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Friday, March 14 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), The current

Big Brother Time: 02:28:20 AM

Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 2:00 AM (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:03 AM BBT Everyone is playing and talking in the BY. The hammock is apparently still broken. Allison and Neda attempt to get Kenny and Jon to jump rope together.

12:07 AM BBT Arlie, Neda and Rachelle were in the SR looking for food. Arlie is going to make pasta. Fun continues with hula hoops in the BY. The HGs have placed the hoops approx 2-3 feet apart down the length of the yard and are attempting to leap from run/leap from hoop to hoop.

12:15 AM BBT Jon, Rachelle, and Neda are in the KT chatting/snacking. In the BY Andrew is telling Allison about how last week played out between Adel, Kyle, Paul and himself.

12:18 PM BBT Jon and Ika are talking in the BR. Ika tells Jon he's 100% safe this week. Kenny comes in the door and Jon makes him think he hit is arm. Ika tells him that they're just messing with him. Jon laughs and Kenny says he's a jerk. Jon opens the door and Paul scares him as he comes in (Karma right there). Some of the HGs are going to go swimming. Kenny walks down the stairs as Sabrina is walking up and he smacks her on the bottom. This excites Sabrina (especially after their kiss earlier that keeps getting referenced).

12:25 AM BBT Ika and Jon are in the KT talking. Jon says to do what she thinks is best for her game and he'll be right there with her. If she thinks she should go with the house than she should. If she doesn't want to, then she doesn't have to and he'll go with her regardless. Back near the pool Kenny, Andrew, Allison, Sarah, Rachelle and I believe Arlie are getting Allison caught up on what happened last week (Paul, Kyle and Adel mooing at the other side of the house).

12:27 AM BBT Sabrina and Ika are whispering while trying to jump rope together. Sabrina says "Newzilla" is talking to Andrew and they are all filling her in on game. One of them mentioned that Allison mentioned knowing Kenny outside of the house so they suspect the guys alliance will absorb her in. Ika tells Sabrina about the plan to maybe take out some of the strong guys. They wander into the KT to talk to Adel and Paul joins them as well.

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12:35 AM BBT All houseguests called to the backyard while Allison is asked to go to the DR. Houseguests in the BY are getting curious about why Allison is really there.

12:32 AM BBT Sabrina and Adel are arguing about accusations of Adel calling Sabrina a fat cow. Also about how apparently Adel called Ika ghetto.

12:37 AM BBT Allison comes out of the DR with beer for all the houseguests, everyone is cheering and shouting saying "Thank you BB!

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12:50 AM BBT Allison and Andrew are talking about body modifications and traveling. Andrew is telling a story about how his parents influenced him to go traveling.

1:16 AM BBT Sabrina is excited over something Heather told her. Heather said that Jon wants to make out with Sab and likes her.

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01:15 AM BBT Kenny tells Jon that Ika told either Sabrina or he (tons of background chatter over their hushed whispers) that Kenny and Andrew will be the two going up this week. Kyle told Ika to make a big move and she is going to. Kenny suggests holding off on saying anything especially with everyone having booze on board. Jon agrees. They are going to play it cool. It'll be a couple of days until noms/PoV. They agree to have the conversation tomorrow and to decide on the best plan of action. Jon says he'll play cool and give her a big hug in a bit.

01:25 AM BBT In the SR Kenny, Arlie and Ika are talking. Kenny asks Ika where her head is at for noms this week. Ika says Paul and Adel this week. Ika doesn't trust Paul because he told Sabrina that Adel was calling her a cow. If he wasn't loyal to his friends then why would he be loyal to her. Ika says she hasn't been in her HoH room yet and she's asked several people to let it go right now.

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01:48 AM BBT Kenny is going to work on getting info from Sabrina while Andrew will be working on Allison in the future. Sarah comes outside and the guys ask her what Ika is saying. Sarah says Ika hasn't told her anything since she spazzed out on her. Sarah overhead Ika telling Sarah "Don't tell me how to run my HoH". Kenny suspects he will be going up.

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02:00 AM BBT Adel speaks briefly with Arlie and Jon. They agree to meet tomorrow privately. Adel tells them he has their back. Jon points out that tonight is a game changer. Both agree they could use Adel. Arlie is afraid he could go up if Andrew and Kenny go up and win PoV. Arlie is afraid they would go after him because he is weak.

02:07 AM BBT Jon and Arlie talk a bit longer. Both agree to lay low and to go in at separate times. Jon goes in and Arlie stays behind for a couple of minutes. Feeds switch to the WA. Sarah says to wait for tomorrow after everyone's head is clear. Everyone's head is racing 300 miles a minute. Kenny feels like he is going to throw up. Sarah says throwing up is Kenny's worst thing so he probably won't do it. People come and go in the WA. Rachelle points out that he probably doesn't want a lot of people crowding around him (she's talking to you Heather...get your hand off his back and take a step back…).

02:10 AM BBT Someone gave Kenny some "gravel" to help make his stomach better. Allison doesn't think that was the wisest decision. Awkward pause/response from Sarah. "Well...it can't be any worse...it's what I take..." and feeds switch to Rachelle and Andrew talking in the BR. Meanwhile we have visual of Paul and Adel in the KT but no audio.

02:15 AM BBT Arlie carries Neda in on his back. Neda says thanks and she has to walk back downstairs. Numerous HGs are doing nightly ADLs in the WA. Arlie and Allison have a fun little exchange. Arlie says he's going to steal her hat. She says he won't. He disagrees and says she can't rock it all the time. He asks if her birthday is 12/14 and then laughs and says he always asks if other people's birthdays are his birthday. Allison says her birthday is 4/19. His friend's birthday is 4/18.

02:18 AM BBT Kenny out of the stall. Feeling better but still nauseated. Allison says gravel usually only helps with motion sickness. Feeds switch to Ika and Paul in the BR. Ika is telling Paul why she doesn't trust him. She doesn't like the way she ruined "his" game.

02:22 AM BBT Neda, Rachelle and Sabrina in the HNR whispering. They think Allison knows more than she is letting on and she's a guy's girl. Neda tells Sabrina not to let her take Andrew completely away. Sabrina says she won’t.

02:27 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Sarah cleaning the WA. No audio continues. Several people in chat reporting the same problem. Andrew and Kenny are sitting outside the WA running scenarios for what happens if they get put on the block. Arlie walks up. Kenny doesn't care at this time. It's bed time. Arlie agrees. Andrew says he'll be in soon.

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02:31 AM BBT Audio problems continues on Feeds 1 and 2. In the BY Adel and Sabrina share the hammock and Ika stands nearby talking to them. Adel is fighting to keep Paul off the block. Ika tells Adel she doesn't trust him because of how he treated Adel. Adel tells Ika that he's not in with the guys and he won't ever be. Paul walks up and says he wants to talk to the two of them. Sabrina asks which two and Paul says all three of them. Adel asks for a few minutes.

02:47 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 switch to Sarah talking to Andrew outside the WA. Still no audio. Feeds 3 and 4 were in the BY and switches to those chairs. Sarah gets up. Allison walks up and takes a seat next to Andrew. Arlie points out that all sitting places are nailed to floor/wall. Feeds 1 and 2 switch to the BY. Still no audio as folks in the chat room are reporting.

02:52 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues outside the WA between Allison and Andrew. They discuss trips to Cancun that they took comparing resorts which apparently are next door to each other. Mean while audio troubles continue for Feeds 1 and 2 Paul can be seen making his way over to the hammock. Arlie walks up on Allison and Andrew and tells Allison that BB told him that she can transfer her immunity to him this week if she wants to.

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03:01 AM BBT Andrew tells Allison that he had auditioned last year and got a phone call to audition again this year so he did and here he is. Allison likes Andrew's purple tumbler cup. She loves purple. He loves purple. Talk turns to how she thought she was coming in the house during the first week (this is a story she's repeated several times tonight).

03:09 AM BBT All feeds switch to FotH.

03:22 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display FoTH.

03:44 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display FoTH.

04:00 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display FoTH. I'll keep at it, just to make sure everyone gets into bed alright.

04:13 AM BBT Feeds back. We have horizontal HGs all in the darkened BR at this time. On that note good night!

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8:08AM BBT: All feeds on sleeping HGs.

8:25AM BBT: HGs are starting to toss and turn. Some may even be up (looks like some empty beds), all feeds are still on HGs bedroom.

9:00AM BBT: All HGs still asleep.

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9:04AM BBT: Some HG'S (Arlie and Adel) up moving a bit. Lights are on.

9:18AM BBT: All HG's up an doing ADL's.

9:25AM BBT: Sabina and Ika in the red corner talking about Ika aligning herself w/ Paul and Adel. Sabrina does not want her to and told Ika she will not align herself w/ them. Then talk goes to Rachelle and Neda telling Ika that Sabrina is always saying she is a b****. Sabrina says she never said that the only person she said that to was Sarah and she told Ika about it. Sabrina is wanting to confront them and talk about it. Ika suggests they calm down a bit.

9:33AM BBT: Ika is saying that she asked Neda and Rachelle that Sabrina thinks I have a attitude problem do you guys feel the same way. They told her no that it was just Sabrina is the only one that feels that way. That they feel the way she acts is cute. Sabrina said you are very off. She is so upset right now and needs to calm down.

9:44AM BBT: Sabrina/Ika still up in the red corner going in circles w/ their convo. They agree that they are going to stop talking personally about people. Most of the other HG's are either doing ADL's or eating breakfast.

9:48AM BBT: Sarah and Paul on the couch talking about how they think a new HG maybe coming in every wk. as a twist.

9:57AM BBT: Sabrina and Ika are now in the have not room with Rachelle. Ika is asking her why she said when she asked her is she thought she had an attitude problem she said no. Rachelle said I said you got mad easily. [sabrina is going on trying to cover the fact that she has been talking about everyone behind everyone else's back ] Their convo is all of them saying the same thing over and over again using different words.

10:17AM BBT: Last night Andrew suggested that he make Pad Thai for supper tonight. Sarah is talking about Heather and how she didn't want it and how she doesn't eat anything she is very picky. Sarah goes on to say she asked her how to boil water.

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10:25AM BBT: Sabrina/Rachelle/Ika still in the have-not room. Ika said I am done with this convo and Sabrina agrees they want to let it go and never discuss it again. Rachelle wants to speak w/Sabrina by herself and Sabrina says no she is done. Sabrina asks Ika if she still wants the girls alliance. Ika says yes but then goes on to say well what else am I suppose to do now.

10:36AM BBT:Andrew/Kenny/Allison/Sarah are in the KT talking about people they know and traveling.

10:40AM BBT: Kenny is the KT talking about how Allison has immunity this week and that she can not play in the POV comp. but wonders if she will play in the have-not comp.

10:47AM BBT: Heather and Sabrina is in the have-not room Sabrina is saying she is not going to talk about anyone anymore. Heather said that is why she has been hanging out with the boys they either want to talk game or have fun. AS they are going to leave Heather says do I need to worry about Rachelle because last night when she was drunk Heather would say something and Rachelle would roll her eyes. Sabrina says no.

10:50AM BBT: Ika comes out of the DR and says " Who wants to see my HOH room!" She has received pictures of her family and best friend. She got a bottle of rum in her basket that she gave to the other HG's. She stated that she doesn't want to read her letter out loud because she is going to cry but tells them they can read it after she does.

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10:56AM BBT: All feeds on HoTH.

11:09AM BBT: Feeds back up! All the HG's except Sabrina /Ika/Neda/Rachelle are downstairs having breakfast. Ika tells the girls that she loves them and that they are not going up on her HOH and that no matter what happens her alliance is w/ the girls.

11:26AM BBT: The girls up in the HOH are talking about how they think Allison is here for a certain reason. They are speculating that she may have tasks something like America's player was. They also stated they think Canada may have voted her in.

11:33AM BBT: Adel and Paul up in the BR talking about how they hope Andrew and Kenny get on slop so they can get grumpy and poss. upset the girls and let them the girls want to get them out. Adel is asking Paul why they had a plan to talk to Ika about aligning with them and then he went and talked to Sabrina. Adel said you are playing the worst game. Paul said I saw you talking to everyone, working the room and I got scared. Adel is saying he believes Ika doesn't trust Sabrina. He thinks Ika believes Sabrina and Sarah are together after he pointed it out to Ika last night.

11:47AM BBT: Most HG's downstairs just general chit chat.

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11:52Am BBT: Sarah talking to a crying Neda about how Ika threw her under the bus w/Sabrina. Sarah I want to talk to Sabrina but her and Ika are attached at the hip right now. "We can not trust Ika. We need to give Sabrina a min. to calm down I will talk to her."

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12:02PM BBT: Sarah, Ika, Sabrina and Heather in the HOH bathroom. All the girls are talking about how jealous they are of HOH (robes, bath, letters from home and bubble bath).

12:04PM BBT: Jon and Neda sitting outside HOH room talking. Some game talk but stops anytime anyone walks by. Paul is working out near by on the floor (sit ups and leg raises). Neda is jealous of Adel sleeping in the living room and Jon says he can sleep wherever he wants. Talking about playing in challenges and taking anything he will win.

12:09PM BBT: Neda and Jon feeling bad for Kyle. Sabrina, Ika and Heather in the HOH bath talking about fighting/arguing with friends. Heather saying she doesn't argue with people, Ika and Sabrina are shocked. Ika says she bickers everyday, she says her friends have different personalities than her. Ika continues to try and explain her fights with friends, cam changes to bathroom where Kenny is combing and blowdrying his beard after a cold shower.

#BBCAN2 12:12pm BBT: Jon telling Neda that he hasn't showered in five days.. and has only worn two pairs of boxers in those five days... [EW]

12:15pm BBT: Allison and Andrew in the dining room talking about languages and accents. Allison trying to teach Andrew Newfoundland accents and talking about the Trailer Park Boys and random Canadian things.

12:18pm BBT: Ika and Jon in HOH talking about rumours. Paul told Ika Jon's involvement in alliances. Both agreeing about not being able to trust Paul. Ika - "is it true you hate Andrew?" Jon - "i don't have Andrew, but are we gonna hang out outside of this house a lot? probably not." Jon telling Ika to do what's best for her game, don't listen to other people telling her what to do. Ika telling Jon she is safe, and not to question that. Jon promising her that he would have her back in the Anick vote no matter what the house wanted.

12:24PM BBT: HGs given permission by BB to boil water for doing dishes. Ika and Jon finish up and Arlie is walking up the stairs as Ika was leaving HOH. Ika asks if he wants to talk and an awkward reply about not coming up for that but he won't pass up a talk. Ika giving Arlie permission to come into the HOH room anytime he wants, he can nap on the couch or "poo in the bathroom". Ika telling Arlie he's safe and Arlie saying k thanks. Arlie wasn't ever worried but he's happy she said it. Arlie goes on to compliment overload Ika and her family and her boys. Arlie asks how she feels and Ika says overwhelmed.

12:25PM BBT: Neda sleeping in BR while Sabrina and Heather lie in bed talking about nothing. Feeds switch to Allison and Rachelle in bathroom, talking about how weird it is Allison is here. "Reminiscing about yesterday and how everyone was here before me." Asking about the events (just got rid of Kyle, did HOH and walked back in and she was there). Jon joins the conversation and says he thought she was supposed to be a celebrity.

12:29pm BBT: Kenny and Allison talking about feeling better after a cold shower and his hangover being gone but feeling a headache again. Feeds switch to Sarah, Sabrina, Rachelle and Heather in the half-not room. Sarah asking how everyone is and "good good good" is all we get. Start talking about Allison and whether or not she's a twist and how people can be good actresses.

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1:18PM BBT: Allison and Rachelle are doing dishes is in kitchen. Allison asks who's the smartest one, and Rachelle say's no ones presented themselves as overly smart, but Andrew is definitely worldly. Rachelle then asked Allison if she thought something was going on. Allison says yes but i didn't think i was involved at all. Allison continues that maybe there was two houses, but thats not the case. Rachelle asks Allison about how long she's been single and Allison briefly explains her situation with her ex. (Rachelle asks if when BB asked, what did she say about having a showmance?)

1:22pm BBT: Kenny, Arlie and Andrew hanging out on the green couches. Random convos about cleaning and slop and the second ingredient and the grossness of lobsters.
More talk about how weird it is that Allison is there. Arlie tells Allison that he finds himself starring at her sometimes because he's shocked she's there. Allison then goes to join Kenny and Andrew on the green couches. While Rachelle and Arlie talk about alcohol and being so happy BB gave more alcohol.
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4:15pm BBT feeds are back after a really long foth with Ika and Heather talking, about Allison. Neda is shaving Jons underarms (gross)

4:20pm BBT Neda is shaving Jons underarms with that hairless cream stuff. Sarah is in the Bathroom with her. Neda is doing his arms too with the cream stuff. Like the hairless cream stuff that removes hair without shaving Adel just came in.

4:25pm BBT Ika and Heather have been talking about what she should do, they are done with the girl talk now for Sarah and Sabrina walks in Sabrina says something about been have nots, Kenny is cooking in the KT with Neda now.

4:30pm BBT Kenny, Adel and Arlie are wearing green banndas, my guess is its from the have not comp

4:35pm BBT Kenny, Adel, Arlie, Andrew and Allison are all in the KT/DR talking and chitchatting,

4:40pm BBT Paul is in the shower, and Adel is standing outside of the shower, the girls are still up in the HOH room talking. No game talk.

4:45pm BBT Ika is saying that they need to warm up to Allison, Sarah says yeah because she is the new girl. Sabrina is now talking about Heather always lieing about them to everyone. Sarah says they should call her out on it. Neda is saying thats not a smart move right now. wait until she is on the block then call her out.

4:50pm now Ika is saying that they need to be nice to Allison because she is sideing with "The guys" right now. and If she wins HOH she will put one on them up. Now they are back to Heather and her lies.

5:00pm BBT Heather has been in the SR with Andrew going though the teas.

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4:53 PM BBT: Sarah/Sabrina/Neda/Rachelle are in the HOH discussing who should go up. Sounds so far it is going to Paul and Adel although nothing seems certian. Sarah has also suggested putting up Heather but Ika said then they will lose her trust completely. They do agree that who ever they put up doesn't really matter because the can always backdoor someone.

4:59PM BBT: Ika is talking about how they need to keep Heather for a vote. They think that she is going to be a comp. threat later on in the game and she has played down her capabilties. Neda said she has told her that she plan to win nothing until later in the game. 5:08PM BBT: Arlie and Kenny on the couch discussing Alison and what her role is in the house. They think she may be "Canada's Player". They think the reason the TV in the HOH is not working is because it would give her away. They also say that they could do pranks and blame it on her if they think they can't trust her.

5:13PM BBT: Arlie telling Kenny he thinks Sabrina has a huge influence on what Ika will do and that they feel somewhat safe. They think Ika won't make any big moves in the game this early.

5:17PM BBT: Sarah has now joined Kenny/Arlie in the LR talking about how she knows Ika was thinking about flipping. Goes on to tell the story of Adel coming up and apologizing to Sabrina about the fact that he didn't call her a cow but did moo at her, and after Adel walked away Paul came up and said that was crap he did call her a cow. Ika then said there is no way she can trust Paul because he will throw anyone under the bus. Sarah thinks because that happen they are probably safe, but that they can not trust Ika.

5:29PM the only two have-not I can confirm at this point is Alison and Jon.

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5:42PM BBT: Most all HG's downstairs lounging or cooking general chit chat.

5:44PM BBT: The house has gotten their hot water back.

5:59PM BBT: Ika/Sabrina in the red corner Ika " I don't like her." (Rachelle) Sabrina "really?" Ika I can't get the truth out of her, she doesn't take ownership for anything and made you look so bad.

6:03PM BBT: Sabrina to Ika Rachelle has not talked bad about you to me. You can't hate her now when you loved her this morning.

6:07PM BBT: Ika/Sabrina/Paul in the HOH. Paul is saying he is feeling defeated. The girls go on to tell Paul that he is getting only half of a story and then runs and tells people things. Paul said he understands how it looks bad. Ika telling Paul that when she won HOH she had a complete open mind but afters won HOH but after he threw Adel under the bus she knew she couldn't trust him. Paul says he is hoping that his back is against the wall right now and to let him earn is trust back in the next couple of days.

#BBCAN2 6:21Pm BBT: Paul to Ika The only thing I ask is please don't put me up against Adel. Ika said who do you want me to put you up with? Paul suggests Andrew, Kenny, Heather to which she says no. Paul would you like Adel and I to sit down w/ you? Ika No because next wk. you may tell people that I was thinking about putting them up. I just can't trust you. Paul I get it, I burned my bridges.

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6:40pmPM BBT Ika, the new HOH, has been talking to Kenny in the HOHR. They are talking about Ika's attitude and Kenny thinks it's hilarious!

6:42PM BBT Ika has told Kenny that Paul wants to be put on the block with him.

6:43PM BBT Kenny and Ika agree they rather see Paul go this week. Ika tells Kenny she told Paul I rather leave this house then turn on people.

6:45PM BBT Ika tells Kenny even though Paul says the house will put her up because she is a threat. She says she doesn't think she is a huge threat and she doesn't believe him. Kenny wants to make a deal. Ika thinks he said I will get you back, but he actually said he would have her back!!

6:47PM BBT Kenny says he will not vote against the house so whatever she wants him to do he will do it. He says it's all about veto.
Heather pops in, but Ika tells her to leave for a second. She is the been the 2nd person.

6:49PM BBT Someone else popped in the room. Ika says she is leaving with Kenny because ppl keep bothering her.

6:54PM BBT Rachelle and Neda are on the Hammock talking game. Neda says she thinks Arlie is with the boys. They agree that they are strong they could win this game. Neda says, "ughh the annoy me.

6:55PM BBT Arlie comes to the hammock. the girls stop talking. They begin to talk about how many people need to leave before jury.

6:57PM BBT Jon and Kenny are by the HT smoking they say they are worried about Allison.

6:58PM BBT Kenny does admit that he likes Allison. He thinks she's a sweetheart.

7:00PM BBt Sabrina, Ika, Sarah, and Allison are watching Andrew make stir fry. Jon and Adel join them.

7:04PM BBT Everybody is gathering at the table for dinner.

6:05PM BBT Paul is the only one missing from the table. Sarah asks if Paul is coming. Adel calls him down.

7:07PM BBT Heather sits at the head of the table. She is going to make a toast.

7:07PM BBT Heather says Thank You to everybody because they all mean a lot to her. She is making a toast for her boyfriends birthday. He is turning 26 today! Everyone says Happy Birthday!

7:09PM BBT Everybody is digging in except for Jon, Allison, and Paul. They are the HNs for the week..

7:12PM BBT there is general conversation while everyone is eating. Compliments about the food, Andrew telling how he made it, things like that.

7:18PM BBT Sarah and Heather are in the SR preparing the cake.

7:29PM BBT Everyone is back at the table ready to eat cake and milk.

7:35PM BBT The cake is going over well. seconds are being passed out. Rachelle is licking the icing off the plate with her finger.

7:37PM BBT It looks like Adel is making slop cookies for the HNs. Paul is whispering to him, but I can't make out what he is saying. Andrew is talking over everyone.

7:40PM BBT Paul is motivating Adel while he makes the slop cookies. He is saying they will be the best slop cookies ever. He is in his motivation mode.

7:42PM BBT Arlie is on the hammock with Allison. they are talking about the game. they are talking about the Pros and Cons of Allison coming in two weeks after everyone. Arlie calls it immunity. Allison says she wonders if she is the only one.

7:45PM BBT Allison asks Arlie what they thought the twist was. He says they talked about many things. He said since they couldn't tell the time they thought they were tricking them about the dates. They wondered if the twist was already happening or if it was a mole in the house. they had many theories.

7:48PM BBT Arlie says he isn't really thinking about the game. He says people talk strategy, but he hasn't even thought that far yet. He says he is just having fun. He will probably have to get focused later on in the game.

7:50PM BBT Adel is in the HOHR talking to Ika. They are talking about how people are beginning to warm back up to him. Ika says he is funny and going with Paul was a dumb move, but it shows he is loyal. She told him every person who came in the HOH said they didn't want him to go home. Adel says he wants Sabrina to let go of their beef

7:53PM BBT Andrew brings Ika a drink. They talk about how Andrew brought Paul a drink and Paul was so happy because he was being nice to him. But the drink tasted horrible. Ika says she doesn't mind Paul's funny side.

7:55PM BBT Adel is talking about Heather. He wants her to put Heather up as the pawn. At least that's what she will tell her.

7:57PM BBT Adel says if he wins any HOH or veto he will not put her up. He wants to make a deal. Ika tells him to not tell anyone about what they talked about. Not even Paul.

Mostly all the HGs are at the table. Adel says he is going to take a shower.

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8:02PMBBT: Arlie is stabbing ice with a carving fork to break it up. Andrew is whipping up something in the blender. Jon, Allison, Sarah, Kenny, Heather, Ika, Neda Sabrina and Rachelle are at the table. Small talk, giggles, one liners. Just hanging out on a Friday night.

8:07PMBBT: The rum (it is Bacardi brand) is being added to the cocktails Andrew is whipping up in the kitchen. Arlie is pouring the ice into a bucket and took it in to the SR freezer. He then heads to the DR. They let him in.
The table crowd jokes that Jon's Mom has probably called every couple of hours about his arm.

8:15PMBBT: Small talk continues. All the feeds are at the table, it is difficult to hear who is saying what. Kenny says "Started on the block and now I'm here" (Drake reference) and they are talking about Hashtags. Andrew tells a story about a sign that said "Hashtag Please stop talking to me"

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