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Dancing with the Stars ~ U.S. season 18 Episode 9

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It's the semi finals! It is American Icon night! Kenny Ortega is the guest judge! He tells the stars they all deserve to be standing on that floor "No doubt about it!" He is looking for something that will take him away to another place. The stars are dancing 2 dances per team this week!

Candace and Mark are up next. One of the songs they are dancing to is "Nasty" by Janet Jackson. She is excited! Candace wants some 80's moves in the dance. Her personal icon is Angela Thomas, she is a bible teacher and inspires Candace so much.

Candace is wearing a creamy pink, 50's style dress with semi capped lace sleeves and a long flowy skirt. Mark is in A white tux shirt, black vest and black pants.

Len says it is the fight to the final, the pressure got to her, there were a couple of mistakes and he understands that and thought they did great. Kenny says Candace has blown him away week after week, she got lost in the trust of the partnership but, he likes it. Bruno says she needs to cover it when something goes wrong, carry on and perform. Carrie says they have all been there and she continued on and surrendered to Mark through the dance. She hopes the couple comes back "Balls to the walls!"

Scores Carrie 8, Len 9, Kenny 9, Bruno 8 for 34 out of 40 so far tonight! AND they are safe! They are in the final! They are ecstatic!

The first couple in jeopardy is Amy and Derek. The crowd boos. Charlie and Sharna are also in jeopardy! They dance next. Scott Hamilton is Charlie's inspiration. Getting the 10's last week were a big deal for him. Scott visited Charlie at the studio. Scott tells Charlie he needs some versatility, a laugh or choke them up a bit to get people out of their seats.

They are dancing the foxtrot! Charlie is in a grey tux with tails and black panels. Sharna is in an ice blue dress, plunging backline, jeweled cuff around the neck that drops to the sweetheart neckline.

Kenny says "Bring out the champagne!" He thought they were the toast of New York. Bruno says it was incredible. Carrie says last week was their best week and tonight they smacked her with something brilliant! Len says "Just right tonight, Charlie White. That is all"

Charlie says they have been putting all of their joy into the dances and it is showing! Scores Carrie 10, Len 10, Kenny 10, Bruno 10! 40! Perfect score for their first dance!

Amy and Derek are dancing a quick step and then jazz. Derek tells her that these ones will travel. She has running legs that help her to bounce like a real foot. Derek's phone rings and it is Oprah! "Oh Amy and Derek OMG!!!" Amy asks if they have been watching them, Oprah says she has even been voting! Amy says Oprah is a huge inspiration to her. Oprah congratulates them and promises them dinner when they win!

Amy is floating around the dance floor in a white halter top that is see through and satin white pants. Derek is in all black tux except his satin white jacket!

Bruno says his jaw was dropping on the desk. If it wasn't live, he would have thought Amy was on wires. Carrie says it was so nice to see her dancing full throttle. Len says this was her greatest challenge, it was light and bubbly could have used more body contact. Kenny says "Do Oprah and myself a huge favor and bring this couple back next week!"

Erin asks Amy and Derek about Oprah's dinner offer. Amy says "Well ya, it was this is for Oprah!" Derek says pressure doesn't exist, they just create it for themselves. Scores Carrie 10, Len 9, Kenny 10, Bruno 10! 39 for their first dance tonight!

Meryl and Maks are in jeopardy tonight! James and Peta are safe! They are dancing next. Tom reminds us that all 3 Olympians are in jeopardy tonight! James and Peta are excited about being in the semi finals. They are dancing to a new Michael Jackson song and he is James' icon! He wants to do well enough that Michael would appreciate it. LA Reid went to visit James to talk about the kind of performer MJ was. LA says James has steel in his eyes, he is in it to win it.

Peta and James are both in black sequined dress coats and black pants. She has yellow suspenders on and a black bra top, he has a white dress shirt with a yellow bow tie.

Carrie says they have seen MJ a thousand times. What they did tonight was spectacular! She says there was Cha Cha all over it! Len says it was a fantastic blend with plenty of Cha cha and MJ references. Kenny says it was electrifying. Bruno says it was effortlessly cool. He loved it!

James and Peta talk about how James has been sick. He is so excited! She knew James had the talent to be there! Scores Carrie 10, Len 10, Kenny 10, Bruno 10! A perfect 40!

Meryl and Maks are up! Kristi Yamaguchi was Meryl's inspiration! She visited them in the studio. She tells Meryl how proud she is of her. Meryl and Maks struggle in rehearsal. She says being at the bottom is difficult. Maks fears letting her down, he believes she is the best dancer on the show. He gets angry and rips off his microphone and smashes it. She tries to joke with him, trying to be more positive.

They are dancing the jive. Meryl is in a coral 3/4 length sleeved shirt with a brown mini skirt and black belt. Maks is in a turquoise sports coat with a white shirt, black pants and kind of looks like Elvis.

Len says "That was fantastic!" Kenny adds that Meryl was ice skating tonight. Bruno says it's the king and queen of rock and roll. He called it impeccable. Carrie added that "Maks did you just kiss me?" and Bruno and Maks kiss! Kenny stands up for a kiss, gets a hug, so does Len! Carrie gets a second one! She comments on Meryl's streamlined costume that showed off every movement and it was flawless!

Len says "That was fantastic!" Kenny adds that Meryl was ice skating tonight. Bruno says it's the king and queen of rock and roll. He called it impeccable. Carrie added that "Maks did you just kiss me?" and Bruno and Maks kiss! Kenny stands up for a kiss, gets a hug, so does Len! Carrie gets a second one! She comments on Meryl's streamlined costume that showed off every movement and it was flawless!

The Stars of Dance is a tribute to classic Hollywood tonight.

Candace and Mark are dancing a jazz routine. She is in a black body suit, dark nylons, a bob brunette wig and a hat! It is reminiscent of the play Chicago (to me). Mark is in all black, hat, vest, shirt, pants.

Len says it was crisp, clean, wonderful! Kenny says it reminded him of the great ladies of Broadway. Bruno says it was Nasty but tasty. He says she was tight, on it and it was hard to make those styles and she did it well. Carrie says she is impressed and it was so pristine and so together. She wished there was more attitude but it was great.

Erin congratulates them and asks Candace about her "nasty" moves. Candace says "Ummm no." they laugh. Scores Carrie 9, Len 10, Kenny 10, Bruno 9 for 38! 72 total for tonight and we will see her next week in the final!

Charlie and Sharna are doing a Samba with a hip hop twist. Charlie is in a black sleeveless hoodie with a tank top and black pants. Sharna is in a cream body suit with fringe and embellishments.

Kenny thought it was clean and committed but lacked some funk. Bruno says he hopes he comes back next week. Carrie says she wants to live in CharlieLand! It was a little flat footed. Len says he deserves to be in the final.

Erin asks what it is like to be in Charlie's world. Scores Carrie 9, Len 9, Kenny 9, Bruno 9 for a 76 total with both dances tonight!

Amy and Derek are up next with a Jazz routine. She is in a black camisole and short shorts with fringe, pearls tied around her neck, very 40's glam. Derek is in a white dress shirt, black pants and black tie and hat!

Bruno says they always bring great things and this was classic jazz at it's best. Carrie says they killed it but there was a moment where they were out of sync. Len says "I'm telling you Derek, I salute you!" Kenny says Derek redefines choreography for this generation.

Derek and Amy tells Erin to go home would be heartbreaking but nothing but positives have come out of this. Derek says it has been a blessing to be apart of this. Scores Carrie 9, Len 10, Kenny 10, Bruno 10! 39! 78 for the night!

James and Peta are dancing a rumba to the song Islands in the Stream. He dedicated the dance to her. He is in a black cowboy shirt with turquoise embellishment and black jeans. Peta is in a turquoise backless short dress with gold embellishment.

Carrie tells James he was on par, it was so elegant. She thinks he is the smartest competitor because he listens to them. Len reminds him that his hands need more movement. He came out with good hip action. Kenny says he has to extend the brilliance into his hands. Bruno says it was more like islands in the steam! They work so much and it shows.

Erin jokes with James about his southern accent in the beginning. Peta adds that she made sure their lines were clean and the judges could see everything. Scores 9 across the board for their rumba! 76 total for them tonight!

Meryl and Maks are dancing a Viennese waltz for their final dance tonight. Maks is in a blue denim shirt and black pants, suspenders. Meryl is in a denim shirt with a cream floor length skirt with layers of ruffles from top to bottom.

Len says they took that right to the edge, they went for it and he loved it! Kenny says they blew him away again tonight! Power, grace, left nothing on the floor but sweat. Bruno says it had a cinematic sweep, compares them to Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson. Carrie says what Meryl does is incredible. The whole room comes into her like a beautiful explosion.

Meryl says going in to this it is all about the journey, and what you learn from that journey. Maks says if they go home it will be disappointing but all the couples deserve to be in the final. Scores Carrie 10, Len 10, Kenny 10, Bruno 10. Perfect score for the night of 80!

Tom says that what is about to happen is a huge shock, one of the biggest they have had. The next couple safe is Amy and Derek. Either Meryl or Charlie will be leaving tonight.

Meryl was at the bottom of the leaderboard last week, Charlie improved but was still struggling. Charlie and Sharna are leaving tonight. The other stars swarm them with hugs. Erin says they are all shocked. Charlie says everyone is so deserving. He can 100% be a cheerleader "Team Meryl!" Sharna says he talks about positivity and has such a wonderful out look on life. They do not have time to run the package of Charlie's season. We see the recap of this week's performances.
Next week is the 2 night final! Monday and the Tuesday as well. We will see you next week!

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