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Dancing with the Stars ~ U.S. season 18 Episode 4

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This is the week they switch partners! It is just for one week. The troop dances to the song "Switch" for the opening number.

This weeks guest judge is Julianne Hough! Tonight is the switchup! One night only. A new pro and different approach to training. Julianne has cut off all her hair, it is a short pixie style.
Candace is up first with Tony!

Candace says Tony always makes her blush. He and Mark have different styles of training. She really wants to score high to improve on last week's 8's. Tony says he does not want to be the reason she might be voted off. She says after a few days she really enjoys dancing with Tony.

They are dancing the quickstep. Candace's look reminds me of Avril Lavigne. A plaid halter top with a plaid skirt waist, black and red pixie skirt. Tony is in all black with a red tie and a studded belt.

Len says it was hair raising. They attacked it well done! Julianne says it was wonderful choreography. They both mentioned there were gaps in spacing. Bruno says he wasn't expecting the quick step with the Sex Pistols! He warns her about losing her frame. Loved the energy. Carrie says it was her first ballroom and it is hard to keep the hold. She loved the energy too.

Tony and Candace await scores. She says she loves Tony, he was patient and nurturing. Scores: Carrie 7, Len 7, Julianne 7, Bruno 7. Total for 2 weeks, 60 out of 80. No one goes home tonight, scores combined and someone will go home next week.

Next we have James and Cheryl! James says he should have known. She says she is going to push him hard. He says he feels like he is cheating on Peta. He calls her little. She says she is happy that she has him, she feels the pressure to do better or get 9's across the board. They skype with Peta and Charlie.

They are dancing a tango. He is in a black jacket and pants with a gold trim. She is in a gold halter body suit and skirt with fringe and red jeweled embellishments.

Julianne calls James the total package. She says he has dedication, passion, technique but he is a little squatty. He needs to tuck his pelvis. Bruno says he has no problems with James' pelvis at all. "James the magnificent and Cheryl the Malificent!" Carrie says the butt was fine, she didn't notice at all there was a switch up. Len says dance is like fire, some should warm some should burn and this one burned!" He thought it was a tad manic, but hot and firey!

Erin says Cheryl is the girl who gets what she wants. They talk to Peta for a minute. They ask if James and Peta are dating, they don't answer. Scores: Carrie 9, Len 8, Julianne 9, Bruno 9 for 39! 71 out of 80 for 2 weeks!

Drew is paired with Witney! They did not expect to work with each other. She was with Cody the youngest and now she is with the oldest. She wants to get higher scores! He doesn't miss Cheryl as much as he thought he would. He is a slower learner but he is getting it done.

They are dancing the cha cha! Drew is in a gold lame suit. Witney is in a gold, silver, diamond body suit with a fringe along the waist line in front, tulle in the back, Open back.

The crowd is going wild! Bruno says it was splendid and confident. Calls Drew the sugar daddy of the cha cha. Carrie calls him the Cha Cha machine. She is so excited! Len says he hasn't had that much fun since he was a teenager. Julianne says this was Drew's turning point! She loved it!

Macy's Stars of Dance is coming up! Drew was called Sugar Daddy of the Ballroom (I said Cha Cha) Scores: Carrie 8, Len 8, Julianne 9, Bruno 8! 33 this week, 63 out of 80 for 2 weeks!

Julianne and Derek are going on tour this summer! They just announced it. Derek has taken creative oversight for the Macy's stars of Dance. They didn't have it last season and he has taken it on for this season. He feels like a kid in a candy store with this opportunity. There will be a slow motion camera technique in the performance, he says it will look awesome when done right. It is kind of a Paso Doble.

Danica is up now with Maks! She swapped one brother for the other! She was happy it was Maks. She thought they would be similar as partners but they are not. He says she is awesome but Danica questions everything.

They are dancing the Jive! She is in a black and white stripped halter body suit with a black short skirt and a pink crinoline. He is in a white tshirt, black pants and suspenders.

They had an issue with the music, they just kept going! Carrie says Danica was just a little ahead of Maks in the timing. Len says it was high energy, he would have liked a little more jive. Julianne agrees with Carrie and Len. She says "I almost felt like this week could get past so you could get back with Meryl." Maks denies it. Bruno says she did great with the cover up at the beginning with the music.

Val says Danica has never looked better. Maks says that he dances at his age so he takes every dance as his last. He tells Val he did his best. Scores Carrie 8, Len 8, Julianne 8, Bruno 8. 32! 68 out of 80!

Charlie and Peta meet up in the studio. She covers his eyes from behind, he says "I know that laugh anywhere!" He says Sharna has every detail planned out but Pets it is evolving.

They are dancing the rumba! She is in a purple backless dress with an iridescent skirt, slit up the front. He is in a purple shirt, black pants.

Len says it was not a rumba but a good performance. He says it was contemporary. Julianne thought it was stunning and beautiful. She says he is too on his heels and backweighted, he needs to be on the balls of his feet. Bruno says clean lines, grand shape. Len argues there was no hips. Carrie says it wasn't a rumba. She says there was a lift!

James tweeted Charlie to not get too comfy with Peta! It was quite funny. Scores: Carrie 7, Len 8, Julianne 9, Bruno 9 for 33. 69 for 2 weeks! Charlie says he was proud to dance with Peta tonight!

Tonight, Amy is with Mark! He yells YAY! as she walks into the studio. They are dancing a Salsa. She tells Mark he needs to be more steady, he is going to try for her. This is the biggest challenge he has had on the show. He sits down to talk to Derek about how to dance and move better for the dance. He wants to make her 100% comfortable at all times.

Mark and Amy are dancing a Salsa. She is in a pink and orange fringed bra top and black leather pants with black beaded fringe. He is in an orange sports coat, white shirt and orange bowtie with black jeans.

Tom says she made Mark look good. Julianne says Amy is inspiring but she is here as a competitor and she is fierce. She thinks they made it through a huge hurdle and commends them both. Bruno says she continues to astonish him. The amount of footwork was incredible. Carrie says Amy was exposed a lot more. She loved the middle section, it was excellent. Len says it was full of content and her bottom is the top!

Erin asks what concerns Amy had. Amy says being on her own more Mark not leading her but softly guiding her. Mark says it was a all about love! Scores: Carrie 9, Len 8, Julianne 8, Bruno 9 for a 34. 70 out of 80 for 2 weeks!

Cody is with Sharna tonight! He was so excited because she is an Aussie as well. First time 2 Aussies on the show together. He was born in 97, she has not had a younger partner than he. She doesn't tolerate his messing around, she says he has to show that he has progressed! Especially on his frame!

They are dancing the foxtrot. He is in a white suit, had a hat but left it in the crowd. She is in a white lace dress with cap sleeves and a skirt with a floral print. Beaded criss cross on the back.

Bruno says his swagger was fantastic. He needs to refine it. Carrie says his frame is good but he needs to work on his arms. Len says in hold he looks awkward, out of hold it was nice. Julianne says it was just incredible. She loved it. She says for him to go to the top, he will have to embrace something that is "UnCody".

Sharna was the one who encouraged Cody to sing at the beginning of the performance. She says there was a generation gap. Scores: Carrie 8, Len 7, Julianne 7, Bruno 8 for a total of 66 out of 80 for 2 weeks!

Nene and Derek are paired this week! She says Derek is great and he is dope. They are dancing a jazz routine. He is hoping to bring out her strengths. She says Derek knows how to make her fabulous. Tony sneaks in to see what is happening in the studio.

I don't know how to describe Nene's costume.. It is red, has feathers and lots of beading. Derek is in a tribal looking leather coat and pants with feathers on them.

Derek says their music was off but she kept going and Carrie says she didn't even notice. Len says the dance suited her personality. Julianne got to let her inner Beyonce out! Bruno says she was the Queen of Sheeba, she just did her own thing!

Nene says how awesome and creative Derek is. Scores: Carrie 8, Len 8, Julianne 8, Bruno 8... 32. 63 out of 80 for 2 weeks combined.

Meryl and Val are the final couple to dance tonight! They are dancing an Argentine Tango. She was nervous finding out who it was, She was excited. He says Maks is so jealous. Meryl notices the differences between the brothers. The dance is one of Maks' favorites. They skyped with Danica and Maks during rehearsal.

She is in a red, lace and jeweled backless dress tango dress. He is in all black.

The crowd is on their feet! Len says that was the dance of the night. Carrie says she would love to dance like Meryl. Bruno says "Powerful and seductive!" Julianne says they are in a class of their own, untouchable!

Maks agreed with Julianne's comment. Meryl says asking which she likes better, is a loaded question. Val says there was a lot of pressure but they are all a team. Scores: Carrie 10, Len 9, Julianne 10, Bruno 10! 39 out of 40, 78 out of 80 for 2 weeks!!

At the top of the leader board is Meryl, at the bottom is Candace! They go back to their original partners next week for Disney week! We will see you next week!

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