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Survivor 28 - Episode 4 - March 19 2014

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Brains returns to camp and the fire is still going, they think it is a sign. Spencer tells us it is a roller coaster ride and he is just glad to still be on the tribe. Kass says keeping Spencer was a last minute decision.

They get treemail and they think it is a food challenge. Tasha says this is their chance to come back! She says one victory and they will be stronger! We are at the challenge already!

Drop your buffs! Brains, Brawn and Beauty are no more!

The Survivors are changing tribes! They are forming 2 new tribes. Buffs are wrapped, everyone picks one. Orange or Purple. Brains are all together still. Sarah is the only one who is still on Aparri. One tribe member is holding on to a pole, 2 of the opposing tribe will try to remove them from the pole. They are playing for a brunch buffet! A celebratory meal!

Tasha and Lindsay are holding on! Jefra and Trish are working on Tasha! Sarah and Morgan have Lindsay free of the post, she grabs back on again. Lindsay is free from the post again. Morgan and Sarah are really working her to the finish line. Tasha is locked in, the girls can not move her. Aparri scores!

Alexis is unmatched and being dragged through the sand, Solana scores.

Cliff is on the pole for Solana. Sarah is on the pole for Aparri. Spencer and Jer are trying to move Cliff. Lindsay and Tony are lifting Sarah to the finish line. Cliff is not budging. Cliff is off the pole and dead weight in the sand. Sarah is drug across the finish line and Solana wins reward.

The new tribes are Solana (Purple): Jefra, Trish, Woo, LJ, Lindsay, Cliff and Tony. Aparri (Orange) are: Sarah, Alexis, Morgan, Kass, Jer, Spencer, Tasha.

LJ says he is out numbered with Jefra. He is hoping they welcome him as a team member not as a threat. Solana chit chats as they eat. Trish talks to LJ and gets to know him. They are both from Boston. He is hoping for that connection. He will use that to save himself. Lindsay says the way Trish flirts makes her sick. Cliff is pleased with the way things worked out for him today. He is concerned with Trish and her talking to LJ.

Aparri is back at camp. Sarah is the only original member. Others are figuring out that day 1 there was a choice of rice or idol. Morgan was outed by that! She lied day 1.

Morgan has gone to the brains and asks for alliance. Brains feel in a better position now that they know others aren't so tight. Spencer says Beauty is gossipy and talking bad about each other. In the water, Jer tells Tasha and Kass that Morgan would backstab him in a heartbeat. Tasha says "With this, we went from tragedy to what feels like a triumph!"

Jefra is shocked by the way Brawn is split. Trish tells her about the plan to lose challenges and get rid of Cliff but, it never worked out. They walk down the path towards the beach past Cliff. Trish says "Hey big man!" as they go by him. He looks ticked.

Challenge! The teams come in. Jeff says immunity is up for grabs! They now only play for one idol. Each tribe will use a log to smash through 2 walls then use the log to get through a maze and bang the gong! Each tribe will sit one out. Trish is out for Solana. Morgan gets to sit out after rock paper scissors with Alexis.

All 6 people must stay holding the log. They try to break through, it is harder than it looks. Solana is through the first wall. Aparri is finally through the first wall.

The teams are through the walls, they strip off the handles to work on the maze!

They work on the maze, Aparri wins! The brains are on that tribe and they are ecstatic. Tony (Solana)asks "How did that happen??"

At Solana, they all wonder what happened. They were over confident going in. LJ is worried that he will be going home. He pleads his case to Cliff. Cliff is worried about the bond Trish and LJ already have. Woo tells Lindsay that he is 10 times better on land and 100 times better in the water over LJ. But he adds the paranoia is huge right now.

Trish works LJ for a vote against Cliff. LJ was shocked. It doesn't make sense to him but he is hoping he doesn't have to play his idol. Trish says she plays with her heart. She is finished with 14 days of Cliff's entitlement. Lindsay says Trish is going to screw them over. Trish is now on Tony to get Cliff out now. Tony looks worried. Tony tells us that it is crazy to get rid of Cliff. He wants LJ out.

Tony doesn't know what he is going to do. Cliff corners him and asks what Trish said to him. Cliff says Trish can make a move if she wants to but we need stability. Cliff confirms that LJ is going tonight. Jefra says that she is nervous about Tony and doesn't know what to believe. LJ says he is putting a boat load of trust into Trish and Tony tonight.

Some of them do not have fire yet. JP Asks LJ what it was like at camp. He says it was intimidating and uncomfortable. Cliff says there is always going to be a person who is comfortable where they are at. It is all about numbers. Woo says you have to trust and stick with it. Trish says numbers are only important if they are working for you. It is really raining at tribal. They are drenched.

Lindsay makes it clear that Jefra and LJ are on the outs. Tony says tonights vote will be seeing if they go forward as a team or a different team. They all vote.

JP asks for the idol. LJ does not play it! First vote is LJ second Cliff, third LJ, fourth Cliff! 3 votes each! Fifth person voted out is Cliff! Lindsay is shocked! Her mouth is dropped open. Woo is shocked as well. JP dismisses them from tribal!

Next time on Survivor... Lindsay and Trish's feud can no longer be contained, they explode at camp!
Cliff tells us he got too comfortable. He thought things were going the way you expected them to and Boom! you get blindsided! We will see you next week!

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Right now I don't care who benefits from this blindside but as a disillusioned fan of the show, it made me very happy. How long has it been since we've seen a tribe not play things safe and make a big move this early in the game? Way to go guys. Thank you.

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