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Survivor 28 - Episode 8 - April 16 2014

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We are told the idol Spencer found last week was an idol but not the one with special powers. We are reminded of Morgan going home. Back at camp, Tony confronts Spencer about his side trying to vote him out twice. Tony is confused why he is the target. Spencer says it is because he is a strong player. Tony adds that it is a compliment.

Trish and LJ talk on the beach in the morning about Tony's confrontation with Spencer. Trish tells us people get paranoid and do stupid things, she hopes Tony doesn't. Tony talks to LJ Jer about how people are going after him. Tony tells us maybe it is time to get rid of LJ. LJ Jer and Tony discuss Woo. Tony tells LJ Jer that Woo probably has an idol. Tony is trying to actually turn people against LJ.

Tree email! It is a reward! Tony says that when people get reward and go away, they bond. He wants to win this one! They throw a rope through a ring releasing sand bags, have to get them through an underwater obstacle, bounce them off a trampoline to baskets. They are playing for a spa reward with lunch! They are 3 teams of 3. They draw for teams. Jefra, Trish and LJ. Tasha Kass and Woo. Jer, Spencer and Tony, Jer has the sandbags down first!

They now are getting the sandbags through the obstacle. (it is not underwater), Tony has them through and is now bouncing them off the trampoline! He has 3 in a row!

Everyone is bouncing sandbags and Tony gets it! They win! He, LJ Jer and Spencer are headed out to the spa reward! Showers, massage and meal. The rest head back to camp.

Woo wishes he could have won the challenge. He adds on a lighter note, Tony will be keeping an eye on Jer and Spencer. Jefra is hoping her alliance will stick together. LJ is talking to Trish and Jefra in the boat on the water. (Jer and LJ look too much alike) They talk about Tony's paranoia.

The boys are handed a cocktail when they arrive at reward. Jer has the first shower. Tony asks if Spencer wants to talk strategy. Jer yells out "Are you comfortable where you are at?" Tony says no he is never comfortable. Tony is planning on using them for a big vote. They are clean, getting foot massages. Tony is still talking, running on about saving his new friends but, Jer has his doubts. Spencer does not trust Tony. He hasn't told them he has an idol. He will use tony or let Tony use him to get farther in the game.

Back at camp Tony elaborates about the reward. Tasha tells us she is worried about being 3 against 6. She eyeballs LJ to talk to her about game. She approaches him with a proposition. He tells us that Tony is a flaming ball of paranoia. He trusts Tony and is planning on sticking with the original plan. He stands Tasha up. They get more tree mail. It mentions colors. Who every gets voted out would be livid, they have no idea what it means.

It is a memory game. They get it right, they stay alive, they get it wrong they are out!

Yellow, blue, red, green. Everyone gets yellow right. Blue is next, Trish gets one wrong and is out. Red is right, Woo is now out. Last one to drop, everyone stay alive.

Red, Green, Purple, Black. Blue Green Blue. Everyone says red and is right. Green and everyone is right. Everyone says purple and they are all in it. Black, everyone got. Blue Everyone got. Green... LJ Tasha and Tony say Green, Kass and Spencer said Yellow, jer said red, It was green! LJ, Tasha and Tony are still in it.

Last color was blue. Tony is out. LJ has red, Tasha has blue, Tasha wins immunity!

LJ tells us they have to split the votes 3-3 between Spencer and Jer and hopefully one of them will go home. They all head back to camp.

Back at camp they congratulate Tasha. She is smiling from ear to ear. She feels safe for 3 more days. LJ tells Tony to split the vote. He worries about someone flipping. He says he feels comfortable. Trish tells them no one will flip this point in the game. Jefra says "Girls vote Jer, Boys vote Spencer." Tony is now trying to convince people LJ is a trouble maker around camp. Tony approaches Woo. Woo buys it.

Tony tells Woo that LJ is planning on blindsiding Woo. Tony whispers to Spencer that he needs him to vote out LJ. Spencer says he is stoked. It is too good to be true but he will take what he can get by now. He agrees to approach Tasha. Jer is told by Spencer the plan. Spencer tells Jer "We can just let them kill each other and ride it out"

Trish and Tony talk. He is trying to convince her that LJ is trying to break up the 6. LJ told Trish that Tony wants Woo out. Trish thinks they should stay true to the final 6. Tony has lied to her before. Trish suspects she is getting played. Trish tells the girls that Tony is messing this up. Kass says making a big move right now would be stupid. Tony is now thinking of getting rid of Spencer or Jer.

At tribal, Jeff discusses the alliance of 6. Jer says it is scary, Kass says you can't play without getting dirty. Tony says he brought his bag of tricks and they will find out what it is tonight. Tasha says alliances might be tight but you can see cracks in those alliances. LJ says that they might think there are cracks, they are water tight. LJ says loyalty is huge but it is hard to find. He thinks he has a gauge to see when someone isn't being loyal. Tony tells them he is in construction, Sarah on the jury looks baffled. Woo says the 6 is still strong. But they are coming to a time they need to make moves.

Spencer say those who think they are all good and tight, maybe they are on the bottom. LJ looks confused. Trish says something will have to break and if it happens tonight she will be unaware, but it has to happen sometime. Voting begins.

Jeff asks for an immunity idol. No one plays one. LJ has 3 votes. Jer has 1, then 2, then 3, Spencer has 1, LJ has 4! LJ is out! He is on jury. Tony says "Well played" Tasha wipes her brow and exhales. Jefra whispers to Tony, "Did you flip?" Jeff reminds them than Survivor is an individual game, dismisses them from tribal.

Tony will stop at nothing to get further in the game. Woo's mission for food goes terribly wrong. He falls while in a tree. LJ says he was blindsided, he waited too long to make a move.

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Big moves . . . backstabbing . . . BLINDSIDES! I'm telling you, people . . . this season is great. I'm fully back on board with Survivor until they mess it up again.

I am with you on this season being fun.

It is not a week after week pagonging of the numbers.

Lots of twists and turns...and you just can't guess the outcome tribal councils

Tony is a new kind of villain...not Boston Rob evil genius, not Coach crazy or Russell Hantz mean.

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