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Dancing with the Stars ~ U.S. season 18 Episode 8

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Tonight! The stars will be dancing together without their pros! It has never been done on the show before! Mark Ballas is singing the opening number "Get My Name".

We have a guest judge tonight! Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms is in the house tonight. Tonight's challenge is "The Celebrity Dance Duel". The dancers from Dance Moms are there as well!

Charlie and Sharna are safe and they are up first with a quickstep. We are reminded of Len's 8 from last week. He says it was really hard. She says "What do we have to do to get a 10?" In rehearsal, they are searching for the mentality that he had, going for the gold. His Mom came in to encourage him and lift his spirits. She hugs him, he giggles.

Sharna is in a fuchsia dress, plunged neckline to the waist and a chain on the back. Charlie is in a grey and black tux with a fuchsia bow tie.

Len says he is still working it out if this dance was special enough, he will tell them later. Abby says she is all about corrections. She corrects a couple of moves. She adds that Charlie has beautiful musicality. Bruno says Charlie took off like a thoroughbred in the Kentucky Derby. Carrie adds he broke stride and went a step beyond and tonight might be his night!

Charlie says he is glad that they got back to where they needed to be. Scores: Carrie 10, Len 10, Abby 10, Bruno 10! Perfect score tonight!

Danica and Val, Meryl and Maks await their fate! Meryl and Maks are safe! Danica and Val are in jeopardy and they are up next! They are dancing the tango. She asks him "Do you think we have a shot to make it to the finals?" He says yes! He tells us she is a fighter and resilient and doesn't want anything that isn't earned. She tells us confidence is very sexy.

Danica is in a white gown with black lace embellishments. Halter top, open back, slit up the side of the skirt. Val is in all black. Shirt has a high collar with ruffle, vest with tails and slim pants.

Abby says "Val, amazing concept and I love a man on his knees." She compliments Danica but tells her to watch her shoulders. Bruno says it was Danica's most majestic performance ever. Carrie says she feels like her mom. It was incredibly difficult for her tonight, she hit it perfectly. Len says it took awhile to get started but once into hold, it was (something about a bonnet) good!

Danica says the whole experience has been incredible! Scores: Carrie 10, Len 9, Abby 9, Bruno 10! 38 out of 40 and they are dancing with Meryl and Maks in the duel!

Meryl and Maks are dancing the Rumba tonight. He tells her it is supposed to be sensual and intense. He says it is the story of a dysfunctional relationship. She tells us he comes off as scary but he is a big teddy bear. He tells us that he is going to try to keep up whatever this relationship he has with her after the show.

Maks is in a white tank top and black pants. Meryl is in petal pink knee length dress with simple lace over the bodice and a layered flowing skirt.

Bruno says it was melodrama, it reminds him of Streetcar named desire but without words. Carrie adds that they have incredible chemistry and even though she had to stop for drama the movement and energy was fluid. She felt there was just a hair short of actual Rumba. Len says the mood and the feeling of it was fantastic. He could watch it again. Abby says that she would never hit him and when a girl is on the floor with him the last thing she is thinking of is her feet. She corrects Meryl for her sickle feet.

Meryl says this was one of her favorite dances because it was so emotionally raw. Maks adds that he does not care for what Abby has to say. Scores Carrie 9, Len 9, Abby 8, Bruno 10! 36 out of 40!

The next couple safe are Amy and Derek! James and Peta are in jeopardy tonight. Candace and Mark are also in jeopardy and they are dancing a foxtrot this week! Candace was so excited that they were safe last week. Mark keeps saying that it is a turtle race and she is his turtle. She says rehearsal is a blast and they are friends forever. She talks to her kids and how excited she is that they are there every week. Her family has really encouraged this journey for her.

Mark is in a grey vest, tie and pants with a white dress shirt. Candace is in a cream 40's style blouse that is tied like a tummy top and a flare knee length skirt.

Carrie says she knows they are in jeopardy and she can see that Candace has found her footing again but on top of that she saw something new in Candace. Len says it was bright, fun and frivolous. Abby loved it too. She references the song saying she would drop Candace, quit and move on but the audience didn't get it. They booed her. Bruno says he loved the touches of slapstick and he hopes she stays but she has to extend the lines.

Candace and Mark tell Erin that Candace is working through her nerves and this dance was really her personality! They congratulate Mark about opening the show tonight! Scores Carrie 9, Len 9, Abby 9, Bruno 9 for 36 out of 40! They are with Charlie and Sharna for the duel!

James and Peta felt last week was nerve wracking. James struggles with what he can do to do better. They are dancing the Viennese waltz this week. The guys from Big Time Rush has come in to watch rehearsal. The ask the duo if they are dating.

James is wearing a grey vest and pants. Cream tie and white dress shirt. Peta is in a jeweled gown with u backline, iridescent skirt and feather embellishments.

Len says that once James gets into hold he doesn't flex and his bottom pops out because he doesn't straighten his legs. Abby says Peta is perfection! She compliments James. Bruno says "Love is in the air and I can feel it like love blossoming under the cherry trees." He agrees with Len about the buttocks. Carrie says James is a special soul when he dances. She agrees with Len about the legs. She tells them to come back strong with the next dance.

Talking to Erin, they say they are doing alright and what ever happens happens but they are hoping to stay. Scores Carrie 8, Len 9, Abby 10, Bruno 9 for 36 out of 40. James thanks Abby. They are paired with Amy and Derek.

The last couple tonight is Amy and Derek. We see her struggle with her back last week during the show. She saw a Chiropractor and he said she was ok to continue in the competition. She kicks her leg and her back cracks. Derek says a challenge is not going to stop Amy. She will do the best she can.

Amy has lace leggings on, a tight black dress with one shoulder strap and a diagonal cut skirt. Derek is in a deep red smoking jacket, Black pants, shirt and tie.

Abby says "Derek a great choreographer takes makes the dancer look better, takes risks and you have done that here." Bruno says "Amazing Amy! Power, there! Control, there! Perfection!" Carrie says in 18 seasons there isn't alot that takes her breath away and it has. She says it was perfection as well. Len says "That was terrific! This whole competition is brilliant!"

Amy says the back is good, a lot of massage and relaxation between rehearsals. She says Derek is so inspiring. Scores Carrie 10, Len 10, Abby 10, Bruno 10. Perfect 40.

Next up is the celebrity dance duel, dancing side by side with out their pro partners.

Erin interviews the girls from Dance Moms. Maddie says Abby is being pretty nice. The girls are leaving LA tonight to be in dance practice tomorrow.
First up in the duel is a Samba between Maks and Meryl, Val and Danica. Danica says the 2 teachers with both brothers made it a little tense. Maks and Danica disagree about they way they speak to each other. Maks and Val's grandmother came in from New York to see them. She hugs Maks, Val questions why. She says she is proud of them and hopes they win.

The ladies are in white short dresses with gold sequins and fringed skirts. The guys are in open white shirts and white pants.

Len says he loved the content, the technique was there. Abby says when the guys left the floor, she begins to critique and Val says "She did this for you, she doesn't do this!" Bruno says the content was there but very good but if they take the bounce different on a quarter second, you can be off. Carrie says they have different styles and some of the timing was off and she loved it as a whole but it didn't quite do it justice. Tom asks Sofyia (grandmother) who she likes best. She says it is a terrible question.

Meryl says it was tough working with them both and they are really learning the process! Scores Carrie 8, Len 9, Abby 8, Bruno 9 for 34 out of 40. These will be added to their other scores tonight.

Next up, Charlie and Sharna, Candace and Mark. They have contemporary tonight. Sharna and Mark started working on the dance, Candace and Charlie worked on the solo.

The girls are in Purple and black dresses, the guys are in black pants and open black shirts.

Abby says Candace's feet but right now she looks like an ALDC member. She says that Charlie was beautiful. Bruno says that Candace and Charlie were made for each other. Carrie adds that they are an unlikely pair but they were spectacular. Len says it was in tune, there was a slip up with Sharna and a lift but it was well done.

Candace says that the 20 second lifts by Charlie were so much fun! Scores Carrie 9, Len 9, Abby 10, Bruno 10! 38 out of 40! Scores are added to the first dance of the night and there is also an elimination still coming tonight.

James and Peta, Amy and Derek are the last duo tonight. James and Amy practice together so James can adjust to support her. James' ankle gave out while spinning Amy and they tumble. Amy is struggling with the choreography. She feels she is holding them all back. They are dancing the jive tonight.

The girls are in silver bra tops and pants with lots of fringe all the way down! The guys are in all black. Jeans, tanks and leather looking light bomber jackets.

Bruno "Extraordinary! Sisters are doing it for themselves!" Carrie compliments them for dancing at the same levels as when with their partners. Len says it was everything he wanted and more. Abby says she wanted to get up and dance. She compliments James for keeping up with Derek! Called him Amazing.

James says rehearsal was tough but they pulled through it and had fun! Amy says she her process is to go through the emotions and it is how she deals with it. Scores Carrie 9, Len 10, Abby 10, Bruno 10 for 39 out of 40! Derek says he is so proud of everyone.

The next couple safe is Candace and Mark! James and Peta, Val and Danica are awaiting their fate. The couple leaving tonight is, Danica and Val.

Danica says it has been the best experience ever. Val says she is a great individual and it has been a blast. We see the recap of their season. She says that Val has always believed in her. He says she is always excited to be there. Val hopes she continues to shine. We see the recap of tonight's performances. Amy and Derek are at the top of the leader board and Meryl and Maks are at the bottom for the first time! We will see you next week!

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