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Monday, March 24 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), The current

Big Brother Time: 02:28:20 AM

Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 2:00 AM (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:14AM BBT Ika is really fighting for her life. Ika asked Rachelle how she would be safe next week. Sabrina said that Adel would only save Rachelle because she did not put him up this week.

12:29AM BBT Rachelle said she is here to play a game and she love Ika. Ika is very calm while Rachelle talking. Ika said it is okay guys i understand. Ika said she is going to talk to Adel she give a hug to Sabrina and Rachelle and left.

12:39AM BBT Ika and Adel is now in the BY talking Ika is crying she said she said it sucks to go out this way. Sabrina and Rachelle in the WA Sabrina said she is proud of Rachelle, Sabrina told Rachelle go grab Adel now. Sabrina and Rachelle is now in HoHR Sabrina said if Heather try to send Rachelle home she is going to ask her if she is stupid.

12:43AM BBT Ika told Adel when no one looks at you in the game you know you are going home. Adel said Rachelle is not good at playing the game. Adel said he wish his power was real and he would vote for her to stay.

12:52AM BBT Sabrina, Rachelle Ika and Adel out by the hammock. Sabrina said is she is not going to win and she has children she would want to go home.

12:54AM BBT Adel confirms that he cannot use his power this week on ika, Because he would be in trouble.

12:59AM BB announce congratulation Jon you have completed your task. They all started to clap

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01:01 AM BBT Jon joins Sabrina, Ika, Adel and Rachelle on the ground near the hammock. Adel asks Jon who he would put up if he won HoH. Jon jokingly says "Well...you twice..." Jon then adds in "...and your friend, but you don't have one!" and laughs. Talk turns to the fact that Talla was in the house tonight.

01:08 AM BBT Intermittent FoTH as Adel talks about meeting Talla. Jon went back to bed. Now Sabrina is telling the group that when she took a trip to Mexico she saw kids bringing tortilla shells covered in salt for their lunch. Adel says his brother told him he was going to be eaten alive inside the house. Ika is going to stay up to get the towels out of the dryer. Sabrina asks Ika if they want them to go to bed. Ika nods. Sabrina and Rachelle head inside and Sabrina says she thinks they are plotting something.

01:14 AM BBT Audio remains on Rachelle and Sabrina in the HoH on the feed displaying Ika and Adel. They have moved to the steps outside the house door and are looking around the yard. Up in the HoH Sabrina thinks Rachelle will be alright next week as long as there is no funny business. If Canada gets the option to save someone it may cause a hiccup in their plan.

01:19 AM BBT Rachelle and Sabrina are going to bed. Sabrina heads downstairs to the HNR. She pops outside and asks Adel where he's going to sleep. Adel points out that he can't sleep next to a girl so he's going to sleep on the other side of Arlie. Sabrina goes in and tries to wake Heather to get her to move to the middle. In the end she ends up climbing in between Arlie and Heather.

01:25 AM BBT Audio syncs up properly and we hear Adel and Ika's conversation. They're running various scenarios as to who would put whom up. Talk briefly turns to Ika regretting not taking out a big target last week. Adel says everyone is going to have that one move they regret and says they should move on. They return to running scenarios.

01:34 AM BBT Ika and Adel continue to run scenarios, pointing at the head shots in the BY making it very difficult to follow. "He'll put her up and if she wins PoV then he'll go up and who do you think will go home?" Talk turns to Rachelle doing Sabrina's bidding.

01:38 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. Feeds 3 and 4 remain on Adel and Ika in the BY. Talk briefly turns to Paul the motivational snitch. Adel wonders if Heather would tell people if he tried to align with her. Ika said she absolutely would. Ika says she'll get to go home and see her kids so she's excited.

01:47 AM BBT Talk continues in the BY. Adel says he has to take out Kenny. Adel says Kenny will make that whole thing fall apart.

01:49 AM BBT Adel points at the head shots and says "That fucker and that donkey got the house cold showers for 2 weeks and nobody seems to care.”

01:59 AM BBT Nothing new to report. They continue to point up at the various head shots and run various scenarios while telling funny stories or complaining about things they do. They run back across the yard back to the hammock and sit down in front of it. Both knew something fishy was going on when Rachelle didn't make any of the strong guys HNs for the week

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02:10 AM BBT Adel continues to point up at the various pictures on the wall in the BY. He knows the "Newfie 3" are going to be close and have each others backs. They decide to head into bed. They check the towels and decide to take them in and fold them.

02:17 AM BBT Towel folding in the WA is complete. Adel says it would be really cool if there was a Canada votes for who leaves the BB house this week. They head to their separate rooms. Adel bundles up in the HNR and lies down on the mat beside Arlie. Meanwhile Ika heads off the BR. All four feeds now display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.

02:25 AM BBT Adel could be seen reaching across Arlie to touch Sabrina. Audio is off. Arlie swatted at his hand. Adel reached over and gave Sabrina his cup of water to get a drink. Everything still once more. On that note I think it's time we head to bed as well. Good night Canada!

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8:33AM BBT: All HG's are up and beginning to do their ADL's.

8:36AM BBT: Allison and Ika are the only ones in the bedroom. Allison says I wonder what is going to happen w/ the PoV ceremony. Ika: Come on you know she already told me last night. Allison: She told you you were going up? Ika: Yes you knew and you didn't go to them and tell them I was saying bad things about them? Allison: I didn't know for sure nobody told me a name and you didn't say anything about them, so no I didn't tell them you did. Adel walks in to get his things and talk stop for a moment. He leaves Allison says sorry about all that but Heather is still leaving right? Ika: No, I am leaving Allison come on you knew. It is just a game. Allison: I didn't know, I am as much on the outs as you.

8:46AM BBT: Sabrina and Rachelle in the HOH WA doing make-up with general chit chat. In the WA Adel, Heather, Ika, Sarah can be seen doing their ADL's. Not much chatter between any of them.

8:51AM BBT: Downstairs in the KT Andrew and Kenny fixing breakfast. Arlie is joining them in at the counter. Andrew asks Arlie if Kenny has told him what is happening today? Arlie: Yes, that's awesome. Talk then turns to the fact of if Adel is going to use his power to take Ika off. They don't really think he is going to.

8:55AM BBT: Arlie is telling Andrew and Kenny that he tried to turn down the task because he didn't think he could do it. It was so out of character for him. He said they told him he had to do it, and if he didn't complete it there would be a devastating punishment.

9:01AM BBT: Neda is telling Sabrina and Ro who are in the WA that she thinks that Canada is controlling everything thing and Allison coming in was just part of something that Canada voted on.

9:05AM BBT: Arlie, Andrew, and Kenny in the KT talking about how weird it was that Talla came in the house yesterday and how Neda was taking so off guard by it.

9:09AM BBT: Andrew is telling Jon, Arlie, and Kenny how grateful he was that when Paul called him out during the nominations that he didn't even have to say anything because everyone took up for him.

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9:17AM BBT: Neda came into the WA and asked Ika if she could talk to her. They are in the bedroom and Neda begins to cry and says she feels bad she is going. Ika: Don't it is a game and I knew. Neda: You are handling this a lot better than I would. Who put up their own alliance member? Ika: I just think they think they are going to gain the boys trust but the thing is that alliance is just to big. Neda: They have Sabrina too. Ika: They have Sabrina? Neda: I am guessing because she has been so close with Rachelle. So basically the whole house is in the alliance except for Adel. Ika: I wish I would of known I would of used my HOH a lot smarter.

9:28AM BBT: Sabrina, Ro, Sarah, Jon, Arlie, Andrew, Kenny all downstairs in the KT. General chit chat about drinking, who put salt in Kenny's coffee, the fact that Arlie would of cut his pinky toe off to get in the BB house, and how Heather did get in her 10,000 steps before she went to bed last night.

9:34AM BBT: Ika and Neda still in the BR. Ika is telling her that she went to Ro and asked her why she was getting rid of her when she is not coming after her. Ro said that the boys promised her 3 wks. of safety. I can't believe she believes that they aren't god and they aren't going to keep that promise.

9:44AM BBT: After a brief HoTH, feeds come back up w/ Andrew, Arlie, Kenny, Andrew, Adel, Heather, and Sabrina eating breakfast. General chit chat about what their lives are going to be like after they get out of the house.

9:53AM BBT: Not much going on right now. Ika and Allison in the WA doing ADL's. Allison asked Ika there's no way Adel will use his power on you? Ika: I told him not to. I don't want the only person who was honest with me to ruin their game. Everyone else is in KT general chit chat.

9:59AM BBT: Feeds have cut to HoTH.

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11:55PM BBT: Feeds are still FotH.

12:21PM BBT: Feeds are back with Sarah, Neda and Andrew in the SR getting food. Andrew asks if they are okay and they say yes its just stressful. Andrew leaves and the girls talk in general terms about other HGs and who is gonna vote for or against Heather.

Heather is currently at starting at fresh on her counter because fell asleep with it on her and it reset.

Sabrina, Adel, Ika and Rachelle are in the HT. Ika talks about how she felt like Rachelle was her up. Adel says we still have 3 days to joke and laugh. Rachelle asks Adel to clarify his power, Adel says he has only one more week to use it. Adel thinks he would have to go to the DR to get a script. Adel says someone is going to be so mad.

12:26PM BBT: Sabrina, Neda and Sarah in the SR, Sabrina doing a lot of talking and Sabrina almost sounds like she is crying. Sabrina says how she would never act the way she is towards someone in the house as she would outside of the house. Sabrina keeps saying how much it sucks and how she can't be friends all the time with people in the house. Sarah says she doesn't know how she thought she could do this (be in the BB house). Sarah says she forgets about the goal, (her goal being securing her children's education). Neda says she doesn't know who she can get to the end of this game and still feel good about self.

Jon joins the pantry party and Sarah says he can only join if he is going to cry. Jon asks about making food. Pantry party breaks up.

Rachelle joins Neda and Jon in the SR and talk is all about food and what to eat.

12:30PM BBT: Ika is on a nominee . Andrew, Sabrina and Sarah talking by the pool about the plan for the week. The plan for next week is to put up Allison. Sarah thinks getting rid of Allison will strengthen the first five alliance, making Arlie feel more a part of the group. Andrew says he is wondering what she is willing to do for him and their trust. Sabrina is talking hard about all the reasons why they need to get her and Adel out. Sarah plays the Allison wins POV card and they say Heather will go home. Sarah apologizes because she feels bad that Andrew has to get rid of Allison, Sarah she made a big decision last week and they are making decisions for the group. Andrew says he is not arguing with this decision. Sabrina talks more about how horrible her decision was, because she was her friend.

Rachelle walks up to the group and Sabrina asks for a minute, Rachelle walks away.

12:34PM BBT: Heather and Adel in the HT area, Heather says she is leaving because she knows other people will want to talk to her. Heather suggests to put it in Neda's head that Adel, Heather and Neda could work together. Heather leaves.

Sarah, Sabrina and Andrew by the pool having a conversation. Sarah is paranoid about someone sitting nearby to hear their conversation, she goes to check and no one is around. Sarah says no offence to Andrew but he hasn't had to make any hard decisions yet. Sarah explains how they need to remain a support to each other because its important to keep talking through the steps. Andrew explains that yes Allison is an awesome girl but he is making these decisions because its a game. General back and forth with Sabrina saying how bad she feels and she wants the first five to understand how bad she feels.

12:38PM BBT: Neda and Jon in the KT making sandwiches. Minimal chat between them, Jon talks briefly with someone on the green couches but can't tell who it is. Mics finally change and we can hear conversation on the green couches, sounds like Allison and Kenny for sure. General talk about what day it is in the game vs what date it is outside the house.

Andrew, Sarah and Sabrina continue to chat by the pool. Still the same conversation about Andrew saying its just a game and thats why he is okay with getting Allison out, Sabrina feels bad and Sarah being the smart sensible one in making decisions for and supporting the first five members.

12:42PM BBT: Cams change from Jon in the Kt to the green couches. Arlie, Kenny, Allison, Neda, Heather and Jon joins. Neda asks what St.John's is known for. Allison responds "drinking", Kenny responds about fishing and the changes, Jon says that the brewery is good. Allison explains further saying St.John's is more old school culture. Kenny thinks St.John's is relative to Portland. Jon talks about St.Pierre, Miquelon (which is a french island south of NF - a part of France). The newfies talk about St.Pierre.

Feeds switch to Adel in the HT. He is counting on his fingers but no sound? It doesn't look like anyone is with him, he is just counting up something.

Jon and Neda at the DT eating and talking about food.

12:47PM BBT: Sarah, Sabrina and Andrew still at the pool talking. Andrew walks away after giving the girls high-fives. Sarah and Sabrina talk about how Andrew doesn't understand this game. Sarah tells Sabrina to stay calm. Sabrina says Andrew is a selfish person and only thinks of himself. Sabrina says she doesn't like 90% of the people in the house and the 5-10% that she does like she is sending home. Sabrina seems very angry. Sarah keeps saying "I know, i know, trust me i know." Sabrina tells Sarah how she could have gotten out Kenny and Andrew and had her stronger alliance. Sabrina says that Andrew doesn't care about her, he replaced her so easy.

Kenny joins the girls around the pool. Sabrina is making nasty faces, Sarah is complimenting Kenny on his new look (hairless chest?). Whispers about the first five and Sarah says nothing is being talked about. Kenny tells Sabrina she is not the sole reason it happened, everyone is voting for it to happen. Everyone is talking over each other and Sarah tells Sabrina she keeps saying it but Sarah turned against Paul.

12:53PM BBT: Sarah tells Kenny about Jon confronting her about Kenny and his situation. Sabrina talks as well about how Jon says he would never want Andrew out. Kenny just agrees and continues to get ready for working out. Sabrina says that Andrew is driving her nuts. Kenny says that Andrew wants Allison out. Kenny says he likes her but he thinks it would be better for his game. Jon walks over, sees them talking and walks away.

LR crew talk about food and the different areas of China and their food. Heather asks about how to order Canadianized food.

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12:40PM BBT: The audio on the feed in the KT ( Jon/Neda) and the one in the pool area where Andrew, Sarah and Sabrina are is very poor.

1:00PM BBT: Sabrina talking to Kenny and Sarah. Andrew doesn't know how to play the game. That is a flaw in him, but an asset for them. Sound cut out. Changed feeds. Kenny left and Sabrina is now crying because some said something about her. (Andrew?) Sabrina says that Kenny doesn't like her either. Sarah said that she does not see any sort of nastiness towards her from Kenny. She is talking about Andrew again and how she feels betrayed by him; that he turned his back on her. Sabrina now talking about an ex-boyfriend.

1:05PM BBT: Jon Neda Adel and Ika sitting around (in) the hot tub. Talking about jury - how long you go for - if you would agree to stay in sequester for the chance to come back into the game. Talking about Gary and Peter and how having been on the show benefits them in terms of knowing what questions to ask. Talking about pre-show interviews. Jon says it's at least 13 or 14 degrees - feels like summer. Talking about what day it is, how long they have been there - 26 days. Adel saying he has not kept track of who was HOH when and other events. Discussing possible competitions when there are the final 3.

1:13PM BBT: Sabrina still crying - she had an ear infection years ago and her boyfriend got her a card - and she's crying about it.

1:15PM BBT: Back at the hot tub. Still talking about the show, competitions et cetera in the last season. Audio and feeds keep cutting in and out. Makes it hard to follow conversations.

1:18PM BBT: Backyard Kenny and Andrew working out - but now talking. Andrew said he is going to stick with the First Five, but he doesn't want to be looked at as a heartless person. Kenny said it's easier to keep her (Allison) around.

1:22PM BBT: Feed switches to Allison and Jon talking in HOH room. Talking about Adel's power. Jon talking about flushing it out. Talking put up Adele so he uses it. Adel has said that if he wins it he'll put up the HOH's best friend. (**I think that is what Adel told him he could do but not sure that he has that power. I think he just has the power to play POV whenever he chooses.**)

1:26PM BBT: Feeds bounding around. Kenny Andrew and Jon in BY. Ika going this week. Talking further strategy and Jon and Kenny leave and Andrew continues to work out. Feeds bounced again.

1:28 PM BBT: Feeds back on Sabrina, Sarah and now Rochelle in her hot dog suit. Still talking about Sabrina's ex-boyfriend and fighting about a burrito. Yep!

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1:33PM BBT Arlie joins the conversation. Arlie saying he didn't mean anything he said about Sabrina at all. It was just strategy. He didn't talk to her as part of the strategy. Now Heather joins conversation. H talking about doing walking laps. Sarah saying she is drunk on the wine that Rochelle gave her.

1:40PM BBT: Kenny and Andrew talking game. Andrew says you have to watch out for pairs. Kenny tells Andrew he has a big target on his back by sticking with Allison. Andrew says the First Five are stronger than any pair in the house. Kenny says you still have to be cautious of pairs. Kenny and Andrew continue working out.

1:43PM BBT: HOTH on all feeds

1:55PM BBT: Feeds back - Jon in HOH - listening to music. Looked like he was crying at first.

1:57PM BBT: Arlie in SR apologizing to Kenny for something that was said yesterday during a challenge.

2:00PM BBT: Heather and Allison in WA doing their nails. Allison told Heather that she doesn't think she's going anywhere. Heather thanks her. They tell each other that if the other were on the block and they were not and won veto they would take each other off the block. Heather says she is afraid of a double eviction. Allison says she wants to get to jury and then fight it out. Allison asks Heather to keep it between them that they are together.

2:05PM BBT: Ika talking to Adel about being voted out. Asked Adel if he had any bright ideas because he is the bright idea guy. Adel tells her the numbers just aren't there to save her. Adel says Arlie has to make a move ASAP. Ika says no, that he is going to play a low key goofy game and then game on at the end. Ika says Kenny and Andrew should be the targets. Adel says that Arlie has his back. They have been plotting since day one. Adel says to Ika being on the outside sucks and its ugly, people are talking about you and he knows it's terrible. Adel says the guys are intimidating everyone and that is why Ika is on the block. They are behind it. Ika tells him not to trust Rochelle. She would sell him out. Arlie talking about future alliance once there is a split in the numbers. He said Heather, Neda, Arlie and Jon on his side. Ika thinks Kenny and Jon will stick together.

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1:59PM BBT: Kenny and Arlie have a chat in the SR about Arlie's task yesterday. Arlie says he knows he was serious and apologizes. They agree they would be buddies outside of the house, they hug it out and conversation ends. Feeds switch to Heather, Allison, Ika and Neda in the WA doing their nails.

Sarah and Sabrina were talking under the stairs. Sarah says she is drunk, off wine - Rachelle gave her a glass of wine. Rachelle and Neda join and Neda says next time they give us alcohol you are getting hammered. Sarah admits that she feels like she needs to take car of people. HGs talk about what it takes to get them drunk. Sarah says today is her husbands birthday, she thinks. Sarah thinks today is March 25th. Sarah is very talkative and has a funny little laugh. HGs talk about names they hate because of people they know that have ruined it.

Jon asks if someone can play with him. They call out to him to come here and he does. They sit around burping. Jon leaves and is heard in the background talking to Arlie.

2:04PM BBT: Allison and Heather are in the WA talking about Allison's hair colour. Allison goes ahead talking about her last name and how she is has been called racist because she says she is a white (White is her last name). Allison asks Heather if she wins HOH does she know who she is putting up, Allison says you don't have to tell but if you do I promise it will stay between us two. Heather says somebody who drives me crazy, in the end she says someone who tried to vote me out, who lied and said they wold keep me, who i thought was my friend but then told things behind her back. Allison says okay, that narrows it down. Heather says, its not Rachelle. Allison laughs and asks who would you put up against? Heather doesn't know that part yet.

HGs all seem to be thinking this week is a double eviction. Allison explains the process of HOH, immediate nominees, Veto and then voting. Heather didn't know there was a veto in double evictions - she was thinking immediate eviction.

Adel and Ika in the BY by the pool, talking about Paul and his strategy. Adel explains his thoughts - Arlie and Jon would never put him up, he plans on getting Neda on his team (she is an outcast too) and then he says Heather. Ika thinks Heather would put him up and he says no way. They sit and talk all the time.

2:12PM BBT: Ika and Adel continue their chat by the pool. They speculate the future of the game and what their plan is depending on whose around. Ika tells Adel that he cannot trust Rachelle. Adel says she's a little kid. Adel's plan is Arlie, Jon and Neda - Arlie will keep Heather around. Arlie is doing laundry and talk stops until he walks away again.

Heather and Allison in the WA talking about how people are not supposed to be in relationships on the show. Jon and his gf have been together 7 months, which is August, and that is right before he auditioned. General talk about nails. We can hear Sarah in the background, Sarah is laughing really loud and Heather questions whether or she is actually drunk. Sabrina runs into the bathroom looking for Andrew because she is getting a cold sore and he has cream she wants. Sabrina explains that she started getting cold sore from getting burnt in florida once and since then they come back when she is stressed. Feeds switch to Sarah, Rachelle and Neda under the stairs. Lots of giggling and more talk about Sarah's husbands birthday. Sarah and Jon talking about what date it is - Sarah doesn't think it is the 25h but Jon does. HGs ask about books and whether or not they will get more. Rachelle wants her cell phone to check instagram. HGs change batteries.

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2:17PM BBT: Adel and Ika still talking.IKA says Rochelle says there are cracks in the boys alliance already. Adel says that Kenny and Andrew would not put him up. Adel says only Sarah has the balls to put him up. Now they are talking about Sabrina and how she stirs the pot and then says she wants to make peace. Adel says he wants to get rid of the bearded mastermind (Kenny) and then he will be the mastermind of the game. Then he says Arlie will make it to the end. Ika says she thinks they will start using him as a pawn. Adel says he thinks his card has everyone fooled still. Everyone still thinks the cards gives him the power to take someone off the block and replace them with another nominee.

Ika says she did not want to go out this way.

Adel says that Heather said that she would put Sabrina up if she wins HOH. Adele says he will be proud of himself if he lasts one more week. Ika says that she should have listened to Kyle. Kyle told her if you don't make a big move then you are next.

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4:30pm BBT: (Feed 1) Sarah and Ika are alone in the bedroom. Ika has been pleading for her life, by trying to make Sarah feel that keeping her would not be dangerous, as she wouldn't be coming after them. Arlie comes in with a question for them: "On the show 'The Walking Dead', what is the name of the character who plays Maggie's boyfriend/husband, the Asian guy?"

Ika and Sarah both watch the show, but can't come up with it on the spot. Arlie tells them that there are like 6 houseguests who have been trying to figure it out for like the last hour.

Sarah ventures a guess, "Ken? No, it's not Ken."

Arlie: "I thought it was Ken, too. Maybe it's something close!"

(It's "Glenn Rhee", portrayed by Steven Yeun, by the way.)

Arlie leaves, and they start talking about The Walking Dead, and can't remember the names of half the main characters.

Eventually, talk returns to the game, and how they thought the last HoH comp was going to be endurance.

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5:24 BBT: Adel and Jon are out talking by the pool. Jon says he doesn’t want to be stuck in the jury house with Andrew for five weeks; he assumes that both of them will be in their. Adel and Jon start talking about Adel’s secret, but fake power. He tells Jon that the power is only in play for another week after this one.

They talk about taking out Andrew and how Adel is Jon’s backup plan (not sure what this means, perhaps second to Arlie).

They want to keep “gonads”, and they think if the other side wins they will put up “gonads” and Heather.

Jon says he would put Sabrina up if he wins HOH; he would put Sabrina up right away. They are sick of Sabrina and talk about how she thinks she is so smart. Jon and Adel assume that Sabrina hates him even though she says she would never put him up.

(Jon has a swearing problem - he can’t string a sentence together without throwing in the f word)

5:29 BBT: As long as Andrew is there, Kenny is not the number one target. They could work with him, but if he goes to finale two he will win and they won’t have any chance at winning. If Jon and Arlie go to the end, they have a chance at winning though because they are likable. Both of their goals are just jury house. (Yeah, sure, what a crock of crap).

Rachelle is a sell out and she is just a kid. They mention that everyone loves “mumsy”. Jon seems really pumped up to try and win HOH, and mentions he wants to do push ups to prepare. He thinks that the shit will hit the fan, that it will just take time.

Jon and Adel stand up and walk towards the pictures and walk out of the frame.

5:31 BBT: We only hear audio of HG’s in the house talking about blow jobs and being butt farters. The feed is still on the pool area. Feeds switch to the kitchen where Heather is standing up and everyone else is sitting. It’s dinner time in the BB Canada House. There isn’t any conversation going on.

Feeds switch to the outdoor hot tub area with Sarah and Jon, where they say a few inconsequential things. Feeds them jump to the kitchen, and then the bathroom. Nothing is going on yet. Rachelle is in her HOH room putting on her hot dog suit, she leaves her room, says “I’m coming” and proceeds down the stair case. They are going to sing “Happy Birthday” to an unknown HG, at least to me.

5:35 BBT: Sarah says that this is a test to see if they are going to let them all in. Audio is gone and all HG’s are out of the screen.

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5:37 BBT: Houseguests come out of the DR (I think) and audio comes back. Neda and Jon say that Rachelle is fucking annoying and stupid. Neda asks him to get her water. Her comments about being drunk and sleeping in the same bed piss them off. They want to figure out a way to separate Andrew and Allison and send one of them home.

Jon asked Kenny if he thought that Andrew would keep him or Allison around longer, and he said he would Andrew keep Allison. Neda thinks he would 100% keep Sabrina and Allison before Kenny.

Jon wonders is Sarah is working with Andrew and Kenny. Neda says definitely Kenny. Neda says she asked Adel if he was going to use his Canada’s Veto power, and she said that he said “for sure, because Canada would be pissed if he didn’t.” They want him to use it on someone, presumably Andrew, and they are stoked that they won’t be in jury with him. Neda says he might use it on Sabrina. Jon says Adel trusts him 100% and that he is the only one Adel trusts besides Arlie.

5:41 BBT: Neda’s biggest fear is that Andrew will win HOH, not go home, and thinks he would put Neda up 100%. She thinks he would put Adel up too. Jon says if Adel uses the power, he will put Kenny up on the block in his place, which is why Andrew wouldn’t put him up.

Neda says she would be put up because her hatred of Andrew is blatant, Jon says that it isn’t as blatant and that she is getting better at hiding it. Jon says that Andrew wouldn’t have a chance at winning a puzzle competition, and Neda disagrees, citing his past competition win.

They debate who Sabrina would put up, sorry I am missing a little bit of this. Neda says they need to come up with conversations they can start up when Rachelle walks in, because they she is always asking why they get quiet when she walks in.

5:44 BBT: Jon asks if the girls are bringing up his name, she says no. Jon asks if he she knew about Ika’s backdoor way in advance. Neda says she feels bad because Ika was hurt, though she was trying to run Rachelle’s HOH and do what she should have do.

Jon wants out Sabrina and Andrew. They say that Rachelle can win stuff. Once Sabrina is gone, they think Rachelle would be super easy (to either go after, or get on their side, I am not sure).

Jon asked Rachelle who she was going to put up and she wouldn’t tell him. He wonders she wouldn’t tell anyone. Rachelle said she only told Sarah, Kenny, and Adel. Neda says that Sarah doesn’t trust Jon.

Neda keeps insisting that Andrew would put her up because she is close to Jon and because there are few other options. Jon says that Neda is giving him too much credit about Andrew’s intelligence. He says that Andrew’s only smart game decision was letting Kenny decide stuff for him. Jon says he will prevent Andrew from winning another HOH.

Sabrina walks in and they say they were talking about DE’s. Sabrina tells them that Rachelle can’t turn he tub off. Sabrina says the DE can’t not be next week (it has to be this week)), because they have to go the same way. One can’t go home and one can’t go to jury on the same DE night.

Jon is called to the DR and while they walk down the stairs Sabrina asks him if anyone is coming after her. He says no, she says that Allison might. Jon assures her that no one is coming after her. They hug and he enters the DR.

5:51 BBT: Feeds switch to the kitchen where Heather is cooking, and Ika, Adel, Sarah, Arlie, san Sabrina now are. Andrew and Allison are sitting on the couch; he has his head in her lap. Audio is still on kitchen. (I’m not getting a lot of what they are saying. It’s mostly about cooking and something about cookies. It’s not interesting at any rate.) Arlie is going to have a bowl of Salsa, and Neda says that she is going to do that if she is on slop again. Arlie says that means that she wants to be a HN. Sarah asks if Heather is done with cooking.

Sabrina says that Neda smells great and asks what she is wearing. Neda says it is Lancome perfume. Sabrina says something about being allergic to certain perfumes. Video switches to bathroom

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5:55 BBT: Sabrina and Neda are in the bathroom. They both say they feel so guilty about sending Ika home. They want to make her last week fun. Neda says she still feels bad about Paul’s last week where he spent his time alone and not having fun. BB is a once in a lifetime experience and it was sad.

They say Ika is taking her situation so much better than they both would have and that she doesn’t hate them. They want her last week to be fun. Sabrina says she hopes that her, Neda, and Rachelle have each other’s backs. Neda says that they are the people she likes the most.

We hear a manly scream from downstairs, Sabrina says Andrew, and they wonder what is going on. Neda is still worried about Andrew being HOH, and because of Adel’s power being on the block with Kenny. She thinks she wouldn’t have a male HG’s vote, not sure who.

Sabrina and Neda decide to go out to the hot tub and soak their feet when Adel walks in.

Sabrina thinks the next HOH is going to be a quiz. Neda agrees, and says the one after that will be really quick.

Ika walks in and whispers to Adel that “they” are going out their too, referring to Sabrina and Neda. Andrew walks in and everyone else leaves.

6:00 BBT: We see Adel out in the back yard. Ika walks out and he tells her he needs to change in the shower, and then leaves. Ika is out there alone and seems to be fiddling around with the exercise equipment a little bit. She seems to whisper “I’m trying to think”. Still nothing.

6:02 BBT: Now on Feed 2, Kenny and Sarah are taking in the storage room. They say that someone’s thinking that they are doing everything is going to make them blow up. I am assuming that they are talking about Sabrina. Kenny says he sometimes doesn’t even want to acknowledge things that she says because he doesn’t know if she will “smile or rip my face off”

Sarah thinks the stress of the game is getting to her. Kenny thinks she is lying about saying that she doesn’t want to be mean. Sarah says that she has “a big resume of things already” and that she wouldn’t want to face her in the final two.

Sarah says that Neda has her eyes on Sabrina, and that Adel does too. Sarah thinks they people are opening their eyes and people are just too afraid to go against her. She says that Sabrina will be the target soon. Kenny: “She is so volatile and so powerful.” Kenny briefly remarks on how nice the tables are; Sarah agrees.

Kenny says that Jon, Adel, and Allison are candidates for eviction next week. Sarah brings the secret fake power again and she says she thinks he would use it on Andrew. Kenny says that Jon has said that Adel has mentioned that Adel has thought about using it.

Sarah reiterates that Adel’s target is Andrew, so it’s good for Kenny. She says that Allison isn’t a target yet, but they have to consider her emotional bond and talks about Emmett and Jillian going to the final three. Sarah says that her and Kenny have the strongest bond you can without being a couple and that they need to make sure that they have the strongest bond in order to make it.

Kenny says that people swear on everything to get to the end, but to not trust anyone. He says that she needs to bring in Allison (I think), but to not bring her in completely. Sabrina said that she turned against Ika in the same way that Sarah turned against her, and Kenny expresses disbelief. “When was she friends with Ika?!”

6:09 BBT: Arlie walks in and they abort their conversation. Arlie says that Andrew says something about quinoa and they talk about salmon. Arlie says he wants two pieces of salmon. Sarah isn’t sure if they are cooking for the whole house or not. They try to figure out the number of pieces of salmon left. They come up with six, but aren’t quite sure how they got there. They wonder if Neda eats. Sarah says no, she just pecks, and a guy (either Arlie or Kenny) says that she weighs like 96 pounds.

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6:12 BBT: They all want to sleep. Sarah wants to go to bed, wake up, and have someone tell her that it’s morning. Kenny mentions about waking up, starting his day, only to find out that it was still night. “What?! It’s still night?! Goddammit!”

Arlie says his dad would have come to at least one live taping. Kenny says that his family comes together to watch American Idol, so he is sure that his family is watching He isn’t sure if they are making t-shirts about him, though. Sarah talks about someone in her networking group making a shirt with her picture on it, with “She’s Kind Of A Big Deal” on the back. She wonders if more are floating around now.

Sarah addresses Kenny’s family: “Make Shirts. Put ‘Team Beardo’ on them!” Kenny says that no one calls him Beardo. His family only calls him Kenneth. His mom thinks Kenny sounds weird. Even his modeling company goes with Kenneth because they think Kenny Brain sounds like a porn star name.

They are all laughing and Andrew walks in. He covers his nose, apparently Kenny farted. Sarah says: “It’s disgusting to that in the food room!” Sabrina opens the door and her and Sarah scream about Damon Salvatore from Vampire Diaries.

Sarah talks about being the 7/11 girl. She says all of the Backstreet Boys are on her list of people to sleep with. She says they met them and stalked them. She told her husband that they were on her list and he blew up at her, saying that if she did anything she was fucked. Sarah retorted to him: “Oh, but you can have the neighbor on YOUR list!”

6:20 BBT: Andrew walks in while eating something. Sarah tells him to just “eat the whole bean you brainfart”

Kenny asks him if he took the quinoa. Andrew wants to do a chili-lime vinaigrette, but doesn’t have enough lime. Andrew says: “Lime before thyme” Andrew says he won’t ever use mustard again after a previous incident. They say something and get yelled at for talking about production. I am not sure what they said though.

Andrew talks about dill and a grainy overpowering mustard they used on salmon before. Kenny scrapped it off. Sarah says that she would never ever order salmon in a restaurant. They have a lot of fresh fish where she is from, apparently, and talks about someone named Jason walking on the beach picking up fresh crabs.

She says no one calls him Jason. People either call him Jay, or Jason said with a French accent. Sarah says that Andrew has been so generous with his cooking. Neda, Rachelle, and Ika aren’t included when he cooks.

Kenny says that they have an extra fillet to cook. Kenny says that Neda does nothing and is completely taken care of. Sarah says it is because Neda’s sister always takes care of her.

Andrew ponders who are the Floaters are and talks about when he brought it up around Neda. Neda apparently got quiet and walked away. Kenny says she does nothing, and is just Jon’s “lover pillow”. Sarah says she was part of the girls alliance before she killed it, and was a good member. Neda thought it was a bad idea to put up Heather, and Sarah says that Neda had valid ideas and wasn’t an idiot. The problem was that Heather’s personality was “too grating”. Andrew doesn’t understand this so they have to figure out synonyms.

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6:27 BBT: Jon walks in and says all he does all day. Sarah says to hide the food because Kenny farted again. They briefly talk about exercise. Kenny is going to do hid legs tomorrow.

They revert to game talk about how Heather really tried week one. Sarah just says she has no clues. Jon says Sabrina said: “Money over the veto? You aren’t on the block.” Sarah says the chances were two prizes in her opinion. She was playing the odds, but is stupid and is not a thinker.

Sarah says that Heather tries to complement people, but it doesn’t work because she knows no one. Sarah does impersonations of Heather’s complements: “You’re beard looks so good today!” and “Good job at making the juice today!” Sarah suggests that Heather just thank her because she is a 32 year old woman, and when Heather acts like that she wants to beat her and lose it. Andrew starts telling Sarah what to say next time and suggests that she overreact and scream.

Kenny says that Heather is getting on their nerves when she tries to be nice. Jon says that Arlie said at the table that Heather’s actual voice was trying to peek out when it started cracking. Sarah says that if she had a different voice and acted normal she would have a chance. Sarah continues to do impersonations and a guy said that Heather is really toning her voice down.

They compare her to Talla. They say they are both funny and ditzy, but annoying. Andrew says that he would have the same relationship with Talla that Andrew (last year’s Andrew) had with her. Some of his words to her would be “very sharp”. Sarah thinks it is weird that Talla would know all of them now.

6:34 BBT: Sarah says that she can’t trust Jon when he says she is beautiful now after an incident with an older woman (in the audience?). Jon says he loves moms and is attracted to them, but only if they are good mothers.

Kenny said that he used to hunt cougars from the age of 16 on. Sarah says that to a 16 year old she would be “a coug” and expresses disgust at that. Andrew says that before 30 she would be a puma.

Jon asks Sarah if she feels “fat as shit” after eating two chips. She says yes. Andrew says that he is going to go cook and leaves. Kenny says the storage room is the new HOH room again. He says he won’t leave and will “ask for a bucket to be brought in so he can poop”.

Sarah says that she loves Jon and Kenny says that it’s time for ice cream. Sarah jokes that she is going to put one of Kenny’s curly beard hairs into the ice cream container and pretend that it’s a pubic hair. Kenny says she should do it to the hummus. Jon says she should mix it in.

They talk about finding hairs in their food. Sarah and Kenny just pick them out and continue eating, but both hate when they make it into their mouths and the stringy feeling.

Kenny says: “Don’t fuck with the people who serve you food. Don’t be an asshole.” Kenny and Sarah don’t understand how people can act like that. Jon says he has done something to someone’s food. One woman sent a steak back four times, and she never sent the fourth one back, and that’s the one he apparently did something to. Kenny, as a manager, picked something off the floor and put it back in a basket.

They talk about a Ryan Reynolds movie where a scene takes place in a restaurant.

6:42 BBT: I am tired of the storage room talk, so I am switching to another camera. Neda, Adel, Heather, and others are out by the hot tub. They talk about Rachelle’s hot dog suit and then take about exercise. Heather says she needs to exercise so that she doesn’t have a fat ass by the time she leaves.

Conversation turns to Kyle and Anick. Adel says that Kyle is going to be a star for a little while. Neda says he won’t be a star, but will get attention for a little while. Neda says that Adel should be careful with what he tells a certain girl (not sure who) because she sees that the guys are super strong.

Sabrina went around and was paranoid about about Adel’s power. Sabrina said: “Are you sure you aren’t going to use your power?! You swore on the Quran!”

Ika chimes in and talks about her conversation with Sabrina when Sabrina asked Ika if she hated her. Ika says that she wished that she would shut up because not everything is about her.

Ika says that it sucks to be backdoored and that they can’t understand how much it sucks.

Adel says that after two weeks his power gets very weak if he doesn’t use it, but is still in the game. He is spinning a web of lies to explain what happens when he uses his power after that time.

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#BBCAN2 5:14PM BBT: Sarah is in the kitchen making a cake for her husbands birthday.

#BBCAN2 5:25PM BBT: Adel is talking to Jon out near the pool about how Heather stated that if she wins the next HOH, her main target is Sabrina. Adel is questioning who is the crack in the alliances. Jon is whispering so audio is hard to pick up.

#BBCAN2 5:30PM BBT: Adel says to John he is still trying to figure out who said something to Andrew (not sure what that something was) and points to Neda and Rachelles pics on the wall. They head inside. A good bit of chatter during this time frame, but the audio is really quiet out there

#BBCAN2 5:35PM BBT: It appears Sarahs birthday cake is done and the entire crew moved into the DR. I believe this was to wish Sarahs husband a happy birthday.

#BBCAN2 5:37PM BBT: Jon and Neda are up in the bedroom. Jon says that Andrew will go home this week if it is a double eviction. He seems pretty positive about this. Goes through the list of people who has the potential. Jon says that Adel would take Sabrina out next if he has the chance. Neda worries that Andrew may win the next HOH and put her up. Jon evidently was trying to convince Kenny that Andrew would keep the girls (Allison and Sabrina) over him.

#BBCAN2 5:45PM BBT: Neda still chatting with Jon in the bedroom. She states that she thinks she still trusts Sarah, but thinks Sarah is to close to Sabrina.

#BBCAN2 5:48PM BBT: Jon gets called to the DR just as he starts to talk to Sabrina. Tells Sabrina as he is on the way there that she is 100 % safe even though she isn't.

#BBCAN2 5:55PM BBT: Rachelle is in the HOH room, Jon is in the DR. The rest are gathered in the kitchen. It appears those that are not on slop will be eating Salmon for dinner.

#BBCAN2 5:55PM BBT: Neda and Sabrina moved to the restroom and are discussing how Ika is handling her Nomination. Sabrina thinks she is being calm and nice to show that she is not really the type of person she portrays in the house.

#BBCAN2 6:07PM BBT: It appears Adel and Ika are heading to the hot tub. Kenny is talking to Sarah in the storage room. Trying to be strategic regarding how Adel will use his "Special Power" during the next HOH and Nominations.

#BBCAN2 6:10PM BBT: Kenny and Sarah tlak about how they are a bit worried with Andrew and Allison's showmance. Jon and Arlie crash the party in the storage room and the talk quickly changes.

#BBCAN2 6:10PM BBT: Checking in on the hot tub, Adel finds himself surrounded by Rachelle, Ika, Neda and Sabrina ( I bet he wishes BBCA was done in the summer) ....

#BBCAN2 6:18PM BBT: Sarah begs Kennys family to make shirts. #teambeardo Her saying...Not ours. Kenny states how he BB asked him if he minded that they marketed him as "Kenneth Brain".

#BBCAN2 6:20PM BBT: Back out at the hot tub party. Ika, Neda, and Adel discussing how they think Allison might be Canada's player and how she has an advantage over the rest of the HGs, because she can see the groups already fully developed in their friendships.

#BBCAN2 6:26PM BBT: Adel trying to rally everybody by doing ultimate frisbee. Just trying to get the group together.

#BBCAN2 6:30PM BBT: Adel talks about how Heather really wants Sabrina out if she gets HOH. Then says if he wins HOH he is putting up Kenny and Allison. Neda says she would put up Kenny and Andrew. (I'll believe it when I see it) They continue discussing options with Ika who seems certain that she is going home this week. Ika keeps stating that Kenny is the mastermind. If Kenny and Andrew go up, and one of them comes down, Adel would put up Sarah.

#BBCAN2 6:40PM BBT: Lots of game talk in the hot tub until Heather enters the scene. Heather thinks she will be able to get out of her costume on eviction night.

#BBCAN2 6:47PM BBT: Kenny, Sarh, and Jon in the storage room. Hot tub still has Adel, Neda and Ika. Heather appears to have left to go complete her walking. They all seem to be pretty sure that the next eviction will be a double.

#BBCAN2 6:51PM BBT: Ika states that Kenny is the most dangerous player in the game

#BBCAN2 6:53PM BBT: Adel thinks Arlie is the safest one in the game right now. Neda agrees.

#BBCAN2 6:53PM BBT: Ika states she cant believe Rachelle did this and that she is going to go out with class and dignity.

#BBCAN2 6:56PM BBT: Andrew is in the kitchen making the salmon for the dinner. Kenny is observing along with Sarah.

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6:48 BBT: Neda again ponders what would happen if Andrew won HOH and he put her up with Jon. “Oh shit,” Ika replies. Kenny is with Sarah they reiterate.

Adel says that he and Jon have to win HOH. Neda says that everyone is going for it this week.

Neda says that Adel has to use it to please Canada and thinks that Adel got the power because Adel is a “nutball who isn’t afraid to make a move.” She says that the best idea is to go after Andrew.

Adel says that Arlie doesn’t care about any of the guys, and would vote out the strongest. They ascertain that if Kenny and Andrew were on the block that he would 100% go home.

They wonder what would happen if those two were on the block and begin to count their votes. Adel thinks that people might Kenny out instead.

Ika asks if there is any chance of her staying. Neda begins to count: “Um…” Ika replies: “Ok, so no.”

Adel: “Sabrina and Rachelle aren’t going to save you.” Ika says that Kenny is the greatest chance to save her, but that Kenny’s mind is made up because he is convinced that she is coming after him.

Adel says that Arlie is the safest and Neda hopes something crazy happens. Ika can’t believe Rachelle did this. Adel tells her to not do anything to Rachelle. Ika says: “I am going to leave here and show her some class.”

Looking back, Ika says that if they had kept Paul they would have all of the votes. They are doing a lot of strategizing and vote counting. Neda points down and asks “Can you hear?” Adel says only if they allow it. Adel says that the three of them are in an alliance. Neda says that the only people keeping Sabrina and Rachelle safe is Andrew. She also says Kenny doesn’t care for Allison at all.

Jon enters the hot tub area and conversation switches to napping. Adel says he hope it isn’t true about his balls burning in the hot tub. Ika: “No kids for you!” Adel says the time in the hot tub has been so nice and that Heather has done about 33 laps around them.

6:57 BBT: Jon says he takes cold baths. Adel gets out and says that he is going to take a shower because it’s too hot. He says that the three of them are on the same page and he tells Neda that Jon won’t sell her out.

Neda starts listing the people that she is most afraid of winning HOH next week, but ends up listing most of the HG’s. Adel corrects her and says that Rachelle can’t compete and that Sabrina won’t win. Neda and Ika says that she could if it’s a puzzle.

Adel says he doesn’t know about Arlie anymore. Neda says that Arlie is very smart. Neda says that she will shoot herself if Andrew is in the jury house, plus he will be worse because he will be bitter. [They are doing a lot of worrying about the jury house]

They are still talking about Heather and bring up the bungee competition. Adel let go because he knew he wouldn’t win. Adel says that he knows that they have to save Neda, and that Jon knows it too. Neda says that Kenny and Sarah would put her up; Sarah would do it because she would have no choice. Neda is very paranoid, yet says that they shouldn’t have anything to worry about next week since Andrew is most likely going up.

Adel inquires about the “new girl” and doesn’t even remember her name. Ika and Neda are still rationalizing and counting the votes and figuring out where people stand. Adel gets out of the hot tub, and the conversation breaks up. Neda leaves, and Ika and Adel cover up the hot tub before leaving. They walk across the lawn in the backyard before entering the House. Adel rushed up the stairs with Ika following. Adel enters the bathroom and gets in the shower. Ika follows him.

Ika says that they probably think she is hanging out with him to persuade him to use the card. Arlie walks in, and Ika and Adel get into their respective shower stalls.

7:07 BBT: They try to figure out whether the water will be cold or warm. Ika finds out that it is cold and decides to wait. Arlie is sitting in the bathroom while Adel takes his shower. Ika gets in, tells Arlie it’s warm (he wanted to take a shower), but says he is too lazy too now.

Feeds switch to the hot tub room again. Sarah is there by herself, and just walking around. Switching to Camera 1, we go to the kitchen where Andrew is cooking something in the skillet. Looks like green beans or asparagus perhaps. There is light chit chat. Sarah comes back in and she gives them a time update after looking at the sun and telling them how light it is outside. They have a riveting discussion (I use that word lightly) on whether it’s more important to say 5 o’clock or dinner time. They don’t seem to realize it’s after 7 PM.

Kenny says to Rachelle to stop attacking him. She was hovering over him in her suit, possibly tickling him. Sarah tells Rachelle to get away from Kenny: “He doesn’t like wieners.” [Oh, that’s ironic. If only she knew how much he DOES like wieners.] Kenny and Sarah talk about tickling.

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7:14 BBT: Conversation around the circular island is still going on while Andrew cooks. Conversation talks to Kenny’s pubes. Andrew: “Did you show her your bush?!” Sarah: “You need to shave your pubes…do you ever trim them?” Conversation talks about shaving and Sarah talks about a Canadian show called “Penis Puppetry”. Sarah gives a graphic display about the show and all of the things these guys did to themselves.

While this is happening, Andrew finishes cooking and begins to plate up his meal. Sarah claims one plate because it has less couscous. [His meal looks rather tasty. I haven’t ate all day, and I am about to drool.] Kenny asks if anyone wants his orange tang.

Andrew calls everyone to dinner. Kenny says: “Don’t come, I just farted!” Neda asks to be called for cake. I think the green vegetables in the skillet were string beans. The HG’s sit down at the table and praise Andrew’s culinary skills. Allison says that the presentation is beautiful, Kenny says it’s fucking delicious, and someone else (I think Jon) says that it is “fall apart deliciousness”. The HG’s ask Andrew on the ingredients he used, and he gives cooking tips. It’s all about balance. Someone says that’s it’s nutritious, and Andrew remarks that it’s super healthy. Green beans are ultra healthy according to him. Sabrina remarks that he didn’t cut the tips off his green beans. Andrew says he doesn’t care; he will eat a whole apple.

They talk about the nutritional value of his meal. Andrew says to always use quinoa instead of couscous. Couscous is so unhealthy compared to quinoa, it has much less protein.

Sabrina begs Andrew to make a particular type of roll for her after her stint as a HN is finished. Sabrina is sitting while the Haves eagerly shovel food into their mouths and looks rather unhappy. The conversation turns to how to pair a wine with a meal. Don’t use hops with this meal because it will overpower it.

7:25 BBT: Conversation is still on wine and pairing it with foods. Andrew does all of the pairings at his job. You can pair via comparing or contrasting. [No one is talking about anything else]

Switching to another feed, Ika and Neda are conversing in the bedroom. They are talking about Kenny and Andrew hypothetically being on the block. Ika remarks that Kenny will be hard to get rid of, and that she should have gotten rid of Andrew last week. Neda says that Kenny would grow closer with Jon if Andrew left.

They talk about their mutual dislike of Andrew and how no matter what he makes everything about him. Neda says that if Sarah had stuck to the plan they would have been in a good position. Ika remarks that it was Rachelle too. If she had stuck to the plan they would have been fine. Neda says that she was so happy when Rachelle won. Jon briefly entered and asked Neda if she wanted cake.

Ika and Neda start Sabrina bashing. They talk about her being mad about another girl kissing a guy she liked (Allison kissing Andrew presumably).

Ika wonders how Sabrina will be portrayed on the show. Ika thinks that she will be portrayed as catty. which is why she keeps her distance. Ika talks about a plan (Plan Kiss Your Ass) that she hatched with Adel. Neda remarks that Adel is going to win the game. Neda briefly leaves and asks Sarah to save her a piece of cake; she doesn’t want to eat it now. Ika says that Adel is the one person who sees her true personality in the game. She is glad that she got to see who he truly was during her reign as HOH. Neda says that everyone is bitter and that she likes his personality the most.

The other HG’s think that Adel won because they just don’t show everything about him. Neda says that even if they did, he isn’t bad. Ika says that he one of the most loyal people in the game.

Ika and Neda begin to rehash what they know about Adel’s power. They seem to think that his power makes him immune from being backdoored the whole game. [i disagree. If he doesn’t know that people are planning on backdooring him, or if he uses it to prevent himself from being backdoored it won’t protect him after that.]

7:37 BBT: Kenny speculation ensues. Ika tells Neda that between Sarah and Neda, he won’t put up Neda. Ika says that Jon is more real than she previously thought. She know thinks that Jon doesn’t want her to go home because she wasn’t going after him. Ika can’t articulate how upset she is. Neda is so happy that Ika is calm and isn’t going off on others. Ika likes to get revenge, but getting revenge makes her look bad and make her opponents look like they won. Neda says she is acting the way she should, because when she leaves they will talk shit about her like they do Paul and Kyle.

Ika says she’s tried everything, including Plan Kiss My Ass, and that it didn’t work. Jon walks in and remarks about changing batteries. Jon gets on top of Ika and she screams. Jon says he is beautiful, and that he likes Ika but Neda (just jokingly).

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7:42 BBT: Neda says that she feels so badly, Ika says that she has gone over every scenario in her head and she is screwed anyway she looks like it. She says her only chance is getting Kenny to look favorably at her, but Neda rebuts that.

Ika says that she doesn’t hate Heather and Neda said that she originally thought she would want to hang out with her after the game. Ika and Neda agreed that they both started to dislike her when things they told Heather come back to them. They both think she talks too much shit.

Adel adoring recommences. They think he has a chance to win the game, and that if he takes out Andrew the house will be in chaos and he will be in a good position.

They talk about Rachelle’s insect jokes. They say that Rachelle called Neda an ant, probably because she refuses to tweak everything like she does. Ika says she couldn’t face her and Sabrina when they walked into the room.

Neda says that her only chance next week is Adel and his secret power. She says: “Thank you, Canada!” Neda again starts harping about Andrew winning HOH, being nominated with Adel this time, having Adel use his power, and leaving her on the block with Kenny. She is worried about what would happen.

Neda needs it to be her and Heather, because then Adel can take her off of the block. She is confident that he would, and Ika agrees.

7:50 BBT: Switching back to the downstairs, the rest of the HG’s are sitting around the dinning room table. Rachelle adjusts her hot dog suit, and picks her nose a few times. They are still praising Andrew for his meal, and thank Kenny for his tea. He proclaims that he can brew tea like no one else. Someone says the tea is too hot and asks for an ice cube (not sure which guy), and Kenny calls him a pussy. Andrew threatens to fart in someone’s mouth after they go to sleep, and threatens to give someone (again, not sure who) a “Cleveland Steamer” [if you don’t know what it is and want to know what it is, look it up on Urban Dictionary. I’m not going to type it here. It’s more than gross.]

Andrew talks about a diet he’s heard of where people eat whatever you want five days a week, and fast 2 days a week eating only 500 calories. It sends the body into survival mode and increases growth hormone production. They talk about intermittent fasting, and what to eat.

Rachelle starts listing calories counts only to be corrected by Kenny, however he backtracks when he realizes she is right.

Sarah asks why they let her eat that big piece of cake. Kenny remarks that everyone talks about dieting, but them eats gigantic piece of cake. Someone calls Big Mac’s dirty, and Sarah get’s offended and says: “Don’t call Big Mac’s dirty!!!”

Kenny asks if they can go to bed now that they have ate and everyone laughs.

People are still talking about eating habits and calories, but everyone is talking over one another and we can’t discern much. Now, Ika and Neda’s mice are coming through with everyone else’s and two audio feeds are mixing.

Sarah and Sabrina start dividing up cake. Rachelle farts and Kenny explains that “It smells like shit. It smells like mine! You are a disgusting ‘farts in my mouth girl’”. More talks about Rachelle farting occurs.

Mumsy begins with acting maternal and lectures that the rest of the cake is for tomorrow, and that they need to share. If they don’t they need to come see her. The HG’s think that it is 6:30 BBT. Kenny says he is the worst AD person; he thinks that they don’t know that he exists and that he is boring on the feeds.

8:03 BBT: Sabrina and Andrew have adjourned to the HOH room. They are talking about Allison. Sabrina begs him for his trust and wants him to tell no one. Sabrina gives a vastly complicated reason about why someone is mad, or something about her answer to Talla, and something about how Andrew apparently isn’t talking to Sabrina that Allison told her [i can’t keep up with it. Sorry.]

Switching to the other feed, Neda and Ika are still in the bedroom scheming about how Neda would be the safest if Sabrina went up on the block with her if Andrew was HOH, while relying on Adel’s power. It’s more of the same that they discussed earlier. They are also discussing missed opportunities about getting Andrew out. Neda feels bad that Ika has to game with her when she is leaving this week.

Rachelle comes in and talks about the cake she ate. They are talking about the interviews that you do after you are evicted. When she leaves they talk about how uncomfortable she seemed.

8:11 BBT: Andrew and Sabrina are still gabbing in the HOH room.

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8:00 Sarah wrapping up left over cake. Heather doing dishes. Kenny,Arlie, Jon, Rochelle and Allison sitting at kitchen table. Allison hates when people talk when she sleeps. Jon talks about air horns waking everyone up when they went off

8:03 Sabrina and Andrew in HOH. Sabrina confronts Andrew saying Allison said that Andre said Sabrina is jealous that he spends all his time with Allison. He says no and swears on his family that he didn't say that. Sabrina also says Allison says Sabrina is targeting Andrew and Allison because they are a showmance. Sabrina thinks Allison is creating this so that Andrew and her would have a fight. Sabrina thinks Allison's plan is to befriend Sabrina and then target her. That Allison is doing all of this on purpose to create friction between Andrew and Sabrina. Andrew says she is saying all these things to Sabrina because Allison really doesn't know what's going on in the house. Sabrina swears on her family that this conversation between her and Allison did happen in the pantry. Andrew says he is surprised that Allison did that because it's so early in th game to expose herself like that. That was the mistake someone else made and that was what there fault was. [sorry they r talking really fast]. Andrew says he is not giving Allison any ideas and she is coming up with these ideas herself. Sabrina says he must start the detachment process. Andrew doesn't have deep feeling for Allison but doesn't want canada to think he was cold hearted by detaching himself. He just wants to hang out with her and talk to her but not play game. Tht his friendship is real with Sabrina. He says if Allison can target and get out Andrew and Sabrina she would be smart. Sabrina then tells him she told her everything even about his ingrown hairs. Sabrina says she is trying to make her feel insecure and Sabrina adores Andrew and she doesn't want him to not like Sabrina. Andrew says he adores her and Sabrina says she loves him and feels like he is slipping thru her fingers. He says he loves her and he means so much to him. Sabrina says she knows Kenny doesn't like her. Andrew says no Kenny likes her and has no negative feelings towards her. She says she wants her BFF back Andrew. He says he is right there and isn't going anywhere. It's just a game and they are havin fun. Andrew says if he gets HOH he is going to backdoor Jon. Because he is rallying troops to take out Andrew. Sabrina agrees and asks if then after Jon does he promise Allison. He says yes. Now they are playing out different scenarios. Sabrina says Adel has to go before jury because he isn't nice and doesn't deserve jury. Andrew says he is trying to think of players who create more problem. Sabrina then Jon and Adel have to go next then Allison.

8:25 Sabrina says that if Allison wins she won't put up Jon. No one will the only ones to get Jon out are the first 5. They have to do it. Andrew says he will tell Jon outright that he is up on the block because he is trying to turn people away from Andrew. Sabrina asks if she has to be worried if allison wins if she would put up Sabrina. Andrew says no he will make sure of it.

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8:13 BBT: Andrew remarks that his acting isn’t a good as Sabrina’s. Sabrina says that she knows that he has feelings for her, and Sabrina mentions something that she says means that Allison is playing a dirty and bad game.

Andrew says his feelings are new, that Allison is an awesome girl, but all of this knowledge is making him feel attached. He thinks that she is stabbing him in the back. Andrew doesn’t want to look cold-hearted on TV and wants Canada to think he has feelings for her.

Sabrina says that Allison is trying to play them. Andrew says that Sabrina doesn’t need to worry, that their relationship will go way past the game. Sabrina thinks that Andrew is pulling away from her…she agrees.

Sabrina brings up the ingrown hairs story. She said that Allison refused to pull out his ingrown hairs saying: “That’s Sabby’s job.” Sabrina says that she is his friend and that she hurts. She makes him swear that he loves her and that he isn’t pulling away from her. She says that she thinks that Kenny doesn’t like her, and Andrew refutes that. Andrew says that it’s just his character. She wants her BFF back. Andrew says that they can get rid of Allison. Sabrina says that she loves him as a human.

Sabrina says that she knows he has feelings for Allison. Andrew asks her to stop using the “f-word”

Andrew says that if he wins HOH he wants to get rid of Jon because he is rallying troops. Sabrina says she loves him the most out of everyone. Andrew says that if they take out Jon, nothing will stand in their way. Sabrina says that Allison would come for them. Andrew says: “Boom, Boom, Boom!” Sabrina has to teach him about the nuances of Adel’s fake power. Sabrina says that they need to get rid of Adel before jury, because if Canada votes someone back in it will be him. She hates that because he is not a nice person. They decide that they want to get rid of Jon, Adel, and Allison. He says that he doesn’t want to have to pretend for another three weeks. Sabrina tells him: “Look at what she’s just done in ten days.”

Sabrina says that if Allison won HOH she wouldn’t put up Jon because they are in an alliance.

8:22 BBT: Andrew says he isn’t worried any more. They talk about the number of people voting this week and next. They speculate if there will be a double eviction. Andrew wonders if Jon wins; he thinks that Jon might think that it’s too early to go after him. Andrew says that he loves Sabrina more than anything else. Kenny is his bro and Sabrina his girl, he says. He loves her soul. He talks about Sabrina’s bad qualities, and says they are part of his beauty, just like his annoying personality is a part of his. Sabrina gets up on on Andrew and hugs him.

They speculate if they make it to the final five. Sabrina talks about the changing dynamics. Rachelle walks in and talks about her soaking hot dog suit; it’s wet from the hot tub.

Sabrina again reiterates that she knows that he has feelings for Allison. Andrew says: “Rachelle stole my bestie.” They talk about hanging out in either Alberta or Montreal. Andrew mentions he hasn’t been home in four years. Rachelle can’t find her underwear.

I am bowing out for now. I need a break I’ve been typing constantly for three hours, and my hands hurt. I’ll be back around 9 if no one has taken over by then.

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8:28 Sabrina says she just wants stupid girl to go away. Andrew says for worry she will. Sabrina says that her and Andrew are the brains and the brawn. She just wants things Togo back to the way they were. Rochelle walks in. Sabrina says I know you care about Allison but don't forget that Sabrina is there. He says yes you are my bestie even though Rochelle is stealing Sabrina away they all laugh. Rochelle leaves. Sabrina days she just doesn't want to lose her friend. He says if her or Sarah win HOH the girls put up Allison. If the boys win the boys put up Jon. Sabrina agrees. Andrew just wants Jon to go because he is rallying troops against Andrew but Allison is just one person and doesn't have the power to do it. Sabrina says Allison won't try to win and let Jon win because Jon will go after Andrew and Kenny. They then bash Neda sayig she is a leaf and can't win and doesn't know anything.

8:33 Andrew says he is fine getting rid of Neda. Sabrina says no that Neda is a good pawn but Jon has to go he is to strong. Andrew agrees. Talk turns to Adel and Andrew thinks in jury Adel would be a vote for them. Sabrina says no he doesn't like them. Adel tells her everything and he doesn't like the boys. They need to get rid of him. People listen to Jon so he has to go first then Adel. Allison is strong and a threat to Sabrina and Sarah. Andrew says let just see how this eviction goes and let see what happens. Still speculating about double eviction. Sabrina gets called to dr.

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8:38 Sabrina on her way to Dr Corners Allison in kitchen and starts telling allison that she was told that Sabrina likes Andrew. Allison swears she didn't say that to him at all. Sabrina says that she answered saying she knows she just likes him like a big brother. Allison mad and says she need told him that. Sabrina that she was also told that allison wants to get her out. Sabrina says she knows it's not true and that they wants to work with Allison. [ugh feeds glitches lost the rest of convo] Sabrina says don't worry I don't believe anything he said to me. Allison says I promise I said nothing.

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