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Thursday, March 20 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), The current

Big Brother Time: 02:28:20 AM

Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 2:00 AM (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

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If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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11:40PM BBT Ika, Sabrina, Andrew are in the KT eating guacamole and talking about BB15 Aaryn making racist comments on the show...

11:42PM BBT Sabrina is acting out the moment Aaryn walked out the house to face Julie.

11:44PM BBT Ika and Allison is in the SR talking about what her vote will be.Andrew interrupts their conversation.

11:46PM BBT Feeds are now on the HUSH HUSH screens.

11:53PM IKa, Sabrina, Andrew, Allison, Adel are talking about the BB15 USA cast. They talk about Amanda bullying Elissa. They compare her to Evil Dick.

11:55PM BBT They all agree they liked her at first, but when she started to attack Elissa's personal life it was wrong. (Amanda)

11:56PM BBT Sabrina is acting out Evil Dick worst moment in the house during his season.

11:57PM BBT Sabrina is talking about the Youtube video of Evil Dick's worst moments. She says the video says how is his behavior not as bad as season BB15 USA. Ika said people were obsessed with him.

11:59PM BBT Now they are talking about Danielle and how her and her dad Evil were a great team.

12:00AM BBT Sabrina has went out to the hammock by herself.

12:01PM BBT Ika and Allison are sitting at the KT bar talking about which way Allison will vote. She feels like she is in a bad position, she doesn't want to upset anyone.

12:04AM BBT Ika and allsion is talking about Adel's power. Ika says Sabrina told her it had something to do with the POV. and it lasts for 2 weeks

12:05AM BBT Adel is outside talking to Sabrina by the hammock. They are talking game . Adel says he thought Paul was going home that is why he told about his power. Sabrina says she doesn't think people are after him she thinks they want to flush the power out. Adel says who ever puts him up he will go after them.

12:09AM BBT Adel says he told about the power because he thought he was going to be alone in the game. He wants people to leave him alone for the next 2 weeks. He says he doesn't want to use his card. He just wants to last past these two weeks without uses his power.

12:11AM BBT Sabrina says she can promise Adel the next 2 weeks if they listen to her. She hopes he doesn't win HOH and go back on his word. Andrew, Ika, Allison come and breakup the conversation.

12:14AM BBT Ika says she is going to bed. She says she is 29 yrs old with 2 kids she can not stay up with the young people. Sabrina decides to go to bed also.

12:17AM BBT Allison and Andrew have snuggled up under a blanket by the hammock. they are talking about the solar system.

12:18AM BBT Sabrina, Adel, and Ika are talking game in the WA. Adel says he will make a deal all the way up until jury house. He says then they will start a new deal.

12:19AM BBT Adel is talking about the alliance the guys made at the beginning of the game. He says he made a deal with only Kyle, Paul, and Sabrina. He promises he has never made a deal with anyone else. Ika asks Sabrina if its okay if she listens to the conversation.

12:21AM BBT Sabrina says if she wins HOH before jury she will not put him up. Ika says they gave Adel the card for 2 weeks because after that is jury house. They began to count the number of people still in the house.

12:23AM BBT Adel says he feels Ika and Sabrina had a lot to do with him not going on the block and getting back door'd last week. Ika says it was her not Sabrina. Adle says he was never really with the guys, he was always the one on the outs.

12:25AM BBT Allison and Andrew are talking about the votes. She says the girls were asking her to vote their way and Rachelle says why would you go the other way? Why would you vote with those boys?

12:28AM BBT Andrew says if Paul is sent home heather will vote their way. Allison says Sabrina is afraid of that. They start to kiss. Andrew says sexy.

12:32AM BBT BAck in the WA Sabrina, Adel, and Ika are still talking game. Adel says Canada may want him to use his card, he doesn't know he is playing his game in the house. He can not play for outside.

12:34AM BBT Sabrina says Heather is the one leaving. Ika says she thinks she will be the deciding vote. Ika thinks Allison will vote with the guys.

12:35AM BBT Adel says if Allison votes with the boys, doesn't that mean she is rolling with the boys? Sabrina says it may not be every boy. It's probably just Andrew.

12:37AM BBT Back outside near the hammock Allison and Andrew are talking about what trip they would take if they won the money.

12:43AM BBT Andrew is telling Allison about his scars on both this eyebrows.

12:45AM BBT Allison and Andrew continue to make out.

12:46AM BBT Ika is talking to Sabrina in the HOHR. Ika says Allison is not voting with the girls.

12:48AM BBT Ika tells Sabrina to find out which way Sarah is going to vote. Sabrina says she is not going to tell her because Sabrina will go back and tell Ika. Ika feels Sarah will be more honest with Sabrina.

12:52AM BBT Sabrina says that if Sarah says she doesn't want to vote out Heather she has time to switch her vote. Sabrina asks Ika does she think Sarah will actually tell her. Ika says that Sabrina is Sarah's best friend.

12:55AM BBT Sabrina tells Ika if Sarah decides to vote out Paul then Ika can not get mad at Sarah. Ika says she can't get mad because it will mess up her game. Ika says that Sabrina needs to make sure she has her back though.

12:56AM BBT Ika says she is nervous, Sabrina agrees. Ika says she is nervous because evictions are tomorrow and they don't feel like they have all the votes.

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8:56AM BBT: Only Paul is up showering everyone else still sleeping.

9:10AM BBT: Paul is still the only one up he is in the backyard going over what he thinks of each HG's Game. Kenny I think you will get far but putting all you eggs in one basket w/ Andrew what are you thinking. Sabrina you have got to keep your emotions in check. Neda is playing a excellent social game. He doesn't have much to say about Rachelle's game. Paul walks in and Kenny is up making coffee. They start talking about the mugs w/ pictures of people on them and Kenny say I think it might just be fans.

9:22AM BBT: Adel, Heather, Andrew, in the WA doing ADL's w/ Kenny passing out batteries. In the bedroom most of the rest of the HG's are now slowly getting up.

9:27AM BBT: Andrew and Adel in the BR. Adel is telling Andrew that he told a few of the girls on the hammock last night about him power. Andrew it's your power do what you want to with it, it is yours. Adel walks out and Allison walks in and asks him is there any part of you that thinks today will be a double eviction? Andrew: No I hope it is though. Allison: You do, I don't. Feeds then cut to HoTH.

9:34AM BBT: Most everyone in the WA doing ADL's. With Andrew, Jon, Arlie, Kenny in the KT getting some breakfast. With Andrew/ Kenny/Arlie talking about how Ika is convinced it will be a tie and can't wait to see the look on her face.

9:38AM BBT: Sarah comes in the KT and tells Kenny that she heard the girls would rather know prior to the live show if she was going to flip. Kenny says no don't say anything we need to expose them w/ Heather so she comes to our side.

9:55AM BBT: Camera's on the WA where Kenny/Paul/Heather/Sabrina/Rachelle/Allison is doing their ADL's Ika is in the HOH WA doing hers. Adel in the HOH listening to music. BB just announced an indoor LD.

10:08 AM BBT:Only two feeds up right now w/both of them on the WA. Very crowed w/ everyone trying to primp for the Live show tonight. General chit chat mostly talking about what everyone is going to wear.

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10:20AM BBT: Allison, Ika, Rachelle, Sabrina still in the WA discussing what they are going to wear because BB told them they couldn't wear skirts or dresses.

10:35AM BBT: Sabrina and Sarah in the BR w/ Sarah getting upset saying I feel like you are trying to keep the heat off of you. Sabrina: No, I didn't know it was to expose them. I am not mad I swear and walks out of the room. Sarah says under her breath she is such a liar with a few choice word mixed in there. I hate this game.

10:41AM BBT: Feeds have switched to Adel and Paul in the Have- not room. Paul is telling stories of how high the crime rate is in South Africa.

10:53AM BBT: Paul and Adel still in the have-not room talking about different cultures. Sarah/Andrew/Kenny/Jon/Arlie on the green couch talking about youtube video's.

11:03AM BBT: Not much going on in the house this morning HG's swapping stories and doing ADL's. Feeds cut HoTH.

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11:11AM BBT: Feeds back up w/ Allison in the HOH talking to Ika. Allison is telling her that it is nothing against her but she is voting out Paul is just better for my game and I want stay closer to the guys because when I entered the house the boys were the only ones who talked to me, and no one ever approached me until I was a swing vote. Ika: I don't blame you and I am not mad at yo,u it would be different if you were the deciding vote and Heather was going to stay but she is going so it's fine. When you came in the house I was happy because I am not really close w/ any of the girls. Allison: If I came in the same time you did I think things would be different.

11:25AM BBT: Ika/Rochelle/Sabrina in the HOH going over if it is a double eviction who they would put up and if they would have the votes to get out certain people. Allison's name is being throw around a lot.

11:28AM BBT: Adel/Jon/Andrew/Sarah/Allison/Kenny /Sabrina in the LR on the couch discussing which HG's have tattoo's and how once you get one they become addictive. Sarah is telling Allison that just a sec. ago Arisa came on the screen testing her clicker.

11:32AM BBT: Ika and Ro in the HOH WA Ika: If I had known that they were going to come after me I would of struck first. I just thought by doing this it was going to give me a couple of weeks.

11:40 AM BBT: Most everyone But Ika and Sabrina can be seen on the feeds. Arlie is helping Heather take her bags to the pantry. Everyone else sitting on the w/ general chit chat or getting breakfast.

11:48AM BBT: Sabrina/Ika/Heather in the WA. Heather: Did they tell you to clean out your HOH room? Ika: Yes they gave me 30mins. Sabrina: We are def. not getting our 3 hour warning something fishy is going on around here. Then feeds cut to HoTH.

11:55AM BBT: Feeds back up Sabrina is doing Heather's make-up with Ika and Ro watching. Everyone else downstairs on the green couch general chit chat.

12:05PM BBT: BB just announced to the HG's it is 4 hours until the live show. Arlie and Allison discussing why the tv in the HOH room isn't working. Arlie: it is def. part of a twist. Allsion then mentions what is the door for behind it? Arlie: I don't know but I think maybe there could be 2 HG's in another room waiting to come in. Allison doesn't have much to say about his comment.

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12:14PM BBT: Ro, Sabrina, Ika in the BR trying to pick out what Sabrina is going to wear tonight. Sabrina wants to wear a hat but Ika and Ro tell her no just wear it on a regular day. Adel comes in and says the hat is really cute and she should wear it. Talk then turns to where or not it is a double eviction. Ika said she doesn't think it will be but Sabrina and Adel think it may be.

12:29PM BBT: Ro asks Sabrina in the WA if Adel told her his power she says yes and explains what the power is. We a have a lot of sleeping HG'son the green couch.

12:46PM BBT: Everyone is on the couch general chit chat. Sabrina mentions she was an extra on Degrassi. Kenny mention he was an extra on a show also not quite sure what show though. Talk then turns to BB maybe making Kenny shave his beard for a POV, and what he would look like.

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1:02PM BBT Big Brother just announced the HGs have 3 hours until the live eviction.

1:03PM BBT Everyone is on the couch talking about their pets. Sabrina says she has 5 dogs.

1:04PM BBT Kenny says he brushes his dogs teeth and sometimes he flosses her teeth. Jon says his dog hates laying on his back. Rachelle says she can hold her dog in any position

1:06PM BBT Kenny has his dog trained well he says. He says he would allow people to come around his dog's food. She doesn't even touch her food until he tells her to. He says she was digging outside and he dumped her head in the hole and she stopped digging.

1:07PM BBT Kenny says his dog hates to dress up in clothes. He says he bought her a Elf costume during Christmas and she hated it!!

1:10PM Still puppy talk among st the HGs. Everyone is still on the couch. Andrew, Allison, Neda, and Heather are taking this time to get rest.

1:13PM BBT The producers come on the intercom and the feeds are off. We don't have long until the live evictions!

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10:00 PM BBT Currently FoTH. We are standing by waiting for the feeds to come back up.

10:15 PM BBT We've had 15 minutes of FoTH since the eviction episode went off the air. We continue to standby to see who remains/won the HoH endurance competition.

10:24 PM BBT Feeds back. Conversations everywhere. There is a counter going up on the TV screens in the LR. They are speculating what it means. (Arisa mentioned that Marsha will give the HGs a special task when a set number of points are reached). They speculate that it's voting by the public. They don't believe that they are subscribers/feed watchers because the number is too small. Arlie mentions that this is the first time HNs have been decided on a Thursday.

10:30 PM BBT Rachelle and Sabrina are walking in the BY. Sabrina is a HN. She has to sleep in the same room with Heather and she cannot eat pizza (It sounds like Heather, Sabrina and Arlie are HNs. Waiting for confirmation on Arlie). It sounds like Rachelle may have won HoH. KT feeds switch to Heather and Adel in HNR. Adel is telling Heather she has to try and be nice to the girls this week. Adel and Heather agree they have each other's back.

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10:28PM BBT: All HGs looking at a digital display of a counter trying to surmise what it could be. They think it is counting online voting, but don't know for what. Sabrina and Rachelle and Ika in BY taling about the strong boys coming after them and Sabrina more concerned about now having to sleep with Heather. Ika saying that Sarah told her she made her decision in the DR and did it because the boys were gonna be coming after her. Most of the rest of the house at the table still eating. Heather and Adel are in the half-not room but audio too choppy to tell what they are talking about. On his way out Adel tells Heather he has her back and she says she has his. Girls in BY Heather bashing for a change, commenting about how she let go after 4 minutes in the HOH they just played amd her weakness is why the boys will keep her around. Ika feels that she had a waisted HOH. They all think that Sarah should have told them what she was going to do as this way she left them out to dry. Adel now out talking about the sleeping arrangements for the night. Andrew carrying Heather's bag into the main bedroom.

10:36PM BBT: Ika says they should stay awar from her for the week and they tell her to just eat lots of slop so she must be a have-not. Feeds go to FoTH.

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10:38PM BBT: Feeds back and Sabrina whining on about what Sarah did and what she said to her about it. Ika bummed because Paul is still here and there is one less target and Sarah won't expect the gals to trust her again so she will be with the boys. Talk in the kitchen mainly about the comp they just played. Kenny says it was weird to see the medic and to talk to him. Jon now with Heather in the bathroom and she is all smiles. He is telling her to keep her mouth shut. Now she is sad and crying, she must be a have-not as well. Jon hugs her and tells her to just keep playing. Neda has now joined the girls outside. Heather is fanning her eyes looking into a mirror in the main bedroom. Sabrina is also a have-not as she mentions having to sleep with Heather on the mattresses on the floor. Heather now full out balling sitting on a bed cupping her face in her hands.

10:45PM BBT: Ika says that the four people right here are the people that got their asses shown and hung out to dry. And Adel. Heather still wiping her eyes and fanning her face trying to calm down repeating over and over "two weeks, two weeks." Ika saying that she has nothing to apologize to Heather about and if anything she feels bad for herself that Heather is still here. Jon walks by heading outside and then Adel follows after him calling out his name. Outside they speculate that the female HOH Racgelle will put up Andrew and Heather. Adel says if they are safe this week then next week they can do the craziest move in the game ever.

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10:50PM BBT: Arlie now out chatting with the girls about the sleeping arrangements for tonight. Adel talking about how if Andrew wins POV he will just use his power to put him right back up after he takes himself off the block. Adel leaves and joins the group in the BY. Andrew and his appendage Allison on green couches with Kenny seated across from them. Outside now talking about how they may get an extra incredient to supplement the slop this week. John has now come into the living room and is sitting on the third couch. He tries to say he is not upset but then admits that he is. Adel comes prancing in and plops down between Kenny and Jon. He is also on clop and was rapping I am on slop and don't give a cock. He says he is gonna eat so much slop that he can't wait. Jon tells him that the more he eats it will make him pooh. Arlie is apparently also on slop as he comes out and tells them that they can only use the three pillows that are in the room and can't take any extras. Talk turns to Snooky and Allison says that she looks good now and motherhood has been good for her. Three of four feeds just went black, then the last remaining one fades pit out too.

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10:35 PM BBT Ika says her HoH was a waste. Back in the kitchen Jon tells Arlie to enjoy the cold room. HNs are Arlie, Adel, Sabrina and Heather. Adel comes outside and tells Sabrina that he has the room set up for them. Sabrina says she won't sleep next to Heather. Adel says he can't sleep next to a girl he needs to sleep next to a guy. Rachelle apologizes and says she was in a daze when she picked HNRs. (Rachelle either won HoH, or she got to pick the HNs for the week as a prize. Still waiting for confirmation).

10:40 PM BBT Rachelle, Sabrina and Ika talk in the BY. They can't believe that Heather is still here. If Paul was still here he would be a target. But now they have Heather coming after them. Ika suspects that Sarah is going to hang with the guys from here on out because she will be afraid the girls will be upset with her. Sabrina and Ika get a bit heated with each other. Sabrina asks if Ika trusts her. Ika says she's going to ignore that question. Sabrina can't believe Ika won't trust her. Ika doesn't know what to think. Jon and Heather in WA. Jon giving Heather a pep talk, telling her that he campaigned to keep her here and to lay low for a week. The more people talk, the shorter their game will be.

10:43 PM BBT Jon asks Heather if she's ok. Heather breaks down and starts crying. Jon tells her to hang in there. Heather goes into the main BR and starts crying. She's very upset. Meanwhile out in the BY we have Sabrina complaining that she'll want to eat something other than "oatmeal" (Mind you she's been complaining for the past week that she wants to go on a slop diet...) Neda has joined the group and told Rachelle that she liked the fact that she added Heather at the last second. Talk turns to how Heather said "Someone has some explaining to do". Up in the BR Heather is telling herself not to cry because her family and friends love her.

10:49 PM BBT Feeds switch to Jon and Adel at the HT. Adel wonders who she will put up. Jon thinks Andrew and Heather will be a good idea. Adel thinks that's good. He asks Jon if he could put that in Neda's ear? We're still trying to confirm HoH based upon feeds. Conversations are everywhere still. Feeds switch to LR with Allison, Andrew and Kenny on the couch. Arlie asks about the rules for blankets in the HNR.

10:55 PM BBT Adel, Jon, Kenny, Andrew and Allison on couch in LR. Idle chit chat. Out in the BY Ika, Sabrina, Neda and Rachelle are out in the BY. Neda just says if Rachell hadn't won HoH this week they would have been screwed.

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11:00PM BBT: Back online after rebooting all four feeds. Groups remain the same with the four gals outside and the others minus Heather and Arlie on the green couches. Ika going on about Sarah again saying how she (Ika) is at the bottom of the girls group and not Sarah as she yells at everyone. She says she told Sarah this and Sarah just started crying saying that she knows and she seemed very sorry. Ika says she told her it was Ok and it is only bad because she did not tell them ahead of time so that they could change their votes too and not be hung out to dry. Sabrina just now seems to get it that Sarah was the deciding vote. Ika said she had a gut feeling that this was the case when they called Sarah last. Ika says that Sarah said this is how she knew Ika was smart and that she had tried everything she could to get Ika to change her vote to Paul but nothing worked. they all go in to look at the digital counter again when it comes back on. Andrew and Kenny are on slop according to Ika talking to Adel in the SR. Apparently Neda got to decide the have-nots for the week. Not sure now who is a have-not and who is eating.

11:09PM BBT: Talk turns to what condiments are left such as syrup and salsa and someone says they will get restocked tomorrow. Everyone still on the green couches except Heather who is still isolating herself. More speculation about the nuimbers and talk about how they saw them for the first time on day 3 (before the feeds had started) there are diamonds in the displays this time so Sabrina thinks it is related to Canada voting for a diamond Veto. Now they remark that they have to wash all the towels now too. SR is locked and they speculate that maybe they are getting restocked now. More speculation about whether they will get an additional food this week to go with the slop. (Jeez I hate when they dump all four feeds into the same room and I forget to turn off the audio in all but one window. DRG)

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11:14PM BBT: Now they go back to talking about the comp and when it got difficult. Adel asks about getting ingrowns if he shaves his head with "the machine". The guys tell him it only happens if you shave with a razor (or wax in Kenny's case - DRG). Jon and Adel now in the bathroom. Adel heads to the bedroom and Ika enters the bathroom. Group on the couches getting more subdued. Heather comes out and squeeks out a question about the new slop bucket in the SR that did not come with a spoon. Ika is in the stall crying and Neda goes and fetches her out. They settle in the main bedroom. Ika is going on about how it was a whole week completely wasted and how she feels so betrayed. Rachelle joins them. Ika says that now they are the minority, they are the Pauls. She just wanted us to be in a good position and she just feels so betrayed. She says again she did not have an HOH the whole week was for nothing. Neda said that everyone was selfish and they can't let the boys walk over them again, this is a boys game. Ika said she really had their backs and that is why she did not put up Kenny or Andrew because it would have made them targets. She did it to save face so Paul could get the blood on his hands and do their dirty work. Ika swears that she had Sarah's back and would not have turned on her if she had voted the way she was supposed to. She feels she might as well have had Andrew as the HOH. Neda keeps saying they just need to learn from this and not make the same mistake. Ika says she would rather leave here than blow up the game of the people she is working with. Neda says it was too early for Sarah to do this and she did not think it through too clearly. Ika continues her crying over spilt Paul.

11:24PM BBT: Adel comes in shouting out that his razor broke down. They tell him his head is really ugly and he says he guesses he will go the the DR and leaves the room again. Ika says they are going to come after us one by one so it will be stupid to go after Heather this week. They think that Heather is now one of the boys. Ika rehashing again what Sarah told her about why she did what she did. Adel with the others on the couches now with general chit chat going on. He is sporting what I can only describe as a crew cut mullet. Shaved in the front and military length in the back. He has a preview of what he will look like when he starts balding later in his life.

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11:04 PM BBT The counter reappears on the screens in the LR. Speculation begins what it means again. The number is at 1,171,900 and climbing "aggressively" as Sarah puts it. Ika and Adel goes into the SR and has a quick conversation. Ika says she left Andrew and Kenny off slop and her target is Heather this week so she isn't going to be any help this week. Ika says she's screwed. Adel tells her to be positive and to bond this week.

11:11 PM BBT Idle chit chat on the couch about what the numbers mean. They've vanished again. Sabrina points out that there are red diamonds on the screen so she wonders if Canada is voting on a Diamond Power of Veto. No game talk to report.

11:13 PM BBT It is officially confirmed now with someone asking Rachelle who she thinks will write her letter. Rachelle thinks it'll be her mom. They wonder if she'll get in there tonight. She doesn't think so. Everyone agrees that it is pretty late.

11:15 PM BBT Adel is going to shave his head. Ika goes into the WA stall and begins crying. Jon was in the WA and he stepped out onto the balcony and signaled to the crowd downstairs. Neda comes up and checks on her. Ika says that she's upset that her HoH was a waste. They head into the BR. Rachelle comes in. Ika feels betrayed. Neda points out that they are in a really good position since Rachelle won HoH. Ika says her HoH was a waste and no one respects her. Neda says everyone was playing selfish and looked out their themselves (Welcome to Big Brother!)

11:23 PM BBT Idle chit chat continues downstairs. Adel comes out with the top of his head shaved. He looks like he's balding now. Adel goes upstairs and shows the girls his hair and says his razor broke down. The girls ask if it really did. He says no. Up in the BR Ika says this week may as well had been Andrew's HoH.

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11:30PM BBT: Ika still carrying on with the girls in the bedroom. Arlie and Adel side by side on the couches look like a circus sideshow pair. Heather now tells Adel that he looks like a bald old man and is trying to get him to not change his hair. He wants to fully shave his head. Rachelle saying that she is really bruised and Ika says BB will give her some ointment. they are talking about how Kenny is really upset and he did not want her to win. Sarah has now joined the group on the couches having come out of the DR most likely. They say that the boys wanted Sarah to win and they feared she would come after them because they were going after the girls. Sabrina now comes in and starts to make it all about her after aksing if Ika was crying and calling her a liar when Ika says she is just tired. You know the girl that did that was my good friend and she did not care about making me be exposed. Andrew now had his head in Allison's lap. Adel comes into the bedroom looking for towels as he is preparing to wash them all. He warns the girls to get ready because everyone is about to come to bed.

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11:40PM BBT: Adel gathers the dirty towels and heads out again. Ika saying she should cry all the time because she cannot talk when she cries, she can't get the words out. Allison stroking Andrews scalp as he stares up at the ceiling. Sabrina now tells them about Heather saying that now she knows who her friends are and said "suck a dick." Sabrina wants to go parade in front of her like four witches who like to suck dicks and says that Heather just cried her way back into the DR. Sabrina now saying how much she loves the hat she is wearing that is Neda's and that she is a witch. They have migrated to the bathroom and Sarah, Jon and Kenny are there with Arlie now joining. Allison and Andrew still on the couches where she is telling him about how she could not feel her hips towards the end of the HOH. Sabrina now in the kitchen where she comments "Oh there is pizza that I can't eat, yay!" Kenny Sarah getting ready for bed in the bathroom with Arlie sitting and watching. Rachelle is getting some peanut butter on a spoon as Heather exits the DR. Ika Sabrina and Neda in the bedroom again complaining about Sarah again and Neda tells them that Sarah is now one of the boys from now on.

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11:48PM BBT: Sarah telling the folks in the bedroom that she talked to Heather about not walking around the way she has been and that she doesn't have to take it personally. Feeds cut out again. Adel and Arlie out starting the towels in the washer. Bedroom group still Heather bashing. Sarah saying Heather told her that she had other connections in the house but she (Heather) has no other connections so she is stuck here with the girls. (Looks like we can count on a week of full blown Dueling Martyrs. - DRG) Now the talk has turned to who is sleeping where. Sarah is saying she needs to move because she is not going to be next to the two lovebirds (Andrew and Allison) who will be in the same bed tonight. Ika is not sitting on the ground next to the hammock eating and Arlie sits with her saying it is a crazy game we are playing. Bedroom group back to Heather bashing saying how she does not even know who Howie, the light saber king, is.Arlie telling Ika he did not know what Sarah was going to do and he is the last one to know anything. Sabrina next to Kenny on his bed. Ika telling Arlie all the things she has been saying to the girls all night. Sarah now commenting that she cannot believe that it is back to 4 have-nots. Arlie still playing dumb with Ika outside. Rachelle in her PJs lying on a bed beside Jon. Ika wants to know why the boys are going after her when she did not put one of them up last week.

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11:35 PM BBT Ika continues to complain about Sarah flipping and feeling betrayed with the vote this week and her wasted HoH. Idle chit chat continues in the LR. Sarah is out of the DR and says Adel looks like an old man. Back in the BR Ika and Neda are telling Rachelle that Kenny and Andrew were so upset when she won HoH. They did not want her to win. They wanted Sarah to win.

11:37 PM BBT Allison and Andrew chilling on the green couch. Allison says the game is stressful. Andrew knows, he's been here for three weeks. Andrew asks if she's ready for bed. She wants to finish her tea first. Adel is gathering towels in the BR. Back in the BR Ika is crying again, saying she hates crying.

11:40 PM BBT Sabrina joined the BR party a while back. They've started Heather bashing again. Sabrina heard Heather say "To the four girls that voted me out suck a dick". Sabrina says Heather cried her way back into the DR because of Rachelle's slop power (Rachelle put Heather on slop this week). Sabrina is very happy that Heather is upset.

11:44 PM BBT HGs are on the move. We have Sarah, Kenny, Arlie and Adel in the WA doing nightly ADLs and chatting. Jon wanders in. Down in the KT we have Rachelle, Allison and Andrew putting away food.

11:46 PM BBT Sabrina, Neda and Ika are talking in the BR. Sabrina says the guys are laughing and joking with Sarah and that bothers her because they're defending her like she's the victim. Ika says she's switched sides. Jon, Kenny and Sarah all walk in and the conversation quits. Ika heads into the WA and begins putting on makeup. Neda asks her about it. She says she's been crying so she's touching up her makeup and she wants to eat. Andrew walks in and starts brushing his teeth.

11:49 PM BBT Andrew and ika go back and forth a bit about Heather surviving this week. It's incredibly awkward. Feeds reset. Please standby.

11:55 PM BBT I've managed to get live feeds back. Talk in the BR has been between Sabrina and Sarah. Talk turns back to Heather bashing. Meanwhile Arlie and Ika chat in the BY while Ika eats. Ika now rehashing with Arlie why she's upset with Sarah and feels betrayed. Arlie says he found out today how Sarah was going to vote. Ika questions whether he's saying that or he really just found out. Arlie dances around the question and says people are able to say what they want (Smoooooth). ika questions why they guys would want to come after her if she didn't put any of them on the block last week. Arlie doesn't know. In the BR we have HGs getting ready for bed. Lights are still on. Kenny and Sabrina in bed (Sabrina will be sleeping in the HNR tonight. Kenny is playing with hair. Jon and Rachelle hanging out in a bed. Andrew in his own bed.

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