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Saturday, April 5 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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1: 12 AM BBT Sabrina, Allison and Rachelle are in the WA talking. Rachelle heads downstairs. Allison has a headache. Apparently there is no hot water. Allison is discouraged and feels she isn’t going to pull her key tomorrow. The only one in the house not to.

1:18 AM BBT Sabrina and Allison are counting jury members on Allison’s hand. Sabrina is whispering and hard to hear. Allison is saying play the game one day at a time. Sabrina thinks they have the numbers to keep Allison.

1:25 AM BBT The girls hear a noise in the Bathroom stall and go check it. The toilet paper is moving but they can’t feel any air. They are a little spooked and trying to figure it out. They are heading off to the BR and are greeted by blown up condoms at the door.

1: 34 AM BBT Allison and Sabrina are in bed now although Sabrina is fiddling with something. Her mic maybe? It looks like they could still be talking but there is no audio on either feed.

1:59 AM BBT All the HGs are asleep now. Good night!

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9:04Am BBT: Arlie, Jon. and Sara him the BA discussing that Jon gets yest infections ever so often, and that Kenny got on in his from a girl.

9:10AM BBT: Allison and Kenny in the KT. Allison says she wants to leave she just wants to get a key out. I really don't want to go against you. Kenny I don't want to either.

9:15Am BBT:Allison: I feel so defeated. Kenny: Well, at least we have veto.

9:19AM BBT: Heather, Neda, and Allison in the WA. Heather leaves and Alli says she is so pissed. Neda: I really don't think you are going to leave everyone wants Kenny gone. #9:22AM BBT: Heather is telling Ali that she is 99.8% sure she is staying. Heather: I talked to a lot of people and they all said they are going to keep you but I did not talk to mumzie

9:29AM BBT: Most HG's doing ADL. Not much chit chat. Seems as though Ali, and Kenny will be going.

9:35AM BBT: Jon, Adel and Sarah in the KT eating breakfst/slop thinking that next week will be a double and that soon will be jury. They are speculating that Canada may have seat on the jury.

#BBCAN2 9:41AM Ro and Sab. in the BR dressing dressed. Ro asks if Sarah is acting weird? Sab says yes.

9:43AMBBT: Jon and Neda in the BR. Neda: Ali is so pissed she feels like I lied to her. i am going to tell her that I didn't know she was going up until later last night. Jon: She i pissed at me to.

9:44AM BBT: BB announces"That the house will be off limits in 15 mins."

9:47 Arlie and Neda in Wa, Arlie ask Ro how much her hair extentions cost, because he wants some. He wishes sometimes he could snap his fingers and he would have his long hair back. 9:54AM BBT: Most all of the girls upstairs doing ADL's gettiing ready for the nom. ceremony. 9:59AM BBT: Neda and Ali in the BR. Ali discussing the votes she has to stay. [Come on wait until you at least get nom. before campaigning for votes]

10:12AM BBT: HG's are now making their way outdite. Not much chit chat happening right now.

10:17AM BBT: Can you keep a secret? We sure can't that"s why we get HoTH for the nom. ceremony or maybe someone is just talking production we won't know until the feeds come back up.

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11:40 AM BBT: Feeds are back. HGs given 15 minute warning to head inside. Allison and Kenny are on the block.

Kenny in the kitchen asks Sabrina if Jon will keep pretending to be a nice guy now. Kenny seems really unhappy with Jon.

Allison in the HoH with Heather. She tells her about the first five, outing that alliance. Heather thought Rachelle may have been in that alliance, but didnt know about Arlie being in it. Heather had no idea Arlie was in that alliance.

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12:08 PM BBT: Jon talking to Neda about the dream he had last night, that every HG got to go home for a break, weren't allowed to tell anyone anything before coming back to the house. Neda finds it interesting that he dreams of "home stuff". Jon and Neda flirting on the couch together. They talk about Jon's biggest fears: 1. Being on fire 2. Losing his family 3. Being evicted (jokingly). Jon says he is afraid of dieing but not being dead.

Feeds turn to Sabrina talking to Rachelle in the BR. Sabrina says she hates everyone now and that she just wants to make two more weeks before going home. They talk about who swaded Heather to make the noms. Sabrina feels she is going to be the replacement nominee if the PoV is used. Sabrina says if Kenny gets PoV, the house would probably want her out over Allison. She thinks that Kenny, Sarah and Alrie would vote her out. Rachelle tells Sabrina she is literally the only person she trusts. Sabrina starts freaking out : "Who cares about those other people, they are the worst people I have met in my life". Sabrina calls Neda a puppet. She says I came her to win 100,000, not make friends. Rachelle agrees that Sabrina is her only and best friend in the house.

12:20 PM BBT: Sabrina says she really wants to get Jon out. She says she would backdoor him. Sabrina says to Rachelle they have to win this week or both their games are done. Rachelle: "I Hate this place, I don't like anyone here." They then talk about what is best for their game. Jon, Neda, Adel enter the room. Sabrina tells him she has a really bad headache. She tells Jon that he is Jay Leno funny, being funny without having to try to be funny. Neda pops one of the condom balloons. Jon says jokingly: "Neda is practicing safe sex!!!".

Jon says I have a weird feeling its going to be an instant eviction then HoH right away next week. Sabrina says she feels like she might get backdoored. Neda tells her she won't be. They then talk about if being instantly evicted is better than being on the block for a week.

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12:30 PM BBT: Neda, Jon and Sabrina all agree that they really want to make jury now that they weren't one of the first five evicted. They just want a vote at the end at least. Sabrina says (muffled): I don't have anything against anyone in here (really?), I would just enjoy the jury house. Jon says I wouldn't change who I am to win $100,000. They then talk about Dan's funeral and how Dan lied throughout that season to get far in the game.

Jon says what If there is no jury and Canada justs picks the winner, Sabrina responds with an emphatic NOOOOO.

Adel asks Rachelle if she will change the noms if she wins veto, Rachelle says No. She also tells Adel that Sabrina probably would not change the noms if she wins it. Adel talks about what the PoV might be this week. He says he thinks it could be simliar to the challenge in season 1 where they had to shot pucks to break the HGs plates.

Adel, Jon, and Neda now talking alone in the BR. They talk about an earlier incident this season where Adel flicked off Andrew behind his back after Andrew asked Adel to do dishes. Kenny was in the corner and saw him doing it and told Andrew. Andrew then came to Adel yelling If you don't want to do the F*cking dishes, then don't eat my food. Adel then says he yelled back at him.

Neda says she doesn't know how Andrew thought this was his house.

12:42 PM BBT: Heather enters the room. Jon says she did a good job memorizing everything today. (for the Nomination ceremony). Conversation turns to if there may not be a PoV this week, and if it is an instant eviction. Heather says she wouldn't hate it if it was an instant eviction, but it would suck if she she wouldn't get her alcohol and a full week being HoH. Neda says she would love if Kenny had no chance to play for the veto. Jon agrees. Conversation turns to how Sabrina thinks she is the nicest one in the house and will get anything she wants. Jon says thats why everyone hates her so much.

Heather whispers to them about the first five alliance. Kenny, Arlie, Allision, Sarah and Sabrina are in the alliance but Rachelle is not. And that Allison is the only in it because of Andrew. Arlie enters the room. conversation ends.

Arlie says that they (First five alliance?) think that Rachelle got off the block because she made a deal with Heather to vote out Kenny. Arlie says that they have no idea that he was the one who did it (lots happening in a short period of time i tried to get as much as possible).

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12:02PM BBT Feeds back Allison and Kenny nominated.
12:14PM BBT Allison is in the HOH with Heather. Allison tells Heather about the first five alliance.
12:16PM BBT Adel has joined Heather and Allison in the HOH they discuss what the POV might be. Adel believes it is a comp that has to do with swimming. Adel tells them Sabrina will not win a single comp. Adel reassures Allison that she is coming off of the block once their side wins the POV.
12:18PM BBT Sabrina and Rachelle are in the BR. They are discussing why Heather didn't put up Kenny and Sarah. Sabrina tells Rachelle she is in a bad mood and all she wants is John out of the house. She says she will back door him if she won HOH next week.
12:25PM BBT John is now in the BR with Sabrina and Rachelle and he tells them he has a feeling it is going to be an instant eviction and then a new HOH
12:28PM BBT Neda has joined John, Sabrina and Rachelle in the BR they are all laying down. Neda and John keep telling Sabrina it is going to be an instant eviction. Neda tells Sabrina that she is not being backdoor'd.
12:30PM BBT Arlie, Kenny, Allison and Sarah are in the kitchen. Sarah is making a maple syrup sauce. Kenny tells them that if he doesn't win the POV he is going home 100%.
12:42PM BBT Sarha, Kenny, Arlie, Rachelle and Sabrina are all in the Kitchen. Sarah is making slop cookies
12:45PM BBT Heather is in the BR with John, Neda, Adel. Heather tells them all about the first 5 deal.
12:49PM BBT Arlie comes into the BR and tells, John, Adel, Neda and Heather the other side is convinced that Rachelle cut a deal to vote out Kenny so no one will know it is Arlie that votes him out.
12:53PM BBT Adel tell the BR crew (John, Heather, Neda) he can't wait to win HOH and put up Sabrina and rock her world.

1:15PM BBT Heather tells Neda in the BR she is considering taking out Sarah instead of Allison if Kenny wins the veto.
1:20PM BBT Heather tells Neda that Sarah will disrupt their alliance if she stays but she really wants Kenny to go. Neda says the perfect scenario would be Kenny going and her winning the next HOH comp.
1:28PM BBT Rachelle and Sarah in the HN discussing what is going to happen next week with regard to HOH comp they tell each other they have to win next week.
1:30PM BBT Adel tells Heather and Neda now that they know Rachelle is on the outs with the other side it might be better to put up Sabrina as the replacement nominee should Allison or Kenny win it.
1:45PM BBT Adel tells Neda, Heather and John in the BR that Sarah should go before Sabrina and then he says Allison should go first and Heather says Allison is way more swayable then Sarah.
1:45PM BBT Adel says if he wins HOH next week he is going to put up Allison and Sarah and boot Sarah out of the house. John says he'd love to cut Kenny's beard off when he is sleeping LOL.
1:50PM BBT Kenny complaining in the LR to Sarah, Allison, Rachelle, Sabrina and Arlie that the other side (Neda, Heather, Adel, John) always goes off in a group by themselves.
1:55PM BBT Looks like the BR crew are all asleep HG eyes are all shut.
1:56PM BBT We got hush hush screen on the BR for a couple seconds and when we come back it looks like the BR crew were told NO SLEEPING so Neda, John, Adel and Heather have their eye wide open. #bbpunishment

2:23PM BB Heather tells Neda that she is thinking it might be best to put up Sarah as a replacement. Neda thinks it is better to leave the noms the way they are as it could upset another HG.
2:30PM BBT Neda, John, Adel and Heather are discussing the best option for a replacement nominee. It seems that they've finally decided on putting up Sabrina.
2:31PM BBT Neda, John, Heather and Adel are tossing around possible alliance names; Canadian Comebacks, Nedas, Ballz, The Beavers, Canadian Jolly Whackers, The Canadian Loonies lots of names being tossed around.
2:45PM BBT All cams on Hush Hush
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3:06PM BBT Feeds are still on Hush Hush maybe picking POV players?

3:46PM BBT All HG appear to be in the kitchen Kenny and John have a lot of tension.

3:48PM BBT John and Heather are in the HOH and Heather confirms that the replacement nominee will be Sarah.
4:00PM BBT Sarah tells Sabrina and Rachelle that she is okay with going up as a replacement even if she goes home she said Kenny needs to stay
4:02PM BBT confirmed the POV players are Heather, Allison, Kenny, Arlie, Kenny and Rachelle
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We have a gap in the BB coverage from 5-8:00PM. If you haven't registered to post, just go here to register, you'll be asked for an invitation code, use the number: 8298572 You'll need to reply to the conformation email, and that's it.

Just post your observations from the live feeds, and you'll get my appreciation, and the title "Live Feed Updater" which will impress your friends.


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6:42PM BBT: Rachelle pulls down her shorts and sits on the toilet with the door open, all while talking to Sabrina.

6:45PM BBT: sabrina and rachelle both say they are going to throw POV today. They want

allison to stay and kenny to go. both saying they hate sarah.

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7:00PM BBT: cam 1 and 2 on hush screen, 3 and 4 have Arlie, Sarah, and Kenny talking about tv shows on green couches.

7:02PM BBT a few mins ago Kenny said "so it's saturday and i can't eat until thursday" and is sad about it. Just now in HOH Heather is talking to Adel saying she overheard Kenny say "I can't wait until Thursday" (when he really said eat) and they are now saying he thinks he's staying.

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8:00PM BBT: Alison, Jon and Neda are in the BR talking about the POV competitions. Alison almost slips that she saw the divergent comp but covered up by saying she saw the clip of Sarah in the pool. Alison is warming up to Neda. Heather told Alison "You will see, it'll be fine." And Alison doesn't know why Heather said that. They are trying to figure it out. (I think it is because Heather thinks Alison will win the POV) They wonder if Heather is working with Ken and Sarah or just Sarah. Jon says they are one in the same.

8:10PM BBT: Alison and Jon agree that the POV picks were the worst possible scenario for her to come off the block. Sabrina comes in and is complaining about her head "Literally" exploding. They are waiting for the POV comp to start. Alison says she is sleepy. Rachelle comes into the BR. Adel is on his bed, Jon and Neda left the room.

8:15PMBBT: Rachelle, Sabrina and Alison are talking in the BR. Small talk really, just their eyebrows. Alison is self conscious about her eyebrows. Feeds 3 and 4 are HotH.

8:18PMBBT: Adel and Jon are in the BR talking about Sarah. Adel "Mumsy is leaving with her card. She is leaving on slop." They talk about the numbers for votes. The other side doesn't have the votes. Jon says this is exciting. Adel says Alison is an amazon the rest of them suck.

8:20PMBBT: Heather walks into the LR. (Funny how no one groans at her this week!) Sabrina asks her how nice it is to have her own room. Heather says she is glad she has music back. They are debating how long their lock down has been. They feel it is "the longest wait ever" they all complain that they are tired. Sarah is now in the LR as well. Jon hopes the costume for hosting the comp is cool and not a chicken suit.

8:24PMBBT: All 4 feeds are HotH!

8:30PMBBT: HotH! Has the veto comp started? Did they put Jon in a sweaty costume? Is the secret veto in play? You will know as soon as we do! We are here all night!

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