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Sunday, March 9 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), The current

Big Brother Time: 02:28:20 AM

Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 2:00 AM (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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Just a reminder to Spring forward on hour for Daylight Saving Time.
I've already adjusted the display on the forums, and it is now:

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11:49 PM BBT We currently have HotH something is really going on tonight. The WR is also Hush screen.

12:10 AM BBT We are still here with you once the feeds are back we would inform you.

12:28 AM BBT Feeds are back in War room Nate is eating from a bucket. Scott said he wish Oprah would come here with her widest dreams tour bus and have some fun with us.

12:34 AM BBT In War room Scott is singing and everyone is laughing. Allison said she is not comfortable with the blanket. Scott said all they can do is be each other audience and he need some feedback.12:36 AM BBT In the War Room they are all counting down the days until they are out. Nate is walking up and down while Allison and Scott lying on their beds.

12:36 AM BBT In the War Room they are all counting down the days until they are out. Nate is walking up and down while Allison and Scott lying on their beds.

12:41 AM BBT Allison said her parents is watching her, Nate said he does not believe a 80 year old can use a computer. Allison said that is not true not in these times.

12:46 AM BBT Scott said he told a lie about his age he told them both he was 33 but he is actually 37. Allison ask them why he lied he said he was trying something. They are going over votes and how often people can vote for them to get in.

12:51 AM BBT Allison is asking for items for her nails, Nate is asking for his black tight underwear. Scott repeat what Nate said and asks BB in a dragging voice.

12:59 AM BBT Scott said it would get so cold today they would need their body heat, Allison reply really Scott.

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2:06 AM BBT (after springing ahead an hour!)... ALL FEEDS are on HotH. Not much to report

2:10 AM BBT Scott asks BB to let the WR3 sleep in till at least 10 AM tomorrow. Nate notices the lights in their room dimming. Allison doesn't feel tired, she says, as she yawns big!

2:13 AM BBT: Lights are dimming and the WR3 seems to be heading to sleep! Still no feeds from the main house.

2:18 AM BBT: Allison and Nate still gabbing in the dark (night vision for feeders)...Allison wishes their screens were still on so they knew where everyone was sleeping. She wonders if anyone is secretly "diddling" in the house. LOL

2:20AM BBT: Allison and Nate talking about her being a Superfan. Chatter is quieting down in the War Room. (I'm hoping for SOMETHING to be happening in the main house soon!) Nate asks Allison what she thinks the funniest moment was in last year's BB. She says it was when Talla fell in the hot tub and said she peed....a funny live feed moment. She also liked when Jillian won the chicken coop contest.

2:25AM BBT: Allison and Nate also laugh about Talla's 19919 comp answer...and how Emmett broke one of the game comps. Ahh...sweet reminiscing before sleep! Lol

2:28AM BBT: Only feeds on are still on WR3...Allison's eyes were closed till Nate said goodnight...Nate wishes he hadn't napped earlier. They hear a toilet flush from somewhere.

2:29AM BBT: Nate says out loud if they let him in he will backdoor someone his first week in...and that he stands by his word. No response from the other two...I think he was talking to us! ;-)

2:31AM BBT: Still no feeds up from the main house.

2:33AM BBT: All is quiet in WR3 except Allison dry-coughing now and then.

2:57AM BBT: WR3 peeps are all asleep and Feeds from the main house are still on HotH.

2:59AM BBT: Feeds back, but no audio in main house. seems like maybe Heather and Sarah in bed talking, but I know not of what they speak.

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3:15 AM BBT

Ika and Sabrina in the BR were talking but looks like they are trying to sleep now.

Someone is sleeping on the couch in the HOHR but can’t tell who yet. The 4 half nots are sleeping on the floor with the mattress lined up. No audio yet.

3:58 AM BBT

Well, it looks like we missed all the excitement in the main house tonight. All HGs are sleeping with no audio. Check back in the morning and maybe we’ll get some hints as to what happened tonight. Night all!

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07:46 AM BBT Good morning Canada! Arlie is up and shaking his head in the WA, saying that something sucks. He blows his nose and Allison's eyes can be seen open and staring back at the camera in the window of the WR before she closes them once more. Arlie begins washing his face, looking half asleep/downtrodden.

07:50 AM BBT Arlie is scratching at his chin and complaining about wishing they would have let him shave it. He wants a real razor. He'll make a request for that. He blows his nose and whispers to BB to give him a real razor, the ones they have access to aren't good. Arlie stands at the top of the stairs looking down asking what day it is. He thinks it's Day 9. He heads downstairs to the KT and begins to clean up.

07:54 Arlie appears to be counting crystal chandelier strands on the light in the LR.

07:56 He gets about half way through and realizes there are "triples and stuff". It's going to be harder to count. He goes back to where he started and begins again. Meanwhile the rest of the HG appear to be horizontal in darkened rooms (sleeping).

07:59 AM BBT I believe he counted 178. After a brief pause he goes back in to count again.

08:00 BBT Correction, apparently he was counting a second crystal chandelier because he came up with 197 and says there is more space on the backside. He goes back to counting the first one again (the one right outside the KT) just to check his numbers.

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08:03 AM BBT He counts 197 and adds the two numbers together and says it's easy enough to remember (apparently I have no idea which chandelier is which because I thought he was counting the first one the second time - Niteslacker). Arlie adds the two numbers together and says that's easy enough to remember (375?). Arlie begins quizzing himself on how many light bulbs, stools and chairs there are. He slowly wanders back upstairs and tells himself he has to keep accurate counts of things.

08:08 AM BBT Arlie is sitting in the WA running numbers of things. He is literally having a discussion with himself about how to argue semantics if he needs to (a drawer has a handle even if it doesn't). He's rattling off numbers faster than I can keep up with him. He tells himself to stop resisting the urge to argue with himself and continues rattling off a few more numbers before moving into the WA stall. All remains silent on the other feeds. Allison can be seen sleeping in the War room. Arlie comes back out says he wants to hear all the things he's counted so far and begins to go over light bulbs, stools, tiles, pillars, hanging jewel things, etc…

08:14 AM BBT Arlie likes how numbers stick with him (no doubt!) Arlie continues to have conversations with himself about how easy it has been. Arlie says Andrew is intelligent and wrote it on his forehead which is stupid. Arlie says it's so much easier to play the stupid one than he thought it would be. He randomly gets up and asks how many plants there are and wanders out of the WA to check. "16! Go with your gut!" He wanders back into the WC and sits on the lounger and begins going over the different days things happened. Day 5 was PoV. Day 6-7 were nothing. Day 8 was...he lifts his legs and farts. Day 6-7 were nothing. Realizes he made a mistake.

08:19 AM BBT Arlie realizing where he made his mistake he goes back. Days 7-8 were nothing. The rest of the house continues to sleep in darkened rooms.

08:20 AM BBT Paul is seen getting up on Feed 2. He heads out of the BR and wanders into the WA. He asks something (it doesn't sound like his mic is on). Arlie says he just woke up. Paul heads into the WA stall and can be heard peeing. Arlie continues to move his fingers in the air as if counting things silently. Paul comes out and washes his hands (which is more than Arlie did after using stall earlier…)

08:27 AM BBT Arlie sits in silence while running water can be heard for a bit before the feeds switch to Paul shaving.

08:29 AM BBT Paul asks Arlie something about toothpaste and Arlie replies that he doesn't know. Paul says his stomach is killing him and he proceeds to let one rip before brushing his teeth. More gas can be heard coming from someone. The rest of the house continues to sleep in darkened rooms.

08:31 AM BBT Paul says he's glad he's gets to take a warm shower. When you're the last one up you get a cold shower. Arlie gets up and walks over to Paul and tells him he wants them to keep their conversations to a minimal in the interest of his game. Arlie says he hopes he understands. Paul says he does understand. Arlie is concerned that people would get up and see them together and start talking. Paul gets it and says things flip all the time. Paul wants to clarify that the way things were supposed to go originally. Paul is part of the core group and Arlie is just on the outside. Arlie understands and says it's up to himself to do what he needs to do.

08:36 AM BBT Arlie brushes his teeth and wanders over to Paul and asks him to keep this part of the conversation away from Adel and Kenny. Paul understands and says he's not even talking game right now. Arlie walks out onto the balcony and begins flossing his teeth, Paul remains in the shower.

08:40 AM BBT Arlie is now sitting on a chair on the balcony with his feet propped up on another. He's covered himself up with a blanket while appearing lost in thought. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the house...everyone continues to remain sleeping in darkened rooms.

08:52 AM BBT Nothing has changed. Arlie continues to sit on the chair with his feet propped up. The rest of the house continues to sleep in darkened rooms. I'll take this moment to make a correction. When Arlie asked Paul to keep their conversation this morning a secret, Arlie specifically asked that he not tell Kyle and Adel.

08:55 AM BBT Paul is now laying on the couch in the LR underneath a blanket, staring up at the ceiling. Arlie has made his way back into a darkened bedroom. The rest of the house continues to sleep in darkened rooms.

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09:00 AM BBT Paul continues to stare up at the ceiling while the rest of the house continues to sleep. Faint bumping/thumping can be heard. Either production is making a lot of noise or someone's heartbeat is ready to pound of of their chest.

09:10 AM BBT All remains quiet in the BBCA house this morning. Paul continues to stare up at the ceiling in the LR, although he just rubbed his eyes a bit. The rest of the feeds continue to show horizontal HGs in darkened rooms (sleeping).

09:20 AM BBT Paul continues to hang out on the couch lost in thought/relaxing. The lights slowly begin to turn on/warm up in the darkened rooms. Night vision mode is disabled on all of the visible cameras.

09:23 AM BBT No action in the rest of the rooms as of yet. The lights continue to slowly brighten/warm up. Ilka can be seen on cam 1. A wide angle of the BR is on cam 2. Paul is on cam 3. And...an unknown person wrapped in a white blanket is on cam 4. Feed 3 switches to Heather and Sarah in the WA. Lights now pretty close to the standard daily level.

09:27 AM BBT Heather is in WA beginning ADL (activities of daily living). BB says "Heather" and she replies with a sharp "What?!" BB asks her to go to the DR. Adel is also up and getting ready to take a shower. Sarah leaves the WA and heads back into the bedroom briefly. Our unknown HG under the white blanket was Scott in the War room under his robe. BB announces it's time to wake up for the day.

09:35 AM BBT The War room 3 are talking idly. Scott says Sunday is lazy day. Scott says he feels like they got a good longer sleep last night. Allison and Nate disagree saying they took a bit longer to go to sleep and woke up at their regular time. Scott puts his mic on which makes it much easier to hear him.

09:39 AM BBT Heather tells Ilka and Kyle that they need to change their batteries. Neda and someone else can be seen in the HN room beginning to move around. War room feeds go to HotH.

09:40 AM BBT Feeds are jumping around quickly this AM as BB tries to track the HGs as they wake up. Kenny is in the KT washing a mug. Andrew asks Kenny if he wants a bagel. Ilka, John, Sarah, Adel and Rachelle are in the WA chatting. It was cold.

09:45 Conversations are all over the place in the WA this morning as the HGs continue ADLs. Namely the Half-not room being awful. Down in the KT Andrew is pouring himself a bowl of cereal while Kenny heats up a mug of something in the microwave.

09:46 AM BBT Drama already in the morning. Apparently Paul made a comment about Arlie or Jon wanting to shave in the sink in the KT and one of the women started going off on him saying they're sick of it. One of the guys then said not to worry about him because his opinion doesn't matter. (Sorry folks, cameras/mics are all over the place this morning, I'm sure this will be rehashed later).

09:54 AM BBT Paul is having a sit down talk with Adel at the table this morning as he (Adel) eats. Paul knows he's a leader. Meanwhile Ilka is trying to cheer Sarah up after going off on Paul this morning about Paul complaining about Arlie shaving in the KT sink. Ilka leaves and John jumps in trying to cheer her up while telling her to stay strong. Sarah hates to be the breakdown girl.

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9:55AM BBT: Sarah in the BR talking to Ika very upset saying she doesn't feel good. Ika asks if it is from the slop Sarah said no it's just the anxiety of everything. She hates being the meltdown one.

10:00AM BBT: Adel and Paul at the KT table Paul said "I am ready to go home and see my kids." Adel "Yeah your game sucked dude." They are both laughing. Paul "So much for watching all the seasons. I guess I am just not cut out for this."

10:05AM BBT: BB just announced to the HG's there will be an Outdoor LD in 60 min. am just not cut out for this."

10:10 BBT: Paul sitting at the KT table says under his breath but in ear shot of Kyle said that "he is so sick of these boys." referring to Andrew and Kenny in the KT making breakfast.

10:14AM BBT: Paul is now up in the BR talking to Neda telling her he is ok if she stays away from him. He is such an emotional wreck. He just can't say anything referring to this morning when he asked Arlie if he was shaving in the sink and how upset Sarah was.

10:23AM BBT: Correction it will be an Indoor LD.

10:25AM BBT: Kyle and Adel in the BY working out talking about how the want Paul out. Adel said " he is such a Debbie Downer. I will be a best friend but he brings everything down." Kyle " Plus he doesn't strategize for shit."

10:30AM BBT: Kenny and Andrew at the HT smoking talking about how they love that they Paul thinks he is going home. They want it to be that way. Kyle " Good Paul you know what you don't deserve to go home". " I love how Kyle thinks he is so safe." Andrew "He does really. " Kenny " Yeah, he is making HOH plans for next week."
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10:42AM BBT: Neda talking to Kenny wondering what their reward will be, and also trying the figure out the sequence of events for the day. They are thinking it will be POV comp will be this morning and poss. the ceremony will be tonight.

10:50AM BBT: Kenny, Rachelle, Sarah, and Andrew discussing what they think the POV will be. Discussing about the pictures that were up on the screen and their names. They think the POV will be swinging on harnesses and matching pictures and names. They are trying to remember everything and study.

11:06AM BBT: Officially on an Indoor LD.

11:14AM BBT: HG's doing ADL's and general chit chat. Then HoTH. WR3 has been of HoTH for the last hour.

10:19AM BBT: Arlie, Andrew and Kenny in the KT peeling potatoes and rounding them out so they can make a bocce ball game. "Bocce Potatoes"

11:27AM BBT; The girls Sabrina, Neda, Rachelle, and Ika in the bathroom discussing how they are all becoming best friends and that they are all going to take a trip to California as soon as they get out. (We will see how long this last's!)

11:31AM BBT: Kyle, Paul, and Adel in the red corner telling Paul he should just self evict and go out with some dignity. Kyle said " I feel like I am caught in spider web waiting for the spider to come eat me." Adel " I am a dead man walking dude." Paul "I am so done man."
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11:42AM: WR3 feeds back up. Scott is shaving Nate's head. Allison sitting on her bed watching the feeds and giving updates to the guys.

11:50AM BBT: Andrew, Jon, Kenny, Sarah, Adel, and Arlie are now playing "Bocce Potatoe" in the LR. They rounded the potatoes and wrapped them in foil each with a different color on them. The object of the game is to try and get your potatoes as close at the designated spot as possible they are trying to figure out a point system.

11:59PM BBT: Paul in the pantry talking to himself about wanting Adel and Kyle to leave him alone. His only chance is if Neda comes off the block and Andrew puts Kyle or Adel up there.

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12:00pm BBT Paul is in the KT talking to the
live feeders about not giving up, and how he
plans to win this game. he is just going on and on with this

12:05pm BBT our guests in the war room are sitting on their
bunks watching Paul saying that hes not giving up, They are not saying
anything Arlie and Kyle are laying on the sofa.

12:10pm BBT Adel is in the BR with Paul now, who is pissed off telling
everyone to just leave him the F*** alone. He is pissed off about being on the

12:15pm BBT Paul is still mad about being on the block,
he is going off in the BR with Adel and Kyle, saying how the girls
are against them and how the girls are the pawns next to go. Adel is saying that
Rachelle and Heather have this game in the bank I don't Freaken care good for them.
Paul doesn't even want them in the room Paul I know what I'm doing dude I know what I'm doing.

12:20pm BBT Paul is in the BR by himself talking to either himself or us, Saying just let them dig their
own graves. don't upset the house, don't upset the house, Heather and Neda are in the Bathroom.

12:25pm Ika, and Rachelle are talking in the HoH Rachelle is telling Ika about some kind of talk she overheard I couldn't get all of it
Now in the HOH with them is Sabina and Neda they are just talking Heather is talking about how she woke up not good.

12:30pm BBT in the war room Scott is saying how they in the hoh are talking about how the pawn always goes home,
and they are upset about that,Sabrina is now talking about Paul and how he is upset about being on the block. In the hoh room is Ika, Sabrina and Rachelle and Ika who is saying
how she feels bad for Paul who is having a break down the sound is going in and out. Ika is saying that Paul brought this on himself.

12:35pm BBT the girls in the HOH think the Adel is the ring leader in the guys
allence, and the feeds are cutting to the foth.

12:40pm BBT feeds are back the guys Andrew, Jon Kenny and Kyle are in the LR playing a game, the girls up in the
HOH are still talking about Paul Heather is up there with them now.
It sounds like they are putting together a all girls allance.

12:45pm BBT all of the girls are in the HOH, While the guys are all in the LR, Paul is in the
BR by himself still mad, and in the war room our guests are watching this Allison is looking cute
in her bear hat, now Adel and Kyle are in the BR with Paul, Adel says the there is a lot of hair in the shower,
and its gross.

12:50pm BBT Scott names Adel and Kyle dumb and dumber, "the goof troop" the girls in the HOH are still talking, Heather is
saying that she is sorry for yesterday, now they are talking about how Amanda from last year was making fun of Elissa and no one
said stop to her. We aren't doing that in here.

12:55pm BBT the girls are talking about Bulling and how it upsets them, Ika is saying
you can say anything you want about me just dont talk about my family. the guys, are just sitting on
the green sofa and the guests in the war room are watching all this now talking about Jon trying the hide.

1:00pm BBT Allison is running around the lite table.
up in the hoh they are talking about songs. Jon is in there now, and
Kenny, Kyle and Adel are just sitting on the green sofa.

1:05pm BBT foth is up

1:43pm BBT feeds up in the wr3 which have been given a task, they have to match the HG with
who they are like model and so on if they do this they will get
the feeds with sound for 40 minutes, they have 30 minutes to complete the task.

1:50pm BBT they think Jon or Kenny is the Model, has the tattoo of beer, they don't know, loves yoga
its one of the girls. and Jon is the motivational speaker, which is actually Paul.
and this goes on.

1:55pm BBT now trying to figure out who the superfan is Arlie, and who is the yoga person,
and who is the inventor, and then there is the douche bag.

2:00pm BBT now going between the douche bag and the hockey player, Jon maybe Rachelle is the motorbational speaker now,
Neda is the inventor they are way off.

2:05pm BBT they really cant do this task, They are still way off the mark.

2:10pm BBT Scott has figured out the Rachelle isnt the Motorbational Speaker, she crys too much,
Arlie could be it. Heather is the princess. Scott is saying Jon is the model.

2:15pm BBT Allison thinks Paul is the motorbational speaker, Scott no no hes the married one.

2:20pm BBT they figured out the Ika is the model, Sabrina is the stylist. Neda is the superfan.

2:25pm BBT doesn't look like they are going to be getting their secret screen up in the wr3 Sabrina is now the model, and its
actually Kenny. they are still way off. They are out of time says BB who is now telling them whose who.
they didn't make it. BB has given them a second chance they have another 30 minutes.

2:30pm BBT they are still getting it wrong.

2:35pm BBT now Kenny is the one married with two kids
Kyle is the hockey player.

2:40pm now Paul is the superfan Jon is the motivational speaker, oh now
Kenny could be the superfan. they keep on switching them.

2:45pm BBT OK so far they are wrong about Paul who they have as married with kids.
Kenny is the superfan, Arlie is the inventor. they are way off.

2:50pm BBT and they are wrong wrong wrong.
feeds go to the foth.

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4:00PM BBT: The feeds came after a long FotH. In the kitchen, Adel is cutting up a pineapple while telling Ika and Sarah [i think it was Sarah, the cameraman seems to have a problem focusing on whoever is speaking. -Morty] that if he wins HoH he's putting them on the block. The girls respond by saying that he said the same thing to Kenny and Andrew. Adel: "It's just a game." Just as things were getting interesting, they switched to FotH.

4:20PM BBT: The feeds return and we find the three outsiders (stooges) in the bedroom again complaining about Andrew. They say he's not a racist, but made a racist remark. Paul: "The words came out of his mouth so easily, with all these cameras running, it make me wonder what he says when the cameras aren't on him." And then we're back to FotH.

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4:39PM BBT: In the WA we have Arlie, Sarah, and Sabrina discussing their alliance. Arlie was about to tell the girls something Andrew said to him, then Jon walked in.

4:43PM BBT: Arlie says Andrew doesn't want to look like an idiot to his family. They are discussing how to get rid of Andrew. They think he may bury himself with his macho attitude.

4:46PM BBT: Sabrina acting very insecure and Arlie and Sarah trying to reassure her that she is doing ok. Arlie says so far everything they want is happening. He says Adel is in the worst possible position and that she was part of making that happen.

4:47PM BBT: Ika walks in WA and says she is going for a nap. Sabrina and Sarah say some of the other girls are so into the girl alliance. Sarah like the alliance they have. Sabrina says she has a connection with Andrew and that Sarah has a connection with Kenny so they're in good spots.

4:51PM BBT: Sabrina asks if she has ever said anything offensive. Sarah tells her no, not to her. Sarah says Sab is able to put herself in other's shoes, which is a good quality.

4:54PM BBT: Sabrina lays out an order of eviction and Sarah agrees (Kyle, Adel, Paul, Heather...I missed the last few). Sarah says she would not be there if she didn't believe that's the way it'll go down. Sarah says if something happens that Kenny leaves, she would want to leave.

4:56PM BBT: Sabrina and Sarah alone in the WA now, Sarah says she doesn't like taking pills to calm her anxiety b/c it makes her feel weak.

5:09PM BBT: Rachel joins Sarah and Sabrina in the WA and talk turns to what Sarah is making for their HN supper

5:04PM BBT: Kenny, Andrew and Heather are in the LR. Kenny and Andrew tossing tinfoil balls into coffee mugs. No game talk there. Jon was there, then left to join the girls in the WA.

5:06PM BBT: Talk in the WA about how much they'll watch the show after they all leave. Sarah says she can't see herself watching the whole season. Jon says he'd watch the last few episodes.

5:08PM: Talking about past BB US HG's. They love jeff and Jordan, but Neda tells a story about Jeff talking on a YouTube thing and gay bashing and bullying a girl who's sister was a lesbian who told him not to talk that way about gays. Everyone was disappointed b/c they all love JeJo.

5:11PM BBT: Now talk in the WA was about their least favourite word. They all agree their least fave word is the "C" word. Sarah blurts it out and we get HotH.

5:12PM BBT: All feeds on HotH.

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5:17PM BBT: Feeds back. WR3 are fanning themselves with paper plates.

5:18PM BBT: WR3 discuss Kyle coming out of the toilet and tell him to wash his hands. They complain that all he does is rinse them but agree it's better than what he did yesterday.

5:19PM BBT: Feeds all back on HotH.

5:21PM BBT: Feeds back again. In LR Heather, Kenny and Andrew talking about how Heather hasn't been doing her dancing. Talk about BB taking them out for a night on the town. Heather apparently has glass in her foot which she leaves to go remove.

5:25PM BBT: Andrew and Kenny discuss whether anyone is watching them. One of them says "they probably change the channel. The other says, I would change the channel, I hate me." LOL Feed flips to WR3 watching their screens (with no audio). I think Scott is sleeping, sounds like snoring.

5:26PM BBT: Feeds show Ika asleep in the main BR, but you can hear some very loud snoring from elsewhere...at least I HOPE it isn't Ika snoring that loud! LOL! Can hear Adel, Kyle and Paul talking low in the background but can't see them and I didn't catch what they said, however it did sound like dissing other HG's.

5:28PM BBT: Ika was awakened by a buzzer. Adel says BB didn't tell them nap time was over. Ika gets up and leaves. Feed switches to Sabrina talking to Andrew and Kenny in the LR. Rachel joins them and Sabrina says BB wants them to choreograph a dance.Ika comes down and says she thinks they're lying. They said Sabrina went to DR and they told her that.

5:32PM BBT: Sarah comes downstairs then goes back up. Sabrina tosses the foil balls into cups. A couple of them were talking french, so I've no idea what they were saying, but it was brief.

5:34PM BBT: In the WA we have Arlie, Jon, Heather, Neda. Arlie asks Jon how his PJ pants are doing. Jon says he can't worry about them. Apparently someone hid them.

5:36PM BBT: Arlie says he started laundry 2 days ago, but hasn't been able to finish it b/c they're always on ILD.

5:37PM BBT: Arlie and Jon keep hoping they'll get booze, Jon thinks it won't happen until "those guys" are gone (pretty sure he means Paul, Kyle and Adel). Meanwhile WR3 are watching feeds Allison says she would like to go pee now please Big Brother. Paul is awake now, Mouths something to Allison, but production was too late with the volume. Feeds to HotH again. Perhaps they're letting the WR3 use the potty now.

5:40PM BBT: Feed 3 is on LR. Ika and Sarah eating ravioli. Kenny laying down. Andrew and Sabrina join them, then Rachelle. The girls are the only ones eating.

5:43PM BBT: Heather and Jon now on the couch also. HN girls eating slop potatos I think.

5:450M BBT: Kenny appears to be asleep on the green couch. Alarm went off and Kenny awakes.

5:52PM BBT: Andrew asks Ika to make coffee. She says OK. He said he didn't expect her to say yes. (really no game talk at the moment).

5:55PM BBT: All is pretty quiet. They're just watching their screens, while Nate sleeps

5:56PM BBT: Ika and Sabrina in storage. Ika tells Sabrina she isn't used to people like Adel in the sense that she doesn't like victimizers. Sab says he throws swords then plays the victim. Ika tells Sabrina she wants Sabrina not to react to him. Sabrina says she isn't like that and has a hard time letting it roll. Ika tells her to not react b/c it obviously isn't bothering them (Kyle and Adel).

6:01PM BBT: Ika points out how Adel threw out "ghetto bombs" left right and centre but she can't let it affect her b/c she is the only black girl in the house. Ika is glad Sabrina came to her to discuss b/c she didn't want Sabrina to think she is upset with her. Ika says she was drained yesterday and didn't mean to upset her.

6:03PM BBT: Sabrina says she hates seafood so if they have a challenge with food, she's done. She takes her vitamin D and goes to the KT. Everyone is either in KT or LR except Paul, Adel and Kyle.

6:07PM BBT: Everyone is talking at once in the LR so cannot make them out.

6:08PM BBT: They're all throwing around the foil balls, but no cups to throw em in so Jon gives them a target with his butt! Lol

6:10PM BBT: 3 cams are on the WR3 and two on the people in the LR. Just small talk. Andrew appears to be falling asleep on the couch now. Prob will get another alarm soon unless he gets up.

6:12PM BBT: Heather says she wants to know what their surprise is.

6:15PM BBT: Arlie just pulled a moon which we could see the reflection of in the cam windows. Sarah tells him that when he is tanning he should "open his bum" b/c she could see his tan lines!!! :-O OMG!!! LOL!

6:16PM BBT: Feeds cut to HotH.

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6:29PM BBT: Feeds back and all HGs are up and down stairs. All in the LR on the couch except Paul who is at the kitchen counter being very subdued. Adel and Kyle aren't talking with anyone. Heather and Sabrina talk amongst themselves. Ika and neda talking. Everyone talking at once so cannot make them out.

6:33PM BBT: One of the HGs said it sounds like they're still building outside (for the PoV no doubt). Ika, Neda and Rachelle go upstairs to the WA. Doing their hair. Ika seems upset that Sabrina talked to her in front of other people and says "I am NOT a bitch...not all the time anyway".

6:38PM BBT: Neda says she doesn't trust Heather. Ika doesn't like her either. Ika says they're talking too much game around her. Rachelle says they're all playing a game. Neda thinks Heather is trying to get info from the girls and take it to Andrew. They think Heather is trying too hard to get in their alliance.

6:40PM BBT: Neda says to be careful what they say around Heather. They think Heather will point out to Andrew/Kenny about the girls getting stronger once Kyle and Adel are gone.

6:42PM BT: Neda leaves the WA and Ika tells Rachelle she is so annoyed with Sabrina and says it's the 4th time she approached her with her insecurities. Rachelle didn't make much of it. She leaves Ika to curl her hair.

6:45PM BBT: Feeds flip to LR crew. Kenny leaning on one shoulder of Sabrina's and Heather on the other shoulder. Andrew basically points out that it seems DR tries to put words in their mouths.

6:47PM BBT: Feeds to HotH probably b/c Andrew is talking about brand names

6:55PM BBT: Feeds on WR3 show them with a bucket full of Canada gear. Flags, t-shirts, a cowboy hat that Nate claimed, Scott has a bandana with Cdn flags all over it. They have to make a plea to Canada to get in the house it sounds like. They have one hour to "make their plea to Canada." Their speeches will take place in the Diary Room.

7:00 PM BBT: Scott and Allison both are wearing Canada T-shirts. Scott has his bandana on and putting his contacts in. Nate leaning against the counter/table with his Canada cowboy hat on. Allison is wearing a hair thing with silver tinsel and 2 small Cdn flags sticking off it.

7:04PM BBT: Nate looks like he is rehearsing a speech in his head, as does Allison now. Scott is rushing around trying to get ready.

7:06PM BBT: Now all the WR3 are sitting quietly no doubt thinking about their respective speeches/pleas to Canada.

7:07PM BBT: Heather, Jon and Sara talking about Heather's parents watching the show and what they would be thinking. She says if she gets a letter from home she would want it from someone who will tell her how everyone is. She thinks it won't be from her parents b/c they are more "in person" people.

7:12PM BBT: Jon and Heather alone on the floor at the top of the stairs. Whispering very quietly. Jon says Sabrina is enjoying the attention from a guy. he asks her what the girls are saying and she says "nothing". She says that all the girls get along, but when Rachelle is around they don't so much.

7:15PM BBT: Feeds flip to the girls in the WA primping. They are talking about the ridiculous times they called into DR. BB: "HGs, please stop talking about production."

7:20PM BBT: Two feeds are on the girls in the WA making small talk. The rest on WR3 getting ready for their "final plea to Canada".

7:21PM BBT: Main house feed flilps to Sarah, Kenny and Arlie at the bottom of the stairway joking around. They wonder why the cam keeps following Kenny. He says every time he touches something the cam follows him. Sarah says she doesn't think there is a secret room this year like there was last year. Arlie says, "Maybe if u pull that fire alarm it will open a secret door". Kenny says he is not doing that.

7:24PM BBt: Kenny and Arlie now looking for a secret room by the white vertical boards on the red wall. Nothing is happening.

7:25PM BBT: Arlie using funny voices looking for a magic button to open a secret room door.

7:26PM BBT: Kenny and Andrew start tossing the bocci potatoes in the LR. Kenny tells Sarah to shut her mouth then says, "Just kidding". She retorts with "You don't have to say just kidding every time you insult me." He says, "ok, I wasn't kidding."

7:30PM BBT: Kenny goes into HoH and Arlie joins Jon, Rachelle and Neda at the top of the stairs. Rachelle leaves, Jon leaves and Neda says, "Everyone leaves us all the time". So Arlie leaves too and goes into HoH. Jon is also in there

7:34PM Main house feed goes to HotH. WR3 showing them each thinking about their speeches still. No action ATM.

7:40PM BBT: The girls all in the WA again. Heather thinks it will be an interesting season to watch.

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7:38 PM BBT Feeds one and two switch to the WA with most of the girls gathered around on the lounger. Ika and Sabrina appear to be primping still. Heather, Neda, Sarah, and Rachelle are watching. Idle chit about vitamins and hair.

7:40 PM BBT Feed three switches to the KT where there's an assortment of conversations going on making it very difficult to follow along. Feed four is currently the W3 discussing their nerves as they wait to be called to beg Canada to vote for them to stay in the house.

07:45 PM BBT Assorted conversations continue in the KT as a majority of the house is gathered and is trying to clean/organize the cabinets. Back in the WA Ika and Heather are whispering. Heather hates that Rachelle is trying to put it in people's heads that she's up to something. Heather says Rachelle is in love with John. Ika agrees.

07:50 PM BBT W3 hypothesize about the current power in the house and how things went down for Anick to be evicted first. Nate and Allison agree that Paul seems like the most likely heavy handed person to be evicted next. Back in the WA Heather and Ika continue to whisper about Rachelle. Conversation wraps up with Heather saying she's going to try and poop again.

7:54 PM BBT Sarah and Andrew chat in the KT. Andrew wants to make sure he doesn't make himself look bad on TV. He states that when you're at home and act a fool, it's only the local people that see you. However now that you're on TV, you don't want people to see you in a light that would be embarrassing. Sarah agrees.

07:57 PM BBT The W3 wonder about how much longer they have left until they are called to DR. John and Arlie are on the couch in the LR sharing a blanket. Meanwhile across from them Neda, Sabrina and Rachelle are sitting across from them. Sabrina misses the sky. Heather joins the girls.

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8:00 PM BBT Sarah and Ika have a quick chat in the SR. They discuss the fact that Heather and Rachelle can't get along. Ika says Heather told her that she wouldn't put Sarah up. Sarah feels bad. Ika says the two just can't get along.

8:05 PM BBT Ika and Sarah continue to whisper in the SR. Sarah suggests that they follow along with the guys for the time being. Ika says Andrew is a very strong player. Sarah questions if it's Andrew or someone in his ear. Ika says Kenny is in his ear and wouldn't leave the HoH initially. Sarah agrees. Ika says they're in good position this week.

8:09 PM BBT Back in the War room the W3 continue to kill time doing vocal practice while waiting to be called for DR. In the SR Sarah and Ika continue to talk about the different girls in the house. Feeds one and two switch back to the LR couch with Neda, Heather, John, Arlie and Kenny chatting. They are ready to play PoV. They miss the outside. Ika joins the group.

8:15 PM BBT Feed three switches to the BR with Adel, Kyle and Paul chatting. Adel and Kenny continue to lead the discussion about how the other side of the house was being racist and talking about their group yesterday. Adel says as long as they only talk game by calling them pawns and such, they won't look as bad as the rest do.

8:19 PM BBT The W3 can't believe that they've only been together for two days. It seems way longer. Dinner is delivered to them. Scott is almost too nervous to eat. Allison begs to go pee. Nate is excited for dinner.

8:21 PM BBT Back in the LR Heather, Neda, Rachelle and Sarah discuss when they'll make it to jury. John is hanging out on the couch. John gets up and wanders off into the KT where a small group is gathered around the counter eating something. Arlie says it's awesome.

8:23 PM BBT Adel, and Kenny continue to chat in the BR. They're discussing how long they'll have in the house together. Kenny believes he's going home this week. He says he has two days left in his vacation. Back in the KT Sabrina mentions that Adel patted John on the back earlier and said "Hey there big John!". Sabrina wanders off. Arlie loves fish sticks. Andrew or Kenny loves them as well.

8:27 PM BBT Allison was pacing around the War room waiting to use the rest room before that feed switched to HoTH. Paul wanders back into the BR and Adel tells him that they have to get ready to start thinking ahead and working together. Kenny says Paul is safe. Paul says he'll never feel safe.

8:30 PM BBT Andrew and Arlie continue to cook/clean in the KT. Back in the War room feeds are back and the W3 are eating. In the SR Kenny and John are chatting saying that Kenny is dumb because he wasn't picked to play PoV and that he started making fake alliances and such and now he's done for. The conversation ends just as quickly as it begins.

8:35 PM BBT Back in the BR Adel tells Paul that they'll only have each other. Paul says he feels like he's back in high school again. Kyle agrees. Kyle says he's the most obvious strong target this week. Paul asks if the guys want to cut Kenny's beard while he sleeps. Adel and Kyle laugh and say that's harassment. Back in the War room Scott and Nate are finishing up eating. Nate needs to use the bathroom.

8:39 PM BBT Andrew brags saying "As you can see I do most of the dishes around here" as he wipes down the counter. Rachelle is also washing dishes. She tells John she has a fish allergy as he makes something fish related. He asks if he should move away. Rachelle says she only has a reaction if she eats it. Back in the BR Adel, Paul and Kyle are talking about how when they cleaned the room blindfolded people just put random put things in random places. A female voice can be heard thanking Kyle for putting her $800 piece in her drawer. She panicked at first when she couldn't find it.

8:43 PM BBT In the KT Sarah appears to be making slop cookies while discussing a show she saw about school lunches in the US. Back in the War room Nate is still asking to use the rest room. Back in the BR Sabrina is talking to Kyle asking him if he hates her. Kyle says no way. Hate is a strong word. Sabrina says Rachelle is her friend and when Kyle says he hates the fact that she's in the house it bothers her.

8:48 PM BBT Kyle says it's going to be a long 72 hours until he goes home. Sabrina says she knows what it's like to be attacked personally. Rachelle joins her briefly. The conversation ends and Sabrina heads down and tells Andrew that the three know the plan to back door Kyle. Andrew wonders why. Sabrina says she went in acting like she was looking for her lingerie and Kyle and Adel was telling Paul not to freak out because they know Kyle is the target. Andrew asks if anyone wants to try the squash he's made.

8:53 PM BBT Back in the War room the W3 discuss the fact that they miss the ability to eat whenever and whatever they want. In the BR Kyle is telling Adel the reason everyone is picking on him is because he's a smaller dude that they don't know outside the house. Kyle on the other hand is a strong, large dude. Adel worries about them picking on Paul. Kyle doesn't think they'll pick on him because he's a father figure.

8:56 PM BBT In the KT Sarah is saying that "they're saying we're being used as a pawn, but they used us as a pawn last week so who cares!" Sabrina reiterates that they know that Kyle is the target. Andrew says of course they'd want to keep the athletic one a few more weeks (sarcasm). Andrew says they can't make his life rough over the next couple of days because if they mess with his stuff it'll be harassment. BR feed switches to HotH.

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9:00 PM BBT Back in the War room Scott is talking about the gay community. Scott says they lost a valuable member of their community and no one has stepped up to replace him. Allison says she doesn't work with forensics any more. Nate is pacing around the table. Ika and Sabrina head into the BR. Ika is going through her stuff looking for something. Kyle says he's tired.

9:05 PM BBT My feeds are beginning to freeze up. Back in the War room Scott says it's a dream come true to be in the house. He says Evel Dick, Ian, and Frank all applied numerous times before they finally got on. Feeds frozen. Back in the LR Kenny, Heather, John, Rachelle and someone else are chatting. Andrew comes down from the HoH complaining that he doesn't have his iPod. He wonders if he gets to exercise any of his HoH benefits.

9:10 PM BBT Rachelle and Ika are in the WA chatting. Ika says they can't let them get in their head. Heather and Sabrina join the other two in the WA. Talk turns to how mean they're being (Kyle, Adel and Paul). Chat gets awkward for a moment. Ika says she went to put on her underwear in the BR and Kenny told her to make a big move and that he hoped she still had a relationship when she got out of the house. Andrew comes into the WA and Sabrina is scrubbing his feet/toes (How's that for HoH benefits? - Niteslacker).

9:15 PM BBT Idle chit chat in the War room as they continue to wait. Scott has to pee. Nate still does as well. Nate says that's a majority and he needs to brush his teeth. Back in the LR they are discussing the movie Divergent. Kenny mentions DR and we get HoTH. Meanwhile the War room also got HotH as well. We now have one feed displaying Sabrina scrubbing Andrew's feet in the WA.

9:22 PM BBT Adel is giving Paul a massage, Paul wonders what happened. Adel says he and Kyle figured out that Kyle was the back door target four days ago. Paul doesn't believe them. Paul thinks he's going home. Adel needs to use the bathroom. Sabrina is afraid the guys are messing with her stuff. Andrew offers his room for storage. Sabrina says it's alright. Sabrina says Kyle said it's going to be the longest 48 hours. Andrew and Sarah points out that it's going to be longer than 48 hours until the eviction.

9:28 PM BBT Feeds are back in the War room. They apparently have their feeds back as well and are trying to figure out what happened. Meanwhile up in the WA Kyle and Adel are getting an earful from Sarah. Voices are talking over each other. People are playing the game personally. Neda, Rachelle and Kenny walk up the stairs and sit outside the WA listening to the argument.

9:30 PM BBT Adel is saying he will not attack a woman no way no how. He's 28 years old and he's happy in his life. He says he had a misunderstanding with a woman about his religion. John says questions if whether or not Adel has really taken the game to a personal level. Andrew starts in saying he wanted to work with Kyle. John points out that Kyle was super annoying that first night and the next day he did a 180 and he's in the spot he's in now. BB can be heard giving instructions before we get HotH. Adel can be heard talking about rules being changed on the mics of the people sitting outside the WA.

9:37 PM BBT Meanwhile back in the War room the W3 continue to watch the feeds, speculating about what is going on. Scott of course is people watching, noticing that someone is getting a pedicure. Adel's voice can be heard on Neda, Rachelle, Arlie, Kenny, and Sarah's mic. Andrew walks out of the WA with Heather.

9:38 PM BBT Idle chit chat outside the WA now. Feeds switch to Sabrina in the SR with Paul and Rachelle. Sabrina is having a melt down. She says she didn't attack anyone personally. Rachelle says they're just trying to make everyone look bad. Paul comments that what they're doing is awful and it's not game talk. Sabrina wants to be left alone. Paul leaves. Rachelle stays behind to talk to Sabrina as she cries hysterically. The W3 comment on the fact that Andrew could be seen trying to get into the DR.

9:44 PM BBT Sabrina continues to cry hysterically. Back up in the BR Paul is freaking out on Paul and Adel asking about what happened. He says he went to get cereal and he got the dirtiest look. He says repeatedly he wants to know what happened. Now Adel, and Kyle and are arguing with Paul, saying he's no longer a dark sider with them. Adel and Kyle says Paul has been out looking for votes even though they know Kyle is the target this week. Paul is acting like he's confused. Meanwhile down in the SR Rachelle continues to console Sabrina. Sabrina doesn't want to cry all the time.

9:46 PM BBT Sabrina says he (Adel?) was saying that the rules changed because of her. Feeds in the BR go to HotH. The W3 continue to watch their feeds, trying to figure out what is going on. They speculate that Paul got hardcore busted for something. Nate wants a close up on Paul. Neda comes into the SR and says she saw Kyle heading in that direction and was trying to provide back up. Sabrina begins to cry again saying Adel is lying and attacking her.

9:50 PM BBT Andrew says that Kyle is embarrassing himself by acting like he is. Heather has joined Neda, Rachelle and Sabrina in the SR. Sabrina is terrified about how she is being portrayed outside the house. The girls believe she's fine. Sabrina is upset because she cries all the time. The girls say it's alright. Some of them do it as well and they're not even criers outside the house.

9:52 PM BBT Scott and Nate says that Adel is a mean one. They do not like him at all. Apparently he or Kyle just gave the finger to many of the cameras. HotH in the SR because Sabrina began talking about Adel claiming that rules were changed because of her. Back upstairs John and Arlie are talking Superman and his powers.

9:56 PM BBT Superman talk continues upstairs, the party in the SR appears to have broken up. In the War room the W3 wish they were in the house over some of them. All three feeds in the house switch to HotH leaving us with only the W3. The W3 comment on the fact that Paul looks lost and alone. Ika is hot. They wonder who the model is (Kenny for those unaware).

10:00 PM BBT House feeds back briefly before going HotH again. W3 watching the feeds and believe the rest of the house were given a warning that it's almost time to start something. Talk turns to whether the camera is throwing off some of their skin pigmentation, someone looks like they have pockmarked skin. They think Paul is being largely ignored by everyone now.

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10:05 pm BBT: Cam 5 in the WR is the only one on and none of the three in there are doing a darn thing. They are all laying on their cots watching the spy screens wondering what the HGs are doing. (this is really gonna keep me up tonight-DRG) Allison calls out, "Boring!! change the channel!!" (and I could not agree more with her. DRG) Allison is complaining about how cold it is in the room and Scott says it is because they want them to cuddle up at night. They are both wearing tshirts with red maple leafs under sweaters and Scott has a matching bandana on his noggin. Scott comments that Adel probably got in trouble for flipping off the cameras and Allison agrees. (Its really thrilling to watch them watching what we cannot see in the house. DRG)

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10:15 pm BBT: Feeds 1 and 3 come on and we hear someone singing vagina junction what's your function, taking in sperm and spitting out babies. (Maybe FoTH was better after all, DRG) For some reason they are all gathered about the steps to the front door sprawled out on the floor and steps and draped on the chairs there on the landing. They are talking now about making up a dance. They are all talking over one another making it hard to tell who is saying what, but luckily none of it is important. Ika, Sarah Rachele and Sabrina head off into another room to work out some choreography. Feeds 2 4 and 5 still Foth.

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10:25 pm BBT: Choreography still in development in the HOH when feed 5 in the WR comes back on with Scott and Allison again lying motionless on their cots. Nate is not in the shot, but must be equally compelling. The girls are now working on the ending with a bunch of shimmies and pretending to lift their tops. Audio cutting off randomly but it was just giggles and heavy breathing so did we miss anything??

10:31 pm BBT: Gals now winding up the rehearsal and head out to the HOH landing where they will perform, but first they head to the washroom to pee and primp. They start the dance and the ace camera crew has such a long shot that you can barely tell who is up there. All the closeups are of the audience members. If the WR crew is seeing this they are clearly not impressed.

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10:36 pm BBT: One of the girls wants to play a game and someone suggests Duck Duck Goose which thumps like a golden egg. Another of the gals suggests that the boys should now do a dance and she is quickly told that they should have made that deal before they danced. Paul and Kyle are now searching the washroom for Paul's pills. Kyle finds them and Paul heads for the kitchen for a glass of water. (Clearly the weekend crew is working tonight as see keep getting all long shots, and mostly from the rear of the HGs. DRG) As he climbs the stairs Paul says that he can feel his blood pressure rising and it was his pills for blood pressure that he just took since he does not want to have a stroke in the house. Feeds are following Paul as he heads to the bedroom commenting that no one gets up to help him but Kyle, another test. Nate and Allison are now dancing in the WR as Paul collapses on his bed and this is the only view we are given of the house proper.

10:43 pm BBT: View switches back to HOH landing where most of the HGs are still congregated (Andrew, Sabrina, Sarah, Neda, Kenny, Heather, Arlie are visible) Two gals head off the the washroom and we lose the two feeds we had to FoTH. Scott remarks that Jon is looking for something and the feed in that room cuts out too.

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10:55 pm BBT: WR feed comes back on to Scott complaing about how his tea settles like clumps and clumps of sugar. They all have on the same tshirts with red sleeves and maple leaves on a white background. To break up the boredom we are given the shot from the other side of the room so we see the central light table and Nate's bunk this time around. Scott is now reciting his poem based on the word fag. He can't recall it and I won't repeat what he does. Allison recites her own poem about panties. Allison now suggests they could have a nail party and she could do all the boys nails. No takers so she sets out to paint her own toenails. Nate remarks that glitter goes good on everything. Scott says he thinkg BB is forcing them to stay in the tshirts because he looks disgusting in it. Allison reassures him that he does not. They must not have feeds either as Allison begs for BB to show them something.

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