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Dancing with the Stars ~ U.S. season 18 Episode 5

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It is Disney night on DWTS! Donny Osmond is a guest judge tonight! The celebrities are back with their original partners. Donny says he feels like he is home. He was Captain Shang in the animated movie Mulan!

Charlie and Sharna are safe from elimination tonight as are Drew and Cheryl! They are up first. Cheryl says she missed Drew a lot. She is the most beautiful. They are doing the quickstep to Friend like me from Aladdin!

They are dressed in Aladdin costumes! Cheryl looks just like Jasmine in a blue harem top and pant, lots of embellishments. Drew is in a white shirt and pant with gold trim and lace.

Len says that he will pass them breaking hold on the quickstep. It had zip but lacked technique. Donny says he doesn't like the quickstep, it was his worst dance. He will be judging tonight on the performance as he doesn't know technique. "But, if you put an arm out, it's gotta come from the core." Bruno says it was Aladdin on the edge of a breakdown, it needed a clean delivery. Carrie says the partnership is stronger than ever but he makes a strange face when he concentrates.

Tom reminds us that there is an elimination tonight. We see a recap of some animation that was in the routine. Scores Carrie 7, Len 7, Donny 7, Bruno 7 for 28 out of 40 tonight!

Charlie and Sharna are up next for a Mary Poppins inspired routine. Charlie says last weeks scores were hard to take. He reunites with Sharna, they are doing a Jazz routine.

Sharna looks like Mary Poppins in her white lace dress and parasol. Charlie is in a red and yellow striped jacket, white pants and a blue bowtie, just like Dick Van Dyke wore in the movie!

Donny says that was an amazing performance. He was worried Charlie would drop the cane and he did. Bruno say that was one of the best performances they have ever seen. Carrie laughs, they are a wave of happiness. It was stupendous! Len says it was eye popping, jaw dropping, show stopping! He adds they Wowed this place!

Charlie and Sharna await their scores. They tell Erin the footwork was difficult and they just wanted to have fun. Scores: Carrie 9, Len 10! Donny 9, Bruno 9. Len's first 10 of the season! 37 out of 40 tonight!

The next couple safe is Amy and Derek! Also safe are Danica and Val! Nene and Tony are in jeopardy. Cody and Witney are also in jeopardy tonight. Danica and Val are next with a quick step.

Danica tells Val that she is glad to be back with him! They are dancing to "Be our guest" from Beauty and the beast.

Danica makes a beautiful Belle! She is the gold gown and Val is in a blue coat with tails and gold stitching, black pants and white shirt. They look like they just stepped out of the movie!

Bruno says it was a tasty taste for the eyes! The performance was stupendous! Carrie gushes over Danica, they hug. Carrie says "A beauty and the beast just for me!!!" Len says they had flare and care, but lost frame. Donny says both of them knocked it out of the park tonight!

Val is asked if he got Beast lessons from his brother, the crowd groans! Scores: Carrie 10! Len 9, Donny 10! Bruno 10! 39 out of 40! Highest tonight so far!

Amy and Derek are Cinderella and Prince Charming! They are dancing the waltz to "So this is love?" Amy says this whole experience has made her feel like Cinderella. Derek worries about the control, smoothness with the dances. He says they are creating whole new techniques to help Amy get through. She really struggles with the practices. She tells us it's not that hard to do but it is hard for her. She is crying, he supports her.

Amy is in a white and pink ballroom gown, spagetti straps and a crown. Derek is the perfect Prince Charming in a White and gold coat, black pants with a gold stripe down the side.

Carrie says the bad news is they had some lifts. She can't take points off though because Amy can't do what was required. She hopes Disney makes their next princess like Amy! Len says he would have liked more hold but it was beautiful. Donny says week 3 he watched her dance and literally cried. Not many can do what she does. "You are a serious contender!" Bruno says she had never been more beautiful or more glamorous!

Amy tells Erin the first day was rough because she was having to rely on different muscles, day 3 or 4 it just clicked! Derek says she did amazing! Scores Carrie 9, Len 9, Donny 10! Bruno 9 for 37 out of 40. Amy cries. She is speechless.

Cody and Witney are dancing the Samba to a song from the Lion King, he serenades her when they reunite in the studio. She loves it. The song is "Just can't wait to be king!" Witney says he and Simba have a lot in common, including wild hair! She struggles to get him to focus.

Cody is in a brown leather shirt with gold stitched caped sleeves, harem style caramel brown pants. Witney is in a gold body suit with feather and fringed around the waist.

Len says it was great timing, needs work on technique, but well done! Donny asks if they enjoyed the dance, Cody says yes, he says it doesn't come across with Cody. He didn't see any happiness and joy. Bruno says "Listen to the good fairy, Simba brought the sun out of Africa! Incredible energy!" Carrie adds, tonight she felt the power of Cody. She loved the performance as a whole. "You rocked it!"

Erin asks Cody how he is doing, he has been out with the stomach flu. He says he is doing well. He will take the criticism, Scores Carrie 9, Len 8, Donny 8, Bruno 9!

Nene and Tony are dancing the foxtrot. She wants to get into character, Derek saw that, Tony is not comfortable with that. She couldn't elaborate on her Derek experience. Tony says the switch up hurt them a little bit, has made things awkward. They are dancing to Cruella DeVille from 101Dalmations. She gets mad at him and walks out of the studio. He seemed shocked by it.

Nene is wearing black and white Dalmation print cape, and bodice of her dress is the same, red opera gloves. The skirt is black on one side, white on the other. Tony is in a black tux, dalmation print vest, red bowtie.

Donny says Nene owned the dance floor "We should change the name to dancing with Nene!" Bruno says Nene is a mean and nasty girl with a touch of evil. She put bump and grind in the dance without losing the style. Carrie says she hates to say it but she rocks the villian! Tony had the best choreography ever! The switch up worked wonders for them. Tony disagrees. Len says they are a match made in dance heaven. He just loved it!

Erin asks Nene about the week and Nene goes silent. Tony says it has ups and downs but they are working it out. Scores Carrie 9, Len 9, Donny 9, Bruno 9. 36! Erin says she needs some Nene love and Nene can only muster a "Thank you"

Up next are James and Peta! The judges were harsh on Peta last week. She says it was a tough one to swallow. He is glad to be back with her. James shows her a video of a girl named Hannah who asked him to go to prom. He couldn't go so he flew her and her family to the show. She is so excited. He says her in the audience is encouragement!

They are dancing contemporary to Let it go from Frozen. Peta is in a white body suit, with iridescent fabric wrapped around it. James is in a grey shirt and black pants.

Bruno says it was a contemporary blockbuster! They dance with such sincerity. Carrie says it was artistry, it was pure emotion, she cried the whole time. Len says that would melt the coldest heart. It was fantastic. Donny adds he wants to tell Peta it was amazing choreography. He was amazed at the energy of the whole performance.

Erin brings up Hannah, James says it is such an honor that she is there. Peta says it was a tough week and she is happy that everything worked out. Scores Carrie 10! Len 10! Donny 10! Bruno 10! A perfect 40! First perfect score this season!

Meryl and Maks are up next dancing a Samba, the song is "I wanna be like you" from the Jungle Book. Maks says it is a little weird because to him the Samba is sexual. He says he could never show his face in Brooklyn again. He tells us Meryl is amazing and they have formed a great relationship.

Maks is wearing red baggy harem capri pants. Meryl is in a purple satin dress with a jeweled bodice and gold belt. The skirt is shorter in the front, long in the back.

Carrie says she is a little puzzled. They dance like they are one body. There is something very special here. Len says a wamboo of a Samba! Donny says from the get go they have set the bar so high and it was thoroughly entertaining. Bruno asks Meryl to step aside so he can check out Maks. He loved it!

Erin asks about their relationship and why it works. Meryl says she doesn't know. Maks says Meryl beats him. Scores: Carrie 9, Len 9, Donny 9, Bruno 9 for 36 out of 40 tonight!

Candace and Mark are the final couple tonight! They are dancing to Under the Sea from the Little Mermaid! Candace says she cried when she had the lowest scores. She says this is the week to lower her conservative walls a little bit. She doesn't want to leave.

Dancing the Samba, Candace is in a red wig, purple bra top, tight green skirt (think mermaid fin! It doesn't even look like her!) and Mark is in all red including his lobster claw hands!

Len likes the mix of steps, nice bit of Samba, good routine. Donny says he knows being at the bottom is discouraging and what he just saw was so promising. Bruno says it was like the rebirth of Venus! She has done well listening to their comments and it works! Carrie says when Candace is in the zone she loves the way she moves but when Candace gets nervous, it shows! Candace agrees and she is very aware of it. She is trying to let go and let loose! Scores: Carrie 8, Len 9, Donny 9, Bruno 9 for a total of 35!

Candace and Mark are in jeopardy. Meryl and Maks and Peta and James are safe from elimination. Someone will be eliminated tonight.

Here we go! Someone is going home. The next couple that is safe is.... Nene and Tony!

Candace and Mark were at the bottom of the leader board last week. Cody and Witney have been crowd pleasers. The couple leaving is Cody and Witney. The audience is booing.

Witney is shocked. Cody says it is an amazing experience. Witney says that we haven't seen the real Cody yet. We see the walk down memory lane from week 1.

We are reminded of tonight's performances. Tom says that next week is Party Anthem week, with guest judge Red Goo (?) from LMFAO!

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