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September 17th Live Feed Updates

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Believe it or not, they are outside in BY doing laundry... emptied dryer and folded a slew of towels and washcloths and did washer to dryer. Placed linens in bathroom and they're off in different directions for the moment. Ivette outside and mags to RR. Mags is going to put pj's on and join Ivette outside... they're going to lay outside for awhile. Ivette's already in her pj's.


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Guest Shockalot

This was unusual to see:

Maggie intends to give Ivette a nice long backrub.

Ivette lays face down on one of the beds in the bunkbed room.

The lights are off (infrared cams for us)

Vette removes her top and is laying down, her pants pulled down slightly.

Maggie climbs up onto Ivette, sort of squatting down on Vettes buttocks with her feet on either side.

She has some lotion and begins a slow sensuous massage....


Returns and Maggie is still massaging Vette.

Ivette comments that she can't wait to get out of the shower one day without having to put on a towel.

Maggie is done rather abruptly.. simply gets up and walks over to next bed and climbs in.

Ivette comments something about her being such a funny thing.. just jumping up and into bed like that?

Vette lies face down, relaxed while Maggie turns restlessly in bed, eyes closed but tossing a bit.

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10:50AM BBT

M&I are up & in the bathroom

Mags is showering

(I think Ivette may be about to color Maggie's hair, she has on rubber gloves & is setting up a chair for M to sit in)

Maggie wants her hair colored, so she had 2 boxes of some stuff

and is reading the instructions and deciding which one she likes - maybe BB is going to play a joke on her and when the box says blonde it'll be puke green or something like that...

Debating over the instructions.

Ivette - you cant wash your hair for 24 hours...

Maggie changing in the bathing suit and wet her hair

Ivette making the coloring stuff ready - she has the gloves on, looks like chemist mixing some poison

Mag saw her and had laugh explosion

Mags is showering...hope she's not washing her hair... unless they've changed the way you apply dye LOL

Ivette running back and forth getting towels, chair, brush, etc. to do mags hair.

hair color go on wet hair LOL Ivette doing the roots first... smart girl...

Mags asking if she's following the directions... asks if it's blue.... .pink? GREEN

Mags never dyed her hair before except junior year in H.S. - burgandy.

Ivette said something about the color turning darker at the bottom...

Maggie done going in the BY

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Now reading instructions how to rinse it off.

Maggie in the shower, Ivette sitting in the middle of the BR and reading the instructions and giving advise

Ivette - you sure you put your fingers in

The water is running clean??? Now apply the deep condit. treatment with Aloe 3, leave in for 2 minutes then rinse off

Ivette reading directions on back of pack of emery boards?! Guess they're gonna do the whole beauty thing.

Ivette saying something about Q. and A. today... not sure who is going to be questioning them, but I guess it's all part of the finale on Tuesday

11:10 AM BBT: Ivette is dyeing Maggie

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Ivette spraying surfaces... mags gets off of counter... tells ivette that she can throw away the 'action figures' lol Ivette tells her not to.

Ivette saying Janie left her soft batch cookies... mags doesn't want them.

Mags helping to wipe the counters now. Ivette saying the house was really hard to keep up because some people didn't care. (Sounds like a dorm lol)

Mags into sttoreroom... and out again...

Ivette still cleaning.

Mags wants to play cards outside. Mags saying they should play Hide 'n Seek tonight when the lights are out... it'll scare the crap outta her.

Mags outside saying it's nice out now.

Ivette.... ouch... something fell... she found it under the stove... it was one of the knobs.

Now mags saying it's sunny outside... warm... 'my bad'

Ivette finished now and headed outside.

Hear the card shuffling..... Mags thanking ivette for cleaning.

Black shorts came out soft... air dried...

Now they're going to play in the LR...orange couches.... the backs unhinge and lay flat... one of the couches is now a flat surface...they're going to lay on it while they play cards.

Ivette having some apple cobbler.... (must have been something else that went in the trashbag)...

Ivette and maggie aplay blackjack on the orange futon and eat m&m's and reeses pieces. They talk about casinos.

Next they play memory with their cards. Still in the same spot, still with the same candy.

Maggie and Ivette are gonning to have to do a question and answer deal in a little bit. So they are going to walk in the BY until time to do that. They set the timer and have left the sliding door open so they hear it.

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6:54PM BBT

Mags burping & decribing how awful the smell must be

Iv & Mags playing cards at the tiny dining room table

M: have you showered yet?

M: are u gonna shower??

(Lets face it folks there won't be much going on til Tuesday so thats all I got for ya :blink: )

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Iv & Mags playing cards at the tiny dining room table

Ivette asked mags if she's not going to toast her bagel.... mags said she wanted to watch.

Ivette saying she won't say anything bad about Mags but she's afraid that the questions will make her say things that sound like she's being mean.

Mags saying that tonight is going to be intense... the other alliance don't know her and her's does... that she'll end up taking blame for things she didn't do.

It's crazy.

Digging something out of frige... Ivette playing cards...

Ivette thinks that the jury's minds are set... Mags thinks she would feel that her mind would be set but that the Q&A could change them.

She feels that she's going to have to share her feelings on different things that she hasn't shared before (that's what you get for being so close-mouthed)

Mags doesn't want Ivette to get upset.

Ivette saying that mags is better with words than she is... Mags saying not with Julie Chen.... Uh....duh.....

Mags just let a big burp rip ... don't want to hear that with headphones again... and then she tooted... it came with a warning label... it really stinks and she hope's Ivette doesn't smell it... (which is kinda hard since they're sitting next to each other at the table)

Playing cards... ivette seems composed... mags saying oh, f-ck

Mags asking if she can use some of ivette's eyeliner and mascara. Yes, it's in the.....bag. Mags asking if ivette's going to shower...Yes....

Ivette saying they are building something BIG

Mags told ivette to remind her to tell her something later that's funny about her hands.

Mags is really on edge..

heard noise outside and said holy cow! She asked ivette earlier if she thought the jury will notice her hair.

Mags going to check her food... must have tooted again because Ivette said, Mags... your ass!

BB gave mags more veggie cheese. (They should give her some beano or something... geez.. burping again... she said she apparently has a lot of gas (do ya think?!)

Asked Ivette if she was upset or just thinking..

What was funny about mags last hand is that all her cards were BLACK... clubs or spades...

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