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Survivor 28 - Episode 11- May 14 2014

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Back at camp after tribal, Spencer asks Kass and Woo about voting for Tasha to leave. Woo says "Well, I already had a final 3" Kass tells us that Tony has been a jerk to almost everyone in the game so he would be good to take to the final. Spencer is frustrated, he thinks the others do not understand the game and the way to play it.

Woo and Tony talk in the morning. He tells Tony about the conversation at the reward between him and Kass and Spencer. Tony tells Woo that he has integrity, loyalty. Tony tells us that he is going to have to blindside Woo. To take a kid like him to the end would be stupid. He could win it all.

Reward Challenge! They have to dive into a pit of mud, races back and scrape the mud into a bucket! After 34 days in these conditions, they are missing the conveniences of home, the winner will have pizza delivered to camp!

They all dive in! Tony and Trish are back first. They have 10 minutes to get it done. Trish is scraping out her hair. Tony has a lot of mud coming off his arms. Spencer has a lot of mud as well.

One minute left! The girls are falling behind. Tony's bucket is full. Overflowing full. Jeff asks everyone if there is any question. They all say no. They do not weigh the buckets. Tony wins! He can share with 1 other survivor. He chooses Trish! She runs to him and yells "I love you I love you I love you!" Woo, Kass and Spencer get nothing.

They talk about how much people pay for mud baths back at camp. Kass is glad that Tony picked Trish, like they are attached at the hip and in her view, no one should have that much power. A helicopter flies in and Tony and Trish run down the beach to get it. Tony is shoving the pizza into his mouth. Trish keeps telling him to slow down. Trish asks him about the idols. He tells her it is good to the final 4 (it is final 5) He wants to keep Kass because he thinks so one likes her.

Kass and Tony talk about the final deal. He confronts her about the potential blindside against him, says Woo told him everything. He says that on his wife and his baby, Kass will be going to the end. Kass tells us that Chaos Kass is back. She asks Woo about what he said to Tony, Woo says he said nothing. Tony walks into camp as they talk and snaps that Kass is asking Woo. She tells Woo about the final 3 deal Tony just made with her and she hopes that Woo heard what she is saying. Woo was listening as Tony tells her that she shouldn't be telling secrets between the 2 of them! (Which confirmed that he made a final 3 with Kass) and Woo's eyes popped open. Trish sat and watched and said nothing.

Day 36. Kass tells Tony "What I did was strategic." He says enough please just leave me alone. Tony and Trish leave camp. Kass sits with Spencer and Woo and they talk about the best options. Kass told Woo about Tony swearing on his wife and baby. Woo says "I don't have a bad rep with the jury." Spencer agrees that he does not. Woo tells us that he knows for a fact that Tony was going to blindside him. The 3 debate, they decide to take out Trish. And Trish heard it. Trish tells us that Kass will be sorry she did that. Spencer says that today his goal was to win immunity, now there are some cracks he can work with.

Immunity challenge! They need to race to untangle a rope to release a key to open a box that has steps to build a ladder, to get to the top. They are off! They need to do a puzzle to unbraid a rope and Tony is in the lead!

Spencer struggles, Woo is the last to finish untangling! They can only put one rung up at a time and there are a lot of pieces! Tony is leading.

Tony is up the ladder, working on the planks for his stair case. Spencer is catching up but far behind. The others are far back. Tony is at the top, working on the puzzle.

Woo is finally up the ladder, Kass is right behind him. Tony is working on the slide puzzle. Spencer is on his last plank, working on his puzzle now!

Spencer is methodical, Tony is just rapidly moving pieces around. Spencer yells "JEFF JEFF!" And he wins! He came back from a huge deficit! Jeff says Spencer did it so fast, he almost missed it! Tony tells us that this was the worst case scenario. Someone from his alliance is going home tonight!

They come back to camp and they congratulate Spencer. He tells us this is nirvana! He had to win and did! He says the others have to turn on each other and will just sit back and watch the show. Trish confronts Kass about what she said about Trish going home. Trish reminds them that Kass plays both sides, then plays the victim. Trish goes on and on about how cruel and vicious Kass is. Tony finally gets Trish to take a walk. Kass and Spencer agree they need to talk to Woo.

Woo asks Tony if he swore on his wife and child. Tony says he did. He would not lie. Woo is worried because he did not have a final 3 with Tony. Tony starts swearing on everything he has got, they vote out Kass and they will take the 3 of them to the final 3. Woo thinks now is the time to make that big move. He whispers to Kass that now is the time to vote out Trish. Kass says she is now skeptical. She doesn't think he will do it. Woo talks to Spencer and Kass, Spencer tells him that they need to separate the 2 of them. As they make a final 3 deal, Tony is lurking behind the trees. Tony pulls Woo aside and rips into him.

Tribal! Jeff asks Tony about tonight's vote. Tony says "Challenge beast won again!" Kass says Trish ripped into her after the challenge at camp. She calls out Trish's confrontation because it happened after Spencer won immunity. Spencer says "Things were pretty crazy today and this sped up the process." Woo says it is now brawn vs brains again. Kass talks about how Tony is making deals between everyone. Tony tells them his version what happened. Kass says that the exchange with Woo played out exactly as she had planned. Tony went off and verified what he had said to her. Tony rants and rambles about Kass. Spencer says it is one flews over the cookoo's nest! Woo says it is like being stuck in such a dysfunctional family. Tony pulls out the 2 idols. He puts one around his neck.

Jeff goes to tally the votes. Tony plays his idol. He says he doesn't need to play it but he has no use for it. Trish has one vote. Kass has one vote. Trish has 2 votes. Now she has 3! Trish is out. Tony looks mad. Kass smiles! Trish wishes them luck as she leaves. Jeff says "Well you have made it to the final 4, given the history of events so far, it is anyone's game to win." He dismisses them.

Next week is the 2 hour finale of Survivor! May 21! The final 4 battle for the final immunity challenge. Woo says it is time and he might just have to burn the whole place down! There is a shot of Kass sitting next to Tony on the beach! Spencer jumping off a tower into the water! A boat arrives on the beach!
We will see you next Wednesday!

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So I'm not the only one that thinks Trish is Scary looking. eeechhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

buh bye

heard a loud POP when Tony was forced to extract his hand from her arse

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