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As The World Turns


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MARCH 14-18--lease Note: As the World Turns is pre-empted on March 17 and March 18 due to CBS Sports coverage of March Madness.

~Lily realizes she has to confess to murder.

~Jack is convinced of Keith's innocence.

~Jennifer weighs telling Mike the truth.

~Celia's backpack is stolen at school.

~The town prepares for Julia's funeral.

~Henry threatens to expose Craig to Katie.

~Craig reminds Henry of his own deception.

~Will retrieves Celia's bag from her tormentors.

~Paul's heart breaks as movers collect Rosanna's belongings.

~Luke makes a scene during Julia's eulogy.

~Mike tells Katie that Henry's been lying.

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Coming up week of MARCH 21-25---

*Jack investigates a new suspect in Julia's death.

*Luke is arrested.

*Henry and Katie take their relationship to a new level.

*Craig catches Jennifer and Mike in the throes of passion.

*Rafael keeps looking for work.

*Craig demands that Jennifer accompany him on a business trip.

*Alison arranges a foursome for herself, Will, Celia and Casey.

*Lily and Jennifer both make shocking confessions.

*Keith takes JJ from Jack... but gives him a piece of evidence about Julia.

*Katie proves to Henry that she

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Week of March 28

Mike gives Craig a piece of his mind.

Lucinda begs Lily to plead innocent.

Alison sends someone else to meet Will for their "date".

Sierra decides that she will teach Craig a lesson.

Carly implores Lily to tell the truth.

Lily firmly stands by her first admission...she killed Julia

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Hendrickson to Return to ATWT


In a surprise casting move sure to please As the World Turns fans, a show spokesperson confirms that Emmy winner Benjamin Hendrickson (ex-Hal Munson) will be returning to the show in May.

After 19 years with As the World Turns, Hendrickson, a Daytime Emmy winner in the Outstanding Supporting Actor category in 2003, left the show due a contract dispute. Stuck with already-penned storylines, As the World Turns execs brought back Randolph Mantooth, who had previously subbed for Hendrickson during one of the actor's personal leaves.

Beginning September 30th, 2004, Mantooth returned to the show to play Hal in recurring capacity.

"All of us at As the World turns would like to thank Randy for his consummate professionalism and tremendous talent," said ATWT's executive producer Christopher Goutman in a statement. "It's the hardest thing in the world to step in and take over a role that's been played by its originator for 20 years. Randy has done this twice, each time with grace and humor, and has put his own unique mark on the role of Hal. We are incredibly grateful."

During his hiatus from As the World Turns, Hendrickson's name was batted around as a possible candidate for a role on rival ABC soap, One Life to Live.

An exact first airdate for Hendrickson has not yet been announced.

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Week of April 11

*Alison has a hard time letting Aaron leave Oakdale.

*Katie can't keep her nose out of Mike and Jennifer's business.

*Mike offers to lie for Jennifer.

*Lily tells Holden it is time for him to move out of their mansion.

*Casey is caught with a condom in his pocket.

*Lily is grateful for Keith's help.

*Alison moves to another place.

*Jack finds out that the day Julia was murdered, Les was out of jail

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The viewers email campaign protesting the Jack/Carly/Julia storyline may have created a dominoe effect among the writing staff of ATWT.

From the Big Screen to daytime television, 'As The World Turns' Head Writer, Hogan Sheffer, has let been told by Procter and Gamble Productions, producers of 'ATWT' that he will not continue his duties at the CBS Daytime drama series following his reported 17-week absense from the soap.

Sheffer, who began his 17-week hiatus on February 1, was supposed to return to 'ATWT' just in time for May Sweeps, but in the latest issue of Soap Opera Weekly magazine, it is being reported the writer had been fired. It is believed that he was informed of this decision on Wednesday, March 30.

A spokesman for PGP would only respond with the standard "no comment" after calls were placed to get more information on this breaking story.

During Sheffer's absense, Co-Head Writer, Jean Passanante, has taken control of the soaps direction.

'As The World Turns' is nominated for 11 Daytime Emmy Awards this year. The ceremony is set to air May 20 on CBS.

No official replacement has been announced at this time.

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Jean Passanante Named Headwriter of ATWT (April 2005)

JEAN PASSANANTE has been named Headwriter of the Emmy nominated As The World Turns writing team, it was announced by Mary Alice Dwyer-Dobbin, Executive-in-Charge of Production for Procter & Gamble Productions, Inc, and Christopher Goutman, the show

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Former PC Star Boosts ATWT's Snyder Family


When Marie Wilson joins the cast of As the World Turns later this spring, it will be another chance for fans of the now-cancelled Port Charles to catch up with one of the show's former stars. And it won't just be a reunion for fans of the former ABC soap.

Wilson, who appeared as Karen Wexler-Cates on the Emmy-nominated soap from 1999 to 2003, will appear alongside another former PC star, Kin Shriner (Keith Morrissey). Shriner played Wilson's father, Scott Baldwin, on Port Charles.

For some time the role that Wilson has now filled was being referred to as "Shannon." It has now been revealed that Wilson's role will actually be Meg Snyder, Holden's youngest sister. It is unclear if the casting department intentionally altered the character's name to prevent leaks or if the idea to "convert" the character into Meg came along after the original casting call.

Meg was last seen in Oakdale in the late 1980s. From January 1986 to November 1989 (and a few random visits in the 1990s), Meg was played by actress Jennifer Ashe. After marrying Josh Stricklyn, Meg and her new husband moved to Waco, Texas. Shortly thereafter, Meg learned that she was unable to bear children and unsuccessfully tried to lobby her older sister, Iva, to let her adopt one of her children.

Wilson first airs on June 16th.

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Coming Up Week of May 2

Jennifer and Mike find out that Katie informed Craig that Jennifer was not as far along as he thought.

Keith takes Lily flying.

Holden gets involved in Lily's relationship with Keith.

Les realizes that Keith may be setting him up for murder.

Will tries to take his life.

Alison realizes that Will wants more from her.

Jennifer receives an offer from Dusty.

Now that Craig is out of the picture, Jennifer proposes to Mike.

Tom and Margo go on a date.

Dusty holds Jennifer hand through her morning sickness.

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Actor Hunt Block who portrays Craig Montgomery on CBS' "As The World Turns" since 2000 has been let go by P&G.

The actor will last air in late June to early July. Block is the first of what sources say will be a heavy list of casualties over at the P&G soaps.

Proctor and Gamble have acknolwedged that though their soaps have been renewed, budget cuts are inevitable and are costly to the show. However, P&G has stated that it does not mean the end of the road for the show or its many familiar faces; several more roles will be cut but not on a huge margin. With that said, P&G have simply stated that Hunt Block and his character, Craig Montgomery, are not part of the vision of the show's future.

Whats coming up the Week of May 23

James is taken into custody.

Rosanna decides to give Cabot to another family so he will live in peace.

Henry tells Katie that their marriage is over.

While cooking for Keith, Lily finds the bee pollen.

Will purchases a prom dress for Celia, but she thinks that Casey did it.

Gwen tells Will the truth about her and Casey.

Emily and Paul fall into a moment and share a kiss.

Holden signs the divorce papers.

Keith visits Julia's grave.

Henry makes a date with an ex-girlfriend.

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Guest ranster627


After being torched by Les, Lily's house is being rebuilt. The construction work makes Lily and Holden wistfully consider putting the pieces of their shattered marriage back together. Katie plants a seed of doubt in Mike's mind. Jennifer and Dusty join forces to protect her unborn child by destroying Craig Montgomery. Emily and Paul take a drastic new step in their adulterous relationship.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Meg forces Lucinda to come clean to Lily, Sierra and Holden about her cancer. When Sierra and Lily start to panic, Lucinda becomes upset and walks out, in pain from today's procedure. Meg explains further and Lily and Sierra respond by blasting Meg for keeping this from them. Holden steps up to protect Meg and suggests they stop fighting and figure out how to deal with this. Lucinda returns and reminds her daughters that it's in her body and they must "play by her rules." Jennifer reports to Mike that Craig married Rosanna today which means that she will help him try to get custody of the baby she's carrying. He's not happy to hear she's been talking with Dusty again and promises her he knows how to "fight fire with fire." Hearing his plan is to talk with Rosanna, Jennifer meets Dusty at the Snyder pond where he offers to get rid of Craig. Later, Dusty eyes Meg skinny dipping in the pond. Stopping by Nancy's in hope she'll identify the picture, Carly's frustrated when she can't find the photo of her father, unaware that Hannah took it. Nancy manages to find a photo of Carly's father with his arm around a brunette who Nancy can't identify because she's out of focus. Later, she tells Jack how terrible it was when her father left the family and he assures her the pain she felt is in the past. Barbara confronts Gwen at her run-down apartment and accuses her of having slept with every boy in school. She accuses her of doing this to get Barbara's money. Will arrives and kicks his mother out after he finds his mother there, badmouthing Gwen. After Barbara leaves, Will convinces Gwen to accept his financial help. Celia chats with Kim for advice and later, Kim warns Casey that his girlfriend is troubled and stuns him by mentioning revealing that Will told Bob he isn't be the father of Gwen's baby.

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BUT will it stick this time?!?! I'm not so sure.

Does anybody know how they are going to write Craig out of the show? I haven't kept up with it as I usually do. However, I did see that Rosanna and Craig are interested in adopting Gwen's baby. I thought he was supposed to be off the show by the end of June. Anybody know what happened?

They finally bring back the good Hal and now we lose the good Craig. Darn the luck. I hope they create a storyline for Hal. He needs to be away from that little snot, Emily :D and find somebody decent.

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ATWT week of July 25 Spoilers. Highlight to read:

Alison finally makes some future plans.

Rosanna becomes suspicious of Craig's behavior.

Jennifer thinks that something is not right with her baby's death.

Rosanna finds some information that could end her life.

Dusty gives comfort to Jennifer during the memorial service for her baby.

Mike asks Katie to stay away.

Will and Gwen tell Barbara their secret about the baby.

With Henry's help, Carly finds the truth about Iris' child.

Gwen and Craig go at it about his claim on her baby.

Casey and Will go at each other.

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Fifty years on 'As the World Turns'

Helen Wagner has played same role since 1956

Thursday, March 30, 2006; Posted: 4:07 p.m. EST (21:07 GMT)


Helen Wagner uttered the very first line on TV's "As the World Turns" 50 years ago.

LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- While actors young enough to be her grandchildren come and go on television, soap opera veteran Helen Wagner has earned a place in the Guinness World Records by playing one role for 50 years.

The 87-year-old actress says the secret to her longevity as matriarch Nancy Hughes on the CBS daytime drama "As the World Turns" is simple.

"They kept offering me a contract, so I kept doing it. And they kept writing things for me, so I kept saying them," Wagner recounted in a recent interview. "I didn't think about leaving or not leaving."

Years after James Arness of "Gunsmoke" and Kelsey Grammer of "Frasier" retired from their respective record-tying 20-year roles in prime time, Wagner still reigns supreme as the longest-running character on any TV show played by a single actor.

She has portrayed the kindly but plain-spoken Nancy Hughes since "As the World Turns" debuted on April 2, 1956, and even uttered the show's very first line of dialogue (spoken to her TV husband): "Good morning dear, what would you like for breakfast?"

As the sole original cast member on the series, Wagner and her alter ego have witnessed more than their share of tragedy and star-crossed romance, sibling rivalries, marital infidelity and treachery. Nancy has grieved the deaths of her beloved TV daughter and first husband, remarried and endured the gradual fading of her second spouse due to Alzheimer's disease.

Spanning the tenures of 10 U.S. presidents dating back to Dwight Eisenhower, Wagner's stint on "As the World Turns" also includes a unique real-life historical footnote.

It was a scene with co-star Santos Ortega (Grandpa Hughes) that was interrupted by the first CBS News bulletins reporting the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. The cast, which performed live in those days, initially continued on with the show, unaware of the tragedy unfolding in Dallas or that their program was being cut short.

"When Santos and I got off the set, having finished our scene, we came to the door, and Charlie Paul, who was playing the organ, said, 'JFK was shot.' And that's the first we had heard of it."

The only existing soap on the air longer than "ATWT" is "The Guiding Light," a sister Procter & Gamble production that began on radio and made its CBS television debut in 1952.

"As the World Turns" boasts some TV landmarks of its own.

Breaking with the original 15-minute format for soaps, "As the World Turns" debuted as the first half-hour drama in daytime (an hour is the standard length today) and was the top-rated soap for a record 20 years -- from 1958 to 1978 -- while racking up a total of 42 Daytime Emmy Awards.

The show also became the only daytime serial to spawn its own prime-time spinoff, "Our Private World," starring pioneering soap opera super-vixen Eileen Fulton as Lisa. The 1965 series only lasted a few months, but Fulton remains with the show after 46 years. Fellow incumbent cast member Don Hastings has played Dr. Bob Hughes for 45 years.

Other alumni have gone on to greater fame off the show, including Julianne Moore, James Earl Jones, Meg Ryan, Lauryn Hill, Marisa Tomei, Cicely Tyson and Jason Biggs.

Wagner began her career on the stage, appearing in such Broadway productions as "Sunny River," "The Bad Seed" and "Oklahoma!" before moving into television.

Wagner's presence on "As the World Turns" has diminished in recent years as the series focuses on the intrigues of younger characters, but she remains a key figure in the fictional Chicago suburb of Oakdale, where the program is set.

"She is ... Oakdale's conscience," said executive producer Christopher Goutman. "Even the worst of our villains know that they can't pull the wool over Mrs. Hughes' eyes."

Currently, Nancy is embroiled in a mystery surrounding the publication of a scandalous novel, "Oakdale Confidential," which sheds light on the checkered pasts of several characters. A real-life novel tied into the series is due out from Pocket Books next month in conjunction with the show's anniversary.

Nancy, who began the series as rather assertive and opinionated, has mellowed over the years, and Wagner credits the writers with "letting Nancy grow up and grow old along with Helen, so I didn't have to cross over the border and be a character woman. I was just Nancy."

But Wagner insists that Nancy "is nothing at all like me."

"I never told people quite so much what to do as Nancy does," Wagner said, adding that she has always enjoyed a considerably more active social life, frequently going to the opera, ballet and out to dinner with her husband and friends.

"(Nancy) was always just a homebody," Wagner said. "I kept my house clean, but we still went out."

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Sorry Cherikee I didn't see it.

shhhhhhhh don't tell anyone but I don't watch soaps. :blush::ninja:

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Ok ATWT is getting good I wish Jack stop being so stubborn and I hate to say this but Dusty is already getting on my nerves... I understand the need to protect the one u love however there is a such thing as going overboard.

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Hey Sparkie...Did you know that the girl who plays Gwen on ATWT is Jennifer Landon...Michael Landons daughter?? I didn't know it till the Daytime Emmy Awards the other night. Shocked me!! :blink:

She also played on Little House On The Prairie some when she was little. I would have never put those 2 together as father and daughter!

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That must have been during the time when my Mama died. I didn't watch TV very much then. Thats why it shocked me so....Thanks ;)

I am sorry to hear about your mother....I hope all is well.

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