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Dancing with the Stars ~ U.S. season 18 Episode 7

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It is Latin night and Ricky Martin is singing the opening number! He is tonight's guest judge and says he is just looking for some engaging entertainment from the performances! Tom and Erin introduce the stars and their partners!

The first couple safe is, Danica and Val! James and Peta are in jeopardy. Amy and Derek are safe and they are first tonight! They are dancing a Rumba and it has stirred up some raw nerves. He tells Amy it is the dance of love, "How do you feel about getting intimate?" She is having challenges at home and it is affecting her dancing. She is in a long distance relationship, it has been stressful because of her schedule. Derek decides to do something wild and crazy to cheer her up. He serenades her jokingly.

Amy is in a burnt orange dress, it has a lunging back line, lots of embellishments and the skirt is see through with slits up both sides. Derek is in a tux shirt and black pants.

Len says it was sharp then smooth and rythimic. Bruno says it was hot! He starts talking in Spanish. He adds that the sexuality was there but they never lost the class. Carrie says she is Wonder Woman. She found there were some things that could have been different to make the performance stronger. Ricky says "All I am gonna say is I go by what my heart is feeling, I couldn't make my notes because I couldn't take my eyes off you." He says she was beautiful and sensual.

Scores for Amy and Derek Carrie 9, Ricky 9, Len 9 and Bruno 9 for a total of 36 tonight. Up next are James and Peta.

James and Peta are dancing the Samba! She tells him he needs to be more than next to her in this dance, he has to have a lot of hip action going on! He asks if it is allowed on ABC. She nods. They like each other and it is cool but they are trying to keep it platonic right now.

James is in a white tank top and grey pants. Peta is in an ALL red number. Lacey bra and shorts with a garter and thigh high stockings. It is racy!

Bruno asks James what he is doing tomorrow because he needs to book a full service. Carrie says her head is spinning. The chemistry is beyond sick. Ricky says "You guys are always taking it to the next level, it's like the gift that keeps on giving" Len says Peta is over dressed. The foot work wasn't always on but it was intense and fun!

Erin jokes with James and Peta about the costumes. Peta doesn't even have a mic, no place to put it. Scores Carrie 9, Ricky 9, Len 8 and Bruno 9 for a total of 35.

Danica and Val are doing the Salsa and this week Danica broke her rib in practice! Val tries to do a lift with Danica and her rib cracked. He goes to check on her and she says it hurts to breathe or cry. She goes to the hospital and it is broken. She says there is a fine line between being strong and toughing it out and being stupid! She is dancing tonight!

Danica is in a yellow tank top with red bra showing through it, jean cut offs with patches on them and pink high top shoes. Val is in a camo vest, jeans and work boots, no shirt!

Carrie feels for her and she managed well but the injury stiffled the movement. Ricky asks "How do you feel right now?" Danica says she is sore but you gotta try your best. He says he has mad respect for that! Len says there were 2 sections that were "salsa" but the rest was pop video. Bruno says it was ghetto fabulous! He says they are all right though you need to be able to use all your "assets" in this dance but thinks they will be back!

Danica says the love and support from fans was amazing, she felt it and it helped! Scores Carrie 8, Ricky 9, Len 8 Bruno 8 for 33 out of 40!

Erin asks to tweet #DWTSshirton or #DWTSshirtoff because Tony needs to be seen with his shirt off but will leave it up to America.

Amy was injured during her dance. She hurt her back and is under medical care now. The next couple who is safe is Candace and Mark! The next couple in jeopardy is Charlie and Sharna and the crowd is disappointed. Meryl and Maks are safe! Nene and Tony are in jeopardy.

The tweets are saying take the shirt off for Tony! Nene and he are next with an Argentine Tango. Nene says they are the odd ones there, they high five. She says she will give us a little "NENE and NAYNAY" in the tango. She plans to really work on her technique! 90% have decided to take it off so Tony is shirtless!

Nene is in a brown, shiny dress with a tank bodice but a wrap around to the skirt that has a fringe on the trim. Lots of beads and kind of 20's flapper style. Tony was in a hat and grey pants.

Ricky says that before the music started she was becoming the character and she was floating. Len says as always she came out and sold it. It could have been crisper but was fun to watch. Bruno says they gotta work on the hooks, they have to be sharper. Carrie loved the opening walk, she is impressed with how far Nene has come in the competition.

Nene tells Erin she has come far and is proud of them! Scores Carrie 8, Ricky 8, Len 7, Bruno 8! 33 out of 40! Charlie and Sharna are up after the break.

Erin is interviewing Amy who says her shoulder has been bothering her and after judging she turned and cracked her back and now it is hard to breathe. They will miss the team dance tonight because she is on her way to the hospital. Team Loco will be judged on their dress rehearsal due to the injury.

Charlie wants to see some 10's! He talks to Meryl because she has been killing it. She says Tuesday through Sunday she is the student and by Monday Partners. Charlie says he wants to make all 10's on the Paso Doble!

Sharna is in a black body suit with sliver and rhinestone embellishments, a black and silver cape style skirt that is only at the back. Charlie is in the traditional paso doble jacket and pants, all black and he throws the jacket!

Len says this wasn't special for a 10. Bruno says it had flair, purpose, artistry but they messed up. Charlie lost balance on the turn. Carrie says for a 10 he needs to be more sharp and finish his movements. Ricky says he sees what the others are saying but he was caught up in the moment. He loved it!

Charlie says when he skates and they mess up you don't say anything, the leap was disappointing. Carrie 9, Ricky 10! Len 8, Bruno 9. Total of 36 tonight.

Candace and Mark are next. She was one of People's 50 most beautiful people. She feels she disappointed Mark in rehearsal last week and in the live performance. The live show is an issue for her. They see a sports psychologist. Her nerves are causing her to blank out during the live show. The doc tells her she needs to accept her imperfections and stop worrying about what other people think. Candace is emotional, she doesn't want to feel like she is pulling Mark back. She is going to work through it.

Candace and Mark are dancing the Argentine Tango. She is in a stunning purple dress with a lace neckline and diagonal cut skirt. Mark is in a black hat, pants, tie, shirt and vest with black and white shoes.

Bruno says now we are in business! Great legs! Carrie says she is so happy, the confidence is there and the game is on but forgot some choreography. Ricky says it was superb. Len says it was hot, no messing around.

Candace's mom gave her a bouquet of flowers. The advice from the doc was to stay confident. Mark says he hopes Amy is ok! Scores Carrie 8, Ricky 9, Len 9, Bruno 9 for 35 out of 40!

Meryl and Maks are up next doing a Salsa. She says the depth of the sexuality is something she hasn't experienced before. Maks says they just need to find the switch to turn it on. She smacks her wrist into him and we hear a crack. They do a turn and he cracks. The both say they are aching.

Maks is in an open hoodie and black pants. Meryl is in all black. Bra top, bolero jacket, shorts with a fringe belt and wide fishnet stockings with hightop sneakers.

Carrie says Meryl always surprises her and it was fantastic. Ricky loves what they are doing it gets better and better! Len says the thing is it is the cool guy and the hot chick and there was too much production (they had company dancers with them) Bruno calls her the leader of the gang and she got down and dirty "You were dancing with 6 of the best professional dancers in the country and you held your own!" She says thank you! Maks clapped at that comment.

Erin asks Meryl about going to the dirtiest place on earth for the dance. She says she just had to go out of her comfort zone and work with Maks. Maks says they are past the "injury" he says he sees Sharna and Charlie and this is the stage in the comp where bodies are tired and hurting but they do their best to keep levels up. Carrie 10! Ricky 10! Len 9. Bruno 10! 39!

Charlie and Meryl are the team captains. Charlie, Nene, James are Team Vita! They are all in jeopardy tonight. Charlie lifts his shirt and the team goes nuts. Team Loco is Amy, Meryl, Danica and Candace. They love their team! On Vita, they try to lift Nene and she kicks James in the head. On Loco Candace was blushing when dancing with Maks.

Team Vita is dancing a Latin freestyle. The guys are in turquoise shirts with black pants and a gold stripe down the side. The girls are in turquoise body suits, fringed capped shoulders with feathers and embellishments. They have gold chains on and fringed gold chain belts.

Group hugs all around! Ricky says it was complicated and they made it look like a walk in the park. Len says 2 dances is tough and well done to all of them. Bruno says it was like an extra large tequila! There were some sync problems but well done. Carrie agrees that there was sync issues and Charlie and Sharna were off in their own little world.

Team Vita was invited on the road with Ricky Martin. They just wanted to work together and they wanted to do the song justice. Scores Carrie 8, Ricky 10! Len 8, Bruno 9! 35 out of 40. Added to their individual scores tonight.
Nene says she is happy about it.

Since Amy suffered a back injury, the recording of the dress rehearsal will be what the judges base their scores on. The girls are in all red, tank style tops and skirts with a ruffled bottom, each one is slightly different but very pretty. The boys are in fedora's, black jackets and pants, no shirts.

The crowd went nuts for Team Loca! Judges saw the recording, the crowd got the live performance! Carrie says that was insane, she has never seen a tighter group performance! Ricky says Congrats! Mad respect! Len says that the dress rehearsal is different because the pressure is off but what he saw was fantastic. Bruno says this is worth a repeat performance!

Meryl says they really became a team and hope the best for Amy and hope she is back soon. Scores Carrie 10! Ricky 10! Len 9. Bruno 10! They are the team dance winner with 39 out of 40. This will be added to their night's scores as well!

A couple is about to go home! The next couple safe though is Charlie and Sharna! Nene is one of the season's surprise competitors, James got the first 10 of the season! The couple going home is Nene and Tony.

Nene is proud of herself and hopes she has inspired women all over the world. She thanks her family, the cast, the judges and she is happy to be up there competing with others who are olympians and have dance experience. She can get it done. Tony says he thinks that with all the partners over the years, each one brings something different and he has gained a friend. Tom reminds him she had him naked more than anyone and Tony laughs. We see the recap of tonight's performances. Next week, Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms will be a guest judge! We will see you next week!

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