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Tuesday, March 18 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), The current

Big Brother Time: 02:28:20 AM

Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 2:00 AM (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:00 AM BBT

Adel and Paul in the KT. Paul points out to Adel that he’s eating badly in the house, like icecream. Paul says he’s just looking out for Adel. Adel doesn’t get the kind of game Paul is playing.

12:12 AM BBT

Neda and Jon are in the BY. They are talking about the POV comp. Neda wonders if it is always physical. Jon says no. Heather has joined them. Jon and Neda feel Adel needs to go up next week or back door him because of his special power. They wonder If it’s the diamond POV. They think Allison ‘new girl’ and Adel or ?? they can’t decide.

12:21 AM BBT

Ika, Sabrina and Rachelle are on the couch talking about Heather. She seems to be trying to hang out when they don’t want her to. Allison has joined them now. Now they are talking about Paul. Adel is taking care of him. Ika feels her 7 year old has more maturity. Ika feels paul is telling lies. If he finds something out and then gets mad he tells everyone.

12:33 AM BBT

In the blink of an eye Ika is now in the BY talking to Arlie and Adel discussing Paul. Ika doesn’t trust Paul. She is talking about how Paul can’t look after himself and Adel does it for him. Ika is saying what Paul does is reflecting on Adel and he needs to talk to Paul. Ika leaves and Adel and Arlie stay to calm Adel down from what Paul said to him.

12:40 AM BBT

Arlie and Adel are talking together. Arlie wants to be able to speak game play with Adel. He is trusting Adel by telling him he is trying to pull something together that involves Adel. He’s planting seeds to see who lies and who doesn’t. If Adel decides to use his power Arlie wants him to come talk to him first and he’ll work it through with Adel.

12:47 AM BBT

In the LR is Sabrina, Rachelle, Neda, Arlie, Paul, Allison, Jon and Adel. Just general chit chat. All feeds are on the LR.

1:00 AM BBT

Jon heads off to bed. Lights are off in the BR, Adel and Ika are talking. Ika tells him that ‘they’ were speculating on his special power. Put Paul and Adel up together to force Adel to use it. Ika: ‘Don’t show it to Sabrina’. They are discussing what Adel should do. Trick them? Might back fire. Adel feels Jon would go and tell them within a few hours. He should tell Jon it’s Canada’s veto. Adel thinks they need to trust more people. Adel is talking about his conversation with Arlie.

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01:05 AM BBT Neda comes into HoH to use the shower, interrupting Ika and Adel's conversation. Ika tells her that they were talking about Paul. They whisper softly between each other. Ika knows Paul has to stay in the game. No audio coming from feeds in LR which consists of Jon, Allison, Sabrina and Rachelle.

01:10 AM BBT Ika and Adel both agree that they can trust each other and they need each other in the game. Ika is easier to understand than Adel. Adel gets up and they pound knuckles before he leaves. Audio follows Adel downstairs. Jon says if Adel gets evicted he'll...and then asks Adel if he can say. Adel says when he gets evicted he's going to ask his girlfriend to marry him. She'll be at home watching but he hopes she'll say yes. He's only been dating her 7 months.

01:15 AM BBT Talk turns to the Muslim religion. His girlfriend is Muslim and it's harder on women than men. Adel's mother and sister did not wear the covering over their head. Sabrina says 90% of the women wear them. Adel disagrees and says not all Muslims follow all aspects of their religion. Talk turns to their 'fame' when they'll get out of the house.

01:20 AM BBT Sabrina turns the conversation back to her by asking those gathered (Jon, Sabrina, Rachelle, Arlie, and Allison) if she should respond to her ex when she leaves the house. Jon and Arlie say no. Adel is heading up to take a shower. Arlie says Sabrina will be beating off the boys when she leaves the house. Rachelle says she wants to be famous. Arlie tells her she will be. She wonders why. Everyone tells her because she's super smart and super hot.

01:23 AM BBT Intermittent FoTH as they complain about production yelling at them to wake up in the morning. Feeds are back and everyone is head upstairs to the WA. Adel in the shower and tells Rachelle to wait a few minutes for him to exit the shower. She wonders if he can be next to a woman showering and he stammers a bit before saying "Just let me out!" Jon bursts out laughing. Allison begins washing her face. Adel out of shower. Rachelle in the shower. Jon out of the stall.

01:27 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 switch to a darkened BR. Arlie stands at the open door in the BR appearing to try and figure out where everyone was. Idle chit chat in the WA.

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01:35 AM BBT Allison brushing teeth in WA. Neda can been brushing her hair in the darkened BR. Feeds away briefly. Feeds back and Allison is laughing saying they left Rachelle alone. Jon wanders back into the WA from the hallway and says that everything started going off...alarms, roosters...and we get FoTH again. Feeds back. No audio on any feeds. Darkened BR on 1 and 2. Closeup of Rachelle on Feed 3 and wide angle on 4. Movement can be seen as Arlie, Neda and someone else scramble for the bedroom door. Audio back and Neda can be heard saying you can see the camera guy fully from the other bedroom. FotH.

01:41 AM BBT Neda begins blow drying her hair. Jon comes in and jokingly says she is the worst. Apparently either her or Sabrina were yelled at by production and Jon ran off, not wanting part of that. Jon tells everyone goodnight. Allison follows soon after and heads into the HNR. Lights are still on. Neda and Rachelle can be seen on feed 4 working on blow drying their hair.

01:44 AM BBT Allison says the room is mean. Jon is talking to her, but he can't be heard because his mic is off. Jon hears something and gets up and stares curiously into the glass at the foot of his bed. FoTH. Feeds back quickly. Allison takes her mic off says good night. It's been a long day. Paul can be heard snoring briefly. She gives him a funny look. Jon starts talking as the lights start dimming. BB tells Jon to please put on his mic. Jon stops talking. Lights now off in HNR. Feeds 1-3 now have horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. Neda and Rachelle are still blow drying their hair.

01:52 AM BBT Neda and Rachelle finished drying their hair. One of them comments on the fact that they're the last two awake so the camera is only displaying them right now (nope, we have 3 other feeds of horizontal HGs in darkened rooms). Rachelle asks Neda if she's doing laundry tomorrow. Neda is. Rachelle asks her to let her know when. They head off to bed. Rachelle mentions something about the possibility of a nip slip and Neda says "Nothing to see Canada, don't worry!" They head into the darkened BR.

01:57 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 display horizontal HGs in the darkened main BR. Feed 3 shows a horizontal Ika in her HoH bed. Feed 4 shows a horizontal Allison in the darkened HNR. On that note, I'm finished for the night as well, but I'll keep an ear out for any late night WA visits/strategizing. Good night Canada!

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9:06AM BBT: Adel and Kenny in the KT talking about how stressful the double eviction will be. Adel is also talking about his special power and how it will give him a 2nd chance in the game and how he wouldn't use it on any else in the game.

9:11AM BBT: Adel is confronting Paul about the fact that he told Jon yesterday that he said "Now that I know what's going on I am coming for you." Paul says he never said anything at all. Adel said well you better go talk to Ika then the sound cuts off. I couldn't see where they were talking could just hear them.

9:18AM BBT: BB just announced "HG's it's time to wake up."

9:22AM BBT: Paul and Adel in the BY. Adel saying that he thinks the boys planned saying that Paul said Now that I know it is on. Adel then goes on to coach Paul about talking to Ika and telling him to say what would I have to gain by doing that and to just smooth things over w/ her. Paul said "but don't you think people can see threw that." Adel " No this is a catty game Paul."

Adel then tells Paul they are going to have a cleaning party shortly and if he see's it he needs to grab a broom and start helping.

9:32AM BBT: Most HG's in the WA doing ADL's or eating breakfast. General chit chat.

9:42AM BBT: Sarah and Kenny in the HT area. Sarah: I hate that Paul is staying he knows something, and I think Ika may have even told him because she now has an alliance w/ Adel and Paul. Kenny: It only takes one vote and the fact that Heather will see she had votes against her will make her paranoid and we can use that. Sarah: I just think I will be exposed because I am at the bottom of the girls alliance. I just wanted to tell you where my head is at right now I have two days to figure it out. Kenny: Just think about it.

9:53AM BBT: Allison/Andrew/Kenny/Arlie/Adel in the KT talking about how they think the comp. are so much harder and longer than they look on TV. Then they go on to talk about how tired Arlie was in the potato challenge and how BB had to come on and tell him and Andrew it is on top they do not need to dig so much for it.

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10:07AM BBT: Adel and Ika in the BR. Adel: We only have each other in this game. Ika: Sarah has to go. Adel: I am so happy that Arlie is so in love w/ us. Ika:When I was In the room talking to Arlie I told him that Adel really likes you. Don't ever tell anyone that we are working together we need to keep it quite until the end.

10:13AM BBT: All feeds now on most everyone downstairs eating breakfast and taking vitamins.

10:25 AM BBT: Paul is on the floor upstairs above the DR trying to listen to the DR session he thinks Jon is in there but, Jon has been gone for a hour and a half. Kenny walks through and tells Paul that he doesn't think he should be laying there. Paul says I am just stretching. Kenny walks off saying that guy is such a tool box. They told him to stop doing that twice yesterday. Kenny shouts out to the house I think Jon is gone he's not in the house or in the DR I think he has hopefully just gone for a check up.

10:32AM BBT: Sarah is on the hammock looking upset and Arlie comes and joins her. She tells him she just misses her family so much. Arlie says I miss my family too but, I am sure not as much as you do. Arlie: Just know I have you best interest in mind. Sarah: Thanks I feel the same. Here's the thing w/ Paul. Paul is a threat to my game and maybe I am thinking short term but I want him out. What do you think? Arlie: I don't think you should expose your game right now. It would help my game but if you are gone than that would hurt my game. Sarah: I need to get 1 or 2 more people to vote him out as well.

10:40AM BBT: Arlie and Sarah discussing the first 5 alliance. Sarah: Everything that Sabrina has done I feel like I can trust her so much now. Arlie: Oh yeah it is something I will always remember but she does have a backup plans. We need to have a back up plan to because the we most likely won't all make it to the end together. I want you to know you are at the top of my back up plan. Then we get HoTH.

10:48AM BBT: Jon is now back as soon as he goes to tell them something he immediately get "Please stop talking about production." Allison/Sabrina/Andrew/Kenny/Jon all downstairs at the counter talking Allison and Sabrina talking about how good Jon looks now that he has lost weight.

10:56AM BBT: Sabrina/Sarah/Arlie at the hammock. Sabrina telling them that she had planned that if she was part of the first group that went in that she was going to purpose an alliance. Then when she saw who she walked in with and the fact she actually was part of the first group to go into the house she took it as a sign and just went for it.

11:00AM BBT: Kenny and Jon have joined the hammock crew and Sabrina tells them that they were feeling like they wanted to leave and Arlie has cheered them up. Then talk turns to poo talk.

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10:07AM BBT: Adel and Ika in the BR. Adel: We only have each other in this game. Ika: Sarah has to go. Adel: I am so happy that Arlie is so in love w/ us. Ika:When I was In the room talking to Arlie I told him that Adel really likes you. Don't ever tell anyone that we are working together we need to keep it quite until the end.
10:13AM BBT: All feeds now on most everyone downstairs eating breakfast and taking vitamins.
10:25 AM BBT: Paul is on the floor upstairs above the DR trying to listen to the DR session he thinks Jon is in there but, Jon has been gone for a hour and a half. Kenny walks through and tells Paul that he doesn't think he should be laying there. Paul says I am just stretching. Kenny walks off saying that guy is such a tool box. They told him to stop doing that twice yesterday. Kenny shouts out to the house I think Jon is gone he's not in the house or in the DR I think he has hopefully just gone for a check up.
10:32AM BBT: Sarah is on the hammock looking upset and Arlie comes and joins her. She tells him she just misses her family so much. Arlie says I miss my family too but, I am sure not as much as you do. Arlie: Just know I have you best interest in mind. Sarah: Thanks I feel the same. Here's the thing w/ Paul. Paul is a threat to my game and maybe I am thinking short term but I want him out. What do you think? Arlie: I don't think you should expose your game right now. It would help my game but if you are gone than that would hurt my game. Sarah: I need to get 1 or 2 more people to vote him out as well.
10:40AM BBT: Arlie and Sarah discussing the first 5 alliance. Sarah: Everything that Sabrina has done I feel like I can trust her so much now. Arlie: Oh yeah it is something I will always remember but she does have a backup plans. We need to have a back up plan to because the we most likely won't all make it to the end together. I want you to know you are at the top of my back up plan. Then we get HoTH.
11:03AM BBT: Ika/Heather/Jon in the HOH talking about Paul telling Jon Now that I know what's happening it's on boy. Ika: Adel is worried because he thinks we think he is telling Paul stuff. Jon: No I don't I will make sure and tell him that. Ika: Oh I did already.
11:07AM BBT: Neda and Ika in the HOH WA talking about how they believe they can really trust Adel. Heather then walks in and talk stops and switches to Gary coming back in the game. Neda thinks it was not fair that Gary came back into the game because it was so late and he wasn't sequestered. Ika: I wanted Gary to win so bad. I was so mad when Topaz did that.
11:16AM BBT: Neda asked Heather and Ika if you could have anyone from the US season's come into the house who would it be. Heather and Ika both say Rachael. Neda says Evil Dick and Brittney. Ika says she didn't like Brittney because Brittney didn't like Rachael. Talk to Canadian big brother players and Alec and Peter comes up and Ika says they were trying to be chilltown how embarrassing. Ika then says I don't like that guy (Alec) he's so ugly and stupid. 11:23Am BBT: Allison/Kenny/Jon/Andrew/Sabrina are now cleaning the bedroom! [and none too soon might I add] Peter did have good DR's though.
11:25AM BBT: Sarah/Rachelle/Arlie have now joined the cleaning crew and Sabrina is going to go get some more people to help.
11:28AM BBT: Everyone now helping except Paul who is in the DR. Heather and Ika who are in the HOH WA. Heather is not able to help because of her foot. She has to still stay off of it as much as poss.
11:33AM BBT: Ika and Heather have now joined the cleaning party. Paul is still in the DR. 11:44 AM BBT: Hg's have almost finished picking up the BR. Kenny is downstairs gathering everything that belongs in the BR.
11:46AM BBT: While everyone is now back upstairs finishing cleaning the BR. Ika is downstairs eating breakfast.

11:51AM BBT: Paul is now out of the DR and cleaning his area in the BR. Andrew made a comment I can't believe it took us 20 days to do this.

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12:04PM BBT: HGs still organizing in the BR, most cleaning is done. Jon was sweeping the dining area when Paul asked for the broom. Kenny is cleaning the KT.

No game talk. People sharing how happy they are that everything is clean, and it better stay clean.

12:10PM BBT: HGs now cleaning the WA. HGs have decided that Tuesday is chore day because Tuesday is the slowest day. Kenny is still cleaning the KT while Arlie roams around, in the SR eating. Jon leaves a pile in the SR for BB to take out of the house (pillows mostly).

Andrew decides to do all the random laundry thats around and once its clean people can pick through it.

Adel says thankfully everyone decides to do this cleaning together rather than BB embarrassing them and making it a task.

12:15PM BBT: Jon roams through the house telling everyone how nice it is outside today. Jon telling everyone how beautiful Neda is. Rachelle continues to roman around the house looking at herself in mirrors.

Paul is sweeping the hallway upstairs. Andrew is emptying the vacuum and he spills the whole thing.

12:20pm BBT: Neda and Rachelle sit outside briefly and talk about how BB US HGs are def happier because they are outside and can sun bathe. They go back in to do laundry and talk about gaining weight and promising each other to be honest about gaining weight.

Neda, Rachelle and Andrew are taking the coverings off the seats in the bathroom to clean them. Allison continues to clean the shower. Paul is sweeping downstairs under the stairs and Heather is cleaning the floor is with paper towel.

12:25PM BBT: WA feeds go to FotH, assuming because the girls are talking about commercials?

Heather is actually using a magic eraser, not a paper towel, and complaining how she will not be buying white floors in her house. Arlie is bringing a mop to the downstairs floors. Jon - "God, this house is so beautiful again. It's like day one all over, kinda of but not really." Kenny is still in the KT cleaning, Sabrina helping out and Paul is now sweeping the KT. Sarah is cleaning windows.

12:28PM BBT: WA cams are back and the girls are all putting the seat covers back on, BB told them they cannot go in the wash. Neda, Allison and Rachelle are struggling getting the foam back in the covers.

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12:35PM BBT: HGs are still going all out cleaning. Kenny is even cleaning the bottoms of all the KT stools. Jon opens up the doors fully and everyone LOVES it.

Everyone talks about working out and how productive they are all gonna feel.

Andrews asking about food to Sabrina and wants to make shepherd's pie. Sarah trying to convince Sabrina that she will like her recipe, she plans on making it one day. Andrew is getting food ready for Sabrina.

Ika is out of the DR. Kenny is called to the DR.

12:40PM BBT: Allison is wearing a The Sheyld shirt. Jon, Rachelle and Sarah are sitting outside enjoying the sun. Today's temperature (-8) is a typical day for Sarah's hometown, Jon says this is a day in June in Newfoundland.

Rachelle tells Jon that Heather told her that they are best friends and they ben hugged it out. Rachelle laughs.

Tuesday is Tidy-Up Tuesday and Wednesday is Back-Door Banaza. Everyone is being overly friendly appreciating the cleaning everyone has done.

12:45PM BBT: Ika and Adel in the HOHr making more plans for Adel's "Canada's Final Veto". Adel plans on telling HGs that he gets the final say in a veto ceremony. Adel leaves to pray. Ika stays and cleans up the HOHr, all while checking herself out in the mirror before leaving.

HGs (7 of them) at the DT talking about general things. Jon would love to do law school.

Heather out by the HT alone.

12:55PM BBT: Ika joins the rest of the HGs in the KT area. HGs all compliment her on her outfit and Allison says how the first thing she told Ika was "How did two kids come out of you", Allison says Ika is the size of one of her thighs.

Sarah, Rachelle and Ika in the BR relaxing. Sabrina joins. Talking about the furniture in the BR, Rachelle asks if they are sponsored by the brick again and all say yes. Sabrina says "Guys, $20,000 in the brick can furnish your entire house." End of conversation. Now talking about food and Sabrina says I'm not Heather I don't give compliments about nothing.

12:59PM BBT: Ika, Rachelle, Sarah and Sabrina talking in the BR, Neda joins. Talking about Heather and how insecure she is. They are all venting about her compliments and her complaints. Neda says "well we have 2 minutes before were found". HGs are talking about how Heather will double dip, Ika says she confronted her when she was eating sugar from a spoon.

Adel and Paul in the HNR. Adel gets mad at Paul about "selling him out", Lots of swearing, Adel tells Paul that he knew he couldn't tell him what the secret power he has was. He says you think you know but you don't know. Paul doesn't believe that he doesn't have anything. Adel says Paul scares him. Paul is telling Adel that he is the only one that has his back and Adel says and I'm the only one you throw under the bus. [A catty fight between two men who are acting like girls... -canfan137] Paul says when I'm scared, when I'm happy, when I'm sad, I go to you.

1:05PM BBT: BB gives HGs a 15 minute warning for BY being off limits.

Sarah, Sabrina, Neda, Rachelle and Ika in the HOHR talking about insecurities and Heather. Ika telling the girls about her lack of insecurity at 18 and thats why she was pregnant. Ika believes now she has all her strength in her confidence. Ika compliments Rachelle on her maturity and Sarah says yes but you will learn so much more about yourself between 20-30. All the girls are complimenting each other.

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1:29PM BBT: Sarah and Sabrina in the BY talking about How Sabrina was the last one to find out Ika told Paul of all the gilrs. Sarah " So we are def. on the outs. Why did we keep Ika that was the biggest mistake we have made so far. They are trying to come up w/ a way to switch their vote but with out getting caught. They are going to tell Ika that the boys are upset and now she is the boys number 1 target.

1:34PM BBT: Sarah went and got Ika and brought her outside to talk about the plan of getting rid of Paul. Sarah: I don't want the guys to go after you. Ika: Heather can't compete for us and she starts stuff. If Paul goes they will go after me next anyway. I just think it is the safest move to go after Paul right now. Neda and Rachelle have also now joined the convo. Sarah: The feeling I get is that they are going along w/ it now, but you will be their number one target. Neda: She already is.

1:40PM BBT: Neda/Ika/Rachelle/Sarah/Sabrina in the BY. Sarah: How can we trust Paul? Neda: The guys know that Heather is not part of us they see how we talk her. Paul will at least go after the boys. Sarah: I just wanted voice my thoughts. Ika: If you still feel this way tomorrow come and talk to me and we will go back over it.

1:46PM BBT: Jon/Kenny in the red corner going over getting rid of Heather. Kenny we have to get only 2 votes to switch it. I am gonna talk to Allison and see where she is at. Jon: I will talk to Neda. Kenny: Ika has got Adel wrapped around her finger. Jon: I am gonna lay low for now but either tonight or tomorrow we need to try and do something about it. Jon: I was the first person Heather told she was going up on the block and she said she trusted me.

1:51PM BBT: Ika has now called Kenny and Jon in the HOH. Ika: I am really considering getting rid of Paul. I don't know if someone has told him he is staying but I don't like his attitude. Jon: Just imagine what would happen if he got power. Ika: I worry about if Heather wins that she will put me up because of what I have said about her. Jon: Heather can't even walk right now. Jon: If I win HOH I will put Heather up and I would want her gone. Kenny: Same for me. 1:58PM BBT: Jon/Kenny/Ika in the HOH. Ika: The only thing that worries me is I am not super close w/ you guys or the girls. The only person I would feel safe if they won HOH is Rachelle. Heather was not my target when I won but she ran around the house starting stuff. Jon: That is why I would want her out.

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3:30PM BBT: Neda, Rachelle, Ika in the HOHr. Talking about Andrew asking Sabrina to talk and how Sabrina is his girl. Sabrina comes in saying Andrew walked away because she doesn't want to vote out Andrew. Girls tell Sabrina to quiet down because she was talking so loud. Sabrina says she talked to Andrew about her friends and how she needs to support them. Sabrina says she told Andrew that Ika is the tie-breaker.

General talk in the KT between Heather and Andrew.

3:35PM BBT: Allison joins Ika, Neda, Rachelle and Sabrina in the HOHr. Allison tells the girls she's voting with the majority. Ika tells Allison she's caught in the middle, she's pretty much the deciding vote. Allison jokes about not being that vote and giving Ika the vote and they laugh and say no. Allison says, your sure your getting rid of Heather? Ika says well they all swore on their dogs too so. Ika believes that they need to get rid of Heather because she isn't a threat and therefore no one will want to get her out next week, the boys will go for one of the other girls. Sarah joins the girls in the HOHr.

3:40PM BBT: Ika and Allison are the only ones left in HOHr talking - Sabrina wasn't feeling well so she headed outside for fresh air. Heather comes to talk to Ika and Ika says one minute. Ika stops and says "THATS HER REAL VOICE" to Allison. Ika believes that Heather is playing up her weakness.

Sabrina talks to Kenny briefly in the SR, conversation was very low and couldn't fully be understood. Sabrina is looking for reassurance and Kenny promises that she will be safe.

3:45PM BBT: Sarah and Sabrina by the HT, Sarah tells Sabrina that she has to vote against Ika - Ika clearly doesn't trust Sarah because she didn't tell her everything. Sabrina continues to tell her that she understands. Sarah tells Sabrina that Allison is pretending when talking to Ika. The plan at this point is to send Paul home this week and Ika next week. Neda and Rachelle join and conversation ends between Sabrina and Sarah and they play and act on the girls alliance well.

Ika and Allison continue to talk in the HOHr, about their safety person. Ika tells Allison that the girls think she's in with the boys, Allison explains that she just gets along with the boys better.

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2:00PM BBT- Kenny, Jon & Ika in HOHR. They are trying to get her to go after Paul this week, promising they can go after Heather next week. She says that it is easy to beat Paul in a comp, buyt Jon thinks that Paul could beat him in a puzzle comp because Paul is smart. Ika doesn't want heather left ust because she can't really compete and thinks the guys are understating the situation with her. rachelle really wants heather gone and Ika won't go back on her word.

2:05PM BBT- Sabrina/Heather on chairs in hall, hashing out hard feelings over the misunderstanding about cleaning. Heather just wanted Sabrina to know that she was trying to help her because she sees her cleaning all the time and she just wanted to help and was being positive about it. Sabrina thought thats he was tryiong to get recognition or something, and she is already upset because of what ppl come to Sabrina and say things to her, telling her what Heather says about her. Sabrina said she was trying to keep her distance from people when she feels they are making things up and causing drama. She wanted the dus to settke. heather tells Sabrina that she needs to tell her this, and when she is mad- tell her.

2:10PM BBT - Ika & kenny are still in HOHR debating who to get rid of. She can't stand heather, not for one more week! They say they feel same way about Paul. She can't stand how he is being smug, walking around like he is on air so sure he is staying. The boys giver Ika their word that they will go after heather next week, tell her think about it- they are going to give her the day to think it through. They all agree to think about it and come back 2morrow and talk again. They all agree that they can't even handle being in Pauls presence, but they don't want people coasting to the end because they aren't seen as a threat. The boys tell Ika that rachelle needs to put her personal feelings aside for just one week. They say that everyone thinks that heather is the biggest liar and so they'll all want her out anyways. Ika counters by saying that Paul is the biggest, most disgusting one and that's why she figures he isn't a threat in the comp for next week but heather still has a chance.

2:20PM BBT - Kenny/Andrew/Arlie at top of stairs, Kenny gives Andrew a run down of convo w/Ika. Andrew says that Ika is a strong player. Adss that Adel needs leadership, if he losses Paul he will look for a leader. They say the need to get the other votes, and need to get a couple girls on board but careful of emotions w/girls. Andrew said that Sarah is on board, tells how Sarah said the girls corned her in the WC to make her swear on her kids that she would vote out heather. Andrew warns them about emotions and how Emotions make alliances crumble. They head to talk to Alison in WA about Ika going after Paul b/c of Rachelle emotions, it's not even a smart game move. Alison agrees to go with the house. They promise her safety next week.

2:35PM BBT- Sarah/Ika/Rach/Neda in HOHR, Ika is listing off the comps they have already done, trying to figure out if it will be a mental comp and if the guys will win next HOH. She thinks the girls can win next week. Sarah says she will vote with Ika, it's not what she would do but it is not her HOH. She is worried that if she votes with the girls, she will be on the block and gone next week. Ika says that Kenny talks to her like he is worried that she is a strong player, she'd be the bigger threat. Ika lits off the vote count and that she get s to be the tie breaker so it's safe to vote for heather. They keep trying to get Sarah to stop worrying and to vote with the girls. Neda asks Sarah what what Andrew said to her. Neda doesn't like the way the guys think they can "work" them. As they are going to all girls to convince them to get out Paul and they'll be safe next week. Sarah is worried guys will peg them off. Ika says that Paul is against guys, but Heather would be pulled in by guys and be 1 more vote with them. Neda asks Sarah why she is thinking it is better to vote out Paul. Sarah says she tries to seperate her real life from the game, she tries to do what is best for everyone. She tells the girls about her convo with Andrew.

2:45PM BBT- Paul is alone in KT making slop pancakes. All other feeds on ladies in HOHR. Really working on Sarah, Ika tells her the guys trust her. Not to act like she is close w/girls. Sarah says the guys aren't stupid- they know she is up w/them. She just wishes could get Heather and Alison out back2back. Neda says wouldn't be fair to Alison, thinks Canada is protecting her. Ika doesn't think the guys would go after Adel b/c he is stronger and could win the POV an pull himself off the block so they don't want him to play in the pov. Neda says they just need to get out heather and win HOH next week. Ika tells Sarah she is strong and she can win. She did so good in the last come, she was right up there with the guys. They debate when dbl eviction is and if Adel is after them or the guys. Ika thinks he is after the guys b/c he knows the girls kept him safe by choosing not to nom him. Feeds cut to FotH.

2:57PM BBT- Feeds back. Sarah/Arlie in Halfnot room, she is stressed that either side will be mad at her. Guys will know if she doesn't vote out Paul. Arlie says she will be exposed if she votes out Paul. Sarah says the guys keep telling her she could just deny it. Arlie says it's better for her game to get out Heather. Guys are just looking out for themselves. Not to be too worried, she is not in that bad of a position. The guys have bigger fish to fry, she not the biggest threat. It will give her anxiety if she worries about people being mad at her. Says she should just tell both sides what they want to hear, there is still 2 days til vote.

3:08PM BBT- Sab/Andrew talking in hallway, says she can't go back on word and be exposed right now. It's not a big deal to keep Paul. he said it is cause every1 wants him/kenny gone. Sabrina said Paul is useless so what's the point of going after him? She said it would be stupid to expose the 1st 5 over Paul. Andrew says that Ika doesn't trust Sarah, so if Sabrina just denies, denies, denies - Ika might think it was Sarah. They are going back and forth over her being exposed if she votes out Paul. She says she will save their butts but she will be in trouble. She'll go on block either way. He says not if 1st 5 wins. They work out scenarios about next HOH and who would be nomed. Ika can't play so she can go up for sure.

3:28PM BBT- Ika/Neda/Rach in HOHR. Ika says she's getting so sick of Kenny/Andrew, more and more. Neda thinks Jon is smart. Ika says ken/Jon are closer than Ken/Andrew. Tells Neda not to trust Jon too much. neda says he just tries to get info. Sabrina comes in angry, says Andrew just walked away from her b/c she won't agree to vote out Paul. He thinks he can convince another girl to vote out Paul, but he isn't listening to her and is mad at her cause he thinks he is a bigger target than she is. They wonder if the guys got to Alison, Sabrina doesn't think so though.

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4:41 pm BBT Sarah massaging Sabrina
outside in the backyard. Sabrina asks Andrew
to come massage her instead of of Sarah,
Sarah`s touch is not firm enough.

4:51 pm BBT
Sarah outside, talking to Andrew and Sabrina.
Do you guys think, I need to tell the girls
thursday morning that I`m switching my
vote to Paul? It`ll give them enough time
to change their votes? Sabrina and Andrew
say yes.

4:53 pm BBT
Andrew gets up from having massaged Sabrina
for a few minutes, and slaps her on her bum.

4:55 pm BBT
Sarah talking to Sabrina outside,
they are whispering about how it would be
best to pretend having an argument thursday
morning, after Sarah announces she`s
changing her vote from Heather to Paul.

4:59 pm BBT
Big Brother has given the housemates a 3 min
warning 15 min. ago, for them to move to the
backyard. BB keeps calling some houseguests
to the DR.

5:02 pm BBT Jon , Neda and Rachelle
in the hammock, All houseguests wonder why
lock out was announced, but door to house
still open. Jon has gas. Jon blames it on
the girls

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5:09 pm BBT
Sarah has gone into the kitchen to quickly
get a snack for the houseguests in the backyard,
they are sitting having crackers and peanut butter.
BB gives them another 15 min warning before

5:15 pm BBT
Kenny in the hammock telling Andrew
he soon will need a shower. Talk goes
to how the cameras operate in the
bathroom. Kenny says he asked BB
if the cameras record when they are sick.

5:17 pm BBT
Allison in the backyard, with Kenny and
Andrew. She tells her 'OFF Pudding"
joke. Again..

5:19 PM BBT
Allison in the backyard, tells
Kenny and Andrew she is not sure if they
purposely placed her in the position to
be a swing vote. Andrew and Kenny, say
'no'. Allison says she is not sure
which way she is voting still.
Kenny says, 'you still have time'

5:23 PM BBT
BB: "Final warning, the house is now
off limits"

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5:25 PM BBT
Sabrina wanted to make pasta con ceci
(pasta with chickpeas) and Andrew used all
the chickpeas.

5:26 PM BBT
In the backyard during lock down.
Kenny and Andrew talk about summer camp.
Andrew says one night all the boys went
out and played with a spotlight.
The last person to be found is the winner.

5:33 PM BBT
Allison says they had different rules
for spotlight game, Kenny wishes he was 8 again.

5:35 PM BBT
In the backyard during lock down.
Sabrina tells Kenny she likes his tattoos

5:37 PM BBT
Sabrina telling Rachelle,
she wanted to be a cop but was injured,
then was accepted to mcgill law
school in Ville-Marie, Montreal, QC with a 3.9
She wanted to go into criminology.

5:49 PM BBT
Sabrina telling Allison, she looks like
a nurse. Sabrina says when her grandmother
was in the hospital the nurses did not
know much what they were doing.

5:51 PM BBT
Allison says she specializes in mental health
And talks of ther grants after school for staying
in her region.

5:54 PM BBT
Sabrina asks Allison how Britney Spears
could be diagnosed with bipolar at 16.

5:55 PM BBT
In the backyard during lock down.
Rachelle asks what is 'catatonic'
Allison starts to explain 'mania'

5:59 PM BBT
Rachelle explains to Sabrina eating dissorders,
the difference between anorexia and bulimia.

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5:30PM BBT: Everyone still on OLD. Kenny on the hammock and everyone else on the ground all around him. Swapping stories about past camp experiences.

5:44PM BBT: Allison is telling everyone about how she loved the surgery aspect of nursing. When she got out of school there where no jobs in surgery.

5:48PM BBT: Allison is now telling everyone about how she love job in mental health now . She goes on tho tell everyone all of the different dx. that her pt. have. Ika and Sabrina are asking a lot of questions while most everyone else is listening.

6:00PM BBT: Sabrina is asking Allison a lot of questions about how and why certain people need to be admitted and why others don't and why their family can't just take care of them? Allison is explain it is usually because the police bring them in or family bring them in because they may be a threat themselves or others. Sabrina asks am I crazy for believing in ghosts? Allison: No, I just think you are very passionate.

6:07PM BBT: Adel and Ika talking on the couch over away the rest of the LD group. Ika: If we don't get rid of Heather this wk. then we are screwed. Adel: No we are not you can just say ok game on now. Ika: Sabrina keeps asking are you with Adel? Adel: You can't trust her I catch her telling everything to Sarah.

6:14PM BBT: The OLD it now over.

6:19PM BBT: Ika is the HOH room talking to Sabrina and Rachelle telling them that Jon came and told her he wants Paul to stay because he wants Andrew out. Jon said he thinks if Andrew would of went home this week then Ika would of not been a target of both him and Kenny

6:24PM BBT: Allison and Andrew talking in the BY on the couch. Andrew: Listen I can tell you Kenny and I are the two biggest targets in the house so no one is coming after you. We for sure have 5 votes to get rid of Paul with you it would be 6. So you can see we have a lot of support in this house. Paul going means that is one less person coming after us. If we can get rid of Paul and then Ika, Adel will ave no where to go. It's your choice though.

6:30PM BBT: Andrew goes on to tell Allison that with her vote she will be choosing which side of the house she will be on. Andrew: We need to get rid of Paul, Adel, and Ika before jury, they are poison. Ika thinks she is smart but really she is just sassy. She talks about everyone behind their backs. Allison is just listening to everything Andrew has to say with a few "this is hard" mixed in the conversation.

6:38PM BBT: While Andrew continue's to sell Allison on voting Paul out. Adel and Jon are in the red corner with Adel telling Jon about his "special power." Jon says do not tell anyone you have this. Ika and I were talking earlier about how we both want to keep you in the game. Adel: The thing is w/ this card that even if Paul goes home I will at least be safe for the next 2 weeks. Jon: A lot can happen in the next 2 weeks we will discuss this again tomorrow.. 6:46PM BBT: Adel is telling Jon that he doesn't care now if Paul goes because he is hurting my game by being here. I don't care if he is my alliance when it's his time to go it's his time to go. 6:51Pm BBT: Sabrina is the BR talking to Sarah about how Jon told Ika he wants Andrew out. Sarah says don't tell Andrew he will just get mad. Sabrina agrees but said she is going to tell Kenny so he can keep an eye out

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5:59 PM BBT Kenny, Adel, Heather, Rachelle,eating fries in the kitchen

7:59 PM BBT Adel talking to Paul in the have not room. Adel is upset with Paul. Adel says he had warned Paul not to tell Ika. Paul went to HOH room and spoke t

Ika aboutAdel`s special power.

8:06 PM BBT Adel in the backyard with Jon. Adel making a plea to Jon to keep Paul. So he can have a fighting chance later on. Adel says Paul is dumbest guy, and a slouch.

8:11 PM BBT Andrew, Allison, Arlie in the kitchen talking about video games. Andrew says he would skip school as a child to play video games against his uncles.

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8:22 PM BBT Arlie, Kenny, JON and Arlie in kitchen, talking about their bowels movement. Andrew says he feels satisfied afterwards. Kenny says seems that`s all we talk about. Jon says his was 40 cm (15.74 inches)

8:22 PM BBT In the kitchen, Kenny and Arlie says his friend dressed as the 'shamwow guy'. Kenny says his Dad gets drunk and orders things from the shopping channel.

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#BBCAN2 8:38 PM BBT Jon, Kenny, Andrew and Arlie still in kitchen, they say the next competition will be physical. Kenny said earlier today when Adel was in the DR. Kenny was sitting up the steps and could hear all of what Adel was saying, but he then got up and made his way to the HOH room. He says if he wanted to he could have stayed there and heard it all. Kenny says last year it was annoying watching Peter Brown yelling at the camera. Jon says that why he lowers his speaking voice
in the DR.. Kenny says the ginseng tea is not helping his belly ache.

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8:38 PM BBT Arlie and Sarah in the pantry, she says there is a problem. She was upstairs with Heather and Heather reminded her she
swore to vote to keep Heather on her children`s head. Now she says she will try to work on Allison, and during the aftermath
make it seem that Allison switched her vote. Arlie says we should keep Paul. It`s such a small chance that Paul wins HOH.
If you evict Paul your exposing your game. Everyone is being selfish and it`s ticking me off.

Arlie to Sarah, Adel has a special power.
Arlie told Jon today some things about the boys today, now he has full trust in me, we still have time.

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9:11 PM BBT Andrew and Kenny at the kitchen table, Sabrina was running around outside, and the boys locked her out.
Kenny says ;'Let them frolick and tire themselves out, and when they come and lay at the door, then you let them in'
Andrew laughs ;" You summed it up as if we`re training dogs" Kenny;'I can`t believe I just did that and I take it back
but also I don`t" "See look, they`re having the best time of their lives out there." Andrew;"Look at those little rascalls A.?"
Sarah comes over to unlock the door. Kenny ;'Don`t open it" Sarah; ' I`m not' Sabrina;'Let me in' Sarah;' Show me a private
part and I will' we get FOTH.

9:26 PM BBT Sabrina up the steps yells at Andrew sitting at the kitchen table that she wants ice coffee, and Andrew never made her ice coffee.
Andrew;'Your making me feel guilty I never made you ice coffee.'Would you like some ice coffee?" "I`m making you ice coffee cause you`ve guilted me
into it"'And you made me feel bad cause I`m a man and I inherently have a bad memory and that is making fun of my person, and my genetic structure.
So thank you for being prejudice"

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9:38 PM BBT Kenny and Sarah sitting at the kitchen table. Sarah;"You know when you call Heather 'treasure'? " Andrew; 'Yes, I say it to you
to" Sarah;' But it kinda takes away from it. ' Andrew ;' Ok I`ll stop" Sarah;' no I don`t want you to. It`s just that I know you call Molly treasure to."
(his dog)

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9:44 PM Sarah sitting at the kitchen table to Sabrina sitting at the top of the steps;' Sabrina I would like to point out that your problems
sleeping could be related to you having coffee when we `re having sleepy time tea"

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10:00 PM BBT: All feeds in the Kitchen/Dining Room Sarah and Kenny have gone to bed already. At the table are Sabrina Neda and Rachelle Andrew and allison are on the green sofa and Paul is making a protein drink of some sort in the blender. Ika and Neda head into the SR and start to complain about how Jon is being sketchy lately and in he pops. Andrew and Allison now out sorting clothes at the washer. Heather is in the hammock with Adel on the ground beside her. Ika is getting directions from Paul about how to fix rice. (Ever the domestic diva - DRG)

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