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Survivor 28 - Episode 6 - April 2 2014

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Appari are walking on to their beach. They chant "Top 6 Top 6!" Spencer says if they merge tomorrow, they are in a great position. They talk about who they would want to vote out first in a merge. Kass says it sounds so simple but the best laid plans end up on a murder scene floor.

Kass talks to Sarah and suspects she will flip to the other side. Sarah is offended. She feels Sarah is lying. They shake hands and give each other their word. Kass says "Show me blood on your hands of a former tribe mate and then we will talk."

Tony yells Good Morning to Solana. Woo and he find the treemail. Tony tells us how much fun it is to be in this tribe. The mail says to pack up and head over to Appari for 22 days. Tony has his idol, LJ has his. Appari's mail says they will be having guests and some will be staying for 22 days. It does not say "merge"

Solana arrives at Appari. Sarah says she was nervous. They bring food and goodies. Lots of hugs and Hi's going on. Jefra is worried that Alexis is gone. They have confirmation that the tribes have merged and there is another "special" power immunity idol hidden at camp. The new tribe name is Solarri? They are going to talk about it over a meal.

Tony thinks they might be in trouble with 6 against 5. He is hoping Sarah will flip. "Or we are done. I am done!"

Tribe name is "Solarionn" The women are awake and doing yoga on the beach. Tony is asking who is the "head of the snake" to woo, trying to flip the script and he is hoping Sarah is the missing link to it. Sarah says she was floating. Tony says they are still tight. Sarah just keeps saying "Alright, alright." She seems unsure. He tells her to swear on her badge and that is when he will know what is happening.

He is laying it on thick and intimidating Sarah. She thinks that whatever way she goes she will be sitting pretty. Sarah, Jer and Kass are talking about who should be going home first. Sarah says they have to get rid of Woo or LJ first. Jer says he thinks LJ has the idol. Sarah disagrees with Kass wanting Trish to go home. Sarah says that if Trish wins immunity they can vote out Tony.

Kass says she doesn't trust the cop (Sarah) because she is refusing to vote out Trish and that tells Kass she is not trustworthy. Jer says they need to talk about it tomorrow. Sarah leaves, huffy. Kass tells us, she wants to just punch Sarah sometimes.

Sarah says it is weird that people only want to talk to her for her vote. Trish woke up to their cattyness, she is happy about it. Sarah and Tasha and Kass talk about the discussion about who needs to go home. Tasha doesn't care who was right or wrong, she just wants everyone on the same page. Kass won't drop it, she won't give up. Sarah keeps going as well. Kass tells us at this point the 6 are breaking up. Sarah says she is deciding the fate of others. Tasha says "No it is deciding your own fate!"

Challenge time! They have to balance on triangular platforms in the water. You fall off you are out of the challenge!

Everyone is up and the challenge is on. They have to move to a higher step in a few minutes. They can use their hands to get into the middle foot hold. Everyone is still in it. 15 minutes elapsed so far.

30 minutes til the top. Everyone is still in! They move to the top foot hold. Spencer struggles and is out and so is Kass. LJ, Sarah, Jefra, Jer, the wind picks up huge! Tony and Woo are the only 2 on! Everyone else is out.

The wind is strong and Woo wins!

Jeff puts the necklace around Woo's neck! They all head back to camp.

They get back to camp. Sarah reminds us that there are 11 people and she can't decide. She says she is with the new Appari. She will make the decision "I am the president right now"

Sarah, Spencer, Kass talk about the vote. She says Tony would be the vote. At camp, Trish says that Sarah is calling all the shots. The cat fight was her clue. They all want to talk to Sarah. At the beach, Sarah says Tony doesn't have an idol. Kass is on to her saying he doesn't have it.

Tony is really laying it on thick. Sarah says to us getting rid of Tony is not personal. She is listening to him, agreeing, nodding. She tells him she has to digest it. Tony is pushing it on her. Tony says if he feels iffy the idol is being played. Trish tries to flip Kass at camp. Kass tells Trish that she would vote out Sarah. Kass says she is might flip. Trish runs to the old Solana that Sarah is out tonight. Kass is loving that she is now the one in the middle. "Once again, Khaos Kass is showing up at tribal!"

We are at tribal. Tony lays it on thick that he has to have comfort and trust over numbers. Kass says she would be concerned if she was a strong male in the minority group. Tony announces that he has an idol. He pulls it out to prove he has one. He says he will wear it with pride. "It is a community idol" They all start whispering and the former Appari say "The other one, we vote for the other one!" Solana says "Keep it the same!" They vote.

Tony asks if Jeff can validate his idol. He gives it to LJ!

In a Survivor first! LJ gives his idol to Tony! They each had one!

First vote was Jefra! Then Sarah! They are now tied 3-3. Now 5-5 and one vote left. Sarah is out. Someone flipped.

They all say "Kass" when asked who flipped. Jefra whispers Thank you to Kass. Spencer says "Kass, way to win the game" she says it is a long way yet. Jeff dismisses them.

Next time on Survivor, A war of words for 2 survivors. A treasure hunt for the idol makes everyone crazy at camp.
Sarah thought she had a solid 6 but, "They got me good!"
We will see you next week!

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I don't know how to feel about this tribal council. Here's what I am feeling:

-I wanted the six to stay together, but I am glad to see Sarah go over Jefra.

-I think Kass killed her game

-Tony is annoying as hell

-I don't like Morgan

-I don't know who to root for any more

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This must be a very boring season of Survivor this year. Episode 6 is in the history books and so far J'tia has the most replys on Morty's at 9 !! Wasen't she evicted already? Maybe we can slip Russell back in the game somehow. He could make them all his bitches!! At least if he were on the show we would be on page 4 by now.

Just my 2 cents. :dork: By the way, hats off to those of you who post the recaps from th show. I enjoy reading them.

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The past two seasons definitely have been entertaining.. Blood vs Water was a very emotional season. This season gives the viewer a way to identify with one of the tribes depending on their personality.

Seems to a revival of sorts for Survivor for me, it too had become boring for me for several of the prior seasons.

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