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Dancing with the Stars ~ U.S. season 18 Episode 6

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We are reminded of last week's Disney night performances and Cody's departure from the show. Tonight's show is Party Anthems! And someone is going home.

The guest judge tonight is Red Foo from LMFAO! He tells us he is looking for something that is gonna rock his socks off and make him go "WOOOOOOO!" We start the night telling Nene and Tony they are safe! ANNNNND they are dancing first! They are dancing a salsa!

Nene was very emotional after last week's show. She cries and he tells her he is not mad at her, he is proud of her. In rehearsal, he brought her flowers. She loved them. They are dancing to the song "Hot in here" by Nelly. She is happy that something good came out of the drama.

Nene has on a blonde long wig. She is in a yellow bodysuit with a matching fringe short skirt. Tony is in a yellow shirt with black trim, er umm he WAS, he just took it off! He has black pants on and he kept them on!

Len says she cornered the market on fun and entertainment. She needs to work on her technique. Bruno adds she can turn the heat up! She was all "up here!" and the hops were in a momentum but, she needs foot work! Carrie thought Nene was the most comfortable she has seen her. Redfoo says Nene owned that! It was getting HOT! He wanted to take off his stuff. He says "Technical Shhhmecical!"

Erin asks Nene if this was a fresh start and she says yes, they are in love. Tony still has no shirt on. Scores: Carrie 8, Redfoo 9, Len 8, Bruno 8 for 33 out of 40!

James and Peta are safe! Candace and Mark are in jeopardy! They are dancing next! They are dancing the Cha Cha to "I don't care" by Icona Pop. Mark tells her she got too "mental" last week. She has to figure out how to chill out. Mark says she has to do sexy hip movement or she won't get high scores. She says it isn't her but she has played her on tv before. She wants her confidence to shine through more than anything.

Candace is in a sliver halter dress with a short skirt. Shorty shorts underneath. Mark is in a black short sleeved shirt and pants with a silver bowtie and shiny silver shoes.

Bruno says she is sexy but just doesn't know it. He can see her almost stopping herself. It needs to keep going! Carrie says when she hits it, it is so great! She let them join her in the dance. Redfoo says "I got 2 words for that outfit, Bling Bling!" He just wanted her to get into that sexy but then she stopped! Len says her leg action was terrific. She needs to be more rhythmic in her arms.

Candace says she had fun out there and it felt so good! Mark says he is so proud of her! Scores: Carrie 8, Redfoo 8, Len 8, Bruno 8... 32 out of 40!

Tom calls Bruno Redfoo Jr. James and Peta are up next! We are reminded of their perfect score. Peta says that was her highlight of all her seasons. They are dancing to "You're the one that I want" from the Grease soundtrack. She corrects him a lot in practice, he gets frustrated.

Peta and James are dancing the quickstep. He is dressed like Danny Zucko, black shirt and pants. Peta is a Pink lady! Pink poodle skirt, off the shoulder pink shirt that is almost backless!

Carrie calls James a leading man and his charm is amazing, he could have been sharper with his footwork! Redfoo says that was quick and all over! Like 2 crabs in the sand! Len adds, as a performance "You were the one that I want but the footwork was tears on my pillow!" Bruno says it was like watching "John Astaire or Fred Travolta!" He felt that it could have been lighter but the combination of the 2 was wonderful!

James and Peta talk to Erin, she says their fans won't be happy with Len's comments. They will probably like Bruno's! Scores Carrie 9, Redfoo 9, Len 8, Bruno 9! 35 out of 40 for tonight!

As it is midseason, they show a highlight reel of the exhaustion and hard work the stars are putting in. Candace says it is all about moments that test who you are. James says he doesn't want to fail. Danica didn't think she would be a crier on the show. Meryl says she is growing as person not just a dancer. Charlie puts the smile on for everyone not just for him. Drew adds he loves the applause and where he has gone. Amy says she is now Amy the dancer not just a snowboarder! James wants to go all the way!

The next couple who is safe are Meryl and Maks! Danica and Val are in jeopardy! They are doing the Cha Cha! Danica is surprised she is a contender. They are dancing to "I wanna dance with somebody!" by Whitney Houston. He says this is her opportunity to be soft and sexy. She wants to get in touch with her "womanliness". She says that is the voice who says "What are you made of?? You gotta do this!"

Danica is in a turquoise bra top with silver jewels with a matching fringe skirt. Va is in a leather jacket, black pants, no shirt.

Redfoo says "Yeahhhhhhh baby!" He loved it. Len adds it the best dance of the night so far! Bruno says she is a purry little kitten, she did it just naturally. Carrie says she always go back to it and DWTS is about your personal journey and Danica is the whole thing! She is beautiful!

Danica says she just did her best and it's thinking about being in jeopardy of going home. Scores Carrie 9, Redfoo 9, Len 9, Bruno 9! 36 out of 40! Val thanks Danica's husband for letting him dance with her everyday.

Maks and Meryl are up next with their tango! Meryl was surprised by last weeks performance. She was disappointed with 9's across the board. She struggles in rehearsal for the tango. Maks gets frustrated. He asks why she is so timid. He has one of his rants in rehearsal. She just looks at him. She says he is questioning himself and his problem is that he is scared. He says he is terrified, not scared. He thinks in the back of his mind, he could go all the way and there is something to be said that the show gets to you. He says to Meryl "Don't even try to pep talk me!" She says "We can pep talk each other!"

They are wearing all black! Meryl is in palazzo pants with a lingerie style top, lots of see through sections.

Len says it was full of attack, purpose. He loves it. Bruno says it was a totally gripping film noir tango! Carrie is speechless. There was something magical between the 2 of them. She adds that Meryl looked like a pro! Redfoo says "ET phone home, that was out of this world!"

Maks says Meryl asks him things no one else has before. Scores 10 across the board! A perfect 40! Meryl says it feels fantastic, they are finding a way to work together and it is showing on the dance floor!

Drew and Cheryl are up next with a "Super freaky tango" Drew says "I feel like it is my last week" Cheryl says they should just keep going like they are going and have fun with it. Witney and Lindsay are in the dance as well. He says no matter what happens he wants to put on a show for the fans.

Drew is in a 70s style red suit with zebra print lapels. Cheryl is in a black and sliver dress with red underpanels, opera gloves and fascinator hat on.

Bruno says "You pimped my tango!" he put on a great show even though the technique was all over. Carrie says he brought the character back! He was the life of the party tonight. Redfoo says he was all swagged out! He even had the "stanky pimped face! It was Drew Carey trick!" Len says he loves Drew's commitment. He gives it his all. There were a few mistakes... Drew adds "I am like the Dad at a wedding!"

Drew says he had a great time for a week's worth of tango lessons. Scores Carrie 8, Redfoo 9, Len 7 Bruno 8. 32 out of 40 tonight.

Charlie and Sharna are dancing the cha cha to Everybody dance now! She is in a short white dress with plunging neckline, He is in all white! Dress shirt and pants. Their costumes glow on the dance floor as they have turned on the black lights!

Carrie loved it! She says Charlie has improved tremendously. Redfoo liked it, it made him want to dance! Len adds that Charlie has brilliant musicality when he dances. It was terrific. Bruno is dancing. He says they captured the night in their glow lights. The style was spot on all the way through. "This track is hell to dance to!"

Erin talks to them about their dance. Charlie says this week was the hardest and they were able to pull it out and put on a great performance. Scores Carrie 9, Redfoo 9, Len 9, Bruno 9 for a total of 36!

Amy and Derek are dancing the jive to the song "Shout!" Amy says that now is the time to break free from the pack and head to the top! She hears this song and feels like she is dancing at a wedding. They are pretending to be wedding crashers. She says she wants to be there every week and to share these incredible moments with Derek!

Amy started in a wedding gown, Derek broke up the wedding! And she ripped off the ballroom skirt to a knee length ruffled skirt! He is in a tux with a white sportcoat!

Redfoo says it blew his mind! It was like quickstep and jive and WOOOOOOOOOO! Len says he understands everyone going crazy, it was a fantastic performance. He loves watching Amy dance. Bruno says "Marry me darling!" He says she is a real life super hero. Jive is the most difficult dance to perform and he hasn't seen anyone dance like she did tonight. Carrie says she has the best kicks of everyone ever. She agreed with Len there was a slip up in the middle but it was great! Scores Carrie 9, Redfoo 10, Len 9, Bruno 10! 38 out of 40!

Charlie and Sharna and Amy and Derek are safe! Drew and Cheryl are in jeopardy of going home! We will find out who is leaving after the break!

The next couple that is safe, Danica and Val!

The couple going home this week is, Drew and Cheryl. Candace and Mark will be back next week!

Drew wanted to do this to prove he could do something new after losing so much weight. He thanks DWTS for "letting me borrow your dance floor!" He thanks the fans for the kindness and the love. In the highlights he says he got to play out the ballroom fantasy in his head. They hug on the dance floor. We see the recap of tonight's performances. Next week each couple will have to do 2 dances! It is also Latin night next Monday and Ricky Martin will be a guest judge! We will see you next week!

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