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Dancing with the Stars ~ U.S. season 18 Episode 10

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Here we go! Freestyles tonight, medic is called in during rehearsal! This is the finals! Tonight is the last chance to vote for your favorites!

Judges choice! They have to do their switch up dances with their original partners. James and Peta are up first. He tells her he would sign up for the local ballroom and pick her as a partner just to be able to dance with her. He wants to kiss her during the performance. They are dancing a tango!

James is wearing a grey tux jacket with black panels and no shirt. Matching grey pants. Peta is in a Tango style dress, black lace, open back tied at the neck.

Len says it was as sharp as a razor. Bruno says it was a guided laser. "You really want it badly don't you?" James says YES! Carrie says his butt was under and she liked that and James is a little too rigid tonight.

Erin razzes James about making us wait til week 10 for that kiss! Scores Carrie 9, Len 10! Bruno 10! 29 out of 30 so far tonight.

Up next, Meryl and Maks are dancing an Argentine Tango. In rehearsal she learns some interesting lifts. Maks says he has come back 13 times for this! He talks to Meryl about how he has failed many times. Meryl wants this for Maks.

Meryl is in a red lace bodice and red pleated fabric pants that have been sewn into harem pants. Maks is in a black suit, with vest and red tie.

Bruno says it was seductive, their dances seem to be linking into a storyline, more stunning and beautiful. Carrie says last time with Val it was perfection but with her chemistry with Maks it was so much more better. Len says last time it was the dance of the night and this time it was improved!

Meryl and Maks are all smiles while the scores are 10 across the board! A perfect 30!

Candace and Mark are rehearsing and saying "We are in the finals!" As they rehearse, Candace gets frustrated, he calls her dramatic and she walks out. Mark has a strained rotator cup and during rehearsal, he is injured and leaves to get an MRI. He is sling free and dancing the quick step!

Mark is in a white tux with tails! Candace is in a jeweled iridescent ball gown, spaghetti straps and a see through skirt with feathered trim.

Carrie ask Mark if he is ok, he says "Yes Mam!" Carrie says she is surprised and impressed that Candace danced like it was a walk in the park. She mentions shoulders being up. Len says out of the 4 she got the toughest dance! But she did good! Bruno says it was so much better, she had full control. Very good.

Candace and Mark have a lot of lifts in the freestyle Mark says his arm with have to come off before he lets her down. Scores Carrie 9, Len 9, Bruno 9 for a total of 27.

Amy and Derek are doing a salsa! She tells us she wants to do everything she can to win this thing. She feels her back having spasms. She gets upset. The next day she was sore but practicing. Derek says she has fought every week to over come hurdles!

Amy is in all red fringe from bra top to pants! Derek is in a sequined black jacket with red lapel and black pants.

Len it was great it was colorful it was fabulous! Bruno says it was flamboyant! "Great instrument Derek!" with a wink. Carrie says every week her mind is blown and Amy is always improving!

Amy and Derek are awaiting scores, Amy says she has grown the most mentally. She doesn't want to get rid of her nerves but use them and Derek has helped her with that. 10's across the board again! Perfect 30!

Freestyles! Tweet who you want to see again dance theirs tomorrow night! James is up first. When he was a kid he would sing opera around the house. Oct 4, 2006 his brother was in an accident. His brother survived, James by his side and it was a turning point for James. He graduated early and went to LA, Auditioned for Big time rush and got it! He says he is not afraid of hard work or risk!

It is a hip hop style dance! With troop members! James is wearing a black jacket vest with hood and black jeans. Peta is in a black bra top, boy booty shorts, knee high stockings.

Len says he liked the concept, the attack, the energy. He likes it! Bruno says they have a new apocalyptic super hero! He says when he gets 2 professionals next to him, he keeps up! Carrie says James is a star, he is the most versatile! An action star!

James says they wanted to do something that hadn't been done. "Go big or go home!" He says he had to learn most of it! Scores Carrie 10! Len 9. Bruno 10 for 58 for the night!

Meryl grew up in Michigan, she was 3 when she started skating. Her coach saw her talent right away. She was diagnosed with Dyslexia at a young age. She is a perfectionist. She says there is a level of insanity that goes into winning an Olympic medal. Meryl has been able to show more passion and open up with Maks. She feels she is more confident after working with Maks.

Maks is in black pants, nothing else. Meryl is in a nude tone dress some lace on the bodice with flowing short skirt.

Carrie is sobbing and tells them they should get married, what they just did is what true dance is about. "Divinity in motion!" Bruno says what they created was as close as it gets to a perfect work of art. Len says "There is good, there is great and there is Meryl."

Erin says "We all just wanted you to kiss!" Scores 10, 10, 10! Bruno held up a 1 paddle along with it. Maks is emotional. He would do this another 100 weeks to be with Meryl.

Candace is up next. She started as DJ when she was 10. She struggled with puberty while on the show. She found the transition from Full House to being a wife and soon after a Mother, challenging. She loves the experience, she was happy. She needed her faith through this journey and when she leaves the show she will leave with a confidence she has never had before.

Candace is in a gold lame unitard with a ruffle on the shoulder, Mark is in a black shirt and pants with a gold vest!

Carrie says "You go girl!" but she didn't feel like Candace connected with the music. Len admires her tenacity and she worked her butt off! Bruno loves a disco diva! But, Candace wasn't quite on the beat.

Candace says no one had as much fun as she did. Scores are 8 across the board for a night's total of 51. Mark says he is fine, tonight is all about Candace.

Derek and Amy are the last couple to dance freestyle tonight! Amy was born in Vegas, she was a Daddy's girl and at 19 she felt she was in control and when she contracted meningitis, she thought this is what it feels like to die and all she could think about was snowboarding again. She had no ideas what her legs would allow her to do. She never gave up. We are reminded about Carrie saying "I hope Disney makes their next princess like you!" Derek wants her to defy gravity in the freestyle!

Derek is in a white shirt and black capri pants. Amy is in a white dress, knee length flowing skirt with jeweled embellishments! Amy is spinning above the dance floor! The crowd went insane!

Len says it was a polished performance but the rope and spin was not needed. Bruno says it was beautiful and evolved. Carrie wondered why they had so many lifts, when she heard the chorus, she realized Amy was dancing with her soul. Amy says the rope and spinning was anti gravity!

Derek says the song is called "Dare you" and it was perfect for them. He loves being apart of the show! Scores 10 from Carrie and Bruno, 9 from Len. 29 out of 30. Len is getting booed! Amy says it is about getting out of your comfort zone and doing something new. After the break, someone will be eliminated from the competition. 3 will go on to tomorrow night.

All 4 teams are on the stage. The first couple dancing tomorrow night are Meryl and Maks. The second couple is Amy and Derek! James and Peta, Candace and Mark are in jeopardy, James is the last man standing in the competition! The couple leaving tonight is, James and Peta.

The crowd is shocked! The stars are shocked! James says it was incredible and he has made friends to last a lifetime. Peta says that he was an amazing partner. She says they might date when the show is over. He met her before the competition started. He didn't know her well though. We are reminded of tonight's performances. Remember that the final show is tomorrow night! That is when the winner will be revealed! Finale starts at 9PM! Road to the Finals is at 8PM!
We will see you tomorrow night!

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