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Survivor 28 - Episode 5 - March 26 2014

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On Survivor tonight, we see the Solana tribe make their way back to camp. Trish and Lindsay immediately start in with each other. Trish says she doesn't like Lindsay but will respect her. Lindsay says Trish is disgusting, annoying, horrid, she is not moving on with Trish on a team. They spar for a few minutes and Trish apologizes for Cliff leaving. Lindsay tells us she is not sticking around Trish's mouth. Lindsay left camp to be on her own. Jeff is now on the beach with her. She called him to talk. She tells him Trish said awful ridiculous things. She is afraid she is going to flip out on Trish. She would rather it will cost her a million than for her daughter to see her freak out. She says she can't take it anymore. Jeff says no one has very quit saying they are afraid to stay because they may do something.

Jeff is at the beach with the tribe, he asks the tribe what happened. Trish tells him. LJ says it was a huge zit waiting to pop. Tony tells us it was 2 for the price of 1! Woo is now nervous, he feels he could be the next one going because his alliance is now gone! Lindsay is now out of the game!

We are at the reward challenge. Appari is finding out about Solana. Sarah is laughing, they all are. Spencer says "2 people out of the game and I didn't have to do anything!" They are squaring off one on one. They have to knock down the other's idol! The winning tribe gets to do a camp raid on the other tribe. Alexis and Kass are sitting out this one.

Spencer vs Woo. They are each holding their idols. Spencer dives for Woo and down goes the idol! Tasha vs Trish! Swatting back and forth and Trish scores! Tied one one! Jefra and Sarah spar! Appari 2 Solana 1.

Jer vs LJ! Solana wins it tied 2-2! Morgan vs Tony are next. Tony goes after her and Solana scores 3-2. Woo vs Spencer are up! Final round! They walk straight at each other. Woo shoves, Spencer doesn't back down. Woo gets it! Solana wins reward!

Tony and Woo get to head back with Aparri! They get instructions of what to do once they get there. Tony tells us they are less in numbers but are high on morale!

The note says "You can take 2 of the following items from the camp" The list includes the tarp, fishing kit, hammock or blankets. They also get a hit to the immunity idol. They plan to stir the pot and they give the "clue" to Jer. It is not for the Aparri beach, it is actually for the Solana beach. They take the blankets and the fishing net. Jer reads the clue, he realizes it is not for this beach and it was a set up. He tells us 6 people are gonna be watching him the whole time!

Looks like they took a lot more. Salt and Pepper, oil, comfort and net. They tell the tribe what they did to Jer. They high five, he also tells them he is a cop. They all laugh. Trish says "Well you had me." LJ realizes that Tony exposing so much about himself, he needs to stay on his toes.

The Aparri tribe thinks Jer lied about what the idol clue said. Alexis pulls Spencer aside to plead her case for a new alliance. Jer tells them again it was the exact same clue from the other camp. Tony took the clue back and now Jer has everyone paranoid that he is lying. Spencer says it was tough to buy and that he is not "fooling anyone". (It was a clue for the other beach)

Immunity challenge! They use wooden poles to make a staircase and then go through a maze down a slide, to move a key through an obstacle to release a machete to release puzzle pieces and the first to raise their flag win immunity!

Building a stair case. LJ goes deep into the mud, it is a wet course. Aparri is first over the steps through the maze. Solana is finally going up the stairs. They go through the maze. Solana is now edging ahead! They are headed down the slide and suddenly neck and neck!

Jer has the key already and has the machete! They now have the puzzle pieces. 2 people have to do the puzzle. Solana is finally at the puzzle.

the puzzle is 3 numbers, the numbers reveal the combination. Woo and LJ bicker. Both tribes are stuck on the second number.

LJ has it figured out. Aparri is falling out. LJ literally falls as he makes his way to the lock! Solana wins immunity! Woo and LJ were way ahead of Sarah and Kass on Aparri.

Solana's celebration was an insult to the other tribe. Tony was yelling "Top 5! Top 5!" They now think Jer is apart of the Solana's final 6 deal. Alexis is working hard to convince Spencer and Sarah for voting Jer out. Spencer wonder who is the bigger liability, Alexis or Jer.

The brains feel everyone is going to follow their lead, Kass says "The brains just needed a body, we have found our zombies and now we are in!" They are now at tribal.

3 brains and 3 beauty with Sarah in the middle? Is what Jeff asks, Kass says "Yup!" Kass says the brains have a little bit of fresh air since the brains have stuck together and the beauty are split apart. Sarah says that today she figured out she was standing alone. "They have clearly moved on without me." Alexis says that is sounds good in theory. Tasha says the beauties are fractured. Alexis says that Jer was pulled aside during the camp raid. Jer defends himself. Jeff asks Alexis if she trusts him. Morgan says "Alexis or Jer could flip when we merge with the other side!" Sarah says anything that takes it off her right now she is good with. She also feels there are connections still with the other side. Spencer says tonight's vote is incredibly important. They begin the vote!

No one plays an idol. Jer 1 Alexis 2. Alexis has 3 votes and with a final 4th vote Alexis is shocked and leaving the game.

She cries as she walks out. Jeff says they were unified in the decision to vote out Alexis and wonders how deep that unity runs? They are dismissed from tribal.

Next time on Survivor... A merge has 2 alliances fighting for power and Sarah is the deciding vote and she knows it!
Alexis is sobbing, disappointed in herself. She was hoping to make it to the merge. We will see you next week!

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