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Dancing with the Stars ~ U.S. season 18 Episode 2

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"This week, reality sets in! Be careful what you wish for!" is the tag line. We open the show with the troop dancing... the stars each do an intro dance for a few seconds as their names are shown on screen.

The stars have picked their own genres tonight! The stars get a surprise this week. Tom now reveals that tonight is a double elimination! The elimination could happen at anytime during the show! They review last weeks leader board.

Drew and Cheryl are safe but they will be performing right now! Drew says he was in his element and comfortable dancing last week but dancing itself is uncomfortable. They are dancing the Jive this week.

They are in cobalt blue! He has a blue blazer and tie on and black pants, white shirt! Cheryl is in a blue dress with black beading.
Len congratulates Drew. There was alot of Jive content, work on posture. Bruno says Drew is a stage animal. He knows what the crowd wants! It was a good jive! Carrie says she would not have pegged Drew for a jive guy. He did excellent.

Drew and Cheryl are in the skybox, Erin asks how Drew is doing. He says he is comfortable in live shows and thanks the crowd. Scores: Carrie 7, Len 7, Bruno 7 for a total of 21.

Tom reminds us 2 stars will be eliminated tonight! We head to commercial break!

The next couple to be safe are Billy Dee and Emma! She screams. Also safe this week, Meryl and Maks! Danica and Val are also safe! Danica and Val dance now!

Danica was pleased with their scores last week. Val is teaching her the samba and is using a professional routine to get a standing ovation! She struggles with the dance and the time constraints.

Danica is in a gold and bronze dress with a bra top, heavily fringed skirt. Val is in an opened white shirt and black pants.
The crowd is in their feet! It is Val's birthday today as well. Bruno says she is a gorgeous little jungle cat! She needs to work on the transitions. Carrie says she dominated the Samba! She was sexy, elegant, flawless! When she spins out she gets a little lost. Len says she has to straighten her legs, just keep doing what you are doing! "Fantastico!"

Danica and Val await their scores. Carrie 8, Len 8, Bruno 8 for a total of 24 out of 30! Danica got him an ab roller for his birthday. He says she is the gift that keeps giving.

Billy Dee and Emma are up next. He was frustrated with his scores last week. He says he sees an old man doing the tango. She says "No you don't!" Emma doesn't want him to be defeated, she wants him to have a good time! She brings in some help and he is now smiling!

There are 3 girls dancing! In the opening! Emma is in a black and hot pink short dress. He is dressed like a spy, Black suit and sunglasses on.
Carrie says "There alot of men your age who are envious of you!" She thought he handled it very well. He needs to find a few more moves and more content. Len says if Tango was a plant it would be a cactus, the dance was more like ivy. Bruno says they went for the stylized approach. He would have too with 3 beautiful ladies!
Hashtag DWTS and the name of the star and pro you want to be matched up in 2 weeks for the switch up on Twitter!

Scores for Billy and Emma. Carrie 5 Len 5 Bruno 5, for 15! Billy says the fans support means a lot to him!

Meryl and Maks are up next. She is excited to swing dance! Maks says he is uncomfortable flipping people but, he is trying it anyway. He says he is way too old for this!

She is in a red and white polka dot skirt with a white shimmering bra top. He is in black shirt and pants with red suspenders and a red bowtie! Very up beat!

Len says "You were swinging and that swing had wings! Fly on girl!" Bruno calls it an extravaganza. They lost timing a couple of times but it was so difficult. Maks looks confused. Carrie says she saw it too but it was so great that Meryl had Maks working his butt off! She shined in this routine.

Scores for Meryl and Maks. Carrie 8, Len 9, Bruno 8 for 25 out of 30. Maks says "The important one gave us a 9!" And they wish Val a Happy Birthday!

The next safe couple safe is Amy and Derek! Candace and Mark are also safe! Diana and Henry are eliminated from the competition. They are leaving right now. They don't even get to do their dance.

Diana says she has wanted to do the show for years. She loves it. She wishes she could do her dance so they let her do it! Taking the floor to dance the Cha cha in a red short sequined dress, off the shoulder with long sleeves, he is in a red shirt, opened and black satin pants. Diana walks over to the judges, shakes hands gives kisses. Candace and Mark are up next with a Rumba!

Jeremy Miller is in the audience! He was on Growing Pains and dated Danica AND Candace! He says he is rooting for both! Candace and Mark felt great about last week's scores. Candace says they have to really work it to beat Danica again this week! Mark says she is hot and looked hot. She says she is a Christian and she won't compromised her values. Mark says she is worse than Bristol Palin was with the costume restrictions!

She is in a black body suit with one shoulder sleeveless and a sheer black skirt, slit up the side. He is in a black shirt and pants.
The crowd went crazy! Carrie feels it was too contemporary with styling, they needed more Rumba. Len says the arms have to be more fluid. For someone with no dance background, she did well. Bruno says she dances from the heart and gives it everything she has. The Rumba is hard to do, it is fluid.

Candace and Mark's Scores Carrie 7 Len 7 Bruno 7 for a total of 21. Mark says it is ok, Rumba is a hard dance and they will work on it for next week.

Derek and Amy are up next! They are doing a swing dance. She wasn't even sure they could do it. She struggles with the way her legs look and what her feet are doing. She says her legs could actually fly off while she is dancing!

Derek is in a black leather jacket with black pants, white shirt and black tie. Amy has on a sliver and black bodice with a short flowy skirt and black leggings. The crowd loved it!
Len says they used the music to great effect. He says Amy is amazing, well done. Bruno loved the little bit of jazz. Carrie says it was the most mind boggling thing of how in sync they were.

Scores for Derek and Amy! Carrie 8, Len 8, Bruno 8. 24 out of 30! Derek says Amy is incredible and he is inspired!

The next couples safe are Charlie and Sharna, James and Peta! James and Peta are doing the salsa! She wants to make him into an amazing dancer. He says he should wear less clothing since Len said he was the eye candy of the season.

They are both in all white! Peta has on a bra top with white feathers and criss cross straps to the extremely mini bottoms.
Bruno says James has come out of his shell and has the abs to prove it. Carrie says "DAAYYYYMN!" She was thinking there is a sexy hall of fame of the past, and with the dance they just did, he joined to hall of fame. Len says he lost the quality of the dance sometimes but if he eases off the gas he will go further.

Scores for James and Peta, Carrie 9 Len 8 Bruno 8 for 25 out of 30!

Charlie and Sharna are on next! They talk to Maks about what being a bad boy is all about. Maks says he needs to be more James Bondish, make it about her but dont sacrifice himself!

Dancing the tango, He is in an all black suit. She has a black sheer dress on with sliver beaded embellishments, long sleeves and a long sheer skirt. Lots of lace!
Carrie thinks the power came from him and the power is about confidence! She compares him to Baryshnikov. Len says Charlie is used to being judged, he can not break hold, they broke the rules! Carrie agrees. Bruno says "Charlie don't worry, I love you when you are bad! Go for it all the way!"

Charlie tells us he worked hard and looked to Maks for input but it comes from within. Scores: Carrie 9, Len 7, Bruno 9! 25 out of 30 tonight!

The next safe couple will be revealed after the final 3 couples have performed! Nene and Tony are up next! They are doing the Jive, She says it was her husbands choice. She is starting to wonder why she picked this dance. She struggles with remembering the moves.

Nene is in a hot pink lace short dress, plunging neckline. with long sleeves, lace throughout. Tony is in a white shirt and black vest and pants.
Len says it was a cute routine, week 2 this is tough. Bruno says she can do Fossy beautifully has to be sharper but it was good. Carrie says she is fun to watch but her arms could be bigger!

Scores for Tony and Nene! Carrie 7, Len 7, Bruno 7 for 21 out of 30. Nene says she did this for him and she thinks she made him proud! She is proud of herself.

Karina and Sean are dancing the Salsa. He is working on his facial expressions. He wonders how people can walk around smiling all the time. It seems strange to him.

Karina is in a banana yellow ruffled tank top and a short skirt. Sean is in all black, pants and a henley top.
Bruno says when Sean smiles his persona changes. He was light on his feet, has rhythm but needs to work on his hips! Carrie says he is authentic, he is good for real. Len says the secret to DWTS is to get higher marks and each week he will if he keeps doing that!

Sean's smile is a hot topic tonight. Scores for Karina and Sean: Carrie 7 Len 7 Bruno 7, for a total of 21! We still do not know who is going home tonight!

Cody and Witney are up last. Witney tells him his technique has to be on point. They are dancing the Tango. She tells him they have to keep hold the entire time. She is really setting the rules in rehearsal. They are more nervous this week!

They are in all white, with LED lights under their outfits so they glow! She has a white satin skirt with a slit up to the hip and a laced white bodice on. He is in a suit. Top to shoes in white!
Carrie says she loves how Cody stylizes things. For the future she would like to see him with a taller partner but she thinks Witney is wonderful. Len thinks it could have been more tight but loved the moonwalk in the tango. Bruno says he can see they did a lot of work into it. He really liked what he saw!

Cody wanted to do the tango because his parents danced it at their wedding and he saw the video. Scores: Carrie 7 Len 7 Bruno 8! 22 out of 30 for them tonight!

We find out who else is going home after the break!

The next couple safe is, Nene and Tony! Sean and Karina, Witney and Cody are left. The couple with the second lowest combined scores from last week are Sean and Karina. Cody and Witney are safe!

Sean says he made a new friend in Karina, made some money for charity and got out of the cold New York winter. Karina says she saw Sean's great personality and how he opened up. They are both smiling. We see the recap of tonight's dancing.

Tom and Erin remind us that Meryl, Charlie and James are tied for first. Billy Dee is at the bottom. Remember to tweet who you want to see paired up for the change up! Hashtag and the pro and star you want to see together!
We will see you next week!

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