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Wednesday, April 9 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:00 AM BBT Rachelle just entered the HNR room to lay down for the night with Sarah and Kenny. She and Sabrina went separate ways from the WA. Sabrina went into the BR and apologized to the rest of the house telling them that she is sorry. Allison told her she has no reason to be sorry.

12:05 AM BBT Neda is showing Jon her foot and Allison is asking her about it. They wonder where she got it from. She shows Jon two separate spots and says 'this one' is the new one. Allison asks to see it and Neda shows her. Allison says it looks like a splinter. Neda wonders if she should try to squeeze it out. Allison says it could go in the wrong direction. Neda will work on it tomorrow. Sabrina said she thinks she stepped on broken glass in the KT. Neda is going to take her makeup off.

12:08 AM BBT Allison asks Sabrina if she saw Jon freak out last night. Sabrina said she did and looked red and very scared. She says he sat up in bed and started moving the covers back and forth rapidly as if looking for something. Allison asked when it was. Sabrina says it was just as the lights were dimming. She said Jon was mumbling prior to that. She thinks he was just having a bad dream. Her and Neda both asked if he was ok.

12:11 AM BBT Meanwhile down in the HNR the HGs have become mostly motionless. Rachelle says something off mic to Sarah. Sarah laughs (inaudible). Lights begin to dim. Back up in the WA Allison and Neda are doing nightly ADLs. Allison sings a bit of a song wondering if she should wear a tampon to bed. She's in between cycles. Neda hates that. Lights have begun to dim in the BR.

12:16 AM BBT Rachelle is using the stall in the WA as Allison sings the praises of her skin cream. Rachelle replies wondering if she'd get more of it if she won HoH. The rest of the HGs in the main BR all appear to be asleep. Lights continue to dim in the BR. Allison is brushing her teeth.

12:20 AM BBT Neda is digging at the bottom of her foot trying to get the splinter/glass out. Allison in to use the stall before going to bed now. Lights continue to dim very very very very slowly in the BR.

12:24 AM BBT Allison out of the stall. She apologizes for the smell. Neda only briefly got a whiff of it. Allison apologizes again and then sprays some perfume/body spray for her. Allison looks in the mirror and says she's going to brush her hair out because it looks a mess. She normally doesn't care how she looks when she's around people she cares about. Neda understands and continues to dig at her foot. Neda says something but it's difficult to hear. She tells Allison she's sorry (something about Andrew?) Allison says not to worry about it. Allison says it's good that she heard it. Neda says she's only friends with cute people so Allison should be good. Allison is glad to hear this.

12:30 AM BBT Neda decides to use the stall once more before going to bed. Allison is going to run to DR to request something. Feeds in BR went FoTH briefly about 5 minutes ago and when they came back up the room was dark and the cameras were in night vision. Sabrina up and into WA to begin digging at whatever is in the bottom of her foot. She and Sabrina doesn't speak. Neda tells Allison she's going to bed in the hall (off camera). Neda into BR. Sabrina into BR shortly after. Allison into WA and gets coffee mugs taking them down to the KT.

12:34 AM BBT Allison begins to wander upstairs before turning around and wandering back into the SR. She gets a small cup off the counter and puts it in a box near the base of the table. She wanders back into the LR and has a seat under the stairs looking at the wall where she found the secret entrance the other day. She gets a really silly grin on her face and BB almost scares her to death by saying "Allison." She jumps up and says "yes?" BB calls Allison to DR. She goes in. Feeds switch to horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. Allison out of DR just as quickly with a small plastic jar of something? She wonders where she put her...and wanders around briefly looking for something before deciding she took it to the BR. She heads in and gets a drink of water next to her bed.

12:39 AM BBT Feed 1 is the HNR 3 sleeping on the floor. Feed 2 is HoH bed/door. Feeds 3 and 4 are wide angle shots of the main BR. We'll stick with the HGs another 20 minutes or so to ensure that any last minute plotting/awkwardness between the two separate sides gets reported.

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12:46 AM BBT Sabrina is up. She heads down stairs and sticks her head in the door of the HNR. HRN trio stir, but no one gets up. Sabrina hits the button next to the DR door. Light stays red. Sabrina heads into the KT and eats a cookie. Correction. Several cookies. She has turned on water and grabbed a glass. She fills it with water and drinks. Sabrina gives the cookies a peculiar look before opening up the fridge under the counter. She takes a look at herself in the mirror before heading into the SR.

12:49 AM BBT Sabrina gets a plastic tub filled with what looks and sounds like popcorn and takes a seat on the stool before beginning to eat.

12:52 AM BBT Sabrina puts the popcorn away before wandering back out of the SR and getting herself a quick drink. She heads back upstairs and pauses at a mirror outside the WA to look at her face before pausing outside the BR door to eat another cookie. She looks into the mirror outside the BR door while making sounds with her mouth (trying to get stuck kernels free? whatever it is, it's not pleasant - Niteslacker).

12:55 AM BBT Sabrina back into the BR. We once again have all four feeds displaying horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.

12:57 AM BBT Sabrina can still be heard playing with her teeth.

12:59 AM BBT It sounded like someone farted to which the perpetrator or someone else commented something. Sabrina sat up a little in bed and looked around. Sabrina continues to wear her mic and play with her teeth which means someone is clearly not tired this morning. It sounds like she may be whispering/counting something but it's far too faint. It could just be her breathing. We've now lost audio on feeds 3 and 4 which are the BR which of course includes Sabrina.

01:04 AM BBT Adel is up and uses the WA stall, finishing his business quite quickly. You remember that box I reported earlier next to the table in the SR? It was a trashcan. Adel just threw something away in one similar to the one found in the WA. Adel back in back after washing hands. Still no audio on feeds 3 and 4.

01:11 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms with audio problems on feeds 3 and 4 (BR).

01:21 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. On that note we'll call it a night as well. Good night Canada!

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9:05AM BBT: All HG's still sleeping.

9:22AM BBT: Adel is up and doing ADL's.

9:26AM BBT: We have HoTH screen right now, must be time for the HG to wake up.

9:28AM BBT: Arlie, Adel, and Sab in the WA changing batteries. No audio.

9:33AM BBT: Adel is cleaning the WA sinks, Allison is folding towels, Jon and Arlie in the LR talking about the weather. Jon does not look like he is happy to be alive right now. Jon tells Arlie he had several dreams that Janelle left him.

9:42AM BBT: Kenny, Jon, Arlie, and Sarah in the LR talking about slop, how nice the weather was, how everyone slept last night and toilet paper.

9:45AM BBT: Kenny tells Sarah that he has been carrying around the chamomile tea with him so no one steals it. Arlie: The things we have to do in this house.

9:51AM BBT: Sab, Arlie, Sarah,and Kenny in the LR. Sab asks if they have found the maple syrup, coffee filters, or sugar? Kenny says no.

9:55AM BBT: Sarah says wouldn't it be fun if whoever gets evicted afte rme gets to do the after show with m?. Arlie wouldn't it be fun if it was me and you. Arlie:That actually might might happen and no it would not be fun.

9:57AM BBT: House is very quite this morning just the occ. chit chat, burps, farts, and ADL's. 10:05AM BBT: Jon and Arlie in the HOH. Jon is listening to music. Neda is in the HOH WA getting ready, she is wearing a black and white striped shirt. Jon tells Arlie to ask Neda where's Waldo? Arlie does, and Neda says up your ass Jon. Alrlie then asks how long have you been out of jail? Neda: That was a good one.

10:11AM BBT: Neda and Heather in the HOH WA. After Andrew left they are just so defeated. It is such a good feeling to see them upset and so quite.

10:17AM BBT: Heather telling Arlie it is so weird how Kenny, Sarah,and Sab are just sitting on the couch quietly. Arlie: Yeah, we still have a few more hurdles to get threw, but we can do it.

10:22AM BBT: Alrie is telling Heather in the HOH if I can get threw the next 2 weeks I will feel more comfortable in the game. Heather: This is the 1st week in the game I have felt comfortable.

#BBCAN2 10:29AM BBT: Sab, Jon, Ro, and Sarah in the KT getting breakfast. [This may be the most boring morning in the house thus far.]

10:32AM BBT: Heather and Arlie and exchanging stories about home and family.

10:35AM BBT: Sab, Ro, Sarah, and Kenny in the hot-tub area catching some sun, talking about how nice it is outside.

10:39AM BBT: Arlie, Neda, and Jon in the HOH WA with their feet in the bathtub discussing their families.

10:48Am BBT: Neda and Arlie still with their feet in the tub discussing names that they like and how great some of their family members are. Kenny, Ro, Jon, Sab and Sarah at the hot-tub laying in the sun. General chit chat.

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11:47AM BBT: John, Arlie Neda, Rachelle, Allison, Heather and Sabrina in kitchen. Arlie confronting Sabrina about not staying true to the 1st 5 - Sabrina denies that she wasn't loyal to them - Arlie calls her out on it and she finally admits that she wasn't.

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12:00pm BBT: Sabrina and Rachelle in WA - Sabrina is upset. (Arlie just called her out in kitchen about not being loyal to 1st 5. Sabrina says just vote me out. I don't believe how Arlie is acting. Rachelle says I don't want to go to jury without you. Sabrina says you have friends here. Sabrina says everyone is blaming her for everything. Sabrina says to Rachelle - Jon said you would never put him up. Rachelle denies it. Sabrina says she is being attached for playing for herself. In a roundabout way she is telling Rachelle that she is getting away scot free while Sabrina is getting the blame for everything.

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12:07pm BBT: Rachelle and Sabrina still in WA. Talking about Jon and Neda and the others in the "other" group. Asks what they are going to do when their numbers get down - Rachelle says it's going to happen soon - 6 people have to go in 3 weeks.

12:15pm BBT: Sitting around DT - Jon Neda Heather Arlie Allison. Shout out Happy Birthday to Andrew. Jon says that when Andrew watches the 1st three weeks of the show he is going to hate me. Now talking about the type of people they date/hangout with. Heather says she hangs out with "unsavoury" guys. They are fun to party with.

12:19pm BBT: **My feeds cut out and when they returned** Sabrina is finishing addressing the people at the DT. Seems she is trying to call a truce. Says she is not a mean person.

12:27pm BBT: Sabrina talking to Jon about his relationship with Neda. She says she thinks that it will appear that he is not being loyal to his girlfriend. That his girlfriend will be upset with him. Neda comes into the kitchen area and Sabrina continues to discuss Jon's relationship with his girlfriend. Jon says that his girlfriend will understand. He feels that he has stayed loyal to her. [sabrina standing on morally higher ground? Really?]

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#BBCAN2 11:00 Am BBT: Chat between Jon, Neda, and Heather in the bathroom whether they will have an instant eviction or a double eviction. Jon can't see it happening, but it is possible.

#BBCAN2 11:05 Am BBT: Neda makes her way [limping due to her foot] downstairs to the kitchen. It appears the "Gremlins" along with Jon and Adel are sunning themselves out near the hot tub. Nothing being said there.

#‎BBCAN2‬ 11:10 Am BBT: Back in the kitchen, Allison and Neda sitting. Allison sees the sugar and debates on messing with it, but decides against it. Rachelle walks through and says its nice out, but Jon and Sabrina says its terrible.

#BBCAN2 11:19 Am BBT: Rachelle finds someone has stolen her chocolate almonds that she has hid in the storage room. [i have always wonder how many places there are to hide things in the BB house]

#BBCAN2 11:30 Am BBT: Adel, Kenny and Sarah out sunning still at the hot tub. Rachelle, Sabrina, Neda, Allison, and Arlie are in the kitchen. Rachelle starts singing a song made up by her mom. It goes "We must, we must, we must increase our bust...we must, we must, we must increase our bust. The bigger, the better, the tighter the sweater we must increase our bust" All while she is sticking her chest out in rhythmic fashion. [i cant make this up. God bless BB]

#BBCAN2 11:35 Am BBT: Neda says that her definition of a floater is someone who makes an alliance and doesn't stick up for them. [wonder if this was a swipe at Arlie because he was standing right there]

#BBCAN2 11:45 Am BBT: 3 sun worshipers [sarah,Kenny, Adel] still out near the Hot Tub. Most of the talk back in the kitchen with the rest of the crew. Rachelle talks about the "3 week deal" that was given to her by the 1st 5. Jon comments how that worked out for them. Sabrina says she cannot wait to get home now. Jon says."Next on the block for sure." laughingly. Sabrina says the hypocrisy is bull*#*t and Arlie basically says that she was the cause of the 1st 5 demise and he had to jump ship.

#BBCAN2 11:56 Am BBT: Sabrina and Rachelle up in the bathroom doing their makeup and commenting on the previous talk that was had down stairs. Rachelle asks if Jon actually betrayed Sabrina in any way, and she says "Of course" Now Sabrina goes to the door to see if she can hear what is being said down in the kitchen. Evidently Arlie felt like he was treated like a little b*#*h in the 1st 5.

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12:46pm BBT: Kenny now discussing why he kept it secret at first - He says sorry RO. Sabrina says she kissed him. Its always the hot guy who's gay. HG saying they wondered where the gay person was because there usually is one on the show. Talking about Rachelle having a crush on him. Sarah saying she's so happy that he told them now before she leaves. She didn't want to miss it.

12:59pm BBT: Discussion still surrounding Kenny and house guest's reactions. Several of them say this is their favourite moment so far in the house. Kenny saying that the public knew when he was going into the house that he was gay. Only the HGs didn't know. He said he didn't want to be judged on his sexuality. Adel says get ready for the Diary Room - they'll all get called in about this. Someone says Gary is going to love you. Some confessions being made by house guests that are not appropriate for sharing.

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1:14pm BBT: Kenny talking about coming out to his family and friends. Says he was so super lucky because everyone was so accepting. He says that he felt he was promoting hiding his sexuality and he never wanted to do that or make anyone feel they needed to hide it. Now talking about telling his Dad - Kenny crying now. He says if this helps anyone in any way and it's all he takes away from this experience then he will be happy. Someone says (not sure who) We still want you out Kenny. That silenced things for a moment. Kenny gets up and says he has to go get something.

1:20pm BBT: Kenny says that once he decided he should tell the HG his concern was that they would feel if he withheld the truth about that then they would wonder what else he might not have been truthful about.

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12:45 PM BBT: Kenny has came out to the HGs in the outside hot-tub area. Kenny tells them he has been hiding something for so long, and then says "Fuck It' I'm gay.

12:58 PM BBT Kenny says he chose not to tell them to benefit his game. But at this point in the game he says it was no longer useful to his game. Sarah says she knew two weeks ago. Kenny seems relieved that he is has told them. Arlie tells him he played it perfect, he never would have known. Kenny said it wasn't that hard and he prepared for it before entering the house. He says that he was very conscious about saying she instead of he in his past stories to the HGs.

Kenny tells them that he told Andrew in his goodbye message he was gay. Arlie says he probably flipped out on stage. Neda says about the first night that she went into the pantry with the other girls, and they wondered where the gay guy was. Neda says never in a million years she would of thought Kenny was gay.

Rachelle asks what kind of guys he is interested in. Kenny says basically everything he said to her before expect a guy instead of a girl. Arlie says this will be big for people that are scared to come out that they are gay. Its very big that they can see how a group of straight people react to him coming out. Sabrina says I have the worst gaydar.

1:05 PM BBT HGs continue to talk about different stories throughout this season where Kenny hid that he was gay. Kenny starts talking about different stories he had in gay bars. He then tells them about how he came out to his family. He says he was loaded when he first came out to both of his sisters, each of them were very tolerant and told him that he needed to tell Mom because it is such a big part of him. Kenny tells them he was very nervous about telling his parents. Kenny says he told his Mom that he was with a guy and started bawling immediately. His mom said why are you crying, I Don't fucking care. Then he started bawling again.

After telling his mom, he said he has never had to hide who he was again. He says he has found new respect for people that hide themselves. He didn't want to promote the idea that people have to hide who they are. Kenny starts crying when he tells the HGs about the time he came out to his dad. HGs are still in shock.

1:10 PM BBT: Kenny says his family has supported him through coming out and they all accept who he is now. He says he is extremely lucky that it was this easy coming out. He says if this helps people in anyway, he will be pretty happy.

HGs want to celebrate this moment tonight. They say it is heartwarming and it was one of their favorites moments in the game. HGs are all gathered around the hot-tub. Cameras keep focusing on Rachelle however.

1:20 PM BBT Kenny leaves the area to get slop. HGs keep discussing how cool it was that Kenny came out. Sarah says she knows that he was really struggling with it. They agree that it is very big for someone who may be watching dealing with coming out and hiding who they are. Heather says especially how accepting their reaction was.

Kenny comes back outside. He says he was debating whether telling them because he didn't know if it would help or hinder his game. He says he knew that if people found he could lie about something this big ,then they would wonder what else he was lieing about.

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1:25pm BBT: Arlie and Rachelle in Kitchen - Rachelle still in shock. Says she looks like a fool now. She says she doesn't know if she should laugh or cry. Sarah comes in and says that made her last day in the house. Arlie - it's going to take a while to adjust to the shock. Now in WA - Sarah admits she's known for quite a while. Sarah again says she was so happy it happened while she was still there.

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#BBCAN2 1:37 PM BBT: Sarah is in the WA with Arlie telling how knowing about Kenny's secret really weighed on her heart. She knew she was showing loyalty to Kenny and that it would affect her game, but it was important to her. Arlie speculates on how long Canada knew and whether this was planned all along. Wonders whether BB asked if Kenny was going to say anything right away.

#BBCAN2 1:40 PM BBT: Arlie says to Jon in the kitchen that Andrew would've been the one who he thought was gay. Never picked Kenny. Says he views 2 Kennys. Old straight Kenny and gay Kenny. Jon says he guarantees you will not see any change in the way Kenny acts. [so funny how they change their tone regarding his gameplay]

#BBCAN2 1:45PM BBT: Kenny goes up and hugs Sarah in the WA. Thanks her for being there with him and that it feels great to be out to the rest of the HG. Says that now there is a big "honesty train" going on now, and that they can let it all hang out now. No worries with regard to gameplay.

#BBCAN2 1:55 PM BBT: Adel out at the hot tub taking a count of who wants hot dogs and hamburgers. Allison, Neda, Heather, Sabrina, and Arlie are out there. Sabrina commenting on her taking her top off in the middle of her sleep, and then explains how Adel talks in his sleep. The chatter turns to what episodes they will watch when they get out of the house.

#BBCAN2 2:04 PM BBT: Sabrina is glad they all are talking and Neda says she is glad that she has held back some things. Allison just sits back and takes it all in. Sabrina finally realizes why Amber BBUS always cried. Its hard to not show emotions inside the house.

#BBCAN2 2:20PM BBT: Sarah, Allison and Neda out taking the sun [whatever is not shaded yet]. Sarah says shes excited to watch the show and bios now when she gets home. Will be interesting to watch knowing everyone in the house and finding out what actually happened during certain parts.

#BBCAN2 2:23PM BBT: Adel, Arlie, Heather and Jon finishing up their lunch at the table. Arlie says he is changing sides back [jokingly], and Jon says "good luck with that". [The sarcasm is strong with this house. Just wonder how much that may sway their view of each other.]

#BBCAN2 2:45PM BBT: Out at the hot tub, Sarah is pitching her attempt at staying in the house to Neda. Promises Neda safety if she would cast her vote for her. Runs the numbers down to try and convince Neda that she would be a better choice than keeping Allison in the game. Sarah is laying it on thick and Neda questioning whether she is truthful or not. Sarah counters with that she would jump at the chance to throw Sabrina under the bus if she voted the other way.

#BBCAN2 2:53PM BBT: Adel heads up to the HOH room and decides to lay down behind the couch in attempt to sleep.

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4:00PM BBT: Neda, Jon, Heather and Arlie all hanging out in the HOHR. Arlie is heading downstairs to clean up some of their things. Pretty quiet in the HOHR.

Sarah, Sabrina, Kenny and Rachelle hanging out on the green couches. Talking about changes that could be made around the house to make it nicer. Mostly about the HT area. Sabrina thinks the red around the house is "f##king" with them. Kenny says he would go crazy with white walls.

4:03PM BBT: Rachelle talks about saying she had on her fridge, Kenny says his sisters would be pictures of models and Sarah says to put picture of yourself at your best - to inspire. Sabrina says she hates when the BY is closed, she feels locked in.

Neda is in the HOH bed listening to music. Heather and Arlie are lying on the HOH couches.

4:07PM BBT: Quiet house, HOH room is silent. Allison takes a quick look at Adel's ankle and tells him he needs to put it up because its starting to swell.

Green couch crew are pretty quiet as well. Kenny briefly talks about wanting to work out, and not using as much weight as normal because of slop. Sabrina talks about ghosts and wishing there was one in the house so she could talk to them.

4:10PM BBT: HOH room crew talking about the sleeping arrangements and how people acted with different HOH's. General chit chat afterwards, mostly about Adel's ankle.

Very quiet group on the green couches.

4:18PM BBT: No game talk in any room. HOH just hanging out. Arlie brings up the beer-battered fish, saying he doesn't care about it and would rather drink the beer. Allison tells a story about someone pouring the beer out, and Jon agrees. Adel says he doesn't even want to touch the bottle let alone pour it out.

Green couches are pretty quiet. Everyone is lying around talking in general about their friends/family and how they are religiously watching the show.

4:23PM BBT: Rachelle gets excited about #BBCANRACHELLE. They say how weird it will be to have 40,000 followers. Sarah says how weird it will be to be home.

Jon asks Adel what he thinks of Kenny being gay. Adel says that everyone has a will, if that was his will he won't be punished. Jon loves his view and talks about how the pope says people are people - Adel says that the pope doesn't say its okay, but that we have bigger issues to focus on. Jon says his biggest issue with the bible is the view of those things. Adel says to each their own. Allison agrees. Adel says he lets God judge, Adel is a no one. Adel asks if you are born gay. Allison and Neda say yes. Adel says Kenny is a prime example of being straight first. Allison says that he just didn't know it yet. Neda explains that the way you are raised it takes time to realize when you are gay.

4:29PM BBT: Green couches are still pretty quiet. Sabrina says she is scared she is going to fall asleep. Rachelle is no longer on the couch with them.

Really random conversation in the HOHR with the 6 forsaken. "Can Neda or a fly fly better?" Adel says a fly, Neda says herself because of planes. Jon asks about the bible again - if there is fact that it is true. Jon asks if Robert Munch's books are true? Neda says how great Adel is at not rubbing his religion in his face. Allison agrees and wishes everyone who is religious acts the same way. Adel says that he is a nobody and therefore he cannot judge anyone.

4:35PM BBT: Allison shares a story about being bullied as a kid for her religion. Allison and Jon agree that older generation citizens in Newfoundland are religious, not so much younger generation.

Sarah, Kenny and Rachelle sitting around the kitchen counter now making slop as a team and Rachelle is eating mustard off her finger. Sabrina is around. Rachelle talks about the two pictures BB sent her of the house before moving in. Kenny's pictures were different.

4:40PM BBT: Arlie is telling a story about paying for sins and paradise (heaven) - Islam religion. More conversations within the HOHR, addictions, drinking and drugs. Whether or not addiction is a mental illness. Adel starts talking specifically about situations such as calling dealers and setting up a call time for drugs - feeds cut FotH.

Rachelle asks Kenny in the KT what his plan was about coming out. Kenny says he was planning to play it by ear, if something was going to help his game he was going to do it.

4:47PM BBT: Kitchen HGs are very quiet preparing their slop cookies.

HOHr feeds on FotH.

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5:05PM BBT: Heather, Adel, Arlie, Allison, Jon and Neda are in the HoH. They are chatting about which day certain things happened. Kenny, Rachelle and Sabrina are in the kitchen chatting about food and working out.

5:10PM BBT: Allison tells Adel to maybe not underestimate Rachelle. Jon says they have a better chance of beating Rachelle at anything. They group chats about how Rachelle could be really fit, but Jon says that you can tell who is fit by their physique. He says there was no difference in how Rachelle was digging than the others were.

5:20PM BBT: The group in the HoH room talks about Kenny and his tattoos. One of his tattoo's mean 'big'. They question why he would tell some people he was gay, and not tell others. Conversation changes to losing weight/diet pills/supplements.

5:30PM BBT: Allison says there is so many places she hasn't travelled to. Neda tells Allison to drive to Vancouver and do a roadtrip. Heather talks about a government job she's had. All of a sudden, the housemates in the HoH room run out because they heard screaming, thinking something was happening. But it turns out, the housemates in the kitchen were excited their slop cookies were finished. The group in the HoH return, and become silent. Jon wishes they'd give them something to do.

5:40PM BBT: Kenny, Sabrina, Rachelle and Sarah are sitting outside by the hot tub. Just as Sarah is about to tell a sexual story, the feeds cut to HotH. The other two feeds on the HoH room remain. Neda and Heather are doing their nails on the couch while Arlie watches.. Adel is listening to music. Jon is laying down on the HoH bed. Neda says they need a luxury comp. Heather agrees.

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#BBCAN2 6:00 PM BBT: Kenny comes back to the hot tub and says"Heather is going to make it farther than me in this game!" He runs down a few scenarios and comes to the conclusion that she may very well do that. Says she is not stupid at all. References Janelle from BBUS and how she played the blonde bimbo, but was a phenomenal player. Kenny really gave high praise to her.

#BBCAN2 6:11 PM BBT: Back inside at the HOH room, Jon asks Neda if Arlie is her type. She says, personality wise yeah. Jon says "So looks no? That's the worst thing you can say." Neda backtracks and is put in an awkward position. Allison comes in and says that Andrew really wasn't her type, and that tall skinny people who look like they are on cocaine. It was Andrews jokes and no, the tall skinny are really not on drugs.

#BBCAN2 6:18PM BBT: Arlie recounts the story on how Andrew tried to get Adel into their alliance. Evidently Andrew just went to Adel and tried to muscle him into the group without conferring with the others. Basically threatened Adel that he had to do what they [Kenny, Andrew, and Arlie] wanted. He would have to vote their way and nothing else. Arlie then goes on to tell how he had to come back to Adel to apologize for that and make him understand it wasn't something planned. Arlie said that was basically the moment he didn't want to be apart of the alliance.

#BBCAN2 6:27PM BBT: Rachelle and Sabrina are in the have-not room while Kenny is talking to Sarah in the kitchen. Back in the HOH room they just laying around. The discussion surrounds the things Andrew used to say that were degrading to women. They cant believe Allison saw something in him. Jon said if someone did the things Andrew did and said to his family, he would break their knee caps.

#BBCAN2 6:37PM BBT: Got a few still lounging in the HOH room. Earlier conversation was if Jon wanted to lose weight, they would put him on slop for 4 weeks. Sabrina and Rachelle still down in the Have-not room relaxing.

#BBCAN2 7:27PM BBT: Neda and Arlie are in the BR talking about Jedi training. Looks like Adel, Allison, Adel are in the kitchen snacking

#BBCAN2 7:30PM BBT:Allison corners Jon in the storage room to find out where she stands with him. Jon says Neda is someone who he would like to keep, but don't need her. Allison still feels like the low man in the alliance, but Jon says he feels that they are the 2 that have the best chance to win HOH each week. When they get down to 6, they will go from there. HOH is really important this week. They hug and "Promise" to keep the conversation between them.

#BBCAN2 7:31PM BBT: Rachelle and Sabrina are out in the hot tub chatting about how many people are on twitter. Rachelle feels they have a pretty big fan base, even in the U.S.

#BBCAN2 7:41PM BBT: Jon is up talking to Neda. Chats a bit about Allison, but Im not sure if he was telling Neda about their [Allison and Jon]conversation in the storage room. Asks Neda if she would ever put him up, and she says no "Are you serious?"

#BBCAN2 7:42PM BBT: Kenny and Sarah in the WR. Sarah seems pretty resigned that she is going home tomorrow. [Haven't got a feel if her conversation with Neda at the hot tub earlier has picked up steam.]

#BBCAN2 7:55PM BBT:Sarah corners Neda in the bedroom. Goes over her conversation to see if she can get Neda to flip her vote. Seems like she wants her, Neda, Jon, and Kenny to team up. [might have heard that wrong, they were whispering. Really did come across that way.] Neda felt unsure, and in comes Sabrina to squash the conversation. Sabrina starts crying about not wanting Sarah to leave.

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#BBCAN2 8:00 PM BBT: Dinner is had down at the table. The "Gremlins" are up in the BR. Rachelle commenting on the food they are having and how it smells so great. [That has to be absolute torture]

#BBCAN2 8:10PM BBT: The Have-Nots are up in the bedroom just trying to avoid the dinner. Rachelle will not stop talking about how hungry she is, and it is upsetting Kenny and Sarah. Looks like Kenny about flipped out, but just shrugged his shoulder and agreed. Sarah stated earlier she wishes Rachelle would just stop complaining about it.

#BBCAN2 8:17PM BBT: .Sabrina is feeling sad about Sarah going home, and now watching Kenny pack brings her down more. Dinner is still going on downstairs. Seems like its just general chit chat about watching the show when they get out.

#BBCAN2 8:25PM BBT: Everybody is down in the kitchen now. The Gremlins are at the counter. The 6 are still at the table playing a game where they say a word and your supposed to say the first thing that comes to mind. Adel comes over and whispers something to Sabrina, Sarah, Rachelle, and Kenny. He goes back over to the table and says "Arlie" real loud, and the counter comes back with "BACKSTABBBER" That got a pretty good laugh out of the house.

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10:04PM BBT: Feeds back. Sabrina under her blanket in bed. Jon and Arlie were talking in HOH but he leaves as the feed resumes. Neda Allison Adel joined on the green couches by Jon. Kenny and Sarah outside where he is working out and she is sitting. General chatter in living room Kenny and Sarah talking about slop and how her tummy will be a mess tomorrow. Sabrina remains under the blanket in the bedroom. Now she is calling out to the air Why would you evict them?? She is wandering around talking to herself as the leaves the room "Oh you have an alliance. You are the devil." Sarah tells Kenny she is glad they worked out and she feels so much better now. Sabrina joins Rachelle in the bathroom. Kenny and Sarah counting windows in the BY now. She thinks that Sabrina will be choked tomorrow. She tells Kenny she will sit with Sabrina in the hot tub and he does not have to come if he does not want to.

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10:10PM BBT: Kenny headed upstairs and Jon Arlie and Adel are moving furniture in the bedroom putting three hassocks up on top of a bed. Allison tells Neda they should work out/run before bed and Neda flat out tells her no. Kenny in bedroom and comments on the new mattress Adel and Jon have constructed. Arlie says they should put another mattress on top of their construction. Allison says that if tomorrow is a double they will change into athletic gear so Neda should be ready. She thinks it cannot be costumes tomorrow. Neda asks it it could be a triple, put up two people and vote out two. Canada might get a chance to vote out one and the HGs choose between the remaining two. Construction still underway in the bedroom. Adel limping noticeably as he walks around. Allison now says that it is definitely a double tomorrow but she loves Neda's idea. Sarah has joined the bedrroom crew and is looking through the construction for her bathing suit. They have built this tower bed fon Neda's bed. Lots of laughing and loud talking upstairs is starting to attract Neda and Allison's attention. Sabrina now in bedroom also looking for her bathing suit. Arlie tells Jon that Sabrina needs help getting her bathing suit which arouses Allison's suspicion so she and Neda head upstairs.

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10:18PM BBT: Neda screams out "Is this a fucking joke" as she enters the room. "I hate all of you." Allison wants to know why they left all her shit on top. Heather doing dishes downstairs Jon lifts Neda up on top of the high mattress. Kenny in his suit getting some water before heading out to the hot tub. Rachelle in the bedroom now talking with Neda. Sarah down in the kitchen talking with Adel about hiding something of one of the guys. Arlie kicking something around the bedroom like a hackysack. Jon stretched out on a mattress. Sarah and Kenny now uncovering the hot tup and Adel has come out with them. Arlie and Neda now begin deconstructing the bed and a hassock hits the floor hard as it falls off the end of the bed. Outside group has entered the tub and are chatting. Sabrina now changed into her suit and is wrapping a towel around herself in the bedroom. Allison Neda and Jon working at putting things back in their proper places. Allison says she is waiting for Heather as she is a considerate person. Arlie has now joined the hot tub crew. Neda and Jon still straightening up from the prank. heather comes to the door and says that it sounded like they were humping each other. She then shrieks "Who put these on?" Sarah randomly says that the kids call her nipples meatballs. Feeds very flaky tonight.

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10;28PM BBT: Neda and Heather now talking wardrobe for tomorrow's live show. Sabrina and Rachelle in the hot tub now but Rachelle wearing her house coat sitting on the side. Heather Allison and Neda talking in the bedroom about cup sizes of different bras they have. Outside group has found a fly and they are encouraging Arlie to eat it, then the gals screech when he actually does it and says that Mumsy wanted me to. They ask what is wrong with him. Lots of rummaging in the bedroom as Allison is packing pre-eviction. Jon now in the red chairs out by the tub. Heather asking to borrow some clothes from Allison as her entire wardrobe passes by being folded and packed. Sarah telling a story about some guy saying she was good becasue she let him shit on her chest whenever he wanted. More of this line of conversation going on. Neda wearing a bra on her head like it was a sun bonnet.as the gals continue talking clothes in the bedroom.

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10:37PM BBT: Hot tub crew continue telling stories from their pasts. Kenny spots another fly floating in the water and Arlie eats it as well. Sarah proudly says that she put it in his mouth both times. She says they were in boiling water so they were totally disinfected. Allison continues packing and chatting. Kenny now elaborating about his poops since he as been on slop. Jon heads out to get something to eat announcing he will run the showers for the folks still in the tub. Arlie comments that at least there are mics out here as he looks upward. Jon made it to the bedroom where he asks if anyone else wants to stuff their face. Then he asks why they don't join the hot tub party. Heather says maybe she should to say good bye to Mumsy. Jon horizontal on a bed as the feeds cut out. Sarah telling a story about filming her bio and good bye at home before leaving for the show. They can't wait to meet her kids but plan to be plastered the night of the finale. Jon has returned outside and the feeds briefly cut out again. He is exchanging batteries for the mic packs. Packing and chatting ongoing. Neda yawns and says she is so tired she does not want to go out. Allison is asking her for instructions how to prep her clothes for tomorrow. Adel asks Sarah what was her biggest mistake and she replies not being a better actress, not hiding her emotions better and going off on people when she was upset. Neda pacing back and forth with the bra still on her head and a pink tutu around her neck that looks like a lion's mane. Allison now describing a succubus costume she wore in the past for Halloween. Outside group give a cheer to Mumsy then they all start to climb out of the tub.

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10:50PM BBT: Neda giving a rundown of her past costumes then Heather takes her turn. Jon in the kitchen as the others start to parade past on their way back upstairs. heather asks if they are working out tonight and gets no response. Neda is now sprawled out on the floor as Jon is working on something to eat at the counter. Other feeds now switch to bathroom with two folks are showering and Rachelle is pacing about picking things up. Adel asking Neda why she is wearing what she is then says she is trying to think of a prank to repay Jon. The others are giving her suggestions. Sarah now in the bathroom and Rachelle is asking her about shampoo. Kenny getting out of the shower as Rachelle starts working at taking off her face. Heather still trying to come up with a prank but loses her train of thought. Neda now plans to put lipstick on a bunch of tampons and put them in his bed, Heather suggests red nail polish might be better and Neda says good choice. They enter the bathroom and are asked about a slumber party. Neda says she does not know. Kenny asking Rachelle to rub lotion on his back (and she does not enjoy it as much as she would have yesterday. DRG) We are now treated to a close up of Arlie brushing his teeth. Cam one shows the application of the nail polish to tampons.

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