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Thursday, April 3 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:13 AM BBT

It looks like Adel and Jon are asleep in the HN room. Neda and Sabrina just went into the BR. There doesn’t seem to be audio right now. Other HGs are in the bedroom as the lights dim. I can tell Allison and Andrew are there, not sure who else.

12:59 AM BBT

All the HGs are tucked in and asleep for the night. Good night!

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8:59AM BBT: Most HG's still sleeping except Adel who is up doing ADL's.

9:21AM BBT: HG's are up and getting ready for a big day! Kenny and Jon in the pantry. Jon: Having Kenny here scares the f*** out of me. I want it to be like day 3 just you and me. Jon: You gotta start doing something to prove it to me. Jon: I know it isn't gonna be like it was immediately but I am gonna do whatever I can to prove it to you. We bring Sarah and Neda into the mix, Sarah doesn't go after me and Neda doesn't go after you. Kenny gives a couple of nodes and okay's. Jon: It's something to think about.

9:29AM BBT: Arlie, Ro, Sarah, and Neda in the WA general chit chat about everyone's weight. 9:31AM BBT: Jon just came into the WA and says you guys should of seen it it was so funny. I was in the BR in the bed and Neda acted liked she was gonna hit me and I told her go ahead and get evicted and she did and she was immediately got called to the DR.

9:34AM BBT: For those wondering Jon's weight today is 216.6

9:37AM BBT: Allison, Sab, Arlie, Adel, Andrew, and RO in the Wa doing ADL's, general chit chat.

9:46AM BBT: Adel and Jon inthe KT fixing slop. Jon says in 12 hours we can eat! I have already laid out steaks they are gonna get well done and nobody gonna complain about it. Adel agrees and complains about how he puts up a lot of dishes and they couldn't even put up this one.

9:51AM BBT: Only two feeds up with both on Jon and Heather in the KT getting breakfast. General chit chat.

9:58AM BBT: Adel has now joined Jon and Heather in the KT discussing if they know the mugshot pics., what all they are going to eat after they get off slop, each of their weights, how much they have lost or gained.

10:02AM BBT: Still only 2 feeds up. Jon mentions his penis feels great today. It is back to a normal penis. Adel tells him that is good. HG's are mostly upstairs where I can not see. Not much talk going on downstairs.

10:05AM BBT: Ro and Jon in the couch talking about what Jon is going to wear today. Jon says he is going to let Neda dress him. Neda says you are a new man. Jon says I know now that I know I can pull off a new style....Ro: Janelle is gonna have so much fun shopping for you.

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10:10AM BBT: Jon and Heather are talking about Jon's dreams and how he dreams Janelle breaks up with him. Heather says that is just what you are scared of that's all. Adel joins them and they are discussing how everyone at home is cheering them on.

10:15AM BBT: Adel I guarantee our season will smoke last season and at least the next to seasons. Heather leaves and Adel says when I win HOH Kenny is gone. The mugshot pics. come back and Heather, Adel, and Jon quietly study them until Andrew come in and yells to everyone that the pics have come back up.

10:21AM BBT: Not much talking just a few words here and there while everyone it intensely studies.

10:31AM BBT: Mugshot pics. are now gone and most HG's have gone back to doing ADL's. 10:38AM BBT: Heather goes out to check the weather and yells to Adel it is sunny just not warm. Adel decides to join her and they are now studying.

10:43AM BBT: Jon, Andrew, Arlie, Sab, and Allison in the WA general discussion about how Jon is going to make love to food, who wore pj's to school, what everyone is going to wear today.

10:56AM BBT: Sarah and Jon in the KT. Sarah telling Jon how she is not good at studying things anymore since she has been out of school so long. Sarah and Adel decide to go outside and get some sun. Sarah says it is so nice outside. Sarah is telling him that she doesn't want to keep Andrew anymore it is just this game messes with your mind. Adel to win this game you have to get the strong players out of the game. Sarah: He (Andrew) doesn't know how to play this game he makes bad deals and he can't rely on winning every HOH.

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10:45 AM BBT: HGs in the bathroom preparing for tonight's live eviction. Nothing much interesting happening, just general talk about preparing for tonight. Arlie is talking with Heather in the Bedroom about how many HGs changed their hair from their original pictures, had earrings in their original pictures.. etc (Assuming it is for the HoH challenge tonight)

10:55 AM BBT Sarah talking to Jon about who would be good in a memory challenge tonight. Sarah tells Jon his memory should be better since he is younger. They both agree that Kenny and Heather would be good and also Sabrina and Allison . Sarah heads outside for fresh air. She talks to herself:" My Boys, my boys (Jon,Kenny) do not fight one another, keep me safe do not make me choice between you, because Jon I would choose Kenny, and that would break my heart."

11:05 AM BBT: HGs get 15 minutes warning to leave outdoor area. Adel and Sarah outside. Sarah tells Adel he feels that he is gonna fuck over Kenny with his power. Adel says he hopes he won't have to use it, and that he will get his prize for not using. They then talk about how everything has had a catch this season, and they go into all the twists that happened this season.

11:10 AM BBT: Andrew, Arlie Rachelle, Sabrina, Adel and Sarah now outside. Talk turns to how cold it is outside. Sarah asks Andrew if he is getting anxious about what to come. He responds no, he is just impatient now he was anxious 3 days ago. Sarah asks about if he is ready for Arisa's questions or the After Show. Andrew says he is anxious about what she'll ask him or if she'll light him up. Sarah says he hasn't done anything to make anyone angry. Sarah says the only people that get lit up are the people who are obviously racist or discriminative. Andrew then jokes about if Arisa will ask him about how he picks his nose all the time. Andrew says he would tell Arisa let's she how many times you pick your nose when the camera is on you 24/7. (Andrew seems to have accepted his fate that he will be evicted tonight).

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11:05AM BBT: BB announce " HG's this is your 15 min. warning the BY will be off limits in 15 min."

11:05AM BBT: Adel is telling Sarah if he doesn't use his card he gets a prize and he doesn't want to f*** up her game. Sarah: I feel like you may use it against Kenny. He tells her he really wants the prize and hope no one makes him use it. They then go on to discuss all the twists they think Canada is voting on. They think Canada is voting on the mugs with pics.on them and also that Canada is voting on something to do with pillows and blankets.

11:11AM BBT: Sarah asks Andrew are you nervous for tonight. Andrew: no I am worried if Arisa is going to rip me apart. Adel says I don't think she will but I think the other 2 idiots will. Andrew talks about flirting with Arisa and how she won't like it because I pick my nose and fart all the time and he says he is going to tell Arisa try having camera's on you 24 hours a day and see how much you do it. I am just gonna own it and say I like to pick my nose.

11:18AM BBT: Ro, Arlie, Andrew, Sarah, and Adel at the hot-tub. RO gets up to try and get leave but the hot-tub door is locked. Ro is really concerned about it and keeps yelling at BB that it is locked and keeps checking, no one else seems to care. Feed then cut to HoTH. 11:26AM BBT:Feeds back up both on Kenny and Allison studying. They are talking about Jon. Kenny is telling Allison to act like Jon wants her to act. Allison said she will play along as long as she needs to.

11:30AM BBT:The hot-tub crew are now back inside. Talk on if BB is going to give a 4 hour warning or not. Arlie says they will and they have plenty of time to get ready.

11:36AM BBT:Ro, Kenny, Sab, Arlie, Andrew, and Sarah sitting at the KT counter eating breakfast. General chit chat.

11:40AM BBT: Jon and Sarah in the red corner talking about how they don't believe Adel has a power. Jon says there was def. something on the back of the card that has been ripped off. Sarah says he (Adel) told me in the BY that he has 3 people that has his back. Jon: who Sarah: You (Jon), Neda and Heather. Jon and Sarah start to laugh. Jon: What is he doing? Sarah: He also told me that he wasn't gong to get rid of Kenny. I think what he is doing is trying to make me feel comfortable so if Kenny or I win HOH we won't put him up.

11:47AM BBT: Jon tells Sarah I am so glad you are here. These people are so obnoxious and conceded. Jon: I can't believe Allison threatened me. Well it's your choice damn right it's my choice.

11:53AM BBT: Sarah and Jon talking about Andrew. Jon: I can't believe how he tried to get my vote. You know if yo get rid of me your next I can't believe that's what he said. Sarah: I think deep down he doesn't believe he is a good person so the only way he know how to do anything without bullying. Sarah then gets up and says I am going to get dressed I wonder if Neda lip shirt fits. Jon Neda's lips fit me fine. Sarah: That's gross Jon does she now have a yeast infection in her mouth now?

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11:25 AM BBT: 2 Feeds FoTH. Allison and Kenny whispering to each other in the kitchen on the other feeds. They talk about what tonight's HoH challenge will bring. Kenny says he is positive he has all the questions memorized for tonight. They then go over how many people had rings or nail polish.

11:30 AM BBT: All Feeds are back. Most of the HGs just in the kitchen eating/mingling. Sabrina talks about how BB just needs to give them more food for next week. Andrew is making lunch,, Sarah eating cereal...

Neda is upstairs ironing a shirt. Sabrina and Heather are in bathroom still doing makeup. Rachelle is with them too, just sitting there staring into the mirror.

11:40 AM BBT: Feeds turn to Sarah and Jon talking. Sarah says yesterday really exhausted her mentally and that she is still anxious about tonight. Jon says he is really tired. Sarah asks Jon if he believes Adel will get a prize if he does not use his power. Jon says probably not (hard to make out what he said with background noise) He then says Adel may have took him for a loop if peeled something off the back (of his power card). Jon then says it is risky to mess with, he has heard so much shit that he doesn't know what to believe anymore.

Talk turns to if Adel is lieing about his power. Sarah tells Jon about how Adel told her that he would not use his power to put up her or Kenny. Sarah says that Adel is trying to make Kenny/Sarah comfortable with him so they don't put him up if Kenny/Sarah gets HoH. Very brief FoTH. Sarah asks Jon if he feels that he is worried that once Kenny is gone, that he would be the next target. Jon responds definitely,it's the same reason that Kenny wanted to keep Andrew around Jon says it would be very easy for the house just to say fuck this let's just send Arlie and Jon packing. Jon then tells Sarah he's so glad she's still here, seriously. Sarah just laughs.

Jon asks Sarah if she trusts Neda 100% Sarah responds like 99%. Jon agrees. Sarah says that Neda is not actively coming after her, so that's all she can go on for now. Jon says he isn't sure that Neda is telling her everything or maybe she just doesn't know alot.

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12:04 PM BBT: HGs given four hour warning until the live evection. Andrew is spending his last hours in the house making sandwiches. Sarah and Jon snuggling in the bedroom. They both agree they are exicted for it (the eviction) to be over and are worried about the HoH. Jon says I just want to win. (tonight's Hoh). They agree that the house will be alot quieter after tonight.

12:10 PM BBT:

Arlie tells Kenny has anyone ever told him he looks beautiful when he cleans (Kenny was sweeping the kitchen). Kenny says no. Arlie then says jokingly that God put him on this earth to make men feel good about themselves. Adel enters the room and says what are you guys going to do (for food) once Gordo leaves. Arlie says I'll just make worse sandwiches.

Andrew puts the finishing touches on the sandwiches. He asks Rachelle to throw a roll of toliet paper downstairs. Adel yells from the other room to Andrew there are thick napkins in the bottom drawer. Andrew find them, but Adel again yells out the same thing. Andrew looks pissed that Adel is even talking to him but does not say anything.

12:18 PM BBT: Rachelle and Jon talking in the bedroom about who they would put up. Rachelle says that she would put up Heather and Adel because of his power if she was HoH. Jon says he is not sure anymore, the last two days have been crazy and that he is so excited for Gordo to leave. Jon says that he heard Jon was Rachelle/Sabrina's target yesterday, but he didn't believe it. Rachelle says its not true, they both agree it doesn't make sense to put either one of them up. Jon reassures that Rachelle is safe if he's HoH. Rachelle says likewise.

They talk about if the pictures they were shown again this morning are part of the HoH. Jon says he isn't sure they are apart of the Hoh tonight. Jon says he hopes its physical, Rachelle says endurance. Jon says he feels tonight will not be a double eviction for some reason. They then talk about whether Canada will have a vote in the jury. Talk turns to Adel's power again. Jon says I don't even know if he has a power anymore and about how the back of it was ripped off.

Both of them say that either shouldn't go home tonight if it is a double. Rachelle says she just wants to keep winning challenges, and that she isn't playing a strong social game. They talk about their pre-game strategies. Rachelle says she didn't play on talking a strong social game that involved spreading gossip or lieing. The conversation ends.

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~1:45 PM BBT : Kenny, Jon and Rachelle talking upstairs about their celebrity look-a-likes. Jon leaves the room. Rachelle asks Kenny where his head is and who he will align with next week. Kenny says he does not trust Jon now and that Jon told him that he wanted things to go back to the way they were on Day 3. Kenny says well starting doing things to gain back my trust. Kenny says that Adel approached him, pleading with Kenny to not put him up this week so he can get his prize. Kenny says he wants to put up Adel, regardless if he gets a prize or is there even a prize. He just wants Adel out of the game. The conversation ends because Kenny says he thinks someone is right there and might be hearing them

~1:50 PM BBT: Feeds turn to Jon, Arlie, Sarah and Neda talking in the bathroom about Jon's hair. Jon almost kisses Sarah when she is looking at his hair. Sarah starts laughing about it. Arlie says he wants to see Jon and Sarah kiss now. They don't. Talk turns to licking Arlie's nipples for someone reason. Jon says I'd rather lick his nipples then eat slop at this point, jokingly. Jon says he is hungry but can't eat anymore slop, he is waiting for his steak tonight.

Other feeds showed Andrew, Sabrina and Allison cuddling together on the couch. BB tells them to wake up nap time is over. Andrew says that sucks I just wanted to nap until practice. Sabrina says they took it off the screen, so that means we should by practicing soon? Andrew lets out an "OH GOD" and stretches. He continues streching his arms out. General discussion about food between Allison and Rachelle. Adel is with them on the couch now. He says just how hungry he is, and that he could die. He is not ready to go through this HoH being this hungry. BB informs them to move the couches in the mainroom. BB tells them to be on stand by. (for "Live" Eviction.). BB tells Andrew to move the sofas out a little bit more and...Feeds go FoTH

All feeds are hush hush for the day, and have been since ~2:00 PM BBT.

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10:00 PM BBT We're standing by for FoTH/HoTH to be lifted. While we wait...who do you think won it?

10:10 PM BBT All four feeds continue to display HoTH/FoTH at this time.

10:20PM BBT All four feeds continue to display FoTH/HoTH at this time.

10:25 PM BBT Still FoTH/HoTH.

10:38 PM BBT Still FoTH/HoTH. So...there's that trivia question floating around I asked 10 minutes ago. During the first season of BBCAN what was the first live feed slip?

10:47 PM BBT Still staring at four screens of FoTH/HoTH.

11:00 PM BBT HGs are in the HG. Adel is looking at a picture. Heather says this is her butt head crew. Heather WON HOH!

11:04 PM BBT Sarah leaves HoH. It appears we just missed the HoH reveal (Thanks BB!) Neda asks to read Heather's letter. Rachelle says it's a well written letter. Heather says he's working on his Master's Degree. He's a smarty pants. Heather holds up another picture and says those are her High School friends. Sabrina asks if she's still friends with them. She is. Allison is impressed. Heather says her dad and step-mom are the biggest BB fans in their family.

11:06 PM BBT Neda is listening to Heather's music. They ask if anyone listened to Paul's music. Sabrina said she did. Rachelle, Neda, Kenny, Arie, Jon, Allison and Sabrina are all gathered on the couch in HoH. Heather is sitting on her bed.

11:09 PM BBT Jon congratulates Heather for winning. Heather says she's glad she still has a boyfriend that loves her. Talk turns to the fact that Heather has a TV in her room but she doesn't have a remote. Sabrina suspects that the TV will come into play big time eventually. Jon suggests a virtual Pandora's box. HGs are called out by BB for talking about production.

11:12 PM BBT Jon gets up and heads out saying he's going to try and poop. Talk turns to the fact that there isn't a picture of her boyfriend Will. 2 Feeds switch to Jon and Adel in the KT. Adel says Canada loves the two of them. Jon agrees. Jon comes into SR and farts. Adel comes in and says Jon, Arlie, and Adel final 3. Jon agrees. Adel wonders who else should be invited in. Jon says Rachelle.

11:16 PM BBT Jon heads back to HoH. Allison is listening to a song trying to figure out who the artist is. No one seems to know. Jon asks about some of the pictures. Heather says it's her aunty.

11:19 PM BBT Talk has turned to music. Allison says she has a sex playlist that she listens to. Down in the BR Arlie is talking to Sabrina. Sabrina says she feels sad. She says it's hard because Andrew's gone. Arlie tells her that Andrew will be there to talk to her when she gets out. Arlie and Sabrina agree that they have each other's back. Now Sabrina says she Canada's thing last week and now with the other side winning this week, it's going to be another rough week. Sabrina and Arlie agree that they need their four to make it to the end. Sabrina says Sarah is down. Arlie agrees that everyone is down. Arlie says he's putting on a face but it's eating him up that he's gone.

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11:25 PM BBT Arlie doesn't want Sabrina to think that she can't trust him. He's worried about her now. She says not to. After talking to him she feels 100% better now. Arlie tells Sabrina that he's told her things that she he trusted her with. Of course he's in it with her. They both have things they've told each other that they could use against each other. Meanwhile back in the HoH Jon is dancing. Kenny has returned to HoH. Sarah hasn't been seen since leaving the room just after the feeds came back.

11:29 PM BBT Jon comes into the BR and says "Sabrina! I love bad bit****." Jon leaves once more. Arlie tells Sabrina they have to keep their chats short so the house doesn't think they're working together. Sabrina says if anyone asks he was just consoling her because Andrew left. Sabrina tells Arlie that Heather pulled her off to the side and said that she wasn't a target. She said a guy and a girl was going to be it and she didn't want any pawns. Sabrina says Allison and Kenny will be the targets.

11:33 PM BBT They hug it out and Arlie returns to HoH. Adel sticks his head in HoH and asks if anyone is hungry. Jon says he's made the best cheese fries but he's stuff. Heather invites him to bring them up. Adel brings up the fries. Rachelle wanders into BR. Sabrina whispers to Rachelle that she's safe this week. Sabrina says Heather told her she was going to put up two big players this week. Sabrina says she told her that she appreciates the fact that she may be safe but she is worried about her friend. Heather said "If your friend is who I think it is, she will be safe.

11:39 PM BBT Sabrina tells Rachelle that she just had a talk with Arlie and she would never betray he or her (Rachelle). Rachelle wonders who she will put up. Sabrina tells her that Kenny and Allison will be the target this week. Sabrina wonders if Canada hates her. Rachelle says Canada hates them all. Sabrina says she heard the crowd cheer when she was kicked from the game. FoTH.

11:40 PM BBT Just prior to the feeds being cut Adel carried the empty tray of cheese fries out of the HoH room.

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