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I agree... I am not closer to Canada, but I don't see why the contract couldn't be changed to make things even for them to play... And I for one am one Georgian that would root for any Candian out there playing hard over an American that wasn't...

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Guest ranster627
I agree... I am not closer to Canada, but I don't see why the contract couldn't be changed to make things even for them to play... And I for one am one Georgian that would root for any Candian out there playing hard over an American that wasn't...

Since I root for the people themselves, I have to agree ... being Canadian, I have found myself rooting for many an American in reality TV, but not because they are American. I would like to think that I would not root for someone just because they are Canadian though ...

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Well, I for one, would like to see more people proving that not all stereotypes (good or bad) are wrong. Can you imagine, with the addition of Canadians, we could one day witness a conversation between Bobby john (all looks & no brains good ole' boy), Judd (classic New Jersey), April (drama queen Southern 'gal'), Simon Callen (smarmy Brit) and a real life McKenzie brother 'eh?

It would be GREAT!!

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Courtesy of: ZAP2IT.COM

'Guatemala' Finale Outrates Past Two 'Survivors'

Monday, December 12, 2005

02:52 PM PT


The biggest audience for a "Survivor" finale in the past three editions of the game tuned in Sunday to watch ex-beauty queen and radio host Danni Boatwright win $1 million.

CBS says almost 21.3 million people watched the final episode of "Survivor: Guatemala," in which the 30-year-old Boatwright won a 6-1 jury vote over Stephenie LaGrossa -- a return player from last spring's "Survivor: Palau" -- and took home the big prize. That would be the largest audience for a "Survivor" finale since the "All-Stars" edition in May 2004, which drew 24.76 million viewers.

Ratings numbers are preliminary, and CBS is basing its results on the 8:30 to 10:30 p.m. time period -- the show started late in some parts of the country thanks to late-afternoon NFL games that bled into primetime. Final numbers will be out Tuesday.

Still, it's likely the final audience figures will be an improvement over "Palau" (20.8 million) and almost certainly beat last fall's "Vanuatu" finale, which averaged 19.7 million viewers in December 2004. Sunday's finale also did better than "Vanuatu's" in the two demographic groups CBS cares most about, adults 18-49 and 25-54.

For the season, though, "Survivor: Guatemala" will likely end up trailing its two predecessors by fairly substantial margins. The current edition of the game averaged about 18.3 million viewers on Thursdays, while "Vanuatu" brought in 19.6 million and "Palau" 20.9 million per week.

Ratings for the finale won't factor into the season average, as it's considered a special and not a regular episode of the series.

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'Survivor: Guatemala' Winner Danni Boatwright and Runner-up Stephenie LaGrossa Tell All

Dec. 13 -- After 39 days of jungle drama, Kansas City tomboy Danni Boatwright wrestled the $1 million 'Survivor' prize away from Jersey girl Stephenie LaGrossa. AOL Television editor Sandy Deane grilled both women about who really deserved to win, why the jury was so bitter and what's in store for them now that Guatemala is behind them.

So, what does it feel like to be the million dollar baby?

It's unbelievable. Being a fan of the show and watching it so many seasons and then you win, it's just unreal.

What are you going to do with your winnings?

Before I even went down to compete in the game, I said if I win, I certainly could bless a lot of my family with it. And then, this next summer, I'd like to start looking into the adoption process. I'd like to adopt a child, originally I thought from China, but after being in Guatemala I think that would be really cool.

Do you think you truly outplayed Stephenie?

Absolutely. The way the numbers were stacked against me, you know, that doesn't just happen by chance. You have to be a player; you have to be very strategic. I had to be careful about what I did and the timing of it. When we merged, some of the people thought it was OK to feast while some of the people competed for immunity. I knew my head wasn't on the chopping block but I competed anyway because I wanted to show respect to the guys in my alliance whose heads were on the block. And then when we had the auction, nobody bid on that immunity clue. That was a huge point. I won that immunity and then it helped me manipulate the situation to get Judd voted off. I can't believe Stephenie didn't talk to Judd about it.

If Rafe hadn't released you from your agreement to go to the final two, would you have taken him?

I definitely would have taken Stephenie and I don't think I stabbed him in the back because he never promised me anything. It's just like a relationship. I'm not going to be with a guy who isn't going to be committed to me, you know. He never promised me final two. Rafe and I are still good friends and he even said I made the right decision. But it did make it easier when he said he released me. If Rafe was a quarterback and we were in the Super Bowl, I'd sack his butt if I had the chance. I'd give him a hand and help him back up but that's just how you play a game.

What's next for you?

I'm going back home and take it all in. And I want to go back and do my sports radio. I'm ready to go talk sports.

Are you going to stay local, or take your sports radio national?

My passion is with my local teams, with the Chiefs and the Jayhawks and the Royals. But I've always wanted to do sideline reporting, and I love basketball. But we'll see what happens.


Do you think Danni deserves the $1 million prize?

You know, I do. I mean anybody that goes through that and can make the 39 days definitely deserves the $1 million. I don't think I had a shot against her or even Rafe, or really anyone else.

You don't think you'd have had a better shot against Rafe in the final two?

I don't. Rafe and I made the same exact decisions; we played the same exact game. But the thing is, this was my second time around. This was the rest of the cast's first time around and a lot of them were very resentful that they even brought us back to begin with. And now I got to the end and they're sitting on the jury. A lot of anger came in to play. You know, you have two types of juries: there are bitter juries and respectful juries and they were all very bitter towards me.

Were you surprised by just how angry the men were?

Honestly, Katie took it a lot harder in Palau. I thought they were really going to let me have it and they didn't. I was really prepared, like bring it on because I played a great game and I'm here and you're not. But they didn't.

They voted emotionally, but did you think intellectually they'd concede that you played the best game?

When you come out of the game, you are emotionally a mess. People drink themselves into oblivion when they're on the jury, they just get crazy and they're just pissed off. They're just voting out of anger. Sometimes if you wait until the after show is completely done airing and maybe the votes are later, it could be a different story.

Do you think that if they'd held their votes until they got to watch the whole season that the result would have been different?

Yeah, I do. A few people, I heard through the grapevine, said "I regret the way I voted." But at the same time, Danni

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So im watching All-Stars for the first time right now, and i was soooo glad to see that Jerri got Colby off, instead of Cocky Colby getting Jerri for the second time!!!!

Jerri gets such a bad rap, i dont think shes that bad.

just thought id share

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Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, INSIDER

The (Rest of the) Tribe Has Spoken

by Angel Cohn

To be crowned the winner of Survivor: Guatemala, Danni Boatwright had to beat out Cindy Hall, Lydia Morales, Rafe Judkins and, last but not least, Stephenie LaGrossa. What did the four runners-up think of their own Survivor stints? TVGuide.com caught up with the, um, "not-winners" to discuss their most memorable jungle moments.

Stephenie LaGrossa

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