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Survivor 28 - Episode 9 - April 23 2014

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We are reminded that the "special" idol with power has not been found yet. After tribal last week, Jefra asks why Tony and Woo flipped on LJ. Trish says she wishes she kind of new but knows why he did it. Spencer says to us that Tony likes big moves and he played along to benefit his own game. He is trying to figure out who he can bring over to his side to take Tony out.

Tony is making a little spy shack near the water well. Jefra and Trish head to the well and they are talking about Tony. Trish says they need Tony "But I think he is an Academy Award winning actor!" Tony hears this. Jefra says that Tony lied. He tells us he no longer trusts Jefra. He feels he is in trouble.

Reward challenge! They will be in 2 teams of four. They need to go through the water to get paddles. That spells a phrase. They are playing for a meal and a day trip! Orange team Kass Trish Tony and Woo, Purple is Jefra, Spencer Tasha and Jer.

Purple has a lead, they have to get 2 paddles out of each box. Orange has caught up! They paddle their way to the second box of paddles. Woo and Tony are pushing hard to keep Orange in the lead and Tony loses one! He has to go back and get it! They are even once again!

Jefra whispers "Fight! Fight!" to Spencer and Tasha. They are in this challenge. They win! "Worth Playing For!" was the winning phrase. Spencer, Jefra, Tasha and Jer are headed for reward! Tony tells us he is in trouble now and bad things are going to happen!

Kass says the worst part is Jefra is with the other 3, Trish goes alone to get water. Kass says us, keep the annoying people and get rid of the others. Tony says he had to get rid of LJ. Trish asks if they are still on that. Tony won't let up. She asks for help to get limes and papaya, Woo says he will go. Tony goes looking for the idol.

Trish finds the papaya. Woo jumps up and starts shaking the tree while standing in it. Once they fall, the branch lets go and he falls out of the tree!

Trish panics, she is hoping he didn't break his tailbone. He landed on his butt. He says it hurts but they got fruit so he is pumped!

The reward winners are at caves with waterfalls and they get lunch in the cave with an open natural skylight above. Spencer says it is perfect, he needs to pull Jefra in. She tells the 3 that she questions where she stands in the alliance. Spencer asks if she is willing to join them. A man walks in and says he has something else for them. It is letters from home. Jefra breaks down, she is very emotional. Jefra's mom says "Don't let your kind heart be your downfall." She says it is a sign to jump ship and they agree to a final 4.

Immunity Challenge time! They all make their way to the beach. They have to stand on a beam while balancing a ball on a platform. They will have to move down the beam. They will have to move their hands lower on the platform as they balance the ball. The wind picks up as soon as they start!

Jefra is out! Trish drops she is out! Tony drops he is out! Kass is out! 3 minutes in and they are down to 4.

Round 1 is done, they move down the beam. The move their hands down one level on the pole.

Jer is out! Spencer, Woo and Tasha are still in!

20 minutes in, they finish round 2. All 3 are still in. They all struggle with balance as Jeff counts them in.

Woo is out! Tasha and Spencer are the only 2 left. This is the second time they are the last 2 in it. The both are focused on the ball. The wind picks up and Spencer is out! Tasha wins! Guaranteed a spot in the final 7!

Jefra tells us she does not trust Tony, she would like to get rid of him now rather than later. The rest of that alliance "believe him like he is Jesus or something."

They all congratulate Tash for her win. She tells us it may be a 4 and 4 vote but the most important person to vote out is Tony. We see him running through the woods, he is still looking for the idol. Jefra and Trish talk and she tells Trish that she can't trust Tony. She says she is over Tony's fakeness and lies and he is on her nerves. Tony continues looking for the idol. He is looking in places that stand out to him. Trees with deep roots. Unique looking roots and He finds it. The special idol.

This idol can be played after the votes are read. He can not give it to anyone else. It is just for him. He tells us he is gonna show us how powerful it is. Kass is talking to Jefra that when they get rid of someone who annoys them, it screws up their game. Tony wades out to them in the water and Trish asks if she can trust him. He admitted double agents don't work and it is the 5 of them and they will be getting rid of the 3 of the others. Woo worries more about Jer than Spencer.

Jefra tells Jer that she will not be voting with them tonight. It is not in her best interest. Jer, Spencer and Tasha are wading in the water. Jer admits to them that he is a fashion model. Spencer says it is not a big deal. Spencer tells them he has the idol. He says now is the time to go for it, take the chance. They discuss voting for Woo. Spencer just hopes he doesn't play the idol wrong.

They are at tribal. Jer says he talked to Jefra and she went back to her alliance. Jefra says to be honest, She weighed out her options. Spencer says it is annoying. He calls out that Tony breaks promises. Tony says he didn't break promises. Spencer says if Tony makes it to the end, he will have Spencer's vote. Tasha agrees. Trish says that they called Tony out on his actions and they believe him now. Woo is asked who they should vote for, he says they weighed out who has the immunity idol. Jer thinks Spencer is a big threat even though he is his buddy. Spencer says you also have to look at social game. Tasha says they voted Tony last time and they picked someone else tonight. Tony says he has his bag of tricks (tonight he does!) and Spencer says he wants to see what Tony has in that bag.

Jeff asks for the idol and Spencer plays it. "You can steal as many clues as you want Woo, I got the real thing." Tony has his idol in his hand and then says "Do you see the inexperience in the lad? This is a fake idol by the way." First 2 votes are Woo, third is Woo. Jer has 2 votes. Now Jer has 3. Jer has 4, Woo has 3, Jer is out. Spencer apologizes for using the idol. Jer wishes them good luck as he leaves. Tony puts his "fake" but real idol back into his bag. Jeff reminds them they have to make big moves in the game and dismisses them from Tribal.

Next time on Survivor. They have the Survivor food auction! Spencer uses his brain to make Tony more paranoid. Jer says it is one of those things. He is glad he had the chance to go out there and compete! We will see you next week!

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This shouldn't be called Survivor: Cagayan. This season should be called "Survivor: Tony or Spencer is going to win" They get more air time than everyone else. How could survivor edit the show like this and neither one not win? The same thing has been happening in recent seasons too where the winners get a lot more air time compared to everyone else.

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I mistakenly thought Spencer found the special immunity idol 2 weeks ago so I was surprised when Tony found it. I agree with Cajunboiler that Tony & Spencer get most of the air time but that seems to happen every season. With Tony having the special idol it seems a given that he'll make final four. I still think he's being built up to take a major fall.

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