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Survivor 28 - Episode 3 - March 12 2014

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At the Beauty tribe, they are drained from tribal. Morgan tells us that Jer is a coward for jumping ship. Morgan says she will have to save herself. She confronts him infront of the others. He says he gave his word to LJ. He tells us his heart sunk, it was nerve wracking but now it is wait and see, Morgan is now calling it a witchhunt by LJ when she is talking to Alexis.

Brains tribe has tree email. It mentions not seeing anything. It must be a blindfold challenge. J'tia says she will be busting butt for this challenge. She is the reason they have no food!

One person will be the caller using on verbal command they will direct blindfolded tribemates to 5 items. First tribe to get their flag hoisted wins rewards. They are playing for chickens!

Brains have their first item, Beauty has their first item back and hoisted to the caller. Brain is working on it and has it! Brawn is struggling a bit.

Brawn is heading to their 2nd item. They are all over the place. Beauty has their 3rd item. Brains has their 3rd item. Brawn is still behind. Beauty has their 4th item! So do Brains.

Tasha is screaming! Brains and Beauty have their last items! They are neck in neck, brains drop their item... they are rushing to get their last items! Flag is the last item to get back to hoist! Beauty is almost done. Brains passed their flag!

Beauty wins the reward! Brains are struggling to get their items hoisted!

JTia is panicked. Tasha is screaming at her and the brawn tribe has caught up and won second place.

Beauty is smiling! 3 egg paying hens. Brawn has 1. Brains have nothing. Spencer says it is frustrating because they were so close.

Beauty is back at camp, smiling, and they found the idol clue. They are all reading it. Jer read it outloud. The clue was dead on but LJ already has it. Alexis can't figure out what the rooster is for. She thinks roosters lay eggs and chickens are asexual. LJ is floored how no one knows the process. Jer is trying to just stay on everyones good side so he killed the rooster. One of the girls says "Don't chickens need a brain to function?"

Lindsay is whining to Cliff about the men not being emotional enough. Sarah goes to Woo and says maybe Cliff should go next? Sarah thinks he is solid. Woo tells us he looks up to Cliff but would like to achieve the status of the million dollars. As he walks away from Sarah, he tells Tony, "We are good." Sarah tells Tony, she is positive Woo is on their side. Tony thinks they are in an alliance of 4 now to take out Cliff and Lindsay.

Immunity challenge. The tree email says "Sink the shot" so Cliff is hoping it is a walk in the park. Sarah is now talking about throwing the challenge to Trish. Sarah wants to get Woo on board. Woo wants to keep the numbers. Woo says he can't see them throwing this one.

They have to dive down and release a buoy, once they have all 5 up they have to get them into a basket. Once all 5 are in a basket, they win immunity.

Beauty and Brawn are up first! JTia struggles. She swims back and gives up. Tasha is now in the water. Beauty and Brawn are working on their buoys. Brains are in the water for their 2nd buoy. Trish is now struggling for the brawn, Kass is now empty handed returning for Brains.

Beauty is at 5! They have to start shooting for the basket. Cliff has their 3rd buoy, Spencer has Brains 3rd. Spencer is the only one from Brains getting buoys.

Brains have 5 and can start shooting! Beauty is shooting and wins immunity before the other tribes have their buoys up!

Brawn can start shooting. Spencer has one for the brains, now 2! Cliff is struggling, finally gets one. JTia loses the ball for the brains. Brawn now has 3. 4 for brawn. Brains have 3!

Brawn wins immunity as well! Brains are going to tribal again.

Sarah tells us she tried so hard to blow that challenge but the green team (brains) suck that bad. And because of that they deserve to go to tribal.

Spencer sighs. The girls tell him he kicked butt, he feels ripped off that he is doing all the work and he loses. The girls are in the power position and JTia has run the tribe into the ground. Kass agrees with him. Tasha and Kass talk and agree that JTia needs to go home. They aren't telling either of them what they are doing. They are making JTia feel safe. JTia knows her days are numbered but she is being told she is safe. Tasha tells us she is considering keeping JTia because she is loyal. She thinks they need to keep more loyal people. Kass says "Make a decision and live with it."

They are at tribal. Jeff throws his hands up and shrugs. He asks JTia where she fits in terms of loses. She says she did the best she could in the water and she usually rises to the challenge. Tasha says JTia has been weak through the challenges. JTia says it was only in challenges. Jeff says they way they are going, they won't be at the end. Spencer agrees. Kass says JTia is a hot head and made a bad decision when it came to the rice. Spencer says he will be with the group going forward. Kass and Tasha are whispering, Jeff calls them out on that. Spencer and JTia are aware of it. Kass tells him that at home she would be yelling at the TV. Spencer asks the girls to give him a chance.

Spencer votes for JTia, JTia votes for Spencer... Jeff is now tallying the votes!

No one plays the idol. One vote each. The person voted out is JTia! Spencer sighs again and reaches to wrap his arm around Tasha. Spencer whispers "I am gonna show you that you made the right decision." Jeff says that hopefully this vote brings them some stability as a tribe. They need it.

Next time on Survivor, We have a twist, they drop their buffs! Brains, Brawn and Beauty is no more! We will see you next week!

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