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Friday, March 21 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), The current

Big Brother Time: 02:28:20 AM

Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 2:00 AM (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:05 AM BBT Ika is now crying in the BY complaining about her waste of a HoH week to Arlie. She feels betrayed. In the BR Sarah asks Andrew if he's sleeping with Allison tonight. Andrew says it's day 3 or 4. Sarah laughs and says it's day 8. She's not questioning whether they're going to have sex. Andrew wonders (jokingly) if he's moving too fast. Sarah doesn't care. She was just asking if they were sharing a bed tonight. She says she's litterally the most curious person in the word. Talk turns briefly to Sarah's adult toys. Jon is excited and wants to know more. Jon asks about anal beads. Sarah isn't a fan. Several conversations break out in the room, Kenny and Sarah, Jon and Rachelle, and Sabrina and Andrew.

12:09 AM BBT Adel has joined Arlie and Ika near the hammock in the BY. Ika says Heather is useless and Paul would be more likely to win something over Heather. Ika points out that Adel, Rachelle, Sabrina, and Neda are like "the Pauls this week because they are going to be outsiders. Arlie points out that it's a good thing Rachelle won HoH.

12:12 AM BBT Allison and Heather have joined the BR. Heather is going to bed. Neda comments on the fact that her bungee in the HoH comp wasn't doing anything initially when they cranked it. Jon laughs and says she shouldn't have told anyone. Adel, Ika and Arlie head outside to the chairs next to the HT. They cuddle up under a blanket. Ika is crying again. Ika is sorry that he's on yet another sinking ship. Adel says she's alright. He gets it. They're all safe this week regardless. Ika says she can't believe that she's crying over Paul leaving. Heather comes outside and Ika says "She needs to leave. You need to leave. We're out here talking and I don't want you anywhere around here right now." Heather turns and goes back inside. (Simply wow.)

12:18 AM BBT Sabrina and Rachelle chatting near the pool. Sabrina wants Ika to be backdoored this week. She wants Heather and Allison to go on the block and then if the veto gets used then they will pull Allison down and put Ika up. Rachelle agrees. They'll have to hide in the HoH after the veto ceremony.

12:25 AM BBT Sabrina and Rachelle realize that Adle might use his power on Ika. This rattles the two of them. They think they may let the guys try to take her out next week after his power expires (remember, Adel is telling everyone that his PoV expires after two weeks. When in reality he is allowed to pull someone from a PoV and put himself in their place until the end of the game).

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12:30 AM BBT Sabrina is going to try and eat some slop. Sabrina hates oatmeal. She adds some maple syrup to it and proceeds to spit it up almost immediately. She says she's going to waste away this week because she's only drinking water (Once again...Sabrina has spent the last 3-4 days saying she can't wait to go on a slop diet...now she's there...all she's done is complained. Heather asks Sabrina to come outside and talk to her since they're going to have to share the same bed for a week. Sabrina agrees. Rachelle asks why. They go out to the hammock. Ika tells Sabrina to tell Heather that if she has something to say she should say it in front of everyone. Sabrina goes and gets her slop. She goes and tells Heather it's cold outside and asks her to come in and talk. Sabrina suggests sitting in the BY. Heather doesn't want to sit anywhere near Ika. They try to sit at the KT table. Heather doesn't want to sit near the doors and be able to look outside and see Ika. They move to the table under the stairs.

12:36 AM BBT Sabrina is in a bad mood because she is on slop this week now. Sabrina says she's not a mean girl. Heather isn't either. Heather wouldn't lie. She's super nice. Her family told her this game would be hard for her. Sabrina starts breaking down and crying because of the slop. Heather consoles her. HGs are moving around the house. Talking quiets for a moment until the footsteps settle down. Sabrina confronts Heather about telling the "four girls that voted for me can suck a dick". Heather says she said that to Rachelle because she was being mean to her. Sabrina apologizes for interrupting. Sabrina asks about the lies she's told her. Heather asks to finish. Heather says she doesn't make anything up She says if she's said anything about her, it's only things that she's heard.

12:40 AM BBT Out in the BY Adel, Arlie, Ika and Rachelle are chatting. They are talking about Allison and Andrew sharing a bed. Adel starts talking about funny things Paul did when no one was around (funny as in haha, not funny as in peculiar). Back under the stairs Heather is talking to Sabrina still. Heather says Ika told her something about Sabrina. Sabrina wants to talk to Ika in front of her. Heather doesn't want to deal with her because she's afraid she'll blow up. Sabrina assures her that she won't blow up with her sitting there. Heather doesn't want to deal with her. She's done. Sabrina wants to talk to Ika because what Ika supposedly told Heather is something that Sabrina told Ika and Ika swore she never told her.

12:50 AM BBT Talk continues under the stairs. Sabrina is warned by Heather that she needs to watch the people she trusts. Sabrina asks Heather if she's talked to the guys. Heather hasn't talked to the guys. She knows they voted to keep her and she's grateful for that.

12:52 AM BBT Ika, and Adel are talking on the hammock in the BY. Ika is glad he's here. Ika wonders why she didn't listen to Adel about putting Kenny and Andrew up last week. Back in the house under the stairs Heather and Sabrina continue to try and make amends. (Honestly with some many supposedly lies by either side it's incredibly difficult to figure out who is being honest vs who is trying to cover their tracks).

12:59 AM BBT Sabrina is going to go talk to Ika and make sure she doesn't confront Heather about the conversation. Sabrina thinks they should go to bed. She's going to talk to Ika first. Sabrina goes into the BY to talk to Ika and the feeds switch to Sarah and Rachelle chatting in the SR. Sarah says she took a gamble today and it didn't pay off. Audio troubles begin. We've lost the audio on Feeds 1 and 2 which are Sarah and Rachelle. Feeds 3 and 4 switch to Sabrina and Ika in the hammock. Sabrina tells Ika that Heather told her that Ika told Heather something that Sabrina made Ika pinky swear to keep quiet (clear as mud right?). Something about sitting in a circle on the couches. Ika says Heather brought that up to her. If Arlie was awake they would ask him. Sabrina tells her that Heather said Ika told her that Sabrina and Rachelle run around making fun of her all day. Ika swears on her kids that she didn't tell her that.

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01:08 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are still lacking audio. Feed 1 is still Sarah and Rachelle in the SR. Feed 2 switches to Andrew and Allison cuddling in a darkened bedroom. Feeds 3 and 4 remain on Sabrina and Ika in the hammock in the BY. They continue to question Heather's integrity/Heather bash. Arlie can been seen getting ice from the freezer in the SR. Still no audio.

01:20 AM BBT Sabrina wants to talk to Heather tonight just to try and get this over with. Ika doesn't want to. Sabrina doesn't want this to go on tomorrow. There's a lot of he said/she said right now. Heather says the conversation is over. She's done. ika says she's a liar so of course the conversation is over. Heather storms off. Ika laughs and calls her a pimpled bitch. Heather goes in and tells Sarah and Neda what just transpired in the BY. Heather gives chase. They stop outside the HNR to talk. The camera above that door goes back and forth as if trying to follow the conversation. It's quite humorous. Heather says she's not standing out there while she's being made fun of. She questions why she called her over to them. Sabrina is shocked she acted that way. Ika comes in and Heather goes into the HNR and closes the door. Ika is in a bad mood right now and she's going to call her out. Sarah apologizes and says she's the outcast today and she can't help. Meanwhile Adel points at the camera above the HNR door and tells BB to call him to DR for his hair style. BB calls him in.

01:25 AM BBT Heather can be seen talking to Arlie on the floor of the HNR on Feeds 1 and 2. Still no audio on those feeds. No amount of closing/restarting browsers fixes them.

01:28 AM BBT Sabrina heads into the HNR and we lose her audio. We keep the audio on the feeds that show Neda, Ika and Rachelle sitting outside the DR/HNR. Ika says she's fired up and she's going to call her out, especially after the day she had.

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01:33 AM BBT Audio remains off for feeds 1 and 2. Sabrina can be seen talking to Heather with Arlie laying nearby. Meanwhile in the KT Ika and Rachelle are chatting. Ika and Rachelle decide to go to get cleaned up. Ika sticks her head in the door and tells Sabrina she's going to bed. Sabrina says she was just talking to Heather and Ika replies "I don't know why..." Sabrina invites Ika and Rachelle outside to talk. Sabrina tells Ika that she's not going to agree to believe or not believe either of them. Ika called to DR. Rachelle and Sabrina stay in the hammock. Rachelle is worried that Adel would use his power on Ika. Both agree that Ika is intense and she crossed the line with her pimple lipped bitch comment to Heather. They are tying to figure out to ask him without being too obvious. The lights are dimming in the HNR.

01:39 AM BBT Arlie and Adel come outside. They thought they heard Sabrina and Rachelle arguing outside. They say Jon came out on the balcony asking what what was going on. Arlie and Adel got up to come break up a girl fight. They begin to wonder if it was Ika in the DR. BB reminds the HGs not to talk about production. Arlie mumbles that they should sound proof the DR. They realize it probably was her. Adel and Arlie say when Heather and Sabrina came in with Heather upset they got up to go see what was going on and BB locked them in the HNR.

01:45 AM BBT Feeds briefly go FoTH. Feeds back and Arlie and Adel are heading back to bed. They think Arlie is a lurk but very funny regardless. They wonder if Adel would use his power on Ika. They think it would be dumb. They agree to head in to go and take off their makeup. But first...they're going to take the towels from the washer and put them in the drier.

01:52 AM BBT Sabrina and Rachelle are in the WA doing nightly ADLs. Sabrina says she's worried that if they try to take out Ika that she'll run and tell everyone about their girl's group.

01:58 AM BBT Sabrina is going to think some things over. They are going to bed. Sabrina is bummed that she cannot enjoy Rachelle's HoH room with her this week. Arlie says Ika woke Jon up with her DR session. When Adel and he went back to the HNR they couldn't hear what she was saying specifically, but they could hear her giving it.

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02:02 AM BBT Ika is out of the DR. Sabrina and Arlie tell her that she was loud enough in the DR to wake up Jon. Ika, Sabrina and Rachelle head out to the hammock. Ika says Sarah told the guys that the girls are in an alliance. Ika says she tricked Arlie today and asked about the vote. Ika says she told him she talked to Sarah today and she told him that the guys convinced her to switch her vote. Their shocked reaction was all a fake.

02:08 AM BBT Arlie and Adel can be seen on Feeds 1 and 2 without audio. Arlie is sitting on the mattress on the floor, apparently talking to Adel who is in the half bed.

02:15 AM BBT Ika is trying to convince Sabrina and Rachelle that they guys HAVE to be put up together this week and if they win PoV then another one of their alliance has to be put up. They are 5-6 strong. Rachelle says if she puts them up then she'll be on the block next week. Ika says no, she'll be the next target. Sabrina thinks Adel will be a target. Ika says Sarah told her that Ika is absolutely the next target. Ika says Adel is not a target in their eyes now. Ika says Rachelle, Ika and Neda are targets. Sabrina wonders why she isn't a target. Ika says because Andrew likes her.

02:20 AM BBT Ika continues to push that two of the guys need to be put on the block and if one wins the veto another person HAS to go up. Ika doesn't understand how the girls can't see the guys aren't going to go after them.

02:25 AM BBT Sabrina and Rachelle say Heather is a vote for the other side now. Allison, Jon, Andrew, Kenny, Sarah, Arlie and Heather. Heather is number 7. They think Heather is the smart choice because the other side has the numbers right now. Ika asks why leave them in there just because they have the numbers. This conversation goes round and round.

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02:32 AM BBT Ika continues to sell the idea that two strong players have to go up this week. Rachelle and Sabrina disagree. The conversation goes round and round. Rachelle promised Jon that he would not go up at all during her HoH. Ika wouldn't mind seeing Allison up against Kenny because they would send Kenny home. Ika says if Rachelle keeps them safe this week, it's not going to protect her game. Ika protected them and they're still coming after her.

02:43 AM BBT The conversation continues in the BY. Ika doesn't understand why the girls can't get this. Ika points out that Creepzilla (Heather) is coming after her.

02:47 AM BBT The girls agree that it's late and they want to head in and go to bed. Sabrina tells them good night and heads into the HNR. Rachelle and Ika head into the WA. Rachelle begins to finish her ADLs.

02:49 AM BBT Ika suggests putting Heather and Sarah on the block. Sarah would understand because she betrayed them. And by keeping Allison off the block she might trust Rachelle more.

02:52 AM BBT Ika heads into the darkened BR with Rachelle soon following. Feeds switch to FoTH. Feeds back. We now have all four feeds displaying horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.

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9:10AM BBT: Looks like everyone is up. Allison, Ika, Sabrina in the BR. Andrew, Jon, and Kenny in the KT getting breakfast.

9:40AM BBT: Sarah and Allison talking at the KT table. Sarah is telling Allison that she could win POV and pull herself off. The girls already want Heather so it might not be that hard of the sell.

9:45AM BBT: Jon, Andrew, Kenny, Sabrina at the HT. Sabrina is telling the boys how Ika called Heather a pimple faced b****, and how she was yelling from the DR. She is also is telling them that she told Heather that she hasn't liked her and she is not going to trea her different now that she stayed. Kenny says: Heather and Ika are one of the same but on different sides of the spectrum. Heather is just more juvenile.

9:49Am BBT: Ika and Heather in the BR. Ika is laying in the bed where she has not gotten out of it at all today, and Heather getting some clothes not one word is being said. 9:52AM BBT: Sabrina and Sarah at the HT. Sabrina is telling her that she got Rachelle to agree to backdoor Ika but last night Adel swore that he was going to use his power to take her off the block. So we are going to put Heather and Allison up and get rid of Heather 100%. It is the only thing we can do. Sarah agrees.

9:56AM BBT: Sarah is telling Sabrina that the only person she has a problem is Ika because she is going around making up lies about me. Sabrina is telling her that Sabrina and Ro decided that Sabrina should be on slop rather than one of the guys because they needed to keep the guys strong. Kenny walked in and tells the girls that Ro is going to get he HOH room. Sabrina fills Kenny on who is going up and Kenny agrees that is fine.

10:01AM BBT: Sabrina is telling Kenny and Sarah that Jon told Ika and Ro that if someone comes off the block put Andrew up. Andrew is a big threat and I don't know why you guys have not gotten rid of her. Kenny I am very aware. Talk then turns to voting Allison out over Heather. Kenny: After POV we may revisit this and vote her out.

10:05AM BBT: We have HoTH. It may be because Ro is getting her HOH room.

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10:28AM BBT: Feeds back up! Ro has received her HOH room. Everyone is in there general chit chat. I don't see Sarah, Heather, Ika, or Adel in there. Sabrina is telling Ro she is sad she can't spend the wk. in her HOH room w/ her.

10:31AM BBT: Ro received a bottle of wine in her HOH basket.

10:38AM BBT: Andrew says what a sad way to start a letter off " Hi this is your mom your lonely lonely mom." Ro agrees.

10:41AM BBT:Arlie talking to Adel at the KT. Arlie: If we get through this wk. and you use your power next week we will have a solid five and that is huge. I will explain it later I still have some work to do. Don't worry it doesn't include Andrew or Kenny. Adel: Oh for sure. 10:47AM BBT: Arlie is washing dishes from the slop chips and salsa him and Arlie just ate. Ro, Neda, Sabrina, Kenny, Andrew, Allison, Jon up in the HOH room general chit chat.

10:52AM BBT: Sarah and Adel on a couch upstairs. Adel consoling Sarah (Sarah is upset because she was the last one that was left and let go and let Ro win) saying she almost won and Ro was almost about to buckle. Sarah: I am just afraid that that was my one chance and I screwed it up.

10:56AM BBT: BB just announced "This is your 3 minute warning the house will be off limits in three min." Which is news to the HG's as everyone hops up and goes to the WA and gathers up this to go to the HT.

10:59AM BBT: Allison and Andrew in the BR. Allison expressing concern about going up. Andrew: don't worry you are not going and tells her if he win POV he will take her down and it still doesn't matter cause no matter who it is Heather is going home.

11:02AM BBT: Everyone has now moved outside. Ika and Sarah are sitting on the couch talking about missing there children. Ika is telling her not to worry she will win soon and get to see them.

11:10AM BBT: Only two feeds up both are on just Ika and Sarah. Sarah: I feel like now we can be honest w/ each other. Ika: Yes and I like that. Sarah: I feel like when you considered putting up big players you never talked to me about it. Ika: You weren't in the room, but I did tell the girls and they were scared to do it and what good does it do me to make a big move if I didn't have the support. Sarah: My bad for not being in the room. I just felt like things weren't making sense to me. Ika: May be we should of worked on our communication. Sarah agrees. Ika: I wanted Paul to stay because he wasn't coming after us (girls alliance) he was going after the boys.

11:20AM BBT: Feeds still on just Ika and Sarah. Sarah: I feel like you and Adel do have something rather you tell me you are or not. Ika: I would of been a fool to of gone w/ Paul and Adel. Talk then turns to Adel and his power. Sarah is saying that when Adel told her about his power he told her that he was going to tel Ika and Sabrina next. So she didn't feel the need to tel her and honestly she felt he had already told her. Ika says I didn't know but her did tell Sabrina and I together.

11:27AM BBT: After a breif HoTH feeds come back up showing Andrew and Kenny working out. They take a break and Andrew says it doesn't make since to make him use it, this is the last week he has it. They continue to whisper, but with the heavy breathing from just working out I can't make out what else they are saying. They then begin to start lifting weights again. 11:34AM BBT: Ro and Sabrina over on the other side of the yard talking about how mad they are that Sarah and Ika are over there laughing and having a good time. Sabrina then shout over the Ika and Sarah and says you guys look like your having fun can we join? Sarah/Sabrina/Ika/Ro now all talking about the accident reel for last night's show.

11:41AM BBT: House is still on ODL with only two feed up both on Sabrina, Ro, Sarah, Ika who are now talking about where or not they are going to watch the show after they get out of the house. They all agree they won't watch right after they get out unless they get out before jury.

11:46AM BBT: The girls now talking about the best way to eat slop. Sarah is telling her it will get better and once you get syrup it is a lot better. Kenny, Andrew, and Adel have now joined the girls. Talk then goes back to the accident reel last night and how funny it was. #11:53AM BBT: The HG's are wondering what the LD is for. Most think is is because the have nots are getting a second food.

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12:15pm bbt Kenny and Jon are in the hoh with Rachelle they are trying to guess what the meter is Jon 2mil and someone comes back into the house

12:20pm bbt now they are guessing about Adel's power and maybe the meter has something to do with it. Jon has part of it if cas viewer activate the meter at 2mil, it CA's player???

12:25pm BBT now Andrew is in there they are saying that at 2mil CA votes one of them to be CA's player maybe Allison, Now they are talking about Adel's power and how its for 2 weeks or maybe its not????
(questions are all over the place is it this is it that what if ect)

12:30pm BBT now in the hoh is Kenny, Neda, and Rachelle they are talking about Rachelles letter and so on.

12:35pm BBT now in the hoh they are talking about the hoh mug, and how it says on the mug that it cost $42.60 Rachelle" thats alot to pay for a mug BB" Jon has joined the hoh. and the lights on the meter are flashing they are guessing that something is happening today (oh the suspend ) and Neda has guessed it "maybe its Marsha?"
12:40pm BBT Sarah and Heather are talking Sarah is telling Heather why she voted the way she did, and telling Heather that she can be their target this week because of her vote and how they are making it personal, and how it was horrible the way Ika treated Heather last night Yelling at her and stuff.

12:45pm BBT Heather is thanking Sarah for saving her last night, and Sarah is saying that she didnt think the girls had it next week and she has to do what was best for her game. Not their Now she is saying that she was thinking about paul and how he was so alone in the house now he gets to go home and see his kids.

12:50pm BBT Ika is talking to Neda, she is still mad at Heather, "I cant stand it anymore" she wants Rachelle to put up Heather again. the only person she can trust is Adel, apart from that she doesnt trust anyone.

12:55pm BBT sounds like Rachell wants to put up Allison has a pawn for she is talking to her by the pool telling her she isnt coming after her, I think she wants to go after Heather again.

1:00pm BBT Rachelle is saying that she doesnt want to get blood on her hands this week, "its too soon." she wants to make "A safe move not a big move." Allison is saying that she is the new girl and she gets that, but she can be useful. I think Rachelle is going to put her up she keeps telling Allison that she is not going home. I promise you that.

1:05pm BBT Rachelle is saying that she wont say yet who her target this week is, But its someone that the whole house will vote for. Allison is saying that she trusts her(Rachelle) who says I want your trust youre not going home.
Shes kind of useless anyway, I dont think they really care, its a really crazy move. theres other fish to fry.

1:10pm BBT and we are having a big fish fry in the bb house has Rachell and Allison still talk about who to fry next, Allison" we all cant be hunkie doory all the time, I have no secret powers like Adel." Rachelle well he could be lieing about that feeds cut to Sabrina and Kenny talking about how she is working to keep them off the block this week.

1:15pm BBT Meanwhile Ika and Neda are talking in the BY about what Sarah told Ika as to why she voted for Paul and not Heather. Ika is saying how the guys dont respect us they just dont respect us, Sabrina is also there, Ika I dont even want to see her(Heather)

1:20pm BBT while the girls in the BY bash Heather, we have Allison and Andrew in the KT talking while Andrew is cutting up Avacodos who is hoping that he isnt being shown on tv has "an Asshole"

1:25pm BBT Ika is telling Sabrina and Neda a story about when a woman in a store attacked her kid so she hit the woman.

1:30pm BBT Andrew is talking to Allison about how he works out, while the girls and in the BY are telling stories.

1:35pm BBT not much has changec, Jon comes over to where Andrew is making his veggie rolls with Allison they are just chatting away.

1:40pm BBT looks like its a lazy day in the BB house not much is going on gentral chit chatting and cooking.

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2:30 BBT Sabrina, Rachelle, Neda in the HOH room. Sabrina says she spoke to Sarah, and Sarah swore, she never called the girls alliance a sinking ship. Sabrina says Ika lied to them about this.

Knock at the door, Jon comes in for battery changes and leaves.

Ika comes in and sits with the girls. Rachelle starts singing along to her music player. She sings along to "Someone Like You" by Adele.

Jon comes back upstairs to the HOH to listen to music. He says he likes 'Minka Kelly'.

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2:41 PM BBT Arlie, Allison, Sabrina, Kenny, Andrew in the pantry. Talk turns to what the meanning of the 2 million means. The boys
are hoping it`s a dance party.

Heather, Sabrina, Allison, Rachelle, in the kitchen. Heather tells Sabrina, she is making slop cookies, and asks if she`d like to help.
Sabrina says, maybe with the next batch.

Adel and Arlie, sitting at the kitchen table eating slop cookies with salsa. Sabrina comes to sit with them and asks to try it. She
makes a face and says she finds it difficult. Rachelle has a seat with them. Adel says he likes his in a bowl and warms it up.

He says he doesn`t mind it at all.


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2:00PM BBT- Sabrina & Sarah in BR talking about how they are going to approach Rachelle to target Ika this week. They will try and sell it that the guys will protect them if they do. They go to the WA where they see Arlie has a new 'do. (He's done the stripes all the way to the nape of his neck.)

Neda/Adel laying on couch in HOHR. He has headphones on and neda is going to try tap a nap in BR.

Kenny/Andrew/Alison/Rachelle in KT just general chatter going on.

2:10 PM BBT- Sabrina is in the HOHR crying to Adel and rachelle. She says that she misses people. Then she talks about Rachelle looking good, how lucky her bf is. She thinks Rachelles bf is hot and if he has any hot friends like him. (he does!)

2:15PM BBT- Kenny and Andrew head out to the HT for a smoke. kenny tells Andrew that Heather said she saved him this week because she told rachelle she hates her - just before rachelle won HOH. Kenny stretches his face to try and reach the sun. he says he feels like a plant trying to reach the sunshine. Andrew says they probably look retarded - then quickly corrects his wording and says they look "ridiculous". They wonder if anything crazy will happen today. They talk about what 2million means and Andrew offers his guess that they'll have a big disco party.

2:20 PM BBT- Kenny and Sarah are now raiding the freshly stocked WC like kids in a candy store. Sabrina, rachelle and Adel are up in HOHR, Sabrina is telling him not to use his special power unless he is on the block. She thinks he won't be a target for about another 4 weeks, other fish to fry right now. But not to tell anyone her advice. They all jump up and wonder if there is fighting go on b/c they heard loud screams downstairs. they fly down the stairs to see what is going on only to find out the screams are from elated HG looking at food in the WC.

2:30 PM Racheal & Sabrina go to HOHR where Sabrina tells Rach that she has been thinking long and hard about what to do (her speech she came up with earlier with Sarah). Tells her that when she has HOH it will be both of their HOH, just like rachelles is both of their HOH now. She says that Rachelle should put up heather and Alison, sending Heather home. BUT if Alison wins POV and takes herself down, Sabrina thinks they should backdoor IKA. Says that she is just too dangerous in this game.

She continues to say that Ika has no one, and if Ika stays and wins another HOH - they'll have ti be her slaves and do what she says. Yet her Ika is going around telling people she doesn't even like rachelle, how they are a sinking ship and can't win. She tells rachelle that Ika said to sarah that she didn't put up the guys so they wouldn't come after them (the girls), but Sab thinks thats a weak excuse for just not wanting to get blood on her hands and a target on her back. Because now she is saying that rachelle should go after the guys but wont because she is too weak and doesnt want to get blood on her hands and target on her back, but Ika just had a chance to and she didn't either.

Sabrina is getting so sick of Ika and her attitude. rachelle says that Ika isn't even talking to her. But Rachelle worries that if she takes out heather or ika, it's a waste of a week. Sab counters that it would actually buy them a week because they guys would protect them both if they got Ika out. She made a deal/promise with them on it.

Neda comes into HOHR and Sabrina pulls the crying/upset act again, saying she misses her family. they converse about the 2 million counter and if something is going to happen today.

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3:09 PM BBT Sabrina and Ika and Adel, outside by the pool. Sabrina talks about Andrew. Adel says he will go lay on the hammock.
Sabrina says Andrew is making sushi for Allison. Sabrina starts to cry, and says she misses Andrew, and last week he put her through
hell for 2 days. Ika says it`s normal for you to have feelings for him. Sabrina says she doesn`t want to and calls him her 'friend'.
She says she really doesn`t like the fact that he`s gotten close to Allison. He was the only guy that she liked. She is afraid people will
judge her for crying the first day on slop. Sabrina says she knows she`s a baby and selfish, and so stupid.

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3:19 PM BBT Sabrina and Ika outside by the pool. Sabrina says she feels replaceable. Sabrina says she is so nice on the outside.
and so very loyal to her friends. She compares Ika to her sister. She would fight with her sister and had ball spots from hair pulling.
They would fight over clothes. Sabrina then describes the lenghts she would go to, to steal her sister`s clothing. Her sister got a lock
for her door. So Sabrina would go into the bathroom, climb out the window, walk accros the roof and go into her sister`s room through
the window. And have accesss to her closet. She did it so often, her neighbor called her parents. Her parents then placed alarms on the

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02:50-03:10 PM BBT Intermittent FoTH.

03:10 PM BBT Feeds back. Everyone is in the same zombie like kind of mood they were in before we went to FoTH. Rachelle leaves Ika and Sabrina at the pool. Sabrina starts telling Ika that Andrew wanted to use the shrimp for Allison and just wanted 3 of them. Sabrina starts to cry. Adel is nearby and leaves to go the hammock. Sabrina retells the story and says she wanted 4 shrimp. She starts cry again. Kenny goes up to Rachelle to talk to her in the HoH.

03:18 BBT Sabrina and Kenny talking in the HoH. Kenny says Ika would be the best target this week because she's more strategic. Kenny understands that Rachelle really wants Heather out. He says he'll gladly target Heather for Rachelle next week. Rachelle wonders if Andrew would. Kenny isn't sure. Kenny asks where Neda's head is at.

03:21 PM BBT Rachelle says Neda doesn't talk game to her unless she specifically asks. Kenny understands and says that could be scary. Rachelle agrees. Rachelle says getting Ika out could be a big move this week. Kenny agrees. Rachelle says she'll be so mad. Kenny points out that she's not here to make friends especially friends that are here telling tales. He'll hold off on bringing up nominations to Gordo (Andrew?) because he's close to Allison right now which is something else that scares him.

03:24 PM BBT Out near the pool Sabrina is talking to Ika about her sisters. Sabrina apparently got into a big fight with her sister over the fact that her sister wouldn't let her borrow something. Ika said she could have bought it herself. Sabrina says she would buy stuff and let her sister borrow things. Up in the HoH Rachelle and Kenny are talking about Allison getting in under Gordo's skin and they're cuddling more. Rachelle wonders if Allison has a boyfriend. Kenny says she hasn't told him anything but the girls have said that.

03:28 PM BBT Ika has joined Adel in the hammock. They both agree that they should let "her" continue to dig her own grave. Ika is on her own. Up in the HoH Rachelle and Kenny talk about last night's fight between Ika and Heather. Talk turns to yesterday's vote. Kenny expected it to be a tie vote that Ika would have to break. Kenny said Paul is a shiester and he really wanted him to go last week. Allison understands. Kenny feels like they're in a good position for this week. Allison says it's a big move and a smart move. Kenny says it's because she doesn't have a side of the house to turn around and target Rachelle.

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3:29 PM BBT Ika and Adel in the backyard hammock. Ika tells Adel there is no girls alliance, and they are so selfish. Sabrina does
not want Andrew to go, and feels she would not be able to vote Andrew out. Adel says he would place Kenny and Andrew on the block.
Ika says look back and look at the game, Kenny and Andrew, have Allison , Jon, Sarah and Arlie. and they see Adel as a loner. They will
come after her(Ika). Ika;' I wasted my whole HOH' Adel;'I know this game, I`m not paranoid at all, I know where I scan.' Ika;'I
tried to pitch to Rachelle to put up Andrew and Kenny, and Rachelle won`t go for it.' Adel;'Sabrina is the dumbest girl I ever met,
she thinks Andrew likes her and tells her he loves her.' Ika;'If Kenny wins one more HOH I will punch him in the face. When we had the
patato challenge, you know what he did? I saw him hide my patatos.'

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3:39 PM BBT Ika and Adel in the backyard hammock. Adel;'the boys want your head on a silver plater.' 'Sarah is the smartest
and the strongest.' Ika;'She`s not smarter than me.' Adel;' Neda isn`t going nowhere, Neda is such a safe haven, and is good at
keeping secrets.' Ikal;'I see myself working with her.' Adel;'Big Jon said I`m gonna put it in Neda`s ear to put up Kenny and Andrew.'
Ika;'Tell Jon, to tell her, that is the best move.' Adel;'Ok I will work on that today.' Ika;'I told Heather to walk away last night
and called her a liar.' Adel;' Heather keeps saying Big Brother should kick her(Ika) out for bullying.' Ika;'were you shocked at the
votes last night. Did you know who the snitch was?" Adel;'I knew because of the line up.' Ika;'It reminded me of all those 'GODFATHERING' (The Godfather) movies?'
Sarah is a snitch, like in the GODFATHERING (The Godfather) movies... the snitch who goes to the police.? 'Snitches get stitches.'

3:39 PM BBT Ika and Adel in the backyard hammock. Adel;'Sabrina is so stupid, I never knew a girl could cry over 4 pieces of
sushie.' Ika;'You know what she was crying over? Andrew was cooking in the kitchen and said it was the Andrew and Sarah cooking show.'
Ika;'Did she tell you she`s loaded with money and hangs out with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.' Adel;'My parents have 14 million
dollars.' Ika;'Yeah but your familly is from the middle east, they`re all rich.' Adel;'Well my familly doesn`t own oil company`s but we have
a lot of buildings.'

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4:00 PM BBT Ika and Adel in the backyard hammock. Adel;'How can Sabrina think Andrew is attracted to her and her teeth, he`s grossed
out by her'

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3:44 PM BBT Up in the HoH Rachelle and Kenny continue to talk. Rachelle wonders if she should go for the PoV. Kenny suggests that if Ika or Adel are getting close to win it, then she has to go hard to win it.

3:45 PM BBT Out in the hammock Ika is rehashing what she should have done last week. Adel tells her not to stress about it because she'll beat herself up over it. Ika says she knew what the vote was going to be when Sarah went last to vote. Adel points out that is why they did not announce the vote order before. BB calls them out for talking about production. Adel says Paul hated Sabrina. Ika agrees. Ika says you can tell her things and she'll add her own twist to the story and make it a big deal.

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#BBCAN2 4:00 PM BBT Ika and Adel in the backyard hammock. Ika;'The new girl has a better body, than Sabrina, but Sabrina has a better
face.' Adel;'Arlie I know your the mole in this game.' Ika;'I think he hid the cigarettes. He says he`s not a smoker, and only brought
the cigarettes to get in with the guys.' Adel;'He dumped them, cause they were going off and smoking without him. All that stuff
he does with shaving his head and his antics, he`s not like that in real life.' Ika;'I know when I speak to him, he`s so well spoken,
and when he says he`s the last to know? I don`t buy it.' Adel;'One thing about me is my english is bad, but when it comes to everything
else, get out my face. How am I still here I caused the most mayhem.' Adel;'We`re the Big Brother familly. YOu know every alliance in
there, I know every alliance in there. We`re the misfits.' 'I can`t believe Paul is not here.''Every one thought you had an alliance
with Paul.'

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4:00 PM BBT Ika and Adel in the backyard hammock. Adel;'Kenny knows Jon`s girlfriend. I don`t know what the deal is between
the two of them, but he said he can`t backdoor Kenny.' 'All Andrew has to do is say I like you to that umpa lumpa (Sabrina) and she`ll
vote anyway he wants her to.'

Adel;'Ok listen I `m gonna run things by you.' Ika;'Ok good I don`t ever remember that stuff'
26 light bulbs main bathroom
13 paintings
19 umbrellas
20 big circles in bedroom
20 cabbage plants upstairs
first 1 min time out,in nutcracker challenge Andrew, Paul, Heather.
over 175 mirrors

Ika;'I`m sure there are clues into the HOH room we just have to find it.'
Adel;'Let`s go eat slop cookies, I `m hungry'

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#BBCAN2 4:42 PM BBT Jon, Sabrina, Rachelle, Ika in the HOH room, Sabrina dancing around listening to music, Jon tells her to turn the
volume down, cause the mic is picking it up. Jon;'I can`t wait to play guitar for you.' Sabrina;'I want to come visit you in Newfoundland.'
Jon;'I can`t wait for you guys to meet Janelle(his girlfriend). Ika laying on the bed. Sabrina and Rachelle dancing to Beyonce.

(Sabrina dancing is funny looking, she dances like Elaine from Seinfeld t.v. show -MsBeBeAngel)

Ika to Sabrina;'I`m embarrassed for you.'

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#BBCAN2 4:59 PM BBT Jon was playing a game on the kitchen island, when he lost he yelled out the word;'Fa****:"

He then realizes what he`s just said and runs upstairs in disgust with himself leaving the other houseguests to talk about it.

Kenny, Neda , Allison, Andrew, Sarah, Heather, all agree, that sometimes things slip out, that you don`t mean..

Jon is upstairs with Sarah, in the HOH room, he is very upset at making an
inflammatory comment in the kitchen downstairs. He ran upstairs and Sarah went after him. Now Sarah has
left the room. Jon is visibly worried and shaken, and tells Neda;'All it takes is one comment and they
can portray it any way they want.' Neda trying to calm him, and says;'just say sorry Canada.'
Jon;'Sorry Canada' Neda;'Sometimes it just slips out and you don`t mean it too.' Jon;'I should have said
F******, or losers.' Jon;'I should go to the DR and asks for them not to air it.' Neda;'It`s already on
the live feeds.' Jon;'Watch this s*** explode.'

#BBCAN2 5:20 PM BBT Neda and Jon in the HOH room. Neda;'You`ve said all you can now, there is nothing you
can do.''The only thing is that it might have been inflammatory to the live feed watchers. But there is
nothing you can do now.'

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