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Sunday, March 16 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), The current

Big Brother Time: 02:28:20 AM

Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 2:00 AM (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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11:35PM BBT We still have HoTH we are anxiously waiting the new PoV winner.

12:10AM BBT Feeds are back they are all having Dinner.

12:19AM BBT Kenny and Jon in BR they both said that they are not voting Heather out because they give her their word. Jon said Heather is good to keep to get rid of the top girls.

12:25AM BBT looks like the Pov competition involved letters and acorns. it sounds like Heather got hurt. So far Paul and Heather did not win.

12:28AM BBT Sabrina is in HoHR crying about missing her mother. Ika Rachelle, Neda trying to console Sabrina. Sabrina is upset that Alison is all over the boys. Sabrina confirmed why she and Andrew was speaking in french earlier, they were discussing Allison.

#BBCAN2 12:32AM BBT To confirmed Ika won PoV

12:50AM BBT Andrew and Allison on the hammock, they are talking about family.The girls having a meeting in HoHR Ika Rachelle, Sabrina and Sarah.

12:59AM BBT Andrew and Allison on Hammock talking about the girls. Allison said that some of the girls talk to her and said that they like her but she does not believe them.

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9:01AM BBT: All HG's still sleeping.

9:33AM BBT: Time for the HG's to get up we have HoTH.

9:50AM BBT: Sabrina and Allison cuddled up under a blanket on the couch w/ Paul also sitting there. Neda and Heather up in the HOH room general chit chat.

9:58AM BBT: Neda and Heather talking about Heather hurting her foot when she feel in the POV comp. Heather said she was told it's not broken and will take about a wk. for it to heal.
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10:09AM BBT: Can't really see what is going on only 2 feeds up and both are following Heather who is on crutches going around and gathering her things to complete her ADL's.

10:27AM BBT: Most of the HG's in the LR Ika/Heather/Paul still up stairs.

10:32AM BBT: Kenny/Jon/Andrew talking about buying and selling real estate.

10:44AM BBT: Sabrina and Sarah in the WA talking about how Allison told Sabrina how she didn't think she would fall for someone so quick. (talking about Andrew). Sarah is telling Sabrina that Allison is on everyone's radar and that Kenny said he is fine w/ her leaving. They want to try and get her out on a double eviction.

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11:30AM BBT: Ika calls all HGs to the LR for an announcement. She read the card and the HGs are given a task by BB to be the most#buzzworthy in the house. Canada votes online for the next 12 hrs and the winner gets a special privilege in the house and word from the outside.

11:33AM BBT: HGs are all super excited yelling plans for being the most talked about. Jon = NAKED! Sarah = dancing, etc... BB comes on and asks HGs to get back into original seating and feeds cut to FotH.

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11:45AM BBT: The HGs are going crazy.

Arlie running through the house naked.

Jon and Kenny "slowly but surely" walking through the house. Jon tries to convince Kenny to shave his beard and tape it to Jon's face.. Kenny doesn't even think about it.

Girls in the bathroom getting ready. Andrew getting his make-up done by Sabrina.

#antipantspardy #canadasimpressed Kenny slides down the stair rail and it hurts. He stops. He asks if they have oil to rub all over his body. In the kitchen oiling and saying this is gonna give me crazy pimples isn't it.

Arlie in the kitchen naked holding his junk. Jon sucks slop off Arlie's nipple.

11:50AM BBT: Neda is dressing up as a cat, make-up and cat ears.

Kenny talking about being from porn, he has oil all over his body. (All the boys minus Adel and Paul either in undies or naked.

Andrew walking around with a cat nose drawn on his face. Allisons cat ears and leopard undies on.

Sabrina doing Paul's makeup in the bathroom. Arlie now in boxers drying off in the bathroom.

Ika in the bedroom with her butt stuffed with pillows. Adel loving it and telling her to stuff it more. Adel telling he to put her hair in a du-rag.

Eeryone just getting ready, Heather complaining cause "how is she supposed to do anything fun on crutches". She won't tell anyone what she's doing, but its gonna be "girly and funny".

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11:55AM BBT: Arlie in the shower, Adel shaving his head with weird spots.

Jon, in a blue dress, walking through the house. Walking and talking like a girl (sticking his butt and boobs out).

Rachelle walking through the house very creeply, whispering "my name is precious, my name is precious."In the HOH room dancing with random strings on her hands swinging them around?

Adel with a moustache drawn on his face.

Andrew and Kenny go out for a smoke, Kenny carrying vegetable oil with him, constantly reapplying.

Allison changed her shirt to a bright purple.. thats it, so far.

11:58AM BBT: Kenny and Andrew doing a workout routine outside while smoking.

Arlie still shaving his head.

Paul sitting in the bathroom with girly makeup doing, shaking his head like he's being sexy, looking at himself in the mirror making faces.

Neda and Sabrina are talking about different celebrities to do, Snooki and Kim Kardashian (Sabrina decided to do Kim, and talk like her.)

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2:05PM BBT Looks like the HG was given a special mission #Buzzworthy they have 12 hours to do whatever they want to be talked about. Looks like they are doing lots of harsh-tag this and that.

2:15PM Sabrina is dressed as Kim Kardashian, Andrew has a cat face. Arlie shave his head. While in HoHR Ika and Rachelle going over what the prize would be and who they think would win.

2.25PM BBT Ika is on the bed dancing. While Allison Sarah Kenny and Jon hanging out in the BY general chit chat.

2:30PM BBT Jon Rachelle,Ika and Neda in HoHR talking about social network and who is following them.

2:34PM BBT Ika is singing, Ika was Laquisha. Allison Kenny, Sabrina outside in BY making fun of everyone.

2:42PM BBT Adel came to HoHR and tried to do let us see who can blink first with Neda and Rachelle.

2:45PM BBT Rachelle is now in the KT whispering Hashtag Rachelle.

2:47PM BBT Ika in HoHR looks like she is sleeping and BB announce no sleeping Neda think it is because Ika close her eyes. Ika is now out of HoHR.

2:56PM BBT Ika is preparing something to eat. While all other HG hanging out by the pool. Heather telling a story where she and her friend got wasted and went to Calgary.

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3:05PM BBT BB continue to remind the HG no sleeping. Looks like Andrew and Sabrina sleeping. Adel asks Allison to guess who was sleeping in the same bed with Paul, Answer it was Kenny.

3:15PM BBT Ika is dancing in HoHR all by herself. Paul and Adel in HN talking game. Paul said something is going to happen today because Andrew is not looking at him today. Paul told Adel don't leave him alone for the last 2 days.

3:21PM BBT Adel continue to tell Paul they are outnumber and he may go home next. Adel said to Paul he know that he change his game plan a bit. Adel said he was in his bed and said to BB they are having a meeting without me please let me sleep and they allowed him to.

3:25PM BBT Adel and Paul is whispering cannot get much from the conversation.

3:28PM BBT Neda Jon and Arlie on the hammock counting down the days until the end. Neda said if she was a lesbian she would of gone for Rachelle because she is hot.

3:34PM BBT Sarah,Kenny Ika in HoHR Ika said Heather is following Sabrina around the house. Ika also said that Heather said that Rachelle is jealous of her. Ika is making fun of Heather, apparently Heather told Ika she is glad that she is her friend.

3:40PM BBT Paul is now in the BY looking at everything out there Adel came out and start taking pictures of Paul booty shot. BB told Paul his time is up and to pass the camera to Rachelle.

3:48PM BBT Neda is taking pictures of Rachelle they each have 10 minutes. It is video time for Rachelle now.

3:55PM BBT Sabrina turn for pictures and Video. Keeping up with Sabrina the Kardashian.

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4:54PM BBT: Everyone except Paul and Ika in the HOHR. General chatter.

Paul and Ika in the SR doing the "Paulina and Laquisha show".

4:56PM BBT: Jon, Andrew, Kenny, Sarah, Allison, Rachelle, Neda are all sitting around the bathroom watching Sabrina wax Arlie's chest. Some struggle with long chest hair needing to be trimmed first.

Andrew starts fixing up his Arlie's hair.

5:05PM BBT: Ika and Heather in the HOHR, Heather apologizing about falling asleep and everyone else getting upset about BB telling them no sleeping. Everyone left Heather in the HOHR. Adel listening to music, Ika dancing.

Sabrina finishes Arlie's chest, waxing an A into it. Arlie says he will leave his hair for a few days before he figures out what to do with it.

Everyone heads outside for fresh air, but quickly goes back inside because "its so cold". [i'm in the same city, and its not cold at all. -canfan137]

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5:07PM BBT: Andrew invites everyone to the kitchen to be a live guest on his cooking show, Sabrina is a host as well. Everyone is very excited.

Andrew and Sabrina flirting, making fun of each other.

5:12pm BBT: Sabrina taking this very seriously, explaining everything she is doing including how using ground beef is not Mexican. (Andrew walked away)

Sabrina - "if Andrew doesn't influence me in the kitchen then they will taste like Mexico, if he does then they won't." Jon tells her to wear some pants and don't let him.

5:18pm BBT: Ika, Adel and Jon in the HOHR talking about DR session (they were told to speak in their own voices, not in the character voices) and the last competition. (Ika knew it wasn't four chickens, she thought either two or three.)

Adel listening to the music in the HOHR and BB says twice "Adel, stop that". The music was too loud and he was lip-syncing. He starts dancing and all we hear is jingling ice cubes.

Jon and Ika talking about Heather. Heather told Ika she was going to be staying in the HOHR all week. Ika telling Jon that she's too afraid to say no. Jon saying noone will be sleeping in his bed. Jon says its weird, Ika says "It's Heather".

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5:24pm BBT: Andrew being the entertainment and making impressions of people. (Similar to survivorman, but an extreme version with random scenarios.) Everyone kind of spots listening and conversation quickly changes.

Kenny and Sarah start sticking toothpicks in Kenny's beard. Jon asks if he can put some in and Kenny says "sure" in an excited voice. They must be really bored.

5:27PM BBT: Kenny is now from Crazytown, not Newfoundland. And the population is his beard, and lots of toothpicks. Random conversation happening.

Kenny decides to have a guessing game with everyone, how many toothpicks are in his beard.

5:28PM BBT: Ika dancing to her music in the HOHR.

5:33PM BBT: Kenny has been growing this beard since last May. He says that once it starts to sway when he moves his head he has to cut it.

Everyone continues to put toothpicks in his beard. Kenny's now talking about getting Canada to guess how many are in his beard. [i'm interested to see how he is gonna get all of these out, and how long he will be finding them in his beard over the next few days. -canfan137]

Kenny says lets find different things we can put in my beard. Allison hopes that he's serious about that.

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5:41PM BBT: Rachelle dancing in the HOHR. Adel and Ika lying on the couches laughing at her. Adel says its not cute, he's gonna get in trouble for watching Rachelle dance(joking). (Adel shares that his GF is 20 and he's 27. He says she didn't know he was coming into the house because they are only allowed to tell 1 person. He assumes his family would tell her at some point....?)

Adel made 1 minute videos for his GF. He sent them all to her sister, and told her sister to send one video each week.

Ika and Adel talking about their family and how they can watch but the HGs don't get anything.

Kenny is dancing in the HOHR with his toothpick beard.
Everyone guesses how many are in his beard. (Ika - 200, Jon - 325, Arlie - 250, Adel - 285, Rachelle - 200)

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5:45PM BBT: Kenny is waiting in the kitchen to go to the DR.
Kenny thinks its close to 500. Neda says 200 then changes to 520. Andrew - 386. Sabrina - 310. Heather - 480. (One fell out so now her answer is 479.) [Allison is the only person I didn't hear her guess. -canfan137]

Sabrina and Andrew still cooking, and talking about spicy vs. not spicy. Andrew likes spicy on everything.

5:49PM BBT: Ika, Adel and Arlie in the HOHR talking about Ika's childhood in Jamaica. She was privileged because no one had cars but her dad had two and had a driver. She went to a private school that was super expensive and then she apologizes because she was a teen mom.

Adel asks if she would ever move back and Ika says "hell no". She says anyone that has money there has it illegally. She talks about money and how the minimum wage is super low. Ika says she would never want to live in poverty.

Everyone is super surprised by her last name. Wong.

6:00pm BBT: HGs sitting around the kitchen eating the guacamole that Andrew made. Sarah helps Kenny eat because he can't find his mouth with all the toothpicks in his beard.

Andrew calls Sabrina babe while talking about cooking and prep for the food.

(Jon is no longer wearing his sling, they are talking about how he is free and can flap his wings. Allison says no more flips in the pool.) Jon shaking his junk in the kitchen in his short shorts.

"Day 18" is mentioned for the 40th time today.

Kenny, Neda and Jon are talking about how long Jon vs Heather visit to the hospital and how long it took. Kenny thought Heather wasn't coming back because she was gone so long.

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6:02PM BBT: Paul and Adel relaxing by the pool. Talking about how nervous Adel was in the POV comp. Paul saying "Yeah I can see how you'd be nervous if i won">

Paul, "I have this weird feeling that I'm not going home this week." Adel keeps saying "I wish man".

In the background, Jon scared Sarah - Paul says "See I had so many chances to do that today man, and I just won't. I don't want to ruin my chances."

6:08pm BBT: Sarah and Jon sneaking around the house trying to scare people. Some small frights but thats all.

Paul talking to Adel about competing in all comps. Adel says yes but you've accomplished nothing. Paul says "screw you. I am here on day 18, I've accomplished a lot". Adel and Paul in a tiff about how Paul plays stupid and plays up all of the comps. Paul saying I don't have the stamina you guys have.

6:13pm BBT: Sarah and Jon continue to go around the house scaring each other and others. Jon got Sarah a couple of times, real good. Sarah got Ika. [very funny and entertaining... - canfan137]

HGs still sitting around in the kitchen, general chitchat.. no game talk.

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6:22pm BBT: Allison cracking Neda and Rachelle's back next to the dining table. Lots of giggling.

Sarah and Kenny in the hammock. Sarah saying Rachelle is going to the next Heather, by being annoying always being by your side. Jon comes out to the BY and tells Sarah that he thought she was in the BR and was waiting outside for 15 minutes. Sarah and Kenny are talking about the#buzzworthy assignment and how it works with voting.

No cams on Paul and Adel and other HGs all in the kitchen on cam, BB tells HGs to stop talking in code (not sure who was).

Arlie, Jon, Kenny and Sarah talking about slop passes and how its like gold.

6:26PM BBT: Jon asking what day it is for his slop run, Allison says 3. Jon is shocked and says "ITS ALREADY DAY THREE? This is a fucking joke, we've got this." He says he likes salsa.

Sabrina calls everyone to dinner.

6:31PM BBT: HGs in the kitchen and dining room serving food and sitting to eat.

Kenny and Allison on the green couches taking out all his toothpicks. Allison asks when he started to go grey, Kenny says 13 years old. Kenny says that if you go grey young, you don't look like you've aged when your older.

Kenny joins the rest of the house for dinner and Allison counts the tooth picks rather than eating again.

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6:40PM BBT: General chitchat in the kitchen/dining room while everyone eats. Allison and Andrew are counting toothpicks and Kenny joins.

6:49PM BBT: Final number for Kenny's beard toothpick count is 994. (Noone was anywhere near close)

General chitchat continues in the kitchen, dining room and living room.

6:52PM BBT: Kenny and Allison search the BY for toothpicks wanting to get to 1000. They find a few more and are at 998.

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8:03PM BBT: Ika, Heather and Arlie in the HOHR, while Heather listens to music and dances while sitting down. Arlie and Ika talking about "inside world" and "outside world". Arlie says that this game feels like his actual life and when you get evicted it feels like death.

Jon and Neda in the WA talking about voting and girls alliance versus who will be going based on who wins HOH. Jon gets suspicious while talking so Neda goes to check, Arlie is walking in as she goes to check.. Neda and Jon leave. Arlie follows them through the house into the BR. Jon brings Arlie into the convo and asks where his head is out. Arlie says he's doing whatever he's told. Neda is now saying she will vote Heather out as she never promised it. Paul walks in and convo stops.

8:10PM BBT: Ika helps Heather collect things from the WA to go to the HOHR. Paul walks with her and asks if she can listen to music. (We get a quick glimpse behind the wall, of nothing).

Neda and Jon in the BR talking about last season, how HGs won HOH. Jon is scared Paul will win somehow. Jon and Neda promise not to share convo with others and Neda. Jon tells Neda that Kenny overheard Ika and Heather talking in the WA about being in an alliance together. Neda is shaken about it. Andrew walks in and convo stops and starts to general chitchat.

8:18PM BBT: Ika and Heather in the HOHR doing hair, makeup and nail polish. Paul is lying on the couch listening to music and randomly yelling out lyrics. No game talk.

More game talk in the BR with Neda and Jon, considering all options. Neda thinks its annoying that "the new girl" gets a vote. Jon promises Neda that she will know 100% what the plan is this week before voting, Jon says he will pull to get Heather out. Jon says no one sees him as a threat, Neda says no because you aren't. Neda asks how he feels and he says yes my hand is fucked up but not enough that i couldn't do anything.

Allison and Kenny in the kitchen talking about Newfoundland slang. (squash vs. squish). [seems like a lot of bonding over the commonalities... -canfan137]

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8:24PM BBT: Andrew, Sabrina, Rachelle and Sarah in the BY lying around on the grass and hammock. Sabrina tells Allison to tell Paul to clean up his stuff. Sabrina says no he did it twice yesterday so don't let him. The four start talking about Paul and how useless he is. Neda joins and game talk stops.

Jon, Allison, Arlie and Adel in the KT eating and talking, no game talk.

8:31PM BBT: Rachelle and Adel in the KT. Rachelle eating ice-cream from the tub off a spoon and taking more once finished. [that would gross me out... -canfan137] Adel and Rachelle talking about how weird Neda is?

HGs hanging out in the BY. Andrew cracking Neda's back and he hurt her, she's stretching and says it feels a lot better.

8:42PM BBT: Ika, Heather and Paul in HOHR. Ika and Paul talking about food, nationalities and canadian culture. Ika talking about culture shock when going to a friends house where food was bland and "Canadian". She felt like a black person in a black home, and how weird it was.. all based on food. Heather is silent.

In the BY, Andrew and Allison are having a private convo outside of the group about Allison's job. Allison was pushed into her job but ended up loving it. They go back to conversation with the group.

Jon gets called to DR. Arlie has lipstick on and everyones complimenting his eyes with the lipstick. Andrew says how beautiful Allison's eyes are, Sabrina agrees.

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8:47PM BBT: Paul and Ika in the HOHR talking about the history of black people in Nova Scotia. Paul thought the underground railroad was actually an underground railroad, asking Ika why its called that then.

HGs in the BY taking about napping and how BB isn't letting them nap like last season, specifically Topaz and how much he slept. More just general chitchat and no game talk anywhere in the house.

8:55PM BBT: Talk about how much weight Jon lost (10lbs so far this week) and Sabrina says "sucks for whoever is on my team next week, Im losing that thing - Put me on Paul's team". Heather looks at her and says "Paul isn't going to be here next week." Sabrina says oh fuck and giggles. Conversation changes quickly.

Quick HotF in the HOHR cams with Ika and Paul. Back with more talk about Canadian history.

8:59PM BBT: Sabrina SUPER giggly in the BY trying so hard to be in conversation with Allison and Andrew.

Neda asleep on the BY ground and gets called to the DR, she walks like a zombie to the DR.

HOHR cams back on FotH.

Arlie is eating ice-cream and Heather says how good it looks, Arlie asks if she wants some and she says she plans on getting some soon. Arlie being super friendly offers to get her some. Heather says its okay because I want to cut up bananas on it and Arlie says he can do that too - Arlie gets up to get it for her.

9:02PM BBT: Heather and Sabrina talk about plans for the next few days, Heather is very confident in her decision. Heather asks how Sabrina is feeling and she says "annoyed" Heather asks why and she says because of Andrew. Sabrina says she doesn't want to say anything more as she doesn't want to start drama. However conversation continues and Sabrina explains that Andrew was always around her and always cuddled her and now thats not the case now.

Sabrina says she has learned how things can change so quickly. Sabrina says that she's not interested in Andrew at all, he's not her type. Kenny is cute but she's also over that.

Heather says that she is interested in the next HOH, really low whispers that can't be heard.

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9:10PM BBT: Rachelle and Sabrina head upstairs to the HOHR. Gossiping about HGs and not wanting Heather to follow. Sabrina lies in the bed and says "so new girl is all up in Andrew right now".

Ika, Sabrina and Rachelle in the HOHR. Ika heard that Allison has commented on how Ika doesn't like her. Sabrina says if it was Adel or Paul then don't believe it. Sabrina says that Allison was only concerned about Heather. Sabrina told Allison to vote with the girls to get them on your side.

Sabrina is telling the girls about a conversation she had with Andrew about them still having a chance, and as soon as Allison came out to the BY he stopped talking to her. Sabrina says he talks to her in Spanish to dance for her sexy lady. Sabrina laughs about her mishap with wanting to be on Paul's team next week and Heather catching her - calling heather creepzilla.

9:15PM BBT: Sabrina in the HOHR with Ika and Rachelle. Sabrina telling Rachelle to step up her game and listen when people are whispering. Rachelle said I do I was just sleeping. Sabrina telling her conversation about who is being put up with the next HOH.

Whispering that can't be understood.

Sarah joins and says the plan for eviction is Heather, Paul then "new girl". Then convo about how annoying Andrew is. Ika keeps saying "Who are you? Who are you?" - in response to Andrews comments previously.

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9:25PM BBT: Sabrina and Heather outside the front door talking about sleeping arrangements. Heather saying that she doesn't take up much room while sleeping. Conversation switches to missing people at home.

A couple of HGs in the WA getting ready for bed (didn't catch who all was there - Sarah, Allison, Kenny.)

9:34PM BBT: Sabrina in the KT talking to Andrew and confronts him about the way he is acting. She brings up her body insecurity and that she isn't a dog - she tells him not to pretend. She says tomorrow it will go back to not talking about it, we are in an alliance together and that is it. He asks if they are friends and she says we are friends but thats it - do you get it? He says I get it but its weird, I don't know what to say to you. He needs to think about it. Andrew admits to being distracted but says he's in a position he didn't think he'd be in. Sabrina says but in 3 days you've changed so much, I know it will get in the way but I hope it doesn't. Sabrina clearly upset about the cuddling and says she can't even go around him anymore then she comes. Andrew says he doesn't want it to be like this so he will change it.

Rachelle comes to the KT to get cups and Sabrina essentially kicks her out. Sabrina confronts Andrew about the conversation about Kenny. Sabrina keeps saying its fine and as of tomorrow morning it will all be over. She calls herself a stupid little girl and admits to liking him. She admits to likingKenny too. Andrew asks if liking him was stupid and she says obviously. He finds it offensive. Sabrina asks how is it not stupid, if in 3 days a girl can sweep you off your feet. Sabrina then calls him a fucking idiot for how fast their relationship happened - the first night Allison sleeping in his bed. Sabrina says my crush is out the window and as of tomorrow morning ill be over it and we go back to being in an alliance. Andrew says its not fine, i have been an asshole for ignoring you. A lot of repeating from Sabrina, Andrew is being very patient in her repeating herself. Andrew says I thought you friend zoned me, I thought thats what it was, brushing it off. Sabrina says you even stopped being my friend.

Arlie comes to the KT and asks what you guys are up to and Sabrina responds with "I want to talk to Andrew can you leave?" and laughs. Arlie leaves. Conversation continues to repeat itself.

Sabrina looks at a camera and says "save me please", Sabrina says she can't wait to leave this house. She tells Andrew about crying in the shower for two hours and says only 1% is because of him but because she hates a lot of people in this house.

Weird noises and Allison joins them in the KT. Sabrina talks about wanting to be on slop next week because she wants to loose 10 pounds. General conversation.

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9:43PM BBT: Andrew, Allison and Sabrina in the KT talking about HGs being upset with other people because of little things like not cleaning up. All agree that those little things add up and eventually get you evicted. General talk about personal lives and who does the cooking/cleaning at home.

Heather and Ika in the HOHr talking about HGs. Ika caught herself talking about possibilities with Paul. Talking about Andrew and how he rules the house, and how all the girls are closer to Rachelle. Whispering that can't be made out.

9:49PM BBT: Heather and Ika continue game talk about who to put up and which votes go where, in getting Kenny out. Considering putting Kenny up as a backdoor but not knowing if its a good idea yet - Ika feels that only Andrew is coming after her.

Two cams on HOHr (Heather and Ika), two cams on KT (Sabrina, Andrew and Allison). Everyone else is assumed to be sleeping around the house (BY and BR) based on comments HGs have made.

Sabrina, Andrew and Allison talking about S laundry being left out of the washer on the floor with the lint on top of it. Noone will admit to it.

9:53PM BBT: KT crew start to talk about Heather and how she tells everyone "Your my favourite person". Talking about how annoying she is because she compliments every single thing.

Ika and Heather in the HOHr still talking about Kenny needing to go. (Ika still has her fake butt in). Ika listing who will win HOH and what will happen. Potential winners in her book are (Kenny, Andrew, "new girl" and Arlie). Then considering what type of challenge it will be.

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10:00PMBBT: Andrew, Allison and Sabrina at the counter talking game. Andrew wants to keep someone loyal over someone making promises. On the HoHR, Heather is discussing her game with Ika. Heather is trying to convince Ika to use the veto. Ika says one of that "strong" alliance needs to go. Heather says that if Ika chooses to get Kenny out she will have her back. Ika says that even though Heather is injured, she could really compete. Heather says she IS a competitive person. Ika "The minute Adel is gone and Paul is gone, it's gonna get really crazy."

10:13PMBT: Allison says the past 2 nights, she does not want to go into the HN room. She says it is creepy and Paul takes off his mask and snores really loudly. Sabrina and Andrew are now chatting at the counter. Andrew's drink is hot. Sabrina says "She won't be able to kiss you if you burn your lip!"
In the HoHR, Heather and Ika continue their talk. Ika is worried about being seen as a threat and becoming a target. Ika and Heather agree to not say anything. Ika leaves to get Heather some water. She now has the headphones on.

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10:20PMBBT: Sabrina and Ika are in the SR talking about Heather. Ika says she was just thinking but she wasn't planning on doing anything with Kenny going on the block. Sabrina is being loud and says "Taking out his bro's!" Joking around.
They are now at the counter with Alison and Andrew talking about food. Ika likes to make her chicken with some sea salt and peppers in the oven and that is it. It is easier for her to eat it. She liked the one stir fry Andrew made but the other one she didn't. Andrew and Sabrina say they are OCT, Obsessive Compulsive Traits about cleaning... (Umm have they seen the bedroom?)

10:26PMBBT: Sabrina used to think she was Sabrina the teenage witch and they had made a show about her when she was about 5. She would write spells and write them down thinking she was a witch. She loves Practical Magic and The Craft. Ika doesn't like to watch horror movies or scary things on TV. "I don't like CSI because that shit is real! It really happened and now it's on TV!" Sabrina is telling a story about when she was a teenager. We can see production adjusting the cameras AND Sabrina names names and we get HotH.

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