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Tuesday, April 8 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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11:59 PM BBT Jon thinks Neda would have a cute baby bump. Everyone laughs. Where did that come from? Allison says she wants to say something but can’t due to where she said it. Neda says just what are your thoughts. BB: Stop talking in code. They all laugh.

12:05 AM BBT HotH have come up on all screens.

12:19 AM BBT Feeds are back. Heather says she’s going to bed. Arlie is going for tea – for Heather too. In the HN Sabrina joins Kenny and Sarah. She is still complaining about Arlie switching sides. Kenny tells her she’s dwelling on it. They’ve been talking about what they do for a living. Sabrina does sales and creates the concept for the client. Sarah is going to call Sabrina for help after the game is over. Rachelle just joined them. Kenny likes marketing and would like to do something in that.

12:30 AM BBT Back in the BR Arlie is really hard to hear. Neda calls everything, she says and no one believes her. Arlie says Kenny told him if anyone flips it’s you. They laugh. So he came out today. Neda says it blew her mind that the first 5 was in the first 5 minutes of the game.

12:42 AM BBT They are trying to figure out how long is left and how many people to still get rid of. There are 10 weeks altogether. This weeks eviction is the end of week 6. Adel says he still has the secret power. The first 3 weeks was veto and now after that keeps it until he uses it. When they draw names for the POV, he can pick someone not on the block or HOH and replace them. If Kenny doesn’t win HOH and he isn’t nominated, but is drawn to play in the veto he can be replaced so he can’t play. The rest are soooo happy. They can’t believe it.

12:55 AM BBT The only catch is Adel has to declare he will use it before the POV choosing. If Kenny doesn’t win HOH then Adel will use it. Arlie is saying Kenny can’t know before the HOH. They can’t give Kenny more motivation to win.

1:03 AM BBT Jon says Sabrina swore on her grandmother and parents and dog that she’d never put up Jon and he’s not on her radar as recently as today. Jon is flipping out at how terrible a person Sabrina is to swear on her grandmother and lie.

1:16 AM BBT Arlie is saying that when Sabrina and Andrew were on the block, 40 minute later she talked to Arlie and he was the 3rd or 4th person that she had talked to since the ceremony. She kept saying she wasn’t campaigning but here are the reasons why they should keep her. Then on the last day Andrew started campaigning and Sabrina got mad that he would do that to her.

1:29 AM BBT Adel is going to sleep even though the others are still talking. Jon looks like he’s trying to sleep. Allison, Arlie and Neda are still talking. Arlie leaves. Rachelle and Sabrina are in the WA with no audio but the audio from the BR is coming through. Neda asks if Allsion is good at cracking backs, ummm…..no, she says. Jon gets up and cracks her back and you can hear it. Allison and Neda go to the WA to get ready for bed. Sabrina or Rachelle ask if the lights are still on in the BR. Yes.

1: 50 AM BBT Rachelle has gone to bed. Sabrina goes to the BR. Lights are still on. Allsion and Neda are still in the WA getting ready. They head to the BR. Sabrina got up and left the room.

1:59 AM BBT Sabrina is still up in the WA killing time I think and the rest are asleep or waiting for lights to go out. Goodnight Canada!

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2:30am BBT Sabrina joins the rest of the house guests in blissful slumber, dreaming of nominations, slop and double evictions. OK, maybe not so blissful. Bag some Z's and we'll do it all again tomorrow, eh?

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9:00AM BBT: HGs are all sleeping in darkened rooms.

9:07AM BBT: BR lights are now on, HGs are all still in bed.

9:07AM BBT: HNR lights are on, Sarah and Rachelle cover their face, Kenny is getting dressed and getting up. *No sound, all mic batteries are dead*

9:15PM BBT: HGs hanging out in the BR. Jon tells about his nightmare and how scared he was. Neda woke up to him checking around his bed. Jon leaves the room briefly and comes back in to report that while Adel was in the shower, he finds a bloody tampon on the shower floor. Allison, Sabrina and Neda all say they are on their period but neither of them say it was them.

9:25PM BBT: Neda is convinced the house is haunted. Jon is starting to agree. Arlie continues to drop his pants, hold his crotch and change his clothes.

Rachelle and Sabrina are in the WA doing makeup. Adel and Sarah are showering and Arlie is walking around the house saying Good Morning to everyone. Kenny, Arlie and Jon are now in the LR/KT. Jon explains his nightmare, and says that his bed was booty popping.

9:28PM BBT: Arlie goes outside to the HT to see what its like out. Arlie thinks that it is around 8AM. Kenny tells that he always happen to wake up 5 minutes before the lights go on, Jon agrees and says he told Arlie the same thing this morning.

Allison comes out of the DR, her mic is broken again.

Sabrina, Sarah and Ro are in the WA, Sabrina is telling her dream where family came for a few hours, Sarbinas sister came in and told Sabrina that Arlie screwed up their game.

9:33PM BBT: Adel is talking to Heather in the HOHR. Heather asks about his special power and how she thought it was only 3 weeks, he says ya after 3 weeks - and he stopped talking because Heather said he was too loud. They move to the bed and he tells her he has it till he plays it. He tells her the power now, is honest about what it actually does.

Heather complains that she keeps sneezing.

9:36PM BBT: Sarah shares how weird it is that sh!t doesn't fade her anymore. End of conversation. Sarah, Sabrina and Rachelle all in the BR getting ready, planning on heading outside by the HT depending no the weather. Sarah tells the girls that she is emotionally drained from this place.

Allison and Kenny at the DT chatting, mostly about Kenny's stomach and gluten and how it makes him poop. He leaves to do a slop poop. Allison joins Jon and Arlie on the green couches.

9:42PM BBT: Allison tells Jon and Arlie that if she came into the house first she would do everything the same. She corrects herself and says well I can't say that cause I don't know. Sarah comes down and is excited to share her news that last night she had her first dream that didn't involve the house. Sabrina and Rachelle come down and Jon laughs saying they are going to have to move to the same place and live together. Arlie talks about how much Sabrina talked about Rachelle in the first 3 weeks.

Heather and Neda are in the HOH WA, Heather leaves. Neda just out of the shower, cleaning up her things around and doing her makeup at the mirrors.

9:50AM BBT: Adel is making breakfast for himself and Arlie (turkey bacon). Kenny is STILL eating his slop. Rachelle is walking around getting coffee. Allison and Arlie on the green couches chatting. Neda and Heather are in the HOH WA, Heather showering and Neda doing her makeup.

9:53PM BBT: Rachelle asks Kenny about the maple syrup. (Neda dumped it again last night - they had 10 bottles) Kenny helps to look and says Sarah just poured some on her food. Rachelle goes to find Sarah thinking she has the bottle with her. Sarah says she had a little bit that was left, and thought there were 3 more bottles but couldn't find it. Rachelle storms around the house and heads to the DR asking for more. They don't let her in and she walks away saying there were 3 bottles last night. Rachelle continues to look through the cupboards for the maple syrup.

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#BBCAN2 10:02 AM BBT: Jon tells Sabrina that she has a few weeks before she is his target. The conversation revolves around her work in the "First Five". Sabrina is really quizzing Jon whether he wanted her gone last week. Now is asking Jon if he ever called her a back stabbing bitch. Jon obviously denies this.

#BBCAN2 10:09 AM BBT: The rest (minus Heather) are still eating breakfast and doing ADl's in the kitchen. Jon and Sabrina still on the couch.

#BBCAN2 10:10 AM BBT: Sabrina now out with Rachelle at the hot tub. AND there they are....First tears of the day.( at least for me just logging on) Sabrina is now complaining to Rachelle about how Jon is lying about calling her a back stabbing bitch.

#BBCAN2 10:12 AM BBT: Still on the Hot tub feed and Rachelle states she cant believe Arlie has switched sides.

#BBCAN2 10:15 AM BBT: Not much going on in the other feeds. HGs doing ADLs. General chit chat. Forcing me to switch back to Sabrina and her whining to Rachelle. (sorry, too early for crying...think I would self evict at that point)

#BBCAN2 10:20 AM BBT: Still on the hot tub feed with Rachelle and Sabrina discussing who has flipped in the house. Sabrina says she has only swore 4 times this entire time about wanting to put people on the block. (snicker)

#BBCAN2 10:25 AM BBT: Kenny joins the conversation with Sabrina and Rachelle. Rachelle asks where the maple syrup is. Kenny has no idea who took it. Rachelle says "They are trying to weaken us"

#BBCAN2 10:30 AM BBT: Sabrina basically complaining about Jon lying to her. Cant stand the fact that he is ignoring her and that when she walks in the room, she feels like crap. Cant wait until they see the show to prove that Arlie was apart of the 1st 5, and that he may be the one lying about Jon and Neda being Sabrinas target.

#BBCAN2 10:35 AM BBT: Kenny says he thought he was prepared to do certain things in this game, but found out he wasn't. Just wants to be concerned about the next HOH. They wonder what the twist may be. Speculate about double eviction, but don't feel that is a real twist. Sabrina says she found out the other side has a list of how they want to take people out. Laughs just a bit because the 1st 5 had a list too,and see where that got them.

#BBCAN2 10:40 AM BBT: Neda, Arlie, and Adel in the kitchen...Listing there plan on evictions. Jon comes in with a goatee and decides to go and shave it to make handle bars. Sabrina and Rachelle making their way back in to the house. Still no sign of Heather.

#BBCAN2 10:48 AM BBT: Sabrina, Rachelle, and Allison in the bathroom talking about the activities for the next few days. Jon says that he is going to miss the NHL playoffs, and Arlie says, "Just get evicted"

#BBCAN2 10:55 AM BBT: Everyone except Heather and Allison in the kitchen. General talking about shaving and commenting on beards and goatees. Realizing they only have about 40 days till the finally. Realizing that it really has to be a double this week because there are way to many people left in the house.

#BBCAN2 10:56 AM BBT: Heather finally makes an appearance with the camera and says she has an hour to take photos. And off they run....

#BBCAN2 10:58 AM BBT: Heather is taking photos of Rachelle in the BY and HT....

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11:00AM BBT: Heather has taken Rachelle's pictures. 2 outside and 2 in the BY, Rachelle wants one more head shot, they move 2 feet sideways so the background is a little different. Adel is watching the girls and very excited for his turn next. They run over to the washer/dryer and Adel poses on top with hockey pucks. He sits in front of it to do a head shot. Heather compliments him that he is so photogenic. Adel asks if Heather wants her done and she says no she wants her hair to dry first.

Arlie is in the HOHR with Jon telling him about his poop. Rachelle and Sabrina in the BR getting changed. Jon shaves his face so he doesn't have the handlebar for the pictures.

11:03AM BBT: Kenny is showering and Neda is in the shower changing. Jon is ready for his photos, Adel is looking through his photos very intensely, they are trying to figure out what to do with the camera.

Heather is setting up Jon for pictures. Planning where to take pictures and such. Rachelle asks for 1 more picture, Heather agrees after Jon. Jon poses by the DR door, Heather asks him to smile. He then poses on the chairs under the stairs, trying to be sophisticated.

Allison is in the WA with Rachelle and Sabrina talking about Hanukah. Rachelle sharing her family stories.

11:05AM BBT: Jon pretends to fall in the pool for a picture and then Heather runs outside to take a last pose. Heather tells Jon he is so cute, Jon asks to see his pictures. Adel and Rachelle are following them around. Adel wants a picture without smiling. Rachelle jumps in quickly to take two more, with two smiles. She asks Heather to delete the other head shots.

Kenny, Allison and Sabrina in the WA getting ready. Kenny has been brushing his beard for a while, Allison is curling his hair. Allison burnt her hand, she says it is okay. Kenny hit her accidentally while she was curling her hair.

11:09AM BBT: Sabrina is posing by the pool. [Very awkward poses, in my opinion. Almost like is she trying to pose like Kim Kardashian. -canfan137] Sabrina asks for a picture without her feet. Heather poses Sabrina by the pool and Sabrina says do you know what this is for, is that why your making me pose here? Heather laughs. Sabrina asks if she is dressed too fancy? Heather says no. She is going to wear a dress and do her hair. Sabrina is going to do a scandalous pose on a pole by the HT. Heather runs back inside and yells "whose next?"

Jon and Adel are in the BR talking about pushups and sit-ups.

11:12AM BBT: Heather runs around the house to find "Mumsey". In and out of all bedrooms yelling "HELLLLLO". Mumsey is in the DR.

BB tells the HGs "HGs this is your final warning, the house is now off limits." The HGs are all frantically running around, there was no previous warning. BB then corrects themselves saying "HGs this is your final warning, the BY is now off limits. HGs must ensure the sliding doors are closed."

11:15AM BBT: Heather is in the HOH WA, blow drying her hair.

Sabrina, Rachelle and Adel are in the BR. Sabrina is changing and telling Adel that he makes everyone feel good, she can now understand his connection with Paul and Kyle. Rachelle is called to the DR. Jon comes back into the BR and Sabrina says "Jon did I hear you correctly when you were walking out of the room, do I have a nice body?" He says yeah. She is very happy and is now super friendly with Jon.

Heather asks Sabrina to fix her eyes quickly. Sabrina agrees. HeaTher tells the other HGs that when they are ready to come to her room when they are ready.

Sarah, Neda, Arlie and Kenny are all in the WA getting ready. Kenny goes to get dressed. Neda is very dressed up in a black crop top and a sparkly short skirt.

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11:20AM BBT: Heather is back in the HOH WA doing her hair. Arlie, Jon, Adel and Allison are in the BR. Allison is changing and the boys compliment her crop top.

Arlie, Adel and Jon want to do a photo with the guys. Kenny, Adel and Jon in their underwear, and Arlie in the middle butt-naked.

Jon keeps joking about finding a veto in the bed. Allison laughs and says "really" in a joking matter.

Neda, Allison and Heather in the HOHR. Allison putting on jewellery and everyone complimenting each other. Neda is next for pictures. Neda is jumping on the HOH bed and getting pictures midair. Neda looks at the pictures and hates them.

11:25AM BBT: Nead finally gets a picture that she likes jumping on the bed. She then runs to pose in the HOH bathtub. A photo on the stairs with the red background for a headshot. Heather says how blurry the pictures are and is saying that this one is better.. but its still bad. They are trying to figure out the camera.

Kenny has asked BB about the maple syrup, and he tells Heather and Neda that BB told him they don't know where it went.

Neda is done and she is deleting pictures. Heather says they will only pick good ones. Kenny is next posing and Heather is complimenting him because he is a model. She is saying how easy it is. Kenny says he doesn't smile and because everyone is watching he says lets come into the HOHR. They pose in the HOH WA. Kenny is giggly and loving looking back at the pictures.

11:32AM BBT: Heather says she needs a headshot and he fixes his hair. Arlie is sitting nearby waiting for his pictures and Sarah is walking around getting ready.

"HGs the house will be off limits in 15 minutes" Heather yells to the HGs that they have 15 minutes to finish. Kenny takes a couple of more pictures.

11:36AM BBT: Allison is next. On the green couches - Allison says the pictures aren't bad, then by the DR door for a head shot. They then head upstairs to the front door. Heather is adjusting Allison's pose and keeps saying "that was cute". Sarah is standing nearby waiting her turn.

Mumsey is up next. Heather is speaking in her voice again and telling Sarha how beautiful she is. Sarah is posing in the white chairs outside the front door. A couple of more poses around the stairs and railing.

Kenny and Sabrina in the WA with Neda pacing around. Kenny is telling Sabrina about his magazine spread. (That he didn't get to see because he came into the house.)

11:42AM BBT: BB told Jon to shave his handlebars and redo his pictures clean shaven. Sabrina takes pictures of him in the hallway while Heather is doing her hair. Jon runs to put a vneck on. Sabrina takes some pictures of Jon while Heather stands by waiting her turn.

Heather is posing and Sabrina is adjusting her poses.

Allison, Kenny, Neda, Rachelle and Jon are in the WA. HGs all start looking through the pictures on the camera.

11:49AM BBT: HGs in the WA are talking about slop and poop. Sarah hasn't pooped in 3 days. Kenny does everyday but they hurt him and Allison says that when she was on slop she didn't loose any weight because it was all being held in the poop she wasn't having.

Sabrina and Heather are still taking pictures in the HOHR.

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12:38PM BBT- Sarah, Sabrina, Rachelle, and Kenny at hammock. The rest of the group is by the pool. Segregation is evident. General chit-chat.

12:46PM BBT- Sabrina says that she has a house in Mexico with a trampoline and an in-ground pool. When she lived there for three years she used to go to to the hotels and ask the maids to come clean her house. Wants everyone to come to Mexico, no one seems to be jumping on the invitation.

12:50PM BBT- Arlie and Allison are deep in conversation by the pool. Arlie feels like he can trust Allison more because he knows she is a bad position. Arlie admits that he has done something "big" in the game and thinks it would be hard for people to want to take him to the end due to his flipping alliance. Arlie want to make a final two with Allison also because she is a "strong competitor." Only person Arlie has trusted in the game was Sarah but she plays too emotionally, which he doesn't see in Allison. Allison hasn't responded with anything other than "mm hmm" throughout his proposal.

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11:54AM BBT: Heather and Sabrina still taking pictures, now in the LR. Heather is complaining about the different shots and how hers are boring. Sabrina is taking another picture and she hates it. Neda asks for another one and Heather says grab shoes.

Arlie is next. They do poses in the DT chairs. Arlie is very mellow and doesn't want to smile. He wants a mean-mug shot because he has a mohawk, he crosses his arm.

Rachelle asks Neda and Jon about the maple syrup. Neda plays a good story and goes along with the conversation. Sabrina says that maybe they aren't allowed to eat the glass jar. Sabrina brings up the cigarettes and says maybe its the same situation. Jon plays along as well.

12:00PM BBT: Sarah says she wants to cry because they don't have it. They don't even have sugar. Kenny comes out of the DR and he forgot to ask about syrup. He is sure someone is taking it and explains that people want him to loose HOH.

HGs are still in the house, it has been longer than their 15 minute warning.

Neda is taking another picture upstairs. Arlie changed into a new shirt and is posing again.

HGs in the KT/DT (Rachelle, Sabrina, Sarah and Jon) are talking about the cigarettes again. Sabrina says its a good thing they are gone.

12:05PM BBT: BB gives a final warning and the house is now off limits. We get FotH.

12:07PM BBT: Feeds are back, Allison asked Adel if he took the syrup. Adel says no.

Kenny says he is not going to let it bother him. Kenny is in the hammock, Sabrina with a beanbag on the floor. Other HGs around the pool eating snacks they brought out.

12:17PM BBT: General chit chat. Heather shares a story about not eating for 5 days and getting really sick. Neda talks about a girl she knew who ate one apple and would run 12 laps.

HGs are sitting in separate groups based on their alliances.

12:24PM BBT: The Forsaken are sitting around the hammock general chit chat.

12:30PM BBT: Heather and Neda are talking about Sabrina's photos. Heather says Sabrina had the best photo's, she is so photogenic.

Sarah, Sabrina, Rachelle and Kenny around the hammock, Sarah is saying how weird it is that she will be watching the season at home and she knows them all. They are laughing about it. HGs keep speculating about this being a double eviction. Sabrina laughing at how stressed she was yesterday.

12:36PM BBT: Allison mentions how it is pointless that she came in the second week. How there was no benefit to it. The others start talking about Canada voting her in and how there were probably others. Kind of funny to hear, Allison stayed pretty quiet.

They are now talking about how Jon sleeps, Neda says he sleeps like a dog.

The hammock crew are talking about expensive articles of clothing. Sarah says she has never had a purse more than $25 dollars, except the one her sister gave her. Sabrina says "Really? Maybe I should think about that." Sabrina goes to bash Walmart and Kenny says I have some pretty awesome things from Walmart. Sabrina explains that her and her ex were just different.

12:40PM BBT: Sabrina is telling the hammock crew about her travels to Mexico. She says she has a gorgeous car there, she stays in hotels for free and the areas she goes to go boating. Sabrina goes on to explain more about Mexico.

HGs are all up walking around the pool, getting ready to head outside to the HT area. Neda stepped on glass again.

Allison and Arlie are around the pool.

12:49PM BBT: Arlie and Allison around the pool talking about their risks and if they will be put up. If the other side of the house wins HOH, Arlie doesn't think their of them will be put up the them. Allison says she doesn't feel like a strong competitor, Arlie says she is sound - just the social part because she came in late. Arlie says she has done a good job for the hand she was dealt.

Rachelle, Heather, Adel and Jon are around the HT talking about their evictions. How things go if it was instant or double. They try and understand but it seems like none really get it. They kind of just make plan. They don't want Sabrina in jury, Rachelle tries to explain that it will be HGs in there with her and they won't agree with her. They say that Sabrina won't get voted back in, Canada wouldn't want her out of the game to come back in.

12:56PM BBT: HT crew agree to get out Ro before Sab.

Arlie says he trusts his alliance, they just have to prove themselves. Allison says she just needs to get past thursday.

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12:45 PM BBT: Arlie and Allison talking outside. Allison asks Arlie if he and Heather are close. Arlie says he can trust Allison a little bit more because he knows she is not in a good position. Arlie says he planned making a big move in the game before entering the house. He sees that now he will have to win his way to the end, because no one is going to take him. He says it is going according to how he planned.

Arlie says he feel that they could help each other. He says potentially they could work together to get to the end by winning challenges. Arlie says he feels Sarah plays too emotional of a game, and that although Sarah was one of the only people he truly trusted in the game, it is time for her to go for his game.

Arlie continues to give his pitch to Allison about joining forces together. Allison says she doesn't feel like a strong competitor so far in the game. Arlie tells her that she has played a great game because of the cards she was dealt (entering the house late). He says that she got Andrew to trust her, and that she has earned the trust of other big players.

12:55 PM BBT: Arlie says he did fully trust Sarah but was worried about how close she was to Kenny to keep working with her in the game. Allison says she gets the impression that Heather has Arlie 100%. Arlie says he gets the impression but doesn't want to be naive and fully believe it yet. He says she just has to proof it one time. He says actions are what build trust. Arlie says he doesn't know what action it will be, but he will find a way to proof his trust to Allison.

Allison says she just wants to get to Thursday without going home. Arlie says that Sarah ruined her game by celebrating too much at the Veto challenge when Kenny was picked to play in the veto and then again when he won it. Arlie says Sarah runied her game by clatching on to Kenny too much. He says it could have been 7-2, but instead now its 6-3 and Sarah is going home. Arlie says that their is no conversation that will save Sarah.

1:00 PM BBT: Arlie asks Allison about what she thinks of this discussion and his offer. Allison says she agrees that is the direction she was hoping because of the Jon/Neda thing. She says it would be silly to try to approach them to work out a deal with them to the end. Arlie says he has been waiting for this moment for so long (making a move to pick a side). Arlie says it would be really bad for both of their games if she "sewered" him. Allison asks (confused) what he means by sewered. He says it means don't badmouth him or throw his name under the bus. Arlie says it will be interesting to see how the game plays out, but the most important thing is getting rid of the other side first though.

1:05 PM BBT: Allison talks about how getting into the house two weeks late throws off her timeline (she has been in the house 27 days, the HGs have been for 41 days). Arlie says it does not make sense for anyone to flip to vote out Allison. He says it is such a slant to the power side, why would anyone want to flip, it would only even things out. Arlie says its difficult to play both sides if you have long conversations with one side and brief converstations with the others. Arlie talks about the night he brought Adel up to speed with a bunch of information he was with-holding (building trust to make his move). He says he could Adel felt so happy after hearing everything because it put his mind at ease.

1:10 PM BBT: Arlie says he needs to start feeling comfortable with one person at this point in the game. Arlie continues doing all the talking basically telling Allison how she is such a great player in the game. He continues to reassure Allison that she is not in a good position, and that aligning herself with Arlie would be very smart. Allison asks him again about if Heather could interfere with their relationship. Arlie says he knows that Allison and Heather are tight, but it would make more sense to trust him not her.He says if the people at the bottom (of the alliance) band together they aren't necessarily at the bottom anymore.

1:20 PM BBT: Allison says she doesn't get how Neda is flying under the radar in the game. Arlie agrees saying she does a great job doing so. Arlie says it would be great for the viewers if she or Arlie could run the table and win. Arlie basically tells Allison she is at the bottom and it is what it is. Arlie says he is so stoked about this conversation, saying it is giving him a boner. Allison tells him she is glad she could do that for him. Arlie says the conversation is the groundwork for their future relationship in the game.

Feeds cut to Kenny, Sabrina, and Ro upstairs counting the types and numbers of plants overhanging the house. Kenny tells Sabrina there is 15 not 16 different types of flowers. Sabrina says they should also count the number of cameras as well. Kenny quickly counted the flowers while no one else was looking, Neda walks by and then Kenny, Sabrina, Ro leave to go downstairs.

1:30 PM BBT: Ro can't believe they don't have maple syrup still. She says she doesn't understand how people got more stuff before when they ran out, but she doesn't. Ro wonders what happened to it and if it is hidden. Her and Kenny start looking for it. They don't find it, but are eating slop plain instead. Ro says it is probably in Heather's room. Ro, Kenny head outside. Kenny says he will stay up all night counting things because they have to win the next HoH. Ro says she now knows that someone from the other side took her maple syrup. Ro says she is going to steal some of their stuff too. She says she'll throw salsa down the toliet when Jon is on slop. They both eat their plain bowls of slop, in disgust.

Sab enters the room. She says she overhead Jon saying upstairs that he is worried Neda may be breaking off from him. Kenny says he hopes it is just one more thing that it is on his mind that will throw him off his game. Ro finishes her bowl of slop. Kenny congratulates her, saying she is the slop champ.

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1:11PM BBT Jon, Neda, Adl, and Heather are outside by the HT having general chit chat..

1:16PM BBT Allison and Arlie are by the pool talking game. They are kind of whispering it's hard to make out the conversation,but I think they are talking about Allison's secret power.

1:19PM BBT I think Arlie and Allison are talking about the opposite sides of the house and who is more loyal. Or shall I say who Allison can benefit more from.

1:22PM BBT Arlie tells Allison he is going to stick with the boys.

1:24PM Sab, Kenny, and Rochelle are trying to count the flowers for upcoming comps. Sab thinks they may ask what type of flowers. They are trying to not seem obvious to the other HGs.

1:25PM BBT Sab thinks they should also count the cameras. Kenny doesn't really agree with that idea. They rest of the HGs interrupt there practice.

1:26PM BBT Neda and Jon are upstairs talking. Jon is upset about what the cameras may have caught him doing. I haven't figured the details out yet. He says he doesn't want to upset his girlfriend at home Janelle. It sounds like Jon may have kissed someone innocently. (a peck)

1:30PM BBT Okay so Jon gave Allison a peck on the lips last night. Adel told Jon what he saw. Jon is now telling the story to Arlie. Jon is afraid his gf back home will break up with him

1:32PM BBT Kenny and Ro are by the HT eating delicious slop!

1:36PM BBT Sab, Kenny, and Rochelle are by the HT discussing Jon's girlfriend troubles. Kenny hopes it will distract him from the game.

1:37PM BBT Sab says she wouldn't like Jon's friendliness with the girls if she was his friend. Sarah joins them by the HT.

1:38PM BBT Sab says she doesn't believe Arlie's name is Arlie. She says he is a magnificent liar. They don't trust him and Sarah says he really is not. Because if you put pressure on him he will give in.

1:42PM BBT Sabrina feels betrayed by Arlie. She says if hard for her to recover after she is betrayed so bad. Sarah says she wanted to remember this was a game coming into the house. But she says she forgot the 2nd day in the house. She was working on her emotions.

1:43PM BBT Sabrina saying how nice she was to people in the house. She says she was real nice to Paul and Kyle. Sab is about to start crying.

1:45PM BBT Sab says she loves this game so much and she feels like the game has turned on her. She is having a pity party and Sarah and Ro are encouraging her.

1:46PM BBT Sab hopes Arlie change his mind about voting Sarah out of the house. Sarah says its hard that Arlie has flipped, but she knows it's not personal.

1:47PM BBT Sarah is talking about her experiences with flipping on people. She reflects on 2 of her friends that she turned on during their times of hardships. She regrets it, but she knows how it feels to be on the other side.

1:50PM BBT Sarah says she couldn't take seeing her friend go through so much distress, but she had personal things that outweighed her friendship. Sarah thinks Jon is overly confident because he has a little power. SHe says he will get his too. Sab is still crying.......

1:51PM BBT sab sas she is a loser. She is so emotional. Sarah and Ro are trying to build her self esteem back up. Now Sab is talking about how strong her sister is. She says she is not emotional and she is good at being mean.

1:52PM BBt Now sab is talking about her sister and how great her husband is. But Sab says her boyfriend has left her a million times and she loves him with all her heart. she says her parents told her she should have left.

1:54PM BBT Sarah says the reason why Sab's sister has left her because she is confident and he knows what he has. Sarah tells Sab to be more confident and believe in herself. She says she has low self esteem.

1:55PM BBT Sab says the house thinks she is mean. she knows she's not mean, but she is afraid of what Canada feels about her.

1:56PM BBT Heather, Allison, Adel are in the KT preparing food. Neda is eating. Jon and Arlie is just hanging around.

1:59PM BBT Sarah realizes she is drinking out of a nasty cup. she leaves the HT area.

2:09PM BBT Nothing is really happening now. Either the HGs are lounging or eating. Not much activity or game talk.

2:11PM BBT Sab is whispering to Sarah, but I cannot see what she is saying. Nor can I hear

2:12PM BBT Sarah, Ro, and Sab go do makeup.2:12PM BBT Sab, Ro, and Sarah go into the BR and Sab discusses Jon's troubles. Sab doesn't know what happens, but she overheard the conversation between Neda, Jon, and Arlie. The camera goes to the HUSH screen. It comes back on and Sab is still talking about Jon and his girlfriend. Big Brother says stop that. Sab says okay.

2:15PM BBT all the have's are in the KT ready to eat.

11:22PM BBT Sarah and ro are in the Br looking for a cute dress for Sarah to wear on eviction night. the rest of the HGs are downstairs eating and talking.

2:25PM BBT The HGs are talking about the Challenge series on MTV.

2:27PM BBT They are talking about how strong CT is. Kenny says he is crazy and is strong, but he doesn't play the game. He has only seen a few past episodes. He said CT will eat you alive.

2:41PM BBT Still no big activity or conversations in the house.

2:43PM BBT Arlie and Heather are on the hammock. Hopefully to talk game.

2:43PM BBT Arlie asks Heather how she feels. She says so much better. He says it's good not to have to pretend especially to Sab. He says now he can have fun. He is more relaxed.

2:45PM BBT The camera goes to the HUSH. Sarah is sitting by the HT by herself.

2:46PM BBT Back with Heather and Arlie. Adel comes around to change their batteries. Adel goes to change Sarah's. He tells her crazy change of events aye. She says yeah. Adel asks her why she didn't catch on when he said the only people he trusted in the house was Arlie and Jon. Adel says he'll be back and Sabrina comes out to the HT.

2:49PM BBT Heather and Arlie are tallking about how long they have left in the house. She says she actually is going to miss everyone, she says she is sad to leave. Arlie agree's. She says she wants to see her BF and family, but she says it's nice being here. Arlie agree's. He says it's not like they suck and they have a good team. He says he wanted to do something big, he wanted to make a difference. He didn't want to just go under the radar. He says that is his vision for the game. Arlie says heather made the biggest move in the game thus far.

2:53PM BBT Arlie says he is grateful for Heather's move in the game. He feels like he has a great bond with her. He says it's different from anyone else in the house. He says he had a connection from the beginning, but he was with the other side of the house. He is glad to be back close with her. Heather says she is glad to be back with him as well. She is happy he is who she thought he has; a good guy.

2:56PM BBT Arlie says he hates how she was being treated at the beginning of the game. He was upset he watched it and could not say anything until after the situation happened. He says he would talk to her afterwards. She says she is glad he was there through everything

2:58PM BBT Arlie says they totally are the sloppy seconds ( the new alliance name) heather agrees. She says the best sloppy seconds Canada has ever seen.

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3:05PM BBT- Ken, Rach, Sarah on couches, realize 6 ppl have 2 go in 3 wks, think something crazy is going to happen. Kenny says it may already be happening! They chat about how the house looks different now compared to when they first came in. Heather, Arlie talk come inside from BY. Ken asks her if he can listen to her music. Sab sits on couch by Rach, who tells sab about 6 ppl leaving in 3 weeks.

3:15PM BBT- From the couch, Sarah says, I wonder which 2 of you 6 will get kicked out next. I can't wait to watch! Rach laughs but everyone has ignored Sarah. Jon, Adel, Sab, Arlie, Heather sit down to eat. Sarah is upset she is eating slop, yet has a 2 wk slop pass. Says its like getting evicted while having immunity idol. Sarah wonders what it's going to be like when she leaves the house. Says it will be so nice to be alone. Neda sits on couch by Sarah, Rach tells Neda about 6 ppl leaving. Sarah says it will be so stressful for them. Neda thinks that doesn't sound right, won't be entertaining if 2 ppl go each week. the debate how it will go down.

3:25PM BBT- Sarah tells them to not come up with any theories that include her going to jury. They wonder why the HOH TV isn't working b/c it's so important to watch the house from there. They talk about BB seasons, Jon says he has never watched an entire season. They talk about Rachelle Reily, Jon hates her voice. Heather talks abou her voice, Sarah says her normal voice is ok, it's her sweetsy fake voice she doesn't like. But she hasn't done it for a while so it's ok. Heather replies "oh -thanks".

3:30PM BBT- Sab has gone to BR where Ally is. Sab is crying to her. Says she isn't the only one talking about ppl. Rach walks in asks what is wrong. Sab says ppl are saying mean things about her. Rach asks who? Sab doesn't understand what's the difference between what she has done for her alliance and what Arlie has done. Adel comes in and convo stops.Rach and Sab leave to WA, Rach tries to get more info about what exactly was said. Sab just said it was so mean he was told to stop. Adel comes in so they leave.

3:38PM BBT - Sab joins Neda, Jon, Heath on couch. Tries to tell Neda some lines about not going after Jon, calls Arlie over to verify her story. Neda says you swore Jon and I weren't your targets, but you just said Jon was always your alliances target. Sab says I can't wait for you to watch this show, then you'll see. Neda says yep! Sarah says she is over it and walks away. Neda laughs and looks at Jon. Sab comes back again and they argue more. Neda says they will see what Sab has said, even about manipulating Rachelle and laughing about it. Sab denies all of this

3:45PM BBT - They talk about the lies going around about Heather, Neda says I wonder where that come from. Sarah pipes up from KT, I think Ika did that. Sab says thanks Sarah, at least. Sab and Rach get up and walk away to KT. Neda is mad, Jon mentions how mad he was last night but is better now. Heather says she feels better today, too. In KT, Sab says she can't be anymore hurt than already is. Sarah tells her it's time to let it go, it's consuming her. Sarah says she isn't talking game anymore. She is over it. Sab keeps talking game. Sarah snaps on Sab, tells her to go somewhere else. She is not kidding. Sab, you got had, get over it! I'm the one who is leaving! - sab finally shuts up.

3:55PM BBT- Heather says if ppl hate her voice outside the show, she's going to try do voice overs or something. neda tells her that her normal voice is fine. Sarah has left KT, needs a breather. Sab whines to Kenny about what Sarah said that sab got had and to go away . kenny said he's not talking about it anymore. It's awfully quiet in KT. The say they are hungry but glad they found some sugar, maybe they will hide it in the HOH. Sarah, Arlie and Jon in WA, they talk about Sarah choosing to go with Kenny and she was excited he won POV. She says it's not her fault they didn't backdoor him. Says they f-ed her over, don't come asking for info now. She and Jon hug it out. Sarah and Kenny go to pool. Sarah tells him about the issue with Sabrina tripping out.

3:59PM BBT - Sarah and Kenny talk about Sabrina. Sarah and Kenny are DONE with Sab and her crap. Kenny says something is seriously, seriously wrong. Kenny confesses to Sarah he did tell Jon about the 1st 5. They say Sab can't see what she does to others, only what ppl have done to her. They both have a good, much-needed venting session!

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4:25 PM BBT: Arlie and Heather talking in HoH room. Arlie tells her that Sabrina has lied so much and she is probably so confused at this point. Heather says she doesn't know the diffrence between the truth and a lie at this point.

4:28 PM BBT: Arlie, Jon, Neda, Heather, Allison and Adel now are all together in the HoH drinking slurpees that Adel made.

4:35 PM BBT Conversation turns to earlier discussion between Sabrina, Arlie and Neda. They all are really confused about what Sabrina game play is, since she tried to deny that Jon was her target earlier in the game when talking to Arlie.

4:42 PM BBT: Sabrina and Rachelle alone in the hot-tub. Rachelle apparently has peed in the hot-tub, and is laughing about it. Sabrina says you can see the yellow.

4:47 PM BBT: Neda, Adel, Arlie, Heather and Allison talking in the HoH. Neda says about how Sabrina made it obvious they were having secret meeting within the first five before they even knew about it. She says she can just see Sabrina being the rat within these five.

4:50 PM BBT: The group in the HoH room now are talking about Adel's past alliance names, how they all mean he was on the outskirts. Allison starts talking about BB Canada season 1 and how there was less people in that house at this point in the season.

4:57 PM BBT Neda and Arlie talking about how they need to study the house for the HoH competition. Heather asks Neda what they might ask, then Feeds go HoTH.

5:05 PM BBT Feeds are back. Sarah, Ro and Kenny are in the main room talking on the couch about Sabrina telling Ro to switch sides. Kenny says to Rachelle they don't want you, there is no where to flip.

5:14 PM BBT Sabrina and Ro talking strategy in the hot-tub. Ro says we're not losing the HoH comp even if the odds are against us. She says that it won't matter b/c we (Kenny, Ro, Sab) are all strong players. Sab says Sarah will be gone so it will be 5 on 3. Ro says she won't talk to any of the other side if she wins HoH, and that they will just have to wait to see their keys getting pulled

5:20 PM BBT: Sab tells Ro that she cannot wait to get back to the states. Ro says that she wishes she could tell Sab everything, but she doesn't even know everything. Heather joins them outside. Talk turns to about how you cannot be a have-not if you are HoH.

5:25 PM BBT Heather, Sab and Ro discuss about how they have been bored so much this season, but the last part of the season will fly by and not be boring at all. Heather says she thinks Canada will again play a major role in the game over the next few weeks, and she is more worried about that then instant or double evictions.

5:28 PM BBT Arlie joins the three outside. They all agree that is so nice outside. Ro says it is April 9th. (only a day off). They think it is crazy that is already the middle of April.

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#BBCAN2 5:33 PM BBT: Arlie tells Heather that it is nice to relax and not have to stress about the game as much. Talks about how Kenny will be evicted no matter what.[Arlies confidence may be his demise. Always happens that way]

#BBCAN2 5:38 PM BBT: Back in the house, Kenny, Sarah, Sabrina and Rachelle lounging on the couch. Talking about their living situations and the different areas they reside. Rachelle taps Sabrina on the shoulder to go upstairs.

#BBCAN2 5:43 PM BBT: General chit chat with Arlie and Heather out at the Hot Tub. Heather says she would even be happy if one of their group would at least take 2nd. Arlie says he would hate it if Kenny won.

#BBCAN2 5:46 PM BBT: Jon and Adel join Heather and Arlie at the hot tub. Allison comes trailing in. Conversation is about their hometowns. [sensing they are pretty bored]

#BBCAN2 5:55 PM BBT: Switching back to the house, Kenny and Sarah just relaxing on the couch. Chatting about their vacations to the Mayan ruins.

#BBCAN2 6:05 PM BBT: Discussion about who is going to win the next HOH. Really gunning for Kenny. [seems Sarah is the consensus to go home so far and they are running this house like the 1st 5 tried to do]

#BBCAN2 6:45 PM BBT: Jon up with Neda and Allison in the bedroom. Kenny, Sabrina, Rachelle lounging on the couch.

#BBCAN2 6:50PM BBT: Neda is alone with Allison now. Says she pretty much knew who everyone was working with, and that she wanted to tell Allison so bad. Allison talks about how Arlie told her after the veto that she wasnt going home and how excited she was over that. Was pretty certain that she was definitely going home. Asks Neda where she really fits in with the group. Neda explains how it all came to be with the Jon and her with Arlie and Heather. Allison is seriously scared if Kenny wins the HOH. [sorry about the break]

#BBCAN2 7:00PM BBT:Arlie, Neda, and Allison still in the bedroom. Arlie is trying to massage his back with what BB gave to him for his lower back. Allison goes over to show him how to massage his butt with it.

#BBCAN2 7:05PM BBT: Back down on the couch,they are chatting about interests in the outside world and work. Sabrina asks Kenny if he is good with computers and sales. Kenny says he has to have confidence in his product for sales, but really it boils down to if your good with people. Sabrina seems to be insinuating that she could get him a job with her work if he doesn't have a paying job when BB is over.

#BBCAN2 7:10PM BBT: Sabrina went upstairs to comb Jons hair.[Never can get over how cordial they remain, even after the mini breakdown Sabrina had about lying to her earlier today]

#BBCAN2 7:17PM BBT: Heather appears to be making cookies. and Adel is filling up the ice cube trays. Uncertain what they are having for dinner tonight, but Allison and Neda are already chowing down. Arlie asks Neda and Jon how they liked kissing his butt today. [Evidently they were trying to be nice to each other, and whoever wasn't had to kiss Arlie's butt.]

#BBCAN2 7:30PM BBT: Sarah says that they are the first people to be on strictly slop and nothing else. Goes through the list of have nots and their food. Rachelle states that she could really go for something fried.

#BBCAN2 7:36PM BBT: Dinner is being had in the kitchen. while the have-nots are laying on the couch looking miserable. Adel mentions that it is so much more boring on slop. Jon and Adel are tied for days on slop.

#BBCAN2 7:40PM BBT: Back on the couch Sarah asks about Kennys High School prom and we get FOTH

#BBCAN2 7:41PM BBT: Feeds 1 and 2 are still up, but FOTH on 3 and 4. So with that...back to watching Adel, Heather, Allison and Neda waiting for Heather's cookies. Woops, Arlie is there also because he comments on how beautiful Heathers butt is.

#BBCAN2 7:49PM BBT: Jon has to kiss Arlie's butt. [couldn't figure out what he said] Now him and Neda are tied 2-2 with this game. Arlie just loves catching the HGs being mean. Adel suggested earlier that when someone has to kiss Arlie's butt cheek that he shift just as they are in the act. You can make up your mind from there what he was insinuating.

#BBCAN2 7:53PM BBT: Feeds 3 and 4 still FOTH. Jon talks about his dream he had that scared him to death. He had his bed shaking and was talking in his sleep.

#BBCAN2 8:00PM BBT: Feeds 3 and 4 are back. Kenny, Rachelle, Sarah, and Sabrina are all in their swimsuits heading out to the hot tub. Almost dark out, and Sabrina says they should study all night.

#BBCAN2 8:16PM BBT: Jedi training in the hot tub. Back inside they are now trying to slam on each other to entertain themselves. Heather says that her and Neda took the cookies [i think slop] and smashed them. Stated how they are now mixed in with the raisins. Then Neda brings up how when people who weren't on slop kept hiding the food and eating it in front of the Have-Nots.

#BBCAN2 8:20PM BBT: At the hot tub, Sarah says it is wise for Kenny and Rachelle to keep being nice. Kenny says that is the reason he has kept the lines of communications open with the other side. [The line in the sand has really been drawn now] Kenny knows that if he doesnt win HOH, he is done and will probably be back door'd.

#BBCAN2 8:25PM BBT: Sarah exclaims how she cant believe how she is going home this week. Kenny said that she should of turned on him, and Sarah responds that she should have just said that she was. Can't believe how things have changed so quickly. Sarah says that the only reason she is going is because they wanted to hurt Kenny.

#BBCAN2 8:35PM BBT: Sarah explains her attempt to try and stay in the game to Kenny and Rachelle. If Kenny wins the HOH and Arlie and Jon are on the block. Basically says that she would vote out Arlie because the numbers would be in Jons favor if she was still in the game. Really figures its a last ditch effort to try and stay in BB. Plans to talk to him tomorrow night so he doesnt have enough time to think and talk about it. Tells Rachelle not to say anything to Sabrina because she wants her to remain calm.

#BBCAN2 8:40PM BBT: Checking back in on the HOH room. Jon, Neda Heather, Allison, Arlie, and Nedal all talking about getting together outside of the house. Adel thinks he can get people to pay for their flights to venues for marketing purposes. Arlie says it is possible, but you need to work the system. Adel says you have to ride the wave right away or you lose momentum quickly.

#BBCAN2 8:45PM BBT: . Kenny finds whatever Heahter and Neda did to the slop and now Sarah switches name tags on drinking bottles in the storage room.

#BBCAN2 8:45PM BBT: . Kenny finds whatever Heahter and Neda did to the slop and now Sarah switches name tags on drinking bottles in the storage room.

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9:00PMBBT: Jon, Neda, Arlie, Heather, Alison, are talking in the HOH. The talk turns to facial hair. Jon says he is working on it. Alison says she likes scruff. Jon says he wants to go to bed early tonight. Arlie says he is down for that. The first 3 plus Rachelle are at the kitchen counter. Sabrina tells Rachelle she will make them whatever they want and it will be good because it is "made with love".

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#BBCAN2 9:08PMBBT: The HoH room talk turns to nipples. Heather is confused by the term "Pepperoni nipples", Alison asks her Daddy for forgiveness as she goes in for a peak. We get HotH. Feeds back, Jon says he has only seen one kind of breast. They talk about how many people they have slept with, Heather mentions a friend who has every person she has been with listed in her phone and we get a HOTH. Adel is now praying outside the BR area. Ken, Sab, Sarah and Rachelle sulk in silence at the kitchen counter.

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9:18PMBBT: Rachelle is eating mustard out of the bottle, on to her finger and into her mouth. Sabrina is making a sandwich in the panini press. Sarah is "literally" starving. Adel continues to pray.

9:22PMBBT: Sabrina is chomping away at the kitchen table. (why can't they take the mic off for this?) Kenny and Sarah talk about her bad habit of falling asleep with the TV on. She hasn't done it for 42 days so since it takes 30 days to break a bad habit, she is ok with it now. "But he will go back to shift work and I will be so bored so that will be the end of breaking that!"

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9:30PMBBT: Arlie is in the BY with Adel doing laundry. In the BR Alison and Neda are changing, some of the girls are working out tonight. Jon walks in and says he sees a butt. Alison has to "do a pee". Sabrina is now in the BR as well. She gets clothes to change and leaves. Heather comes in, complains that Rachelle is always walking in her way.

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9:40PMBBT: Sarah scrapes slop cookies/chips off the baking pan. Ken and Rachelle dig in along with her eating. Sabrina is pleading her case about something that happened in the pantry. She says that he called her something. She says it is what it is, and she is the devil. He says "I can't stand your game, you I can handle." She says her game is what it is, she is playing big brother. The talk continues about the game. Sabrina explains what is happening in her game in the house and "you will see everything! They have to show that! They have to!" Arlie is listening, no one is paying attention to him. Sabrina says "Arlie, back me up, I was told things to rev me up!" He says absolutely.

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9:50PMBBT: Sabrina is pleading her case to Jon in the BR. She says she has kept her word. She now claims to have thrown the blindside comp because she didn't want to take out Jon or Neda. She says she did what she did to keep her loyalty to the others in her alliance and she didn't do anything wrong. (sounds to me like she wants to be in the "in crowd" again.) Feeds are sketchy tonight. Sabrina says she didn't want to hurt Neda and Rachelle. She was playing emotional and she can't win that way. Sabrina is really pleading her case. She tells them if this week is double, first goes home, second is jury. Sabrina says the first 5 made her look bad. She feels deceived and betrayed.

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9:55PMBBT: All 4 feeds go briefly to HotH. Feed 3 is Neda, Ali, Adel in the BY working out. Adel is running. Neda has a weight and is learning a squat move from Alison. Sabrina is finished pleading her case in the BR. Jon is laughing about it. Arlie laughs, he says Jon will die when he sees the convos between him and the others. Ken walks in, the HotH was an announcement about DR's tonight. Ken was ticked because he had just poured sleepytime tea. He leaves the BR. Jon and Arlie continue talking about the things Arlie has been through to get it to this point in the game (and he is still off the radar for the most part)

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10:05PMBBT: Neda is glistening with sweat. She is doing a full body squat. Alison was as well. Jon comes out "Ladies looking good!" He asks where Adel was. Adel comes back out and continues running. Alison says she did between 30-40. Neda did almost as much as Adel and Alison did. Heather says Neda is so tiny. Neda says she doesn't have much of an appetite in the house. Alison is now working her abs. Adel tells Neda she will have to rest her arms tomorrow.

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10:00PM BBT: Allison and Neda working out in the BY. Arlie and Jon chatting in the bedroom talking about Sarah making the decision not to jump to their side instead of staying with Kenny. She enters and topic changes to rehash of Sabrina earlier. Sarah is changing. She is asked what she did with Tasco and says nothing then shouts out , "What did you do with my fucking maple syrup?" Heather outside with the other girls but sitting on the weight bench while Allison is lifting. BB tells Jon and Arlie to get dressed in particular outfits to get ready for DR sessions. (This is the type of communication that they usually hide behind the Hush screens. DRG) Heather remarks that Neda is so tiny and she replies I know. Kenny and Rachelle in the bathroom with Sabrina. He is telling Sabrina once again that she cannot say anything to the others because she has lied too. He is saying that now they can be open and honest and it is a really good feeling for him. Sarah says me too as she enters the room. Outside Allison is teaching Neda how to work on one of the pieces of equipment. Neda says it is hard and Heather says that it is kicking her ass. (Bench sitting is really tough. DRG)

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10:08PM BBT: Sabrina now going on about how Neda had a secret alliance with Jon and she used to go to him to ask for what she could tell the girls and Jon just told her about this so she lied too. (She will be telling her great grand kids these stories. DRG) Neda and Adel now running in circles outside. Sabrina still talking in circles and has managed to hook Kenny into it in spite of himself. Sabrina asks it they want to go outside and they can count the trees and the cameras. Audio cuts out and I get it back just in time to hear Sabrina says that she is no longer constipated. Arlie and Jon on the green couch by the counter and Sabrina comes by. Arlie is telling her that he does not speak bad about people. Kenny and Sarah are in the bedroom talking about his current position in the house. He is good mind wise but game wise he is in trouble. Sarah gets up and announces she is going to go try and pooh again, did you hear that Canada. (America did too, unfortunately. DRG)

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10:15PMBBT: Heather tells a story. One time she went to the bathroom and there was no papertowel so she dried her hair with toilet paper, then she fixed her hair. When she got back to class her friend noticed that she has little chunks of toilet paper in her hair. Sarah laughs. BB calls Heather to the DR. Feed switches to Sabrina and Rachelle walking to the HT. She tells them her version of the talk with Jon and Arlie. Of course she makes it out to be something different than it was. Kenny listens then says "I think he is just saying that to rile you up" Kenny seems a little put off about what she is saying. Rachelle mentions that if she gets Jon out she will feel accomplished in the game.

10:20PMBBT: Sabrina begins another story about Mexico. In the KT, Arlie and Jon talk with Adel, Alison is there but just listening. Jon checks himself (yup they are still there!) Adel goes to have a shower. Jon leans in, he is thinking of different scenarios. He is hoping Adel pulls Kenny out of the veto. Arlie says he is not a real person in there. Jon says he isn't either. Arlie says "Not to sound like a jerk but there are 100 thousand reasons why I am not!"

10:25PMBBT: Alison is planking? She tells him to see how long it takes for her to get sweaty. She says "It's coming!" Arlie says "Oh, is it?" She says she is almost there, he agrees. She laughs and says to stop that! She drops down, says she is done. Arlie "I am almost done... there ya. I am done." In the HOH Adel asks the girls why they haven't had baths. Heather says they will tomorrow and have a slumber party. Heather says she has never been so fat. Jon calls BS on her going on a diet. Neda says "Not a diet, just eating healthier."

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