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Monday, April 7 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:03AM BBT Sabrina and Rachelle in WA Sabrina is wondering if she should go to bed. Rachelle is getting ready for bed.

12:08AM BBT SAbrina is now in HoH with Heather asking her to tell her who is going up because she cannot sleep. Heather said that she did not tell anyone who was going up. Sabrina is really trying to find out she told Heather she would not tell anyone.

12:17AM BBT Sabrina is really trying to find out who is going up Heather said it is 50/50 between Sabrina and Sarah. Sabrina said she care very much about Heather.

12:21AM BBT In the Hn Sarah and Rachelle talking whispering, while Kenny are asleep.

12:24AM BBT Looks like Rachelle is still scratching allot, Sarah is helping Rachelle to ease her pain. While in the BR Jon is trying to hold down Neda and slapping her face until Neda call out all the chocolate bars. Now Jon is now play fighting Sabrina and Neda.

12:32AM BBT everyone in the Br except Heather they are going over what is the menu for breakfast. Sabrina told Jon to stop playing with his personal part because he would get an Infection.

12:36AM BBT Jon in the BR telling everyone about Kyle telling him that he was coming after him because he was from Newfie.

12:46AM BBT Neda is now in the SR looks like she is making fries.

12:52AM BBT Neda is now in the Wa getting ready for bed, General chit chat in the BR.

12:54AM BBT Feed 1 and 2 on HNR 3 and 4 on the main BR.

12:59AM BBT Allison and Sabrina in the Br talking general chit chat.

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1:05 AM BBT Allison and Sabrina in the BR whispering. BB tells them to fix their mic. Sabrina says, yeah Allison. Neda, Jon and Adel are trying to sleep. Sabrina is working on her nails.

1:18 AM BBT The HOH room is dark, Heather just took her headphones off and is settling down to sleep. HNs are asleep in their room. In the BR it’s finally starting to dim. Hoth keeps floating from feed to feed.

1:25 AM BBT All the HGs seem to be asleep. I’ll stick around for a bit to make sure they all stay down.

1:42 AM BBT The HGs have definitely gone to sleep. Goodngiht Canada.

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9:00AM BBT: Kenny, Jon, Ro, and Adel in the KT getting breakfast. Arlie,Neda, Sab, and Arlie in the WA doing ADL's general chit chat.

9:09AM BBT: Not much is being said this morning. Sab is doing Sarah's hairs, the guys are fixing everyone breakfast. Sarah is telling Sab that she thinks something is going on and she might go up.

9:17AM BBT: Sarah, Ro, and Sab in the WA but I can't hear what is being said because the #BBCAN2 9:35AM BBT: Kenny, Ro, and Sab in the BR. Sab asks Kenny do you think Arlie is acting weird? Kenny no he was acting fine with me. I think he is still on board.hairdryer is loud.

9:22AM BBT: Jon, Neda, and Arlie are having a argument about if the Big Mac is wrapped or not so when you eat it it doesn't fall out of the bottom of the sandwich.

9:31AM BBT: Jon and Neda in the LR discussing how everyone looks creepy in their pics. 9:39AM BBT: Sarah, Kenny, and Arlie in the BR. Sarah says it doesn't make since why she would put me up when I am on their side. Sab. walks in Kenny tells her Heather that Sarah was going up.

9:46AM BBT: Kenny and Arlie in the BY. Kenny is telling him that he doesn't think Sabby will flip and she will keep Sarah. Arlie do you think she trusts Sarah more than Allison. Kenny: Yes, there is loyalty with Sarah because they have been together since the beginning. Arlie: I think if you heard some of the convo's Sab and I had you would feel different.

9:59AM BBT:Sab, Kenny, Arlie,Ro, and Arlie at the hot-tub. They are all telling Sarah she has the votes to stay. Kenny said he would vote for Jon to win if he was against Neda and Heather because they the girls haven't done any think in this game.

10:04AM BBT: Sabby is telling the hot-tube crew that she can fly anywhere for $200 unless it is over a 5 hour flight then it is $240 because of where her mom works. she has been to LA something like 14 times and Hawaii 5 times.

10:05AMBBT: Feeds cut to HoTH.

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12:21 PM BBT Alison and Kenny talking. Alison still on block.

12:23 PM BBT Kenny saying there is nothing stopping him from winning HOH.

12:26 PM BBT Heather and Neda Saying if Sarah went to jury she would be a bitter mumsey. Sabrina would be just as bitter. Heather and Neda wondering who will be at final four with them. Neda says they just have to cover themselves just now.

12:27 PM BBT Neda asks Heather if she is final 2 with Sabrina who would win. Heather says Sabrina would not win. Neda throws an idea that it could work in their favour to be with her at the end as she hasn't won anything yet.

12:29 PM BBT Neda says that was a random thought and not to tell anyone what she said about Sabrina.

12:30 PM BBT Heather and Neda speaking about how their alliance thinks they are easily influenced. Agree to go inside as it's cold.

12:33 BBT HG at KT Alison eating what looks like slop cookies.

12:33 PM BBT Arlie and Heather speaking privately. Heather says he is playing an amazing game. Arlie admits he is going to be a big target now. Saying that Kenny will go after him and Jon. heather says they will go after Adel too.

12:35 PM BBT Arlie says Kenny said that he knows if anyone flips it will be Arlie.

12:35 PM BBT Heather says it is a good thing Alison is with them now.

12:37 PM BBT Jon and Neda in HOH speaking. Jon saying he will make a lie that Kenny told him about first five and was going to replace her with him.

12:40 PM BBT Neda says Heather may split the two of them up. Jon says he thinks Adel would keep him if he was on the block. Jon thinks Alison would keep him over Arlie. Neda disagrees and says she might. Neda says to keep working Alison and Heather.

12:42 PM BBT Neda is worried that they will be seperated. Jon says Arlie wants Neda at final 3 as he could beat her.

12:44 PM BBT Neda tells Jon she wants Sabrina nect to her at final two. Neda says she wants Ro out next. Alison out before Sabrina. Jon agrees.

12:44 PM BBT Jon says he and Neda gave him to much credit but he sucks at the game.

12:45 PM BBT Neda says that if Kenny stays in the game until the end he would win. Jon says he would get his vote if he did. Neda alarmed asks if she would get it first. He says yes.

12:46 PM BBT Jon says if he is up against Arlie, Neda will have to campaign for him. Neda says she will but he has to speak to the others (Alison and Heather) now to build trust.

12:47 PM BBT Neda tells Jon not to do stuff like ripping up toilet paper in front of the others again.

12:49 PM BBT Heather enters HOH. Neda asks what she's eating. Heather tells her Nutella with cinnamon. Heather leaves and says she will be back.

12:50 PM BBT Jon leaves HOH. Neda listening to music.

12:51 PM BBT Sarah outside in thought.

12:52 PM BBT Sarah says to herself she has to put a plan together but doesn't know how she can approach Arlie. This is so much easier at home on her couch. She sighs and said she misses her kids so much but they will be her kids for the rest of her life and that the game is not gonna come round again.

12:53 PM BBT Says her best strategy is to try to convince Arlie it is in his best interest to be on her side. he is not an idiot. It's not going to be easy.

12:55 PM BBT Sarah continues speaking ot herself saying she will be a total bitch to the other HG and her and Kenny will still be targets. Says Alison will go wherever HOH goes.

12:56 PM BBT Sarah says she has to remind him that the other side of the house does not care about his game because putting her on the block could have outed him.

01:01 PM BBT Sabrina and Ro doing dishes. Kenny speaking about his dog may miss him. Sabrina says the dog will lose the scent after 10 days and it will take 10 days for it to return.

01:02 PM BBT at Sabrinas request. Alison is wiping down the KT counter.

01:04 PM Heather, Jon and Neda in HOH. Heather speaking about her boyfriend and how she met him.

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12:20 PM BBT: Feeds are back. Adel, Arlie and Jon are in the bedroom. They are celebrating. Arlie says they need to stick together and he plans on coming about their alliances soon.

12:30 PM BBT: Neda and Heather talking strategy outside. They talk about who they will take to the final four. They agree that Sabrina would be the best to take since she would be the least threat in the competitions. They agree that Kenny and Rachelle should be the next nominations.

12:34 PM BBT: Arlie talking with Heather in the kitchen. He also tells her that he is with their alliance now, but knows that he will be a big target now. Adels enters the room. Arlie and Adel hug, Arlie says he can't wait to come out about their alliance. He says you won't see how it goes down until after the show, but its going to be great (when he tells Kenny he flipped).

12:37 PM BBT: HGs in the kitchen eating. From earlier converstation, it appears Sarah has replaced Kenny and the new nominees are Sarah and Allison.

12:50 PM BBT: Rachelle in the kitchen talking about Birthright. She says the government will pay your way to Israel for education. She explains it to Adel, Kenny, and Sabrina. Talk then turns to how good eyesight is needed to be in the Army. BBT Sabrina washing dishes. She cuts herself. Jon says he wishes one day they would just turn off the live feeds, give them guitars and let them have at it.

1:00 PM BBT: Sabrina, Kenny, Jon and Rachelle talking about how long they have been in the house. They can't believe they have been away from the outside world for exactly 7 weeks. They all talk about missing their dogs. Sabrina says I'm washing these two pans and then never washing anything again. She asks (almost like tells) Allison to wipe the counters down.

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01:06 PM BBT Sarah has realised they are out of salsa.

01:06 PM BBT Sarah is excited that there is cooking spray.

01:11 PM BBT Jon, Neda, Heather and Adel in HOH. Jon asks Neda if she has ever been dumped. She says no.

01:12 PM BBT Jon says that people get married before thinking of it. Neda says that a marriage is a convenience. After so long you will have heard every story. Jon says you need to find someone to grow with rather than apart. Jon says his grandparents are the most in love people. They still hold hands and tell jokes after 60 plus years of marriage.

01:14 PM BBT Jon says divorce rates are really high. Adel says he would never get divorced. Neda questions this and he says that life is as interesting as you make it.

01:19PM BBT Ro and Sabrina outside. Ro says that Kenny said before the ceremony that Arlie will flip. Sabrina says if he does she will rip him a new ass hole. Ro says Arlie is nervous.

01:20 PM BBT Ro says if Sarah leaves she Sabrina and Kenny are fucked. Sabrina says not if they win.

01:22 PM Ro says that Adel can't use his power anymore.

01:23 PM Alison joins the two of them. Alison compliments Sabrinas' eyes.

01:24 PM Ro asks if they will get a reward today. Sabrina and Alison say no.

01:25 PM BBT Alison leaves with battery box.

01:25 PM BBT Sabrina says all four of them (Jon, neda, heather and Adel) are in HOH plotting.

Sabrina says if her side wins this HOH they have a good chance of making it.

01:27 PM BBT Sarah, Kenny and Alison in KT. Alison says when she was on slop she drank loads of tea as it filled her up more.

01:30 PM BBT Heather appears and Alison swaps her battery pack. Says hers is stiff compared to everyone elses but she guesses it's because everyone else has been there 2 weeks longer.

01:30 PM BBT Sarah says Alison and Heather are in the pantry. Kenny sighs.

01:31PM BBT Heather says that Alison and Arlie can come out and publicly join the alliance so they can have fun. It's up to them. Heather says she wants her alliance to feel safe. Alison says she would be in the perfect spot to get information from the other side as she can't vote this week. So she can play both sides.

01:33 PM BBT Heather says Rachelle threw Jon, Adel and Alisons names out as people to go home this week. heather says she is only trying to save her own ass.

01:34 PM BBT Alison says that after this week she is going to have to switch off her emotions. Heather says she done that when she put up Sarah. Heather says she isn't annoyed about it as she is there to play a game.

01:36 PM BBT Alison says she loves Kenny. Heather says he is a nice guy but he has done a lot of nasty things.

01:37 PM BBT Heather says one day Andrew Kenny and Arlie where in the pantry and she heard kenny saying it doesn't matter because Rachelle and Neda are on the fence so we could keep them then send them home. Heather says she is now bitter with Kenny because of this.

01:38 PM BBT Heather says Kenny is talking to Alison because he needs her now. Alison says she is with Heather and co 100 %. Heather says she is a bit worried now. Alison reassures her.

01:38 PM BBT Alison says up until now she has been trying to be a loyal player but this is now impossible. She promises that she is with Heather and co until the end.

01:39 PM BBT Alison says she is currently the low man but doesn't want to be the low man. Heather says she put her ass on the line to bring her over to her side and she will not be the low man.

01:40 PM Alison says Kenny will be hungry for the HOH. Heather says it kills her that she didn't win the POV to send him home.

01:41 PM BBT In bathroom area Sarah is crying. Arlie hugging her saying he doesn't have a choice.(Did he actually tell her she was going?)

01:44 PM BBT Kenny, Sabrina and Rachelle outside. Sabrina says that after yesterday Heather said that Rachelle is now on her radar. Kenny says they need to worry about Arlie incase he flips. Sabrina says she will cut his dick off. Rachelle laughs. Sabrina tells Kenny that Arlie told her about Kenny and Andrew campaigning against her.

01:46 PM BBT Kenny says they have to make arlie think the best strategic move is to keep Sarah. Kenny says they all know he is a great actor.

01:47 PM BBT Sabrina says he felt as if he was at the bottom.

01:49 PM BBT Sabrina says Alison says Arlie says that she is not at the bottom of the totem pole. Rachelle confronted him and he said it was nothing.

01:50 PM BBT Rachelle says if Arlie flips and she wins HOH Arlie and Jon will be on the block. Kenny says replacement will be Adel.

01:52 PM BBT Sarah comes out crying and joins them.

01:53 PM BBT Sarah says Arlie beat around the bush. Sarahs gut has not been wrong once in this game but she knows that he has flipped.

01:54 PM BBT Sabrina asks if they should go get him. Sarah says no. If they go near him it may make it worse. She says if they let him make the decision. Kenny says they should act cold to him.

01:55 PM BBT Sarah says she wants them to prepare for the reality that the 6 on 3 is happening.

01:56 PM BBT Sarah says he probably didn't want to flip this early. Sarah mentions the first five. Sabrina confirms to Rachelle that was their alliance name.

01:57 PM BBT Sarah says for their games do not let him know they know he is going to flip.

01:57 PM BBT Sarah says he has Alison whereas on their side he has sarah but is attached to kenny. Kenny says Alison will go where the power is. She says Arlie said if she wants to talk he will talk later but she won;t want to.

01:59 PM BBT Sarah says don't say anything yet she knows stuff he told her that no one else does and she will leave him to stew.

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1:05 PM BBT: Sarah discovers cooking spray in the storage room. Sarah is getting the slop cookies she made out of the pan and plans to make more now with the cooking spray. Sarah upset that she cannot find salsa and thinks it was used for nachos last night. Sabrina then finds it. Sabrina and Sarah then joke about it's not the first time people have jumped to conclusions this season.

1:19 PM BBT: Rachelle and Sabrina talking outside. They wonder if Arlie will flip this week since he looks so nervous. Sabrina says she'll rip him a new one if he does. Rachelle says we all will.

Rachelle asks if Adel can still use his power. Sabrina says no the box is closed. Rachelle says at least we won't go up against Sarah.

1:24PM BBT: Ro tells Sabrina she just wants to make it to jury. Sabrina says they just need to win this HoH, then they will have a good chance. Ro say that they would put up Jon and Arlie, and Adel as a replacement. Sabrina says Arlie and Adel, with Jon as replacement.

1:29PM BBT Ro and Sabrina acting goofy outside. They discuss how gross Arlie is, and how they are so bored in the house.

Ro gets called to the diary room. Sabrina just dancing around and humming

1:33 PM BBT Sarah tells Kenny she would rather go home b/c of her friendship with Kenny then anything else. Both of them start sobbing.

Kenny says I wish I could just break his legs (talking about Jon). Then he quickly retracts what he said after laughing about it. He says he wishes harm on nobody.

Sabrina tells Kenny she has an idea. They go outside.Sabrina tells Kenny she thinks Arlie is playing both sides b/c of how he has been acting and avoiding eye contact.

1:40 PM BBT Kenny tells Sabrina that Arlie has made the groundwork to flip and vote out Sarah and then blame Sabrina for it.

1:45 PM BBT Sabrina talking to Kenny and Ro. She says that Allison told her that Arlie mentioned to Allison that he was considering keeping Allison. Lots of discussion about how Arlie is playing both sides. Kenny is worried that Arlie is going to flip because he would be less of a threat on the other side.

1:52 PM BBT Sarah is crying as she comes outside to join Kenny, Ro and Sab. Sarah says she can tell Arlie is w/ the other side. She tells them not to freak out. But she can tell how Arlie eat around the bush when talking to him. She says its just them 4 now.

1:58 PM BBT: Sarah says he cannot believe Arlie and to prepare yourself for the 6 on 3 numbers to happen. She tells Ro, Kenny, and Sab not to make Arlie aware that they know he is flipping for their game.

2:00 PM BBT Sarah says the only chance to stay is if she can make Arlie feel really guilty.

Sabrina says she is so mad right now, She says you have to watch the quiet ones (Arlie). Sabrina starts flipping out She says she doesn't care anymore.

Ro, Kenny, Sab, and Sarah talk about how Arlie threw the PoV comp so he wouldn't have to make a choice between the two sides.

2:06 PM BBT Sarah says her only chance to stay is to work Arlie the next few days, but it could only work if Kenny, Sab and Ro remain normal and not let Arlie know they have any idea he is not with their alliance.

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2:15 PM BBT Sarah now alone outside again. She lets out some expletives about Arlie. She says don't you touch me. She starts crying again.

2:25 PM BBT: Sarah is still outside, but is not saying anything. She said earlier she would spend the next few days thinking deeply about how to stay in the house.

2:35 PM BBT: Arlie talking with Neda, Heather. He is throwing Sabrina under the bus, saying how she controls people, especially Ika on her HoH.

2:40 PM BBT Ro and Sabrina alone in the kitchen. They again talk about Arlie throwing comps and how Arlie is a terrible person.

2:43 PM BBT: Heather, Arlie, Neda, Allison and Jon are talking in the BR. They now are bad mouthing Ro's gameplay. Sabrina is making guacamole in the kitchen. Adel keeps leaving and entering the kitchen asking Sabrina about it. When he leaves, Sab says do you know how much Italian swearing I want to do now.

2:48 PM BBT Sarah, Kenny, Ro and Sarah alone in the KT.Sabrina says she won't be making any more food after this week. Adel again comes in the room and talk turns to about how it sucks to be on slop.

2:51 PM BBT Sab and Sarah walk into storage area. Sarah says honestly that her only shot to stay is for Sab to keep quiet. Sab starts crying. They hug. Sarah says she would turn her lose if she thinks it would work. Sab says more derogatory comments about Arlie before heading back to the KT.

2:57 PM BBT: Sabrina puts the finishing touches on the guacamole. Arlie and Jon have joined them. Just general chit chat.

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3:25pm sabrina roro, sarah, and kenny are all in the bathroom area talking about the other house guest. they are all saying some nasty things sabrina at one point looks into the camera and tells janelle (jons girlfriend ) that jon got his yeast infection from sleeping with neda. sarah laughs and feeds shut..feeds keeps shutting on and off in the bathroom area im guessing do to the threats those 4 keep talking about to the other house guest.

back in the kitchen area adel,alison,alrie ,heather and neda seem to be eating lunch and general chit chat going on

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3:50pm alison, heather and neda talking about upcoming hohs and how many people are left in the house. they talk about jry and how they dont like kenny being in jury and people being upset in jury. jon joins them heather suggest if one of them put up kenny right away. jon interjects and say why give him a chance to play and to just backdoor kenny. jon says your not even putting them on life support... they are just dead.

feeds for bathroom crew still on hush

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4:00pm alison neda, jon and heather talking about roro and heather not liking each other. heather says that roro has been mean to her from the start she would talk over her and always tried to take the attention away from heather. neda mentions that they called heather the bride of chucky of the season. heather says that was so mean. heather says that if roro wins HOH im gonna loose it.

kitchen crew breaks up and alison ask them to go up to the bathroom with her. alison says that heather has a cute butt heather replies oh thanks. neda begins knocking the door for DR and feeds cut

feeds still cut for the bathroom crew.

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3:00PM BBT - Neda, Ally,Arlie, Heather and Jon in BR talking about Ika. They assume there will be dbl evictions/ instant evictions b/c there is only 1 month left and many still in the house. Arlie says he is worried about Kenny in the comps. Hopes it's something they can gang up on him and beat him. They all go down to KT to eat. Rachelle in BR by herself -talking to herself, just cursing out Heather.

3:15PM BBT- Sab and Rach at HT, Rach is pretty mad. Says if she doesn't win, she's going to hate herself. Sab says - so long as one of us win. Rach says good thing is they have kenny and he is strong, he can win things. She is cold but doesn't want to go in b/c she hates the ppl inside. Says she would self evict if she was left in house alone with them. Sab says they know she is a strong player. They complain about Alison, then decide to go to BR. Kenny, Sarah in WA. ken hopes Rach wins HOH cause it's probably going to be a dbl evict. Sab and Rach come in to WA and start gossiping about Neda being mad.

3:25PM BBT - In WA, Sar,Sab, Ra, Ken are complaining about Arlie. Sarah isn't happy there is 3 more days of this. She wants to yell at anyone who talks to her. They contemplate starting drama and calling people out for flipping. Kenny says Jon drank a shake when on slop, they want BB to review tapes and punish him. In KT, they clean after eating. Ali worries they are going to touch her stuff, say they should spit in the food cause Sab is being....sab. They wonder if you are allowed to mess with other ppl's stuff.

3:40PM BBT- Adel heads to HT. Ali says he is causing her stress. Arlie is called to DR, told to wear a hat. Ali, Heath, Neda, Jon in KT, they talk about the 1st 5. in WA, Sarah wonders if it's possible Canada will save her. They say yes, Sab says Canada sees they are the misfits now. Sab complains about sleeping in the lions den, wonders if she can sleep in HNR. Sarah tells her its good to be up there listening cause she'll still be in the house

3:50PM BBT- Neda, Heather, Ali in KT. They ask Ali what else they said about them. She repeats heathers voice and being stupid. In WA, they discuss if they win, who to put up - Jon and Arlie or Adel. Maybe neda. ken says Neda doesn't do anything in this game. They talk about Arlie or Jon to go. Jon #1, Arlie #2, Adel #3. She is bottom of the barrel b/c she does nothing. Sarah says don't let Alison stay til the end. Sarah warns them that they can only pick who goes up, don't have the numbers to decide who goes home. They have to explain this to Sab, who doesn't understand why they can't choose who to evict.

3:55PM BBT- Neda tells how Sarah pulled her aside before flipping the vote. Ali confirms sarah said she wants good relations with Neda cause they live in the same place. Neda says how many lies Sab has told, she's the reason everyone hated heather. Neda says Sab think she's so smart, being friendly with every1, but the things she has said - WOW. They wonder if Sarah knows about lies Sab has made up. Heather says Sab was trying to be too smart and cocky about it, she sucks at winning so - she messed up her own game. They want sab on slop. Heath says this is a shock b/c last years game was good, but this year is sooo personal

4:00PM BBT- They talk about Ali/Andrew showmance. Ali says she got distracted for sure. They assure her she is in a better spot now, made new alliances and friends. None of them want to be in Jury with Sab. They wonder how to get rid of kenny. Put him on block or go for the Backdoor. and Hope he doesn't play for veto. They wonder who would go on block if they had to put up own member. Jon comes in and adds that if kenny is on block, he definitely gets to play veto, then will likely win. Ali says she doesn't like backdoor move, it's almost disrespectful to not give them a chance to play for themselves. Jon would like to see him squirm, knowing there is nothing he can do. feed 3/4 in WA are down.

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4:13pm neda reading heather letter . neda says that ro's mom wrote in her letter about karma coming back to bite you and what if roro mom was hinting as sabrina and not heather because her moms watches how sabrina treats roro

alison comes out of the hoh bathrooma and says that you can hear them laughing. she says she hate confrontation, she can deal with it but she hates it. alison starts talking about how she thinks this week is double eviction . neda also said that she wants to win because she has an awesome speech. they are thinking that the first half is going to be physical and then endurance. heather says what if sarah goes home alison says not what if neda corrects and says when sarah goes home.

talk turns to alison saying that sarah was crying to her in the bathroom says that if she gets evicted to promise to have kenny back and alison says she said oh yea of course. neda says that sarah was asking why alison is up always insinuating that sarah should have been put up with kenny. alison says it makes sense because they thought they had arlie but since arlie is voting with you guys im safe . alison says she cant wait to see the veto comp she says they all were like sorry alison and wish i could vote for you. neda says she was trying to comfort alison much as she could without giving to much away.

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8:08pm BBT - Rachelle has been crying for around 10 minutes or so in room. Nobody else seems to be around her. Neda and Sabrina are chatting in the backyard. Rachelle looks very sad.

8:10pm BBT - 2 feeds are on Rachelle in room and the other 2 feeds are on Sabrina and Neda in the backyard.

8:11pm BBT - Neda asks Sabrina if the 3 week deal with Rachelle was bull or not. Sabrina says it wasn't. Sabrina says "I like you Neda. I am not saying bad things about you". Sabrina is wondering why other people are allowed to say things yet she is the one that is the bad guy. Neda said that Sabrina isn't the only one that Neda has called mean. Sabrina is saying she's sorry if anything she's said has hurt Neda. Sabrina says that she said mean things because it was for her alliance (First Five). Sabrina saying that Ika talking sh*t about Rachelle and that's why the girls turned on Ika.

8:14pm BBT - Neda says going forward she's not going to make personal decisions based on things she hears. Sabrina and Neda hug. Neda leaves and Sabrina sits by herself. Off Camera, Neda says "your turn" to Jon.

8:16pm BBT - Sabrina and Jon are now talking. Jon says "no bull sh*t?". Sabrina says "No". Sabrina says that the only people she is talking to is the 2 people she cared about outside her final 5: Neda and Jon. Sabrina said that she saw the divide in the house coming because Andrew told her things.

8:17pm BBT- Sabrina says she is very hurt that Jon thinks that she is mean and that it hurts her feelings. Sabrina said that she heard that Jon said that Sabrina was a Backstabbing b*tch that was going home. Jon says he doesn't remember saying that. Sabrina says that she doesn't want to sell out names and that everything she did was for her first five.

8:19pm BBT - Jon insists that he doesn't remember saying bad things about Sabrina. Sabrina saying that her heart was breaking because Jon was saying bad things. Sabrina saying that Neda, Jon and Rachelle are people she never wanted out and that's she's a super fan that wanted to make it to the end. Sabrina saying that she was broken hearted when she had to get Ika out. Saying that she didn't think that she would care about Ika or Rachelle. Sabrina saying that if she didn't get Ika out, that Ika would try to get Kenny and Andrew out and she had to protect them because they are in her First Five. Jon's not saying much, Sabrina doing all the talking.

8:22pm BBT - Sabrina saying she realized Jon wasn't lying when the thing with Gordo happened.

8:24pm BBT - Sabrina saying her first five alliance is pretty much out the window now anyways.

8:25pm BBT - Sabrina saying that Jon can believe her if he wants but she is not a manipulative person. Saying that it sucks that she protected people that weren't going to protect her in the end. Sabrina saying that she has a big heart and not to tell her she is a mean person. Jon saying that sarah played with her emotions as well and kept protecting Kenny. Jon saying that he loves Sarah and thinks that they will be the best of friends. Jon saying that he was planning on checking his emotions at the door because it is just the game. Job saying that he had no intention of breaking any promises to Sabrina. Sabrina saying it's clear as day now that everything she did was for her first five [she has said this multiple times to Jon and Neda.]

8:30pm BBT - Sabrina asked Jon if he hates her. he said "no do you hate me?". Sabrina says no. Sabrina says she thought Jon was a mastermind liar. Jon said he's not a mastermind but he was sitting in a good spot in the game. Sabrina says she wasn't being mean or vicious to people and once again says she did it for Andrew and Kenny. Sabrina saying she doesn't even want to watch the show after its all done. Jon and Sabrina hug. Both are walking towards the house. Sabrina and Jon saying that its Big Brother, what did they expect?

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9:30PM BBT- Houseguests are in kitchen preparing spaghetti dinner. Despite the emotional day, spirits seem high.

9:33PM BBT- Arlie has a ridiculously large amount of pasta in his bowl.

9:37PM BBT- The have-nots are sitting around kitchen island eating slop cookies, while the rest of the house sits at table eating their dinner. General chit-chat.

9:40PM BBT- Kenny is relaying the story of how he got his tattoos to Rachelle and Sarah. Sabrina leaves the table and joins the have nots in the kitchen. The mood is melancholy in the kitchen.

9:45PM BBT- At the table the new alliance of Heather, Allison, Arlie, Adel, Jon, and Nada seem relaxed and jovial. Discussing who they would choose to marry out of all the housemates.

9:56PM BBT- Dinner clean up has begun and Kenny, Sarah, and Sabrina head out to the backyard. They comment on the stressful day and Sabrina thinks something fun is coming up. Rachelle joins them.

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10:08PM BBT: First five out by the pool and Sloppy Seconds around the dining table. Sabrina is balling on Kenny's chest. Sarah was called to the DR a little while ago. General chatter going on inside. Heather gets up announcing she is going to go put pants on. Sabrina asks about Andrew and Kenny says he feels Andrew is very content with what is going on in his life right now and is not concerned about this one. Sabrina feels it is over and Kenny says that for the moment there is no bargaining to be done so they should just enjoy the next thee days. Sabrina says there are always twists. Talk inside now is about hair and what they have done to themselves. Rachelle saying it is hard to be nice and Kenny agrees but says there is no point to not being nice as it will just give them something to go upstairs and talk about.

10:15PM BBT: Clean up now underway again inside with Heather and Neda doing the work. Rachelle saying that they are going to win next week and one of them will go home. Sabrina says that they hug more. The HOH room door will not be open after they take possession. They will not know who is going up. Sabrina sayiing the comp will be physical but Rachelle says it has to be fast though. Kenny says it will be a scramble maybe a puzzle or put something together. Rachelle wonders if second one could be endurance since they just had a puzzle one. Rachelle says endurance is the one thing where you can give yourself a chance just by willing yourself to stay up there. Sabrina now also thinks the second one will be long (they anticipate the coming double eviction).

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10:19PM BBT: Sarah has rejoined the group now from the DR. She is speculating about what her husband thought as he watched the shows. Cleanup ongong inside with everyone pitching in a little. Sarah says they will put up Rachelle and Sabrina and hope that Kenny does not get picked for POV. He says they will try and back door him every single week and hopefully he can win POVs. Arlie and JOn in the bathroom talking about the differences between BB and Survivor then the chances that Kenny will play for POV or win it. they would both hate for Kenny to go into a streak. Arlie wants an endurance comp like hold the button and says he will be out there forever. If there is any type of ganging up he will clothesline Kenny in the throat. Jon would love a hockey comp. Arlie calls last night his coming out party and they both think they are in a great position. Arlie says he rode the middle just the right amount of time. Sarah asking Kenny that when he has his hands down his pants does he not then think that his hands have nuts on them and are dirty?? (Of course not he is a guy even if he is gay. DRG) Arlie and Jon still patting themselves on the back in the bathroom.

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10:26PM BBT: Guys are finished talking and head out. Sabrina talking about her family and then all the pets she had that died.Rachelle says she cries almost all the time because of how much she loves her mom. Sarah says she will not cry as much when she gets home. Allison working on the dishes still while Adel is cooking something maybe a slop waffle? General hysteria outside about nothing in particular. Jon lying on the green couch by the counter talking about food they have for tomorrow. Pool crew still cracking themselves up and Sabrina is now laugh/crying. Sabrina says that Kenny will have to deal with her for a week, Kenny says maybe three days as he will follow Sarah out and Rachelle yells at them saying that they are going to win.

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10:33PM BBT: Allison says she is so glad there are three Newfies there and Adel agrees and says there are also three Albertans still. Allison says Andrew was a Newfie too and the guys challenge that since he has not lived there for 12 years. Outside they are talking about when they have eaten as have nots and some got away with it because it was accidental and not intentional. Kenny saying there is not point in going over things again as they are not Debbie Downers but are not positive. Kenny joking about wanting some morphine so that he can go to sleep. Adel eating at the counter Allison and Jon on the green couch. Neda joking about hating two of them and will be evicting them both. Now she is confronting Jon about how he makes comments then when she retorts he calls her a dick. Allison now at the counter eating some dip Heather has prepared. Sabrina now recalling how the girls alliance was called the stupids because she always went and told Andrew things. Kenny says they are trying to figure out their new alliance name as Sarah rejoins the group with a mug in her hands. Jon now working on cleaning some of the pots and pans.

10:41PM BBT: Kenny says that whenever someone makes fun of you that you should embrace it and thereby take the power away from them. General chatter inside. Sarah lamenting that she forgot to get the rooster hat before the POV ceremony today as she had wanted to wear it on camera one more time before leaving. Adel announces that he has something they would not expect. . . his taxi license but he has never driven one in his life. You could rent cabs by the week or the month in Edmonton but he has not. Sarah wants to know why Kenny's stomach is getting flatter while hers is round. Sabrina talking about wanting to sleep in the HN room and Sarah tells her to grab her red blanket and put it on the floor. She says the worst that can happen is BB will tell her she can't sleep in there.

10:47PM BBT: Kenny and Sarah get up and head inside. General chatter still in the kitchen. In the bathroom Sarah is saying she has to go anyway since her highlights are screaming to be done. Kenny in there as they are doing there nightly ADLs. (So glad not much strategic happening tonight as it is not easy to monitor four feeds the NCAA finals and type at the same time. DRG)

10:57PM BBT: Sarah complaining about Sabrina and Kenny saying touche to them that they made a move, but he will physically stay in the game for a bit which will let him stay in strategically for longer. He says there is nothing he can do til he has the HOH key in his pocket. He says this game is crazy. Sabrina and Rachelle still outside by the pool talking scenarios and Sabrina is freaking out again and balling. Rachelle trying to calm her down and saying that they are going to win. Now they are talking about their summer travel plans as Sabrina keeps blubbering. She hates Arlie. Rachelle is called to the DR and Sabrina says no BB don't take her away from me. Then she tells Rachelle she better go or she will get in trouble. Sabrina saying over and over that she is not mean and they are so mean especially Arlie. Sarah and Kenny now entering HN room as Rachelle leaves Sabrina alone to continue her balling.

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10:58PM BBT: Kenny talking about his cabin again. Sabrina randomly says, Allison, how is she wearing Andrews shirt? Sarah remarks that it does irk her that they are so happy. Kenny says that if it was them they might not have been quite so happy. Kenny refuses to be a sore loser (that is what the alliance has Sabrina for. DRG) Kenny looking forward to seeing who will fold first on one another as the game progressed. Sarah says it is weird to every day want to go home and then suddenly it is so close. Kenny asks if she wished it wasn't. She says that now that she knows what is going on with Arlie she would not have made it to the end anyway. Sabrina up and heading towards the house but stops for a long look in a mirror/window. Sarah realizes that Arlie expected her to turn especially if they had gotten Kenny out. Sabrina back on a chair by the pool. Kenny and Sarah continue to do a review of there time in the house. Rachelle now comes skipping back to join Sabrina by the pool.

11:04PM BBT: Sabrina asks Rachelle what there name is again and Rachelle says, "Forsaken." Now Sabrina in tears again saying how this season is so mean and last season they were all so nice and nothing happened. Sabrina now worried about how she is being portrayed and wants to go out to the hot tub so no one in the house can see her. She is rattling off what she has been called and Rachelle says that she is mean in the DR session. They find a flood outside and decide to go in to shower instead. Rachelle says that they made best friends and what else could they hope for Rachelle says she never makes best friends and has like one. Kenny and Sarah still rehashing past events. (Nothing like unlimited time to play coulda woulda shoulda. DRG) Rachelle and Sabrina in the bathroom as Kenny now is saying he hopes that he is not being portrayed as a bully. If Jon and Arlie both said it they must have had some convos about it. Other HGs now appear on feeds 3 & 4 in the bed room lasing around chatting and laughing.

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11:10PM BBT: Arlie commenting again that yesterday was his coming out party and Jon says yep day 39 Arlie came out. Arlie saying he really stayed away from everyone the last seven or eight days ever since Kenny had a chat with him about looking suspicious since he was hanging out with the other side. Neda now talking about Sabrina and how she was trying to do damage control justifying everything she has done as just protecting the First Five. Neda says she was calling her out on everything she did that was not necessary and that Sabrina claimed that she made the First Five and was the mastermind. Now they are talking about trying to come up with individual names inside the alliance. Neda relating how Sabrina kept claiming that she was really a nice person and you will see when you go home and watch and Neda said she just kept saying nope. She started crying three times and when Neda did not respond she stopped instantly. Arlie says she can fake cry on demand. Kenny and Sarah still rehashing then speculating about what will happen next.

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11:17PM BBT: Kenny now saying that the sock puppets was a ploy by BB just to stir the pot. Neda saying that if Sabrina wins HOH she will put her and Jon on the block. Sarah telling Kenny how scary his stare is. Allison now taking her turn at Sabrina bashing. Adel now tellling again about the tweet he got about Sabrina that said, "Adel good job at seeing right through Sabrina," Neda repeats again what Sabrina said about just doing everything for her alliance. Sabrina has now entered the HN room wrapped in a towel. Kenny telling Sarah about his convo with Allison earlier. Heather now getting her turn to tell Sabrina horror stories.

11:24PM BBT: Heather really mad and Sabrina and calls her a fucking bitch. Neda says that Sabrina has moved on from Adel and does not mention him anymore other than to say what a good job she is doing being nice to him (fake, that is. DRG) Kenny says he hopes he goes out as a threat but a good guy. Neda says Sabrina is a hair and makeup person and goes to peoples houses. She is rich and goes lots of places (no her mother works for an airline and she was formerly a stewardess herself. DRG) (Audio is especially inconsistent tonight cutting out and rising and falling in volume randomly. DRG) Adel says his stomach is so full of Nutella. Someone says it is because he ate three and he says no two and burritos then he shat all over himself. Rachelle and Sabrina in the bathroom.

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11:30PM BBT: Neda saying that Sabrina is so self-centered that she thinks they are going after her next week. Arlie says how she thought she was going to be back doored all the time before. Sabrina and Rachelle now in HN room, Kenny is trying to get Sabrina to stop the dwelling by promising to be nice to her if she does. Sabrina now has another plan that they will use the feathers that come out of her pillow to do a cleansing circle and poor Anick had the right idea after all. (Thanks for the random volume boost on feed 1 BB. DRG) Neda asking why was it that the target was put on Heather by Sabrina and Arlie says that they just did not like her and talked shit about her. It was just real and not game. Arlie says that it was just mean and he hated it. Sabrina now telling the HN crew that she is a party person and is well liked. Arlie going on about how Sabrina was often such a mean bitch and Neda relating how Sabrina dragged Heather over to her when Neda wanted to be alone. Arlie says how she was saying the meanest things to Heather then saying that she was coming clean about having talked bad about her behind her back but now she is not being mean because she is coming clean. Arlie feels it was the worst convo he has heard in the house. Heather continues the bashing and says that she stopped caring about it. They agree that Sabrina thinks she was put on the block by Canada for being a master mind and not for all the mean things she has done. Arlie says she also made up lies in the group all the time.

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11:40PM BBT: Kenny and Sarah alone again. Arlie continues telling stories on Sabrina. (This is a lather rinse repeat marathon of mud slinging. DRG) Sarah now also Sabrina bashing to Kenny telling about how she always gets her feelings hurt. Neda calls her a psychopath. Kenny now telling Sarah that she was a positive for him but it turned into a negative because they were so close. Bedroom group still lobbying Canada to vote Sabrina as Canada's favorite.

11:46PM BBT: Sarah talking about how she was a big fan and also a fan of Amazing Race, Kenny says he has never seen any of the shows and is not a reality TV fan. Kenny wants to know why it is not Thursday and then remarks that he has to wake up and eat slop. Sarah makes the analogy that she is going out on slop with a slop pass to a Survivor castaway being voted off the island with an Immunity Idol in their pocket.

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