and Derek take second place.

Maks scoops up Meryl and spins her around! He says it is just plastic but it means so much and the reason it didn't happen before is because this was meant to happen with Meryl. They are both smiling, hoisted up on shoulders as confetti falls from the ceiling. Lots of hugs and kisses as Erin and Tom say goodnight!

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