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Friday, May 2 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:12AM BBT Jon and Heather continue to talk Jon said Neda would say she got Jon to do all her work. Jon told Heather that if she bring Neda to final 2 she would not win. Sabrina walk in game talk stop.

12:20AM BBT All Hg in Br they are trying to figure out again when the show is ending. Sabrina is saying that when Talla came out she was greeted by an audience. (Actually I think Talla did not have a Audience) Neda and Jon are play fighting.

12:30AM BBT sabrina is asking if they are going to get a lump sum of money when they leave, no one else seems to know about that BB announce please stop talking about production.

12:32AM BBT Sabrina is now in bed in HoH she said Rachelle I wish you were here with me. Sabrina is saying goodnight to everyone in her family. Sabrina is all smiles she said thank you god for this blessings.

12:40AM BBT The lights are dimmed in the Br Jon,Heather and Neda are all in bed. Sabrina still listening to music in HoHR.

1:00AM BBT They are finally asleep. Good night Canada.

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1:30am BBT Sabrina comes downstairs and tries to get into the DR but is ignored. She puts some water on to heat up in the KT and heads to the HT area looking for something but can't find it. She returns to the KT and it doesn't look like tea so maybe she makes some hot chocolate. The other HG are sound asleep. She tries again for the DR and this time gets a green light. She puts down her mug and goes in.

1:40pm BBT She's back out a moment later and sits down on the couch, blowing on her drink to cool it down. She lays down just outside the DR. She seems to be waiting for something.

1:50am BBT She heads back into the DR and comes right back out with a paper cup held by her teeth and heads up to the HoH. It looks like she got some pills from BB and washes them down with some water, then takes another sip of her hot drink, puts her mic pack on the side table and rolls over to sleep. And now for the second time I'll say goodnight, Canada!

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From what I could gather from the first 60 minutes of AfterDark...

In the HoH comp, Neda made it to a tie-breaker with Sabrina, because Neda was telling Jon that she will never be able to live down that she had the right answer but erased it. A little later she says it was 1000. (Not sure if she was going to say a number higher than 1000, but stopped talking.)

(On the Slice website, there is a photo from the comp, showing Neda with "After" while Sabrina and Heather have "Before". Not sure if Neda was right or wrong on that one, as it was not shown on Thursday night's episode.)

A little later, Heather goes up and stands outside the open door of the HoH room while Sabrina shows her the photos she got.

Later on, in the bedroom, Neda asks Heather if she saw Sabrina's celebrity news. Apparently, she got some gossip, like about Kim and Kanye making the cover of a magazine, Olivia Wilde having a baby (Otis?) and it being the 10-year anniversary of "Mean Girls", among other tidbits.

Apparently Sabrina did not receive any alcohol.

Heather decides that she wants to look through her things to see if there is anything she can give to the others as a memento. Jon was like "you can just mail me something after". LOL! When Heather starts looking through her jewelry, Neda tries on a bracelet or two. Jon quickly asks her if she's even allowed to have that bracelet on right now (due to her punishment). He says it so fast she has to ask him to repeat it twice before she is able to understand.

Jon was incredulous that this house is really in a warehouse, and it will just sit there until next year, with nobody using it. Heather insists that's what happens.

Later, when the outside is finally opened to them and they go out, Jon points out the water damage, and wonders how a house that is inside a warehouse could get a leak. Neda tries explaining to him that this part is really outside, but he doesn't seem to understand.

One of the HoH competition questions was about Heather's knee.

Neda says she can't remember what the second question that she got wrong was.

Jon tells her that she got the "bottle service" one wrong. "Was 'Bottle Sevice' before or after Allison came into the house", and he can't believe anyone could get that wrong.

She says another one she got wrong was "Did Ro read her letter before or after Ika's thing" (letter shredding?)

Jon is like "those are two of the ones you should have gotten right".

When they go back inside, Jon brings the battery box out of the storage room. They see that there are so few batteries in there now, because they are so few houseguests.

And talk turns to Rachel Reilly.

Any time any two of Neda, Heather and Jon are alone together, they talk game and final two deals.

We;ve been shown Jon & Heather talking final 2, Jon & Neda talking final 2 and Heather and Neda talking final 2.

[i think this is caught up to the moment live feeds came back, so I'll save myself the rest of the show to watch tomorrow. - JEDI]

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#BBCAN2 10:00AM BBT: Heather doing ADLs in the WR. Jon and Neda drinking coffee on the couch talking about BBCAN season 1. Sabs is listening to her music in the HOHR.

#BBCAN2 10:05AM BBT: Sabs comes down and joins the rest downstairs. Neda says."2 more days and I get my sh@# back."

#BBCAN2 10:11AM BBT: "Sabs, you're gonna put on so much weight when you start eating again." Sabrina responds "JON!!!!"

#BBCAN2 10:13AM BBT:Sabrina and Heather will wear their BBCAN2 hoodies on the plane when they leave.

#BBCAN2 10:16AM BBT: Jon smacks Neda on the head as he walks by "Should've had a V8"

#BBCAN2 10:17AM BBT: All sitting on the couch drinking coffee.

#BBCAN2 10:22AM BBT: Neda comments on how long of a setup they are having right now. "They were setting up for about 4 to 5 hours now"

#BBCAN2 10:25AM BBT: Jon is about to stroke out trying to determine when women say they are "Fine" and they really aren't. The girls keep piling on and are enjoying it.

#BBCAN2 10:26AM BBT: "If your pissed off with me, you want me to sit down with you?" Heather, "We just want you to sit and show you care, when we are ok we will talk." Jon "When I am annoyed with you, I don't want you anywhere near me." Neda. "If I say get the eff away, RUN!!"

#BBCAN2 10:40M BBT: Jon "It doesnt matter who goes on the block right now.Put me on the block" Neda" It does in a sense you can see what Sabrina wants." Sabrina " Jon. Im pretty sure you have a 90% chance you will win the Veto." Jon "Actually 95%"

#BBCAN2 10:40M BBT: Sabrina "Quit making it seems like my HOH is worthless. Your being mean."

#BBCAN2 10:43M BBT: Neda "Im exhausted. I had like 3 hours of sleep."

#BBCAN2 10:48M BBT: Jon "Dont know why you think I'm a d#*k, I'm a nice guy." Jon says to Sabrina.

#BBCAN2 10:50M BBT: Jon, Neda and Sabrina on the couch discussing who has to say "I love you." Neda, " I don't say it first. I will say it if said to." Jon. "I make Neda say it first before I leave the room."

#BBCAN2 11:02 to 11:09AM BBT: Jon gets called to the DR. Sabrina says immediately after he leaves." He has to know he is going up because he is the biggest threat." Neda and Sabrina head to the HOH. Sabrina" Here is my thought process. I'm thinking of putting you and Jon up. If you win the Veto that you will make the decision." Neda. "I will be in that position if I win the Veto anyways." Sabrina, "Do you want to make the decision to evict Jon?" Neda, "I don't know."

#BBCAN2 11:10AM BBT: Neda describes how she heard cheers when she got one of the HOH questions wrong and starts to cry.

#BBCAN2 11:13AM BBT: Heather is showering while Neda and Sabrina are still in the HOHR chatting. Jon comes up and heads into the HOHR. Sabs "Get the hell out of my room!" sarcastically. "but, yea, can I have a minute still with Neda?" Jon leaving. "IT DOESN'T MATTER!!" and heads to the WR. Sabrina says "If I have my way, it's us 3 (Neda, Sabs, and Heather) because we have no chance against Jon."

#BBCAN2 11:20AM BBT: Sabrina, "I'm curious if you were put in the moment to choose who went home, you would get soft and not evict Jon. Tell me what your thoughts are." Neda "I would prefer to not be on the block. I would not be mad if I am on the block

#BBCAN2 11:23AM BBT: Neda."I would make my decision based on the game."

#BBCAN2 11:24AM BBT: Neda, "This will not leave this room, but understand Heather already assumes what we are talking about. She is not stupid."

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#BBCAN2 11:26AM BBT: Neda would've beaten Sabrina by 1 had she not changed her card the last minute of the HOH comp.

#BBCAN2 11:29AM BBT: Jon enters the HOHR with Sabs. Sabrina tells Jon that he is going on the block. Jon, "I knew I would whether it was any one of you guys winning."

#BBCAN2 11:31AM BBT: Jon. "Right now, nominations don't mean anything. It's who wins the veto who gets to make the decision." Sabrina, "Your not getting voted out by nobody. Your gonna winn 100G!"

#BBCAN2 11:34AM BBT: Sabrina "If anyone of you bring me, you all will win."

#BBCAN2 11:35AM BBT: Jon "Why would you keep me over Neda?" Sabrina," I don't want her to make her feel uncomfortable." (God they would make great politicians never answering the question directly)

#BBCAN2 11:40AM BBT: Jon with the girls in the WR. "Let's do Rock Paper Scissors to see who goes up." Neda and Heather are in. "It doesnt matter who is on the block. Its all about the veto unless you want to make choice Sabrina." Sabrina. "Are you really doing this? You agree to this eh?" ....and the winner is...Neda....Heather is going up on the block with Jon. (Assuming this is real)

#BBCAN2 11:43AM BBT: Sabrina, "You guys agreed to this, I have nothing to do with this." Jon, "Isn't this better for you Sabs?"

#BBCAN2 11:47AM BBT: Jon goes in to the BR and hugs Neda and laughs his ass off. Neda, "You're such an ass."

#BBCAN2 11:47AM BBT: Jon, "At least you are safe unless she decides to change her mind." Neda explains a bit of her convo with Sabs in the HOHR. He says it doesn't matter but he is sketchy of Neda. Neda." I dont know why? I tell you time and time again." Jon,"Its not what you said, its because of (waves motioning to produciton meaning they are asking weird questions in the DR room.)" We get a HG, please stop talking about production.

#BBCAN2 11:51AM BBT: Last tweet should have been 11:49. And we have "Hush" on the feeds.

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#BBCAN2 11:54AM BBT: Neda and Jon, Rock,Paper,Scissors in the WR and Jon wins. Jon runs out saying Neda and Heather are now on the block. Sabrina walks by and says fine. (I know it doesn't matter, but if Jon just got himself a bit of security with Rock, Paper, Scissors he gets my vote even though I don't have one.)

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12:33AM BBT: They all ask Gary if he can stay for the awards he says no he is just here to help them get ready. This is their moment they should enjoy it.

12:36PM BBT Feeds are going in and out of HoTH. Right now being one of the times they are down.

12:41AM BBT Feeds back Heather is wearing a beautiful blue dress. Gary asks BB if Sabs can go get her make up. Gary says BB told him they have to do make up after they all get dressed. 12:43PM BBT Gary says Jon fashion has changed and it's great.

12:44PM BBT Sab is in a beige dress. Neda is in a Silver topped black bottom dress both look great. Jon is in a tux. The HG's are quizzing Gary about how the show ended last years.

12:47PM BBT Jon is talking about doing suspenders but everyone else agrees that he should just do the cumber thing [no one knows the actual name of it]

12:49PM BBT Gary is helping both Sab and Heather put gloves on. Sab is in black and Heather is in white. Neda has on tons of bracelets.

12:51PM BBT Gary asks how does it feel to be final 4. Jon said I was just like don't get out first after that it's all been icing on the cake. Heather good way to think about it. Sab asks how she is suposed to put make-up on with the gloves on. Gary: Girl don't worry about it.

12:53PM BBT: Gary and the HG's leave and go to the WA. Gary says what the hell happened in here. Neda says (pointing to the wax) Sab was waxing her vagina. Gary yells Ya'll are nasty! They leave and now Sab is showing Gary her HOH room and geting some stuff to get ready out of the HOHWA.

12:58PM BBT Everyone is back in the WA. Gary is doing Jon's make up promising not to put on much. He says come on it's the awards! Gary says I like everyone of you. You guys all have qualities that I like. Jon: Your so full of shit Gary! Gary I really do like all of you. Neda asks did you like everyone in your house last year? Gary just stays quite. Jon says congrats on last season by the way. Gary tells Heather her boobies look amazing but we are just gonna enhance them. Heather tells him to go for it. Gary comments saying omg they are so soft! #1:00PM BBT Neda tells Gary they did rock, paper, scissors for who went on the block. She tells him Heather and Jon are going up. Someone did not catch who asks Gary what his biggest regret was and he answers saying he is suppose to ask them questions.

1:06PM BBT Gary tries to clarify if he can answer questions and says ok what now. Neda asks again what was his biggest regret or something that he would of changed. Gary: I don't think I have any regrets. I wanted to win being myself and playing hard.

1:09PM BBT Gary says OMG Jon your hair looks great like that. (Sab's just finished it) Neda says I am so jealous you got to meet Rachel Reilly. Jon I didn't even know who she was. Gary decides Sab should do a bowa. Gary goes into the BR alone. Gary asks BB how am I doing? Do you want me to say anything? Feeds cut to HoTH.

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1:13PM BBT Feeds back with Jon saying his favorite part of last season was when Gary came out a Zoe and all the guys were stunned. Gary asks Jon what has been his favorite part of this season and he says beside Andrew leaving. I don't even know where to start , besides Neda, and Sabs, and Heather, hands down seeing my dad.

1:15PM BBT Gary asks the HG what their favorite moment of this season has been. Neda say she can't say her's. Gary what about the babies? Neda my least favorite what the babies and Easter. Gary asks Jon and he says was there a bad moment for him. Oh that f***ing Lacross fire challenge. Pool party for one. Heather says her best moment in the house for her was Adel trivia and the one on one time with Neda. Sab say my fav moment was any time with Ro. Jon asks what his (Gary) fav. moment last year was? He say getting his first HOH. Neda says he fav. moment was the moment she walked into the house because she didn't believe it was going to happen.

1:27PM BBT Gary what do you think of the jury right now. They all agree it is bitter. Sab it makes me nervous because I only have two people on the jury and the rest is their alliance. Neda asks is there anything that he found out after he got out the house? He felt bad about the glitter because he didn't know he was being so messy. They all ask him how he feels about Topaz he says he made it to the end and he wasn't gonna let anyone take that way from him and Jillian was a really good player and it's not like she didn't deserve to win. 1:34PM

BBT Audio cut out then we have HoTH.

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#BBCAN2 12:00 to 12:11PM BBT: Sabrina, Neda and Jon in the WR. Heather went to the BR and Jon followed for a sec. "You realize I'm still taking you to the final 2." Heather. "Yes. Im so excited." They hug and jump up and down. Jon goes back to take a shower and Heather goes down to eat in the Kitchen. Neda is getting her eyebrows waxed by Sabrina. "Hush" comes on all feeds.

#BBCAN2 12:19PM BBT: Feeds came back for a sec and all HGs were in the SR.

#BBCAN2 12:23PM BBT: Feeds back with everyone still in the storage room and one of the cameras pointing at the front door. There evidently was a leak of Gary's audio at the front door.

#BBCAN2 12:25PM BBT: door bell rings and Gary comes in.......

#BBCAN2 12:26PM BBT: Gary, "BB sent me to have an awards show with you."

#BBCAN2 12:30PM BBT: Gary's brilliance shuts down servers. Film at 11.

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4:21PM BBT Jon, Neda, and Heather in the couch talking about what they are going to ride on the plane ride home. Jon is stressing that planes are cold and the girls need to dress warm.

4:24PM BBT As I am watching the feeds I realize they are actually playing back this morning.
4:26PM BBT Switched camera feeds and all feeds are now HoTH.
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5:01PM BBT The HG's do a cheers to someone but I couldn't catch it because my audio went out.

5:02PM BBT Neda is saying how crazy it is to go from not even thinking she was never gonna be on the show to being in the final four. Jon says he was never a fan of the show but now that he has been on the show he is no glad. I found out the cheers was to everyone who works the behind the scenes stuff on BB. #BBCAN2 5:05PM BBT It is an all out love fest right now. I think they started drinking awhile ago. Heather is now crying saying this is the best moment of her entire life.

5:08PM BBT Heather is telling Sabs that she glad she has gotten to a point where they didn't like each other to now. She loves Neda as well and begins to cry again.

5:10PM BBT The BY is beautiful all done up in red with a screen with "and the award goes to" on it in the background. Jon tells all the girls he is proud to call them sisters and they all cry. Sab tells Heather that when she walked in the house she loved her until week 3. Sabs said she is so happy that the feeling she first felt for Heather are the real feelings ahe has for her. Neda tells the girls she had such a bad day day 14 because Sab said she didn't think the girls alliance was gonna work. Neda says she knew coming into the house that girls alliances didn't work but she was so committed to making it work. Sab said she knew but because she already had an alliance she didn't want to hurt them. Neda says she understands now. 5:17AM BBT Jon said he never called Sab a back stabbing bitch. Sab told her Kenny told her that. Sab didn't want to get Jon out until then. Kenny was just trying to get her to turn on him. Jon also wanted to go on record an say he doesn't like Sarah very much. Audio then cuts out.

5:20PM BBT Feeds are "Hushed" again.

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6:46PM BBT Only two feeds up right now both on Sab alone running a bath. As she pours bubbles in she states that the bubble bath smells so good.

6:49PM BBT Heather is downstairs making some bacon. Still only two feeds up.

6:56PM BBT The two feeds that are up are still on Heather who is loading the dishwasher. Sab is taking a bath in the HOHWA. Jon and Neda are no where to be seen.

7:03PM BBT The two feeds are now on Sabs who in standing up in her bubble bath in her swim suit with her head phones on singing into the removable shower head but making no sound and dancing, saying In memory of Rachelle. I can hear it is Michael Jackson "The Way You Make Me Feel" then BB tells he to turn down the music.

7:09PM BBT: Sab is now laying in the bath with just a few random leg kicks out of the water during a really good part of a song.

7:13 Sab just got out of the bath. Heather comes up says Nomination Ceremony Today just popped up on the screen. Sab, Jon and Heather all agree that it will be Noms tonight. POV Comp and Ceremony on Sat as well, with an eviction Sunday. Jon leaves and Heather tells Sab she is not sure if she will bring to Sabs or Neda to finals.

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7:21PM BBT Heather and Sab are at the stairs talking about how this is over very soon. It's just hitting them and they are so sad. Heather said the days were long but the weeks went by so fast.

7:26PM BBTNeda ot trashed and now is feeling hungover. The HG's are trying to decide the best way to get her good for Nom. Ceremony. Feeds cut to HoTH.

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8:03PM BBT Everyone getting ready for the pov ceremony. Not much talking going on.

8:10PM BBT Jon and Sabrina in HoH Jon said please do not put me on the block. Sabrina, started laughing. Then Jon said only 3 of them playing for the veto because Neda is sick.

8:24PM BBT We now have HotH.

8:27PM Feeds are back with Jon in the storage having a snack.

8:38PM BBT Heather and Sabrina going over outfit to wear, sabrina wants to wear the same outfit that she wore when Canada nominate her. Heather said no she need something new because she won HoH.

8:42PM BBT Sabrina going over her speech with Heather then Jon. Sabrina and Jon in BY Sabrina said she would never see her picture in black and white. They are going over the past HG pictures.

8:54PM BBT Heather and Jon in SR they confirm the final 2 deal. Heather said we had this alliance since day one. Sabrina went to DR to find out when is the pov ceremony but she did not get any reply

9:03PM BBT Feeds going and coming. Jon Heather and Neda in HT Jon is really babysitting Neda. Heather want to have a memorial for Adel.

9:12PM BBT Heather said Gary was so funny and hilarious, Heather and Jon going over what interview they have to do at the end.

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10:00PM BBT: Feeds cutting out everytime anyone gets near Neda who is now poured like a pink puddle on the backyard wrapped around a bucket. They have been basically carrying her from spot to spot for some time now. Neda walks into the house and Jon offers a fanfare presenting Neda the drunk ass. She says she is just tired and not drunk as she pours herself on the green couches. She calls out to Jon to get her some saltines. Heather and Jon have been making a pizza but it was not cooking right so they have folded it into what they now call a calzone. Jon and Sabrina sitting at the counter for a minute til he gets up and starts pacing around again. The feeds start loading. Heather is tidying up in the kitchen. Neda thanks Jon for tonight then says who gets drunk off champagne. They are debating the time and think that BB changed the clock again. Jon teases Neda that the POV is going to be right now. Neda hopes that now is her hangover and tomorrow she will be ok. Jon says she was drunk then totally fucked and now drunk again. We get FoTH. (Just what do they think they are keeping a secret?? DRG)

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9:21PM BBT Heather,Jon are now in the KT. Neda is lying down on the couch. Jon is looking for pizza Heather does not want pizza. Jon discover something and called Neda first to see it. And we get HotH

9:37PM BBT Feeds are up and down tonight. Heather is in the SR looking for a snack.

9:42PM BBT Heather and Jon still making dinner, only 2 feeds are working. Heather wants to know if they would be coming in the house next season. Sabrina just join Heather in the KT, Sabrina told Heather to win the Veto tomorrow please.

9:46PM BBT Sabrina sid she is going to make dinner for everyone tomorrow. Jon said if he wins veto he will smash Sabrina HoHR and pee in her bed. Sabrina wants to know if they all get a basket when they leave the house.

9:50PM BBT Jon pizza is almost ready, Heather having toast. The feeds are up and down again.

10:03PM BBT We still have HotH, Maybe nomination time.

10:14PM BBT Feeds are back Jon and Heather pizza is done. Heather and Jon are now eating, Sabrina just watching them.

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10:06PM BBT: Feeds back on Heather and Sabrina in the kitchen. Heather still tidying up while Sabrina is drinking her shake of some sort as she is still on slop. They move to the table and Jon returns saying he is so hungry. This has been his mantra for the last several hours and he has eaten anything that did not run away from him. He takes the calzone out of the oven and turns it over before replacing it in the oven. Sabrina tells him that he is so hot. She asks Heather if she is eating some calzone and then answers his own question by saying Hundo. Heather is currently eating some eggs that she made. Sabrina talks about how they will leave the house and be reaching for their battery packs at home. Jon says this was a fun ride and sits on a stool. Heather asks if she is the only one who has drunken a lot and kept her alcohol down. (as in not throwing up). Jon tells them he is 26 and has been a teacher for two years after Sabrina says they are past the point of lying in the game. She says never trust you until you are out those doors to which he replies don't trust me even then. He says he has been honest the whole game then tells Sabrina she is a good person. He is getting himself another piece of the calzone. Neda remains horizontal and motionless on the green couches. Jon teases that he is really a chef as he sits down to eat. Heather asks if it is really doughy and he says yes. Sabrina wonders why he just doesn't wait for his food to cook. Sabrina says the last three HGs never get to see their picture turn black and white it will stay in color. They are all sitting at the small table now which is oval and only has four chairs. Earlier they were out by the pool which now has no furniture surrounding it. They are talking about the montages from the awards ceremony earlier and Jon is teasing Sabrina. Heather says she used to work at a freight line company and they used to order in lunch everyday and take turns buying for everyone. There was a lunch place that had a special everyday and it was all homemade and they only made so much and when it was gone that was it. So when you come to visit Edmonton we will have to get lunch there. Sabrina asks if the west side is the good side of Edmonton. Jon says it is not as developed. The southwest is one of the newer developments. Adel lives on the north east which is a nice area. Heather does not even know if she lives in the same place as her roommate was trying to sell it when she left. Jon announces he is eating the whole calzone now. Sabrina is called to the DR and they all expect it to be for the noms ceremony. She leaves the table saying she will have to change. Heather asks don't they usually give us a warning. She heads to the bathroom stall as Jon is still in the kitchen. Sabrina runs upstairs calling out as she goes that it is happening in five minutes. Jon is eating alone at the table. Neda is still a pink puddle on the green couches. Now she rouses herself and slowly makes he way to the stairs. Sabrina is changing in the bedroom. Neda sits at the center table in the bathroom and Heather comes out of the stall to wash her hands. Heather says she is so nervous for tomorrow. Neda says it is what it is and we will just have to win. Heather says if Sabrina wins she will not take Jon to final 3. Neda says it does not matter. Sabrina comes to get approval for her outfit and Neda tells her she better not be wearing heels right now. Neda now brushing her teeth and Jon comes in and tells her he thinks she is cute. Heather has joined in the brushing action as has Jon and we get FoTH on all feeds.

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