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Wednesday, April 23 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:00AMBBT Jon and Neda are talking to just Sabrina. They are talking final 3. Sabrina is making the case that she sucks at comps and she would be good for Adel to get out and Jon says "Sabs, he is thinking of nothing but getting you out of this game." Sabrina is hoping they would throw the comp for her to win. Jon tells Sabrina says "Plant that seed and let us think about it. I am 100% over considering it." Neda agrees. Jon says there is no benefit to be lying to her face.

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12:05AMBBT Heather, Adel and Rachelle were out in the HT. They are now back inside. Adel is still waiting for his iPod to be returned to the SR. Heather and Rachelle make their way upstairs. Rachelle asks Heather about her thing she won't talk about. "Will you use it if you make final 2? Do you think it will help you win?" Heather says she hasn't decided yet. Sabrina is now in the WA with Rachelle and Heather. She is taking off her make up.

12:10AMBBT Neda can eat again on Thursday. Jon is now out in the Hot tub area looking for his cigar. He can't find it. He has it. "Eh! Camera! This is how you light a cigar!" He is out there alone. Adel is now out there with Jon. Jon tells him to not overthink or underthink. Adel says either way they are winning money. Adel heads back inside. Jon smokes his cigar and drinks his beer. In the WA, Sabrina wonders if she should put more spray tan on her face. Heather and Rachelle say no. Neda is now changing into her jammies. More ADL's are happening.

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12:15AMBBT Sabrina and Rachelle sit on the stairs and whisper what Sabrina told Jon and Neda in the BR earlier. They head outside. As they stand up Sabrina says "Look we were sitting there like Alec and Peter... love you Peter! Well Rachelle REALLY loves you!" And they make their way to the hot tub area. Jon is surrounded by the women and no sign of Adel as he puffs away and he is nursing the beer, again.

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12:25AMBBT Jon is suddenly drunk again. They chit chat outside. Adel is still MIA. Jon heads inside to the SR. He is now trying to cook some chicken strips. The girls are giggling and story telling outside. Rachelle and Neda are being very animated with their facial expressions.

12:30AMBBT Jon gives us a tour of what is in the deep freeze. He holds up a bag of Twistos and gives a thumbs up without saying a word. He is back in the KT and the 2 beers he claims to have finished are on the counter only about 2/3 gone. He is snacking as he waits for the chicken to cook. He gives a thumbs up, I am assuming he is eating twistos.

12:35AMBBT Jon tells Heather that Neda is "dead set final 3 me, you, her!" She says "Yup!" He then tells her to not mess with them. Heather says "It is gonna be hard to beat you or her!" Jon says there is going to be a sore jury. He is aiming for the $20K.

12:38AMBBT Jon has just promised Heather final 2. He lays it on thick. He says he can't beat anyone in this game in the final 2. He lays it on thick that he wants 20K to ensure a start of a life for him and Janelle. He wants to go home and start a life with Janelle.

12:41AMBBT As Jon promises Heather a 100K paycheck in the kitchen while cooking chicken strips. Neda jumps up and says she needs to go find Jon "before he says something stupid." When she goes inside, Rachelle doesn't care anymore about Sabrina trying to stay longer and she can't fight for her own game. All she has heard today is Sabrina pushing for them all to give her to HOH so she can take out Adel. Rachelle says she knows, she understands but she won't campaign, everyone's mind is set.

12:45AMBBT Jon comes outside and Sabrina tells him that Heather was listening at the door while he was talking to Neda. Neda comes out and confirms what Sabrina was saying. Heather was caught by them when they went into the house. All 4 feeds are on Sabrina, Neda, Rachelle and Jon outside. Neda says she just wants to smoke before bed. Jon shares the cigar. He tells them there are chicken fingers in the oven "I am sh*t hammered." He says he can "converse 100%"

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12:55AMBBT They check the door to see if Heather is listening. When asked how drunk he is he says "Slower and by slower I mean slightly lower than the challenge." Neda says she has never smoked a cigar until tonight. Jon gives a shout out to his cousin Kev who also knows Rachelle. (So much for Canadians not knowing everyone) all 4 feeds are on the outside crew. Rachelle is now annoyed and says she is heading to bed. Sabrina says if they want to keep Rachelle over her it is ok. Neda says NO it is set. Sabrina is begging again for them to throw the competition. Jon says they can't risk Heather winning the HoH. Neda says it needs to be believable that she drops. Jon will say his shoulder is bad.

1:00AMBBT As Rachelle gets ready for bed, she talks to herself. "I don't care, talk to your new crew Sabrina. I am over it and don't care anymore." She walks into the BR and says Hi to Heather. Heather is in bed. Rachelle is in bed. Adel hasn't been seen for over 30 minutes. Sabrina, Neda and Jon continue their convo in the hot tub area.

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1:05AMBBT Jon refuses to go against Neda. Neda checks the door for eavesdroppers. Everyone else is in bed. Jon and Sabrina go back and forth about the change in game, Neda pops up once and a while. Sabrina "Literally, literally, literally told Alison" that she had to change her game. Jon stresses that Sabrina has proven loyalty in the game. She says she never went against Sarah or Kenny and never said anything bad about them. Jon checks for listeners again.

1:15AMBBT Sabrina is so loyal, Neda worries that the others are aware they are privately talking game outside. Jon heads in to see what is happening in the house. Sabrina stresses that all her relationships outside of the house have been over 10 years. Neda says they also need to get rid of Heather.

1:20AMBBT Sabrina says in an endurance comp, when she says "I am good for at least 5 more hours." that is when the others should drop out. Neda says she is in 100%. Jon says he is in as well. He will throw the HoH to her, he will come off first then Neda and even if Heather wins veto, Adel will be going home. Sabrina praises them, she tells them Rachelle was laughing thinking Sabrina's plan was stupid. Neda says this makes more sense for Sabrina to go with them or she will have the whole house gunning for her. Sabrina stresses that they can not talk about this conversation again. If Sabrina does this, Saturday morning with nominations, that will confirm the final 3 deal.

1:25AMBBT If it is an HoH and it is mental, Neda has a good chance of winning. If it is physical, then Jon will have the best chance of winning it. Back and forth, if Neda or Jon win, they are turning on Heather and Adel. Sabrina only wants to send Adel home (jury). She "literally" just wants to send Adel home. In the BR, the night vision is on the cameras, Rachelle and Heather are asleep.

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9:40AM BBT Feeds in an out - Sabrina in BR - Neda comes in and says she doesn't like it when they have to get ready so quickly.

9:407AM BBT Jon in the hammock lamenting drinking so much last night. He says whatever it is that they are supposed to be doing this morning he hopes it doesn't involve walking or blinking. Adel is annoyed at BB - they left the TV screen on in the HOHR last night despite his repeated requests for them to turn it off. He said it was like the Northern Lights in there. Jon says to Neda that he is hurting. Neda says I think you are still drunk and tells him his eyes go all wonky when he's drunk.

9:55AM BBT Jon and Neda in the hammock - trying to speak quietly so Heather doesn't hear them. Jon says that Heather asked him earlier if anything exciting had gone on after she went to bed. Neda and Jon are suspect of this because Heather is known for hanging around outside doors and eavesdropping. They think she was outside the door when they were talking about Sabrina last night. Jon leaves to do something and says we're not ready yet Big Brother.

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10:07AM BBT The doors to the main house come down. They are on outside of the main house lock down. Neda telling Jon how annoying he was last night when he insisted they study. She can't study the way he does. Neda wants to study in chronological order and Jon wants to just throw out days and ask what happened on that day. Jedi training continues.

10:11AM BBT Heather in the pool area doing her makeup. Rachelle and Sabrina in HT area. Sabrina says it seems like you are mad at me. Sabrina says she's having heart palpitations and just wants to enjoy herself with Rachelle. Sabrina says she's sorry if she's upset, but she knows there was no changing their mind about Rachelle leaving so she was just trying to set up her plan for the following week. Sabrina says she woke up in a bad mood. Sabrina asks Rachelle if she is sad that she is leaving. Rachelle says she's excited but sad. Sabrina says if she gets HOH she wants to get Adel out. Rachelle reiterates what she said last night about getting Jon out first. Sabrina says she doesn't care she hates Adel. Rachelle acknowledges that she is upset that Sabrina keeps bringing up further game strategy in front of her and she doesn't care to listen to it because she is leaving.

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10:35AM BBT Sabrina and Rachelle in BY - no game talk as Rachelle has made it clear that she wants no part of game talk today. General chit chat. Jon and Neda in hammock - Adel beside them on the ground. Just horsing around. Jon asks Heather about her knee. She hurt it last night. Jon talking about smoking last night and drinking all the liquor/beer that he was given. Adel talking about how some of the other HG's thought Jon was dumb - hit in the head too many times with a hockey puck - Adel thought he was dumb too. Jon says Neda is the only person he didn't act dumb around. Neda says she is never celebrating Easter ever again. (She went on slop following their Easter themed comp.)

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10:50AM BBT Neda Jon in hammock still - Adel on the ground beside them. Horsing about still. Jon tells BB he's not sleeping he's "doing Zen" he's the "Zen cowboy". Jon says that his Dad used to say he wasn't sleeping, he was just resting his eyes. Adel gets up and says he's going to get some fresh air. For some reason Neda says Heather calm down. Jon calls Heather a name that alludes to her being an eavesdropper. Neda wondering if Heather is out with the gremlins. Neda says Heather said to her last night - We're good to the end right? Neda says based on that she thinks that Heather overheard their conversation. Now talking about Adel wanting to take Jon to the end and counting jury votes if that happened. More Jedi training

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10:59AM BBT: Feeds cut to FotH.

11:09AM BBT: Feeds are back, the house is open. Neda and Heather are sitting in the BY eating. We see the garage doors closing, the house is locked again.

Jon is heard telling Heather and Neda that he is going for a cigar.

Rachelle and Sabrina are by the pool eating cereal out of the container. Their mics are on Jon and Adel out by the HT. Jon and Adel are considering who to keep (Sabrina vs. Rachelle). There is concern over Heather flopping once Sabrina gets far enough into the game. Cams switch and Jon and Adel are sharing a cigar in the HT area. Adel is telling Jon the game is over if Sabrina stays - considering who in jury will vote for them over others.

11:12AM BBT: Heather and Neda talking about things Jon said. Neda reassures Heather nothing more was said than Jon telling Neda they are final two. Jon joins briefly and conversation stops. Once he leaves Heather promises Neda that the conversation won't go anywhere. Neda says she thinks Heather is a fbi agent.

Adel is in the HT area alone, smoking his cigar.

11:17AM BBT: Feeds cut FotH.

11:17AM BBT: Feeds are back already. Nothing changed, Neda and Heather still whispering about other peoples stories and whether or not they are true.

Adel is in the HT area cleaning up from his cigar and heads back inside. Jon is in the hammock - Neda and Heather join him.

11:21AM BBT: Neda and Jon talk about Jon's houses growing up - Jon lived in 4 houses on the same street when he was a kid because his family kept growing. Jon farts and conversation turns to smells and nose bleeds.

Rachelle and Sabrina are relatively quiet on the couches by the pool. The girls question how long they will be outside and Sabrina says a long time if we got a bathroom break. They both agree to sleep but BB won't let them.

11:31AM BBT: Neda, Jon, Heather and Adel sitting around the hammock, general chit chat.

Sabrina is heard asking if it is cold out and they say "yes, bone chilling". Rooster goes off, assuming it is Rachelle sleeping.

11:33AM BBT: The group by the hammock are talking about wiring and TVs set up in the house. The group agree that its only a pre recorded video (family from home).

Rachelle is sitting with her feet in the HT. Sabrina not on camera.

11:38AM BBT: The hammock group are talking about Jon's schooling. Jon explains that he will be finished school and working by 28 years old. (Guidance Counsellor) They ask a lot of questions and Jon seems to have all the answers and knows what he wants. (He will have his Dad's help because his Dad knows a lot of people)

The group talk about the BBCAN Side Show, everyone seems to think that Jon is going to get it.

11:42AM BBT: The hammock group all decides to close their eyes and go over the dates in their own heads. They go into detail about picturing HOH's and not talking (aka trying to nap).

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11:45AM BBT: The silence only lasted about 30 seconds before one of the Gremlins walked past and Jon said hi. The hammock group are all talking about the way their hometowns are reacting to them being in the house (Adel is so happy that there are 3 people from Edmonton).

Adel is talking more about the Side Show and ways he can get involved in BBCAN once he's out.

Sabrina is doing her hair by the pool and Rachelle is sleeping.

11:48AM BBT: Rooster is going off again and Jon/Neda were sleeping. The hammock group talk about how unentertaining they are and they contemplate when live feeds are going. Adel asks how many thousands of people are watching and Neda says she couldn't even guess. Adel says well thats the concept of wake up Canada.

11:52AM BBT: Jon farts and the hammock group goes crazy. Neda is appalled and even tells him she is going to ask BB for pills for him because its not normal how often he farts and how bad they smell.

Sabrina and Rachelle are silent by the pool. Sabrina is doing make-up and Rachelle is just lying down.

11:56AM BBT: Neda asks randomly "What was Andrew's number?" Jon says 400. Adel says he doesn't even know 400 people. Apparently Kyle's is 154. (Talking about the number of girls he's been with)

11:58AM BBT: Feeds briefly cut FotH but are back within a minute. The house is open.

Neda tells Jon to go shower. Adel says he is going to go listen to music. Heather is carrying her things in from the BY and heads to the WA. Rachelle and Sabrina slowly make their way into the house.

Heather asks how Sabrina is doing and what she thinks is happening. Sabrina says she thinks it has to do with friends or family. They both agree.

12:07PM BBT: Jon is showering, Adel is listening to music in the HOH bed and the girls are all in the KT cleaning/cooking/talking. More speculation on what is happening today - Sabrina questions why it is taking so long.

12:09PM BBT: Sabrina asks the girls if they have noticed a difference in groceries this week. Sabrina talks about how this week is all no-name brands and how gross the olives are this week compared to last.

Neda heads to use the WA while Rachelle watches her slop cookies on the grill.

12:18PM BBT: Sabrina asks Heather to bring Adel his new batteries as "I would do it if it was Jon or Neda but I want to stay away from people as much as possible"

The girls are all back in the Kt still cooking, cleaning and eating.

12:24PM BBT: Heather is in the KT making food. Neda and Jon are in the BR, Sabrina walks in and they leave. Adel is in the HOHr and Rachelle is in the WA walking in circles playing with her hair and eating celery. Quiet house.

12:31PM BBT: Sabrina is sitting in the BR alone. Rachelle is now out by the pool playing with her hair in the mirrors, Adel is lying on the couches by the pool sleeping. Neda is in the KT eating. Jon is showering.

Literally no one is speaking.

12:36PM BBT: Not sure who Neda is talking to but she is listing where people are - feeds cut FotH.

12:40PM BBT: Feeds are back. Sabrina, Rachelle and Adel by the pool - sleeping/not talking.

Jon, Neda and Heather by the hammock. Another BY lockout?

12:44PM BBT: Rooster alarm goes off multiple times - Rachelle and Sabrina get up and go out to the HT to wake up. Neda, Jon and Heather are talking about eating/killing chickens vs roosters.

More talk about Jon's farting. Neda blames his diet.

12:49PM BBT: Jon, Neda, Heather and Adel are around the hammock. Jon talks about him being an actor and how he knows one of the producers from Republic of Doyle (a Newfoundland based TV show). Jon is going to contact him when he is out and ask to be put on a couple of episodes. General chit chat.

Sabrina and Rachelle out by the HT sitting in the sun. Little talk happening other than about the wind being cold.

12:55PM BBT: The hammock group are looking at pictures and sharing their honest opinion (Andrew is a psychopath and a pervert, etc.)

12:57PM BBT: The hammock group talk about the other HGs they couldn't be friends with. Adel says Sabrina, Allison and Andrew. Jon says Kenny, Andrew and Sarah. Heather says she wants to watch the season first.

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1:01PM BBT: The hammock group are talking about people and their sexual experiences. Jon has a strong opinion about being turned off from people who have been with numerous people. Jon talks about wanting to go to med school - he wouldn't be able to "live his shit-show life he is right now and go to med school".

Rachelle and Sabrina still out by the HT, sitting in silence.

1:11PM BBT: Jon lists off the girls and how he thought they looked. Jon says he thought:

Anick was stunning.
Heather beautiful.
Neda - beautiful.
Sarah - beautiful when she was all ready for her age.
Ika - rocking body but didn't do much for him.
(I missed the rest of them).

Rachelle and Sabrina out by the HT contemplating what could be happening. (Someone coming into the house)

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3:06PM BBT: A few minutes ago Adel emerged from the DR announcing he had been given the camera and they have one hour to play with it. Neda and Heather take a few selfies and make an instagram video of them saying Love you Canada. Jon and Adel join them in the HOH and they startr staging various pics. Sabrina and Rachelle are in the bedroom lying in bed. Rachelle asks if Sabrina is going to miss her and she replies of course. HOH groups still staging pics in the HOH shower stall now. [On and off all day they have been speculating if something is going to happen today or not. Jon thinks definitely not but Heather and Neda think something will happen but it will be later today. That's about all the news from house Ro-be-gone this morning. DRG]

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3:10PM BBT: Sabrina was up looking at her own profile outside the bedroom door then goes back and climbs into bed again. HOH crew has figured out how to use the timer on the camera so they are taking group selfies in the HOH bathroom. Sabrina lets out a big sigh then looks at the camera and says hi Big Brother. Adel taking a pic of Heather and Neda as they are making silly faces on the HOH bed. Sabrina and Rachelle playing handsies in the bed when Rachelle asks what is happening out there. Sabrina does not know. BB tells Sabrina to please wake up as she was hiding her head under the covers. Neda now taking pics of Adel with his HOH pics. Rachelle complains of being bored and asks if she should pack now to which Sabrina whines Nooooooooooo. HOH crew now going to have Neda plank in Jon's arms while Adel takes the pic. Rachelle keeps calling out What's happening in this house? Sabrina gets a case of the giggles then says she was working last night for their trip to LA when she would pay the whole thing (assuming she wins BB). Rachelle wants BB to make something happen. Sabrina says that if she wins anything she will pay for their trip to LA. Adel and the HOH crew enter the bedroom and tell the gremlins about the camera. Rachelle is up and changing her blouse. The girls are all wearing white tshirts now. Rachelle can't decide which shirt to wear and keeps changing them. Now they are going to use the timer again to take a pic of all of them.

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3:21PM BBT: Adel posing the group then runs off to get a cap. They do multiple poses with the camera set up on a table on a chair in the red corner. Looking over their handiwork the consensus seems to be that the pics are cute. Now the girls are pairing up in pics. Rachelle takes a minute to tell Sabrina that she loves one photo so much. Now they are posing in various groupings in the red corner while holding up the Canadian flag. Group has moved to the bathroom where the gremlins are being photographed with Sabrina working on Rachelle's makeup. Adel and Jon now posing on the chairs outside the HOH with the flag held up in front of them. Gremlins working on their makeup for future shots while Heather is watching them. Adel now posing with the flag across his shoulders. Neda and Heather now take their turn posing with the flag.

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3:31PM BBT: Jon and Adel in the bedroom changing shirts then go to the bathroom to assume new poses. [Feeds are not in sync and audio is sketchy as usual. DRG] Jon and Adel now doing a pic of them shouting out Wake Up Canada. Now they are inspired to take some shots wearing their shades. This is ongoing rotate HGs and rooms.

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3:40PM BBT: Now for variety they are going to take some videos instead of stills. Gals on green couches now speculating about what is going to happen in the house and thinking it has to be something combined (inside and outdoors) since they have been on alternate LDs throughout the day. Adel posing with his HOH pics upstairs as the ladies plan out their video on the green couches. Neda wants to look through all the pics to be sure all the bad ones are gone. Now she says she should do a really Emo one like, "Canada you are alright" in a dull monotone voice. Boys now bring the camera back downstairs and show the gals Adel's videos. Ladies now rehearsing their video before Adel shoots it for them. They started to quick so they delete it and reshoot. Neda says that is the girliest thing she has ever done and Jon remarks that she looked really awkward doing it too. Gremlins now doing a video quickly as they are worried the time is almost up for them to have the camera. Gremlins doing a second take on their video.

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3:51PM BBT: Sabrina does an individual video and has to repeat it. Heather and Neda going to go next. Time with the camera has come to an end. Jon and Neda talking about how awkward she felt and looked doing the shot when the gals kissed. Gremlins back in the bedroom where Sabrina is now enraged for a change. She is upset with something Jon did and remarks that it is not his show. (As opposed to hers I suppose. DRG) Rachelle came and went from the HOH room and Neda complimented her on her shirt as she passed by. She is back in the bed with Sabrina and is jumping on her and making screeching sounds and faces into the mirrors. Sabrina tells her she is beautiful and Rachelle complains about having gained ten pounds to which Sabrina replies she is so much heavier than her and she literally wants to stick her fingers in her asshole to which Rachelle replies OK. Heather Neda and Jon in the kitchen now. Gremlins still chatting in the bedroom about hating the sloppy seconds final four. Rachelle screams out Can we do somethiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnngggggggg?

3:59PM BBT: Neda now going to put something in her mouth for her sore tooth. Rachelle asks Sabrina what shirt she should wear. Jon says he wants to work out. He again tells Heather that he does not think anything is going to happen today and the LDs are probably related to them trying to effect some repairs of some sort. Sabrina continues giving Rachelle grief about her top not looking good with the pants and Rachelle concedes and gets up to change it. Now she tells Rachelle that she has a hole in her pants. Gremlins now have joined the others in the kitchen area.

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545 pm bbt : heather says to Neda that she finds it weird how Rachelle's had a lot of different alliances, Neda says that they weren't real

548 pm bbt : Neda heather and Jon in the bathroom just general chit chat while Neda is tweezing her eyebrows and Heather is filing her nails.In the back yard by the hot tub Rachelle and Sabrina are just chilling Rachelle randomly says once I met Britney Spears....the end. she was just joking. Sabrina talks about meeting the Jonas Brothers, she used to really like them. Sabrinas talking about how she met Fez from that 70's show...just story telling time so I'm switching cameras.

5:54 pm bbt : Neda and Jon are laying down in the bathroom chatting with eachother about nothing while Heather does her nails. Neda hopes her mom starts calling her Balls

5:56 PM bbt : for some reason my video just stopped on my feeds but I have audio (boxerlovers2) Neda talking about her zombie apocalypse dream, Jon already heard it before. Now Neda saying she really wants brownies. Neda keeps accidentally touching Jon's Penis. Neda asks Heather to tell her stuff about life, really this is how exciting the feeds are.

Heather telling Jon and Neda they are the weirdest people. Heather is going "doo do doo do doo doo" really boring Adel came and asked Jon to come for a cigar s Neda and him are going outside with him. Neda saying she really does food.

6:01 pm bbt : Neda Adel and Jon are outside joining Sabrina and Rachelle

6:03 pm bbt : Sabrina asks Neda how over today she is and she replies I'm over it. Sabrina complaining about stomach pain. Neda saying Heather is acting sketchy, Sabrina thinks that heather knows they saw her lurking. Adel just got out and the girls stopped taking about Heather. Adel can't believe that they are smoking cigars in the big brother house. Adel speculating they might still get something today.

6:06 pm bbt : Talk turns to missions late last season Emmett drinking the milk (I remember when Emmett had to drink all of that milk. They called him milkman because he really enjoyed milk plus he was a milk farmer and when he got the punishment to drink all of that milk he was sick of it an the end.)

6:09 pm bbt : Neda talking about how her family all smoked hash while she was growing up, she said "it's a brown thing" Adel talking about making money and how this is the biggest opportunity to make money from just being themselves. Adel just gave us his address, Neda says that he shouldn't do it he says he doesn't care it is all over the Internet anyway.

6:13 pm bbt : Neda, Jon, Sabrina, Rachelle and Adel out at the hot tub Jon and Adel are smoking cigars and the girls are just chatting with them about random stuff. There's a couple conversations going on and Rachelle is with her feet in the hot tub not joining in any of the convos

6:61 pm bbt : Today Adel is saying that he sent in a tape to big brother as a joke( a couple weeks ago he told us when he applied he knew he would get on the show) Jon goes aaaahhhhhaaa....say that and Adel repeats it. Neda and Sabrina just whispered something to eachother but I couldn't hear over Jon and Adel

6:18 pm bbt : Neda saying last night was fun. Neda Tells Jon he has a pretty good memory when he is shit faced. (i think Jon pretends to be drunk quite often) Adel didn't know that bulls were only male cows, Neda did not know this

6:21 pm bbt : Adel saying when he gets out of the house he is jumping all over opportunities to meet with media and make money

Neda asked Jon if he had his own money for school and he says he did but doesn't anymore, his parents will always be there for him if he needs financial help with school. Adel says his parents will always be there for him to

6:25 pm bbt : Heather can't be seen on any of the feeds, I wouldn't be surprised if she was on the other side of the door to the hot tub listening to the random conversations

6:26 pm bbt : Jon asks Rachelle about his cousin Kevin and after she replies uhmhmm he says he is almost as good looking as his older cousin she says uhmhmm and he continues a couple more times. Out of nowhere Rachelle says she wants a baby.

There hasn't been any game talk in the 45 minutes I've been listening and since I have no video on my live feeds I'm checking out. I'll let you know if anything good happens ( boxerlovers2)

6:30 pm bbt : Neda is telling Sabrina she is seriously considering throwing hoh to her this week because it is best for her game. Or Neda wins and work with sab and get rid of Heather. ( right when I was going off the feeds) so Neda and Jon want to talk to her later tonight and reconfirm what they spoke about last night. 100% Neda does not want Sabrina to go, that is what she is telling sab.

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6:33 pm bbt : Sabrina us freaking out telling Neda she would not put her up if she gave her the hoh. Sabrina is telling her 80% she is throwing it to Sabrina and 20 % she is winning it and keeping Sabrina and getting Heather OUT. Now Neda running over the reason she wants hoh, Neda worried about a diamond pov coming into play this week coming for the hoh. Sabrina is getting annoying she should learn to leave well enough alone. Rachelle asks Sabrina if she thinks she could beat Heather at an endurance comp sab says yes. (Rachelle wishes it was her Neda wanted to work with) Sabrina is begging Neda to let her have hoh. Neda asks Rachelle what she would do and Rachelle says she doesn't want to talk game because she is going tomorrow but she us telling Neda that she is right there might be a diamond pov. Neda really should keep her hoh instead of throwing it. Added to the resume for jury she needs to not throw hoh to anybody. Now Sabrina I'd saying if she can't have hoh she would rather be in jury

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10:20PMBBT: Since we are HotH... Here's what you missed today on the feeds. The HG were on outdoor lockdown for most of the morning. Jon had a hangover, Neda is still on slop, Sabrina is still trying to negotiate a plan to "win" her first HoH. Heather wants confirmation that she is in with Neda and Jon. Adel is working on his media tour plan. Rachelle has listened to Sabrina carry on about the game that no longer applies to Rachelle and that is what you missed!

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10:33PMBBT: Feeds are back! Neda, Heather, Adel and Jon play with a Frisbee in the backyard. Jon and Adel start target practicing with it as the girls go to sit in the hammock.

10:36PMBBT: The gremlins are in the BY as well but by the steps going into the house. Small talk and watching/mocking the other HG.

10:40PMBBT: Adel "I sometimes, do not understand why we are here right now."
Neda to Jon "Your butt looks very voluptuous" and they are now talking about butt plugs.

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