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Tuesday, April 15 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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I posted this on behalf of ttree

10:35PM BBT: Allison, Sabrina and Rachelle in the main bedroom. Sabrina working on Allison saying she will be going next if they don't win. Sabrina wants Arlie to win rather than Jon. She is saying Arlie has fire in his ass. She is calling Jon a liar and telling Allison this is her chance (to keep Arlie) and we will go down in history.

10:48PM BBT: Sabrina keeps telling Allison "you will see when you watch the show" Sabrina is now saying the whole show has been about him!! And now we will be a part of that!! Rachelle says that Neda and Jon have to leave after, because Neda and Heather have a thing. Sabrina saying that they will not see it coming. She is imitating Adel, saying: we're not that useless bud!! she goes on to say we have the brains, power and muscle now, there's no reason not to do it!

10:55PM BBT: Sabrina is going over a strategy of how they can't go. And we will be doing this with ARLIE!!! (she is trying to get in on Arlies attention now) she says it's a game, this is the smartest thing for your game. Sabrina is asking Allison if she swears she will not cross over again. she then goes on to say Arlie better not cross us again. they are listing who is on slop and Jon can't play so they will win the next HoH and now high fives between the three girls as they say they are so stupid.

11:02PM BBT: Adel, Jon and Heather are at the dinning room table talking. Adel saying he has to pack his bag and Heather saying yes, but you're not leaving. Just general joking around by these 3. They tell Arlie as he comes to join them they left him a gift (it is not in the camera's view. Arlie jokes that does this mean I'm the target this week?! it was supposed to be Adel. Arlie is saying so much such has to come into play yet and there are so many competitions to go.

11:10PM BBT: Arlie went upstairs and was talking to Allison, Rachelle and Sabrina, within seconds Adel came in and they stopped. So Arlie says he's going to bed and leaves the room. Neda comes in and Adel tells the story about Arlie's gift downstairs being a green balloon they put his face on and it was floating away. Adel is in bed, so now the girls can't talk game. Adel says it would be funny if Heather goes on slop again next week. She said if she goes on again she said she will kill herself. Adel is saying it would mean that she has been on slop more days than she has been able to eat.

11:15PM BBT: Heather, Jon, Neda and Arlie at the table and couches, chatting about why and how they got on BB. Arlie is telling them that they will be used for their celebrity by businesses as a draw and they will make good money. Arlie saying that it's just now that he is realizing the after game effects being on BB will have on them. Jon is asking if the competitions will be physical or mental and Arlie tells him they will be pretty rounded out.

11:22PM BBT: Jon says he is going to bed and leaves. Heather now saying she should go make her bed and go to sleep to. Neda complaining she doesn't want to go to the slums. Arlie yells out "save me Canada" and Neda and Heather tell him the games not over yet and Arlie agrees. Jon standing outside the washroom talking to Neda below about where his water bottle is (while he hold and adjusts his junk again) Arlie is really playing it up that he has accepted the fact he is going home. Heather and Neda leave Arlie to get ready for bed. In the main bedroom Allison, Sabrina, Neda, Adel and Jon are talking. They are talking about coke and pepsi. They get warned by BB not to talk about brand names. Heather enters and is looking for clothes to sleep in.

11:31PM BBT: Arlie now comes into the main bedroom to grab shorts and Adel says, Hey Arlie, it's not so funny when the jokes on you huh? everyone laughs and Arlie leaves. Jon tells Adel he should do something crazy in the Slums (their name for the half-not room) Adel says he should take a dump in there and Jon says no. Jon tells one of the girls that she is getting smaller. They are now talking about movies. Adel went out for water and came back in with his shorts down and his butt completely showing, he does a strut around the room and leaves to brush his teeth.

11:43PM BBT:Jon picks a bed to sleep in, the girls want to know why he is not sleeping in the HoH. A few of them say the lights suck in there. Arlie and Rachelle are in the half-not room going to sleep with the lights on. The rest of the houseguests are in the main bedroom laying around and talking. Jon said he is going to start eating healthy tomorrow. Adel is trying to get people to go for Nutella with him, and also keeps saying he is so full he can't eat. Jon is asking if anyone wants to cuddle, Adel tells him if they were in Jail they could cuddle.

11:50PM BBT: Jon, Heather and Neda in the HoH. Jon says Arlie told him he thinks that Jon will be in Jury right behind him and also tells them Arlie's theory about Jon having a girlfriend in the house. They are saying Neda should have been a dentist, it would have been a good way to take out her anger on people. Heather says she wants it to be Thursday already. Both the girls hate the waiting. They don't like that Rachelle and Arlie are alone together in the half-not room. Heather says she is going to bed right away. Jon says he's sorry to Neda and she asks about what, he tells her she is never going to get a letter.

11:55PM BBT: Jon tells Neda if you are bored with me then you will never find a guy you are not bored with. Jon saying they are going to have to watch back through this season to see Allison get her Veto, hey it's me Veto girl. Heather thinks it will be fun to watch the season, it will be weird because it's them, but fun. They are now talking about studying tomorrow for competitions. Neda said she should have started trying to remember stuff from the first day on as it happened. Heather said she tried that and it didn't work, she says Sabrina tried it too and couldn't remember stuff. Jon puts on his headphones and says he just wants to lay there. So the girls leave.

12:01AM BBT: Heather in the washroom changing into her pajamas, and then leaves. Something just went on in the main bedroom, Sabrina just told everyone to leave her the Frick alone, that everyone picks on her, she feels bullied and everyone shunned her and is not very nice to her. they are trying to reason with Sabrina as she gets more upset. Adel is saying she does nothing but talk smack about him and goes on to explain when. Heather and Neda go out to the HoH and tell Jon that they walked into the bedroom and Adel and Sabrina were yelling at each other. They think Sabrina did it for Allison's benefit and that Allison was sitting there with a smirk on her face. They are saying they don't understand what Allison is doing. Neda is very upset and saying what nerve Sabrina has to say what she has been saying. Lots of Sabrina bashing now. Jon left the HoH room.

12:10AM BBT: Jon comes back into the HoH room and Neda asks if it is done now and Jon said yes. Jon is asking why Adel is doing this, he should be nowhere around there. they are thinking this is all Allison's doing. Jon said Allison asked him today if he knew why she used the Veto and he told her no. She said she wanted to see who he would put up and he put up the right people, she wanted to see where his loyalties where. They still are saying they don't get why she was smiling and Jon says we can call her out on it tomorrow, but Neda says no. She does not want to do that before HoH. They just want to get a strong person out. They are now back to Sabrina and how she has to make everything about her and that she honestly believes that she is a nice person. Neda asked if Jon thinks there is any chance of them keeping Arlie and Jon says yes.

12:18AM BBT: Neda saying she hopes they are just reading too much into this. Heather says she is going to bed and she leaves. Neda is talking to Jon about what Allison said last night when she was drunk and that she said you can't trust Arlie, you can't trust Jon. They realize that Allison may have done this to get Adel out and they just have to get HoH. They think the gremlins are going to try and get Heather over to them too. Neda saying she is so scared about Arlie staying. Neda says she will talk to Sabrina in the morning.

12:25AM BBT: Jon says he will talk to Rachelle tomorrow too, and that she swore on everything and her brother. But he will not do it in a threatening way. Neda make a confession to Jon that she is a super fan and Jon said he knew and he is too. Then she tells him she has watched every season some more than one, season seven three times, and Jon asks if it was the whole season each time and she said yes, and she watches the live feeds too. She tells him the other people in this house are not super fans. Heather comes back in the HoH and is talking to Jon and Neda. I think she said she was talking to Allison. They are thinking Allison is Canada's player and they shouldn't worry and that she will vote Arlie out. Then they decide that next week they will put up Allison or one of the gremlins (Sabrina or Rachelle) They think the next HoH will be endurance.

12:35AM BBT: All four screens are on the HoH. Heather tells Jon and Neda she loves them. She tells them that we are the only ones that have stayed true to each other in this game besides Sabrina to Rachelle ( I think they have forgotten about Adel and Kyle staying loyal to Paul - Morty) They are talking about Sabrina going down as the dumbest player in history, that she thinks she knows everything. They say Sabrina may be a nice person outside the house but in this game Heather said she hates her, hate is a strong word, but I just hate her. They strategize that they will Jedi train tomorrow. Again Heather says goodnight and leaves the HoH.

12:45AM BBT: Neda tells Jon she trusts him. Then she calls the people in this game are dumbasses. Jon asks her why she is going to take him to the final two and she says that you have to stay loyal to one person in the house while you stab the rest in the back. Jon asks who else she is loyal to, BB tells Neda to fix her Mic. Neda asks Jon why he is crying, he says he is not, his eyes are just watering. two cameras on HoH and the other two on sleeping HG. Jon and Neda continue to talk game and that they would each be happy with the $20,000.00 for second place. so they both would be happy taking each other. Neda talking about how she would read daily updates on the game when BB was on, she says she has been watching since she was a kid. Jon said he is so happy for her, this is a dream for her to be here and he is so happy for her.

12:52AM BBT: Neda is saying Jon wasn't completely honest about what he did. he says when he goes out he will go back for his second year of special education. Neda asks him why he didn't tell her earlier that he was ADD and he replies with it's not something you just come out and say. Neda tells him that it's her and he could have told just her, and Jon reminds her that it's the whole Canada thing too. Neda says oh, right, I guess so. Again Neda asks if he had real tears and Jon says he doesn't cry. Jon and Neda seem to be the only ones up now. Jon asks when she decided they would go to the final two. Neda tells him it was during the girls alliance when Ika was in the house.

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1:10 AM BBT Jon and Neda in the HOH. They are discussing past BB seasons and comparing to this season. Neda says Arlie would slip up when talking about BB and she clued in that he was a fan. Neda says she has a really bad memory. She has wanted Arlie out since week 2. Neda thinks Kenny was more of a fan than he let on.

1: 17 AM BBT Jon says his knee is hurting him for some reason. So many twists says Neda, does there need to be so many? Neda thinks they are giving Rachelle too much credit when it comes to endurance. She could have won the one that Rachelle won.

1: 22 AM BBT Jon asks what made Neda think that she could trust him. Neda says it just happened. Neda says that the one thing was Arlie and the potato. Neda – do you want to go to sleep. Jon – do you? Neda I could. You just look really tired. Neda leaves.

1: 33 AM BBT In the HOH Jon is laying in bed listening to music. In the WA Neda is getting ready for bed. No sound though. Lights went out fast in the HOH. Neda is just getting the last of her things and heading to the HN room. That makes all the HGs asleep or heading to sleep and so will I. Goodnight Canada!

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9:10 AM BBT HGs beginning to wake up. Adel says it has snowed overnight.

9:15 AM BBT HGs given 15 minute warning for outside lockdown. Its going to be hard to top yesterday's craziness, but we shall see what today has in store!

9:20 AM BBT HGs in the bathroom doing ADLs. Heather and Adel are taking quick showers. Rachelle and Neda are doing their makeup. Adel again says to everyone they won't believe how snow is outside. He was up outside praying earlier.

9:24 AM BBT: Sabrina and Jon talking in the kitchen. Sabrina talks about Arlie campaigning. She said that Arlie told her that he knows Heather,Adel,Jon and Neda are a true final 4 and that they need to be broken up.

9:30 AM BBT: Sabrina and Ro head out to the hot-tub area. It is snowing and they agree it is too cold and head back inside.

9:33 AM BBT: Sabrina and Ro talking. Sab says that after what happened last night she just wants Adel out. Ro says they need to get Adel out this week then Jon the next week, then they will give them the best chance of winning.

9:36 AM BBT: Adel and Allison talking strategy. Adel says he has no chance to win if they don't break up the pairs. He says they need to break up Jon/Neda and the gremlins. Then they will still have one of the gremlins left to work with.

9:40 AM BBT: All HGs are now locked outside of the house in the Indoor Lockdown Area. Adel keeps asking if everyone saw the snow. Now Allison is mocking him by asking everyone too. Conversation turns to how much it snows and how it cold it gets where each HGs lives.

9:50 AM BBT 9:50 AM BBT Only two feeds are up. Both of them are on the HGs who all look very bored. Conversation turns to if this lockdown could be for an instant eviction, but they seem to agree it won't be anything significant.

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10:47 AM BBT The first 2 feeds are on the Hush hush screen but 3 and 4 are on the BR where Allison is explaining to Neda a dream she had last night about Andrew. (Sounds more like an acid flashback)

10:50AM BBT Arlie walks into the bedroom and Allison retells her dream to him.Jon come in and lays down on the bed with Neda. Now complaining about being tired. Jon says that last night he discovered that he is tickelish on his feet again, because apparently they weren't for "years and years". Jon leaves bedroom. Rachelle climbs out of a bed and leaves the room. (this is o boring not even game talk going on)

10:55 AM BBT BR Feeds go to hush hush. First 2 feeds are now on the WA where Sabs and Heather are talking. Sabs says she thinks \heather was fake to her and Heather says she wasn't Now sabs is blaming everything on Arlie, he was making it so both sides of the house hated each other

10:59 AM BBT Still heavy convo going on between Heather and Sabs, (talk about fake nice!)

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10:05 AM BBT Feeds remain rather quiet with HGs in lockdown. Allison breaks the silence by saying it is probably just another mug. Allison and Adel then head off alone. Allison says she is keeping Adel and wants to work with him.

10:10 AM BBT Adel says that Sabrina is the biggest sell out in the game. He says that Rachelle is the better competitor and that Jon will take Sab over Ro because no one will vote for Sab at the end. Allison says she knew that Jon is using the gremlins to better his game. Adel says they need to break up the gremlins because it is too early to make a move on Heather or Neda.

10:15 AM BBT Adel is being honest to Allison, saying why it is smart for her to keep him. He is giving her the bigger picture of how they can work together in the coming weeks to get closer to the end.

10:20 AM BBT Allison says it makes sense to get a gremlin out next. Adel says it is crucial that one of them or Heather wins the next HoH because he feels Jon and Neda can't be trusted. Neda is the wild card and would maybe try to get one of them out.

10:25 AM BBT Lone feeds remain on Adel and Allison. Adel says he knows he is on the outs in the Sloppy Seconds alliance. Allison also feels that she is near the bottom on both alliances. Adel tells Allison that he has told her everything he knows in the game, as they continue to talk strategy.

10:35 AM BBT We still see Adel and Allison whispering alone. They are coming up with the best strategy to keep themselves both safe. Conversation ends as the Doors are opened to the inside. Everyone heads back inside to find the house the same.

10:38 AM BBT Allison and Heather talk in the bathroom about Sabrina. Heather says she is annoyed with Sab b/c of all the negative stuff she did earlier in the game and how she continues blaming it on everyone else. Allison consoles her and says not to worry about it.

10:40 AM BBT Heather and Allison continue whispering in the bathroom. Allison hugs her and says don't worry I got your back. Sab and Ro laying together upstairs. Just general chit chat.

10:45 AM BBT Arlie and Adel downstairs now talking in the kitchen. Adel is making sandwiches. Adel says he can't wait to eat some ice cream and watch the episodes. Allison is upstairs with Neda and Ro. Allison says she just wants a TV and any gaming console, she is so bored.

10:50 AM BBT Two main feeds have gone hush. Other feeds show Allison saying Andrew was in her dream last night. Talk between Ro, Sab and Allison turns to how their dreams always have some part of the house in them.

10:53 AM BBT Arlie and Jon joins the group upstairs. Allison again explains her dream about Andrew last night. She says they were just catching up on the couch and then he turned into a guy she dated two years ago. She says it was so weird.

10:55 AM BBT Main feeds come back in middle of a conversation with Sab and Heather. Sab looks very upset. Heather says she heard that Sab did things behind her back and she is sorry about being mean to her and doesn't want them to dislike each other. Sab says she has hated Heather the last few days and that she really is a nice person and has many friends back home. Sab says she feels Heather was being fake but then she also apologies.

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11:00 AM BBT back to the BR feed Arlie is making his case to Allison and Rachelle. He is making points against Jon and how he would never align with him again and how he (arlie) will be the target which will keep it off them.

11:05AM BBT Heather is in the WA flat ironing her hair

11:10 AM BBT The fan Meter seems to have stalled out at 12.7 Million. I think Canada got bored and decided to get ready for hockey playoffs

11:10 AM BBT Sabs and Arlie in SR talking about Heather, Sabs making her look like she was bad mouthing Arlie the whole time leaving out her own part

11:13AM BBT Ro come intoSR shotyly after Sabs left and Arlie asks if there is any Maple sryup, general convo pretty much

11:15 AM BBT Feed switches to KT HG's are chowing down and making coffee, Heather asks to listen to Jon's music and is off to HOHR. Everyone but Heather in KT, talk of kale chips

11:17 AM BBT Rachelle is called to the DR. Adel says "dethaw" (OMG Someone correct him! Buy him a friggin dictionary)

11:20 AM BBT Talk of hating pineapple on pizza and other foods they hate.

11:21 AM BBT Jon checks SR and announces that there is still no slop (Guess the HNs will starve)

11:23 AM BBT Neda says she is going to lay down and it seems as the rest of the HG's start going their own ways.

Up in the HOHR Heather is rehashing her convo with Sabs to Jon. Now about her conversation with Allison and how she wants them to be final 4.

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11:37 AM BBT Sabs and Allison go out to the workout area in the BY to talk about screwing each other in the past and to cement their new alliance with Arlie and Rachelle. Adel yells about pizza somewhere in the back ground. They say Neda is weak because she can't eat slop. Talking about how the other side is blaming everything on Arlie and apologizing for everything. Allison lets Sabs know that Adel has approached her with an alliance that would not include Sabs (Go figure) Adel comes out to ask if they are going to eat luch, he has it out on the table and doesn't want to eat by himself. Some last comments and they go back inside.

11:45 AM BBT Rachelle and Arlie are making Slop cookies, Neda stumbles in to join them, looks tired and sick. Says "My head is actually dying"

11:48 AM BBT Arlie is washing a cookie sheet to make slop cookies/chips (same thing)

11:48 AM BBT Adel talks about the Slop truck that goes around before the show starts up so people can try it. Last year Dan also travelled with it to promote our premere season

11:50 AM BBT Sabs and Allison are excited about frozen pizza being on sale. More General chit chat based around pizza

11:55 AM BBT Talk of Twitter followers is going on at the diningroom table between adel, allison, sabs and neda. Jon joins in and Neda complains about her head hurting.

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12:03 PM BBT Arlie talks about how the lights in the house messed with his eyes and gave him anxiety, he thought he would be medivaced from the game. Muffed sounds from Sabs and Ro talking but squishing their mics on LR couch

It's the Arlie show again, all attention is on him (He wants to get as much camera time before he leaves or is he distracting the sloppy seconds?)

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12:25 PM BBT HT Area Adel and Ro are enjoying the snow while still soaking in the warm HT. They are talking about Arlie and how he will be remembered in the BB Canada game forever. Now about how long there is left Adel says he know there is 4 weeks left. He can't wait for Arlie to go home and everyone's reactions, lile "Oh hey they caught him" and such.

12:33 PM BBT Back in the BR Neda and Sabs are talking about Sarah and how she was two faced and how everyone is two-faced and game play.

12:35 PM BBT Still in BR Sabs and Neda talking about Sarah more, now about what she said about Arlie (Stop beating a dead horse, she is gone who cares?)

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12:40 PM BBT Allison, Heather and Jon in HOHR, debating going out to the HT. now talk of shoveling driveway and snowblwers (yup Canadian BB! Next an igloo building contest) Heather doesn't shovel the walkway because her Daddy treats her like a princess, Jon on the other hand was told to do it.

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12:44 PM BBT Ro enters the BR to see Sabs and Neda chatting on the bed. Rachelle is miffed because she was stuck outside with Deli waiting on Sabs and she was inside the whole time talking with Neda. Neda confesses to the Gremlins that she threw out the condiments to make Kenny weak for HOH. BB gives the HG's a 15 mins warning before the House will be off limits and OLD will begin. The 3 girls aren't even budging. Ro tells Neda to not do that in the future. Neda is trying to apologize saying it wasn't to be mean it was just game play (Who cares? It was evil) Neda leaves Ro and Sabs just confirm they will not work with the sloppy seconds

12:52 PM BBT HOHR Heather and Allison are going to grab their nail files and sit by the pool during the OLD. They leave to go to WA. Jon and Neda are talking about the Gremlins and hw they use the word Bully a lot and how they tell each other everything. She is giving him her version of the convo from the BR.Jon goes pee and doesn't wash his hands then comes back and sits on couch. Heather comes back in and Neda retelling her version of convo in BR with Gremlins

12:57 PM BBT WA Allison and Racheele talking about Neda and her trashing the condiments. Rachelle says she isn't surprised. Adel was in shower. Sabs joins the girls, Adel finishs and leaves. Sabs says the only reason Neda confessed was to gain trust, Sabs and Ro aren't buying it. Says is the stupidest thing to do at this point.

1:00 PM BBT BB announces that this is their finally warning and all of a sudden the HG's start to move, making their way to the BY. They want the hammock back (oh I never noticed it is missing) Jon aks if anyone wants to guess what is going on.

HT Area Sabs, Ro and Ally are talking about Neda and how she is mean.and that they would never work with her. Calling SS evil people and they are soooooooooo mean. (*eye roll*)

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1:06 PM BBT Jon, Arlie, Heather and Neda by the pool, all is quiet. Back to HT crew. Adel has joined the girls. He is sitting in one of the chairs while the girls are in the HT (Rachelle has her feet in) They are talking about the cicil war in the Ukrain. the girls are whispering about Neda more while Adel pretty much talks to himself.

1:10 PM BBT Sabs and Adel are saying that Arlie is saying that Allison has a Boyfriend in the house (Jon)

1:12 PM BBT Pool Area is still quiet, napping and nails is all that is going on. Adel rejoins them. someone's mic is scratching by it doesn't matter no one is actually talking

1:15 PM BBT Sabs is talking about Heather and that she thinks she is a actress that is why she is going to move to Vancover, and that her whole behaviour in the house is an act, that she is playing a role in the role not being real

1:16 PM BBT HT Area Sabs, Ro and Al want to name themselves Arlie's Angles

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5PM BBT Still HOT, All is quiet, hoping something good is going on to make it worth the wait

5:05 Feeds are back

5:05 PM BBT Looks like they had to dress up, there is the clothing rack in the BR and Heather and Neda are wearing white dress shirts in the KT

5:10 PM BBT Sabrina, Rachelle, Allison and Jon talking about Top Chef, sounds as if whatever they did involved a guest (Maybe Mark McGeun)

5:10 PM BBT Sabrina says she is never drinking again after the strawberry wine experience and she vomitted everywheres. Apparently it was a puke fest. (Yum) Back to what happened, there was food involved, someone was cooking, there was food everywheres Rachelle is pissed (Maybe HN's could eat it)

5:13 PM BBT Sabs thinks the reason why there isn't physical HOH comps is because the Vetos are so physcial. Talk of endurance comps and wanting to sleep contiunes in BR

5:15 PM BBT Arlie is wearing a Top Chef jacket in the KT/LR area. Sabs comes down stairs looking for Ro and Arlie lets her knw she is in the DR. Heather is washing dishes and tells Sabs that she is so happy that they talked earlier (^eye roll from the peanut gallery here^) Sabs talks about Top Chef some more, it is her fav show, she loves everything on the Food network

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5:52PM BBT: Sabrina, Rachelle and allison in the BR talking about Arlie staying and what will happen. Allison is saying, this is why I did this. Sabrina asks Allison if Arlie leaves if Allison is still with Sabrina and Rachelle. Allison is saying no I am staying with you, this was me showing you and I can't do anything more then what I just did. Allison is saying that she hates that people are feeding Sabrina things already. The three continues to bash Arlie and how they saved him.

Arlie, Jon and Neda are sitting outside the WA and front door on the chairs. Arlie says that him leaving the game will be the biggest move happening. Neda and Jon disagree but say it is a big move. Arlie says he likes having a big influence in the game, he says he likes being a part of the game. Heather walks by but does not even acknowledge them. Arlie continues saying he broke down risk versus reward and went with his plan.

5:57PM BBT: Neda and Jon continue on with Arlie on the couches outside the front door. Telling Arlie that he is hands down coming back for an all-stars season. Arlie continues saying that if he goes on to final two he would be one of the top 5 players in this game.

Sabrina, Allison and Rachelle are whispering int he BR still. Rachelle asks why Sabrina is being nice to Heather and Allison responds "kill her with kindness". Its hard to make out what they are saying exactly because of mics being rubbed on pillows. Appearently there was some confrontation in a recent competition between Adel and Sabrina. Sabrina was excited about the comp and watching something, Adel says Sabrina your not the only one that likes to cook. Sabrina asks Adel to talk and Adel says I don't need your vote. Sabrina apparently calls off a deal with Jon. Sabrina continues to give Rachelle and Allison attitude about anything they ask or say to Sabrina. Sabrina says that she is being given attitude by other houseguests.

6:02PM BBT: Rachelle tells Sabrina and Allison in the BR about voting out Adel. Allison tells the girls that Jon solidified final four today. The girls keep talking about needing to talk to Jon and confronting the constant lies. Adel walks into the room and briefly knocks. He doesn't even look towards the girls. Conversation quickly changes to no game talk while Adel walks around the room.

Heather has joined Arlie, Neda and Jon on the chairs outside the front door. Arlie continues to talk about his game and how well he has played. He talks of how hard he played in veto and how happy he will be to know what he did. Arlie talks about how he is picking up on cameras way more these last few days. Heather, Neda and Jon talk about how they don't even realize they are there. The boys talk about how close they have come to walking out of the bathroom without having their pants up before realizing the cameras.

6:06PM BBT: Arlie talks about watching the Gremlin's boards during the HOH, he says that if he couldn't see their boards then he would have been more focused. Arlie says if he was sent home during other weeks he wouldn't have been able to sleep it off. Neda and Heather are just sitting there bored listening. Jon is saying things briefly. Arlie is doing most of the talking.

Allison, Rachelle and Sabrna are in the BR talking about food and how they like things cooked. Feeds shut to FotH.

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6:17PM BBT: Feeds are back and all the houseguests are in the KT cleaning up. Looks like it was maybe a task because everything is being cleared off the counters? HGs keep asking about what their names are (the guests from the last challenge) and Arlie says how cool it will be to see them cook and be able to talk to people. Feeds cut out again.

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9:22PM BBT: Neda was outside by the pool with Sabrina and Allison whispering. Neda read someones lips and is unsure what it means. Neda goes to the HOH to talk about it.

Sabrina and Allison stay by the pool whispering, not sure what they were saying. Arlie joins them and he apologizes for how he was acting today. Arlie says it was all an act. Rachelle walks up and Sabrina says that she is scared shitless (Neda). Allison is called to the DR.

Upstairs in the HOHr Jon, Heather and Neda are talking. Neda is telling them everything that was said. Someone was watching other people on the TV. (HGs were watching from the first course) Jon, Neda and Heather are wondering what it is that they said that Sabrina was upset about.

9:26PM BBT:Neda is saying about Arlie being outside with them and Heather says well I will go outside with them and gets up and leaves.

Outside by the pool Arlie, Rachelle and Sabrina are talking. Arlie is talking about Jon and they see Heather walking in the mirrors. They stop and quickly go on talking when Heather doesn't come right away. Sabrina keeps saying that if they aren;t saying anything then they wouldn't be scared. The three see Heather walk outside to try and find them - Arlie asks if he should run inside before she sees and Sabrina says no, I want them to shit their pants. Heather comes outside and asks Arlie if she can talk to the girls - Arlie leaves.

Heather asks the girls that she heard, the girls asked her to talk first. Rachelle says I have grown up reading lips, my brother is deaf. Back and forth conversation between Sabrina and Heather. Heather goes on to list what they have talked about. (Veto being used, that we hope arlie isn't stay, how Arlie back stabbed his last alliance, how we hope they aren't believing him, and then she says they all said maybe if they are watching us in the HOHr, she goes on to list about cooking).

9:31PM BBT: Rachelle goes to interrupt twice and Heather says were not done yet. Sabrina goes on say "why'd you say my name?" "what was hashtag about", literally quizzing what was said about everything. Rachelle goes on to defend herself and telling Heather the situation. Both Heather and Sabrina/Rachelle are very short with each other, interrupting each other and being snarky.

(PS Heather and Neda were the only two in the meal with the Top Chef's?)

9:34PM BBT: Rachelle, Sabrina and Heather are all sitting around the pool talking still. Adel walks out and gets right to a chair before Heather asks if she can still talk to the girls alone. Adel says yeah sure.

Heather stops Rachelle when she is saying what was said and says "no and you know this because you know what was said". Heather keeps defending herself and saying she was worried because of what was said about Arlie.

Rachelle and Jon are in the HOH talking about the competitions upcoming and who will win what type of comps. Neda says keeping Arlie is going to go down as the stupidest move, however she wants to keep him because Sabrina and Rachelle want him out. Neda says that she didn't want any more alone time with Heather because people are already thinking they are close. Neda blames Allison for being in Sabrina and Rachelle's head.

9:39PM BBT: Heather goes on to say "I don't want you two to go home, I didn't tell you guys that because we don't talk anymore and the last time we talked was when I was HOH. But I don't I want Arlie to go home this week." Rachelle continues the conversation saying that I just don't get why you guys seemed so stressed about us seeing everything. Heather responds with "okay you just don't have to but because you guys seemed so mad".

Conversation keeps going in circles, Heather says she doesn't want them to go home and Rachelle/Sabrina asking who she is going to send home if she is HOH next week.

Neda and Jon in the HOHr pretty quiet, considering different parts of the game. Jon asks about different things that were read on their lips during dinner and Neda is doing a bad job at covering because she keeps saying I can't remember what that was about, I don't remember saying that.

9:45PM BBT: Randomly Jon interrupts Neda talking and asks if she is wearing a push up bra. Neda tells Jon that they need to reassure Rachelle/Sabrina about wanting to work with them over Adel/Heather/Arlie. Neda and Jon both say what they've told Rachelle/Sabrina about Arlie and they know they need to make them feel threatened by Arlie.

Heather, Rachelle and Sabrina are still by the pool. Heather is telling them that if they go up on the block there is a bigger plan behind it. Sabrina appreciates this talk and Heather says she would like if it kept between it. Heather says if she doesn't hear it from anyone else then she knows she can trust them. Heather apologizes for anything Rachelle thinks she read and how they have taken it. Allison is finished in the DR and goes to join, she stops and asks if she could come back and Heather says yes. Allison leaves.

9:49PM BBT: Sabrina tells Heather that she knows they think they should keep Adel, however they know the keeping Arlie is better for them. Heather tells them to be smart about their decision. Heather goes on to talk about Arlie and not keeping him. Rachelle says they are probably going to keep Adel but they need to think about it. More circle conversations and Heather attempts to end the conversation again.

Jon and Neda in the HOHr, we loose their mics as Allison was leaving the room. Adel is at the DT eating and Arlie is lying on the green couch looking very sad. Silent cams with nasty eating sounds.

9:53PM BBT: Allison is giving out batteries and tells Sabrina, Rachelle and Heather to holler when she is allowed back in the conversation. Sabrina asks for Heather's opinion on Arlie. Heather shares her opinion on Arlie not being a stupid guy and he has plans and how he has been heard swearing on things in his life and is more than willing to go back on it.

In the KT Adel is making a nutella delight. General conversation with Arlie and Allison.

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10:00PM BBT: As the day of "I heard that she said that you said that they said what you said you would never say" winds down Heather is talking to the gremlins out by the pool and Jon Neda and Allison are in the HOH while Arlie is sprawled out on the green couches and Adel is eating for a change.

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10:02PMBBT: The talk by the pool continues. Heather says she was aligned with Arlie since week 2 and no one knew. Sabrina says "Oh I knew." Heather continues that Arlie was saying he was going to bring more people in. It didn't happen and she knew if it was being said to her, it was being said to others. She reminds them that Arlie does what is best for his own game. Sabrina says that the odds are in her favor if they keep Arlie because he would "Never put us up!" Sabrina is on to Heather and her "Big moves" and "You are a lot smarter than I give you credit for" (she is right, Heather is smart)

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10:10PMBBT: Jon, Neda and Alison talk in the HoH about Arlie and Heather. Alison is wanting clarification of what Neda said to Sabrina and Rachelle over Heather. Sabrina's mouth is scaring Jon "Because she flings so much sh**! And she doesn't care she just bam, bam, bam.. so much flies out" They talk about what the Gremlins (Sab and Rach) were talking to him about before the PoV ceremony. Alison wonders why she is perceived as such a threat.

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10:01PM BBT: Adel announces to the SR that he ain't gonna stop campaigning after Arlie makes a comment about it looks like he is going home. Sabrina and Heather keep talking in circles about past events and who wants to target whom. Heather is saying that Arlie will say whatever he thinks will make you want to keep him, but he will later do whatever he thinks will advance his game. Sabrina saying that keeping Arlie could work to the gremlins favor in some ways. She is also telling Heather that she is the girl that wants to have a speech at the end that will make folks want to vote for her. (Who wouldn't? DRG) She thinks that Heather is a lot smarter than she wants people to think. Sabrina is saying that if Adel wins the coming HOH then she is dead. Heather tries to convince her that Adel is a logical player and will want to get out a big target rather than nominating emotionally. Sabrina does not want either herself or Rachelle up at all this week because they don't know what the twist is going to be. Arlie and Adel talking about their younger days on the green couches. Feeds outside switch to HOH where Allison is saying that Heather hates Arlie right now and if he stays he will win. Adel telling Arlie that he let too much out lately and that was the icing on the cake to his going home this week. Jon says he only knows Boogie and Will. Allison asking about Neda's convo outside earlier when she chatted with Sabrina and Rachelle before Heather tagged her out of the verbal wrestling match. Allison says that they said they were on board to back door her (referring to the gremlins). She does not see why she is a big player. Arlie now talking about Allison's crying jag the other night and he does not understand why it happened. Allison asks so the plan is to get rid of Delli and then the gremlins. Heather comes in grabs a pillow and screeches into it. She says what a mind fuck talking to them. She does not know how Arlie does it, he is skilled. . . and the feeds freeze.

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10:12PMBBT: Heather walks in the HOH, grabs a pillow and screams into it. "Oh I feel better now." She tells them that Arlie's plan is to get rid of Jon and Neda then Heather. Something happened when the chef's were in the house. The chef's mentioned that some of them should pair up and be final 2. They tried to get Heather to turn against Alison the whole convo. Heather is laying out the entire convo. Nothing is held back.

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10:15MBBT: Sabrina and Rachelle go into the HoH and ask to talk to Jon. There is Paranoia Stew cooking in the house tonight and Sabrina is the cook! She has turned the convos with others tonight and are trying to put doubt in Jon's mind. He seems frustrated.

10:20PMBBT: Arlie and Adel chat by the pool. Arlie says he was expecting them all to turn on him just not this week "Canada save me from this goon!" They have now turned the convo to Canada turning the whole game around.

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