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Wednesday, March 26 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), The current

Big Brother Time: 02:28:20 AM

Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 2:00 AM (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:00 AM BBT: Adel and Ika talking about how he has played the HGs with the lies about his special power. They get up and sit by the pool where they can see the photos on the wall better. Ika says Jon and Neda will need him more than ever. Adel says it is best bet if Sarah wins HOH, Ika says Kenny Andrew Allison or Sarah will be his best case scenarios for next HOH. He points at the pictures and says he is safe to each one he thinks will not nominate him. She tells him that if he is HOH he should act like he is iistening to what everyone says. He says he will tell them that Kenny is not as untouchable as people might think. They now try to count who would vote Kenny out if he was on the block come the vote. Ika feels that once Kenny is gone the game is his. Allison Rachelle and Jon chatting in the main bedroom

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11:59PM BBT: Jon finds her in the HOH room, gives her back her suit, and says he doesn’t want to go to bed. He says he just wants to make funny faces. He goes into the bedroom and starts making fun of Andrew. Jon keeps wandering around and goes back in the HOH room. Rachelle says she has a DR session.

Switching back to the pool with Ika and Adel, they are talking game and future strategies for Adel’s game play. She points at her picture on the wall and says: “This bitch is going home on Thursday!” Adel says that the best bet is that Kenny or Andrew or Sarah wins HOH because they won’t fuck with her. Ika says that it’s his best bet to have those three or Allison win. [How?] He says that he is not safe with Heather. He says that he is golden, and Ika says that he is safe with Neda too. If he wins and he wants to be in an alliance with Jon, Arlie, Heather, and Neda, he needs to just put up anyone else. Adel says that Kenny is touchable even those others don’t. Ika apparently said he was the mastermind and it’s making people look at him differently. He thinks that others are looking differently. Ika thinks that Rachelle might vote to keep Kenny, but that Sabrina might be able to convince her to vote him out. Ika thinks that once Kenny is gone, Adel is golden.

Ika says that Sabrina said that she would never vote out Andrew, so Adel begins to think differently about putting up Andrew. He decides if he wins HOH he will put up Kenny and Sarah because he likes Allison. Ika says that Andrew controls Sabrina, so he needs to watch out for that.

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12:06PM BBT: Adel and Ika still plotting down by the pool. They are talking about whether he will tell anyone that his power gets weaker after the second week. General silliness in the main bedroom. Arlie now walks outside looking for his sweater and passes Adel and Ika. He says the lights are still on and they are still doing DR sessions. Ika tells Adel that he is disgusting and gets up to move away after he must have farted. Adel claims not to smell it. Adel mentions that if he wins HOH this week he gets to blackmail two idiots(pointing at pictures but we can't tell who) and then another, she will be gone (Sabrina?) but Kenny and Andrew will still be going after him but he will have Jon Neda Arlie and Heather to help him. (Adel's high pitched sing-song voice is almost harder to decipher than stealth whispering. DRG) Ika saying she was talking out loud to explain to Canada what she was doing and that they had back doored her. Adel now saying he can pull out his card and say sorry I lied it is for three weeks, they guarenteed me jury. Sorry I lied but if I told you it was for three weeks you would have made me use it sooner. They now try to compute if he can ever get the votes to get Kenny out of the house. Ika again repeats that if Kenny goes then his game is way way better. She thinks that if he wins this week then he is set he will Nom Kenny and Sarah no matter what. His alliance will want to back door Andrew. He will talk to Andrew one on one and tell him he will not back door him but he must not use the veto on Kenny then you will go up. Tell your girls too that if Kenny comes down that you (Andrew) will go up.

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12:07AM BBT: Ika and Adel agree that he should play with their minds. Adel said something to Neda about his power, and they worry she will tell Jon. Even if she does tell, Adel will just say he needed to do it to try and test people’s trust. Ika says that Adel needs Neda and he can’t alienate her. Kenny and Sarah are the plan, and he will tell Andrew that he won’t put him up and wouldn’t backdoor him because he wants to give Andrew a chance. Adel will caution him that if either Sabrina or himself wins veto and take Kenny off, he is toast because he will be forced to put up Andrew as a replacement, and Adel would say that he wants him to not be backdoored.

Arlie comes out and Adel asks if they are going to bed, and Arlie says nope, they haven’t finished DR’s. Arlie walks away.

Adel says that if he wins, he could blindside his alliance and put Arlie up. Ika quickly kills this plan and says Neda and Jon would lose faith in him, and that he would go the following week. He needs to go after Kenny. Adel seems very idealistic and wants to blackmail others. They are talking about HG’s, but are just pointing at pics rather than using names, so I am not sure who they are referring to.

Conversation turns to Andrew and his arrogance and how he might say he will win everything, but he really won’t.

Ika says that she didn’t know everyone was watching her kick the letter. Adel says he hopes they make it look like a classy incident so she can go home and have everything be okay with her there.

12:15AM BBT: He talks about pulling out his card, saying that he lied, and said that the card lasts for three weeks and guarantees him jury.

They count votes and say that no one can be in question in a vote to evict Kenny, Ika says he will need to be a tie breaker.

Ika says that if Kenny goes, his game will be way better. They talk about no one wanting to see Andrew in the HOH room. Ika says if he wins he will be set, and further solidify his plans to nominate Sarah with Kenny. Adel says he will tell Andrew that Adel’s alliance wants them to backdoor him, but he won’t do it because of geographic ties. He will threaten Andrew with his HOH and power to make him not use the veto in order to save Kenny. He will tell Arlie, Jon, Neda, and Heather that Kenny runs the house and he needs to leave…that he is doing it for them because he is safe.

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12:20PM BBT: Sabrina and Heather on the green couches talking about menu options for when she is off slop. Outside pair continues scheming. Heather asking if they can have a taco night. Adel now mapping out who will go on the block for each prospective HOH winner. They keep pointing instead of using names most of the time. If Heather wins they do not know who will go up but she will listen to Arlie, Maybe she wants Sabrina out. He will tell Heather and Neda that they are the next pawns and they need to listen to him for the next two weeks. He will tell Kenny straight up that if Sarah is HOH and he is the nom that Adel will use his power to put Kenny up. He thinks the game could still work out in his favor. If he can get Kenny out they think that he will be set. Only Sarah and Allison want to keep Andrew and Sabrina. And then comes the proverbial strategem, "I just gotta win HOH!!"

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12:20AM BBT: Adel asks if Allison wins HOH, what will happen? Adel says not Jon. Ika is less sure, and Adel says that when they were all drunk Jon and Allison kissed on the lips and said “Final Three…Newfoundland Power.” Allison will put up Heather and Neda according to Adel.

Adel is talking about what to do if the girls threaten him. He will pull his card out and say it works for three weeks instead. Adel says he is worried that Neda will spill the beans about his power, but Ika says if Neda is on the block she won’t spill.

Heather would put up Sabrina and Rachelle if she wins. Adel is talking about how he told some girls (I think Heather and Allison?) that he would be the pawns along with them. Adel says he will tell Kenny if Sarah wins HOH and puts him up he will use his power and Kenny will go up on the block.

Adel says he hopes things will work out in his favor. Ika says it will if he can get Kenny out, in combo with his power. Hopefully sights will turn to Andrew and Allison. Ika says that there are three girls who look to Andrew for protection.

12:28AM BBT: Ika asks what Kyle said when he left. Kyle praised Adel. Ika thinks it was sweet, Adel says he loved Kyle the most and hated Sabrina the most. His hatred of Sabrina started when she pulled the religious crap with him and tried to him look bad, when he really is the one who loves it the most. Ika says it is because she is too competitive with everything. Ika says she thought Sabrina was nice, but quickly figured her out [Not quickly enough, apparently.]

They start drafting Ika’s eviction speech. Adel says she has 30 seconds and uses it up completely…thank everyone and make sure to say Brendon’s name. Ika says that she is looking forward to Thursday and she will pack tomorrow so she can just spend Thursday getting ready and taking her time getting ready.

Ika is going to get Twitter and Instagram and try to contact Adel’s family.

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12:27PM BBT: Rachelle now back in the hot dog suit and has joined the girls on the green couches. Adel now saying how Sabrina's saying the religion stuff was the turning point for him with her. Ika says that Sabrina wants to compete about everything and in every conversation. Ika says that at first she liked her but that did not last long. Sabrina and Rachelle now alone on the couches talking about dying Rachelle's hair and other matters of critical importance in their world. Ika talking about packing up all her stuff. Adel now says that he has the battle of his life to get to jury and Ika says he is battling to get to number one. She will get on Twitter and Instagram and hit him up when she gets home. She says that she was really happy when he won the vote earlier in the game. Ika is called to the DR by a deep BB voice that also says that Adel will be next. They get up and head inside. Bedroom shows no motion and snoring sounds now. Rachelle goes into the HOH where she joins Sabrina. Heather and Adel in BR doing ADLs.

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12:35AM BBT: Nothing is going on…just bathroom activities. Ika and Adel’s conversation broke up after she was called to the DR. Rachelle gained nine pounds, they talk about yoga. Adel and Heather seem to be talking game, but they are inaudible to me. Adel says the may not win the game, but they can both be champions for their cities. Adel seems to be strategizing with Heather, and tells her to be careful of that witch Sabrina.

Sabrina says that no one is going to give Ika and hugs before she leaves after the eviction.

Adel is out in the backyard talking at the portraits and Sabrina and Rachelle are talking about music.

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12:36PM BBT: BBT tells Sabrina to please fix her microphone (thanks for nothing BB - DRG) Sabrina and Rachelle now talking about how she (Rachelle) has gained nine pounds. Sabrina says her face still looks fine. Rachelle says Jon asked her if they were still ok before she went to the DR and she told him yes. Adel whispered something to Heather before leaving the bathroom but I could not make it out. Rachelle asks if they can start running or something once she gets out of the costume. Sabrina says sure because she will be eating then. She asks Rachelle how long she wants to do it and Rachelle says until she loses 9 pounds. "I gained 9 pounds on television!" Adel and Heather whispering in the bathroom about watching out for that witch Sabrina. He heads back downstairs to the pantry and changes his batteries. Sabrina now saying that Ika will get no hugs from anyone when she leaves. Adel is back outside talking to the pictures of the evicted HGs asking them where are you when I need you. He points to each departed HG and says he lost five pounds when they left. Adel is now called to the DR and crosses paths with Ika as he heads in. She is now in the kitchen puttering around before heading up the the bathroom. Sabrina listening to music in the HOH bed and the room is silent. Ika taking her face off. Sabrina asks if Rachelle has Glee on her iPad and she says yes. Sabrina does not really like Glee but Rachelle says she used to like it. Rachelle is streched out on the floor stretching her legs and doing yoga positions. She remarks that she cannot do it in the costume and gets up. Ika suddenly runs back downstairs when she hears Adel has finished in the DR. They grab pillows and return to their spot at the end of the pool facing the portraits on the BY walls.

12:50PM BBT: Girls upstairs now saying that Heather is not a concern now although she would put us up. Adel says he has his power so he is stuck her for another week anyway . . . FoTH.

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12:49AM BBT: Ika and Adel are back to talking in the backyard and Adel tells Ika about his conversation with Heather. Adel said that he told to Heather to not let Sabrina or Heather bother her. He tries to remember what she said. Heather said that you can’t control what Ika says, and Adel said to her that he is stuck here in the house anyways because of the power. The next 9 days people will get over it and the dust will settle from Ika’s eviction, and things will hopefully be better.

12:51AM BBT: The Hush screen is up briefly, and when they pop back up Ika and Adel are talking about welding and Edmonton. He became a welder because he wasn’t good at academics; his father was a welder too. They talk about employment in Alberta and unions. He is talking about Grade 12 and how he started to learn welding.

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12:13AM BBT Rachelle,Arlie and Sarah in BY talking general chit chat. While Allison and Andrew in the Kt Allison aid she is going to be evicted next Andrew said no for what he understands. Allison told Andrew to tell her something that she does not know.

12:21AM BBT Sabrina and Heather on the couch talking about food Sabrina going to cook after HN. Adel and Ika still going over order of eviction out in the BY.

12:28AM BBT Ika told Adel he can win the game just focus. Ika asks Adel if Kyie said anything when he left Adel reply yes he said they would be friends when they get out. Adel said he would be friends outside the house with everyone but Sabrina, because she lied on him.

12:32AM BBT Rachelle,Sabrina and Heather in WA getting ready for bed. Looks like Rachelle is afraid to face Ika she said Ika just went to the WA.

12:38AM BBT Sabrina is very loud she told Rachelle that Adel and Ika was whispering.

12:41AM BBT Rachelle told Sabrina that she did put on weight and once she is out of the hot dog costume she wants to run. Adel is now changing batteries in SR we lost audio there.

12:43AM BBT Adel is now in the By he is talking to the Kyle and Paul he said where are you guys when i need you guys Adel said he is going home with !00 pounds because of Ika blew up tonight. Still waiting on word of what Ika did to Rachelle. Adel was called to Dr.

12:48AM BBT Ika in the WA doing her hair. Ika start running out to meet Adel in the BY Ika said to Adel are you tired Adel said no. Adel told Ika that Heather told him Sabrina and Rachelle were talking about them.

12:52AM BBT Rachelle and Sabrina in HoH Sabrina said she really really want Adel gone next. Rachelle said she want Sabrina to win HoH and get her letter. They are now going over who won HoH last season.

12:59AM BBT Ika said she does not care if they Topaz her but she is going out in class

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12:52PM BBT: Feeds back and Rachelle is saying she would be good at the memory stuff because she has a really good memory. They would like to win HOH because it would be really cool to win one as there are a lot of people that never win one at all. They are now recounting who won HOHs last season. Outside Ika and Adel just chatting and having a good time talking about his life back home. Rachelle says I want to win money. I want to win 10 Grand. Sabrina wants to know how many weeks the season is and they figure it is 12 total including jury. Ika now teasing Adel that he will not even be on the D list of celebrities when the game is over. She says she is happy she is going out like this. Sabrina now using eyebrow pencil to try and do the division of 75 days by 7 days per week to be sure how many weeks the season is or how much their stipend will be. Ika talking about how she is at home compared to how she has been in the house. She says that how she is with Adel now is more like how she really is. Sabrina and Rachelle back on the HOH bed. Ika telling Adel that if he keeps hanging out with her people will see that he is really loyal. She is giving him a pep talk saying that any one of his alliance could win HOH if he does not.

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12:54AM BBT: They just chat about Ika’s weave and Adel jokes about it weighing 15 lbs. Ika wishes that they had started out as close as they ended up. Ika and Adel joke about being celebrities, and Ika says that he isn’t even on the D-List. Ika is glad to go out the way she is and says she wants to get her speech ready. She hopes she doesn’t cry and only wants to hug Adel…more weave jokes and social media speculations. She doesn’t care if they Topaz her.

Brendon saved her life and gave her a family. He changed his whole life for her and she is very grateful to him. Adel wants to take Ika’s kids to the mall.

Rachelle and Sabrina are talking in the HOH room. I’m not sure about what. [i’d rather watch Ika and Adel instead.]

12:58AM BBT: Ika says they will see that Adel is so loyal and that people will see that, and they won’t pick him off next week because he has the card. The week after that he can tell them he lied. Ika says to never underestimate himself and say he can win. Ika keeps giving Adel motivational pep talks and telling him that he needs to tell himself to win. Ika wants to sit at home and see him sail to the Final Two. Ika wants him to think week to week throughout the rest of the game…don’t make long term deals. [ika seems to think she knows how to play the game]

1:00AM BBT: They are scared that Arlie is always with Kenny and Sarah and they think he might have a secret aliance. Ika says that it doesn’t matter just as long as he doesn’t Adel up. Adel thinks that only Sabrina put him up, but Ika thinks that Andrew would reign her in because he controls her.

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1:05AM BBT: Adel wants to put slop on Kenny and Andrew on slop. They both want to see Sabrina on slop. Ika thinks she would self-evict if she had to do week 2 on slop.

They talk more about letters and Ika says that she wants Canada to know what she was thinking. Sabrina said that spider monkey/Adel had to the best picture.

They are just talking about Ika’s post-eviction activities. She reiterates that she wanted to be on the show because she wanted to find a real and true connection. Before Adel, she didn’t think she had a connection with anyone. She says now that she met him she is okay with leaving.

1:14AM BBT: Still just random talking…They say that Paul would have sold her out in a minute. They say they will be up all night. They joke about Paul’s untrustworthiness and that Paul pretended to be stupid.

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1:19AM BBT: Ika says that she is so glad that she didn’t take take the letters and give them to the HG’s. She is happy she didn’t do that because she wouldn’t have got 5k, and they would have taken the letters and evicted her two days later. She took the money because she was going home anyways. Adel says she did good because she won HOH, Veto, 5k, and was never on slop.The rest of the HG’s are sleeping it seems.

1:23AM BBT: Ika tells Adel to play his cards better than she did. Adel says it’s impossible for him to come out final three or four. Ika says if he goes to final two, he will win, because no one would have had a harder battle. Ika says that if that happens BB Canada 15 will remember him. Adel says that he just wants to visit jury, because he says that one person goes back.

Ika says that his side will get in power, that the others can’t win everything. They debate on going to bed or not. Adel says no, stay up tonight because nothing happens on Wednesdays. He says they need to go to bed early tomorrow night because of the eviction on Thursday.

Ika refuses to eat Andrew’s food because he seasons his food with his boogers. Adel wants to be teamed up with Kenny, Andrew, and Sabrina during a HN competition to put them all on slop.They go into the kitchen.

Adel speculates that BB will sometimes sink something into the pool and that the first HG who sees it will win something.

1:30AM BBT: They are in the kitchen cooking, talking about eating all of the food (steak, shrimp, fish, etc.) They are talking about Ika’s friends, and how they will want to meet Adel. Nothing important or interesting. I think I am going to leave it here. They are going to be up for a long time and I need a break.

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2:10AM BBT: Since 1:30 Ika cooked fish and ate it while she and Adel talked. Nothing interesting was said; mostly it was a rehash about her getting picked and her choice between the letters and $5k. Adel is in bed, and Ika’s just done the same. All four feeds show HG’s in bed in night vision. Good night…if anyone is reading. :)

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1:12 AM BBT

In the HOH Sabrina and Rachelle are talking but audio is off. In the BY Ika and Adel are still talking about Ika being backdoored.

1:18 AM BBT

Adel and Ika are laughing about how Paul would have “sold her ass out”

1:23 AM BBT

We are now being shown the BR in feeds 1 and 2. Lights are out. In the BY, Adel and Ika are trying to decide if they should stay up or go to bed. Looks like they are staying up.

1:43 AM BBT

Ika and Adel have now moved into the KT. Adel is eating slop and Ika is making real food. Just general chit chat.

2:11 AM BBT

Ika and Adel have gone to bed. Night All!

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9:32am Sarah announcing in the main bedroom that she had to wash her vagina with shampoo and it "stung like hell." Kenny is fiddling about in the kitchen, cleaning up a bit and getting the coffee on. Arlie is walking around doing battery exchanges. Kenny is now sitting in the LR by himself. Not much talking going on yet.

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9:00AM BBT: All HG's still sleeping.

9:18AM BBT: Light have come on int he house and Kenny is up in the KT. Feeds then cut to HoTH.

9:24AM BBT: Only two camera's up showing the BR. Most HG's still in the bed. Arlie is up changing his BR. Feeds then switch to the WA where Heather and Adel are up

9:29AM BBT: BB just announced that "It is time to wake up." Kenny is in the KT loading the dishwasher. doing ADL's. 9:28AM BBT: Sarah and Arlie are also in the WA. General chit chat. 9:32AM BBT: All HG's are awake most sitting up in their beds. Arlie comes in and hands out batteries. He tells everyone that they have gotten jacket but they can only be worn at the HT and can not come inside.

9:36AM BBT: Kenny, Jon and Andrew are downstairs. Kenny is eating and Andrew is making breakfast. Chit chat about how much they like the new jackets.

9:40AM BBT: Sabrina, Ika, Neda, Sarah in the WA doing ADL's. Sabrina is sneezing continuously as she does every morning. Good moring's and general chit chat.

9:49AM BBT: Kenny, Jon, Arlie, and Andrew in the LR discussing guns and shooting ranges. 10:02AM BBT: General chit chat. Only two camera's up both on the LR. Andrew is in the KT fixing bagels. General chit chat.

10:06AM BBT: Andrew is telling everyone that he thinks he is going to be portrayed as the villain. He says the fact the Adel won the #buzzworthy contest and everything that happened yesterday he just thinks he will be. RO who has joined the LR crew tells Andrew she thinks he is thinking too much into it. RO thinks she is going to be portrayed as Jill and Kenny is Emmett. Andrew asks her who she thinks he is and she says she doesn't know.

10:15AM BBT: Upstairs in the WA Ika and Allison doing ADL's.

10:23AM BBT: No game talk to report. In the LR Jon, Sabrina, Kenny, and Andrew talking about how bad the movies Magic Mike and Springbreakers.

10:27AM BBT: Heather is sick still in bed with a bucket beside her. Sabrina just came the HNR to check on her and is getting her some tea.

10:29AM BBT: Neda and Adel in the BR talking about Sabrina. Adel is telling her that he kept throwing him under the bus yesterday. Neda is telling Adel after yesterday she is in so much trouble. (I believe they are talking about something that happened yesterday when the feeds were down.)

10:33AM BBT: Ro, Jon, Arlie, and Kenny on the green couch talking about the what bills they were able to suspend before they came into the house, how much the internet costs in different parts of Canada, what kinds of phones they have or want, and everything that will go down after they get out of the house.

10:37AM BBT: Sarah and Jon are in the BY talking about how they hate everyone in the house and that everyone annoys them. Jon is talking about how much shit hit the fan and then hit it again after Ika did (something) yesterday. Jon says he hates having to shun Adel and even Ika after she said what she said. Jon then says I can't believe Andrew called her a f***ing whore. Sarah says all the things that she said about everybody where even exaggerated to how she really feels. Jon said she is a little rocket. Jon and Sarah say they don't know anyone that would of called her a whore maybe a bitch but what she did was a bitchy thing to do. They say it would of not been so bad if Adel would of kept his mouth shut. Sarah said I told him to shut up. Sabrina comes out for a second to ask a question and after she walks away Jon asks Sarah "do you trust her." Sarah says not completely.

10:48AM BBT: Sabrina is telling Ro that just between me and you I was at 164 and now I weight 157. Ro then tells her she carries her weight well and looks good. Sabrina says she thinks she is huge and needs to loose 20 pounds.

10:52AM BBT: Adel and Ika in the WA. Adel telling Ika that he wants to make it to jury so that he has a chance to be voted back into the house.

10:54AM BBT: Ika is telling Adel how she came into the house feeling like she was a leader but now she thinks Adel is a leader because he stands up for what he believes in even if he is standing alone.

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11:00am BBT: Allison, Andrew, Kenny, Sabrina, Rochelle at the Hot Tub - Talking about Ika leaving. Sabrina wondered if should hug her and then says no she wouldn't do it. Talking about good bye messages for Ika.

11:13am BBT: Sabrina and Allison at HT still. Sabrina says she's being nice to Heather because she's sick but they are not friends. Sabina says Adel has to go next week. Says she is asking everyone not to talk to him - to ignore him.

11:19am BBT: Jon, Sarah, Rochelle, Kenny, Andrew and Sabrina in bedroom. Talking about the news coverage they would be getting in their respective home towns. Andrew said this is a time when he wishes he was from a small town.

11:30am BBT: Ika and Adele in Hot Tub Ika denying to Adele that she ever repeated anything Kyle told her to the other guys. Ika said she was beating herself up over her HOH but now she is just walking around with her head up high and won't stoop to the level of the other houseguests. They have been shunning her. She now knows how Paul felt.

11:35am BBT: Ika and Adele in HT still. Ika says she should have been smarter and taken Paul off the block and put Andrew up. It would have been quite a different game if Paul had stayed.

11:40am BBT: Sarah in HOH washroom sitting on a pillow in a corner by herself. Listening to music. Looks like she's been crying.

12:07pm BBT: Sabrina and Rochelle in HOH WC - Sabrina is dying Rochelle's hair. They are talking about things they will be doing post show like modelling.

12:14pm BBT: Neda joins Sabrina and Rochelle in the HOH WC. Just general chit chat.

12:17pm BBT: Andrew and Kenny working out. No game talk.

12:24pm BBT: Sabrina, Rochelle, Neda - HOH WC - Sabrina talking about Ika. Sabrina says that Ika said that Neda came to her and told her she was going up. Neda said no, she told Ika that she wasn't going up. Neda said she later told Ika that she felt bad for lying to her. Neda wants to confront Ika. Sabrina is telling her not to. Neda then says she said to Ika that she would not have made the same decision. Sabrina says "You wouldn't have made the same decision?" Neda says no she would not have.

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2:22PM BBT: sabrina and sarah put on their flannel jackets that BB gave them and head out to the hot tub. Ika and Adel chatting by pool

2:24PM BBT: Sabrina and Sarah talking about eviction tomorrow. Wondering if it will be a double eviction. Talking about their plan. Sabrina: I really want Adel gone. Jon and Kenny join them at the HT.

2:25PM BBT: sabrina, sarah, and kenny at HT. Sarah: guys i want to win HOH so badly. Kenny: me too. so bad it hurts. Kenny talking about how bad he wants a letter. He can sacrifice words from to make suer they're ok in the game. Kenny thinks something will come to "rock us".

2:28PM BBT: K, S, and S talking about people in the DR. Now talking about if any of them have talked abou tthe first five in their goodbye messages. they say they haven't.

2:29PM BBT exterminators, chilltown-Sabrina compares the first five alliance to those alliances.

2:30PM BBT: Rachelle joins Sarah, Sabrina, and Kenny at HT. Talk changes to visiting each other.

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