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Monday, April 28 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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  • 2 weeks later...

11:12 PM BBT All the HGs are in the KT. They are trying to figure out how they compare in the timeline to last year’s season.

11:22 PM BBT Heather says this is the best day ever. They talk about hearing from their loved ones. BB tells Jon to fix his mic. He says if he didn’t have to wear this bib he wouldn’t have problems with his mic. BB tells him to stop talking about production.

11:34 PM BBT Jon and Neda in the BR. They are talking about how popular everyone will be after. Neda thinks she’ll be recognized once every few days but for Jon it will be constant. They are talking about what their family said to them. It was very similar.

11:43 PM BBT Sabrina and Heather are in the HT area. Sabrina says she saw Heather listening to Jon and Neda’s convo the other day at the SR and a 2nd time also. Heather nods. Jon and Neda joins them. Jon is saying 24 hours confinement is a long time in the BB house. You can miss a lot and a lot can change in that time. Adel tells them the fries are ready and Jon leaves.

11:51 PM BBT Sabrina, Heather and Neda are talking about what comps might still be coming up. They think Adel knows the non jury HGs better than them. Jon and Adel are back. They are still trying to figure out if there will be an instant eviction or not.

12:00 PM BBT They are going around and around trying to figure out what happened last year at this time. Adel left and came back to check on the lasagna. The group doesn’t think a HG will come back at this late date. (It’s funny listening to hear them figure out the date. They never seem to get it right!!!) Jon, Adel and Sabrina go to eat lasagna.

12:10 AM BBT Jon sings – I’m going to bed soon baby! – They are digging into the food while Heather does the dishes. Now Heather has joined them but she isn’t eating. Adel starts singing and BB says stop that. Adel is asking when their things start tomorrow. After POV.

12:20 AM BBT Neda and Jon are now at the washer. Sabrina comments on all the black and white pictures. Upstairs in the HOH Jon is brushing his teeth. Heather was also up there but leaves. Jon gives Sabrina a hug. In the BR is everyone but Adel was there. (can I say I’ve never see the BR so tidy)

12:25 AM BBT Adel, Jon, Sabrina and Heather in the BR. They are talking about their loved ones again. It sounds like they got to see them live though glass. BB must have flew them out. Heather leaves. Sabrina leaves. Jon and Adel are talking about Jon starting his solitary confinement after the POV. BB tells them not to talk about production.

12:36 AM BBT Sabrina, Heather and Neda are in the WA taking off their makeup. Sabrina leaves to get Benadryl. In the BR the lights are diming. Adel and Jon are still talking about the game. Adel is saying he’ll pretty much do anything to go final 2 with Jon including keeping the girls up until Jon gets back. Adel is saying he just wants the 20K. Adel says Neda won 3K in the comp. He feels Neda feels very confident in the game. He is saying he’s been much more honest in what he’s told Jon than Neda has.

12:46 AM BBT Adel says goodnight, takes off his mic and then says something to Jon. BB asks him to put his mic on. Jon tells him good night. He looks like he’s going to sleep in the BR rather than the HOH. Back in the WA is Neda, Sabrina and Heather. Sabrina is the only one that you can hear properly. The Hush screen came on for a bit. In the BR Jon gets up and leaves. In the HOH Jon asks Neda if she has any final 3s with anyone. Neda says no except what they are doing with Sabrina. She asks if Adel is saying that. Jon says yes. He is going to bring it up tomorrow in front of both of them and ask.

1:02 AM BBT Heather comes into the HOH and Neda leaves. Jon asks her if she has any other final 3s with anyone. She says no. (I think BB put in a commercial) Jon tells her about Adel saying Neda and herself taking to Adel about final 3 10-15 times. She’s surprised for a second that Adel said that. They continue to debate if Sabrina or Adel should go up. In the WA Neda and Sabrina are discussing who would win against who. BB asks Neda to check her mic. The sound goes off in feed two and one.

1:12 AM BBT BB must be getting ready to make Feeds 1 and 2 the BR with sound off as they’ve moved the WA to 3 and 4. Jon and Heather have joined them. Neda is putting tanner on Heather in the shower. Jon keeps whispering in Sabrina’s ear things for her to yell out to the others. BB asks them to watch their language.

1:31 AM BBT Sabrina pitches for their votes. She will be loyal to the females. She wants adel out before her. She hasn’t won anything but have nots. She get Jon out for them. They both clap and say good pitch. Feed one is the BR and Jon is in there. Feed 2-4 are the WA but 2 has no audio. The girls are just chatting about general HG stuff. Heather says she doesn’t want to watch the first 2 weeks. Heather and Neda go downstairs for water. They whisper to each other about Adel saying they have a final 3 with them. They go into the BY so they can’t be heard. If Adel goes this week he’ll hate in the Jury House.

1:43 AM BBT Neda and Heather are still in the BY talking and whispering game. They are discussing if Sabrina wins next week vs Adel. Heather is worried about Sabrina being in the final 3. If Adel makes I to final 3 we’d have a better chance beating him in final 3. They discuss who can beat who in different comps.

1:52 AM BBT In the BR Sabrina has gone to bed. Jon is still there, he seems to be staying there tonight. In the BY. They are pretty much covering all the scenarios. Neda think Adel would take Jon to the final 2 not them.

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2:06 AM BBT Sabrina must have got up because she is in the WA with Heather and Neda. Sabrina is making a pitch again for keeping her. She’s trustworthy, Arlie told her a bunch of things about how he’s going to vote before he left. Adel will go to final 2 with Jon. Adel has a good story that could swing jurers.

2:12 AM BBT Heather finds it funny that their families got to feel what it’s like for us to put on mics. BB says don’t talk about production. Their families got to experience the house. It makes them happy. They head off to the BR and say goodnight.

2:30 AM BBT All the HGs are asleep in the BR. Time to say goodnight Canada.

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8:38 AM BBT: HGs are awake, and have been since lights went on at 8:15AM.

HGs all had a slow start to the morning, very quiet. Jon is back in his baby outfit and the other HGs are in their onesies. Jon and Neda were in the HOHr briefly, talking about who is going up and his plan to put Adel up and have Neda confront him afterwards if he goes to Heather and tells Heather they were going to try and get her out. Neda and Jon were contemplating who to get out based on who would win competitions. Jon says Adel would crush them, Neda says Sabrinas really good at memory. Jon tells Neda that if Adel wins he is going to put up Heather and Neda. Adel thinks Neda has been trying to get votes from jury. Neda says she wants to keep Sabrina more now. Neda and Jon then talk about Heather and whether or not she is loyal to final 3.

While Adel, Sabrina and Heather were in the WA. Heather and Sabrina are talking about Heather making Sabrina breakfast. Then talking about things getting taken from them. (Heather has lost her music for the rest of the time, in order to see her family yesterday.) Sound like someone lost 36 hours of sleep? HGs were in the house for 2 minutes yesterday.

8:48AM BBT: Jon and Neda still in the HOHr, talking about Sabrina and how bad she is at companing, and how they have counted how many people each of them (Adel and Sabrina) know in jury for votes. Jon tells Neda he is leaning towards keeping Sabrina. They then talk about the types of competitions and what they think is next. They head downstairs to get food/drinks. Jon heads back up to clean up his HOHr.

Sabrina and Heather are in the WA still. Sabrina asks Heather how to make egg-in-a-hole breakfast. Sabrina asks questions and Heather responds with mm-hm. Sabrina asks what they (Neda and Heather) talked about last night, Heather says they are thinking about keeping her, possibly.

8:54AM BBT: Sabrina in the KT making her breakfast.

Jon and Heather in the WA, Jon saying he doesn't want to compete in another endurance competition. Adel walks in and they stop talking, Adel is wearing Neda's glasses because his eyes are so swollen. He leaves to go listen to music, and they talk again. Heather would rather compete against Adel while Jon questions why. Neda joins in the WA and they seem all set on keeping Sabrina.

8:58AM BBT: Heather tells Jon and Neda that she doesn't like how needy and cocky he is. They really seem like they are going to get rid of Adel. Jon is leaving, he says he will be back Tuesday mid-day. Neda says that if Adel goes to jury then he will be bitter towards everyone (Adel). General chit chat - about eyebrows, BBCAN US contestants and how to do makeup.

Sabrina still in the KT cooking food.

9:04AM BBT: Feeds in the KT are HotH. Neda is telling Heather her face is darker than normal because she isn't tanned. Neda says to use her makeup now because it is leaving in an hour. (Heather lost music, Jon is leaving the house for 24 hours and Neda lost her makeup - thats what I've got so far).

Conversation turns to turtlenecks. Jon tells Heather to wear a turtleneck because her face is different than her body. Heather says "your not funny" Jon says "I was serious". The girls start freaking telling Jon to throw out his turtlenecks. Jon say she loves turtlenecks. Jon wonders if his dad knew he was HOH, Neda wonders if their family was sequester before coming into the house. Jon was called to the DR.

Adel is out in the HT area briefly before coming in and joining the girls in the WA, telling them how nice it is going to be outside. Sabrina is eating in the KT now.

9:18AM BBT: Adel is ironing his shirt, Sabrina and Neda doing their makeup and Heather blow drying her hair.

Jon still in the DR.

9:24AM BBT: Adel leaves the WA after shaving to listen to music. Heather goes to get her clothes ready and its just Sabrina and Neda in the WA. Neda confronts Sabrina about talking about Adel not getting votes in jury, Neda tells her not to talk like that in front of Heather. Sabrina agrees and says she is right. Sabrina is giggling and seems much happier. Neda tells Sabrina that she is leaning towards kicking Adel to the curb. Sabrina tells Neda that Adel was in the WA yelling at BB brother his eyes are so swollen. Conversation goes well and Sabrina walks away smiling. She plans on going back to saying he would have Arlie's vote, Canada's vote, etc. (Sabrina weighs herself and gained a pound). Neda compliments Sabrina on her hair and makeup.

9:34AM BBT: Adel walking around the house till he ends up in the HOHr listening to music and reading Jon's letter from home until he gets called to the DR.

The girls are all in the BR getting dressed up and Sabrina says when you come to Montreal they are going shopping (her and Neda).

After coming out of the DR, Jon wanders around the house and ends up in the HOHr calling out to Adel - he doesn't know he was called to the DR. Jon heads into the HOH WA to get showered and looks directly at the camera. He looks down and looks back up before saying "look at that, pamper burn, crazy."

A;ll feeds on the girls in the BR getting dressed.

9:40AM BBT: The girls all head to the WA to finish getting ready. Neda doing her hair, Sabrina doing Heather's makeup. Its very quite in the WA, when Neda gets called to the DR.

Adel heads into the HOHr.

9:44AM BBT: Jon and Adel in the HOHr. Jon tells Adel that he is going up on the block, but is not going home. Jon tells him that the girls are on board and he isn't going home. Adel says he's fine with it as it is his choice. Adel does go into defensive mode and tells Jon that he is next up to go home. Adel says he is not going to show emotion about being suspicion of them because then he will screw up his chances. Jon promises that he knows what Neda is thinking and if Heather switches then he is essentially the final vote anyways.

Adel heads to the HOHr WA and Jon heads to the WA. Heather is in the WA, and Jon tells her that he told Adel he is going up as a pawn. Jon roams the house and ends up in the KT with Sabrina. Adel is coming out of the HOHr. Jon and Sabrina are playing around with calling each other names.

9:50AM BBT: Jon continues to roam and is back upstairs in the WA with Heather. Jon tells Heather that Adel is not happy with going up because he doesn't have trust in the girls for keeping him. Jon is leaving and tells Heather that she hasn't put on weight. Jon asks Neda if she is wearing a push up bra and they celebrate that it is a normal bra. Jon tells Neda he told Adel about going up and that he isn't happy about it but he knows.

Adel is in the BY pointing at the HGs pictures in the BY and yells, WAKE UP CANADA.

Feeds are on HotH briefly before coming back to Adel and Jon in the SR.

9:54AM BBT: Sabrina is called to the DR. Keeps are up and down a bit. Jon is making eggs in the last 10 minutes before POV ceremony. Adel walks around the house with lots of energy. Heather and Neda in the WA getting ready still. Heather is so hungry. Neda runs and asks Jon to grab her food, and she doesn't care what it is. Adel is in the BY talking to himself and the pictures, his mic is heard on a cam with Jon in the KT. He says how he needs to promise Heather final two final two final two. Jon and Adel have high energy levels this morning. Jon and Adel whisper something but I can't make it out, he heads upstairs to the WA. He quickly brushes his teeth and tells Neda and Heather that he knew it was going to happen but now its show time. Everyone is quickly rushing around.

Heather leaves to get a drink and Adel tells Neda that he is going to start promising final two to Heather. He doesn't mean it but will have to do it to ensure he doesn't get backdoored.

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10:02AM BBT: Adel lies down in his bed and wraps up in his blankets and closes his eyes. General chit-chat around the house and Jon wishes Heather good luck, telling her he will see her in 45 minutes. Jon joins Neda and Adel in the BR.

10:09AM BBT: Sabrina joins Adel, Neda and Jon in the BR. General chit chat until the feeds cut out. HotH.

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12:11 feeds are back up Jon Neda and Heather are in the bedroom. Sounds like Heather used the veto and Adel is on the block. Plus I think Jon is going into solitary confinement for 36 hrs. Sabrina is on slop. Heather " Adel is not going to be nice to us for the next 36hrs"

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12:20 Jon "you guys don't feel smart enough to beat Sabrina in memory comps".

Heather "if we are going to beat Sabrina we need to go over the days like crazy we don't have to worry about Adel for memory comps. These are the hardest decisions"

Neda "I have a feeling we are going to have to vote the minute you come out of solitary confinement "

Jon "then we need to figure this out"

Neda "you going to solitary could mean nothing just give Adel a chance to drive us nuts"

Jon "any pros for keeping Adel? I know for me if we keep him I will be final 3"

Heather "do we let him know if we let him go?" Neda " no just keep him feeling safe" All of them agree to not tell Sabrina because she will tell Adel. Jon tells them Adel has been throwing comps.

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12:28 Jon "if Adel wins the next HOH he will send home either one of you (Heather or Neda). If Sabrina stays and wins HOH she will take me out. If Adel goes and we win HOH its the 3 of us against Sabrina in Veto and then she goes home." They keep talking around in circles of which one to send out. Jon is wondering if he gets to wear real clothes in solitary. Heather asks BB if they have sweat pants swag because she would wear them all the time. Jon is now zooming into the cameras with his new hoodie that he is excited to wear. Jon is now worried about food while he is gone. Neda says no they will give you food.

12:34 Heather is talking about how she seen her boyfriend Will yesterday. Sabrina comes into the room. Jon has been called to DR. All the girls give him hugs goodbye. They think this is it he is off to solitary. They all leave the bedroom.

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Heather is convinced that Adel is a business man, no way he can be using those big words if he is not educated

Sabrina is on slop

Neda & Heather talking in pantry room, they both agree Adel has to go.

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12:38 Heather Sabrina and Neda in the kitchen. Let the Sabrina campaign begin. Trying to find out what the girls thinking. Promising the girls she wont tell Adel if they decide to vote him out again swearing on everything. Now discussing Sabrina on slop she says"make sure I don't eat anything I am not suppose to because if I do its now counted as a vote against me"

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#BBCAN2 12:27AM BBT: Feeds back. Adel put on block from what I can tell.

#BBCAN2 12:30AM BBT: Looking back. Sabrina cornered Heather, JOn and Neda in the bedroom to make her pitch on why she should be kept over Adel. She says that she knows she would be better to keep because Adel would go in to jury and bash her and try to convince them to never vote for her. She leaves and Heather chimes in that it might be wise to keep Sabrina over Adel because her and Neda have a better chance at beating her in comps. Heather comes to the realization that because there is less food in the house, Adel can't sleep, Jon is going into solitary, and that she is not allowed in the HOH, that BB is taking away their things that they like. She says Jon can keep Adel calm. With him being gone, he will be hard to deal with. They do bring up that if they kept her, and she somehow made it to the final 2, she would win with all of the jury votes. (Such a great "Choose your own Adventure" moment with all the flip flopping.)

#BBCAN2 12:42AM BBT: Current, Heather and Neda are in the storage room talking game and how they are trying to make it to final 2. Sabrina and Adel is out sunning at the hot tub.

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#BBCAN2 12:53AM BBT: Jon is with Heather in the kitchen making food. Adel is sunning out at the hot tub. Neda has come into the kitchen with Sabrina. They are now bickering about what each will eat, and nobody is making a decision. Finally decide that Heather will eat the last egg and Neda will go ahead and eat something else.(couldn't make it out) No real game talk right now.

#BBCAN2 12:58PM BBT: Sabina goes out to the hot tub and is motioning to the camera that Adel is sleeping. She really is trying to get him a wake up call.

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1:36PM BBT: Jon in the HOHr on seclusion. He says "jail would be brutal, I don't know what I would do."

Feeds 1/2 are watching Neda look around the bedroom and walk through the house, however there is no sound. Looks like she is packing up her things in a big duffel bag. Feeds are back and its only because Sabrina came out of the WA so we hear from her mic.

1:39PM BBT: Sabrina helps Neda bring her bag down to the SR. Sabrina and Neda walk out to the HT area. Sabrina and Neda both agree that they are beautiful without makeup (Sabrinas way of cheering up Neda for not having her makeup).

Adel asks about her punishment. Neda is not allowed to borrow any makeup or clothes from any HG for her punishment. When Neda wants to wash the onesie she has to wear a towel.

1:42PM BBT: Neda, Sabrina and Adel in the HT area. Adel is lying tanning while the girls sit with him and talk. Heather is in the DR and Jon is locked in the HOHr as seclusion.

Jon is just lying in bed talking to himself. He wants to know if he can have a friend visit him and he says nope, that sucks. Jon says "it sucks, but its worth it, but it still sucks dad, you little bird." Jon closes his eyes for a few minutes before pulling at his own face calling himself a loner. Jon closes his eyes again before BB says "Jon please wake up, nap time is over." Jon sits up saying "are you kidding me, what the f am i supposed to do".

All feeds are HotH.

1:46PM BBT: Feeds are back and Jon is running a bath in the HOH WA.

Sabrina and Adel are in the HT area. Sabrina says the fan on her mug is hot, Adel says the look on his face is dumb. Sabrina is giggling and telling Adel he is hot, she says she hasn't been around guys in a while.

1:52PM BBT: Adel is getting dressed while Sabrina and Adel talk about Jon being locked in the HOHr. Very quiet house.

Jon turns off the bath water and goes to get in but before sitting down he says, its too hot and gets back out to turn on the cold water. He looks at the camera as if embarrassed.

1:55PM BBT: Heather is in the KT making food. Neda comes out of the DR. Sabrina is in the WA. Adel is heading inside to shower and pray. Heather says "Jon hates being confined. Neda asks if he is screaming and Heather says I think so. In the HOHr Jon is now sitting in the bath, looking extremely bored, awkward and as if it won't last long - however he is definitely not screaming.

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4:00PMBBT: Here's the afternoon recap! POV ceremony is done! Heather saved herself, Adel is the replacement. Jon is locked in the HoHR for 24 hrs and he is not allowed to talk to anyone. The girls are in the BR small talking about celebrities, who they think they look like and Sabrina says she used to get mistaken for Angelina Jolie in high school because she does her makeup like Angelina. Adel comes in the BR and the talk goes to final comps of season past and what would be physical and what would be endurance.

4:10PMBBT: Chit chat continues in the BR, Did Arlie really throw that competition? He told Sabrina he didn't then he said he did. He told Neda he didn't. He told Adel ne didn't but he told Heather he did! So confusing! In the HoH, Jon has one sandal on, one off, still in his baby costume, laying in bed. (He looks like someone who was rejected on new years eve!)

4:15PMBBT: More small talk. Heather wants to do her nails, Adel says "Ok Let's go! Change of atmosphere!" No one else wants to go so she is going to bring the stuff into the BR. Sabrina says she is tired. She starts singing a lullaby. Adel tells her to stop singing. He takes a sip of his drink and chokes. Sabrina laughs and Neda says "See she has powers" Adel says if Sabrina had to be up for 36 hrs he would stay up with her. She says "Of course because you are in love with me" They joke back and forth.

4:20PMBBT: Neda and Sabrina are alone in the BR. Sabrina whispers who will vote for Jon. She says she was 100% but now it is less. She says he played a good game. Sabrina is working her "powers" on Neda.

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4:28PMBBT: Sabrina's mic is muffled and I can't make out anything she is saying. BB finally tells her to fix it (thank you). It is all girls in the BR. Sabrina and Neda are trying not to nap. They wonder if they are allowed to. Heather says she doesn't think so. Heather is working on her nails on the floor. Sabrina has invited them to Montreal to go shopping and she wants Neda to tell her what to put together with what and Sabrina wants to buy a whole new wardrobe. Adel came in and Sabrina started laughing. She says to him "You are the oil to my water" He says "You wish!" She says "You can't mix oil and water!" She adds "He loves me and I hate him." Neda says she loves the smell of people after a shower.

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4:34PMBBT: Sabrina leaves to pee. Neda whispers to Heather what Sabrina told her when they were alone. She adds "The only thing that scares me about her is getting to final 3 is that she knows her days that well." Heather says "I know." Neda thinks Sabrina is the worst campaigner ever but telling them everything. Neda now says "lit-err-lly" like Sabrina does.

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4:40PMBBT: Adel, Heather and Neda discuss food. She thinks it is a persian thing but they always put lemon juice in soup. Heather wants to eat healthy tonight so she is going to have some soup. They think Arlie isn't as picky an eater as he made out to be. Neda and Adel thinks he come in with a line out of everyone's play book from last year. The talk turns to a possible after party and then traveling across Canada. Neda wants to this summer. She has friends that want to drive from Toronto to New Brunswick and she wants to go.

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4:55PMBBT The girls are in the WA. Neda hates the pee splatters around the toilet but does nothing about it. Sabrina has made a slop concoction (maybe, well she is talking about one) that she says isn't that bad. Adel is out in the hot tub area. He says "It's time to smoke an old cigar, Canada. You know why? 'Cause I am going crazy!" He tries to light a snuffed out cigar, the match flame goes high and he burns his finger. He starts yelling "Wake up Canada! Wake up! I got 31 hours to go! Wake up the kids! Wake up wake up! Canada if you get the word into the house of what you want me to do, who you want me to drive crazy, make it happen get word inside!" He continues to rant and Sabrina comes out "Who you taking to? You have no fans!" He replies "And this is the wicked witch of Big Brother!" Then he bumped his eye! She says "See everytime you say something about me you get hurt!" They jokingly spar back and forth, put on a good show for the cameras. She starts yelling at him to not blow in her face. Neda comes out and says they need to be separated. The cigar Adel is smoking, was put out in Sabrina's pop barf. He is grossed out by it. He looks to see if she is lying. He says there is nothing there so he will keep smoking it.

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5:15 Adel is in the kitchen cutting watermelon and Heather is on the couch doing her nails. Adel asks her what up that she doesn't seem herself. Heather says nothing I am just doing my nails. Adel goes outside to eat by the pool and says to himself "that little blonde is going to vote me out"

Sabrina and Neda sitting by the hot tub and Sabrina is strongly pitching why she would be good for Neda's game. That there is no reason to lie to each other and if they vote Sabrina out she will not be bitter in the jury house over this. Heather joins them and the same speech goes to Heather how good Sabrina would be for both their games.

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5:28 Adel carved a face into the watermelon slice. He took it to the girls in the kitchen to show them. He carved a picture of Neda. Neda thought it looked horrible and it was mean of him. Adel said no he tried really hard by looking at her picture in the backyard. Neda took a knife and carved it up into chunks. The four of them are having some laughs in the kitchen every once in awhile shouting up to Jon who is locked up in the HOH.

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