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Wednesday, April 2 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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11:35PM Arlie,Adel and Jon in HNR Arlie said it is time for them to get Kenny out the game. Arlie said that KEnny wants to go after Adel next. Heather and Rachelle is afraid of Kenny and sarah alliance.

11:38PM BBT Arlie said he may put up Allison and Rachelle they are best for his game at the moment. Adel said if sarah win she may put two weak people up. Adel still saying he would get a prize if he does not use his power.

11:49PM BBT Rachelle and Sabrina at the HT talking about what they would do when they get out the house. General chit chat.

12:05AM BBT Sabrina and Rachelle still at the HT Sabrina said that Allison is going to stick to kenny when Andrew leaves. Sabrina said when Andrew leave the game will be easier. Sabrina say getting Ika out the game was the best for her.

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12:10AM BBT HT talk continue with Sabrina and Rachelle, Sabrina said she carried Sarah as long as she can. Sabrina said Sarah would not choose her over Kenny in the final 2. Sabrina said she know what she has in her head for the game.

12:19AM BBT Sabrina said she picked Allison to win Hoh, Because she has no alliance in the house. All other Hg are asleep.

12:25AM BBT Talk continue with Sabrina and Rachelle. Sabrina said to Rachelle she would never do what Ika did to her. Sabrina told Rachelle do not trust Jon.

2:35AM BBT Rachelle and Sabrina are now in the SR eating chips.

12:39AM BBT Rachelle and Sabrina are now in the By looking at the Hg pictures. They are both hugging each other.

12:50AM BBT They are back in the house whispering.

12:54AM BBT Sabrina and Rachelle now in the Wa I think getting ready for bed.

12:59AM BBT Sabrina and Rachelle finally getting ready for bed.

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1:11 AM BBT

Rachelle asks Sabrina did you legitimately not know that Sarah was voting out heather. I couldn’t hear the answer but it looked like a yes, she knew. HotH Sabrina says a lot of what she did was for Rachelle and could she please talk to her after the game.

1:19 AM BBT

They left the WA and are in the BR whispering. Rachelle just stole a pillow from Neda (it looks like) while she was sleeping. They are just chit chatting and giggling. It’s hard to hear them even though they have their mics on still. Rachelle rolls over to go to sleep and Sabrina stares at the ceiling.

1:32 AM BBT

Sabrina and Rachelle are back to whispering but no volume. Now Rachelle is trying to sleep again. Sabrina looks like her mind won’t shut down.

1:59 AM BBT

Sabrina and Rachelle whisper on and off and then settle down. While not asleep yet hopefully it will come to them soon. Good night Canada.

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8:58AM BBT: All HG except Arlie are sleeping. Arlie has just now gotten up and is in the WA. 9:19AM BBT: HG's are begining to get up. Adel staggered out of the have-not room and went outside walked to the pool turned around walked around the BY, then went to check the weather at the HT. Arlie is taking the battery box around in the BR so everyone can change their mic batteries.

9:26AM BBT: Arlie makes a quick run into the have-not room to tell Jon that today they need to convince Sarah that they want to keep Kenny and get the other three girls out. Jon agrees.

9:28AM BBT: Arlie then goes into the KT where Kenny is and tells him that he feels so much better about them since they had their talk last night. Arlie says Sabrina has to go next. Kenny agrees that has to be done about her. Andrew comes in a talk stops.

9:38AM BBT: Andrew and Kenny in the KT. Andrew: Honestly who would you rather keep? I am asking cause you are my friend. Kenny: Not hard at all you. Andrew: I talked to Arlie yesterday. Kenny: I am still trying. Andrew: I did he said he would keep me but he won't. Kenny: I am still trying.

9:41AM BBT: Kenny, Andrew, Arlie, and Allison in the KT. Andrew: They ( Sab. Ro, and Neda) just say say they are going to work out. They think half the battle is saying they are going to work out and putting their tennis shoes on, and going outside and do nothing. Kenny tells a story how he knows a girl that does that, she'll go and actually take naps on the mats at the gym. Allison: that's why I don't go to the gym because girls get all dressed up with their fake eyelashes on and do nothing and here I am in my basement grunting and farting trying to get into shape.

9:48AM BBT: Jon comes in the KT and announce his weight update for the day. He weighs 215. He says he has weighed that since grade 9.

9:50AM BBT: Adel and Jon in the WA. Adel: Remember how last night the gremlins said they didn't trust Neda. If you want to keep Neda in the game longer you need to make up a lie to tell the gremlins. Jon: I don't give a f*** what the gremlins think. Adel: Yeah, it doesn't even matter.

9:54AM BBT: Sabrina and Allison in the WA discussing what they are going to do for their work out this morning. Allison I am trying to think what we can do because no one wants to be sore for tomorrow. The thing is no one has been working out so anything might make you sore. Sabrina asks instead of do 25 sit ups maybe only do 10 or 25. Allison: you do whatever makes you feel comfortable with.

9:56AM BBT: Allison and Sarah in the WA. Allison: I am trying to figure out how to use my crying for strength tomorrow, cause I am going to be balling. Sarah: You have so many people with you though.

10:00AM BBT: Everyone at the KY counter eating breakfast. General chit chat about working out mostly. Jon takes a drink of coffee and asks who s*** in the coffee. Talk then turns to Louis C.K. and how funny and inappropriate he is.

10:05AM BBT: Allison is now leading a work out session for Sab, Ro, and Neda.

10:07AM BBT: Kenny, Sarah, Andrew, and Arlie at the KT counter talking about kids telling their mom's they hate them. Kenny is talking about his nephew and Sarah asks how old he is he says 5 or 6. Sarah ask did he just start school? He says he went somewhere but not sure if it was preschool or not. Sarah says forget it. Andrew says listen give him a break he remembers to put pants on everyday. Sarah: No he doesn't.

10:17AM BBT: Arlie, Sarah, Kenny, Jon and Andrew at the KT counter still. General chit chat about sex, farts, and pooping.

10:18AM BBT: I feel like with every bite of slop my life is deteriorating. It is making my penis smaller.

10:21AM BBT: Adel and Arlie in the BR. We should try and back door Kenny. Let take the fact of playing in veto. Adel I don't even want risk it. Arlie walks out and under his breath he says Adel yor logic is stupid back dooring him is the way to go. Adel walks up to Arlie and says after we kick ass this week are me, you, and Jon still in line to take over and run this. Arlie says absolutely you are always in this. The thing is in this house you have to have a solid alliance. Adel agrees and he says I have to stick with Heather. Arlie agrees and says Jon has Neda and I am trying to get Mumzie. Adel: I Kenny goes you got Mumzie.

10:28AM BBT: Arlie is now in the pantry telling Sarah that he is now thinking Sabrina, Ro, and Allison need to go. I feel better after me and Kenny talked last night. Sarah: I feel better that you feel that way I always feel bad bring up that Kenny should not go home. He is 100% not coming after you and I am 90% sure he is not coming after Jon. I do not trust Sab. Arlie: Why would I go with Sab now that she has RO I would be low man on that totem poll. Sarah: She (Sab) keep looking way far ahead and doesn't think about the middle. Arlie: I don't know if I can get the guys ( Adel and Jon) to believe that way but I am going to try an sell that Kenny has no one.

10:39AM BBT: Heather and Adel in the WA. Heather we can't trust Sarah very much. Adel we can trust her if Kenny goes. After Kenny leaves it will be Sab, Ro, and Allison she isn't going to join a sinking ship. Neda even confirmed that they have something. Heather well we still can't trust her very much she will get rid of us when she need to. Adel: she will need us for awhile and think about it we will need someone as a pawn.

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10:47AM BBT: Each HG has a mugshot pic on the screens in the LR. They have booking dates on the black plagues they are holding. They are laughing at their pic. because they are made to look rough. Some have tattoo's on their face or black eyes.

The board's the HG's are holding also have their hometown on them too.

10:53AM BBT: Andrew looks like he got in a fight and lost. Arlie looks like he got kissed to death and also has hickies. Jon said he has dreads. Kenny's beard is braided. Adel look like a business man.

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11:12 Sarah and Andrew by the hot tub. Andrew trying to rally votes to stay. Andrew we need Jon's vote. Sarah if we get Kenny to ask Jon for the vote we might have a chance. Sarah I will have a talk with him(Jon) so will Arlie and Kenny. If we can garanetee him that he won't go up if he changes his vote. Andrew says that's ok there are many other targets to go up. Losing Sabrina looses the mental game but that's ok. Sarah says it's ok because people are catching onto her social game and what she is doing. Andrew that's ok I don't want I give up. Sarah promises him she will try to find out if this is possible or not. Sarah makes him promise to not let on to Sabrina that this might be happening. Andrew says no that he still feels like he is going to go so her won't change his attitude. He didn't think he had a chance until he talked to Arlie. Sarah feels like she has a better connection to Andrew. He says yes that's why he calls her mumsy. Sarah says she loves Sabrina but she is putting doubts in everyone's mind about Sarah. Andrew confirms that Sabrina is going around saying to everyone that Sarah is to close to Kenny. Sarah talks about final four of her Kenny, Andrew and Allison. That they would be super strong. Andrew says he wants Kenny to approach Jon and convince him to change his vote and that they won't put Jon up. Andrew says that Jon approached him about his vote and that he would change it for Andrew. He doesn't know if he was being honest. Andrew will swear to him that he will not put him up. He can't promise that he will take him to the end but for now keep him safe.

11:21 Sarah says Sabrina doesn't realise she goes to everyone and talks game and they all know she does. Everyone else just talks game to those who are close. Andrew says there game is having to change earlier than they thought it would be. Andrew says he doesn't want to be arrogant but he is a strong competitor in this game an he would help out Sarah more by being in this game. Sarah talks about how safe Sabrina feels and she she is pushing to keep herself I the game. SHe is playing harder than Andrew is and he needs to fight for himself and for them.

11:25 Andrew feels like this a glimmer of hope that he can stay in the game. Sarah says he is going to let Kenny approach Jon in the game. Andrew asks if heather would change her vote. Sarah says no not a chance Adel and heather will not change their vote.

11:26 Kenny and Arlie join Andrew and Sarah by he hot tub. They have some Jedi training.

11:27 Andrew leaves Sarah Kenny Arlie by hot tub. Sarah tells them that Sabrina is coming after Sarah hard. Andrew told her stuff about what Sabrina is saying. About how close Kenny and Sarah are. Arlie says confirms that's a brims is saying shit about Sarah. Sarah says Andrew only has Allison and they know he has their backs but Sabrina has the whole house because she is talking to everyone. Kenny says we need to get Jon on board. He will talk to Jon and say to him that Sabrina has been talking shit about him to everyone and that Andrew and him will not come after Jon.

Sarah tells them that she told Andrew he has to fight for himself because Sabrina is. How surprised Andrew was that she was. Kenny leaves them and says he is going to talk to Jon.

Arlie says to Sarah he is going to talk to Jon too. They prose not to put him on the block. Sarah says to Arlie that Andrew did promise to not go after Jon.

11:32 Adel comes out to hot tub so conversations broken up about Andrew and Jon.

[this is going to be a good day for live feeders lots of scrambling and conversations are going to be happening]

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10:59AM BBT: Lots of talk about what the mugshot pics. could mean. A twist? HoH comp.? just for fun? Arlie does not think it s for nothing. Sab asks you think we need to know the dates. Allison: no prob, what we are wearing like who is wear hats who is not. Heather I bet we are going to have to answer questions tomorrow. Jon says maybe a double eviction. Pics have now gone off the screens.

11:04AM BBT: Ro, Allison, Andrew, and Kenny in the BY trying to remember the pics. Sab, Jon, Adel, and Heather in the WA going over the pics as well. Sab is cutting Jons hair.

11:11AM BBT: Sabrina, Kenny, Allison, and Ro in the BY. Allison I hate myself for announcing that we are going to be quizzed on what everyone was wearing. I just got so excited. I think it is going to be a true or false.

11:13AM BBT: Andrew is telling Sarah that if she keeps him he will be better in comps. and she will have Arlie, Kenny and him fighting for her. Sarah: I have been thinking about it. If I think there is way I am open. No offense to Sab. but people are starting to caught on to her. Sab puts in people heads that there is reasons not to trust me. How strong would it be with me, Kenny, Andrew, and Allison? Andrew so strong. This is what I was thinking. Let Kenny approach him and then we go up and agree we just need his vote and then we promise him safety for 1 week.

11:23AM BBT: Sarah and Andrew at the HT. Sarah is telling Andrew that Sab has been fight hard. Andrew I felt bad to do this because I care about Sab. and I don't blame her for trying to stay in the game. I will give Kenny sometime to approach Jon and then we will take it form there. Andrew: Do you think Heather will sway? Sarah: I think she is 100% with Adel and Adel is not switching. Kenny and Arlie join they go over the pics again. Andrew leaves. Sarah says Sab is going after her hard. Kenny how do yo know? Andrew told me a lot of stuff about how she say I am always getting on him. Kenny: we need the 5th vote. We need to get Jon or Neda. I am going to tell him (Jon) Sab. has been talking shit about him. She is trying to get me to get Jon out. I am gonna leave this for now but I am gonna have a talk with Jon soon. Kenny leaves and Arlie says he is going to try and talk to Jon too.

11:36AM BBT: Allison, Ro, Adel, Andrew, Sarah, and Arlie at the HT. RO is eating slop just because she lkes it. General chit chat.

11:39AM BBT: Sabrina, Neda, and Heather in the WA. Sab asks if should pack everything? Neda says I really don't think yo need to just pack your clothes but not your bathroom stuff. Sab asks is that mean? Neda says no.

11:46AM BBT; Sarah, Adel, Andrew, and Allison at the HT. They are talking about books and catching some sun. Kenny is in the BY lifting weights. Arlie and Heather in the KT getting breakfast. General chit chat.

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11:45 AM BBT: Andrew, Adel, Jon, Sarah and Allison are in the hot tub area. Andrew is telling them about how the winners write history, and he goes on to give a spiel about the history of the world and of the Roman Empire. Adel asks Andrew if 300 is real. Andrew responds by saying it is based on true events. Allison and Sarah discuss books that the plan to read or have read. Sarah explains about different books including The Wild and Labor Day. They all then joke about it being Backdoor Bonanza Wednesday. Jon tells Sarah she likes Backdoor Wednesday no matter who it is getting backdoored.

11:53 AM BBT: Rachelle and Sabrina just got of the shower. Rachelle leaves the room. Feeds turn to Jon and Rachelle talking in the bedroom. Jon says he knows Andrew is still campaining. He tells Rachelle she cannot change her vote. He tells her that it cannot get back to Sabrina that Andrew is not done yet, that he is not even close to being done trying to get people to keep him. Sabrina enters the room. She gets her clothes and leaves. Jon mentions to Sabrina that they are talking about keeping her. Jon again says to Rachelle not to change her vote. Jon says he wants Andrew out of this house! He is sure it will be a close 5-4 vote. Jon tells her that Andrew just came to him and Andrew told him he is not assuming he is gone, and that he is not ready to leave the game. Andrew is still campaigning Jon to get Sabrina out.

12:00 PM BBT: The converstation continues with Jon rehashing to Rachelle that she cannot tell Sabrina that Andrew is still campaigning to stay in the house. Rachelle says Andrew is going home anyway. Jon mentions that Kenny also came to him regarding swaying evection votes for Sabrina. Jon says he wanted to talk to her because she wouldn't have know otherwise that Andrew is still not giving up, since Jon knows that Andrew is going to try to sway Rachelle. They then go into who is voting for who. Jon tells Rachelle to tell Sabrina that they were just making sure they had the votes to keep Sabrina so that Sabrina does not get paranoid. Sarah opens the door, and Jon yells out "HEY". Rachelle and Jon then leave the room. Rachelle says she is not going to sway her vote while leaving.

12:05 PM BBT Adel and Allison in the Hot tub area. Adel talks about what would have happened if Paul stayed in the game, and what Paul's game was before Allison entered the house. Adel says Paul's game sucked and he lasted longer then he thought he would. Allison says she was only here for one week with Paul and felt sorry for Paul who was shunning himself.

Feeds turn to Jon and Neda talking into the bedroom. Jon continues to be paranoid about making sure Andrew is evicted. Jon is worried what Heather and Arlie may vote. Neda says she thinks Andrew is gone. Jon says he is worried about Rachelle's vote. They then talk about how Sabrina played a role in getting Ika up and how Sabrina worked with Rachelle to make it happen. Jon says this will completely change the whole game if Andrew stays. They talk about how Kenny does not want Andrew to leave because Kenny knows when Andrew leaves he is next. Neda says that she really wants Kenny out, then Rachelle out next.

12:18 PM BBT Arlie now talking to Jon about how Andrew approached Jon to keep him. Jon gets Arlie on board with getting Sabrina out of the house. Jon tells Arlie to not let Andrew trick him into getting him to stay. Arlie reassures Jon that he will not change his vote.

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12:14 Arlie and Jon bedroom. Talking about Kenny trying to convince Jon to change vote. Arlie says there is a zero percent chance he will vote to keep Andrew. Jon thinks they could persuade RO to vote to keep Andrew. But they know they can't keep him. Arlie says no way they can change RO vote. Arlie than tells Jon they are good. Arlie says Jon is like his brother. Arlie oes over how bad the other people have treated heather and Adel. Jon says Neda will never turn on them. Repeating how solid Jon and Arlie are.

12:20 Arlie asks him about his conversation to Kenny. Jon says will talk later and if Kenny asks to say we have not talked about it.

12:22 Sabrina and Arlie in bathroom. Sabrina ask sing Arlie if he has heard anything. She is not sting a dirty game and is she safe. Arlie says yes.

12:24 Sabrina following Jon to bedroom. Jon asks her if she thinks if Andrew has rolled over and ready to go home. Sabrina what so u mean. Jon I don't think he is ready to go home. Sabrina omg my stomach. Sabrina didn't think he had the numbers to stay. Sabrina now in panic mode!!

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12:25 Jon tells her to not run her mouth to anyone. To not act different and stay the same. Sabrina says she won't Sabrina asks him if he and Neda are changing their votes. Jon says no he, Neda, Adel, and heather are 100% keeping her. Sabrina now a light bulb is goin off in my head is he really trying to get votes. [omg this is BB]

Sabrina spinning in circles. Jon says he talked to RO. Sabrina upset RO didn't tell her. Jon says don't worry she is your best friend don't worry. Jon says he wants Sabrina in this game so don't worry. Sabrina says she heard that Jon wanted her gone this week. Jon says if he did then why would he be talking to her. Sabrina says you swore outside that you wanted to work with me. Jon says that why I am talking to you I want to work with you.

RO walks in Jon says we are talking about Andrew getting votes. Sabrina says to RO I know you promised Jon to not tell me why he said but I thought we were closer than that and u would have said something to me. [ro not looking impressed] Sabrina keeps talking now going on about Sarah and I she can trust her. Sabrina says it hard for her to be fake outside of this bedroom and act like nothing is going on. Jon says just deal with your emotions after Thursday. No one is going after Sabrina and relax trust her group. Sabrina takes a dig and says even though you don't tell me everything. RO left the room Sabrina again says she is upset that RO didn't tell her what was going on. [good grief it all just happened this morning ]

RO back in room with Jon and Sabrina. Jon says don't worry it won't happen. Sabrina says what if everyone is faking to her face then she goes home. Jon says you are safe. Deal with your emotions after Thursday. She says and what if I go in the block then. Jon says deal with it next week then. Sabrina out right says to Jon I thought you gordo and Kenny were close how do I know that u are here for me. Jon says they turns on me just trust me. Jon hugs her and leaves

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12:37 Sabrina spinning to RO about of this. Nothing is making sense that Kenny told her thy Jon wanted to go after Sabrina next week and that he was going to put her on the block. Sabrina says she thinks Jon is just trying to get everyone to turn against each other. RO says don't believe anything he says

Adel comes into room. He says he was suntanning by himself and everyone was coming to him and then he tells Sabrina that there is lots of campagning going on. Sabrina says what people want me out tell me what they said. Adel I am not telling u what they said just they r trying and he feels that he is the deciding vote.

They move to bathroom. Adel says I am telling you they are doing a lot of work for him to stay. That "the millionaire" is trying hard with everyone to keep gordo. Adel says he is not voting against Sabrina. Andrew is to strong and he needs him to go. That they promised Adel 2 weeks. Safely. Adel leaves. Sabrina says to RO that all of that wasn't true that Jon sent Adel to talk to her and she doesn't believe any of it.

12:43 Kenny comes into bathroom to Sabrina and RO. SAbrina tells Kenny everything that Jon and Adel said to her. Kenny laughs and says I promise I said none of that. RO says Jon said Kenny was doing all of this. They are kind I laughing and Kenny says no never. Girls tell him everything Jon said. Interrupted by someone Kenny leaves and Sabrina blowdrying RO hair can't hear anything.

12:47 Kenny comes out to pool to Sarah Jon and Neda. Kenny asks what r they talking about. Kenny says the lies everyone is telling in this house[looking at jon] Sarah says she is telling Sabrina she is not voting her out. Kenny says again everyone is telling lies in this house[diffenetly trying to let Jon know Sabrina talked to him]

Sarah just keeps going on about Sabrina not realizing how mad Kenny is. Jon keeps looking at Kenny stoking his chin [wheels turning]

12:52 Kenny guess we have 24hrs to figure it all out and walks away. Sarah talking about who is better Sabrina or Andrew to keep she just doesn't know.

[have to go for now but great day on live feeds]

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4:00PM jon and sarah still in the corner talking about votes . sarah saying that sabrina is coming after jon. sarah hopes jon trust her over sabrina. and that sabrina has everyone rattled and thats why it would be smart to take her out now because sabrina can talk her way our of anything. sarah saying arlie might be able to be convinced to for sabrina out if he saw that it was in our best interest then maybe. sarah say that would be so huge for your spot with kenny and i promise to get andrew out next.

they are really just going over scenarios of if who wins HOH and what that person will do.

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4:09pm jon gets called to the diary room which interrupts him and sarah convo. sarah pulls sabrina to the side. sarah says the jon knows that shit is going around that he can feel it. sarah says that he was picking her brain and that she totally got him convinced that we are not mad at him but that he said that adel has been saying weird stuff and he is worried about Rachelle throwing him under the bus. sabrina ask sarah when he was coming up jon said "such a fucking what? sarah says are you serious he wasn't even talking about you he was talking about rachelle. sabrina ask then why is he giving me looks of death. sarah says jon is just pissed

sabrina says its just weird cause first andrew gets called to the diary room and now jon sarah says because they see everything productions comes on saying houseguest "please do not talk about production. sarah says she basically spend that time with jon convincing him that we are all 100% voting out andrew. that jon is worried about kenny and andrew being a pair.[sarah is lying by the way]. she also tells sabrina about shit going around... kenny comes in and sarah says one sec but i need to talk to you next. cnvo continues that he overheard that adel has been saying things. sarah says she just trying to calm things down right now and that if jon goes on the blocked then we are all fucked because he will definitely try to break us up. sarah assures sabrina that she safe. and that she doesn't care about adel. sarah rushes out to talk to kenny

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4:22pm sarah talking talking with kenny in the red corner that adel is going to fuck up their game. she saying that they need the numbers to put him and so right now jon needs to be coddled and caressed and that she swore on everything that he was safe. she tells kenny that jon says the thought of andrew staying in this game together is bad for his game. arlie comes over as well . sarah is whispering really low so kind of hard to hear.

kenny says as soon as he talked to him he ran right to rachelle and told her everything [still very hard to hear] sarah says the only thing she is trying to do right now is that if jon wins hoh that we are safe. she also says that if neda wins we will need his vote just in case any of us ends up on the block. sarah says she need to keep jon close. as long as someone from our side win we are fine. kennys ask sarah and arlie what are we going to do about andrew. arlie says im doing whatever you two are doing. kennys says im going to vote for andrew to stay that alison and him will vote for him to stay. arlie gets up and leave and sara says im swear on my kids that if you are not in that jury house with me i will freaking die. dont leave me in the jury house with these crazy people. she is begging kenny to be nice to jon. kenny swears he got this hoh in the bag that he knows every mig shot what person is holding what in their hands about every mug...henna tattoos. he wants him and sarah to sit down and study he will tell her everything he knows .

sarah says she knows sabrina twist everything around. talk as now turned to rachelle and sabrina and how rachaell doesnt think that sabrina could be her best ally. sara says she fed rachaelle some things just to see if it would get back to sabrina. rachaelle knows that sabrina has been lying to her especially about the vote her sabrina knowing about the vote not to send heather home.

sarahs telling kenny she wants both of them to go far and that when he sees her DR that she is 100% trying to keep him safe kenny says same with me . talk turns back to jon and sarah says that she thinks that she is the only one on their side that jon trust .. talks break up

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sara goes to the bathroom and sabrina quickly follows right behind. sabrina ask sarah why does jon look like he is going to kill me . sara says that sabrina knows how jon gets and he is in one of his moods. jon is just trying to secure his place cause he knows once andrew leaves he is going to be the next target. sara says she throwing adel under the bus for everything just to keep jon calm and on our side. sabrina says that does he think i ratted him out sara says he didnt even bring you up. she says the only thing that came up was that people dont tell him anything and that adel threw him under the buss and that he is worried that people may have thought he said something. sara says she just calming him down. sarah says that jon is so scared that andrew kenny and her are so close that even if he knew that sabrina is the one that told that he would still vote to keep sabrina.

sabrina says that she is so sketch out that its a conspiracy to keep me calm and that tomorrow everyone is going to vote me out. sara reassures her that sabrina is staying and that sarah can just leave her alone and tomorrow she can see for herself. sabrina says that neda pulled her in a corner and started going over votes and that neda said she has jon but then neda could be just playing the game. she also says that neda didnt even mention sarah as a vote and she for sure knows that she has sarah. sarah says her and neda have not never been the same since she voted against the girls. sabrina asks sarah what happened today by the pool today sarah says i cant even remember that was forever ago. sabrina says that neda said that apparently their was a deal with adel and jon. sarah says that they were going over scenarios if they kept andrew over sabrina and that it would be bad for their game to keep andrew. sarah says they were trying to figure out whether or not she was going to flip votes. she says they were trying to figure out that if andrew made a deal with adel was sarah going to jump in that deal and keep adel safe till jury. sarah says thats is why she spent that whole time with jon convincing him that that its not good to keep andrew over sabrina.

sabrina ask sarah do you think adel is going to cote to keep andrew sarah says no that adel is just messing with sabrinas head and that he loves to see her squirm. sarah says no one tells adel anything because he cant be trusted. sarah says even if andrew did make a deal with adel then he is the biggest idiot in this game and thats why he is going home. sabrina says that andrew did and sarah says how do you know sabrina says because andrew told me [lies by the way] and that andrew tried to make a deal with someone else and that she is so scared that they are going to take it.

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9:06pm jon comes out the bathroom saying how his penis has discharge [disguesting] and describing the discharge. alison says what does it look like you want me to check it jon comes out the bathroom with the discharge in his hands and asks everyone to look at it. alison smells it and says it really strong. they ask where does it come from . everyone tell him to wash his hands [ excuse me while i go barf]

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6:25PM BBT: Feeds 1/2 are HushHush. Feeds 3/4 show Heather, Sabrina and Neda in the HT area. Neda is talking about her tattoos, and how she kind of regrets her tattoo on the inside of her arm because she sees it all the time. She doesn’t get sick of her other tattoos because she doesn’t see them all the time. She wishes she got something different, and how her tattoo artist fucked up a little bit on it.

6:30PM BBT: Sabrina headed inside for a sweater and heads over to the group around the hammock group if they want to come outside. She says it’s nice out as long as you have a sweater on. [i agree, the weather is gorgeous out today!!]. Neda, Sabrina, Sarah and Rachelle are sitting on the ground with Allison and Andrew laying in the hammock.

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6:40PM BBT: All 4 feeds on the group by the hammock. Sarah and her friend Luke set up her mum and his dad. His dad was looking through pictures, and commented that this woman was hot. Sarah told her mum about what he said, and her mum asked for his number. They went out and have been together ever since. Her mum doesn’t want to get married again. Sounds like she’s been divorced a few times. Heather joins the group by the hammock.

6:45PM BBT: Adel comes out into the BY and checks on the laundry. He joins the group by the hammock. Neda misses her sister and was scared to come into the house, because she would have to make decisions without her. Her sister is working at a bank but trying to find a job in city planning.

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6:50PM BBT: Adel has gone inside and is laying on the couch in the living room, silent. Sabrina heads up to the washroom and asks whomever is in there if they’re going to be a while. She says she is going to pee in her pant. Andrew heads into the bedroom.

6:55PM BBT: Sabrina finally has her chance to pee as Arlie exits the stall. Arlie searches for his razor blade. Andrew walks in and suggests he look in one of the drawers.

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7:00PM BBT: In the BY, Kenny is laying on the hammock. On the ground beside him is Allison, Neda, Heather, Sarah, Rachelle, Arlie and Jon. Sarah is talking about her family. Sarah asks Arlie if he has any siblings. He says he has two older sisters. One of his sisters has a wolf-dog (70%wolf, 30%dog he says). Arlie says he's the only one in his family with blue eyes. His parents and sisters all have brown eyes.

7:05PM BBT: Arlie says his sisters didn't get along too well during their childhood. He says his sister Danielle used to snitch on him all the time, and she would laugh when he was grounded. Arlie says he was grounded almost all of his childhood. He was grounded for a year from sleepovers. He says it lasted 11 1/2 months. Arlie says his parents are very strict. He says he was kicked out when he was 17, and moved in with his best friend and his mum for a year.

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7:10PM BBT: The group outside are chatting about school dances. Arlie says he was breathalized by the cops at one of his dances. One of the girls says they started doing that at their dances, and the students stopped drinking and started doing other things, which was worse.

7:15PM BBT: Arlie guesses it is 5:45PM. Sarah heads inside. Allison, Neda, Heather, Jon, Rachelle, Arlie and Kenny are outside by the hammock. They chat about when they will be let into the HoH room. They think it might be at night.

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7:25PM BBT: Andrew and Sabrina are sitting on the chairs upstairs. Andrew says Kenny, Sarah and Arlie don't want to pick between the two of them. Andrew says he would not say anything bad about her, he loves her. Sabrina starts crying, and it's difficult to hear what she's saying. Andrew says you're only weak if she lets herself believe it. Andrew tells her to take a deep breath, and what she is doing is to win a game. He tells her they'll meet up at the wrap party and they'll exchange numbers, and he'll visit her in Montreal. Andrew says he was talking to people if there was a possibility to stay, but he wasn't saying bad things about her. Andrew says if he goes home, he's not going to watch the show until the end of the season. Andrew says he just doesn't wan their last day to be upset with each other.

7:30PM BBT: Andrew says Neda and Heather are attaching themselves to people. He says Heather is attaching herself to Adel, and Adel is attaching onto other people and it doesn't make sense to him. Sabrina is still crying. They both say it sucks. Sabrina repeats that she just doesn't want him to be mad at her. Andrew says he isn't , and doesn't want to talk about it anymore because it's annoying. They get up and hug. Feeds follow them into the bedroom. Sabrina lays on the bed and continues crying. Allison sits with her rubbing her leg. Sabrina says she never expected to come here and care so much. Andrew starts packing. Sabrina offers to leave to leave them alone, but they shut it down, and says she should stay.

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