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Survivor 28 - Episode 7 - April 9 2014

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We see the recap of last weeks tribal. Sarah left, first member of the jury. Back at camp they say it was a pretty insane tribal council. Spencer is upset because Kass flipped. He says she will go where ever her estrogen takes her. The other side says the will have her back. Morgan starts yelling out from another part of camp "We didn't do anything!" Spencer tells Kass to stop talking. She tells us how she flushed out the 2 idols. She pissed off 5 people but made 5 friends and she is now a free agent.

The next morning, the bickering between Kass and Morgan continues, no one has gone to get water. Instead of going they complain about it that the other hasn't gone. Morgan tells us Kass is a bitter and ugly old lady who is bitter because Morgan is cuter than her. She adds that Kass needs to go.

We are at the reward challenge. Today they have 2 teams they race through obstacles, to a chest, drag the chest to the top of the tower, 2 members have to solve the puzzle. They are playing for a Survivor themed outback steakhouse steak with all the fixings and new Outback menu items! 2 teams are ready and GO!

They go over a teeter totter in the water to a balance beam, Woo fell off and has to start over. He makes it the second time! They are all working on untying the chest!

Woo flies up the wall, Spencer is at the top! Morgan at the top. LJ flew up without the rope. Purple team with Woo is ahead! Orange is close behind! Purple is on the puzzle!

LJ and Spencer are on the puzzle for orange. Kass and Woo for purple and they are behind!

Orange has got it! LJ, Spencer, Jer, Jefra and Morgan are heading out to reward.

Back at camp, Tony says double the rice, add some coconut and party! Kass asks them if they are worried about Spencer, she is throwing his name out there. Kass says she is still a free agent. She says she doesn't care who goes next, as long as it isn't her. Tony asks if she is happy with what she did. She says yes. He can't tell if she is lying or not. Woo and Tony whisper about finding the new idol with "special powers" Tony is digging, climbing, trying to find it.

At the reward, they have drinks, tomatoes, salad, fully loaded baked potatoes and then the steak. The dessert comes out and Spencer finds a clue in his napkin. He puts it in his pocket.

When they get back to camp, it is raining and Spencer is trying to find the clue dry. It tells him the idol is buried beyond the well. Back at camp, they notice that Spencer is missing. Woo is on to him, he is tracking Spencer.

Woo spots Spencer digging through a river bed wall looking for the idol. Spencer folded up his pants and tucked the clue loosely in the fold. Woo picks up Spencer's pants, throws them to him. The clue fell out. Woo picks it up and takes off running with it. Spencer can not catch him Woo is too fast an Spencer knows that everyone is going to know about the clue at camp and things will get crazy.

Woo is back at camp celebrating. He pulls LJ and they go to look for the idol. Spencer grabs his alliance and they go out looking for the clue. Now everyone is out looking for the idol. It is a mad rush to the old river bed. Lots of looking over shoulders. Tony says you know it is good when Morgan who never gets up is up and looking. Spencer throws his arms up in frustration when he finds out everyone is looking.

Kass tells Spencer that this is karma for his behavior last night. He is digging while she talks and he finds it! She missed it! She wasn't paying attention! It says if you use the idol, it must be played once the votes are cast but not read. That was all he said outloud. We do not know the power! They are at immunity now. No one knows Spencer has the idol!

They must stand on their toes, with a block on their head and push the block into a board to balance it. They can not touch the block or frame. Kass is out after a few seconds.

Jer and Trish are out. Tony is out!

Bugs are flying around, landing on them. Morgan loses her balance. She is out! Woo wobbles! He is out!

It's been an hour! Jefra is out, she can hardly get down from the frame. LJ, Tasha and Spencer are the only ones left!

LJ is out! Tasha and Spencer are fighting it out. 90 minutes into the challenge. They are still in it!

Spencer waivers a bit. He struggles. Tasha looks strong but falls out! Spencer wins immunity!

Back at camp, they congratulate Spencer. Tony asks Kass if the other side has the idol. They are discussing with their alliance who is going home. Tony says Morgan is who needs to go. Trish says she is dead weight. Tony says that plan B is... and we don't hear who. They worry that Spencer has the idol and they are going to use it tonight. Jer and Spencer, Morgan and Tasha agree that Tony should go tonight. They look at Kass to flip back to get him out. Spencer approaches her with their plan.

Kass is considering Spencer's plan. Kass was banking on this happening. The original alliance for her would get over it. She says she does this in the court room, trial by ambush and she loves the blindside! We are now at tribal. Sarah is brought in as jury.

Tony says the wind changed directions. Kass admits it was her who changed her mind. Spencer says he feels good with immunity tonight, he was betrayed last time. Tony says they are looking at other players strengths as to who will be going home. Morgan makes the point of no one likes her so why would they get rid of her. She says LJ an Jer took good care of the girls so she hasn't had to do anything. She says she doesn't have to work hard to get things even at home. "If someone has to pick between ugly and cute, they will pick cute." Jeff says that is one of the best quotes ever.

Tony and Spencer spar over how each alliance came about. Tony says the others were an alliance by default. Jeff asks about Kass' flipping, Trish says she was welcomed as a member of their alliance, equal. Kass just added when she goes to Vegas and sits down at a table with a friend, she doesn't mind beating them. With that they vote!

No one plays an idol. Jeff reads the votes. Tony is first, 3 votes Tony, Morgan has 3 votes. One vote reads "Queen Morgan" Morgan is out! She is the second member of the jury, she wishes them luck as she leaves. Jeff reminds them they can never trust fully what someone else says and dismisses them from tribal.

Next time, Paranoia is at an all time high. Woo is worried that he has to make a big move. Tony says he wants Woo out now! Morgan says Kass needs to grow up "You're 40, get over it." She is confused to why they got rid of her even though she did nothing at camp. And with that, we will see you next week!

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Another good episode. Spencer is an idiot for letting Woo find that clue, but Kass is even a bigger idiot for not seeing Him get the idol!! Lol

Spencer's killing it in these challenges, 3 brains still left after they lost half their tribe to start the season. Glad they finally got rid of the dead weight and not Tony.

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