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Survivor 28 - Episode 10 - May 7 2014

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We are reminded of he blindsides that have happened. Last week it was Jefra. Back at camp, Kass says she is pissed off about Jefra. She calls him the "Don". Kass questions Tony openly in front of the others. "Tony I know you are feeling proud of yourself but there is no need to act like that." She tells him he is being a jerk. Spencer tells us the dynamic had changed since Kass and Tony are now fighting. Kass thinks she is stupid to stick with Tony.

Tony, Spencer and Woo are talking. They begin talking about Kass thinking she is sleeping. Kass and Tasha hear everything. They are laying there awake. Kass wakes up Trish and she heard it as well. When the boys come back towards the shelter, Kass says she heard what was said. Spencer says she heard them wrong but he isn't going to correct her. Tony keeps saying she can believe what she wants, he wasn't talking badly about her. She tells us "I don't want to be a cult member! I want to kill the cult leader!"

Tony goes down to the beach to talk privately with Kass. She says she knows what she heard and he is only doing this to make a scene with her. She says this is classic behavior of someone who is now believing their own lies. She tells us she loves chaos, loves to see people at their breaking point in the game. Tony returns to camp and is ranting to the others. Trish tells him to let it go. Kass comes back to camp and the 2 continue to go back and forth. Tony says he has a special idol. Kass asks to see it and he says no, he doesn't have to. He calls her a 4 yr old, she says "Ya that is why I am composed and you are having a fit!"

Teams are Woo, Spencer, Kass. Tony, Trish and Tasha. They race to throw sand bags to destroy the other teams wall, then the team will be racing to rebuild! They are playing for a visit to a local school where they will bring an American style BBQ!

They knockdown the puzzle wall quickly! They run to rebuild. Tasha is building the orange wall, Spencer is building the purple wall. Tasha is ahead. She is starting to fly through this. Spencer struggles, Kass starts coaching him. Tasha is starting to get frustrated and panic. Spencer and Kass are working well together. She is talking him through it! Purple wins! Spencer, Kass and Woo win!

The winners are taking supplies to the school, along with the BBQ. They are reminded that they are representing Survivor as well. Trish grumbles that she really wanted to win that one. Jeff dismisses Trish, Tasha and Tony. "I got nothing for ya."

The school rings a large bell as they pull up to the school! Woo is so excited! Kass and Spencer help him pass out backpacks. The kids are smiling, cheering as Woo does tricks with a basketball. Spencer says he doesn't even like kids but once he got into it, he really liked it. Woo puts on a martial arts presentation. The kids are amazed! Kass says that Woo is in his element, he does more tricks and plays with the kids. Kass takes the opportunity to talk to the guys while eating BBQ. She tries talking Woo into flushing out the idol. Woo looks concerned. Spencer worries that Kass might screw up his game.

Kass is explaining to Woo that the idol can only be used til the final 5. Spencer and Kass make a final 3 deal with him and they all agree that it would be a fair final 3. Woo just says he will consider it. He worries about going against Tony even though it is an individual game now. The plan is to get Tasha on board. As they walk back to the beach, Woo tells them that he is in! He says they will not discuss it more.

Spencer tells Tasha what the plan is. They are planning on splitting the votes. Trish and Tony are talking in the shelter. Tony asks Woo what the strategy is. Woo lies and says the only talk was to take out Tasha. He pushes Woo about what was said. Woo says nothing was mentioned. Tony tells us that makes no sense. Woo is lying to him but, he has been a trusted ally so far in the game, should he believe him? "This still makes no sense." Woo has a panicked look on his face.

Immunity Challenge! They are going to race out to count up 6 items at different stations to get a combination for a lock that will break a tile. First to break the tile and raise a flag wins!

They all run out, there are piles of rocks, bamboo shoots, boxes, crabs, masks... they have to count all 6, get the numbers. Every time Woo gets back to the lock, he is smiling. Trish is back, she is really thin now. They are all wrong again and have to run back out to count.

25 minutes in, Tasha comes running in. Kass and Tony are right behind her. Kass and Tony are wrong. Spencer has it! Pulls out a sword and breaks the tile! He wins immunity!

Jeff tells Tasha she was one number off the bamboo for a long time. Spencer has the necklace around his neck, they head back to camp.

Back at camp Tony says it is everyone was in it. He states "The same 2 keep winning!" Spencer pulls Woo and Tasha aside to finalize the votes. The guys are voting Tony, the girls are voting Trish. This way if Tony plays the idol it will be Trish. Tasha comes out and says "Tony I know the writings on the wall." Tony says she is too comfortable. He tells us that she is not scrambling, she usually pulls them aside. Tony worries that she has an idol. He says to the group that he is going to play he idol. Spencer asks him if he has a special idol, Tony says he can not confirm or deny. Tasha and Kass talk on the beach. She tells Kass he has dominated by fear. Kass compares him to Russell Hantz.

Kass debates whether or not she can beat Tony in the final. She says "The jerk never wins!" She pulls Woo aside to debate what they should actually do.

Tribal. Tasha says she hopes Tony is being seen as the bully he is. Tasha says "They are saying I am the queen of immunity idols but Tony is the bigger threat!" Tony says his alliance is tight and loyal and he isn't too worried but has his bag of tricks. Jeff asks if they would be wanting to flush an idol out, Kass says that is the plan. Woo says they would want to flush it out because the closer they get too the end, the more he can dictate what happens. Spencer says he hopes Tony uses some of his tricks tonight. Tony is hoping the 4 stick together and Tasha goes home tonight. Kass says "I think tonight might be a blindside." Tony looks mad. He votes first.

Tony is pulling the strings on his bag. He does not play an idol. First vote, Tasha then Tony then Trish. Tasha gets a second vote and she gets the last vote. Tasha is voted out of the game. Spencer shakes his head. Woo looks surprised. Jeff says to Spencer that the way it looks is that he is on the outside of the group again but by the look of things, it may not be a bad thing. Jeff dismisses them from tribal.

Next time on Survivor. Chaos Kass is back. She tells us that this is her strategy. Trish calls her out on her actions next week. Tasha says they castaways were smart to get rid of her when they did because she felt another immunity run coming on! We will see you next week!

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