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Dancing with the Stars ~ U.S. season 18 Episode 1

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We are back! The open number shows the troop dancers! Jason Derulo is performing live the opening number "Talk Dirty to Me".

Tom Welcomes us to the premiere! Erin Andrews has replaced Brooke Burke as his co host! There is a new band, new singers and a new music director! Stars are dancing their way in with the dancers.

Erin tells us that this season is full of twists and turns. Up next are NeNe Leaks and Tony Dovolani! Nene says she wants to "Shake my bonbon" She tells us she has her eye on Meryl and Charlie. She wants to get it right and have Tony happy with her.

They are dancing the Cha Cha. Nene is in a white lace off the shoulder mini dress with fringe and a floral headband. Tony wearing black pants a white hoodie with a black vest overtop.

Tom introduces the judges and tells us there is a guest judge in a few weeks. Len tells Nene that was the way to get the party started! Well done! Bruno says she is his kind of girl, loves her energy and enthusiasm. Carrie asks Nene why she is crying, Nene is emotional. Carrie says she really brought her personality. Tells Nene to dance bigger!

Judges scores for Nene and Tony, Carrie 7 Len 7 Bruno 7 for a total of 21!

James Maslow from Big Time Rush is dancing with Peta Murgatroyd. When he walks into the studio she is shocked! Sounds like they went on a date, he left for tour and she hadn't seen him again til he walked into the studio!

They are dancing the foxtrot. She is in a gypsy looking dress with plunging neck and back line and a very flowy skirt. He is in black dress pants, crisp white shirt and a black vest.

Bruno says James is full of vigor! Says he needs to make it more effortless but as a first effort it was really good. Carrie says she has a big time crush because he is so cute. She says he has a natural elegance. Len says they know why they are here... a bit of eye candy for the ladies. He attempted to get the footwork right but needs to work on his frame but he is pleased with the work! Scores after the break!

Scores for James and Peta, Carrie 7 Len 7 Bruno 7 for a total of 21. Erin asks them what is going on between the 2 of them. James says "She is teaching me how to dance, that is what is going on!"

Danica McKellar is dancing with Val! She runs into the studio and hugs him. She says he is way cooler than she is. He feels they compliment one another and Danica is very cleaver.

They are dancing the Foxtrot. Danica is in a bright red skirt with a slit up the front and a jeweled bodice that is iridescent. Val is in a black short and pants.

Carrie says she is incredible and it was a great balance with the 2 of them. It was really good. Len says Danica is holding a little bit tight and his first impression was well done! Bruno says she is exuberant and a good kisser and actress the way she played off Val. She needs to control her shoulders. Scores after the break!

Danica and Val's scores: Carrie 8 Len 8 Bruno 8, 24 out of 30! Erin says Danica is "Geeked up!" She is bouncing and over excited!

Sean Avery and Karina Smirnoff are next. He talks about his career and how he is known as the "bad guy". He says Ice Hockey and Dancing are 2 different things. Karina says he is very funny, you don't expect it from him!

Dancing Contemporary, she is wearing a light blue short dress with jeweled iridescent inserts along the side. He is in black shirt and pants.

Len says the lifts were terrific but between those and running around, there wasn't much dancing but it was nice. Bruno says it was a little jagged and they need to watch that. Carrie says there was an authenticity to them and she was fascinated with their performance.

Sean and Karina talk to Erin, he says he is inspired by Footloose and has watched it a hundred times. Scores are: Carrie 7 Len 6 Bruno 7 for a total of 20.

Next up is Billy Dee Williams and Emma Slater. She is ecstatic when he walks into the studio. He is 77 years old and says it is hard work but he is committed and works through.

Dancing the Cha Cha with R2D2 on the stage! Emma is in a Star Wars inspired outfit with Princess Lila style hair. He is in a blue shirt, black pants (reminiscent of Star Wars as well) Wookies are in the audience.

Bruno wants bigger, more powerful. Carrie says he is the most relaxed dancer she has ever seen, little too simple, they need more. Len says it was on time, remembered it, it was entertaining but again, they need more from him next week.

Billy Dee says Emma is a wonderful and delightful human being. Scores: Carrie 5 Len 5 Bruno 5 for a total of 15 out of 30. The audience boos. Billy thanks them for their support.

Meryl Davis is dancing with Maksim Chmerkovskiy. He tells her that he loves her, She tells him she is not dating Charlie. She spins for him. He is smitten with her. He is blushing like a school girl.

They are dancing the Cha Cha. She is in a tank dress with a ruffled skirt in various shades of pink, jeweled bodice. He is in a black open shirt and pants.

Carrie says it was exciting to watch, the crowd is insanely loud! Len says they are good on wood! Bruno says she is the queen of spins! She is sharp! Needs to watch her legs but so good!

Charlie says Meryl is awesome and Maks handled her well. Meryl says they look at their dance partners as instructors and it is different but good. Scores: Carrie 8 Len 8 Bruno 8 for 24 out of 30! Tied with Danica for the lead!

Candace Cameron Bure is up next and has Mark Ballas as a partner. She wants to look good and feel beautiful but will be modest with costumes. "Excuses are for losers!"

Contemporary dance. She is in a white tank top with silver embellishments and a blue skirt. He is in a white shirt and black pants.

Len says she can dance! Bruno says she uses the floor so well, says she is a contemporary dancer. Carrie wants to work with her. She wants to see it again. Scores after the break!

Candace and Mark's scores Carrie 9 Len 8 Bruno 8 for 25! Candace screams! She is teary eyed. They show a clip of Candace and Danica talking about a boyfriend they both had back in the day. He dumped Candace for Danica and Danica was shocked! She had no idea!

Cody Simpson is up next with Witney Carson! Cody tells her he has a girlfriend and Witney says she is single. Cody says this is a whole different animal to him. It is her first season on the show. He is the youngest cast member this season.

Cody is in all black, pants, shirt and vest. Witney is in silver, bra style top with one half sleeve and a fringed skirt, both jeweled.

Bruno says it was the exuberance of youth! Charisma by the crack load! Carrie says Cody has big feet and they are distracting, he has zazzle but needs work. Len says he needs to work on technique.

Erin interviews Cody, his gf was in the audience and gave him a standing ovation. He says she understands. Witney says they are friends. Scores: Carrie 7 Len 7 Bruno 8 for 22 out of 30. He says it was an awesome time.

Next is Drew Carey and Cheryl Burke. He says he is America's Sweetheart. He says now that he has lost weight he wants to do things he wasn't able to before. He is out of his comfort zone and it is weird for him. "I know how a dog feels now when it wears the cone."

They are dancing the foxtrot. Drew is in a tux with tails. Cheryl is in a prism dress that changes from green hues to blue, it is strapless and has a slit up the side.

Carrie calls Drew a crowd pleaser. She loved his classic approach. Len says it was watchable and lots of fun. Bruno says there was a lot of content and it could be ironed but it was wonderful.

Scores for Cheryl and Drew. Carrie 7 Len 7 Bruno 7 for a total of 21. Drew has lost 80 pounds! He is happy with his mobility now and says it is great.

Amy Purdy is a double amputee. She lost both of her legs below the knees and she is a paralympic snowboarder. She is dancing with Derek. He says this is the biggest challenge he has had on the show. They trained in Russia while she was competing. She won the bronze in Sochi!

They are dancing the Cha Cha. She is in an orange and silver bra shirt with fringe and fringed pants. Derek is in all black, biker jacket, shirt and pants.

The audience is on their feet! Carrie was too. Len says he can't judge her any different than any other competitor, she got a gold medal in Cha cha. Bruno says he is gobsmacked. Carrie is in tears. She calls Amy a beacon of light. Everyone is teary eyed. Scores after the break.

Amy and Derek await their scores, Amy tells us she loves to dance and this would be a good challenge for her to see what she is capable of. Scores: Carrie 8 Len 8 Bruno 8 for a total of 24. Amy is emotional. She is surprised that she pulled it off with the Paralympics and the DWTS schedule.

Diana Nyad with Henry Byalikov are up next. She is 64 and was the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage. He is a new pro on the show and is excited but calls Diana a fish out of water. She "Finds a way" and "Never ever gives up!" They are dancing the foxtrot. She is in an ombre blue dress with crystals and a crystal wide belt. He is in a tux, white sport coat, black pants.

Bruno "The million dollar mermaid finding her footing on dry land!" Carrie says she got more comfortable as the dance went on. She is not feeling her feet just yet! Len says she needs a bit more finesse, he wasn't expecting it to be so good!

Diana wanted to do this, it was a bucket list thing for her. Henry says it was their best run all day. Scores Carrie 6, Len 6, Bruno 6... 18 out of 30. Diana says "It is not how you start it is how you finish." She cracks a joke about helping Meryl with her turns and showing Meryl to keep them tighter. Everyone laughs.

Charlie White and Sharna Burgess are the final couple to dance. He walks in and Sharna is excited! She shows him how to move his hips, says he looks like a clock back and forth. He thinks expectations are high! They are dancing contemporary. Both in burgundy. She has a bra top and a double slit peasant skirt. He is in linen pants with a white tank top and an open shirt.

Carrie says they are a perfect match like Ying and Yang. Len says it was a good dance for week one. It was ice dancing with out the ice. Fantastic. Bruno says he is an artist. He is complimenting their technique and he hopes they can continue the high standard they have set.

Scores Carrie 9 Len 9 Bruno 9 for 27! The high score of the night! Erin asks him if he has an advantage in this. He says it is all new movement to him. The judges want to see how Charlie can do in the next few weeks as tonight seemed easy for him. Erin gives the run down of numbers for the night, you can also vote for your faves on facebook.

Surprise! The stars were asked which dances they were most excited about trying and those are their performances next week!
Nene wants to do a Jive, Amy wants a swing dance! Meryl wants a Swing dance too! Candace wants to do a rumba. Danica asked for a Samba! Drew wants a jive too! Sean wants Salsa! James wants a Salsa! Diana wants to cha cha and the remaining, Billy, Charlie and Cody want to Tango! And with that we will see you next Monday!

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