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Friday, March 28 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), The current

Big Brother Time: 02:28:20 AM

Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 2:00 AM (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:00 AM BBT Downstairs Andrew says girls that have played Diablo for any length of time, know lots about super heroes, and know sports usually look like dudes that eat Cheetos. Allison says she likes Cheetos. Andrew says "I love Cheetos as well...who doesn't like Cheetos?" Andrew says he's sweet. FoTH on feeds in the BR.

12:05 AM BBT Feeds back in the BR and we have more Canadian national anthem singing. Jon sings the anthem and Neda tries to get him to stop by smothering him with her pillow. Jon is called out by several of the girls to stop touching his manhood. General goofiness at this time.

12:10 AM BBT Down in the LR Andrew and Allison continue to talk/flirt. They're discussing their ideal men/women. Up in the BR Sabrina wonders who farted. Rachelle wishes she could get called into DR.

12:17 AM BBT General chit chat/silliness. HGs want to go to sleep but they know they're going to be called into DR. Jon takes off his mic and lays face down on the bed. BB instructs Jon to put on his mic. Back down in the LR Allison and Andrew continue to cuddle and talk about relationships. Allison says it was a good talk. Andrew wonders if it really was. Allison says it was. They begin making out.

12:23 AM BBT Adel out of DR. Sarah called to DR. Rachelle is upset that they won't call her to DR. Sabrina points out that now that she's out of her costume BB doesn't care about her any more. She wishes she could have won the costume a different week than her own HoH.

12:29 AM BBT Down in the KT Neda and Arlie are talking. Arlie is going to make a cheese bagel and Neda is going to have one or split it with him. Up in the DR feeds remain on Rachelle and Sabrina in bed with Kenny. Jon and Heather can also be seen laying down in their beds. Heather has been to DR. Jon is still needing to go. Feeds in KT switch to Allison and Andrew chatting again. Andrew thinks Canada wants him out.

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12:36 AM BBT Nothing new to report. Idle chit chat in the KT. Sabrina and Rachelle come down. Allison wonders if they can go to bed yet. Sabrina says she thinks they are only allowing those that have done DR to sleep (Jon was out cold last we saw and he hasn't done DR yet).

12:45 AM BBT It's midnight snack time in the BB house. Andrew, Allison, Sabrina, Andrew, and Arlie are all snacking. Idle chit chat about going to Cancun after they get out of the house. Allison is not going straight back to work.

12:52 AM BBT Sarah out of the DR. She loves the DR. Rachelle called to DR. Sabrina asks her to ask BB for Metamucil pills for her. Otherwise nothing else to report. Idle/scattered chit chat while everyone snacks. Andrew wonders if they should get ready for bed. Allison agrees.

12:57 AM BBT Sarah, Jon, Kenny and Adel can be seen laying in bed in the BR. Down in the KT Arlie, Sabrina, Allison and Andrew much on popcorn.

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1:00 AM BBT A light snoring can be heard in the BR. it appears the lights may be dimming super slowly, although this isn't confirmed at this time. Arlie heads into the BR while Andrew, Allison and Neda all head into the WA. FoTH

1:02 AM BBT We've lost audio on Feeds 1 and 2. Resetting the browser/feeds does not fix it (this seems to regularly happen at this time of the night). Adel can be seen talking to Sarah and Sabrina whom are in bed together. Neda is getting ready for bed next to the bed Jon is lying in. Adel sits up briefly before laying back down. Neda crawls into bed with Jon. In the WA Allison and Andrew have begun nightly ADLs.

1:10 AM BBT All four feeds on BR at this time. Sabrina tells Andrew she ate too much like an idiot. Sabrina is whispering to him and it's very difficult to hear what is being said. It almost sounds like they're speaking French. FoTH.

1:15 AM BBT Feeds back. Neda crawling in bed. Allison is wandering around the BR looking for something to wear. Sabrina continues to sit up facing Andrew. BB repeatedly tells someone to put on their microphone. Apparently it was a generic message because Jon sits up and says "Who the hell are you talking to?" Allison and Sabrina both say they have their mics on. FoTH.

1:20 AM BBT Feeds back. Jon laying back down. Sabrina laying down next to Sarah, looking over towards Andrew and Allison. Allison says "if you could ask the mall rats to be quiet please...they're chatting up a storm." Andrew asks if it's mall rats and Allison says yeah. (She may have said mall rats or wall rats here. I'm not entirely certain). Otherwise silent in the BR. Lights appear to continuing to dim ever so slowly. FoTH.

01:29 AM BBT Feeds back. Lights are dimmed in the BR, night vision mode engaging on the cameras. Arlie is out in the BY taking shots at the hockey net with the stick/whiffle balls. Arlie says he won't be able to sleep in the BR tonight (he mentioned it was hot earlier). He asks BB if he could take naps tomorrow if he pulls an all nighter tonight. He promises to be very entertaining tonight. BB gives a "Stop that!" He guesses not. Sabrina is up and heads into the WA.

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01:33 AM BBT We've lost audio on all four feeds. Feeds 1 and 3 and 4 are on the BR. Jon is sitting up on the edge of his bed. Neda sits up and lies back down repeatedly. Jon now laying back down. Arlie is on Feed 2, continuing to take shots at the hockey net with the whiffle ball and hockey stick.

01:35 AM BBT Audio back. Arlie says this game is amazing. He says this game is the most amazing competition out there. Sabrina out of the WA. She comes down stairs and sees Arlie in the BY and tells him that she just threw up in the WA (perhaps that's why we lost our audio on all four feeds). She ate way too much. Arlie is sorry to hear that. She heads into the DR. Arlie is done playing with the whiffle balls. He says he doesn't want to work out he'll get too warm. Arlie proceeds to do a dozen or so pull ups before finishing. Sabrina out of the DR. She's going to make tea. Her stomach hurts. Arlie says he's going to sit next to the pool for a bit Arlie instead offers to make her tea for her. Sabrina thanks him and lies on the ground just outside the doors.

01:40 AM BBT Correction. Sabrina is laying on her belly on the couch next to the back door. Arlie is cleaning up the kitchen while he's making her tea. Sabrina called to DR.

01:45 AM BBT Sabrina's tea is done. Arlie delivers it over to her and she thanks him. Arlie goes back to cleaning up in the kitchen.

01:55 AM BBT Sabrina feels awful. Arlie feels bad for her. Sabrina blows on her tea. Arlie continues to clean up the KT.

01:57 AM BBT Sabrina says that through the walls they were talking about how messy the house is. Sabrina thinks they should clean the house tomorrow. Arlie agrees. BB tells HGs to stop talking about production.

((Unfortunately I'm calling it quits early tonight due to a meeting first thing in the morning.))

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We need updaters today from 9AM to 12:30PM and from 6PM to 8PM. So if you could help out by posting during these hours, we have thousands of readers that will appreciate it, and I especially appreciate it.


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2:00 PM BBT Still HoTH. @Meeesa83 and @niteslacker both agree that this is Andrew, Kenny, Rachelle and Sabrina's week for slop. What do you think?

2:08 PM BBT On Facebook Samantha thinks Sabrina, Kenny and Sarah should be on slop while Juanita thinks Andrew, Kenny and Sabrina should be. Juanita also points out that Sarah has a slop pass. Do you think they should try to get her to flush it now, or later in the season when she may be weaker (or stronger) for whatever reason?

02:25 PM BBT Guess what! We still have HoTH/FoTH. How about a Canadian trivia question while we wait? What city is known as the "Automobile Capital of Canada"?

02:43 PM BBT We still have FoTH. Misty on FB thinks the answer to the trivia question: What city is known as the "Automobile Capital of Canada"? is Windsor Ontario. What do you think?

02:49 PM BBT Still FoTH. The answer we were looking for is Oshawa, Ontario, which is home to General Motors Canada HQ.

02:55 PM BBT Still FoTH on the feeds. We suspect they are playing the Have/Have-Not challenge for the week. Speaking of which, earlier one of our Facebook fans, Juanita, mentioned Sarah's slop pass and we asked if you thought it was smarter to force her to flush it now, or hold off a bit later in the season. Misty and Juanita both agreed that now is the time to get her to use it.

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03:05 PM BBT Still FoTH. How about a trivia question about last season of BBCA. Since Talla paid a visit last week, it's only fitting that the question be about her! What Bill Murrey movie did Talla think was a documentary?

03:24 PM BBT Still FoTH. We're still looking for an answer to our trivia question from one of our fans! The question is: What Bill Murray movie did Talla think was a documentary?

03:34 PM BBT Still FoTH. @lindas106 Got it right! It was in fact Groundhog Day! Way to go!

03:47 PM BBT Still FoTH. How about another trivia question? What was the name of Gary and Topaz's alliance last season?

04:00 PM BBT Still FoTH. For those just joining us or getting caught up, we believe they are competing for Have/Have-Not at this time. @Jackster377 got our trivia question right by answering Secret Wedding Alliance. Way to go!

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Was it posted anywhere about last nights after dark episode? What was show on tv was a couple clips of footage from after live show. Main discussion was the HG discussing the twist. A couple of interesting things. Sarah and Sabrina are hoping that canada loves the first 5 so much that they won't vote for them to be on the block. That if any of them might go up it would be Andrew. Kenny and Jon have a discussion in storage room that any of them are at risk and the veto will be most important. They can't ignore Adel because he still has his veto power. Feeds then cut into what was shown on tv with HG playing hockey in backyard. Which was on the live feeds.

Sorry if this was already posted.

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04:11 PM BBT On second thought, feeds are back. Some of the HGs are standing on the HT cover with balloons. Everyone is cheering as BB gives us a wide angle shot of the mostly open roof. Heather says "What a good idea Adel!" and we get FoTH once more.

04:26 PM BBT We remain on FoTH. Several people in the chat have suggested that it could have been a birthday party for Andrew. What do you think is happening in the BBCA house at this very moment?

04:45 PM BBT Still FoTH. RT @mortystv who knows @_BBCanada hides everything. Glad their "live feeds" are free bc I would be pissed at how much it's shut down.

04:52 PM BBT Feeds are back. Jon and Adel are in the HNR. Adel says if Arlie was in there they could plot all night and all day. Out on the couches you have Kenny, Neda, Allison Sarah, Heather and Sabrina. Everyone appears to be wearing their nice clothing (outfits normally saved for Eviction night).

04:59 PM BBT The cast is spent. Arlie is eating a bowl of Sirachan rice while everyone on the green LR couch is just sitting around dozing. Back in the HNR Jon and Adel continue to nap on those beds. Sarah speaks out that they've been together for 30 GD days in a row. They all laugh and agree.

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5:00 PM BBT Feeds are back

Neda, Heather, Arlie, Sarah and Allison are in the main room talking about how long they been together and haven't seen anyone else. Jon and Adel are asleep in the Have Not Room. Big Brother has woke them up

Sabrina has joined them in the main room and they are discussing about recipes.

5:05 PM The houseguests are now talking about last season and how they punished Peter for 24 hours because he would not wake up. All of them look like they could go to sleep right now.

5:10 PM BBT Sabrina says she feels the house is way too small when the backyard is closed and that are way too confined. Sarah still is clamoring over how they have been together for 30 days. Kenny seems amused that this keeps getting discussed. Andrew is in the diary room, the rest of the houseguests continue talking about the season to this point, that it is surprising only 4 people have left to this point.

5:14 PM BBT Sarah asks if they are on the live feeds? Other houseguests respond yes. Allison says they are probably not very entertaining. Now there is an eery silence among the houseguests. Andrew enters the main room. Allison starts cracking up when she sees him.

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5:37pm Heather and Neda in the main bedroom having a little heart to heart. Neda said all the HGs were told a lot of lies about her (Heather). Heather and Neda both say they try to avoid talking about others, but it is hard. They continue to chat about what they think the upcoming challenges will be and who they think Canada might put on the block.

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5:33 PM BBT Adel is now in the DR. Heather and Neda are in the BR doing makeup. Heather talks to Neda saying she likes talking to her the most, and that there is some bad information about stuff shes said earlier in the game. H wonders who Canada will vote for, and if they will make the "right" decision.

5:38PM BBT H and N then talk about how they will reveal the noms, and if keys will be used. H says they need Sabrina to stay around for ratings/entertainment because of her apt to stir things up. N mentions that Canada probably voted Allison into the house. The rest of the houseguests remain in the LR just talking about general stuff. Likely there will be little game talk until the Noms come out. .

5:40PM BBT Adel enters the room with H and N. N thinks Arlie and Jon are safe because of their goofiness and that H is safe. H says they both should be safe. Adel says he was BS'ing the house about talking in the DR about his power? He supposively wanted to see how Canada being HOH affected his power. Adel thinks Andrew is 100% on the block and Sabrina will be the other. . Adel also says Canada probably voted Allison in and that shes safe.

5:43PM BBT Adel began talking about one of his tweets he saw about Sabrina, but Andrew comes in and Adel does not say what the tweet mentioned. Adel then re-enters the room after Andrew leaves and says the tweet mentioned "Adel is the only one who sees through Sabrina." There seems to be continued talk about getting Sabrina out of the house.

5:48 PM BBT Heather, Jon, Adel and Neda remain in BR now. They are just talking non-game related stuff. Jon says he is not ready to be on slop. Heather talks about her boyfriend and the rest talk about if their boyfriend/girlfriend cheated on them.

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17:15PMBBT We have the feeds back! In the LR Discussing that its day 30 Sarah feels like time went by fast and accomplished allot in 30 days made allot of memories the weirdest part for sarah is that only 5 ppl are gone, (wrong its actually 6 but they dont know about scott/nate yet)

17:20PMBBT HGS Still In LR Sarah is hoping on Wednesday they do a backdoor episode with Andrew/Kenny. Seems as if the HGS are actually on an Indoor LD nobody is really talking its very quite communication has been via hand signals between andrew and kenny

17:25PMBBT Still in LR No real game talk in fact the sleeping HG were woken up by Big Brother came on and said 'Hgs wake up nap time is over" Now we are back talking about food on the couch no game talk the hgs are making me hungry

17:35PMBBT In the LR the HGS are having genreal chitchat. Sarah mentions Kennys beard is getting bushier he responds saying it was not brushed today. Everyone looks exhausted Sabrina is gonna make jon something with eggs and salsa it sounds like he might be a half-not

17:40PMBBT Sabrina is informing us that she calls all her friends by there full first name and last name. Also Adel said he asked he did not ask about his special veto power when he was in DR

17:55PMBBT Sabrina in the LR Talking about her family gold chains and rosary other then that not much is really going on, Rachelle doesn't seem to interested in the conversation

17:57PMBBT It looks as if half-nots get hard boiled eggs as well as slop this week when they showed the SR Kenny and Sabrina debating how it was worded for Canada for the reign of HOH Sabrina says it will be an interesting day tomorrow

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6:03 PM BBT The houseguests are finally moving about. Sabrina, Kenny, Allison and Andrew are in the LR. Sabrina is not happy that Canada gets to be HOH and that the Noms are unfair . She says it's so biased because outsiders have no idea what really is going on in the house. Andrew agrees saying that it will be an uneducated vote. Feeds go FoTH.

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5:58PM BBT: Arlie, Jon, Heather, Neda in the BR general chit chat mostly about being a have not or being tired. Heather is trying to figure out what to wear tonight. Jon is said he would be a server. Neda stating she is so tired. Arlie says just a heads up there have been quite a few warning about people falling asleep and that we could potentially get a punishment. Neda said she doesn't care she is going to try anyway.

6:04PM BBT: Sabrina talking to Kenny and Allison. It bothers me when other people (Canada) get to decide because they don't live here and don't understand. She goes on to say that maybe Amanda really wasn't that bad it may of been they way she was portrayed. She says she knows Amanda was because she watched after dark. [she must have forgotten we can watch her 24 hours a day.] Allison said she understands the point she is trying to get across. Kenny said nothing during this convo.

6:09PM BBT: Allison, Andrew, Kenny, Jon, Arlie now in the LR discussion has turned to what kind of work out they are going to do tonight, and how much Kenny likes the word panties. Having quite a bit a audio problems this afternoon.

6:12PM BBT: Down to only 2 feeds. Both on the LR couch. Ro, Allison, Kenny discussing how they miss sex. Ro and Kenny both agree they would in the house if they had a showmance. Allison says it;s weird because her dad could be watching.

6:17PM BBT: All of the HG's still dressed nicely. A few have complained about wishing they could change. Jon has mentioned he will be a server because he is a have not. Adel also mentioned something to the effect of going to go ahead and eat because the Canada thing will still be a while away. BB has something planned for the HG's tonight!

6:22PM BBT: All feeds have cut to HoTH.

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6:12 PM BBT Two Feeds are back. Rachelle, Kenny and Allison are in the LR. Rachelle says she would definitely have sex if she was in a showmance. Kenny says he'd do it in the shower, there are no cameras there. Allison does not want to talk about it. Rachelle says she would do it under the covers.

6:16 PM BBT Sarah enters the room and wants to cuddle with Kenny. She says lets have a group cuddle.

My feeds arent working but I will be able to update Mon-Fri from 10:30-12:30 if you always have that gap

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6:43PM BBT: Feeds back up! Nothing has changed Adel and Jon are scarfing down slop cookies. Talk about if the HG's like their mom cooking.

6:47PM BBT: Allison, Neda, Ro, Arlie, Jon, Adel, and Kenny in the LR. We still have only 2 feeds up. They HG's are dragging with general chit chat.

6:54PM BBT: Ro said she wants to get called for DR so she can change. Most of the HG's have changed in to something more comfortable.

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8:05pm sabrina, jon, and rachelle in the BY chit chatting. they are all wondering how nominations be be presented. rachelle asks are we going to pick keys ? sabrina says it was done once before where they will probably gather them around the green couch and announce who the noms will be. sabrina goes on to say how she guessed it and kenny thought she was way off.

8:10pm andrew and alison come out by the hot tub talking about whether with sabrina and rachelle . sabrina mentions she loves fall fashion and that the highest suicides happens in october because it dark and gloomy.

alison and andrew start talking about the mirrors and how there is cameras in the mirrors. they count the mirrors and alison looks over and says has anyone tried to open that door and andrew says no they are all locked and feeds cut ...

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19:05PMBBT Arlie in the LR Informed Kenny that his hair reminds him of Tin-tin. They were apparently square dancing in the Half-Not competition. They are discussing YouTube shows and southpark and more jokes about farting.

19:10PMBBT Neda informed Jon and Adel only them are on slop, Adel only wants him and jon using the maple syrup how Canadian. We are back on HOTH

19:10PMBBT Neda informed Jon and Adel only them are on slop, Adel only wants him and jon using the maple syrup how Canadian. We are back on HOTH

19:25PMBBT Kenny in LR Is talking sexy talk with Sarah as she struts around and Heather asks Sarah if she would like a cookie. Sarah is dancing around as Adel sings and says shes rowdy today and that canada should wake up. Adel suggests a underwear party tonight..

19:30PMBBT Everyone is in the LR Various conversations, However Sarah mentioned that if Adels powerful power is in the paper he has if they stole it would they have the power.. now they are singing don't you put it in you're mouth. The HGs are requesting more liquor and also they want BB to open up the HOH Room

19:40PMBBT Everyone except Rach and Neda have changed into different clothes looks like they are the only ones waiting to get into the DR, Sarah is very loud tonight and drunk.. she wants music to dance

19:45PMBBT it looks like heather is also still in her dress, She wants a shoe to throw at someone. Andrew and Alison are also on the couch joining in on this conversation about Nipples and about Kennys Dental hygine

19:55PMBBT Sabrina is hoping that they ring about HOH Soon as it would give them a new area to chat. Rachelle wants beaver tail because she loves them. They hope HOH is different and very Canadian. Sabrina wants to teach kenny more about Montreal so he is not so boring when he returns home

20:00PMBBT Looks like they are no longer on ILD only andrew remains on the couch as everybody heads outside Jon/Sabrina/Rach are outside waiting by the door to the HT


20:45PMBBT Since we are still on HOTH makes me think the hgs are getting the hoh room let's do some triva What would Peter rather vote for than Jillian, Talla or Andrew in the Final 2?

20:55PMBBT The answer to the trivia question was.. a coffee pot

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9:00PMBBT: Andrew, Arlie and Sarah are in the Hot tub area talking. Andrew says one of them just has to win the veto. (Voting ends in less than an hour, no one has been nominated yet) Arlie says "Maybe one of us but maybe none of us are going up!" Andrew farts, Sarah says "Wow! That dinner really got ya!" She covers her nose, he says that is normal. She says dinner was nice, she thought it might be awkward because of Heather being there but it was ok.

9:08PMBBT: The hot tub talk is about Heather and how she can be a sweet girl. Andrew and Arlie "don't have a problem with her" and Sarah says sometimes she can have a good chat with Heather. It can be hit and miss though. Feeds 3 and 4 are up, 1 and 2 are HotH still. Sarah says Andrew's farts are angry.

9:09PMBBT: Oh Canada plays and they stand and sing. Suddenly it stops, they head inside and it starts again so they start singing again. Arlie sings "True north strong and free...." Then quickly says "that's the best line!"

9:15PMBBT: Lots of short HotH, sporadic. Sarah and Sabrina are in the hammock. They talk about how their friendship outside the house. Sarah mentions that Kenny will probably throw her under the bus before Sabrina does. They both agree that they overreact and say things in the heat of the moment but are over it quickly. Jon is jogging in the BY.

9:20PMBBT: Andrew and Alison are snogging in the BR. (And it is a nasty mess) Andrew says he wants alone time. Alison says "Not in the BB house!" Andrew says "Such jerks." They talk about having sex in the house and how everyone is shocked they haven't yet. Andrew says a day in the house is like a week in real life. So they have been "dating" for 14 weeks. She says "No sex in front of Canada." He is teasing her, she says he is a bad person for making her want to do it. He mentions having sex in the shower. Adel walks in. (thank you Adel)

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9:25PMBBT: The warmer weather seems to have the BB house twitterpated! Andrew and Alison talking sexy time in the BR. Sabrina and Sarah are in the hammock saying how hot Jon and Arlie are as they work out. Jon was called to DR, "And leave your shirt on the floor." The girls whisper that Kenny has a crush on Sarah. Alison and Andrew have now made their way to the BY.

9:30PMBBT: Rachelle and Neda make their way to the BY as Alison is twerking next to the hammock. Kenny is now lifting weights in the BY.

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9:36PMBBT: Rachelle and Sarah are in the hammock. It's a love fest. Sarah is so glad she and Rachelle have gotten close and they wouldn't have this opportunity anywhere else. They speculate about Canada's HoH and what might happen tomorrow. Rachelle is playing with her mic. BB "Rachelle! Stop that!" Both women keep making high pitched voices and BB again says "Rachelle! Stop that!"

9:40PMBBT: Neda and Sabrina are talking about who might be going up tomorrow. Neda thinks she and Sabrina have an equal chance of going up but they don't know what has been shown. Sabrina mentions the Ika incident but then adds "Canada has seen her attitude on that!" She says that is not her worry. Sabrina is making pasta for everyone.

9:45PMBBT: Sabrina and Neda continue talking. Sabrina says she doesn't get emotional with game play, it is only when she is attacked personally. She doesn't get offended with past seasons and and what had happened. She wouldn't have gotten along with Amanda from BBUSA last season. If she was watching at home, she would love Jon. She likes the funny tall gorgeous guy.

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