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Dancing with the Stars ~ U.S. season 18 Episode 3

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Billy Dee and Emma are not in the line up tonight! He is not able to perform this evening! Robin Roberts from GMA is a guest judge this evening!

Robin says she is a long time viewer, first time judge and this is all surreal. She would be at home tweeting her thoughts and to experience the live atmosphere is unreal. She thanks everyone. She jokes the studio is smaller than she thought it would be.

Tonight, the stars dance in memory of the most memorable year of their lives. James is up first. He tells us when he was younger he was chubby and wasn't in shape. He got picked on a lot. He felt the world was against him. He had to switch school and 2007 was his most memorable year. He was able to move forward and got in to Big Time Rush. They are dancing the jive!

Peta is in a racy red school girl sweater and a super short kilt, thigh high white stockings! James is wearing a plaid shirt and jeans with a red tie!

Len says what's going on? Did you just rock this place? Their best dance no question. Robin thanks them, the way they attack every single dance. She thanks him for sharing his story. Bruno says it had the explosive energy of a lightning strike. It was superb! Carrie says he continues to surprise her. She says he has a strange little claw thing happening and tells him to watch out for it.

Peta and James are talking about the switch up, it is just for a week! Their scores: Carrie 9, Len 9, Robin 9, Bruno 9! A total of 36 out of 40! Peta says he worked so hard this week!

You want to see Amy with Mark but you still have time to vote! The stars are in shock! The pros are looking forward to it. Week 4 they are all going to dance with someone different. Week 5 they go back to their original partners! Derek and Drew jokingly dance in a dream like sequence. Maks says he wants Mark with Nene. Val says he is a one woman man!

Billy Dee's doc says he must sit out the competition. He says he has a back problem and even though he has had a wonderful time he has to leave. We see the recap of their time on the show. He seems emotional, She is smiling. He says he will keep dancing. Emma says she loves him and the relationship they have now, it has been unexplainable, it was sensational. Billy Dee's grand kids are walking out to the dance floor to hug him.

Nene is dancing a Rumba for her second marriage to her first husband! Tony felt bad about the comments last week. She wasn't bothered by it. She tells us she walked down the aisle to "I believe in you and me" by Whitney Houston. She filed for divorce after the lust was gone from the marriage. 2013 was her year, she married Greg for the second time "He is the one."

Nene is in a black, long sleeved dress with sheer sleeves, long skirt that is slit in several sections, looks like a gypsy. Tony is shirtless in black pants.

Nene and Greg hug when the dance is done. Robin says Len said it best "You got this party started" She says it was sensual and beautiful. Bruno calls her the Southern Siren. He says it is difficult to maintain the flow of movement and she did it very well. Carrie says "I know I have been giving you a hard time with the arms, you were as large as your heart, it was passionate and loved it and your arms!" Len says it wasn't overly raunchy, very tasteful, well done! Scores after the break!

Nene and Tony are waiting for their scores, Greg was cheering loudly from the audience. Nene says he is her true love and best friend. Scores: Carrie 8, Len 7, Robin 8, Bruno 8 for a total of 31 tonight!

Cody is up next! He says 2010 was the year he came to the US and signed his record contract. It was a huge risk. They lived in a hotel, family gave up everything for his dream. He loves his family. His Mom fixes his hair as he walked out the door. They are dancing to his song "Surfboard"

They are dancing a Jazz routine. Witney is in a blue 40's style short and bikini top. Cody is in a matching blue polo style shirt and cream color pants.

Bruno says "So right here so right now!" Carrie says it was ridiculous, the vocabulary of movement, she was eating it up. Len says Well, it is right up your alley, it was tight, together, well done! Robin says she loves his style, he is respectful of the dance but makes it his own!

Cody and Witney await scores, Erin repeats his story and he thanks his family and specifically his father. Scores: Carrie 9, Len 8, Robin 9, Bruno 9 for 35 out of 40 tonight!

Danica is up next. She shares her story from 2010 the year her son was born but also when her Grandmother passed away. Her son came to see her at the studio, he is very shy. They are dancing Contemporary to Lullaby. She wants her son to know she will be there for him even when she is gone one day.

Danica is in a white spagetti strap dress with a knee length flowing skirt. She looks like an angel. Val is in a white shirt and black pants.

Danica scoops up her son and brings him over to the judges. Carrie says it was sincere, she told such a beautiful story. Len says it was like Butter on a hot muffin! Robin says she was a sheer delight. It is a beautiful way to express such a beautiful story. Bruno says it was enchanting emotion. Such truth and so clear for them to see.

Danica says she is grateful for being able to dance tonight. Scores: Carrie 9, Len 9, Robin 9, Bruno 9 for a total of 36 tonight! Danica says it is all amazing.

Drew and Cheryl are up next. The year 2005 is his year when his son Connor was born. He was diabetic, overweight, had a heartattack and since his Dad died when he was 8, he didn't want Connor to grow up with out a Dad. Connor leaves him little notes and plays with him. He loves it!

They are dancing the waltz. Cheryl is in a burnt orange dress with long sleeves and a sheer v neck panel. Sheer skirt, lots of amber jewels. Drew is in a brown suit with Amber jewels on the lapel of the jacket.

Connor joins his Dad at the judges panel. Len says it was a nice dance, a little muddled in parts. It was charming though. Robin says she would be booing Len at home. Drew has been a pleasant and marvelous surprise this season and he has blown her away. Bruno says that he loved the fact that they went for a classic waltz. Only one mistake. Smart and elegant. Carrie says she felt he was more intense and it lost some of the ease and emotion that he usually has when he dances. Conner says he thinks Drew did really good and wants Cheryl to teach him some of those moves!

Erin jokes about Connor hitting on Cheryl at such a young age. Scores: Carrie 7, Len 7, Robin 8, Bruno 8. 30 out of 40 tonight!

Meryl and Maks are up next. Meryl says her most memorable year, she says when she was 8 and started skating with Charlie, that was the year everything changed. She was so shy and had a hard time looking at him in the eye and now they are confident adults who have gone after their dreams! She wants to dedicate it to all those who helped them make it to the Olympics and their medal!

Dancing the foxtrot, Meryl is in a light sky blue floor length sheer dress with a criss cross back and jewel embellishments. Maks is in all black.

Lindsay Sterling was a guest violinist during the performance.

Robin says that she liked that Meryl couldn't choose one year, life is a journey. Bruno says technically what they put in the dance on week 3 was incredible. Extraordinary choreography. Carrie says she is out of this world is extraordinary. Len says he loves it when it is calm then speed then back again "M and M sweet and delicious!"

Meryl is very shy when they show parts of the dance. She giggles a lot. Maks says everything is just easier with Meryl, different feeling or vibe. Scores: Carrie 10, Len 9, Robin 10, Bruno 10! 39 out of 40!

Amy is dancing Contemporary with Derek. Her year is 1999. She contracted meningitus and lost both her legs and then her Dad gave her one of his kidneys. She says he gave her life twice. She was scared when she got her new legs and instead of walking, she danced with her Dad. She thought if she could dance, she could walk and she could still live a great life. She has new legs for this week's dance that they have never tried before. They will help her point her feet. It is the story of what she went through, falling and her Dad catching her.

Amy is in a silver dress with a flowing double layered skirt. Derek is in a long sleeved white henley style shirt with grey pants. The legs look like magic! She hugs her Dad and lots of tears in the studio tonight.

Bruno "One thing I can guarantee, there won't be one dry eye in America tonight." He loved it! Carrie says Amy reminds them all what it is to be human and how inspiring she is. Len says it touched his brain with the level of difficulty and his heart with the level of emotion. Robin hopes Amy feels what she is doing for people. There is so much love, she is teary eyed as she talks.

Amy is emotional. Derek is as well, he says she says thank you by taking advantage of what they gave her. Scores: Carrie 9, Len 9, Robin 9, Bruno 9 for a total of 36.

Charlie and Sharna are up next. Charlie says 2010 was they year for him. They got silver but wanted gold. They are dancing to Happy. Coming back to the USA with Meryl with the gold has been incredible. It is dedicated to his mom and dad and his gf Tanna.

Charlie is dancing the jive. Sharna is in a short seafoam green dress with a low neck line and a plunging backline, short ruffled skirt. Charlie is in seafoam green pants, white shirt with a plaid jacket on.

Carrie says she loved the way they worked the room, but they were off the music twice. Len says "You were steaming, I was beaming it is happy hour!" Robin says he just makes them happy! Bruno says work it because you can! Tonight was one of the most extraordinary nights in the 18 seasons of the show!

Erin says "Anyone who can have their dance compared to happy hour is a friend of mine!" Charlie says they just have to keep doing their best! Scores: Carrie 9, Len 9, Robin 9, Bruno 9... 36 out of 40!

Candace and Mark are the final couple tonight. They are dancing the jive. She chose 1995 when Full House ended and 2 months later she got engaged to be married. She went from the FH family to a new family with her husband. Becky and Kimmy are in the studio for rehearsal. It is a tribute to Full House and they are dancing to an Elvis song.

Blue Suede Shoes! Candace is in a white and silver dress with lots of bling and fringe! Mark is in a tux, dark blue velvet jacket!

Len loved the energy, it was sharp, clean and a proper ballroom drive. Robin says she was snazzy and hittin' it! Wonderful to watch! Bruno says he loves it when she goes wild. They need to be a bit cleaner in the footwork. Carrie agrees with what everyone said. Candace needs to be in heels more often!

Candace says she is still catching her breath. She says "I am going to be the best wedding dancer ever!" She has never taken a dance class in her life. Scores: Carrie 8, Len 8, Robin 8, Bruno 8 for 32 out of 40!

We see the recap of tonight's performances. At the top are Meryl and Maks and at the bottom are Drew and Cheryl. No one goes home this week as Billy Dee pulled out of the competition with an injury! We will see you all next week!

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