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Survivor 28 - Episode 10 - April 30 2014

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We are reminded of last week's drama after they blindsided LJ. Jefra was considering flipping. Tony hustled to regain trust. Spencer played the idol, Jerimiah was voted out. There are only 7 left!

Back at camp, Jefra got cold feet. Spencer told them that he found it the day Woo stole the idol. Spencer was wrong to use it. He and Tasha "have lost the battle but not lost the war" Treemail the next morning. Woo stuffed the wallets of money in his waistband, told Trish to check his back and they go wild when they see the wallets. Tony is hoping for an advantage at the auction.

It's Auction time on Survivor! Jeff welcomes them. Bidding is in $20 increments. They each have 500! First item is popcorn candy and a pop. Trish gets it for $80.

Next item remains covered. Jefra bids 60, Tasha 80, Jefra 100. She gets quesadilla, guacamole and salsa with a margarita. She loves it!

Next item is covered, Kass bids $20 and wins. She can trade it for another one. She got a steak sandwich and iced tea. She did not switch.

The item Kass didn't take goes up. Woo bids 40, Trish bids 60. She got rice and water.

Massive ribs and a cold beer. $40 is the bid to Woo.

Spencer says that because no one is bidding this auction has become a buyers market. Woo chugs his beer. He says the ribs are amazing. Jeff asks what they are waiting for, Spencer, Tasha and Tony admit they are going for the advantage. Jeff brings it up. He says you aren't bidding for the advantage if the bidding goes to 500, you will be bidding to draw rocks. Tasha does not bid. Tony and Spencer draw rocks. Black rock gets the advantage and Tony has the advantage. Spencer lost, he can keep his white rock.

And with that, the auction is over. Tasha was hoping for one more item or at least a clue to the hidden immunity idol. She says "I have to win immunity!"

Back at camp, Tony and Spencer talk about the advantage and even though Tony won, he is starving and might not be able to use it because he is exhausted. Kass tells us she has done enough, she was enjoying the food. Tony says he sacrificed while the rest of the alliance is now bloated. They ignore Tony when he asks who is doing the fire and who is getting water. He goes off on his own to read the advantage. "At the beach where the rocks meet the sand, another idol can be found. Guarded by a big white tree, it is a few inches under ground" He is searching now. If he has this, he will have 2 idols.

The girls are in the water as Tony searches. They are oblivious to what he is doing and he is oblivious to Tasha trying to bond with the women... as he walks into camp, he notices that Tasha is working the women. Spencer tells Tony that they wanted to vote Tony out and it was Jefra's idea. Spencer tells us he is planting seeds with Tony. His goal is to make Tony paranoid.

Spencer tells Tony that Jefra said she could flip Trish. Tony tells us he doesn't completely trust Spencer but, he has to check out what he is saying. He says he won't be blindsided, he will take matters into his own hands like "I usually do."

Tony asks them what to do with the crab because it is already dead but the girls didn't do the fire or get water so he has to do it. Jefra yells back that they need to cook it soon or it will go bad. Tony goes back to look for the idol. He finds a huge white tree and starts digging. He finds it. The 3rd one he has found and has 2 in his possession. He feels like he is on top of the world.

Tony shows each member of his alliance the idol but then adds "It is for everyone, not just me." Jefra looks disappointed. Tony "I have never spent $500 and been so happy."

Challenge! They have to dig up bags in the sand. They have to release the balls inside, then make each ball through a maze. First one to get all 5 through the maze wins immunity.

Woo and Tony have 1, Now Tasha, Spencer, Jefra. Kass and Trish are struggling. Tony has all 5! Woo right behind him. Tasha, Spencer have all 5! Tasha has all 5 balls and is at the maze first! Tasha has her 2 balls through the maze. Tony just got to the maze, as did Woo and Spencer!

Tasha still in the lead. 3 balls through, Woo has 2. Now 3! They are tied. Spencer and Tony are struggling.

Tasha has 4! Woo has 4! Tasha is at the very end! She has it! Safe tonight! She whispers "Thank you Jesus!"

Tasha has immunity for the 3rd time in a row. She tells us everyday people are making alliances, making deals, she is going to continue working on the girls. Kass goes to Woo and they talk. Kass says to Woo Spencer has to go. Trish and Tony come up and they repeat it is Spencer. Tasha wanders out to the water to swim with some of the girls. Tony thinks it is time to change the game and get rid of Jefra. He approaches Woo. They want to keep the ratio 3:3 and if they vote out Spencer the girls can gang up on them. Tony won't be telling Trish or Kass what he is doing so he approaches Spencer and tells him to tell Tasha. To convince Tasha is on Spencer.

Spencer goes to Tasha and says "Want Survivor miracle #2?" He tells her the plan. Spencer tells us he does not trust Tony and he could be out of the game so he goes looking for another idol. Tony says it is scary and alarming when he was already good with Spencer. He might be changing his mind about Spencer.

Tribal! Spencer says "One would think I am in trouble" Tony says that Spencer went to him and said Jefra wanted Tony out. Tony pulls an idol out of his pocket and puts it on. Kass says "Jefra had to get over the anger of losing her ally". Tony rambles about staying safe and being a target. Spencer adds that the chaos is helping him. Kass says "There could be a mistake made here tonight" Jefra says that "When you are on the bottom, you will say things to stir the pot." Spencer tells them if they pick off him and Tasha and end up with final 4 or 5th spot then they have made a mistake. They vote!

Jeff asks for an idol, Tony is wearing his and does not play it. First vote is Spencer. Second is Jefra. 2 votes each! Spencer has 3 votes, Jefra has 3! The person leaving tonight is Jefra. She stands up to leave "Good job guys" She wishes them luck and says it's been fun. Jeff says "Your reactions say it all, another blindside! If there were any questions if this was an individual game then those have been put to rest tonight." He dismisses them from tribal.

Next time on Survivor, everyone is tired of Tony's antics, even his closest allies. He argues with Kass and threatens that she could be going home if she turns on him. Woo says "At this point, if I gotta make a big move, it is time to do it." We will see you next week!

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