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Friday, April 4 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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11:49 PM BBT We remain on FoTH at this time.

11:55 PM BBT All four feeds remain on FoTH at this time.

12:03 AM BBT Everyone is on the couch talking Sarah, Rachelle and Kenny are HNs for the week. Arlie suggests sleeping arrangements and Sarah tells him all of his ideas have been horrible thus far. Everyone laughs.

12:05 AM Arlie tells Kenny to weight himself tonight so he can watch the pounds melt away. Kenny says he'll wait for the morning, he just ate a big meal. BB calls out someone for singing and Jon laughs says it was me. Kenny laughs saying they all hear him singing. He doesn't have to admit it. Talk turns to Jon masturbating the HNR room. They wonder where he put "it". Jon says a sock and one of the girls squeals out (Sabrina). Kenny says everyone will have to stay on top of him because he may eat accidentally.

12:09 AM BBT It sounds like Kenny volunteered to be on slop? The HGs laugh as they say Sabrina was miserable when she volunteered for slop.

12:12 AM BBT Adel, Kenny, and Sabrina gather in the KT. Kenny asks if he can have tea. They say yes. You can have any tea. Up in the HoH Jon and Arlie are chatting. Arlie can't believe Mumsy (Sarah) gave up her pass (slop pass)? Arlie says it was really dumb. Audio cutting in and out. Arlie and Jon feel they have the strength on their side. Arlie begins listening to the iPod.

12:18 AM BBT Arlie is jamming out to the music. Down in the LR our HNs decide to go make their beds. Kenny wants Adel's sheets. None of them wants Jon's yeast sheets. Meanwhile upstairs in the BR Jon and Neda are talking. Neda doesn't think Arlie and Heather want Allison out. Jon says Arlie already told her that he does. Neda doesn't think Arlie will wait to turn on them. Sure he wants Heather, Sarah, Kenny and Allison out but he'll still turn. Kenny doesn't think so. Neda says Arlie is very awkward. She wonders if he let anything slip about his life. Kenny says no. Neda says Arlie clearly threw the comp today. He has the best memory. She says he should've made it more believable.

12:25 AM BBT Neda says she threw the comp today because she expects the next one to be an instant eviction? Adel comes in. They can't believe Heather didn't put Sabrina on slop. They think Kenny would have went crazy with Rachelle and Sabrina on slop. Up in the WA Neda and Adel are doing ADLs. Down in the KT Allison, Rachelle, Kenny, Sarah and Sabrina are whispering. Jon is heading to bed.

12:40 AM BBT Jon wonders why Sabrina is coming after him. Sarah says because Sabrina is holding him responsible for Andrew going home. Jon says he is. Sarah says she feels she's getting screwed by the other side. Andrew was the target this week and Sabrina would be the next target. Jon says he has no influence over Heather. Sarah tells him he is full of it and he does and he knows it. Sarah says Arlie is lying to them. He asks why. Awkward silence ensues. Sarah says she feels like she's being ****ed. Sarah goes into HoH and talks to Arlie.

12:46 AM BBT Sarah asks Arlie if he'd protect Kenny. Arlie says no because the other side of the house wants Kenny gone. Sarah says Jon lied to her then. Arlie says he is because he's never said that. Sarah really doesn't trust Jon any more. Sarah grills Arlie asking why he can't try to protect Kenny by voting to protect him and blaming it on a stray vote on the other side. Arlie says the other side wants Kenny out that bad they won't crack. Heather and Rachelle hang out upstairs briefly alone and make ammends. Heather says she is a strategic player and doesn't take thing personally.

12:54 PM BBT Sarah cries in the HoH while talking to Arlie. Kenny is the one person she wants. Both of them hate this part of the game. Arlie gets where Sarah is coming from. He can put himself in her shoes. Sabrina comes into HoH and asks if everything is ok. She says Sarah looks super pissed. Sarah asks for a few minutes. She walks back out and Sarah grumbles saying she can't have five minutes alone. In the BR Heather is telling everyone she's going to talk to everyone tomorrow and find out what they want to do. Heather says Sabrina pulled her off to the side and asked where her head was at (Sabrina is telling everyone that Heather pulled her off to the side and asked what was on her mind).

12:58 AM BBT Sabrina sticks her head in the BR and Heather greets her. Sabrina motions to Kenny to come outside and talk to her and they all laugh saying that was obvious. Kenny walks into HoH and Sarah starts grumbling saying Sabrina told him that she's pissed. Sarah wants something for her migraine. She's tired of coddling her. Sabrina comes in and says she knows Sarah is pissed at her. Sarah says she's not pissed. Sarah says she has a headache. Sabrina knows everyone thinks she is annoying. Sabrina walks out.

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1:07 AM BBT

Sabrina and Rachelle leave the HOH. Heather goes to grab more stuff. Allison and Arlie are still in the HOH. Jon and Neda are in the BR with no audio. Kenny just went into the DR. Arlie is saying goodnight to Heather.

1:15 AM BBT

Heather tells Jon and Neda (audio is back) that Sabrina was sitting in the corner outside the room and is trying to listen to them. Back downstairs Arlie, Sabrina and Rachelle are talking. Sabrina is still upset. Arlie is trying to calm her down. Sabrina is saying she caught Sarah and Arlie talking together, Sarah asked her to leave at one point and Kenny is defensive of Sarah.

1:22 AM BBT

Rachelle is saying that Heather said that she isn’t her target but didn’t say anything about being a pawn. Sabrina thinks it’ll be Allison and Rachelle that goes up and backdoor Kenny.

1:33 AM BBT

Neda and Sarah are talking on the balcony but there is no audio!!! Arlie is now in the HN room with Kenny. Kenny thinks they’ll try to back door him.

1:38 AM BBT

Allison and Heather are talking in the HOH. Heather says Allison isn’t a threat to her at this minute and is not going up.


Now Allison and Heather are talking nail polish and glitter. In the HN room Arlie, Kenny and Sarah are talking but no audio!!! (BB you’re killing me!) In the WA Sabrina, Rachelle and Jon are talking. Jon leaves. Rachelle is trying to talk Sabrina into going to sleep. Oh, Rachelle is a HN and will be separate from Sabrina. (Interesting).

1: 52 AM BBT

In the HOH Heather, Allison and now Sabrina are trying to figure out how many weeks are left. They are trying to decide what will be thrown in. 2 doubles and an instant? 76 Days is what they figure. There may not be an instant. Or 1 double and an instant. Will someone come back.

1:59 AM BBT Heather is so glad her boyfriend is still around. Him saying I love you and miss you is just amazing. Now they are showing Jon outside the BR listening. Adel is yelling Jon, if you can find her in this room I’ll give you anything. Neda gives up and Jon comes in. Neda was going to get Jon wet and it didn’t work.

2:04 AM BBT The HNs are talking about the comp. Rachelle couldn’t push the buzzer because Sarah thinks others were pushing it constantly from the start of the question. Sarah’s migraine is starting to back off.

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2:12 AM BBT Neda, Jon and Adel are going to sleep. Lights are still on in the BR. Arlie is wondering downstairs with no audio. Allison and Sabrina are by the pool with, again no audio.

2:18 AM BBT And we have audio by the pool with Sabrina and Allison. Sabrina is rehashing Andrew campaigning against her hardcore, Sarah being upset about possibly going on the block and how Sabrina just lived through that. Allison is telling Sabrina about the night Jon told Andrew he and Neda would vote for Andrew to stay.

2:34 AM BBT Sabrina and Allison are still by the pool. Heather had said to Sabrina that she would not go up as a pawn or a target.

2:45 AM BBT Sabrina wants Allison to go to heather and make sure Kenny and Rachelle don’t go up together because they worked it out and Sabrina would be the tie vote.

2:56 AM BBT They are still counting votes and scenarios. The paranoia is running full speed ahead. Sabrina asks Allison to say to Heather if you want your target out it’s best not to put Rachelle up against them.

12:06 AM BBT The paranoia may never stop but I must log off. Good night Canada!

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9:03 AM BBT: Feeds are on the have-not and HOH everyone is sleeping.

9:15AM BBT: HG's are up! Kenny is making coffee.

9:27AM BBT: Allison and Sab are in the BR pitting themselves. They say they don't want to leave the room today.

9:30AM BBT: Kenny, Sarah, and Arlie in the KT talking aobut slop. Kenny is having a very hard time getting the slop down. Sarah gets up to make him another bowl the way she likes it. #9:33Am BBT: Sarah has a very bad headache. She is having a very hard time this morning. Sarah gave Kenny the bowl of slop she made and he says it is better. They are going to make slop cookies soon.

9:40AM BBT: Ro, Neda, and Sab in the WA. Ro feels like she is going to go up but not go home. They are thinking something may happen today because it was weird that Heather got her HOH room last night.

9:45AM BBT: Kenny and Allison in the KT talking about what the numbers on the screen could mean. House is very quite right now. The feeds are only showing rooms with only 1 or 2 HG in it. Kenny announce he got the bowl of slop down and now he feels sick.

9:52AM BBT: Neda, Ro, and Sab in the BR talking about the votes she could get to stay. [seems like a strange convo because they don't know if she is even going up and or who the other person even is going to be.]

9:57AM BBT: Arlie and Ro in the LR. Ro says it's gonna be me and Kenny going up. Arlie says 100% percent you guys are going up.

10:02AmBBT: Kenny and Sab in the BY. Sab says she is a dead man walking. You have to talk to Heather and do something to stay off the block. Kenny I will but you need to be prepared that it's a 90% chance I am going up. Sab: My stomach is hurting so much right now. Kenny: Just relax noms haven't even happened yet.

10:09AM BBT: Kenny and Heather in the HOH. Kenny asks where her head is out. She asks what he is thinking. He said I think me going wouldn't be the best move for you right now because I saved you when you were on the block. I can give you a deal that I will give you safety for a week. Heather asked who do you think should go up. Kenny throws out Jon because he has lied to him in the past, and Allison because we don't know why she came into the game last and I see her talking to everyone and we just don't know what she is up to. He also tells her that in the next HOH there will be more people on their side to fight for it than there is on the other. Kenny says will you at least tell me if I am going up so I don't cry and look like a pussy.

10:23AM BBT: Neda and heather in the HOH WA, Heather is telling her that Kenny threw Jon under the bus and told her that Jon has been lieing to everyone. Neda: Poor guy (Jon) hasn't lied to anyone. Heather: I am going to talk to everyone today.

10:33AM BBT: Ro is in the HOH room talking to Heather saying she feels like she is going to go up as a pawn. Heather says I wouldn't worry about it right now because I haven't talked to anyone yet.

10:36AM BBT: Heather is telling Ro that it is hard to make a decision right now because I have been outcasted so much in this game.

10:41AM BBT: Heather and Jon in the HOH. Heather is telling him that Kenny threw him under the bus about he has lied to him. He was so mean to you Jon. Jon: that is so fucked up and mind blowing. Adel then joins and Jon fills him in on what Kenny says. Heather said Kenny is going up. Adel asks what about putting up Allison? Heather says no. She also tells them that Ro threw Sarah under the bus saying if you want a pawn. Jon you know what is great it that none of them have a clue about Arlie. Neda joins and Heather and says Ro threw Sarah under that bus. Yeah I know I told her to so you could tell Sarah she was talking shit. 10:52AM BBT: Adel this in going to be a great week. Adel: Sarah, Kenny, and Allison are a dream. Neda: I wonder if it would be better to put Allison and Kenny on the block instead of Ro and Kenny. Neda: My biggest fear is Kenny and Allison are still left the game and we are back to square one. I think if Kenny left that we could pull Sarah with us.

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We have a gap in the BB coverage from 12 Noon to 5:00PM. If you haven't registered to post, just go here to register, you'll be asked for an invitation code, use the number: 8298572 You'll need to reply to the conformation email, and that's it.

Every line of text you type is appreciated. My situation is not conducive to covering the live stuff, I try to listen and remember what happened to write later, so even if you're just posting notes for me, that's great.


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12:36 PM BBT: Allison and Neda are still in the hot tub. Everyone else is by the pool. Allison complaining about Jon not talking to her and how she was hearing information coming from other people that Jon's talking smack behind everyones back. That Jon had come to her and Andrew and that Andrew was having a hard time believing Jon. Neda is defending Jon.

12:45 PM BBT: Sarah going on and on again about Kenny and Rachelle farting, everyone got quiet and screens have gone to Hush.

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12:48PM BBT: Feeds are back, Pool area is all quiet, everyone snoozing. Allison and Neda are still in the hot tub, Neda had to get something on her mic replaced. Allison saying she's quite comfortable around Neda. Neda says she an have normal conversations with Allison. Talking about the HOH comp, that Kenny knew all the answers and if he'd stayed up he'd have won.

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12:52 PM BBT: Sarah and Sabrina whispering and Rachelle sitting with them listening and not really saying much. Sarah believes they are going to put her and Kenny up. Sabrina agrees with her. Sarah is saying if she goes up with Kenny and wins POV she'd use it to save Kenny that he should stay. She'd sacrifice herself. Sabrina says she was going to ask Heather to put her up against Kenny instead of Rachelle.

Sarah doesn't think Allison is as loyal to them as they think. Sarah telling Sabrina that she's her strength and if it was Sabrina and Kenny on the block Sarah'd keep Sabrina. Sabrina tells Sarah she understands the relationship Sarah has with Kenny is different than theirs.

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1:00PM BBT: Back at the hot tub, Allison thinks Heather and "Momzie" have some kind of secret alliance between them. Saying that Heather is not a "Dumb Ass" she's not stupid. Allison says if she were Jon she'd keep Kenny in, that there's a benefit to keeping bigger threats in the game.

Neda telling Allison "Just because we don't talk game all the time, doesn't mean I don't trust you" Also asking Allison not to tell Jon.

Jon just cam to check that they were ok, told them everyone else is asleep and they're still locked out. He's gone back in to the backyard.

Now they're talking about and comparing hang nails and how they chew their fingers not their nails.

1:05 PM BBT: Sarah thinks this week will be a double eviction and Sabrina says that's scary shit.

Jon's laying with Sab, Sarah and Rachelle now. Sarah saying that if you don't trust someone, you should take them out. Go with your gut not your heart, that she knows what were certain lies she's heard with her own ears... Actions speak louder than words [a lot of cliche's being thrown out there]

Sabrina saying how difficult the house is and how she's paranoid, people hiding in corners. Sarah saying she hates 90% of the people in the house.

Sarah saying ego's and emotions take over and decisions are being made on those and not game play.

They're wishing they'd brought warmer clothes out for after the hot tub, since they're locked out and can't change.

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1:11 PM BBT: Jon asking how long they've been locked out, Sabrina is having a hard time understanding him as he's face down on the fake grass. Sabrina believes they've been out there about 40 minutes.

Allison and Neda finally out of the hot tub joining the others.

Jon has put the exercise ball under Sarah's legs and he is laying on the ball (looks like he's humping the ball) Sarah's foot slipped and she almost bagged Jon.

Now he's trying to stand on the exercise ball and balance with Sarah, Allison, Rachelle and Sabrina watching telling him he's going to break the ball.

BB tells Neda to put her microphone on. Can see Heather, Adel and Neda sleeping by the pool. Can't see or hear Kenny anywhere (guessing he's asleep in the pool area off camera)

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1:23 PM BBT: Sabrina telling Allison that she'd basically told Sarah this morning that if it was Kenny and Rachelle she'd have a hard time. Sarah's 99% sure it'll be Kenny going home this week. Sarah doesn't want them to put Kenny and Ro up she'd rather them put Kenny and herself up. Than that way it would be easier for Sab. That if she goes home at least she's going home to her kids, she doesn't want to end up in Jury and being away from her kids any longer.

Sarah thinks the next challenge will be in Jon's favor as the challenges up to now have been geared towards the girls. Sarah's now crying saying she wants to go home, that she'll sacrifice herself. That she'll go on a rampage and say stuff about Sabrina to piss her off so she'll vote her out.

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2:45 PM BBT: HGs given 15 minutes warning to pack their bags. HGs are scrambling around to pack their stuff up. (They think they are leaving the house? Possible instant eviction? Hiding the secret PoV.. Rumors that Rachelle ate candy in Heather's HoH while she is a have-not, possible punishment? ...lots of possibilities. Looks like hiding the secret PoV is most likely reason.) Feeds go FoTH.

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2:35PM sarah and kenny in the have not room talking kenny explaining that he has been with sabrina since day one and that all she talks about is him and sarah . kenny points out to sabrina that she had gordo and rachelle and since they all were close him and sarah became close and now that gordo is gone its all of a sudden like kenny doesn't like sabrina. sabrina then switches to talk about what jon has been telling sabrina and kenny either denies saying it or confirms it. they start talking about how sabrina can trust allison and that she is the new andrew.

they double back on jon lies and kenny mentions to sabrina that she made a deal with jon that they would team up and it would be sabrina rachelle neda and jon and get the first five out. sabrina wants to call him out and kenny says no cause all he is going to do is deny all of it. kenny tell sabrina that jon was the one who told andrew that if he can get the votes that he would vote out sabrina. sabrina says i know andrew told me . sabrina is saying how jon swore on his whole family that he never would backstab sabrina and that he never would throw her under the bus.

sabrina is telly kenny that she told sarah that it would be hard to keep kenny over rachelle since rachelle will have her back no matter what.

feeds on hush

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3:40 PM BBT: HGs making sock puppets of one another in the dining room. Arlie complains that Kenny's beard is way too long. Arlie jokes with the puppet he made of Kenny saying "I'm so good looking" with it. Sabrina complains she cannot finish hers since there is no black or blue felt. Feeds again go hush.

3:46 PM BBT: Feeds back again. Jon and Neda, Heather and Rachelle, Sarah and Sabrina, Adel and Allison, Kenny and Arlie are making each other's sock puppets. HGs getting frustrated, asking for more time to make them.

3:50 PM BBT: Feeds again go hush.

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4:15 PM BBT: HGs continue to joke around with their sock puppets. Lots of goofy stuff. (Rumor on social media that Anick may be coming back into the house. Also rumored that these puppets could be used as a group therapy for the HGs by Anick as punishment for Rachelle eating when she was a have-not)

4:20 PM BBT HGs mocking each other with the sock puppets. Adel in a very high pitched voice with sock puppet:"My name is Allison and I am so stupid, I'm not making it far in the game" HGs walking about outside mocking each other with the puppets, HGs really having a great deal of fun with these puppets, lots of talking over each other. (It's getting annoying quick lol).

4:25 PM BBT: HGs do a "group hug" with the puppets outside. HGs. HGs all sitting together outside, continuing making fun of each other with the puppets. Sarah mocks with Sabrina's puppet: "I told you this was a twist". Most of the HGs talking in the voices of their sock puppet and continue joking about each other.

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4:18PMBBT: The HG are playing with their sock puppets at the counter in the kitchen. They are imitating each other's voices. Rachelle looks annoyed but is called to the DR. Adel is imitating Alison. Sarah imitating Sabrina. Sabrina is imitating Sarah. Kenny imitating Arlie. Arlie imitating Kenny. They all go outside to "work out like Kenny!" It's entertaining and kind of creepy all at the same time.

4:25PMBBT: Everyone is in the BY. Puppet voices have taken over! They are all yelling, laughing, squealing.

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4:30PMBBT: Adel as Alison says "But I am stupid." when talking about ghost stories and they all go kind of quiet then Alison as Adel says "Wallah Bro!" And Adel as Alison says "That Adel is a prick!" and they laugh again. Adel is having way too much fun doing this. It is funny though. Kenny is yelling like Arlie does and his sock puppet is naked. They are one lining each other and it is funny but this will probably hit a few nerves with all of them and will come back to haunt them later in the game.

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4:40PMBBT: Heather has been pretty quiet. Rachelle has been laying it on thick imitating Heather. The other HG continue back and forth with each other. Zingers and one liners. Adel is still the most vocal as Alison. Sarah is being very quiet as Sabrina as well. Sarah heads inside. She is now making fun of Sabrina says "I am the best cook in the world." Rachelle says "Rachelle, you put me on slop 2 weeks in a row." Sarah says "I am amazing and I am the best, no one can make slop pancakes like I do!" Sabrina is still in the BY.

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4:59PMBBT: The ock puppets continue in the house. Sabrina heads to the WA where Rachelle is. Rachelle is talking as Heather still and insulting Heather. It is now confusing. Sabrina is trying to find out what Rachelle said to Adel. Sabrina is talking to Rachelle but saying "Heather". Sabrina says she made a promise and said something to Kenny to see what is going on and sounds like it was a trap maybe? Heather as Rachelle asks if she can eat some treats.

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5:15PM BBT: Allison, Adel, Jon, Heather, Sarah, Neda and Kenny are hanging out in the kitchen with their sock puppets. They talk about wanting alcohol.

5:20PM BBT: Sabrina and Rachelle are in the washroom. Sabrina, talking through her hand puppet, that she has done everything for Rachelle, and how she wont see it until she goes home and watches the tapes. Sabrina starts crying. She says she can not do this. Sabrina says she doesn't care, everyone in this house hates her. Sabrina says she cannot do this puppet talk. Sabrina says she'd like to see her kids before jury.

5:25PM BBT: Sabrina says that she trusts Rachelle, and is scared Rachelle will f*** her over. Sabrina hopes Rachelle sees this moment as a friend moment. Sabrina says she was 100% honest with everyone in the game today, because she didn't know what to do anymore.

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5:30PM BBT: Down in the kitchen, Allison, Neda, Sarah, Arlie and Kenny are hanging out. Kenny's puppet asks Sarah (who is wearing Sabrina's puppet) what she is doing. Sarah (as Sabrina's puppet) says that she is cooking and being fabulous. Sabrina heads downstairs and sits in the kitchen, saying she hates this. Kenny agrees. Feeds 3/4 are on the HushHush screen.

5:35PM BBT: Adel is up in the HoH room listening to music. Heather is sitting alone beside the upstairs railing looking down at the first floor. Rachelle joins her and asks why she's up here alone. Heather says she's bored. They head into the HoH room, and Rachelle tells Heather that she will go home if she's put up on the block. She's letting her know that that is what will happen. Adel is also in the HoH room dancing and listening to music.

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