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Saturday, May 3 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

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If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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11:46PM BBT Feeds are back.

11:47PM BBT Jon said good night and went to bed. Neda,Heather and Sabrina in the LR. Heather ask if this is what they are aiming for getting rid of Jon, Sabrina said she did not want Neda to go through evicting Jon, that is why she wanted to put Neda on the block.

11:54PM BBT IT is confirmed Heather and Jon was nominated.

11:55PM BBT Sabrina said tomorrow would be someone last day because someone is getting evicted Sunday. Neda is now in the DR. Jon is screaming very loud and pacing around the LR.

12:02AM BBT Jon, Heather and Sabrina talking about Andrew was screwed in the game. Heather told Sabrina that Andrew called her a dumb b**ch Jon confirm that he was right there. Sabrina mouth is open like she cannot believe.

12:06AM BBT jon is now in the Br changing, he is whispering Jon win veto tomorrow, Sabrina and Neda in Wc Neda washing her face. Sabrina is thinking the 20 milion that was on the screen has something to do with tomorrow veto. (Neda won pov and got to see Emmett and Jillian) Looks like Heather is in the DR.

12:22AM BBT Sabrina and Heather in the WA Heather still saying that she is scared. Heather said she is hoping Neda does not change her mind on keeping her in the game.Sabrina told Heather she does not want her gone. Sabrina told Heather she did not make final 2 with Jon. Sabrina said everyone would win over her in final,

12:27AM BBT Sabrina continue to say it is better for Neda and Heather to take her to the final. Looks like Neda was crying and Sabrina and Heather taught they heard screaming. Sabrina asks Heather if they use to talk about her, Heather reply yes. Sabrina asks Heather if Neda would vote out Jon Heather reply Yes Neda would.

12:33AM BBT Sabrina said to Neda if she wins veto if she would send Jon home, Neda reply yes.

12:41AM BBT looks like Neda Cannot remember crying when she was drunk.

12:45AM BBT Jon is in bed looking very restless, Heather is in the WA getting ready for bed.

12:54AM BBT Heather, Jon And Neda are now in Bed, Sabrina getting ready for bed.

1:01AM BBT The lights are dimmed in the BR, Sabrina is still up.

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9:01AM BBT Heather is at the KT eating apples. Neda and Jon can be seen laying in the BR. Jon has a cool towel over his head saying. I hope it's a question POV. Neda answers Nope.

9:06Am BBT Back to just two feeds being up. it is showing Heather who is again washing dishes.

9:08AM BBT Heather says to herself maybe my stomach does hurt, from what thought?

9:10AM BBT Heather is still the only one to be seen she is now in the WA doing a few ADL's

9:12Am BBT Neda comes to check on Sab. she says she really doesn't feel we she feels like throwing up and her head is killing her. Neda ask if she is shaking she says no. Neda said Jon is saying the exact same thing except Jon is shaking too. Neda brings he a bucket. [Wonder if they ate some bad food last night at the awards ceremony?]

9:15AM BBT the only camera is now on Sabs looking pretty sick just laying in the bed covering her eyes and taking deep breathes.

9:19AM BBT The other feeds have come up and Neda and Heather is in the WA getting ready to take showers. Heather tells Neda she is so nervous. Neda say well you feel better than the other two. It is really just 3 against one. Heather I feel bad because Jon thinks we are going to take him. They go on to talk about how they have to take each other because neither can beat Sabs.

9:23AM BBT Heather goes into the BR to get some clothes and sees Jon laying in the fetal position with a wet towel over his face breathing heavily. Heather asks if there is anything she can get him and he says no he is fine.[He is clearly not fine]

9:27AM BBT Heather and Neda are showering. Sabs in stil in the HOH bed exactly as last time sick as a dog.

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9:41AM BBT The most exciting thing going on right now is the Neda and Heather have finished showering and are getting dressed. Heather states she is so bloated.

9:44AM BBT Neda tells Heather she thinks maybe the people whose faces have been on the mugs where superfans and maybe online there is someway for people to prove they are superfans and they get the last jury vote. Heather mentions that Sabs telling everyone they would win over her is really getting on her nerves. Neda agrees. Neda and Heather agree is she manages to win her way in the F2 they are gong to be so pissed. Heather is thinks Adel would have one if he would of made it to the end.

9:51AM BBT Neda and Heather still in the WA. Neda: I can't believe I made an ass out of myself on national TV. Heather: Well at least they shut down the live feeds for you. Neda: They did. Heather: Yeah BB told you to wake up cause they were turning the live feeds back on when you were laying on the lawn. Neda: I don't remember that at all. I thought Jon was lying. I should go ask BB when I go to the DR.

9:55AM BBT Heather do you think Gary liked Sab.? Neda I think Canada loves her did you hear the applause.

10:00AM BBT Neda and Heather are trying to decide if they should flat out tell Sabs she is not going to F2 if either of them win it. They say she is not a nice person.

10:09AM BBT Neda is checking in on Sabs and told her there is Advil downstairs for her but it says to eat first. Sabs say she can't she feels like she is going to throw up. Feeds keep cutting in and out of HoTH.

10:11Am BBT The Neda and Heather feeds are back up they are still doing ADL's.

10:16AM BBT Feeds are "Hushed" once agian.

10:18AM BBT Neda and Heather said they can't believe is is May and that this is almost over. 10:21AM BBT Heather says she thinks this POV really sucks because who ever doesn't win know they could poss. go home. Neda now says her stomach is upset and she is going to get some Gingerale and go lie down.

10:25AM BBT Neda is getting some toast and Gingerale in the KT. and heads to the BR. 10:26AM BBT BB is appearing to let Jon and Sab sleep. Neda is eating her toast in the BR. Neda gets up and goes to the WA and tells Heather having a piece of toast was not a good idea because now she feels sick to her stomach worse.

10:29AM BBT Neda is now laying down also breathing heavily.

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10:39AM BBT Nothing new to report the only two feed that are up right now are on Jon and Neda sick and sleeping in their beds.

10:51AM BBT Feeds sill on Neda and Jon sleeping and being sick.

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10:58AM BBT: Heather comes into the BR while Neda and Jon are sleeping, she quietly grabs something from her bedside table and heads back out. We hear her mic for a few seconds before it shuts off as she has left the camera and she is heard asking BB "is everybody allowed to sleep?".

Feeds 1/2 are HotH and 3/4 are on Neda and Jon sleeping in the BR. [boooooorrrrrrrrrringgggg last day with feeds.]

11:01AM BBT: BB: "Please wake up nap time is over", Neda and Jon both roll over stretching. Jon is quick to sit up taking deep breaths saying "I feel like theres stuff sitting in my stomach". Neda says she feels sick so she was sleeping too. Jon says he feels a little better as he heads out of the BR. Heather is downstairs and Jon tells her that she looks beautiful. Jon is surprised that he was asleep for 2 hours. Jon takes some gravol.

11:04AM BBT: Jon heads back upstairs, slowly, to sit in the BR with Neda. Neda tells Jon how pale he is, and he says "me? oh ya, I'm sick." More talk about feeling sick and speculating what is wrong and whether or not it was the food.

Neda asks if there is anything on the screens (POV Comp today), Jon tells her no. Jon says he is still going to win the POV. Neda and Jon talk about how excited Heather is and how confident is she that she will win. Jon leaves to head to the WA.

11:08AM BBT: Feeds 1/2 are back with Sabrina sleeping in the HOHr.

Jon is now sitting in the white chairs outside the front door, looking like a zombie with deep breaths and lots of huffing.

11:10AM BBT: Jon heads back to the BR to talk with Neda about POV and how the last two weren't physical. Neda thinks they will be a physical but not a luck challenge. (Nuts to That was physical but luck), Jon thinks it will be a challenge like running on a barrel stop and start. Neda thinks there hasn't been any puzzle challenges. More speculation about the POV challenge. Neda shares her speculation on the superfan mugs again.

Jon tells Neda that his stomach hurts the other direction now, not coming out of his mouth anymore. Neda tells him to take peptobismol, he says you already gave me some - Neda tells him she didn't - he had dreamt it.

11:15AM BBT: Jon leaves Neda in the BR to go to the WA again.

Sabrina still sleeping in HOHr and Heather is in the DR.

11:18AM BBT: Jon's back in the BR with Neda, back to talking about what kind of challenge POV will be.

BB comes on and says "Neda please put on your microphone, Neda please fix your microphone, Neda please turn on your microphone". Jon and Neda laugh and go right back to talking POV.

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11:27AM BBT: Sabrina is awake in the HOHr whining about feeling like she is going to puke. Sabrina sits up and leans over the bed towards the bucket before leaving the HOHr and heads to the BR to talk with Jon and Neda.

Jon and Neda in the BR still talking about challenges and how loud the audience cheers for different answers. Neda and Jon baby Sabrina while she lies in the BR like death. Sabrina is crying to Neda while Jon goes to get her some water.

11:34AM BBT: Sabrina, Heather and Jon are in the BR talking about feeling sick and how they didn't eat, they drank alcohol and then eating. Heather and Jon decide to make rice and chicken for lunch and leave Sabrina in the BR.

Heather starts to prepare food in the KT while Jon keeps her company.

11:48AM BBT: Nothing overly thrilling happening in the house. Jon and Heather are in the KT, waiting for the SR door to unlock. Sabrina is lying in bed listening to music and reading her letter from home.

11:58AM BBT: Nothing new to update. Heather is in the KT preparing food, Jon is sitting around the kitchen, dining room and pacing while she cooks. Very little conversation happening.

12:00pm BBT: Neda is in the SR and Jon goes to talk to her. She "looks cute" but still can't put her face back on. Feeds 3/4 cut HotH.

Feeds 1/2 on Sabrina in the HOHr listening to music still.

12:02PM BBT: Sabrina gets up and heads down to the KT. Jon and Heather are i the KT finishing up their food (chicken, rice and carrots), very little conversation happening at all. Heather is splitting up the food and Sabrina asks who the small plate is for, Heather says Neda because she's a bird, they would be happy with her eating that amount. HGs all sit at the DT to eat, and Sabrina drink her tea.

Feeds 3/4 are still HotH.

12:14PM BBT: Heather is asking Sabrina about the next few days. Sabrina thinks its Veto ceremony tonight, and eviction tomorrow. Heather and Jon agree.

Neda is dressed in her clothes from last night. Sabrina complains about being SO hungry and Heather agrees that feeling sick and not being able to eat would be "the worst". Sabrina asks about Will and that conversation ends to a very quiet DT. Sabrina is staring at Heather eating.

12:20PM BBT: Neda joins Sabrina and Heather at the DT to eat, Neda says she feels like she is eating just to eat, not because she is hungry. The girls talk about sleeping and napping and how they got to sleep more in the beginning because there were more people.

Jon is in the DR.

12:28PM BBT: The girls are still at the DT speculating the next few days. Reminiscing about the sea on and the differences between BBUS and BBCAN.

12:40PM BBT: Talk about shaving and hair and more looking back at the past season.

Jon is out of the DR and now eating his lunch. Jon says he is feeling much better and seems to have a lot more energy. Sabrina is called to the DR.

12:41PM BBT: BB comes on and asks "Jon, Neda and Heather can you please head to the main BR please?" Heather says "she's hosting". They all get excited and head upstairs. Feeds cut out briefly but are back with Jon eating in the BR, Neda and Heather in the WA.

12:43PM BBT: Feeds are HotH.

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2:00 pm BBT: We are still on the hush screen. There is a good chance they are playing for POV. This is a big one. Whoever wins it has the only vote so they will decide who is going to final 3. Now is the time to cheer hard for your favorite! You are you hoping wins POV? and who would you like to see in the final 3?

2:45 pm BBT: We are still on the HUSH screens.

2:55 pm BBT: We are still on the HUSH screen

3:28 pm BBT: Still on the HUSH screens.

3:50 pm BBT: We are still on the HUSH screens, this is pretty normal for a competition. They usually take some time. We always see just the highlights when they are televised.

4:10 pm BBT: We are still on the HUSH screens. This must be an even harder competition for the HG, than Big Brother had even planned. It seems like everyone was sick, some even vomiting. Although they did drink some Champaign at the Awards ceremony last night, they seem to a lot sicker than they usually get. This has led a lot of people thinking that they may have a touch of food poisoning from last night's special meal. IMHO this might give Jon a slight advantage. As a former hockey player, I'm sure there must have been times when he had to physically perform while having an injury and feeling bad. What are your thoughts on this?

4:25 pm BBT: We are still on the HUSH screens. REMEMBER, that Wednesday May 7th, Big brother will allow us to cast our vote for who we would like to win. We only have until noon to vote on Thursday the 8th. This link is where you will be able to go to vote: http://bigbrothercanada.slice.ca/twistostwist

4:40 pm BBT: We are still on the HUSH screens.

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9:12PMBBT: Feeds are back! Heather and Sabrina are talking. Sounds like they have told Heather she is going home? They are having an "I love you" fest. Heather has come to adore Sabrina and the feeling is mutual. Heather says she is crushed and she doesn't want to go. She says she can have good happy moments in the house with no game. Sabrina says it is always better leaving 4th than 3rd. Sabrina says she keeps telling herself she has to win the next 2 competitions and make it to final 2.

9:16PMBBT: Heather "At the end of the day you have to truly play for yourself, no one will play for you." Heather is packing up now, leaving the stuff she uses in a daily basis in the WA. She talks about leaving Waterless shampoo for Jon. In the BR, Neda and Jon are talking, Sabrina comes in, he says he has to do laundry as he had no underwear. Sabrina leaves, Neda and Jon are talking about being final 2. Heather walks in with her pile of stuff and packs up her bag.

9:20PMBBT: Heather leaves and Jon says he is amazed that they have made it to this point. Neda was so scared this morning when Jon was sick. Neda whispers that she doesn't know what Sabrina is so angry about. Jon says she thought Neda was taking her final 2. Neda says "She wants to spend it on a Rolex! That would burn my heart!" Sabrina comes in, they small talk and they mention there is an eviction tomorrow.

9:25PMBBT: Neda and Jon talk game, they discuss how the final is 3 competitions, the plan is they each win one and then they can battle each other for the final veto. They are talking about what they will say in their final speech. Neda tells Jon it has to be at least a minute long. He says "Really?" She then says "or 30 minutes?" She laughs.

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9:30PMBBT: Jon can't have a shower til finale night. He and Neda are talking about the game again. Who would have taken who to the final 2. Jon says it is weird how he put all his trust in Neda. She is surprised it has worked out. Heather just got out of the DR. She throws the waterless shampoo at Jon. He gets called to the DR and hands the shampoos to Neda and tells her to pick. Neda smells them. She says she loves the smell but it is not strong enough to cover his body odor already.

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9:35PMBBT: Heather and Neda are in the BR. Heather asks if she can have a Black and Saint shirt to take home. She wants to wear it on the plane "Repping my best friend's clothes!" Neda says she will give her one at the wrap party. Heather says she didn't work out in the BB house because she didn't want people to see. Neda adds that as soon as everyone saw Alison workout, they wanted her out. Neda whispers to Heather "Do you think he has an inkling that I won't take him to the final 2?" Heather says "He told me that he has to win himself to make it there. He is smart Neda, he would take you but, he has suspicions that you won't take him." She adds that Neda has to do what is best for her game and reminds her that Jon will still love her afterwards no matter what she does. We lose audio for a minute. Heather says it is very weird to be packing, she didn't want it to happen this soon. They are now off to do laundry then will be doing nails in the WA.

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9:45PMBBT: Laundry is in. Heather is back in the BR organizing her clothes and what she will need for tomorrow. She looks under the mattress, sorts through her duffle bags. In the HoH, Sabrina has had a shower and is doing her ADL's while listening to music. She got her hair, mic and headphone cord mixed up in the brush so she took the headphones off. Heather, Jon and Neda are in the WA. Neda is called to the DR, Jon tells her she sucks as she leaves. Heather gives Jon more smelly good stuff. Sabrina thanks Jon for the towels. Heather said "Neda and I did it." Jon adds "I didn't do squat!"

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9:53PMBBT: Neda is looking for a onesie. Hers is in the washing machine. Heather and Jon are alone in the WA. Jon says she is going to skyrocket after the show. He thinks her acting is going to take off. He hopes it is Republic of Doyle, she says she would love it! She would love to do anything. Neda is headed back to the DR with a onesie in tow. Jon and Heather agree that BB has been an amazing experience. Heather says it gets to the point that you know you are leaving, being in the house is completely different. When you know you aren't going to be there any more and won't see the house and those things again, it is completely different. Jon asks if she is relieved, she says no because it is her dream coming to an end. He says "No no no no it is the beginning of your dream!" They go quiet and he asks who Neda is going to take to final 2. She says it will be a similar decision to him having to choose between her and Neda. He says "I think I love you 2 more than Neda would love Sabrina."

9:58PMBBT: Jon and Heather make plans for the summer. Jon says if he is in final 2, he will be in Edmonton this summer. She gets excited. She can't wait to come to NFLD but now it will depend on money. He says he will find a way to get her there. He starts talking about some events she can go to. They start talking about Janelle and Will. She says she is so excited. Jon says he is going to lose so much weight in the next 4 days. "Slop, slop, slop, what was I thinking?" Sounds like the veto was what are you willing to give up.

10:03PMBBT: Sabrina comes out of the HoH. She has her hair in a ponytail, it is still damp. She asks Jon and Heather if they want to go hang outside. Jon says he will, Heather says she is doing her nails, she wants to look pretty for tomorrow. When they leave, Heather says "I wish I could spray tan and have face make up but oh well."

10:08PMBBT: Sabrina goes back into the HoH. She is tidying up, "These people do not come into my room and make a mess!" She folds up a blanket that was on the floor. Her bed is not made. Jon is back in the WA with Heather as she works on her nails.

10:12PMBBT Confirmed that Jon won the veto. Heather just said that tomorrow he gets to take himself off the block.

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10:04PM BBT: Jon and Heather reviewing how they played the game and sharing their initial strategies. During the comp they must have given up things as Jon will be on slop and without showers for a while. Jon meets Sabrina in the kitchen and says such a fun game, eh? He says most people will never get a chance line this. Sabrina back in the HOH as Jon returns to join Heather in the bathroom. She is continuing to work on her nails. She says she hates doing her nails and can't wait to pay someone to do them. He asks about nail salons and she says she goes about every two weeks. He thinks it is ten dollars and she corrects him it is forty and she goes so often because she is a waitress. BB tells Jon to stop that! Heather says the money has not been great of late with the ecconomy having gone down. If you work somewhere with a patio in the summer you can do ok but otherwise it is not great. She did not want to have to go back to waitressing full time. Feeds looped for a minute. Heather talking about hating not knowing when she is leaving now that she knows she is going. She says he is taking himself off the block. She asks what is his favorite nongame thing in here and he replies that it was meeting her and Neda. He says he loves them so much and she says she loves them too. Heather tells him that Will told her she would make lifetime friends in the house and Jon says he never got to talk with anyone about it as he did not know what he was getting in to.

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10:20PMBBT The talk turns to Rachelle. Heather says she won't be happy to see Heather in the jury house. Sabrina says Rachelle likes Heather. Heather laughed a bit, Sabrina says "Well can you give her a message for me? That I love her and miss her and talk about her every 20 seconds?" Heather agrees to pass it along "Of course I will." Sabrina and Jon debate about how much tax Sabrina would have to pay because she lives in Quebec and has to pay tax on winnings. They are now debating about the finale being Wednesday or Thursday. Jon thinks it is Wednesday. Jon says he has to go 8 days with out showering.

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10:15PM BBT: Sabrina heads downstairs to see the weather after saying hello to Heather and Jon. She and Jon go check the hot tub area and say that it is gross. Sabrina remarks that there are a lot og bugs she comes back and says that the light and the bugs makes it gross outside. Jon talking about weird names of places in Newfoundland like Mosquitoe Cove. Sabrina says that Newfoundland is really small. Sabrina sad that Heather is going home, Jon is relieved that it is all over. Heather excited that she will get to see what jury house is like. Jon says they will get to be in all episodes but will not experience what it is like to be out of the house before the game is over. Jon says his dad will have the whole season DVRd. Newfoundland has gone nuts, tomorrow they will see POV. He remarks that they had three from Newfoundland in the house and the audio cuts out. (That is something I definitely will not miss from this season. DRG) Sabrina says we will see our families that night and then that is it? They leave. No one knows but Heather says she will find out before they do. She says the only one that will not like her in jury house will be Rachelle. Sabrina says maybe it will be different out of the game and asks Heather to say hello to Rachelle for her. Heather says she will and will tell her what a pain she has been about missing her as well. Jon comments about Neds hating slop and could not do the last four days on it. Jon says there was a lot of luck in the POV and he was rolling high numbers the whole time. He thinks he will go to a casino when he gets out. Sabrina thinks she needs a full spa day as soon as she gets out. Now they are talking prize money and Jon says there will be a lot of tax which seems to surprise Sabrina. Heather asks if Live Eviction will be on screen tomorrow morning when they wake up and Jon says no, POV ceremony. The ladies think there may not be a ceremony this week so Jon says so fuck it I don't know anything. He speculates that it could be a normal eviction and the game will go on til Sunday when the gals are thinking that the finale will be Wednesday night. Sabrina again says they will only see their family right after the show and then our interviews will be right after and Jon says no the media day is the next day. Sabrina then says and then we go home, Jon says except for final two who will do more press. BB tells them to stop talking about production. Sabrina asks another production question and Heather tells her she does not want to get into trouble. (What is BB going to do give her a penalty vote? DRG)

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10:30PMBBT Jon flossed for "the first time ever" and says he hates it. Sabrina says his teeth will fall out. He yells out "POV CEREMONY!" It's small talk, when Sabrina goes to see Rachelle, Heather better come and see her. Jon asks if he can listen to music, Sabrina says "Sure". Sabrina says to Heather "It is gonna be so hard to beat him." Heather agrees. Sabrina says "Walking around like a guaranteed winner." Heather adds "And that is why I wanted it so bad" Sabrina and her talk, Heather adds that she needed the money so bad and wanted to prove that people so badly treated can still get far and that if she can't have it, she is glad that her best friend can (Neda). Sabrina agrees. Neda is out of the DR. She is still in the cowgirl dress but had to bring the onesie to the DR earlier. She leaves the WA and Heather says "I love her so much, she is my version of Rachelle." Sabrina leaves to ask for Benedryl.

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10:40PMBBT Heather is called to the DR. "But I am doing my nails Big Brother!" She heads down stairs. Neda wishes she could wear make up. Sabrina mentioned she had liner on. Neda thought she could wear the liner Gary left behind but no, BB made her give it back. Neda weighs herself. She has lost either 12 or 13 pounds since being in the house. She and Sabrina are debating about the finale now. Jon is in the HOH listening to music. The camera is zoomed in on Sabrina's basket. There was a "Celebrity headlines" page and the HoH pillow in there. Jon is air drumming. The camera zooms into a piece of kleenex or something on the table with a hair on it over and over.

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10:29PM BBT: Heather is so worried he parents will be disappointed and Sabrina says that she got really far and got to have the whole experience. Jon asking about the timer on the curing light for her nail polish. Heather asks if if did end tomorrow will I get to go on an after show and she is told yes and that tomorrow may be the last aftershow that they have. Jon randomly says that flossing kind of sucks eh. Heather says yes and that is why so many people don't do it. He walks out and then yells POV Ceremony when they say what he says he was just kidding. Jon yells out Hey Sabrino can I listen to some music and she replies of course. Jon heads into the store room and drops off some gear from the comp. He yells out he is going to listen to some One D. He runs into Neda and says she thinks and she says no you do I showered today. he runs up stairs/ Heather talking to Sabrina about the situation and she will not campaign too much against Neda anyway. It is what it is and it just sucks.Heather says that Neda is her version of Rachelle to Sabrina. Sabrina says that she needs to ask for Benadryl. Jon pacing in the HOH (He is a nice guy but I will not miss having to track his ADD behavior after tonight. DRG) Neda comes into the bathroom and says she is so tired of this outfit. (Her onesie is in the wash now and she is still wearing the costume from the POV) Heather says that at least her costume is cute and Neda says she should not have complained about the onesie so much. heather says maybe she should have taken the squirrel costume. Neda says that looked like it would be so uncomfortable and Heather agrees that especially since Jon won she is glad she does not have to wear the squirrel costume on stage. BB calls Heather to the DR and she says she is doing her nails, but htne gets up to go. Sabrina asks Neda if she can wear pajamas to sleep. Neda is so sick of not being able to wear makeup. She says she thought she would be able to use what Gary brought in the house. but she was told no and had to give it back to BB. Neda has lost more weight and it 108 now so has lost 11 or 12 pounds in the house. She says that when she gets back home it will all come back on. She and Sabrina talk about how they will miss the house but it will be exciting to go back home. Now they debate again whether the show will end on Wednesday or Thursday and if there will be a live eviction tomorrow. Sabrina wonders if all the comps will be in one day? Jon sitting listening to music in the HOH. Neda says she did not know it was Pier 21 as she was calling it Century 21. Sabrina informs her and says Century 21 is a store. Sabrina now telling her that no matter what she will have money when she leaves here. Neda is scared to celebrate too early. Sabrina says not to celebrate but she should be happy these next few days. Sabrina asks her what she would do with 20K and Neda will pay off debts or check with someone about what is the smartest way to handle the money to get the most out of it. She is smart with money but does not know how to get the most. Sabrina asks if she was ever going to evict him and she says no. Now she wonders if she would take Jon to the end even if she knows she will not win next to him. Neda says she would have loved to be with Heather in F2 as well. Sabrina says she will just have to win if she wants to get to the end. They speculate about the comps with Neda saying the endurance is usually geared for girls and the last part is almost luck as it is questions about the other HGs. Now Sabrina asks what she would do with the 100K, Neda says she would pay off her debt and her mother's debt. Sabrina says she would pay off her whole debt which is about 40K in student loans, her sister has a similar amount in student loans. They try and compute what her total earnings are given the prizes she already won. Jon back in the bathroom reading labels. They talk about bed time and Sabrina says they may be allowed if they have done their DRs but she has to wait to do her session yet. Jon asks if Neda is happy and she says she will celebrate when the time comes, jon is happy and Neda says that is because he won. Jon states he will be so skinny when he walks out onto the stage. Again they debate about the ending day and when events will happen. Jon says that last season the last two shows or evictions were live and the ladies don't recall. Jon says that he is so happy then bored then happy then bored. (But always ADD, eh big guy?? DRG)

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10:50PMBBT The WA debate now includes Jon, they are trying to figure out the week. Jon feels like once Arlie went home it was win or have to leave scenario. Sabrina thinks they all played a "good game" and Jon agrees that they all played a good game and deserve to be there (20 minutes ago he said he doesn't feel Sabrina deserves to win). Jon adds that these are the best odds he has had in his life. He tells them to look at his hair. It is really greasy, he puts the hat back on.

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10:53PM BBT: Sabrina talking about how they all deserve the money and she would not mind losing to any of the folks left in the house, She says again that she just has to win two of those comps. Jon asks if she ever thought she would have a one in three chance at a hundred grand. Sabrina remarks that she basically played the whole game alone except for Rachelle. She further thinks she will be doing some things after the show and will get some money that way. She looks for reassurance from them about her chances for appearances after the show. Neda says she really wanted to win the POV and Sabrina asks for what, Neda replies just to win it as she hates losing things. She is upset that it was a trick question that she missed. Jon calls out something inaudible from downstairs to which Sabrina remarks that it would be much better to take Neda to final two. Jon returns witht he box of batteries to be exchanged. Sabrina really cannot believe how she is feeling she is kind of fed up with the house and really hopes it will not last til Sunday. She asks how many episodes are we on and Neda does not know but says that Heather does. She really hopes it won't last til Sunday. Jon tells them tomorrow is 26 then 27 then don't ask me episodes. Jon thinks his family is happy and his girlfriend is probably planning Ramada trips. Sabrina says she would only get 60K if she wins and if she got 20 she would only take home 12. Sabrina reminds them that the winners do not get the per diem pay. Sabrina says it is so cool to be final three and Jon teases that Neda would not know. Sabrina asks what he means and Neda says she is not final three yet. and my feeds reload.

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11:04PM BBT: Jon asks if anyone wants to go to bed. No responses. Jon weighs himself and they guess the number which is 227.8. Jon asks why Neda is eating before going to be and she says she is hungry. He asks why she does not have pizza and she says there is only one left. He tells her no there are two. She asks if they got ranch and he tells her no. Jon now cracks first Neda's then Sabrina's back. Jon yells out that he is shaving his face then says no he is not just kidding. They talk about facetiming one another and then Jon says the boys back home are going crazy now. Sabrina cannot believe how excited she is to go home now more and more she wants to go home. He realizes that the one who leaves third place must walk out right before the end. He is so happy and says it is so gross that he can't shower. Neda says it is so weird that Ika has been home this whole time watching. They think that Ika is liked from the clips they say the other day and that she was shown as the one who was being bullied. Neda says that one time she and Sabrina were equal but other times Sabrina was in the wrong. Heather calls out from downstairs then comes up and the ladies head down to the kitchen. Heather says that she does think that eviction is tomorrow. they are in the SR trying to decide what to eat and Jon calls out at full volume random food items. They find there are two pizzas but Neda says that pizza takes a while. The ladies decide to make egg in a whole and one steak skewer. Jon harrasses them for coming up with just eggs then says he is back in when they mention the steak skewer. Heather asks if Jon will make the steak skewer for her and he says no. Sabrina says she will make her egg in a whole and Jon tells her to make the steak skewers for her. Jon now acting out saying it is now time for the nomination ceremony. One of my jobs as a Sabrito is to be a full fledged Sabrito. Now he says he is a full fledged tai kwan do master and starts to jump on the couch. He asks why they are not looking and they say they have been watching him the whole show and he is like a 2 year old kid always needing attention (I second that, sisters. DRG) Jon now talking quietly with Neda again about whether she will take him to final 2. She tells him yes and he is such a nervous boy. He calls out Slop Stinks!

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